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Came to Alberta, 1887. Established pres-
ent business, 1908. Director United
Farmers of Alberta; Director Grain
Growers' Grain Co., Winnipeg; Secre-
tary-Treasurer West Calgary School
District; Secretary-Treasurer West Cal-
gary, since 1903. Married Louise Wil-
hermine Hedwig Omittenbaum, 1888;
has three sons and two daughters. Club:
Harmonic. Independent; Lutheran. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.

VBOOMAN, Charles Harvey, M. D.,
C. M. — Medical Superintendent, Tran-
quille Sanitorium, Kamloops. Born
Mitchell, Ont., Oct. 26, 1876, son of Nel-
son and Mary Vrooman. Educated: high
school, Manitou, Man.; Manitoba Uni-
versity. House surgeon, Winnipeg Gen-
eral Hospital, 1901-1902; practiced Win-
nipeg, 1902-1910. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1910. Married Blanche H. King,
daughter of Hooper King, Chatham,
Ont., 1905; has two daughters. Recrea-
tions: shooting, fishing. Methodist. Ad-
dress: Kamloops, B. C.




VOWEIiIi, Arthur "W. — Born Clonmel,
County Tipperary, Ireland, Sept. 17,
1841, son of Richard Prendergrast and
Elizabeth Richards Bulkeley Vowell.
Educated grammar school, Clonmel.
Served with Queen's Own Royal City of
Dublin Light Infantry, Militia, 1858-
1860, during which time regiment was
doing garrison duty in several locali-
ties, England; retired as Senior Lieu-
tenant. Came to Esquimau, B. C, 1862;
in Civil Service, Chief Constable "Big
Bend" Mines, 1866-1872; Gold Commis-
sioner and Stipendiary Magistrate hav-
ing charge of Kootenay and Ominica
districts, 1872-1875; elected to British
Columbia Legislature for Kootenay,

1875; resigned, 1876; reappointed Gold
Commissioner and Stipendiary Magis-
trate, Cassiar district, 1876-1884; again
in charge of Kootenay district during
construction of C. P. R., 1884-1889; re-
signed to become Indian Superintendent
for British Columbia, under Dominion
Government, in addition to which was
appointed Indian Reserve Commissioner
for British Columbia some years later;
resigned both appointments, March,
1910. Club: Union; Victoria and Van-
couver; Vancouver, B. C. Society: A.
P. & A. M. (Royal Arcli). Recreations:
hunting, shooting, fishing, golf. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 1004 Ter-
race Ave., Victoria, B. C.





"WAHTHHmIm, John Alexander Tiovr, C.
H., B. A. Sc, IVIa. E., Iili. D., D. H. —

Consulting engineer of Waddell «& Har-
rington, 1012 Baltimore Ave, Kansas
City, Mo., and 510 Winch Building, Van-
couver. Born Port Hope, Ont., Jan. 15,
1854, son of Angelina Esther and Robert
Needham Waddell; High Sheriff of
Northumberland and Durham Counties,
1865-1885. Educated: Trinity College,
School, Port Hope; Rensselaer Poly-
technic Institute, Troy, N. T. (C. E.,
1875); McGill University (B. A. Sc,
1882; Ma. E., 1882; D. Sc. 1904); Mis-
souri State University conferred degree
of LL. D., 1904; University of Nebraska
conferred degree of Doctor of Engineer-
ing, 1911. Decorated by the Emperor
of Japan, 1888, Knight Commander of
the Order of the Rising Sun; and by
Grand Duchess Olga of Russia (sister
of the Czar) First Class Order Societe
de Bienfaisance, for services as Princi-
pal Engineer of Trans-Alaska-Siberian
Ry. Began career as draftsman. Ma-
rine Department, Ottawa, 1875; engi-
neer field work, C. P. R., 1876-1877; As-
sistant Professor of Rational and Tech-
nical Mechanics, Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute, 1878-1880; Chief Engineer,
Raymond & Campbell, bridge builders.
Council Bluffs, 1881-1882; Professor of
Civil Engineering, Imperial University
of Japan, 1882-1886; private practice,
Kansas City since 1887; practicing alone
1887-1899; as Waddell & Hedrick, 1899-
1906; present partnership formed 1906.
As chief engineer of Pacific Short Line
Bridge Co., designed and supervised
construction of combined railway and

highway bridge over Missouri River at
Sioux City; chief engineer, Omaha
Bridge & Terminal Ry. Co., designed a
double track railway and highway
bridge across the Missouri River at
East Omaha, 1893. Designed and con-
structed a highway bridge across the
Missouri River at Jefferson City, Mo.;
engineered the Northwestern Elevated,
Union Loop Elevated, and other elevated
railway work in Chicago; was consulted
in the plans for the Boston Elevated
Ry. ; Engineer on T-shaped railway and
highway bridge over Eraser River at
New Westminster; Chief Engineer, Al-
berta and Great Waterways Ry., and
was successfully locating line when the
action of Alberta Government killed the
project. For the first half of this line
got far straighter line with much less
verical variation and at much less ccst
than anticipated, and for remaining half
of line, although surveys had not been
made, indications promised equally fa-
vorable results. Aided the president,
Mr. Clarke, in securing concession and
to raise money for building, having
made two trips with him to Europe for
this latter purpose. Built over 200
bridges on the Vera Cruz & Pacific Ry.
of Mexico; two lighthouses and stand-
ard highway bridges for Government of
Cuba; two arch bridges for New Zea-
land; most of the bridges on the Kan-
sas City Southern Ry. and the Tennes-
see Central Ry. ; large bridge over
Maumee River, Toledo; Halsteail
Street Lift Bridge at Chicago; Haw-
thorne Ave. Lift Bridge, Portland, Ore.;
a reinforced concrete arch bridge over
the Colorado River, Austin, Texas; Red
Rock Cantilever Bridge over Colorado
River for Atlantic & Pacific Ry. Co.;
principal bridges on Shreveport & Red
River Valley Ry. : ten large bridges on
the International & Great Northern Ry.
in Texas; large bridge over Missouri
River (having a lifting deck) at Kan-
sas City; a highway bridge over same
river at St. Charles, Mo.; a large bridge
with lift span over the Mississippi
River for Iowa Central Ry., Keithsburg;
two reinforced concrete trestles (having
longest reinforced concrete girders yet
built) at Tacoma, Wash.; the Granville
St., The Cambie St., and Westminster
Ave. bridges over False Creek, Vancou-
ver, B. C. ; the reconstruction of the
Fort Leavenworth bridge over the Mis-
souri River; a large viaduct joining
Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City,
Kan., and crossing the Kaw River; a
large bridge with lifting deck and lift-
ing span combined now under construc-
tion over the Willamette River, Port-
land, Ore., for the Harriman system; a
bridge with lift span over the Arkansas
River at Fort Smith, Ark., and numer-
ous other constructions of less import-

About the end of 1903 Dr. Waddell
was retained by the International
Nickel Co. of New York City, which
company controls three-quarters of the
world's total output of nickel, to make


extensive investigation of the suitability
of nickel steel for bridgei building. His
experiments were both elaborate end ex-
haustive, covering every conceivable
kind of practical tests, and occupied over
three years in the making, the total cost
of the investigation being in the neigh-
borhood of $50,000. After the investiga-
tion and the reports were finished, Dr.
Waddell wrote for the American Society
of Civil Engineers a long paper describ-
ing fully the tests and drawing numer-
ous deductions. This paper is essential-
ly an economic study of the question of
"nickel steel for bridges," which was the
title of his paper. It was published first
in the "Proceedings" of the Society then
discussed by a number of prominent en-
gineers of America and Europe, and final-
ly the paper and the discussions were
published together in the Society's
"Transactions" for 1909. Later, the spe-
cial committee for the awarding of the
Norman medal of that year unanimously
decided to award it to Dr. Waddell's pa-
per as being the best and most important
one presented to the Society for that
year. The practical result of Dr. Wad-
dell's investigations on "nickel steel for
bridges" has been the use of that alloy
for at least three long-span bridges, viz.:
The Manhattan Bridge, New York; the
Free Bridge, St. Louis, and the new Que-
bec Bridge. Dr. Waddell's firm is also
using the alloy in the moving spans of
some of their vertical lift bridges in or-
der to cut down materially the total
weight to be raised and lowered. Nickel
steel as a material for building long-
span bridges has come to stay, and it
will be used for shorter and still shorter
spans as time goes on, unless some
equally good or better and cheaper alloy
is discovered.

Dr. Waddell is the author of the fol-
lowing works: A compilation of 22 of his
principal professional papers, edited by
John Lyle Harrington, 1905; "The De-
signing of Ordinary Iron Highway
Bridges," published by Wiley & Sons,
New York, 1884; "A System of Iron Rail-
road Bridges for Japan," 1885, published
by the Japanese Government for private
circulation only; "Civil Engineering Edu-
cation," published in Engineering News;
"General Specifications for Highway
Bridges of Iron & Steel"; "Some Dis-
puted Points in Railway Bridge Design-
ing"; "Elevated Railroads"; "De Ponti-
bus" (Wiley & Sons, 1898); "Specifica-
tions for Steel Bridges"; "Foundations
for Important Buildings in the City of
Mexico"; "Flow Line Bridge at Kansas
City"; "Engineering Specifications and
Contracts," a standard work, published
by Engineering News; "Addresses to En-
gineering Studc"**'," a compilation of
forty-four of the best addresses made
to engineering students by various pro-
fessors and engineers in the last 25
years, edited by Dr. J. A. L. Waddell
and John Lyle Harrington, containing
several papers by both editors. In prep-
aration a large and elaborate treatise on

Bridge Engineering, a joint book by Dr.
Waddell and Mr. Harrington.

The firm of Waddell & Harington has
a very large practice in building bridges,
giving special attention to movable struc-
tures, besides doing important work in
other lines. They have designed and
patented a number of improvements on
Dr. Waddell's old type of vertical lift
bridge. This type is being adopted by
a number of the leading railroad sys-
tems of America, including the Harriman
lines, Pennsylvana Railway, Iowa Cen-
tral, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern,
Missouri Pacific, Chicago & Northwest-
ern, and Louisiana & Arkansas. They
have in operation six vertical lifts, three
more will be complete this year, and a
dozen others are now being designed or
constructed. Their work extends over
the whole of the United States and parts
of Canada, Mexico, Japan and New Zea-
land. Some thirteen million dollars'
worth of work is (December, 1911) being
prosecuted through their office.

Married Ada Everett, daughter of late
Horace Everett, Council Bluffs, la., 1882;
has two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Country, University, Engineers, Kansas
C^ity. Societies: American Society of
Civil Engineers, Institution of Civil En-
gineers of Great Britain, La Societe des
Ingenieursi Civils de France; Canadian
Society of Civil Engineers, American So-
ciety for Testing Materials, Internation-
al Society for Testing Materials, Amer-
ican Association for the Advancement of
Science, American Railway E. & M. of
Way Association, Rensselaer Engineers,
Promotion of Engineering Education,
Geographical Society of France; Honor-
ary member Kogaku Kyokai (Japanese
Engineering Society) ; Honorary member
Tau Beta Pi and Phi Beta Kappa. Rec-
reations: Hunting and fishing. Address:
2708 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

'WAXtSEIiXi, W. B., M. It, A. — Farmer.
Born Harrow, Essex County, Ont., Jan.
4, 1857, son of James Waddell. Educated
Harrow. Elected to Manitoba Legisla-
ture for Minnedosa, 1903; re-elected 1907.
Married A. B. Sanderson, 1885; has three
sons and three daughters. Presbyterian;
Conservative. Address: Minnedosa, Man.

WADBEI^i;, William H., H. Im. S., O.

li. S., A. Im. S. — Engineer and Surveyor,
Imperial Bank Bldg., Edmonton. Born
Tilbury, Ont, March 23. 1883, son of
James J. and Susannah Waddell. Edu-
cated public schools and College Insti-
tute, Hamilton. Apprentice Tyrrell &
Ford, Hamilton, 1901; came to Alberta,
1905; granted -O. L. S. commission 1905;
D. L. S., 1907; private practice since
1907. Served with 13th Regiment Ham-
ilton, 1900-1903. Married Margaret Muir,
1909; has one daughter. Club: Edmon-
ton. Address: 896 Twenty-third St., Ed-
monton, Alta.


WADDS, Oeorgre Thomas. — Of Wadds
Bros., Photographers, 337 Hastings St.,
Vancouver. Born Antrim, Ireland, Jan.
14, 1864, son of George and Margaret
Wadds. Educated Barrie and Toronto.
Came to British Columbia 1892. Married
Stella Louise Eldridge, Vancouver. Club:
Royal Vancouver Yacht. Recreation:
Yachting. Address: 1245 Pacific Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.


WADE, Alfred Henry, J. P. and Notary
Public. — Real Estate Broker. Born
Springmount House, Glenmire County,
Cork, Ireland, May 27, 1853, son of
George and Ellen Crawford Wade. Edu-
cated public schools, Dublin. Came to
British Columbia 1883. Ranching, Pen-
ticton, 1883-1893; general store business,
1893-1911. First Mayor of Penticton,
1908; member Penticton Board of Trade.
President Conservative Association Pen-
ticton 1906-1907.- Married Christine Mel-
some, London, England, 1907; has one
son and one daughter. Clubs: Turf, Pen-
ticton. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Penticton, B. C.

WADE, Chas. H. Stuart, F. R. O.
S., P. G. S. Am. — Editor of New West-
minster Courier. Born Macclesfield,
Cheshire, England, Jan. 5, 1858, son of
Frances Gregory and Thomas Wade, L.
R. C. P., M. S. A. (head master of Stone-
house Scholastic Institute). Educated
Plymouth Collegiate School; King's Col-
lege. Came to Northwest Territories
1897 and spent three years exploring the
Peace, Mackenzie and Athabasca River
districts. Subsequently became magis-
trate Edmonton, and Publicity Commis-
sioner of Northern Alberta; Grand Regis-
trar of Masons for Alberta; came to
British Columbia 1908; Secretary Board
of Trade and City Publicity Commis-

sioner for New Westminster. Married
Elizabeth Agnes Phillips, London, Eng-
land; has three sons and three daugh-
ters. Club: Edmonton. Societies: Man-
itoba Historical and Scientific; Royal
Horticultural of Great Britain; K. T. ;
A. F. & A. M. Address: DeBeck St.,
New Westminster, B. C.

WADE, Prederick Coate, B. A., K. C. —

President Daily Sun, Vancouver; presi-
dent Industrial Peace Association of
Canada; president Vancouver City Beau-
tiful Associatiovi; Director Friends of the
Indians Association of British Colum-
bia; member Canadian Hundred Years of
Peace Commission; first president Van-
couver Canadian Club; ex-president
Art, Historical and Scientific Associa-
tion; first president Juvenile Protection
Association; director British Columbia
Life Assurance Co. Born Bowman-
ville, Ont., Feb. 26, 1860, son of
William Wade. Educated Toronto Uni-
versity. Editorial writer Toronto Daily
Globe, 1882-1885; called to Manitoba Bar
1886; editorial writer Manitoba Free
Press, 1886-18S7; represented Department
of Justice of United States in enquiry
into claims of compensation made
by Jean Louis Legare for surren-
der of Sitting Bull after Custer Mas-
sacre, 1887; elected first President of the
Young Liberal Association, Winnipeg,
1886, and re-elected 1887; appointed
member of the Provincial Board of Ed-
ucation 1889; member council of Mani-
toba University and Winnipeg Public
School Board; appointed by Lord Aber-
deen Commissioner to enquire into the
management of the Manitoba Peniten-
tiary, 1897; appointed Crown Prosecutor,
Legal Adviser and member of the Yu-
kon Council, IS07-1898; elected Fellow of
the Royal Colonial Institute and mem-
ber of the National Liberal Club, Lon-
don, England, 1902; appointed one of
British Counsel on the Alaska Bound-
ary Commission in the preparr.tior of
the Canadian case, 1903; Liberal can-
didate for Vancouver to British
Columbia Legislature, 1909. Elected to
Senate of University of British Colum-
bia, 1912. Present by invitation at the
coronation of King George and Queen
Mary, Westminster Abbey, June, 1911,
and at the invitation of the Prince of
Wales, Carnarvon Castle, 1911. Publica-
tions: "National Schools for Manitoba,"
"The Manitoba School Question," "The
Klondyke — a Four Years' Retrospect,"
"The Alaska-Yukon Boundary Dispute,
Its Practical Side," "Some Comments on
the Alaska Award," "Canada at the
Grave of General Wolfe," "The Early
Navigators of the Pacific," "The Can-
adian Flag," a short "History of Lib-
eralism in Canada." Married Edith
Mabel Reade, daughter of late D. B.
Reade, Q. C, Toronto; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Vancouver, West-
ern, Vancouver Yacht, Nation Liberal
(London, England). Recreations: read-
ing, travel, camping. Liberal. Address:
1125 Sea ton St., Vancouver, B. O.



WADi:, G-eorgfe Harrison, M. O., C. M.

— Superintendent of Organization for I.
O. F. for Alberta and Saskatchewan,
Board of Trade Bldg., Calgary. Born
Brighton, Ont., May 21, 1862, son of
John and Elizabeth Ann Simpson Wade.
Educated public and high schools Brigh-
ton; Trinity Medical College. Taught
school Northumberland County 1883-
1893; medical student Toronto 1893-1897;
practiced Wooler 1897-1905. Delegate
High Court Eastern Ontario for I. O. F. ;
elected High Physician I. O. F., for East-
ern Ontario, 1903; High Vice Chief
Ranger, Eastern Ontario, 1905; High
Chief Ranger, Eastern Ontario, Brock-
ville, 1906-1908; at present Past Chief
High Ranger, Eastern Ontario. Served
as Lieutenant Surgeon 40th Regiment,
Northumberland County. Married Jen-
nie Beatrice Anderson, Glenross, Hast-
ings County, Ont., 1885; has one son.
Societies: I. O. F.; A. F. & A. M.;
C. O. C. P.; li. O. L. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: Calgary, Alta.


WABE, Mark S., M. D. — Director
Thompson Valley Canning Co.; President
Kamloops Board of Trade, 1911. Born
Sunderland, Durham, England, Nov.
23, 1858, son of .Samuel John and Mary
Sweeten Wade. Educated privately in
England; Glasgow University; California
University. Came to British Columbia
1883; practiced New Westminster 1883-
1884; assistant surgeon C. P. R. 1884-
1885; practiced Clinton, 1885-1889; Vic-
toria 1889-1895; Kamloops 1895-1904;
editor Inland Sentinel, 1904-1912. Author
of "The Thompson Country," "History
of Kamloops and District," 1907. Mar-
ried Emma M. Uren, daughter of James
B. Uren, Victoria, 1886; has two sons.
Clubs: Press, Vancouver; Kamloops
Cricket. Society: I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tions: Motorboating, all outdoor sports.
Liberal (ex-President Kamloops Liberal
Association); Anglican. Address: 37 St.
Paul St., Kamloops, B. C.

WASaE, Jolm p., B. A. — Real Estate
Broker, 513 15th St., Brandon; member
Brandon Board of Trade; member Bran-
don Commercial Bureau. Born Cart-
wright, Ont., Aug. 14, 1875, son of Will-
iam and Sophia Mitchell Wadge. Edu-
cated public and high schools; Manitoba
University. Teacher of Science and
Mathematics, Regina High School, 1895;
Principal Stonewall Intermediate School,
1896-1897; Science Master, Brandon Col-
legiate, 1898-1900; editorial department.
Free Press, Winnipeg, 1900-1902; studied
law with Coldwell & Coleman, Brandon,
1902-1904; present business since 1904.
Member Brandon City Council, 1911-
1912. Married Margaret Tully, Glem-
boro, Man., 1904; has four daughters.
Club: Commercial. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; W. O. W. Recreation: riding.
Liberal; Protestant. Address: Brandon,

"WAG-HORN, James Bawlinson. — Of

Waghorn, Gwynn & Co., Stock Brokers
and Financial Agents, 423 Hamilton St.,
Vancouver. Born Stratford, England,
Feb. 9, 1859, son of George Augustus and
Kathleen Waghorn. Educated Brighton.
With C. P. R. Land Department, Winni-
peg, 1883, subsequently Secretary of the
North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage
Co.; with Osier, Hammond & Nanton,
financial agents and brokers, Winni-
peg; ex-President Vancouver Stock Ex-
change; President and founder of Wag-
horn's Guide to Manitoba and North-
west; moved to Vancouver 1905; founded
present firm. Married Caroline Beckett,
of Cheshire, England, 1891; has one
daughter. Clubs: Vancouver; Union (Vic-
toria) ; Manitoba (Winnipeg) ; Jericho
Country (President, 1910); Victoria Golf.
Recreations: shooting, golf, fishing. Ad-
dress: 1673 Beacli Ave., Vancouver, B. C.



"WAGNEB, Georg-e W. — President, The
Regina Realty Co., Ltd., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, 1815 Scarth St., Re-
gina. Born Stouffville, Ont., Oct. 13,



1880, son of Frances and Sarah Wagner.
Educated public and high schools, On-
tario. Printing business, Lakefleld, Ont.,
1896-1899; mercantile business, Lake-
fleld, 1899-1903; established present busi-
ness, 1906. Member, Regina Board of
Trade. Married Rose Cooper, Regina,
1910. Club: Greater Regina. Societies:
I. O. O. F. ; C. O. C. F. Recreations:
boating, shooting. Liberal; Baptist. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.

WAINES, William Iieslie. — Barrister
and Solicitor, Burns Block, Calgary. Born
St. Catharines, Ont., March 12, 1877, son
of Anderson and Mary Waines. Edu-
cated Trinity University, Toronto Uni-
versity. Came to Alberta 1902. Law stu-
dent with Lougheed & Bennett. 1902-
1905; admitted to Alberta Bar 1905. Ex-
Secretary Calgary Conservative Associa-
tion. Club: Calgary. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreations: Shooting, fishing. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 12a Crown
Bldg., Calgary, Alta.


WAIiCH, Iiawreuce A. — President The
Walch Land Co.; President The Melville
Land Co., Ltd. ; President Terminal
Townsites, Ltd., Northern Crown Bank
Bldg., Winnipeg; Director Winnipeg &
Western Investments, Ltd.; Vice-Presi-
dent Walch Lands, Ltd.; Secretary-
Treasurer Canada Lands, Ltd, Ottawa,
Ont. Born Ortonville, Minn., Jan. 26,
1880, son of Rev. Adam and Julia Walch,
of Spokane, Wash. Educated Ortonville,
Minn., public schools; Chicago Business
College. Came to Winnipeg and engaged
in real estate and colonization business,
1903. Married Emily Elliott, daughter
E. J. Elliott, Winnipeg, 1905. Clubs:
Commercial Travelers; Fort Rouge Bow-
ling; Winnipeg Automobile; Winnipeg
Hunting and Fishing; Winnipeg Beach.
Recreations: hunting, fishing, motoring,
bowling. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
802 Grosvenor Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

WAZ^KEM, Bichard Knox, B. A. — Of

Burns & Walkem, Barristers and Solic-
itors, Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Kingston, Ont., May 23, 1880, son of
Richard Thomas and Emily Anne Walk-
em. Educated public schools and Queen's
University. Came to British Columbia
1902. Studied law offlces of Sir Charles
Hubbard Tupper, Vancouver, 1902-1905;
called to British Columbia 1905. Played
three years on Queen's University Hock-
ey and Football teams while team held
senior championship of America in hock-
ey, and championship of Canada in Rug-
by football. Clubs: Vancouver, Royf'
Vancouver Yacht, Pacific International
Power Boat Association (Vice Commo-
dore). Recreations: Yachting, power
boat racing, golf. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Shaughnessy Heights,
Vancouver, B. C.


WAIiKBB, Hon. David Marr. — Judge
of the County Court, Winnipeg. Born
Woodhouse, Norfolk County, Ont, Oct.
3, 1835, son of Solomon and Sarah Walk-
er. Educated public schools Norfolk
County, Toronto University and Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar 1860;
practiced Simcoe County 1860-1870; Win-
nipeg 1871-1882; City Solicitor of City of
Winnipeg 1874-1878. Member of Man-
itoba Legislature 1878; Attorney Gen-
eral 1878-1882; Judge of the County
Courts for Western Judicial District
1882; transferred to Winnipeg 1893.
Served as Lieutenant in Ontario Rifles
under command of Lord Wolseley in the
first Red River Expedition, 1870-1871.
Married Anna Bella Anderson, 1856. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 387 Broadway, Winnipeg, Man.




WAI^KEB, lieutenant- Colonel James.

— Rancher, Real Estate Agent, of James
& W. J. S. Walker, Calgary. Born On-
tario, April 14, 1846, son of James and
Margaret Walker. Educated Carluke.
Farmed, Ontario, 1860. Came to North-
west Territories as inspector R. N. W. M.
P., 1874-1881; commissioner to settle
half-breed claims, 1899-1900; now Lieu-
tenant Colonel 15th Light Horse; Presi-

dent Western Canada Fire Insurance

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