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Co.; member School Board; General Hos-
pital Board; President Humane Society.
Married E. D. Quarrie, Gait, Ont. ; has
one son. Clubs: Ranchers'; Alberta;
Calgary. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
R. A. M. ; Mystic Shrine. Recreations:
Curling and bowling. Address: Calgary,



WA^KEB, Ernest. — Manager of Les-
ter W. David Co., Ltd., 710 Dominion
Trust Bldg., Vancouver. Born Bath, N.
H., Dec. 25, 1871, son of Joiin C. and
Jennie Walker. Educated Grinnell, Iowa.
With Monarch Lumber Co., Blaine,
Wash.; Director and Secretary of Ocean
Falls Co., Ltd. Came to British Colum-
bia 1904. Married Alice Morgan, 1908;
has three sons and one daughter. Club:
Terminal City. Recreations: All outdoor
sports. Address: 1700 Barclay St., Van-
couver, B. C.

WAIiKEB, Francis Austin, M. 3j. A. —

Real Estate Agent. Born Lucan, Ont.,
Nov. 17, 1871, son of William and Cath-
erine Walker. Educated Lucan, Winni-
peg, and Edmonton. Elected to first Al-
berta Legislature for Victoria 1905; re-
elected 1909. Married Emma J. Curry,
Oak Lake, Man., 1904. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.

WAI.KEB, Geoffrey Henry. — Protho-
notary of King's Bench, Winnipeg. Born
Simcoe, Ont., June 3, 1858, son of Anna
B. and David Marr Walker, Senior Coun-
ty Court Judge of Manitoba. Educated
Simcoe; Upper Canada College. Came to
Winnipeg 1874; called to Manitoba Bar
1880; appointed Prothonotary, King's
Bench, 1881; Deputy Registrar, Ex-
chequer Court; Registrar, Court of Ap-
peal, 1906. Served as Lieutenant 90th
Battalion; resigned 1884. Married Mary
Inkster, Winnipeg, 1881. Clubs: Manito-
ba, St. Charles Country. Societies: West-
ern Military Institute; A. F.. & A. M. ;
A. & A. S. R. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 118 Scott St., Winnipeg, Man.


WAIiKEB, Prederick Thomas. — Man-
ager Royal Bank of Canada, Hastings
and Homer Sts., Vancouver. Born Monc-
ton, N. B., Oct. 27, 1875, son of James

J. and Lucy Walker. Educated Moncton
high school. Joined Royal Bank 1890;
came to British Columbia 1899; Director
Board of Trade; Director Exhibition As-
sociation. Married Agnes J. Rose, 1904.
Clubs: Vancouer, Terminal City, Royal
Vancouver Yacht. Recreation: Yachting.
Address: Granville Mansions, Vancouver,
B. C.

WAI.KEB, Harriet A. — Wife of C. P.
Walker. Born New York City, daughter
of George W. and Anna Hickman Ander-
son. Educated St. Matthew's Academy
(German Lutheran), New York City.
Came to Manitoba 1897. Corresponding
Secretary Canadian Women's Press
Club, 1906-1910; Honorary President
Canadian Women's Press Club, 1910-1913;
President Winnipeg branch Canadian
Women's Press Club, 1909-1910; Presi-
dent Women's Branch Winnipeg Humane
Society, 1911; member Winnipeg Wom-
en's Musical Club; charter member Win-
nipeg Playgoers' Club; member Board
Winnipeg Children's Hospital, 1911. Be-
gan to recite in public when eight years
old; won $50 prize in elocution contest
in Chickering Hall, N. Y., when 13, over
20 mature competitors; went into A. M.
Palmer's Union Square Company next
year, playing child parts for two sea-
sons; studied music during next two
years with Max Maretzek and James Al-
den. New York; made debut in comic
opera as "Fiametta" in "The Mascot" in
September, 1882; remained on stage
number of years as prima donna and
comedienne, starring through United
States and Eastern' Canada. Retired
from stage and took up song and sketch
writing for M. Witmark & Sons, New
York. Since coming to Winnipeg has
been regular Press Agent for Winnipeg
and Walker Theatres, Winnipeg, besides
contributing articles of theatricals to
other papers in Winnipeg and Province.
Has written "The Matinee Girl" for the
Winnipeg Town Topics for over ten
years. Recreations: Travel, reading,
swimming, good dramatic and operatic
performances. Married C. P. Walker,
theatrical manager, having theatres and
theatrical interests in Winnipeg, Grand
Forks, Fargo, Brainerd and throughout
Western Canada; being also senior mem-
ber of Walker Bros. & Hardy, Printers,
Fargo, N. D. Has one son (George An-
derson, a successful actor) and one
daughter. Anglican. Address: 771 Dor-
chester Ave., Ft. Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.

'WAIiKEB, George Abram. — Barrister
and Solicitor, Irrigation Bldg., Calgary;
Solicitor for C. P. R. in Alberta. Born
Toronto, Oct. 8, 1879, son of William and
Mary Walker. Educated public schools;
Toronto; Osgoode Hall. Called to On-
tario Bar 1906; Alberta Bar 1911; prac-
ticed Toronto 1906; member of firm Mac-
Murchy, Spence & Walker, Toronto, 1910-




1911. Came to Calgary 1911. Club:
Ranchmen's. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
Delta Chi. Recreation: Golf. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 711 Fif-
teenth Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

WA^KEB, J. A. — Manager Traders
Bank of Canada, Calgary. Born Glen-
coe, Ont, July 2, 1877, son of John S.
and Mary Walker. Educated Glencoe.
Taught school Middlesex County, Ont.,
1896. Came to Alberta 1909. Married
Elizabeth G. Harrison, St. Mary's, Ont.;
hasi one son. Club: Ranchmen's. Ad-
dress: 1937 11th St. W., Calgary, Alta.

WALKER, John Bruce. — ^Assistant Su-
perintendent of Immigration. Born Ayr-
shire, Scotland, Dec. 13, 1861, son of
Andrew and Jeannie Crosbie Bruce
Walker. Came to Canada, 1882; jour-
nalist twenty years before entering im-
migration service. Married Mary Alice
Will, Brant County, Ont.; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Manitoba. Recreations: Curl-
ing, bowling, golf. Address: 446 Mary-
land St., Winnipeg, Man.

WADGKES, Bicliard Eden, M. D., !•. B.
C. P. & S. (Edln.)- — Physician and Sur-
geon, Cliff Block, New Westminster;
President, College of Physicians and
Surgeons of British Columbia, 1903, 1907
and 1911; President, British Columbia
Association, 1902; Secretary, 1906-1909.
Director, Westminster Trust & Safe De-
posit Co., Ltd.; Director, Okanagan Tele-
phone Co., Ltd.; Director Western Home
Improvement Co., Ltd. Born Orillia,
Ont., Dec. 26, 1864; son of James and
Helena Walker. Educated Trinity Col-
lege School, Port Hope, Trinity Univer-
sity. Came to British Columbia, prac-
ticed New Westminster 1889. Married

Helen M. Homer, daughter of J. A. R.
Homer, New Westminster, 1893; has
three sons and two daughters. Club:
Westminster. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
(G. M., 1899-1900); L O. O. P.; K. of P.
Recreations: Fishing, shooting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 52 Fourth
St., New Westminster, B. C.

WAI;kev, Albert Ernest, M. D Phy-
sician and Surgeon, 226 Saskatchewan
Ave., Portage la Prairie; Medical Exam-
iner for Imperial Life Insurance Co.;
Continental Life; Confederation Life, etc.
Born Mitchell, Ont., June 24, 1879, son
of William and Mary Walkey. Came to
Manitoba, 1891. Educated high school,
Souris; Manitoba University. Taught
school, 1898-1904. Practiced medicine,
Selkirk, 1906; High Bluff, 1906-1911; Por-
tage la Prairie since 1911. Married Mar-
garet Nicol, daughter of Rev. Alex Nicol,
Owen Sound, Ont., 1906; has one son.
Societies: Manitoba Medical; Canadian
Medical; I. O. F.; R. T. of T. Recrea-
tions: Football, lacrosse, curling. Pres-
byterian. Address: Portale la Prairie.


WAIiKEy, Arthur B. — President, A.

R. Walkey & Co., 224 Notre Dame Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born Mitchell, Ont., Oct. 22,
1881, son of William and Mary Walkey.
Educated public schools and Business
College, Ontario. Came to Manitoba,
1891; builder and contractor, under firm
name Walkey & Arnold, Winnipeg, 1904;
member Affleck & Co., Winnipeg, 1905;
bought Mr. Affleck's interest, and organ-
ized firm of Walkey & Johnston, 1905;
established present firm, 1908. President
Premier Investment Co., Ltd. Manag-
ing Director Hub City Investments, Ltd.,
and other companies. Married Maud
Vaughan, Winnipeg, 1906; has two sons
and one daughter. Club: Canadian; In-
dependent; Methodist. Address: 621
Maryland St., Winnipeg, Man.



WAIiIi, Wllliani Henry, M. I. M. E. —

Manager No. 7 mine, Canadian Collieries,
Cumberland. Born South Staffordshire,
England, Dec. 11, 1857, son of Thomas
and Hosannah Wall. Came to British
Columbia, 1869. Machinist, Nanalmo,
1883-1888: master mechanic, New Van-
couver Coal Co., 1888-1903; engaged as
diamond drill contractor. Alberta, 1903-
1907; when came to Cumberland and
took present position. Married Naomi
Malpaws, Nanaimo, 1880; has four sons
and five daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; A. O. F. ; A. O. U. W. Recreations:
Athletics, rifle sliooting. Address: 748
Burrard St., Vancouver, B. C.


WAI.i;aci:, John James. — Of Wallace
& Adkins, Contractors, 283 Donald St.,
Winnipeg. Born Carleton County, Ont.,
Oct. 13, 1866, son of Joseph and Jane
Wallace. Educated public schools. Con-
tractor, Ottawa, 1894. Came to Winni-
peg, 1904. Alderman, Winnipeg, 1911.
Five years Sergeant Major Engineers
Corps, Ottawa. Vice-President Knowles
Boys' Home. Director Winnipeg Gen-
eral Hospital. Married Georgina Crosbie,
Ottawa, 1894; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Strathcona Curling;
Assiniboine Bowling. Societies: St. An-
drew's; S. O. S.; A. F. & A. M.; K. of
P. Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Congregationalist. Address: 84 Mary-
land St., Winnipeg, Man.

WAI^I^ACZ:, Blcliard Alfred. — Farmer.
Born Carleton County, Ont., June 3, 1861,
son of Andrew and Eliza Wallace. Edu-
cated public schools, Carleton. Came to
Alberta, 1883; farming. High River,
since. Elected to North West Territories
Legislature for High River, 1897-1905.
Mayor, High River, 1911-1912. Married


Ellen Martin, 1886; has two sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: High
River, Alta.


WAIiIiACE, Richard Pollock, B. C. Ii.,
(MoGill). — Barrister, Clerk Supreme
Court of Alberta and Registration Clerk
for Judicial District of Lethbridge. Born
Coaticooke, Que., Oct. 30, 1878, son of
John and Janet Wallace. Educated high
school, Coaticooke; McGill University.
Won Sir. Wm. Macdonald scholarship,
McGill University, spending year in
France. Law student with Fleet, Fal-
coner, Cook & McMaster, Montreal, 1902.
Called to Quebec bar, 1905; came to Al-
berta, 1906; called to Alberta bar, 1906;
practiced, Taber, 1907-1909; appointed to
present position, 1909. Member public



school Board of Trustees, Lethbridge,
1911. Town Solicitor, Taber, 1907-1909;
Secretary-Treasurer, Taber, 1907. Mar-
ried Genevieve Ivea (deceased), 1908;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Canadian; Overseas. Societies: A. P. &
A. M.; K. of P.; I. O. O. P.; C. O. P.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Leth-
bridge, Alta.

WAI^XiACZ:, Robert Charles, M. A., B.
Sc, Ph. D. — Lecturer in Geology and
Mineralogy, University of Manitoba.
Born Scotland, June 15, 1881. son of
James and Mary Wallace. Educated:
Edinburgh University, Gottingen Uni-
versity. Came to Winnipeg, 1910, when
appointed to present position. Served
Queen's Rifles Volunteer Brigade, Scot-
land. Publications on petrology, miner-
alogy and crystallography in various
journals. Fellow Edinburgh Geological
Society. Recreations: shooting, fishing.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Univer-
sity of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.

WAI^iLACi:, Samuel Bobert — Barris-
ter. Born Sixmilecross, County Tyrone,
Ireland, Sept. 19, 1876, son of Mary John-
son and Joseph Wallace. Educated:
public school, Sixmilecross; Omagh
Model school. Law clerk with E. V.
Hamilton, Aughuacloy, Ireland, 1893;
managing law clerk with P. J. Orr, Bel-
fast, Ireland, 1898. Came to Canada,
1904; to Winnipeg, 1905; accountant for
Daly, Chricton & McClure, 1905-1907;
came to Saskatchewan and entered J. D.
Murphy's office as student at law, 1907.
Secretary, Oxbow Board of Trade; sec-
retary-treasurer. Town of Oxbow; stew-
ard and secretary, Methodist Church;
president. Oxbow Ep worth League; dis-
trict secretary of Deloraine League.
Married Annie Elizabeth Glass, Oxbow,
1901; has one son and three daughters.
Societies: A. P. & A. M.; L. O. L. ; Royal
Black Knights of Ireland (past precep-
tor). Recreation: football. (Conservative;
Methodist. Address: Oxbow, Sask.

WAI.I^ACZ:, W. O. — Of Wallace and
Clark, Real Estate and Pinancial Agents,
721 Yates St., Victoria; member of Vic-
toria Board of Trade. Born Belfast, Ire-
land, June 19, 1872, son of William
Scott Wallace. Educated: Model School,
Belfast. Apprentice with Henry Saun-
ders (pioneer) ; in grocery business, Vic-
toria, eighteen years; subsequently with
Island Investment Co.; established pres-
ent business, 1911. Married Lydia Clark,
1892; has one daughter. Clubs: Pacific;
Canadian. Societies: A. P. & A. M.;
K. P.; C. O. P.; G. O. O. P.; L. O. L.
Recreation: fishing. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 1774 Denman St., Vic-
toria, B. C.

WAIiSK, Albert Edward — Managing
Director The Athabasca Hotel Co., Ltd.
Born Peterboro, Ont., Aug. 4, 1878, son
of T. and Katherine Buck Walsh. Edu-
cated: high school, Peterboro. Manager
National Hotel, Peterboro, 1896-1898;
interested in several hotels in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 1898-1908;,
with present company since 1908. Rec-
reations: shooting, fishing. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: Athabasca
TjRnding, Ont.


WAI^SH, Walter ■William, B. A. — Of

Williams, Walsh & MeKin, Barristers,
Molsons Bank Bldg., Vancouver; direc-
tor. Metropolitan Trust Co., Ltd. Born
Montreal, June 4, 1875, son of William
and Theresa Mary Northgraves Walsh.
Educated Ottawa University. Came to
Manitoba, 1882; British Columbia, 1896.
Studied law with McPhillips & Williams.
Married Margaret Catherine Rigney,
daughter of the late William Rigney,
Kingston, 1904; has one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver; Jericho Country. Recrea-
tion: horses. Conservative; Roman
Catholic. Address: 1251 Cardero St., Van-
couver, B. C.

WAIiSH, William. — President, Metro-
poliian Trust Co., Ltd., 429 Pender St.,
Vancouver. Born Quebec July 25, 1844,
son of Thomas and Catherine Walsh.
Educated: high school and St. Anne's
College, Quebec; Quebec Military School
under Lord Alexander Russell, and ob-
tained first and second class certificates.
In wholesale clothing business under
firm name W. Walsh & Co., Montreal,
1876-1878; wholesale and retail clothing
business, Winnipeg, 1882-1896. Came to
British Columbia, 1896; present financial
business for some years. Married Ther-




esa Mary Northgraves, daughter late
Wm. J. Northgraves, Belleville, Ont.,
1874; has one son. Society: C. M. B. A.
Recreation: horses. Conservative; Ro-
man Ce-tholic. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

WAIiSH, Hon. William Iieig'li — Judge
of the Supreme Court of Alberta, Cal-
gary, tince April, 1912. Born Simcoe,
Ont., Jan. 28, 1857, son of Aquila and
Jane A. Walsh. Educated: high school,
Simcoe; Toronto University. Practiced,
Simcoe, 1879; Calgary, 1904-1912. Mar-
ried Bessie McVittie, Barrie, Ont.; has
one son and one daughter. Club:
Ranchmen's. Address: 740 15th Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.

WAZiTEB, jQlm — Wholesale lumber
merchant; president, John Walter, Ltd.,
Strathcona; president. Western Lumber
Co., Ltd. Born Orkney Islands, Scot-
land, Aug. 12, 1850, son of William and
Ellen Lesk Walter. Educated public
schools, Orkney Islands. Came to Al-
berta, 1870. With Hudson's Bay Co.,
Edmonton, 1870-1875; sleigh and boat
building, Edmonton, since 1875; mill
started, Strathcona, 1892. Member of
Strathcona's first council; ex-member,
Strathcona school board. Married Annie
Elizabeth Newby, Yorkshire, England,
1886; has two sons. Recreations: shoot-
ing, fishing. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Strathcona, Alta.

WALTON", Geoffrey H. — Real estate
and financial broker, 408 Mclntyre block,
Winnipeg. Born Barbadoes, B. W. I.,
Aug. 11, 1878, son of Dr. George O'Don-
nell and Sarah L. Walton. Educated
Harrison College Institute, Barbadoes.
Overseer on plantation British West In-
dies. Came to Winnipeg and built
Strathmore block, 1898; established pres-
ent business, 1903; president Rookery
Building Syndicate Co. Married Helen
Josephine Lyon, Winnipeg, 1906; has one
son and one daughter. Clubs: Canadian;

West India (vice-president). Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: cricket, tennis.
Anglican. Address: 300 Balfour St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

WARD, David Alexander. — Dominion
Lands Agent, Wetaskiwin. Born Ren-
frew, Ont., May 14, 1867, son of James
and Catherine Ward. Educated public
and high schools, Renfrew. Hardware
business, Renfrew, 1890. Came to Al-
berta, 1901. Served with 43d Regiment,
Infantry. Married Ada Eraser, Ren-
frew; has one son and one daughter.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; I. O.
O. F. ; C. O. F. Recreations: lacrosse,
shooting. Address: Weta.skiwin, Alta.


WARD, Georg-e — Inspector of the Brit-
ish Columbia Permanent Loan Co., "Van-
couver; director British Columbia Per-
manent Loan Co.; director National Fi-
nance Co., Ltd.; director Prudential In-
vestment Co., Ltd. Born Brackley,
Northamptonshire, England, Nov. 5, 1860,
eldest son of William and Caroline
Ward. Educated public schools, Brack-
ely. Apprentice to John Long, builder,
Brackley, 1875-1880; came to Canada in
1886; foreman for John Fletcher, hard-
wood decorations, Toronto, 1887-1895;
superintendent West End branch, York
County Loan & Savings Co., Toronto,
1895-1898. Came to Britis'- Columbia,
1898; director and general agent British
Columbia Permanent Loan Co.; Vancou-
ver, 1898-1909; present position since
1911. Married Mary Ellen Green, Wol-
verhampton, England, 1884; has one son
and two daughters. Club: Canadian.
Societies: W. O. W. ; R. T. Recreations:
gardening, boating, fishing. Methodist.
Address: 2650 First Ave., W Vancou-
ver, B. C.



WABOt George rhomas. — Proprietor
Grand Central Hotel. Born Oxford
County, Ont., May 2, 1872, son of George
Thomas and Alexina Ward. Educated
Woodstock Collegiate Institute. Came to
British Columbia, 1895. In mercantile
business, Ashcroft, 1896. Recreations:
fishing and shooting. Address: Ash-
croft, B. C.

'WARD, Percy.— Of Ward, Burmester
& von Graevenitz, Financial Agents, 411
Pender St., Vancouver. Born Birming-
ham, England, Nov. 29, 1882, son of
Thomas and Ellen Maria Ward. Edu-
cated Birmingham. Came to British Co-
lumbia and founded present firm, 1909.
Served with 2d Gloucester Regiment,
South Africa (King's and Queen's
Medals). Married Zellah Celestine Pitz-
maurice, Bloemfontein, South Africa,
1905; has two daughters. Address: 248
Fifth St., North Vancouver, B. C.

WABE, Deig-htou Bay. — Managing Ed-
itor, Times Publishing Co., Medicine Hat.
Born Bright, Ont., Sept. 28, 1887, son
of William and Henrietta Skilling Ware.
Educated Collegiate Institute and Nor-
mal School, Hamilton. Came to Alberta,
1906. Taught school, Camrose, 1906;
principal of school. Medicine Hat, 1907-
1909; reporter, Lethbridge Herald, 1909-
1910; present position since 1910. Lieu-
tenant, 21st Hussars, Medicine Hat. So-
cieties: K. of P.; S. O. E.; C. O. F.
Recreations: all amateur athletic sports.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Medicine Hat, Atla.

WABNEB, Daniel Webster. — Farmer,
of D. W. Warner & Sons, stock raising
and mixed farming, Edmonton. Born
Keokuk County Iowa, Oct. 1, 1857, son of
Gideon and Matilda Warner. Educated
public schools, Iowa and Nebraska. Came
to Alberta and settled farm near Edmon-
ton, 1889. Director, United Farmers'
Association of Alberta and member ex-
ecutive committee, 1900-1911; president,
Alberta Farmers' Association, 1906;
member Provincial Farmers' Institute for
Alberta since its organization; director.
Alberta Provincial Horse and Cattle
Breeders' Association; vice-president. Al-
berta Swine Breeders' Association; pres-
ident Territorial Grain Growers' Asso-
ciation, Strathcona, 1905. Married Mary
Jane Brubaker, Wakefield, Neb., 1885;
ha^ four sons and one daughter. So-
ciety: M. W. A. Recreation: hunting.
Address: Edmonton, Alta.

WABNOCK, David, M. B. C. V. S.,

M. P. — Veterinary Surgeon, Pincher
Creek; also engaged farming, ranching
and horse-breeding. Born Hamilton,
Lanarkshire, Scotland, April 11, 1865,
son of George and Janet Findlay War-
nock. Educated Hamilton Academy;
Glasgow Veterinary College (honors
graduate). Came to Alberta, 1889.


Veterinary surgeon. High River Horse
Ranch, 1889; local manager, Walrond
Ranch, Macleod, 1893-1903; Veterinary
Inspector, Federal Health of Animals,
Alberta, 1904-1909; practicing, Pincher
Creek since 1903. Winner of Highland
and Agricultural Society of Scotland
gold and silver medals, 1887, Diseases of
Animals; Prof. Allen Thomson's gold
medal and college bursary of twelve
guineas, 1888; Highland and Agricul-
tural Society of Scotland's gold medal,
1889, for practical examination in dis-
eases and surgical operations of the
horse. Elected to Alberta Legislature,
for Pincher Creek, 1909-1911; elected to
House of Commons for Macleod, 1911.
Married Annie Whitelaw, Canobie, Dum-
frieshire, Scotland, 1897; has one son
and one daughter. Club: Pincher Creek.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Pincher
Creek, Alta.

WABBENy Lloyd, A. H., M. A. — As-
sistant professor of mathematics and
astronomy. University of Manitoba. Born
Balderson, Ont., Nov. 18, 1879, son of
Richard and Margaret Warren. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Perth; Queen's
University; Clark University; Chicago
University; instructor mathematics
Clark University, 1905; lecturer on ap-
plied mathematics; Queen's University,
1906-1910; lecturer mathematics and as-
tronomy. University of Manitoba, 1910-
1912; assistant professor, 1912. Married
Carrie Belle Richardson, Lanark, Ont.,
1908; has one son. Society: I. O. F. In-
dependent; Anglician. Address: 589 Mc-
Millan Ave, Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.



WARK£N, Victor Mackenzie. — (Re-
tired). Born Lucknow, India, July 16,
1874, son of Amy Matilda and Colonel
Falkland George Warren, C. B. C. M. G.,
B. H. A. Educated Halleybury College,
Herts, England. Came to British Colum-
bia and engaged ranching, Okanogan,
1893; salmon cannery business, 1893-
1903; manager for North Pacific Can-
nery, Skeena River, 1903-1905. Director,
Stirling Trust Co. Married Rosamond
Ellice Campion, 1902; has one son. Clubs:
Western; Canadian. Recreations: fruit
raising; fishing; shooting. Address: 925
Nicola St., Vancouver, B. C.

WART ON, Robert Innys Baker. — Bar-
rister. Born Loughhon, Essex, England,
Feb. 19. 1879, son of Matthew H. and
Mary Warton. Educated Marlborough
College. Practiced London, England,
1901. Came to British Columbia, 1903.
Clubs: "Vancouver; Western. Recrea-
tions: sailing; hunting; shooting. Ad-
dress: Prince Rupert, B. C.

WATERHOUSi:, Arthur E. — Of A. E.

Waterhouse & Co., Merchants, Port Al-
berni; interested in Somass Hotel. Born
Lincolnshire, England, Sept. 2, 1869, son
of Edward and Elizabeth Waterhouse.
Educated: Lincoln Grammar School.
First man to settle in Port Alberni,
1896; Mayor Port Alberni, 1912 (first
council); has also acted as Postmaster
and telegraph operator. Club: Union
(Victoria). Recreations: outdoor sports.
Address: Somass Hotel, Port Alberni,
B. C.

WATERS, Allan, C. E. — City Engineer,
Nanaimo. Born Forest Row, Sussex,
England, Oct. 19, 1868, son of James and
Elizabeth Waters. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Tunbridge Wells. Articled
pupil to architect and engineer. East
Grinstead, England, 1883. Held various
public and private appointments, London,
Manchester, Derby. Clerk, London
Board of Works; engaged British Ad-
miralty at Devenport Naval Yard, 1893;
in charge of Works Department, Halifax,
N. S., Naval Yard, and of Admiralty
properties in Newfoundland and on Nova
Scotia Coast, 1896; subsequently ap-
pointed civil engineer (water works, for-
tifications, etc.), Ascension Island. After
ten years' service with Admiralty was
engaged firm beyond Pretoria, South Af-
rica, later resigning to take position un-
der Town Engineer, Johannesburg; went
to Australia, receiving appointment as
engineer with headquarters at Auckland,
N. Z., 1896. While there was connected
with construction of largest single span
Ferro-Concrete bridge in the world. Came

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