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to British Columbia, 1909; for a short
time in lands department, Victoria, later
taking present position. Married Cath-
erine Lewis, Glamorganshire, South
Wales; has one daughter. Societies: Ca-
nadian Society Civil Engineers; A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: shooting, music. Ad-
dress: Nanaimo, B. C.

WATXZNS, WilUam B.— Of Watkins
& Blain, Barristers and Solicitors; No-
tary, Lumsden. Born Peel County, Ont.,
Nov. 19, 1875,' son of Benjamin and
Mary A. Watkins. Educated high school,
Brampton; Osgoode Hall. Member of
firm Mulligan & Watkins, Sudbury, 1902;
Myers & Watkins, Sault Ste Marie, 1902-
1903. Came to Saskatchewan, 1903. Secre-
tary-treasurer, Town of Lumsden, 1905-
1911. Served as staff sergeant, 11th
Field Battery, Guelph, four years; lieu-
tenant, 16th Light Horse, Regina, 1908-
1909; captain and quartermaster 95th
Regiment, Regina, 1910. Married Jessie
Ross Caldwell, Guelph, Ont., 1905; has
two sons and two daughters. Club: As-
siniboia. Societies: I. O. O. F. ; I. O. F.
Recreations: curling, motoring. Liberal:
Presbyterian. Address: Lumsden, Sask.


WATSON, Frederick Cheyne. — Presi-
dent, Donnelly, Watson & Brown, Ltd.,
Eleventh Ave. W. Calgary. Born
Brampton, Ont., July 5, 1872, son of
George and Ruth Cheyne Watson. Edu-
cated public schools, Oakville. Farmed
with his stepfather, Hugh Coyne, Halton
County, until 1899; traveler, Taylor,
Scott & Co., Toronto, 1899-1902; came to
Winnipeg, 1903; represented McAllister
& Watts, Winnipeg, in Alberta, with
lieadquarters at Calgary, 1903-7; started
present business, 1907. Married Laura
Ruperta Lousley, St. Catherine's, Ont.,
1908. Societies: C. O. F.; U. C. T.
Recreation: all amateur sports. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 216 Seenteenth
Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.



WATSOIT, Harry Holgrate, M. Im. A. —

President, McDowell, Atkins, Watson
Co., Ltd., Druggists, Vancouver; Presi-
dent Guaranty Trust Co. Born Milton,
Ont, Dec. 25, 3 867, son of Henry and
Jane Elizabeth Holgate. Educated Up-
per Canada College. Came to British
Columbia, 1889. Represents Vancouver
City, British Columbia Legislature, since
1910. Married Kathleen Constance Black,
1892; has one daughter. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Union (Victoria). Society: A. F. &
A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
1230 Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.


WATSOM*, Harry Archibald. — Mana-
ger, Fidelity Trust & Savings Co., Ltd.,
Revelstoke. Born Andover, N. B., June
5, 1885, son of Rev. Robert and Cather-
ine Watson. Educated high school,
Fredericton, N. B. Served at various
branches of Royal Bank of Canada,
starting Fredericton, 1904; present po-
sition since 1911. Society: K. of P.
Recreations: outdoor sports. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Revel-
stoke, B. C.

"WATSOXr, Joliu B., C. A. — Chartered
Accountant and Real Estate Agent, 132
Eighth Ave., E., Calgary. Director, Sun-
set Orchards, Ltd.; director. Medicine
Hat Financial Co., Ltd.; director. Al-
berta Abstract Title & Mortgage Co.,
Ltd.; director, Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Alberta; director. Moose
Jaw Land & Investment Co., Ltd.; direc-
tor, Kindersley Investment Co., Ltd.
Born Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 7, 1872,
son of John and Elizabeth Watson. Edu-
cated Glasgow University. Game to
Canada, 1898; accountant, American Lo-
comotive Co., Montreal and New York,


1900; came to Calgary, 1906. Auditor,
City of Calgary since 1906. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: motoring.
Liberal; Protestant. Address: Elbow
Park, Calgary, Alta.

■VSTATSOIT, John Horatio. — Chief of
Fire Department, New Westminster.
Born Durham, Grey County, Ont., March
6, 1867, son of Robert and Diana Wat-
son. Educated public schools, Durham.
In stone business. Eastern Ontario. Came
to British Columbia, 1885; joined New
Westminster Fire Brigade 1885, as driver
of first team used by department, hold-
ing various subordinate positions until
1900, when appointed to present posi-
tion. Married Maggie Murray, Wood-
stock, Ont., 1900; has five sons. Socie-
ties: K. of P.; Chosen Friends. Rec-
reations: shooting, hunting. Address:
621 Carnarvon St., New Westminster,
B. C.

'WATSON, John Ji. — President, John L.
Watson Land Co., Specialists in Farm
Lands, Winnipeg and Yorktown Districts,
435 Main St., Winnipeg. Born Rochester,
Minn., Feb. 23, 1871, son of J. D. and
Amelia Watson. Educated public
schools, Minnesota. Hardware merchant,
Minnesota, 1892. Came to Winnipeg and
engaged colonization work for the Ca-
nadian Northern Railway Co., 1904. Mar-
ried Maud W. Howry, Wahpeton, N. D.;



has one son. Clubs: St. Paul; Carleton.
Society: A. 1-'. & A. M. Recreation:
horses. Anglican. Address: 15 Ken-
nedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

WATSOir, Hon. Senator Robert — Of

R. & J. W. Watson, machinery and plan-
ing mills, Portage la Prairie. Born
Elora, Ont, April 29. 1853, son of George
W. and Elizabeth (McDonald) Watson.
Came to Manitoba, 1876; built mills.
Portage la Prairie and Stonewall; Mu-
nicipal Councillor; elected to House of
Commons for Marquette, and was the
only Liberal member from west of Lake
Superior, 1882-1887; re-elected, 1891, but
resigned to accept portfolio of Minister
of Public Works, Greenway administra-
tion, Manitoba Legislature, 1892, an of-
fice which he held until resignation of
that government, 1900. Elected to Mani-
toba Legislature for Portage la Prairie,
1892-1896; defeated, 1899. Called to
Senate Jan. 29, 1900. Chief promoter
Canadian Northwest Coal Co., 1906; a
provisional director of the Bank of Can-
ad, 1907, one of the five chosen to rep-
resent the Senate at the Coronation of
King George and Queen Mary, June,
1911. Married Isabella Brown, Lobo,
Ont., 1880. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Portage la Prairie, Man.

WATSON, William W. — Manager Bank
of Nova Scotia, Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Born Torquay, England, Aug. 18, 1861,
son of William and Mary Jane Watson.
Educated public schools, England.
Joined Union Bank, Newfoundland, 1882-
1895. Joined staff of Bank of Nova Sco-
tia and appointed manager, 1900. Came
to Winnipeg, 1907. Married Rebecca
Osmond, St. Johns, Newfoundland, 1892;
has three sons and one daughter. Club:
Manitoba. Methodist. Address: 91 Ed-
monton St., Winnipeg, Man.

WATT, Mrs. A. T. — Daughter Henry
Robertson, K. C, CoUingwood, Ont.
Graduate University of Toronto (M. A.);
graduate Ontario School of Pedagogy;
writer New York, Toronto and Victoria
CB. C), newspapers, pen name "Madge
Robertson;" president Victoria branch

Canadian Press Women's Association;
secretary Advisory Board Women's In-
stitutes to Department of Agriculture,
B. C. ; one of the two women members
of the first Senate of the new University
of British Columbia; second vice-presi-
dent International Congress of Farm
Women; secretary Central Council of
Women's Institutes of Canada. Mrs.
Watt has taken an active part In the
educational, philanthropic and economic
life of British Columbia, lectures fre-
quently before different bodies, chosen
by citizens of Victoria to place before
the University Commission of 1910 Vic-
toria, B. C, claims as an educational
center for women; in 1912 chosen to
speak before Dominion Technical on
technical education for women In coun-
try; was one of charter members of first
ladies' club In Canada, the Alexander, of
Victoria, still the most prominent club
In the west; lives In country south end
of Vancouver Island; devoted to coun-
try pursuits; thorough believer In sports
for women and open air life; is devoting
attention to problems of country life;
believes that the solution of settlement
in country lies with women and that
governments and collnlzatlon companies
and philanthropic workers should con-
sider well all problems of country wom-
en if they wish to have agricultural
prosperity, and hence national prosper-
ity. The only true settlement, that Is
homes, cannot be made without women,
and if women won't stay In country,
development Is Impossible; therefore
make farm life pleasant and profitable
for women — that Is the key to national
success; this is why Mrs. Watt is giv-
ing up her time to the work among
women's Institutes. She believes that
this organization provides best machin-
ery for work among country women.
Mrs. Watt has written a book on "South-
most Vancouver Island," and prepares
the Government Bulletins on Women's
Institute Work In British Columbia, and
frequently speaks at meetings ana en-
tertainments, but her greatest pleasure
is her home life and country occupation.
Her garden work Is a continuous occupa-
tion in the pleasant mild climate of Van-
couver Island, and very beautiful results
ensue; she believes that farm occupa-
tions for women, poultry, dairying,
market gardening, bulb growing, herb
culture provide the most healthful
means of earning livelihood and would
like to see women farmers In all the
suitable parts of Canada.

WATT, John Ralston, B. A. — Barrister
and Solicitor. Born Ayr, Scotland. May
27, 1875, son of James Ross and Chris-
tian Crawford Watt. Educated Ayr
.Academy; Wimbledon; Cambridge and
Glasgow. Apprentice, Brock & Ballan-
tine. Glasgow, 1897; managing clerk.
Mackintosh & Bain, Kilmarnock, Scot-
land, 1901-1902; solicitor, Ayr, 1904-1906;
came to Canada, 1906; Alberta, 1907; so-
licitor for Union Bank of Canada; served
as private, 4th V. B., Suffolk, five years;



lieutenant, 1st V. B., Highland Light
Infantry, five years. Secretary, Clares-
holm District Agricultural Society;
Glaresholm Turf Association, Ltd. Rec-
reations: horses. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: Glaresholm, Alta.

WATT, Walter I^., M. A., SI. D., C. M.,
I^. M., I^. It. C. P., I^. B. C. S., Edin. —

Physician, Phoenix Block, Winnipeg.
Born Walkerton, Ont, July 12, 1876, son
of Walter and Elizabeth Watt. Came to
Winnipeg, 1884. Educated University of
Manitoba; post-graduate courses, Dublin
and Edinburgh; London; Vienna. Prac-
ticed, Winnipeg, since 1898. Physician
in charge X-ray ahd electrical department
Winnipeg General Hospital. Major C. A.
M. C. and officer in command 16th Cav-
alry Field Ambulance. Clubs: Carleton;
Junior Army and Navy (London) ; Win-
nipeg Hunt. Societies: Military Insti-
tute; Medical Societies. Recreation: mo-
toring. Address: Winnipeg, Man.

WAUGH, John Calder. — Of Brydges &
Waugh, Ltd., Financial Agents, Kee-
wayden Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Melrose,
Scotland, Feb. 16, 1874, son of Richard
and Janet Waugh. Came to Canada in
1883. Educated Manitoba University.
With Commercial Union Association Co.,
Winnipeg, 1894; branch manager, Com-
mercial Union Association Co. for Mani-
toba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1898;
resigned to form present firm, 1907.
Married Maude C. Moore, Vancouver,
1897; has three daughters. Clubs: Man-
itoba; St. Charles Country; Winnipeg
Rowing. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
F. Recreations: shooting, golf. Pro-
testant. Address: 500 River Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.


WAUG-K, Kichard Deans. — Of Waugh
; Beattie, Real Estate Agent, Merchants

Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Melrose,
Scotland, March 23, 1868, son of Richard
and Janet Waugh. Educated Highfleld
Academy, Melrose. Came to Canada and
engaged with Glass & Glass, barristers,
Winnipeg, 1883; comptroller, City of
Winnipeg, 1909-1911; Mayor, 1912; ex-
chairman, Public Parks Board, Winni-
peg; ex-president, Manitoba branch,
Royal Caledonian Curling Society; ex-
president, Real Estate Exchange, Winni-
peg. Married Harriet L. Logan, Winni-
peg, 1892; has four sons and two daugh-
ters. Club: Commercial; Travelers.
Recreations: curling and all amateur
sports. Liberal; Congregationalist. Ad-
dress: 1398 Portage Ave., Winnipeg,


WAVNE, Joseph George — President,
J. G. Wayne Realty Co., Ltd., Imperial
Bank Bldg., Prince Albert. Born Der-
byshire, England, Jan. 2, 1870, son of
Joseph and Jane Wayne. Educated
Wirksworth grammar school. Served
with 20th and 35th Batteries Royal
Field Artillery, Indian Service, 1889-
1893; served with 11th Hussars, India
and Egypt, 1894-1901; with 8th Hus-
sars, South African War, 1901-1902;
home service, 1902-1906. Came to Can-
ada, 1906; farmed, near Regina, three
months, 1906; came to Prince Albert,
1906; member of firm, Bradshaw, Finn
& Wayne, Prince Albert, 1907-1910; pres-
ent company incorporated, Feb. 1, 1912.
Shot at Bisley, 1911. 95th Saskatche-
wan Rifles, since 1910. Married Annie
M. Harvey, Grimsby, England, 1906; has
one daughter. Society: I. O. O. F. Rec-
reations: hunting, rifle shooting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 240 11th
St., E., Prince Albert, Sask.



WEART, John Walter. — Barrister and
Solicitor, Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver;
manager. Metropolitan Building Co.,
Ltd.; managing director, Investors Guar-
antee Corporation, Ltd.; director, Colum-
bia Fire Insurance Co.; director. Ex-
change Building, Ltd.; Reeve of Corpo-
ration of Burnaby. Born Brockville,
Ont, July 17, 1861, son of John and
Martha Weart. Educated public schools.
Employe, Smarts Foundry, Brockville,
1870; carpenter, Bellevillet, 1873-1879;
obtained third class teacher's certificate
and taught school, Hastings County,
1879-1880; subsequently employed by
John Frost, sales manager, Belleville;
came West, 1882; in furniture business,
Brandon and Deloraine until 1890; re-
moved to British Columbia as law stu-
dent with Geo. H. Cowan, K. C, 1894-
1896; afterwards in office of Davis, Mar-
shall & Macneill; practiced law, 1898-
1905. Organized company that pro.iected
Dominion Trust Building, the Bxichange
Building and the Metropolitan Building.
Unsuccessful candidate for British Co-
lumbia Legislature, 1907. Married Min-
nie Reid, 1883; has three sons and three
daughters. Liberal; Ang-lican. Address:
Central Park, B. C.


WEAVER, Georg-e — Of The Business
Exchange, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, Saskatoon. Born London, Eng-
land, Jan. 11, 1856, son of Thomas J. and
Eliza Weaver. Educated private schools,
London. Manufacturers' agent for build-
ing trade, London, 1885-1903. Came to
Ontario, 1903; in real estate business,
Temiskaming district, 1904-1909; estab-
lished present business, Saskatoon,
1910. Member of Real Estate Board,

Saskatoon. Married Judith Faolkner,
Saskatoon, 1911. Recreations: music,
field sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

WEBB, T. Harry. — Of Webb, Read &
Hegan, Accountants and .Auditors, Mc-
Arthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Milwau-
kee, Wis., Sept. 9, 1861, son of John
Henry and Mary Ann Webb. Educated
public schools and Western University.
Postoffice official, IngersoU, 1882. Came
to Winnipeg, 1891; assistant manager,
Patterson Bros., agricultural Implemejits,
1891-1895; secretary. National Trust Co.,
1896-1903; manager, W. R. Allen & Co.,
1903-1905; secretary, Manitoba branch,
Canada Life Assurance Co., 1905-1907.
Founded present firm, 1907. Director,
Rowland & Parker, Ltd.; director. Chand-
ler & Fisher, Ltd.; assistant secretary,
Manitoba Rolling Mill Co., Ltd.; direc-
tor Garton Pedigree Seed Co., Ltd.; no-
tary public; Commissioner m Britisn Co-
lumbia; director. North Canadian Mort-
gagef Co., Ltd. Married Helen Brephni
O'Reilly, Hamilton, 1895. Clubs: Mani-
toba; St. Charles Country. Society: A.
F. & A. M. ; Scottish Rite (active member
of Supreme Council). Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 167 Furby St., Winni-
peg, Man.

WEBSTER, Alfred H. — Land and Tim-
ber Agent for C. P. R., Cranorook. Born
Norfolk, England, Dec. 15, 1^77, bon of
Nathan and Agnes Webster. Came to
Calgary, 1907; Cranbrook. 1911. Mar-
ried Margaret Mcintosh. Calsary. 1910.
Conservative; Roman Catholic Address:
Cranbrook, B. C.


WEBSTER, George Herbert, C. E.—

Civil Engineer, 445 Granville St., Van-
couver; president, Granville land &
Loan Co.; director. Electric Turpentine



Co. of Canada. Born Creemore, Ont.,
Jan. 31, 1858, son of Edward and Mary
Langtry Webster. Educated Model
School, Toronto. Engineering Depart-
ment, Northern Railway, Toronto, 1873-
1882: chief engineer, M. & N. W. Ry.,
Portage la Prairie, 1883-1900; resident
engineer, C. P. R., Winnipeg, 1900; right
of way and lease agent, C. P. R., Mon-
treal, 1901; division engineer, Pacific Di-
vision, Vancouver, 1904; private practice
since 1904. Married Martha Barwick,
1883; has two sons and four daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver; Union. Societies:
Canadian Society of Civil Engineers
(charter member) ; American Railway
Engineers and Maintenance of Way As-
sociation. Recreations: boating, shoot-
ing, fishing. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 1160 Broughton St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

VTEBSTER, ^Villiam, M. D., C. M. —

Physician. Born Manchester, England,
Aug. 24, 1866, son of William and Lily
Webster. Came to Manitoba, 1888. Ed-
ucated England; University of Manitoba.
Practiced Winnipeg since 1895. Special-
ist in anaesthetics, honourable anaesthe-
tist, Winnipeg General hospital; lec-
turer on anaesthetics and practical phar-
macology Manitoba Medical College;
major Canadian Army Medical Corps;
organized and formerly commanded XVI
Field Ambulance Corps; Medical Officer,
100th Grenadiers; served With 1st Man-
chester Rifles; president Revolver Asso-
ciation; vice-president Manitoba Rifle As-
sociation; vice-commander Winnipeg
Yacht Club. Publications: a number of
articles on research in anaesthetics and
pharmacology. Married Jessie Gunn,
Greenridge, Man., 1898; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Winnipeg
Yacht; Winnipeg Hunt. Societies: Mili-
tary Institute; all medical societies;
British Association. Recreations: motor-
ing, yachting, shooting. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: 160 Mayfair Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.

WEEKS, Thomas — Manager, Bank of
British North America, North Battle-
ford. Born London, England, June 13,
1878, son of William J. and Maria
Weeks. Educated Grocer's Company
School. Clerk with Credit Lyonnais,
London, 1895. Came to Canada, 1900;
present position, 1909. Address: North
Battleford, Sask.

WEIiCH, Arthur J. — -Managing Direc-
tor Northwest Trust Co., Ltd., 509 Rich-
ards St., Vancouver; Managing Director
North West Securities Corporation, Ltd.;
Director Ingersoll Independent Tele-
phone Co.; Director Dominion Construc-

tion Co. Born Woodgreen, London, Eng-
land, March 16, 1873, son of George P.
and Elizabeth White Welch. Came to
Canada, 1880. Educated public schools:
McMaster University. Financial busi-
ness, Chicago, 1898-1900; financial broker,
Winnipeg, 1900-1903; Calgary, 1903-1905.
Married Hattie M. Maj'berry, daughter
of Colonel T. R. Mayberry, M. L. A.,
Ingersoll, Ont.; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Vancoviver; Terminal
City. Recreations: yachting, motoring.
Baptist. Address: Marine Drive, Pt.
Grey, Vancouver, B. C.

WEIiCH, Charles A. — Merchant. Born
Bay City, Mich, Feb. 17, 1866, son of
Daniel and Susan Welch. Educated
Business College, Chatham, Ont. En-
gaged in printing, Essex Centre, Ont.;
came to British Columbia and entered
grocery business, 1889. Second vice-
president. Western Home & Investment
Co.; stockholder. Dominion Trust Co.,
Ltd.; honorary vice-president, Vancouver
Horse Show; alderman; member Board
of Control for some years; member Li-
cense Committee, New Westminster, two
years. Manager, New Westminster La-
crosse Club, 1908. Married Mary N.
Williams, 1897. has one son and one
daughter. Recreations: lacrosse and all
athletic sports. Address: 128 Sixth St.,
New Westminster, B. C.

Vrni.CJX, Rev. John, O. M. I. — Parish
Priest. Born Preston, England, Nov. 11,
1858, son of Thomas and Mary Ann
Welch. Studied at Douai, France, and
Ushaw, England. Ordained priest in
Salford Cathedral by Bishop Vaughan,
1885. Joined the Oblates of Mary Im-
maculate In New Westminster, and
named superior of the Church of Our
Lady of the Holy Rosary, Vancouver,
1904. Address: 646 Richards St., Van-
couver, B. C.

WEIiIiZNGTON, John Henry, ItT. Xi. A.

— Coal Merchant, 242 High St., W.,
Moose Jaw. Born Forest, West Lambton
County, Ont, Feb. 13, 1861, son of John
and Elsie Wellington. Educated public
schools. Forest; Saginaw City. Fire-
man, G. T. R., 1878; engineer, C. P. R.,
1882; established present business, 1906.
President, Moose Jaw Machine Co., 1906.
Elected for Moose Jaw City to first Sas-
katchewan Legislature, 1906; re-elected,
1908. Married Emma Ward, Forest, Ont..
1880 (deceased) ; married Margaret Mc-
Pherson, Saginaw City, Mich., 1903; has
two sons. Societies:' A. F. & A. M. ; S.
O. E. Recreations: curling, baseball,
hockey. Conservative; Methodi.st. Ad-
dress: 71 High St. W., Moose Jaw, Sask.




WEISS. Dr. Karl — Doctor of Philos-
ophy; Doctor of Chemistry; Editor, Van-
couver German Press, 458 Hastings
street, Vancouver; President, Linguistic
Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.; Treas-
urer, Agricultural Settlement Associa-
tion, Ltd.; Manager, Canadian Associa-
tion of Foreign Languages Newspaper
Association, Ltd. Born Vienna, Austria,
January 4, 1869, son of Joseph and
Amalia Weiss. Educated, Universities
Vienna and Zurich. Served as Lieuten-

ant Austrian army two and a half years;
later chemist and newspaper man; came
to New York as newspaper man, 1901;
came to Vancouver and established pres-
ent business 1911. Married Johanna v.
Maly, daughter of Franz v. Maly, 1904;
has two daughters. Clubs: Press; Ger-
man; Progress. Societies: Hermanns
Sons; German; Half Million League.
Recreation: horseback riding. Conserva-
tive; Roman Catholic. Address: 2222 Co-
lumbia street, Vancouver, B. C.



WELKIVER, Bobert Barclay — Real

Estate and Financial Agent, 4 Ross Ave.,
B., Red Deer; Director, Red Deer Ex-
hibition Assn.; Director, Hospital Board;
Member of Council, Red Deer Board of
Trade. Born Hawkesville, Ont., Dec. 18,
1873, son of Chester Welliver and Mar-
tha Hawke. Educated public schools,
Blmira, Ont.; high school, Berlin, Ont.
Came to Manitoba, 1890; clerk, mercan-
tile houses, Neepawa, Man., 1890-1900;
came to Alberta 1900; in various lines
of business. Red Deer, 1900-1906; estab-
lished present business, 1906. Served
as Mayor, Red Deer, 1911-1912; Coun-
cilman, Red Deer, 1910. President, Lib-
eral Association, Red Deer; president.
Liberal Dominion Constituency Associa-
tion; president, Red Deer Motor Club.
Married Irene McDermott, daughter of
B. B. McDermott, Hartney, Man., 1901;
has three sons and one daughter. Club:
Red Deer. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: 39 4th St.,
N., Red Deer, Alta.

VTEJmImS, Allen Casey, J. P. — Farmer.
Born Napanee, Ont., Dec. 30, 1837, son of
Allen and Martha Wells (of U. E. L.
stock). Educated Napanee public schools.
Saddler, Newburgh, Ont., 1856. Came to
British Columbia, 1866. In business at
Yale three years. President, Mutual Fire
Insurance Co. of British Columbia; pres-
ident, Edenbank Creamery Co; councillor,
Edenbank twelve years; reeve five years.
Married Sarah Marietta Hodge, Copen-
hagen, N. Y.; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Address: Edenbank, Chilliwack,
B. G.

WEIiI^S, Robert Bruce, M. B. — Occulist
and Aurist, Norwood Block, Edmonton.
Born Lynedoch, Ont., Nov. 4, 1867, son
of Josiah C. and Margaret Reid Wells.
Educated high school, Aylmer; Toronto
University; post-graduate work. Univer-
sity of Chicago. Practiced Delhi, Ont.,
1895; post-graduate work. Universities
of London, Paris and Chicago; came to
Alberta, 1904. President, Central Al-
berta Medical Association, 1910-1911.
Chairman, School Board, Delhi, 1904-
1906. Married Anna J. Werrett, 1895;
has one daughter. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Victoria Ave. and Thir-
teenth St., Edmonton, Alta.

WE££S, William Perry. — General
Agent, International Harvester Co., 1810
Dewdney St., Regina. Born Clarence,
Mo., Sept. 8, 1870, son of Frank Ewell
and Florinda Adelaide Wells. Educated
Chillicothe; Spalding Business College,
Kansas City. Employee Wm. Deering &
Co., Kansas City, 1893-1896; transferred
to Quincy, 111., 1896; general agent,

Quincy, 111., 1902-1903; came to Regina
as general agent for the International
Harvester Co., 1904; President Regina
Board of Trade. Member Executive

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