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TOIiMU:, Simon Fraser, V. S. — Marine
and Fisheries Bldg., Victoria. President,
British Columbia Agricultural Society;
President British Columbia Veterinary
Association; British Columbia secretary
American Veterinary Medical Associa-
tion; member Victoria Board Trade. Born
Victoria, Jan. 25, 1867, son of Dr. Wil-
liam Fraser and Jane Tolmie. Educated
public and high schools, Victoria; To-
ronto Veterinary College. Practiced Vic-
toria since 1891. Chief inspector, health
of animals; British Columbia represent-
ative Dominion Live Stock Commission.
Married Annie Harrap, Durham, Ont.,
1894; has tviro sons and two daughters.
Club: Pacific. Societies: Native Sons;
W. O. W.; Maccabees. Recreations:
farming, shooting. Anglican. Address:
Clovprdale Ave., Victoria, B. C.


TOOIii:, William, J. P. — Of Toole, Peet
& Co., Financial, Real Estate and Insur-
ance Agents, Appraisers and Valuators,
Herald Bldg., Calgary. Born Curracloe
House, Wexford County, Ireland, April 3,
1871, son of William and Magdalene
Toole. Educated public schools, Wexford
and Dublin. Came to Canada April, 1889;
with C. P. R. Land Department, 1890-
1905; transferred to Calgary, 1895. Left
C. P. R. service and established present
business, 1905. Member Calgary Board
of Trade, Charter Member Calgary Grain
Exchange; Honorary President Calgary
Real Estate Association; Member Local
Advisory Boards, Canada Life Assur-
ance Co. and Edinburgh Life Assurance
Co. Investment Departments. Married
Edith Graburn of Winnipeg, 1897 (de-
ceased). Clubs: Ranchmen's (Calgary);

Calgary Golf and Country; Calgary Polo;
Fish Creek Polo; Calgary Lawn Tennis.
Recreations: Polo, golf, shooting, tennis.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 709
11th Ave., W, Calgary.


TOMI.INSON, Herbert E. — Of Tomlin-
son & Dunn, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, 401 Drinkle Blk., Saskatoon; 13
Victoria St., London, S. W. Born Lon-
don, England, Nov. 2, 1885 son of
Thomas R. and Celia Tomlinson. Edu-
cated private schools, England. Engaged
in furniture business with his father,
Staffordshire, prior to coming to Can-
ada, 1905; in grocery business with A.
McDonald, Saskatoon, 1905-1909; estab-
lished present business, 1910. Member
Saskatoon, Real Estate Exchange. Club:
Automobile, Saskatoon. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

TOPP, Charles H., C. E. — Civil Engi-
neer and Land Surveyor, Pemberton
Block, Victoria; Director, Home Build-
ers' Association, Ltd. Born County Cork,
Ireland, April 24, 1868, son of John and
Charlotte Boate Topp. Came to Canada
as a boy. Educated School of Practical
Science and Toronto University. Engi-
neer on sewer work, Goderich, Ont., and
subsequently engaged on waterworks
system, Bracebridge, Ont. Dominion
Land Surveyor, North West Territories ,
City Engineer, Chatham, Ont. Came to
British Columbia, 1898; City Engineer,
Victoria, 1898-1909; associated with Gore
& MacGregor, Victoria, 1909-1911. Mar-
ried Edith Mills, Bracebridge, 1898; has
one son and two daughters. Club: Pa-
cific. Society: W. O. W. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1449 Fort St., Vic-
toria, B. C.




TONKIN, James — General Contractor,
132 South May St., Fort William; Presi-
dent Agricultural Society, Twin Cities;
Born Cornwall, England, July 15, 1858,
son of James and Mary Gilbert Tonkin.
Educated public schools, Cornwall. Came
to Canada, 1883; general work. Port
Arthur, 1883-1885; Road Commissioner,
Municipality of Neebing, Port William,
1885-1900; Street Commissioner, City of
F'ort William, 1900-1903; contracting.
Fort William, since 1903. Unsuccessful

candidate to Ontario Legislature for
Fort William, 1911. Served as Chief of
Police, Fort William, two years; Reeve,
Municipality of Neebing, comprising
townships of Neebing, Blake, Cook and
Pardee, since 1903; Councillor, 1896-1903.
Married Elizabeth Searle, daughter of
John Searle; has one son and four daugh-
ters. Club: Kaministiquia. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; A. O. U. W. Recreations:
Horses, motoring, curling. Liberal;
Methodist. Address, 231 South Archi-
bald St., Fort William, Ont.



TOBT, Henry Marshall, M. A., D. Sc,
1.1^. D., r. B. S. C— President of the
University of Alberta, Strathcona. Born
Guysborough, N. S., Jan. 11, 1864, son
of Robert Kirk and Anorali Ferguson
Tory. Educated Guy^borough Academy;
McGill University; C^^mbridge Univer-
sity. Lecturer, McGill University. Mathe-
matics, 1891-1897. Professor, 1897-1908.
Came to Alberta and accepted present
office, 1908. Published textbook in phys-
ics, various scientific papers published
in the English and American scientific
journals. Married Annie Gertrude Frost,
1893. Recreations: Curling, riding, golf.
Address: 337 Seventh St., Edmonton,

TOTZKE, Albert Frederick, M. 1. A.—

Pharmaceutical chemist. Born Berlin,
Ont., Dec. 20, 1882, son of Carl and
Louise Totzke. Educated Berlin public
schools and College Institute; Ontario
College of Pharmacy (Bachelor of Phar-
macy and gold medallist); Toronto Uni-
versity, Overseer of Vonda, 1906; Secre-
tary-Treasurer of Vonda, 1907. Elected
to Saskatchewan I.,egislature, for Vonda,
1908. Married Evelyn Lynch, Palmers-
ton, Ont., 1907; has one daughter. Luth-
eran; Liberal. Address: Vonda, Sask.

TOWERS, William Boston. — Of Dubuc
& Towers, Barristers, 216 Portage Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born St. Catherines, Ont.,
May 31, 1861, son of Thomas and Louisa
Towers. Educated College Institute, St.
Catherine's and Hamilton. Practiced St.
Catherines, 1882; came to Winnipeg.
1905; Alderman St. Catherines six years:
served with 13th Battalion, Hamilton,
three years; solicitor St. Catherines-
Niagara Central Ry. Co., eight years.
Contested Lincoln County, Conservative
interest, 1886; defeated by thirteen votes.
Clubs: St. Catherine's; President, Ath-
letic Lacrosse; Secretary, Lawn Tennis;
cricket. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 41 Cornish
Ave., Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg, Man.

TOWNIiBY, Mrs. Charles Bohert (nee
Alice Ashwortb). — Born Quebec, Nov. 26,
1870, daughter of William Henry and
Jane Moray Ashworth. Member, Na-
tional Council of Women. Has published
"Just a Little Boy," 1897; "Just a Little
Girl," 1907; "Opinions of Mary," 1909.
Clubs: Canadian Women's Press. Ad-
dress: 944 Hastings St., W., Vancouver,
B. C.

TOWNIiBT, Iiieut. Col. Thomas O., B.

A. — Of Richards, Akroyd & Gall, 325
Homer St., Vancouver. Born Newmar-
ket, Ont., Aug. 18, 1862, son of John and
Alice Townley. Educated Trinity Uni-
versity. Called to Manitoba bar, 1885.
Came to British Columbia and practiced,
Vancouver, 1888; Registrar of land titles
for New Westminster, 1889; Vancouver,

1891; Mayor of Vancouver, 1901. Mili-
tary career covered ten years, being pro-
moted to Lieutenant Colonel; resigned,
1896. Married Frances M. Roe, 1886;
has five sons and one daughter. Ad-
dress: 1291 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.

TBACKSBIiI^, Edwin M. — Of Track-
sell, Douglas & Co., Real Estate Agents,
1210 Broad St., Victoria. Born Strat-
ford, Ont, Feb. 28, 1874, son of G. and
Barbara Moyer Tracksell. Educated
Stratford. Real estate, Regina, 1903-1908.
Came to Victoria and established present
firm, 1908. Married Bertha Lustig, Ches-
ley, Ont.; has two daughters. Club: Pa-
cific. Recreation: Motoring. Address:
1021 Carberry Gardens, Victoria, B. C.

TBACV, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas

Henry. — Architect, Surveyor and Civil
Engineer, 411 Howe St., Vancouver. Born
London, Ont., June 25, 1848, son of John
and Mary Tracy. Educated London pub-
lic and central schools. Apprentice to
City Engineer, London, 1864. Ontario
Public Works Department, 1869-1872;
architect's office, Chicago, 1872; office of
Architect, State Capitol, Albany, 1873.
Partner of City Engineer, London, 1873-
1878. City Engineer, London, 1878-1891.
City Engineer, Vancouver, 1891-1905;
private practice as surveyor and consult-
ing engineer, 1905-1910. Served Fenian
Raid, 1866-1867 (medal). Northwest Re-
bellion, 1885. Lieutenant Colonel 7th
Fusiliers, 1889-1891. Married Sara Maria
Bryan, Blooming Grove, N. Y., 1874; has
one son and one daughter. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. (W. M., 1875-1876); E. P.
Knight Templars; (Warden of Grand
Lodge of Canada, 1878). Address: 774
Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.


TBANT, William. — Journalist and Bar-
rister, Police Magistrate, City of Regina.
Born Leeds, Yorkshire, England, March
13, 1844, son of William and Isabella
Trant. Educated Mechanics' Institute
and grammar school, Leeds. Engaged



journalism and as war correspondent,
Paris, during- Franco-German war; on
suppression of Commune was sentenced
to death and had a very narrow escape;
accompanied Prince of Wales (Edward
VII) through India and Ceylo.n, 1874-
1875, and received many marks of royal
favor; was at Delhi on proclamation of
Queen Victoria as Empress of India.
Founded and edited Masonic Standard,
Bombay, 1876; editor, Madras Daily
Athenaeum, 1878-1879; returned to Eng-
land and went on journalistic missions
to Ireland, France, Spain, Algeria, Mo-
rocco, United States and Mexico, 1879-
1886; editor. Naval and Military Record,
England, 1886; Liberal and Radical, Lon-
don, 1888. Came to Canada and home-
steaded at Gotham, near Dubuc, North
West Territories, 1889. Editor Reglna
Standard, 1895; editor Regina Leader,
1901-1902. Called to Saskatchewan Bar,
1904, and practiced Regina and Areola.
Appointed Police Magistrate, Regina,
1907. Twice in England and twice in
Canada invited to become a candidate
for parliament, but declined. Organized
Regina Agricultural Society, 1895; one
of the organizers of Regina Children's
Aid Society; organizer Art, Science and
Literature Society of Regina. President
of Canadian Club, Regina. Served as
Lieutenant in Madras Volunteer Guards,
India. About 1854 he publicly exhibi^^ed
a collection of postage stamps and be-
lieved to be the first philatelist. Founded
Leeds Astronomical Society; founded
Radical Federation. England. Publica-
tions: "Financial Reform" (1874);
"Trades Unions" (1876); frequent con-
tributor to leading magazines and news-
papers of England, the United States and
Canada. Represented Saskatchewan Gov-
ernment at conference of American
Prison Associations at Omaha, 1911;
Baltimore, 1912. Only member of com-
mittee on criminal law reform not resi-
dent of U. S. A. Married Jane Trood,
Bridgewater, England, 1870; has three
sons and one daughter. Club: Assiniboia.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Radical. Address:
Willdun Lodge, Regina, Sask.

TBAFF, Thomas Jolin. — Hardware
Merchant and Auctioneer, Columbia St.,
New Westminster. Born Waltham Ab-
bey, Essex, England, June 4, 1843, son of
Thomas and Eliza Trapp. Educated
Waltham Abbey. Came to British Co-
lumbia as general merchant. New West-
minster, 1873; President New Westmin-
ster Board of Trade; President Royal
Agricultural and Industrial Society of
British Columbia; President Westmin-
ster Trust & Safe Deposit Co.; Chairman,
School Board. Married Nellie K. Dock-
rill, Port Moody, B. C; has four sons
and three daughters. Societies: W. O.
W.; A. O. U. W. Address: 407 Agnes St..
New Westminster, B. C.


TBAUNWEISEB, Charles.— Financial
and Real Estate Broker, 118a Eighth
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta. ; proprietor of
Yale Hotel, Hub Cigar Store and Bil-
liard Hall, Calgary. Born Ogdensburg,
N. Y., April 26, 1873, son of Ferdnand
and Maria Traunweiser. Educated pub-
lic schools Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Came
to Alberta, 1893. Barber, Calgary, 1893-
1901; wholesale and retail tobacconist,
Calgary, since 1901. Naturalized, 1896.
Married Mary Miller Adams, daughter of
Robert Adams, 1898; has two sons.
Clubs: Alberta; Calgary. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. P.; K. P. Rec-
reations: Shooting, fishing. Independent;
Anglican. Address: 126 Fourth Ave., E.,
Calgary, Alta.

TBAUTMAN', Pred E. — Journalist.
Born Seneca County, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1862,
son of Solomon and Arminda Trautman.
Educated country schools. Printer, In-
terlaken. New York, 1875. Editor Times-
Journal, Port William, 1899-1911. Mar-
ried Katherine Ross, Geneva, 111., 1895.
Club: Kaministiquia. Recreation: rais-
ing fox terriers. Protestant. Address:
Winnipeg, Man.

TBAWFOBD, Charles John. — Sheriff
Nanaimo County. Born Dublin, Ireland,
May 6, 1874, son of Benjamin Trawford.
Came to Canada as a boy. Educated To-
ronto. Came to British Columbia, 1896,
Survey Department, Dominion Govern-
ment, that year in Yukon Territory; later
Provincial Constable, Nanaimo. Married
Kate McGregor, Nanaimo; has two
daughters. Club: Nanaimo. Recreations:
Hunting, shooting. Address: Stewart
Ave., New Castle Townsite, Nanaimo,
B. C.




TBEaxi.I,US, WiUiam John.— Rancher,
breeder of Holstein cattle; Vice-Presi-
dent United Farmers of Alberta. Born
Plymouth, Devonshire, England, May 2,
1859, son of John and Emma Tregillus.
Educated Plymouth grammar schools:
Taunton College. Miller and farmer,
Devonshire, 1880-1890; flour factor and
importer. Southampton, 1890-1902. Came
to Alberta, 1902; Chairman West Cal-

gary School Board; Councillor, Local Im-
provement; Vice-President Calgary Hor-
ticultural Society; President Direct Leg-
islation League. Married Lillian Chap-
man, 1880; has two sons and two daugh-
ters. Club: Alberta. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: Hunting, riding. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: West Calgary,



TBEMAYNi:, Henry Ernest, U. D., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon, Centre St.,
Prince Rupert. Born Milton, Ont., Sept.
5, 1873, son of Rev. Francis and Emily
Tremayne. Educated Upper Canada Col-
lege and Trinity University. Came to
British Columbia, 1905. Quarantine of-
ficer for Prince Rupert. Served as Lieu-
tenant 10th Canadian Field Hospital,
South Africa (Queen's medal and three
clasps). Married Anne Evelyn Fletcher,
Barrie, Ont., 1903; has two daughters.
Society: A. F. & A. M.. ; Prince Rupert.
Address: Prince Rupert, B. C.


Henry, M. E. — Consulting Mining and
Metallurgical Engineer, of James Bros.,
Mining Engineers and Metallurgists,
Board of Trade Bldg., Victoria. Born
Redruth, Cornwall, England, Oct. 9, 1861,
son of Captain A. Trewartha-James. Ed-
ucated R. L. Ford's Camborne, Cornwall;
technical education completed Redruth
and Camborne Schools of Mines and al
lied Institutes. Assistant Manager South
Huel Francis Tin Mine, Cornwall; As-
sayer Surveyor, Traffic Manager, and
Assistant Manager, New Quebrada Cop-
per Co., "Venezuela, South America; Gen-
eral Manager, United Pioneer G. M. Co.,
Moodies, Barberton; Manager Hannan's
Star, Ltd., Kalgoorlie, Australia; Man-
ager British Coolgardie Syndicate, Aus-
tralia; Manager Tyree Copper Co., Ltd.,
Victoria. Member I. M. M. (correspond-
ing Member Council for Canada) M. I.
M. E., M. N. E. I. M., and Mechanical
Engineer; M. C, and M. S. of S. A.; M.
Can. M. I.; Chairman Mining Commit-
tee, Victoria; Chairman Victoria Board
of Trade. Clubs: Union; Eccentric. So-
ciety: Mining and Metallurgical (Lon-
don). Address: Victoria, B. C.

TBITES, Prank Nolble. — Of F. N.

Trites & Co., Real Estate Agents, 659
Granvill3 St., Vancouver. Secretary and
Director of Alexander Land Co. and Ar-
cadia Land Co. Born New Brunswick,
April 8, 1872, son of Isaiah and Mary E.
Trites. Educated public schools, Monc-
toh. Came to British Columbia, 1889.
Married Frances L. Ferris, 1906; has one
son and one daughter. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Commercial. Address: 779 Broad-
way, Vancouver, B. C.

TBOBET, Georg'e Edward. — Manager,
Henry Birks & Sons, Jewelers, Hastings
St., Vancouver. Born Niagara Falls,
Ont., March 22, 1869, son of John and
Anna Trorey. Educated Niagara Falls
public schools. Employed Niagara Falls,
Meadford and Toronto. Came to Van-
couver and opened a jewelry store, 1893;
amalgamated with Henry Birks & Sons
jof Montreal, 1907. Married Louise

Switzer, 1887; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Terminal City; Jer-
icho Country. Recreations: Motoring
and outdoor sports. Address: 1255
Broughton St., Vancouver, B. C.

TROUP, Capt. James William. — Man-
ager British Columbia Coast Steamship
Service, C. P. R., Victoria; Member
Dominion Lighthouse Board. Born Port-
land, Ore., Feb. 5, 1855, son of William
Henry and Eliza Jane Turnbull Troup.
Entered steamship service, 1872; purser,
pilot and master, Oregon Steam Naviga-
tion Co., 1872-1875; master of steamers,
O. R. & N. Co., 1875-1883; master oi
steamers, Canadian Pacific Navigation
Co., 1883-1892; superintendent of water
lines, O. R. & N. Co., 1892-1897; manager,
Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation
Co., 1897-1899; superintendent, Columbia
& Kootenay Steamers, C. P. R., 1900-
1901; superintendent, rail and steamer
lines, C. P. R., Nelson, B. C, 1901; pres-
ent position since 1901. Married Frances
Julia Stump, Sacramento, Cal., 1879; has
one son and one daughter. Clubs: Union;
Vancouver. Recreation: Motoring. An-
glican. Address: Tidal Dean, Esquimau
Road, Victoria, B. C.

TUCKER, John Edward. — President
Vancouver Lumber Co., Bridge St., Van-
couver. Born Danville, Texas, Oct. 10,
1857, son of Henry and "Tennessee
Tucker. Educated Texas high school.
Lumber business, Texas, 1877. Came to
British Columbia, 1904. Married Mary
Blain, 1879; has one daughter. Club:
Vancouver. Recreations: Hunting, fish-
ing. Address: 1108 Nicola St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

TUCKEV, Rev. John Townsend, U. A.,
T. C. D. — Professor of Liturgies and
Patristics and dean in residence of Em-
manuel College, Divinity College of the
Diocese of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
Born Kilronan, Dunmanway, Cork Coun-
ty, Ireland, son of Mary Elizabeth and
Major John Tuckey. Educated Univer-
sity School, Cork; Trinity College, Dub-
lin. Curate of St. Nicholas, Cork, 1899;
Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork, 1904; came
to Canada, 1907; traveling missionary for
Saskatchewan, 1907; Dean of Emmanuel
College since 1910. Anglican. Address:
Emmanuel College, Saskatoon, Sask.

TUCKWEZ^i;, 3>avid Grieve. — Editor
The Lloydminster Times. Born Chesham
Bucks, England, Jan. 8, 1865. Educated
Aylesbury grammar school. Several
years with publishing house of Hazel,
Watson & Viney, London, England; on
staff of Bathurst Daily Free Press, New
South Wales, ten years; telegraph edi-
tor and editorial writer, Manitoba Free
Press; editor-in-chief. Western Sports-
man; editor Morning Herald, Fort Wil-
liam; proprietor Rainy River Gazette;



s'oluminous writer during residence in
New South Wales on Commonwealth
Bill then before country; takes deep in-
terest in social and labor problems, and
deals with these topics in a fearless,
outspoken manner; inclined to radical
and socialistic views. Married Elizabeth
Sophia Spittle; has two sons and two
daughters. Independent - Liberal. Ad-
dress: Lloydminster, Sask.

A. E. TULK, B. C. L,.

TUI^K, A. Edward, B. C. l. (McGill).—

Barrister and Solicitor, Canada Life
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Hamilton, Dec.
25, 1877, son of John J. and Mary Mc-
Andrew Tulk. Educated public schools,
Hamilton; McGill University. Articled
to Hon. C. J. Dougherty, St. Anne's, Mon-
treal. Called to Quebec bar, 1910; Brit-
ish Columbia bar, 1911. Founder, Van-
couver Athletic Club. Married Marie J.
Nett, 1902. Clubs: University; Commer-
cial. Societies: A. F. •& A. M.; I. O. O. F.
Recreations: Baseball, lacrosse. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Shaugh-
nessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

TVImJi, G-eorgre Trederick — ^Of Niblock
& Tull, Ltd., Financial, Insurance & Real
Estate Brokers, 813 First St., W., Cal-
gary; agents G. T. P. Steamship agents;
Vice-President, Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Ltd.; President, Ford Motor Agency,
Ltd.; Managing Director, Western Con-
struction & Investment Co., Ltd. Born
Middlesex, Ont., July 11, 1880, son of
Robert and Mary Jane Tull. Educated:
High School, London, Ont. Law stu-
dent with Parke, Purdom & Purdom,
London, 1897-1901; with Robinson, Lit-
tle & Co., London, 1901-1906; came to Al-
berta, 1907; present business established,


1909. Clubs: Calgary Golf and Country;
Alberta. Recreations: Golf, tennis, rid-
ing. Independent; Protestant. Address:
1712 Seventh St., W., Calgary, Alta.

TUNBBIDGZ:, Norley Frederick, B. A.

— Solicitor, Main St., Penticton. Born
Redditch, Worcestershire, England, Oct.
7, 188.5, son of William Stephen and
Clara Tunbridge. Educated Malvern
College; Worcestershire; Oxford Univer-
sity. Came to British Columbia, 1910;
established present practice, 1911. Served
with First Worcestershire Royal Garri-
son Artillery (volunteers) ; South Mid-
land Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
(Territorials), as Lieutenant and Cap-
tain, 1903-1910; Municipal Solicitor,
Penticton, 1911-1912. Societies: S. O. E.;
Oxford Union (life member) ; British
Isles Public Schools Association. Rec-
reations: riding, tennis, hockey. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Pentic-
ton, B. C.

TVNSTAi;!., Simon John, B. A., U. J).,

C. M. — Physician and Surgeon, 709 Duns-
muir St., Vancouver. Born St. Anne de
Bellvue, Que., 1852, son of Gabriel
Christie and Jessie Tunstall. Educated
high school, Montreal; McGill Univer-
sity, graduated with degree of B. A.,
1873; M. D., 1875; took Davidson Gold
Medal and Holmes Gold Medal. Prac-
ticed Papineauville, 1876-1880; Montreal,
1880-1881. Came to British Columbia,
1881. Practiced, Lytton, 1881-1883; Kam-
loops, 1883-1892; came to Vancouver and
practiced there since 1892. Ex-President
of Veterans' Association, Vancouver;
former President of College of Physi-
cians and Surgeons of British Columbia,
and ex-President Canadian Medical As-
sociation. Married Marianne Lawson In-



S. J. TUiNSTAl^JL, B. A., M. D., C. M.

nes, Esquimau, 1885; has Ave daugh-
ters. Clubs: United Service; Vancou-
ver. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; Veterans'
Association; St. Andrew's; Caledonian.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 709
Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.


TUPFIIB, Georg-e Viker — ^Real Estate
and Financial Broker, of Tupper Bros.,
102 1st Ave., Saskatoon. Born Kings-
port, N. S., May .20, 1872, son of Ben-
jamin and Althea Tupper. Educated pub-
lic schools, Kingsport. Blacksmith and
general work, Wolfville, N. S., 1887-1899.
Came to Saskatchewan, 1900; home-

steaded, Saskatoon, 1900-1904; opened
general blacksmith shop, Saskatoon,
1904-1907; present business since 1907.
Married Mary R. Farnham, 1898; has
one son and one daughter. Recreations:
motoring, shooting. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Address: 517 11th St., Saskatoon,

HON. -SIR C. H. TUPPER, K. C. M. G..
LL. B., K. C.

TVFFER, Hon. Sir Charles Hiblbert,
K. C. M..Cr., LI.. B., K. C. — Of Tupper, Kitto
& Wightman, Barristers, Vancouver. Born
Amherst, N.. S., Aug. 3, 1855, second son
of Right Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, Bart.
Educated McGill University; Harvard
• University. Called to Nova Scotia bar,
1878; Q. C, 1890. Sworn member Privy
1887, 1888, 1891, 1896, 1900. Became Min-
ister, Marine and Fisheries, 1889. Elected
to House of Commons, 1882; re-elected,
1887, 1888, 1891, 1890, 1900. Became Min-
ister of Justice, Bowell administration,
Dec. 21, 1894; resigned, Jan. 4, 1896. Ap-
pointed solicitor-general in administra-
tion. May 1, 1896; went out of office
with Government, July 8, 1896. As Min-
ister of Marine and Fisheries was con-
cerned with negotiations respecting
Behring Sea fisheries; June, 1892, was
appointed agent of H. M.'s Government
on Behring Sea arbitration which met at
Paris, February, 1893; for these services
created K. C. M. G. As Minister of Jus-
tice was responsible for the remedial or-
der on the Manitoba Government re-
specting separate schools. One of Cana-
dian Ministers who attended conference
with delegates from the Government of
Newfoundland, Halifax, 1892. Came to
Vancouver, 1897. Married Janet McDon-
ald, daughter of Hon. James McDonald,
Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, 1879. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.




TUFPEB, J. Stewart, B. A., K. C. —

Senior member Tupper, Tupper, Mc-
Tavish & Co., Barristers, Union Bank

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