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Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Amherst, N. S.,
Oct. 26, 1851, eldest son of the Right
Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., G. C. M.
G., C. B. Educated McGill University,
graduated with first rank honors; called
to Ontario Bar, 1875; Manitoba Bar,
1882; Q. C, 1890; Bencher Law Society of
Manitoba since 1900; Treasurer of Law
Society, 1906-1910; President of Law So-
ciety, 1910-1911-1912: Vice-president
South Winnipeg Ltd. Married, first, 1875,

Marie W. Robertson, daughter of the
late Andrew Robertson, of Elmbank,
Montreal, who died 187(); married
Ada Campbell Gait, daughter of the late
Hon. Sir Thomas Gait, Chief Justice of
the Common Pleas, Ontario; has issue
by first marriage, Marie Stewart; by sec-
ond marriage, Charles Stewart, born
1884, barrister, 1907; Jessie Campbell;
Frances. Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles
Country. Recreation: Riding. Liberal-
Conservative. Address: Ravenscourt,
Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg.



TVPFER, WlUiam Johnston — Of Tup-
per, Gait, Tupper & McTavish, Barris-
ters and Solicitors, Winnipeg; Vice-
President, Arctic Ice Co., Ltd.; Director,
Houghton Land Co. ; on board of direc-
tors, Havergal College. Born Halifax,
N. S., June 29, 1862, son of Rt. Hon. Sir
Charles Tupper, Bart., and Frances
Amelia Morse. Educated Upper Canada
College, Toronto; Harvard University.
Called to Nova Scotia bar, 1885; Mani-
toba bar, 1886; member of Arm, Mae-
donald, Tupper & Phippen, 1886-1899:
Tupper, Phippen & Tupper, 1899-1906;
present firm formed, 1906. Served as
private, Halifax Battalion, Northwest
Rebellion, 1885; member of executive.
His Majesty's Army and Navy. Married
Margaret Macdonald, daughter of late
Chief Justice Macdonald, 1887; has two
sons and three daughters. Clubs: Mani-
toba; Adanac (President); St. Charles
Country; Winnipeg Hunt (Director).
Recreations: shooting, golf. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: "Elmhurst"
Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg, Man.

K. C, L. M. A.

TURGEOIT, Hon. William Perdinand

Alphouse, B. A., E. C, M. i;. A Of Tur-

geon. Pish & Calder, Barristers, Darke
Block, Regina. Born Bathurst, N. B.,
June 3, 1877, son of Margaret Baldwin
and Onesephore Turgeon, M. P. Edu-
cated New York City; Laval University.
Called to New Brunswick Bar; came to
Prince Albert and entered into partner-
ship with Hon. J. H. Lamont, 1903; sworn
in as Attorney General of Saskatchewan
Sept. 23, 1907; elected to Saskatchewan
Legislature for Prince Albert, 1907; ran
in two constituencies, 1908; elected Duck
Lake and defeated Prince Albert. Mar-
ried Gertrude Boudreau, Petit Rocher,
N. B., 1901; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 2320 Angus St., Regina, Sask.

TURI^EV, Georg'e Trevor — Of Turley
& Noble, Real Estate, Financial and In-
surance Brokers, Minnedosa, Man.; Town
Clerk, Minnedosa; Clerk, Rural Munic-
ipality, Minto; Secretary-Treasurer, Min-
nedosa Agricultural Society; Secretary-
Treasurer, Minnedosa Board of Trade
f^c?^ Wolverhampton, England, Jan. 9,
IS 84, son of Henry John and Kate Tur-
ley. Educated Wolverhampton Grammar
bchool Clerk, Wolverhampton Corpora-
tion 1899; chief clerk and accountant,
Maulson & Fisher. Minnedosa, 1904- es-
tablished present business. 1909 Rec-
reations: football, tennis, cricket skat-

!wf;^o^°"^^'Z-^"''^= Anglican. Address:
Minnedosa, Man.

TURNBUM, Alfred Russell, M. D., c

M.— Of Drs. Turnbull & McCulloch, Phy-
sicians and Surgeons, Moose Jaw. Born
Russell, Ont., Aug. 4, 1860, son of James
and Janet Turnbull. Educated College
Institute, Ottawa; MeGill University
Practiced Moose Jaw since 1886. Cor-
oner, 1900-1908; city medical health of-
ficer, 1905-1910; surgeon C. P. R 1890-
1908; member Saskatchewan Public
Health Board since 1910. Married Mary
P. Nicholson, Ottawa, 1900; has one son.
Club: Moose Jaw. Societies: A F & A
M.; A. O. U. W.; A. O. F.; L O. F.' Rec-
reations: Curling, hunting, shooting.
Liberal; Presbyterian Address: 18 Atha-
basca St., E., Moose Jaw. Sask.

TXTRNBUlli, Thomas McMurray.

Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce
Edmonton. Born Caledonia. Ont., Feb!
26. 1865, son of James and Elizabeth
Turnbull. Educated Clinton. Joined
Canadian Bank of Commerce. Berlin,
1882; accountant, Berlin, 1892-1895- ac-
countant, London, 1895-1902. Came to
Alberta. 1902. Member Council, Edmon-
ton Board of Trade. Married Margaret
Crawford, Cayuga, Ont; has one son and
two daughters. Club: Edmonton. Ad-
dress: Edmonton. Alta. •

TURNER, Adam, J. P.— Secretary-
Treasurer. Mighton. Bell & Turner. Fi-
nancial Brokers, Saskatoon. Born Owen
Sound, Oct. 26. 1852, son of William and
Margaret Turner. Educated public and
high schools, Owen Sound. Drug clerk
Owen Sound, 1870; member of Town
Council, Orahgeville, 1898-1899; member
public school Board, 1900-1903; represen-
tative, Orangeville district, to Council
Ontario College of Pharmacy. 1890-1898-
came to Saskatoon 1903; Secretary-Treas-
urer city Saskatoon 1904-1907; Treasurer
Central Saskatchewan Fair Association
Married Mary Elizabeth Black. Durham'




Ont., 1882; has three sons. Recreations:
Football, baseball, tennis. Non-partisan;
Anglican. Address: 114 Third Ave., N.,
Saskatoon, Sask.


TXTBNEB, John Archibald. — Balgreg-
gan Stock Farm, Calgary. Breeder and
Importer of Clydesdale and Hackney
Horses, Shorthorn Cattle and Shropshire
Sheep. President of Horse and Cattle
Breeders' Associations of Alberta for
several years. Director of the Calgary
Exhibition for a number of years. Born
near Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept. 11, 1867,
son of Peter and Catherine Turner. Edu-
cated Royal High School, Edinburgh.
Came to Alberta, 1886; since then hns
been engaged ranching, importing and
breeding live stock in vicinity of Cal-
gary. Married Minnie Dawson, 1897; has
two sons and two daughters. Society:

A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Shooting and
fishing. Presbyterian. Farm address:
Balgreggan Stock Farm. Residence:
Mount Royal, Calgary, Alta.


TURNER, John Percival. — Of Winni-
peg Underwriters, Ltd., 505 McArthur
Block, Winnipeg. Born Toronto, Dec. 4,
1879, son of John and Mary Turner.
Educated Trinity College School, Port
Hope. Joined Dominion Bank, Toronto,
1897. Came to Manitoba, 1901. Insur-
ance Adjuster, Winnipeg, 1901-1908; en-
gaged present business, 1910. Secretary-
Treasurer of Manitoba Game Protective
Association; member of executive of
Winnipeg Conservative Association.
Champion trap shot. Dominion of Can-
ada, 1905. Clubs: Carleton; Adanac;
Canadian. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 323 Assiniboine Ave., Winnipeg,

TWHHDAlMJi, Cyril. — Conveyancer, No-
tary Public and Financial Agent; Man-
aging Director, London & Western Can-
ada Investment Co., Ltd. Born Lan-
cashire, England, June 23, 1881, son
of Samuel J. and Fanny (Aitken) Twee-
dale. Educated Portsmouth Grammar
School; King's College University. With
London and Westminster Bank, London,
1896; rame to Canada, 1903; ranched,
Lloydminster, Sask., 1903-1906. Came to
British Columbia and entered the real
estate and insurance business, 1906.
Served three years Civil Service Rifles
and three years Britannia Rilles; holds
commission in Corps of Guides, Canada.
Member Vancouver Horse Show Associa-
tion; Director Richmond Agricultural
and Industrial Association. Married
Clara Wood, 1906; has one son and two
daughters. Clubs: Canadian; Royal Van-
couver Yacht; Vancouver Hunt; Vancou-
ver Auto; Brocton Point Athletic; Horse
Show Association; Progress; Canadian
Highway Association. Recreations: rid-
ing, yachting, fishing. Address: 1322
Pender St., Vancouver, B. C.




TWICrG, Harold Bespard — Barrister
and Solicitor, 312 Jones Bldg., Victoria.
Born Dungannon, County of Tyrone, Ire-
land, April 5, 1876, son of William and
Jane Twigg. Educated Royal School,
Dungannon. Came to Britisli Columbia,
1899; called to British Columbia bar,
1903; established present practice, 1911.
Married Marguerite Jean Little, Victoria,
1911. Club: Union. Conservative; Epis-
copalian. Address: 1000 Chamberlain
St., Victoria, B. C.

TWZTZEIiI^, Robert F. S., A. B. I. B.

A. — Architect, 625 Granville St., Van-
couver. Born Northumberland, England,
June 25, 1877, son of Robert and Mary
Twitzell. Educated Rutherford College
and Durham University. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia and practiced Vancouver,
1908. Lecturer Durham University, 1903-
1908. Member of Royal Institute of
British Architects. Member of Northern
Architectural Association, England. Club:
Commercial. Recreations: Golf, fishing.
Address: Pacific St., Vancouver, B. C.

TVBWHZTT-BBAKB, Brian Ealsey. —

Barrister, Registrar Supreme Court of
British Columbia, Victoria. Born Vic-
toria, Oct. 6, 1866, son of Montague W.
and Joanna Tyrwhitt-Drake. Father was
Puisne Judge Supreme Court of British
Columbia. Educated Charterhouse, Eng-
land. Practiced Victoria, 1885-1895. Ap-
pointed Registrar Supreme Court, Brit-
ish Columbia, 1895. Club: Union. Ad-
dress: 2540 Pleasant St., Victoria, B. C.


F. T. UNDERBILL, P. R. C. S. B.,
L. R. C. P., D. P. H.

UNBEBHII^]^, Frederic Theodore, F.
R. C. S. E., 1. B. C. F., B. F. H.— Physi-
cian and Surgeon. Born Staffordshire,
England, June 19, 1858, son of William
Lees and Emily Underbill. Educated
Edinburgh University. Practiced Tip-
ton, England, 1881. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1894; Medical Health Officer,
Vancouver City. Served vfith First Vol-
unteer Battalion, Staffordshire Regi-
ment, eighteen years. Married, 1885; has
seven sons and five daughters. Club:
Terminal City. Recreations: All out-
door sports. Address: 2861 Westmin-
ster Road, Vancouver, B. C.

TJPTOIT, Richard James — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, 126 2nd Ave., Sas-
katoon; President and General Manager,
Store Fixtures, Ltd. Born Belleville,
Ont, Dec. 8, 1881, son of Richard Sam-
uel and Rachael Maud Upton. Educated
public and high schools, Ontario. Retail
grocery business, Peterboro, Ont., 1895-
1897; mechanic. Central Bridge & En-
gine Co., Ltd., 1897-1899; general mer-
chant, 1899-1903; shipping clerk, Butler
Bros., New York, 1903; clerk. Great
Northern Ry., 1904; department mana-
ger, T. Eaton Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, 1905-
1906; real estate business, Winnipeg,
1906-1908; came to Saskatoon and es-
tablished present business 1909. Secre-
tary, United Commercial Travelers' As-




sociation of America. Married Mary
Ag-nes Smith, Windsor, Ont., 1910; lias
one son. Societies: B. P. I. O. L; U. C.
T. Recreation: motoring. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 125 20th St., W.,
Saskatoon, Sask.

VRi:, Sauiel MacKeuzie, F. M. — Real.
Estate and Fire Insurance Agent. Born
Eldon Township, Ont., Nov. 25, 1853, son
of Isabella and James Ure, who was
soldier in the British Army, 1793-1814,
with the 71st Regiment of Infantry, and
fought in battles of Corunna and Vim-
eria. His maternal grandfather, Ser-
geant Ross, of Durnoch, Scotland, was
wounded in the battle of Waterloo. Edu-
cated country schools. Apprenticed to
harness maker and saddler, Woodville,
1867. Came to Winnipeg, 1878. Coun-
cillor Municipality of Morris, 1882-1883;
Secretary-Treasurer, 1884-1893; Secre-
tary-Treasurer, Rural Municipality of
Morris and Police Magistrate since 1904;
Mayor Morris, 1905; several years Mem-
ber and Chairman of Morris School
Board. Married Annie Anger, Winnipeg,
1882; has two sons and five daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C.
O. F.; A. O. U. W.; L. O. L. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Morris,

UNDERWOOD, Thomas. — Managing
Director, Diamond Coal Co., Calgary,
Born Leicester, England, May 6, 1863,
son of William and Frances Underwood.
Educated Leicester. Came to Alberta,
1885. Contractor and builder, Calgary,
1885. Alderman, Calgary, 1893-1901;


Mayor, 1901-1904. Married Kate Graves,
Calgary; has four sons and two daugh-
ters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Address:
r;36 13th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

TJRQUHABT, Alexander. — Farmer (re-
tired). Born Inverness, Scotland, Jan. 25,
1845, son of John and Margaret Urqu-
hart. Educated public schools, Inver-
ness. Went to sea, 1858. Sailed from
Glasgow to San Francisco and Puget
Sound, 1870-1871; left sea and came tc
Comox to engage in farming and dairy-
ing, 1871. Ex-school trustee. Married
Margaret Paterson, Nanaimo, 1878; has
two sons and three daughters. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Address: Courtenay, B. C.


VAXiENS, John Alexander, M. D. —

Physician and Surgeon. Born near
Lucknow, Ont., Sept. 4, 1873, son of
William and Kate Valens. Educated
public schools, Kinless Township, Bruce
County; high school, Waterdown; College
Institute, Brandon; Manitoba Univer-
sity. Taught school, Kinloss, 1893; came
to Brandon, 1895, and taught school at
Rosetown, 1896-1897; Estevan, 1898:
Portal District, 1899-1902; graduated
medicine, 1905; practiced. Saskatoon,
since 1906. Member Board of Governors,
Saskatoon City Hospital, 1910-1911. Mar-




ried Lizzie Adams, Estevan, Sask., 1907;
has one daughter. Societies: L O. O. P.;
C. O. F. Recreations: Football, tennis,
baseball. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Eighteenth St., W., . Saskatoon,

VAIiIQXTIiTTZ:, John A. -^ Managing
Director and Editor Western Canada
Publishing Co., Ltd., Calgary. Born Ot-
tawa, May 23, 1875, son of Peter R. and
Jessie Scott. Educated Ottawa and Mon-
treal. Member of Montreal Herald Edi-
torial Staff 1898. Came to Dawson 1903.
Came to Alberta, 1906. Bought Western
Canada Trade Gazette, Calgary, 1908.
Formed present firm 1909. Married
Frances M. Glover, 1905; has one son and
two daughters. Recreation: Fishing.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

VAIj^ANCE, James. — Secretary-Treas-
urer, Vernon Hardware Co., Ltd., Ver-
non. Born Hamilton, Jan. 27, 1869, son
of James and Janet Armstrong Vallance.
Educated public schools, Hamilton. Came
to British Columbia, 1896. Partner, H.
Byers & Co., Sandon, B. C, 1896-1903;
Nelson, B. C, 1903-1904; present busi-
ness organized 1904. Alderman, Sandon,
1900. President Vernon Board of Trade,
1908-1909. Married Clara Ada Morgan,
Hamilton, 1908; has one daughter. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. F. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Ver-
non, B. C.

VAN EOMOND, William Gystoert. — Of

Storey & Van Egmond, Arcliitects,
Credit Foncior Bldg., Regina. Born
Seaforth, Ont, Sept. 16, 1883, son of Wil-
liam David and Jessie Van Egmond.
Educated Seaforth Colle'?iate Institut?;
Beaux Arts School. Studied with Gowin-
lock & Baker. Toronto, 1899. Came to
Regina and formed partnership with E.
M. Storey, 1906; Secretary Saskatche-
wan Association of Architects; Chairman

architectural section, Regina Society of
Art, Literature and Science. Member
Regina Board of Trade. Designed many
notable buildings, among which are
Normal School, Battleford Asylum, Y.
M. C. A., Collegiate Institute, Public
Library, McCallum & Hill building, etc
Married Mabel Isabel Ball, Toronto
1906; has one daughter. Clubs: Assini-
boia; Canadian; Wascana Country Club
Recreations: tennis, golf, curling boat-
ing, shooting. . Anglican. Address: 2244
Albert St.,.vBegina, Sask.

VANWABT, Isaac Stephen Gerow

Born St. John, N. B., Aug. 10 1858 %nn

Ed{fo7t;J'°"^^f- ^- ^"^ Phoebe Vanwl?t"
Educated public schools. Dry goods
clerk, Woodstock, N. B., 1872 Came to
Alberta. 1892. President Board J?^d*-
rectors Calgary General Hospital, 1910
President Alberta Provincial Exhibition
i*-'m^^2^"^^^^= President Calgary Board
of Trade, 1907; President Exshaw Trad-
ing Co., 1910. Sheriff Calgary, 1903-1911
Unsuccessful candidate to House of
Commons for Calgary, 1911. Married
Hattie Halle Jaynes, Alvinston, Ont •
has one son and four daughters. Clubs-
Ranchmen's; Golf and Country Soci-
ety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 1215 6th
St., W., Calgary, Alta.

VAUGHAir, Henry Simon — Vice-Presi-
dent, Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co., Ltd
Molson's Bank Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Liverpool, England, April 3, 1870, son of
Simon and Sarah Vaughan. Educated
Acadia College, Wolfville, N. S. Came
to British Columbia, 1891; associated
with Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co. since
1891. Married Elizabeth J. Sharpies,
1902; has one son and one daughter!
Recreation: tennis. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 1742 Haro St., Van-
couver, B. C.

VIBEBT, Philip — Superintendent Brit-
ish Columbia Branches and Manager
Union Bank of Canada, 5 50 Hastings St.
W., Vancouver. Born Jersey Island,
Nov. 27, 1866, son of John and A. M.
(Binet) Vibert. Educated: Saunders
private school, St. Helier's, Jersey.
Came to Canada, 1881; clerk, D. McGie
& Sons, Quebec, 1889-1890; teller and
accountant. Union Bank, Lethbridge.
1890; manager. Lethbridge. 1893-1905:
inspector, Lethbridge, 1905-1907; inspec-
tor and manager, Calgary branch, 1907-
1909; superintendent Alberta branches,
Winnipeg, 1909-1912; manager, Vancou-
ver branch, since 1912. Club: Ranch-
men's, Calgary. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.




VJBBHOEVEN, XiOuis — Financial and
Real Estate Broker, 289 Garry St.,
Winnipeg; Manager Sun Loan Co.
of Ontario, Toronto; Secretary-Treas-
urer and Managing Director Middle
West Investment Co., Ltd.; Man-
aging Director People's Realty Co.,
Ltd.; Notary Public and Commissioner
in Court of King's Bench. Born Brus-
sels, Belgium, Sept. 13, 1866, son of
Francis Joseph Verhoeven and Zoe de
Gregoire. Educated College of Jesuits,
Brussels; Athenaeum of Arlon, Luxem-
bourg. Came to Manitoba, 1890. Secre-
tary to Count de Castellane, Winnipeg.
1891-1892; teacher of modern languages,
St. John's Ladies College, Winnipeg,

1892-1893; Commercial representative of
de Junillac factory, Whitewood, 1893-
1894; law clerk, B. E. Chaffey, Winni-
peg, 1895; established present business,
1895. Contributes articles on financial
and real estate topics; intends publish-
ing a book on Social and Economic Con-
ditions in Western Canada. Served with
2nd Regiment Royal Guides, Brussels,
1884-1888 (non-commissioned officer).
Married Hilda Widickson, Sweden, 1892.
Clubs: Carleton; Adanac; Clef; Automo-
bile. Societies: C. O. F. Recreations:
traveling, fencing, music, art. Inde-
pendent; Catholic. Address: 526 River
I Ave., Winnipeg, Man.



VICK, Samuel Edward. — Superintend-
ent of Public Worlis for British Colum-
bia, Court House, Vancouver. Born Lon-
don, England, Aug. 19, 1865, son of John
Benjamin and Annie Vick. Educated
London and Toronto. Modeler and carver
of wood and stone, Toronto, 1870. Came
to British Columbia, 1894. Secretary-
Treasurer British Columbia Gypsum Co.
Married Emma Croft, Birkenhead, Eng-
land; has four sons and three daughters.
Club: Anglo-African. Societies: L. O. L. ;
S. O. E. Recreations: Hunting and pros-
pecting. Address: 1365 7th Ave., W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

VIDAX, Herliert Penrose — Customs
Broker and Warehouseman, Market
Square, New Westminster. Born Sarnia,
Ont., July 28, 1866, son of Catherine L.
Wright and Hon. Senator Alexander Vi-
dal. Educated public schools, Sarnia:
Upper Canada College. Clerk, Bank of
Commerce, Ontario, 1883-1888; with Illi-
nois Steel Co., Chicago, 1892-3; with
Siegel-Cooper & Co., Chicago, 1893-6;
with Chicago Edison Co., 1897-1900;
with Pillsbury & Washburn, Minneap-
olis and Philadelphia, 1902-1906; estab-
lished present business 1907. Married
Louisa S. Jones, Sarnia, 1893; has one
son and two daughters. Conservative;
Episcopalian. Address: 616 Brantford
St., New Westminster, B. C.

VINCENT, Swale, M. D., D. Sc, M. S.
C. S., !•. B. C. F., B. B. S. C, F. Z.

S. — Professor of Physiology, Manitoba
University. Born West Bromwich, Eng-
land, May 24, 1868, son of Joseph and
Margaret Vincent. Educated King Ed-
ward's High School; Birmingham Uni-
versity; London, Edinburgh and Heidel-
berg. Assistant Professor of Physiology,
University College, London; British Med-
ical Association, research scliolar; Ma-
son research scholar; research fellow,
University of Edinburgh. Author "In-
ternal Secretions and the Ductless
Gland," London Echo Arnold, 1912, and
numerous contributions to scientific and
medical journals. Recreation: music.
Address: Manitoba University, Winni-
peg, Man.

VIOIiETTE, Alfred. — General Manager
and Treasurer, Fort McKay Oil &
Asphalt Co., Ltd., Windsor Block, Ed-
monton. Born Cariboo Grand Minas, N.
S., Jan. 6, 1880, son of Samuel and An-
gelina Violette. Educated public schools.
Lumbering, Minnesota, 1894-1903; farm-
ing. North Dakota, 1903-1904; prospect-
ing for gold, Alaska; interested oil In-
dustry, California, until 1906; came to
Alberta, 1906, and explored northern


lands of Alberta for asphalt and oil; in-
corporated present company, 1910. Mar-
ried Lottie Melbourne, Ottawa, 1911.
Recreation: Exploring. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: 524 Sixth St., Ed-
monton, Alta.


VON CBAMEB, Donald Alexander 'Wil-
liam. — Managing Director, Vancouver
Trust Co., 614 Pender St., Vancouver.
Born Montreal, 1873, son of Felix Her-
man and Elizabeth von Cramer. Edu-
cated Quebec public schools; Upper Can-



ada College. With Canadian Bank of
Commerce and later with Royal Bank of
Canada. Came to British Columbia,
1898; manager Royal Bank of Canada,
Republic, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Van-
couver, East End branch; left bank to
form Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd. Direc-
tor Kamloops- Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
Police Commissioner, 1910; on Council
Vancouver Board of Trade, 1908-1911.
Married Helen Maud Savage. Clubs:
Terminal City; Canadian (Secretary-
Treasurer). Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Lacrosse, hockey. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 1101 Mel-
ville St., Vancouver, B. C.

VON ETI^ING-ER, A. T. — Manager for
British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon,
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd.,
of London, England, Bower Bldg., Van-
couver; Imperial German Consul for
mainland of British Columbia. Born
Germany, May 10, 1862, son of Arnold'
and Grace von Etlinger. Educated Army
Schools, Germany. Chief Inspector,
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Port-
land, Ore., 1897-1907. Came to British
Columbia to accept present position,
1907. Married Harriet Pipes, daughter
of Judge M. L. Pipes, Portland, 1909.
Clubs: Vancouver; Royal Vancouver
Yacht; Arlington (Portland). Recrea-
tion: Shooting. Address: 1606 Nelson
St., Vancouver, B. C.

VON GIBSEWAIiS, Baron Alexander

— Real Estate and Financial Agent, Fort
St., Victoria. Born Brunswick, Ger-
many, second son of Baron Conway and
Margaret von Girsewald. Educated:
Latin School, Zurich, Karlsruhe, Ger-
many; University Zurich, Switzerland.
Came to British Columbia, 1902; farm-
ing and ranching, Okanagan, Alberta and
Montana, 1902-1908; established present
business, 1911. Served with 7th Prus-
sian Kurassier Regiment von Seidlitz,
Halberstadt, Germany. Married Aliz
Pitt, Bristol, 1909. Society: L O. O. F.
Lutheran. Address: Victoria, B. C.

VON aBAEVENITZ, Hans. — Of Ward,

Burmester & von Graevenitz, Financial
Brokers, 411 Pender St., W., Vancouver;
President British Columbia Homes
Trust Co., Ltd.; Director, Canadian Euro-
pean Wine Co.; Director, Warburnitz
Piano House, Ltd. ^orn Frehne, Trieg-
nitz, Germany, May 5, 1870, son of Hugo
and Baroness Olesen von Graevenitz.
Educated: Military Schools, Germany. In
German Diplomatic service as personal
Adjutant to Grand Duke Mecklenburg,
1899-1904; Captain of Dragoons, German
Army, 1904-1909; has international repu-
tation as German rider, having won over
five hunfired horse races. Married Ba-
roness Helene von Tuempling, 1906; has


three daughters. Clubs: Vancouver Mo-
tor; Vancouver Hunt. Recreations: Rac-
ing, boating. Member of Prussian Prot-
estant Church. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.

VON MIBI^ECKI, Alexander Kar]

Stanislaus. — Editor of Deutsch Canadier,
Calgary. Born Rusdersdorf, Brander-
burg, Germany, Sept. 26, 1854, son of
Johann Friedricli Alexander Louis Stan-
islaus and Anna Helene Sophie von Mie-
lecki. Educated Gymnasium, Potsdam,
Germany. Came to Canada and engaged
farming East Farnham, Que., 1883.

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