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katchewan Legislature, 1908. President
Regina Board of Trade, 1908. Organized
C. Squadron, 16th Mounted Rifles; ga-
zetted major, 1906; resigned 1907. Married
Florence Helen Marsh, Regina, 1906;
has one son. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: All outdoor sports. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 2208
Smith St., Regina, Sask.

WHITTEMOBE, Harry Theodore. — Of

Hornibrook & Whittemore, Financial
and Insurance Brokers, 235 8th Ave., W.,
Calgary. Born Toronto, Feb. 21, 1877,
son of E. F. and Louisa Whittemore.
Educated Jarvis St. College Institute,
Toronto. Clerk, Toronto General Trust


Co., 1898-1906; came to Calgary, 1906;
established present business, 1907. Mar-
ried Florence B. Haworth, Toronto, 1907.
Clubs: Alberta; Canadian. Conservative;
Baptist. Address: 910 Royal Ave., Cal-
gary, Alta.


WHYTE, ■William, Jr. — Financial
Agent of W. J. Christie & Co., Union
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Toronto,
July 17, 1883, son of Sir William and
Lady Whyte. Educated public schools,
Winnipeg; Upper Canada College. Clerk,
Osier, Hammond & Nanton, Winnipeg,
1902; Manager, Natural Resources Se-
curity Co., Winnipeg, 1911; joined pres-
ent company, 1911. Married Marguerite
Marie Blair, daughter of William W.
Blair, Winnipeg, 1907; has one daughter.
Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles Country.
Recreations: Motoring, hockey, golf,
football, shooting. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 66 Kingsway, Winnipeg, Man.




WZIiET, Pranklin Samuel — Of Wiley
& Co., and Thomas Marks & Co.; Presi-
dent Canadian Northwest Steamship Co.,
Ltd.; Vice President Lake Coast Trad-
ing Co.; Secretary Thunder Bay Harbor
Improvement Co.; President Port Arthur
Board of Trade three years. Born Pene-
tanguishene, Ont., May 17, 1859, son of
late Captain Thomas and Maria Marks
Wiley (sister of Thomas Marks, de-
ceased). Removed to Bruce Mines, Ont.,
1870, where was connected with firm of

Thomas Marks & Brother, established
there, 1856; joined firm of Thomas Marks
& Co., Port Arthur, 1871, and has been
connected with that firm since then in
lake carrying traffic and jobbing trade.
Member of Board of Governors, Toronto
General Hospital. Clubs: Thunder Bay
Country (President) ; Port Arthur (Pres-
ident) ; Toronto; Toronto Hunt; Albany;
Royal Canadian Yacht; National; On-
tario Jockey; Fort William; Manitoba
(Winnipeg). Address: Port Arthur, Ont.



WXZ;band, Ernest Seward. — Sheet
Metal and Roofing Works, 964 Richards
St., Vancouver. Born Albert County, N.
B., Oct. 9, 1872, son of Valenting and
Nancy Jane Wilband. Educated public
schools Albert County, N. B. ; Military
College, Vancouver. Came to British Co-
lumbia 1887. Married Adda Ransom,
Vancouver, 1897; has two daughters.
Clubs: Life member Vancouver Athletic,
Commeircial, Royal Vancouver Yacht.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Athletic sports, 100-yard champion of
British Columbia, 1898-1902; 1-4-mile
champion cyclist British Columbia,
1896-1899. Address: 890 Gardero St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

WII^KIX:, Otway, I. I. — Senior con-
stable. Provincial Police, New West-
minster. Born Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 4,
1861, son of Alice and Henry Wilkie,
secretary Census Commission, and as-
sistant registrar-general of Ireland. Ed-
ucated Monkstown College, Dublin. Came
to British Columbia 1878. Survey work
with C. P. R. ; subsequently farming,
Langley; appointed deputy superintend-
ent New Westminster Asylum; joined
First Canadian Contingent, South Af-
rica, and took part in engagements
Grasspan, Paardeberg; Diamond Hall.
(Queen's medal and four clasps). Served
with Canadian Militia, ten years. Mar-
ried Kate Taylor, New Westminster; has
two sons and eight daughters. Society:
Li. O. L. Recreation: Football. Address:
"Howth," Eighth St. W., New Westmin-
ster, B. C.

WZI^ICrB, "Walter — British Columbia
Land Surveyor, Hart Block, New West-
minster. Born Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 17,
1871, son of Henry and Alice Gordon
Wilkie. Educated: Hill Head School,
Glasgow. Came to British Columbia,
1887. Clerk, Hudson's Bay Co., Lang-
ley, 1890-1892; in business for himself.
Langley, 1892-1896; surveying in vari-
ous parts of British Columbia since
1896. Married Louisa Edwards, London,
Eng., 1905. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Episcopalian. Address: 504
St. George St., New Westminster, B. C.

WZl^KINS, Ernest Drummond Hay. —

Barrister. Born Hertfordshire, Eng-
land, May 1, 1859, son of Arthur Drum-
mond and Amelia Sophia Wilkins. Edu-
cated Cheltenham College, England.
Came to Canada 1881; Alberta, 1888;
practiced Wetaskiwin since 1902. Mar-
ried Kate Hollingsworth, 1892; has two
sons and three daughters. Society: A.
F. & A. M. (Past District Deputy Grand
Lodge of Alberta). Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Wetaskiwin, Alta.


WII^KINSON, Alfred I.— Of Wilkinson
& Putnam, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, Agnew Blk., Prince Albert. Born
York, England, Dec. 21, 1879, son of J.
Brooke and Mary Ellen Whitewell Wil-
kinson. Educated King James' Grammar
School, Knaresborough, Yorkshire. Came
to Canada, 1902. Farming, Manitoba,
one year; Hudson's Bay Co., fur depart-
ment, five years; with Great West Per-
manent Loan Co., Winnipeg, one year;
came to Prince Albert and established
present business, 1909. Married Lena
B. Kidd, 1908: has two sons. Club:
Canadian. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 20th St.,
W., Prince Albert, Sask.

WrGKINSON, John Thomas. — Of

New York Life Insurance Co., 413 Gran-
ville St., Vancouver. Born Hamilton,
Ont., Feb. 9, 1863, son of Thomas and
Christian Bell Wilkinson. Educated
Hamilton. Came to British Columbia
1883; boot and shoe business; importer
of pedigreed live stock, including stand-
ard bred trotting horses. Has visited
practically every country in the world.
Was for many years connected with the
Vancouver World as traveling corre-
spondent. Director of the Vancouver
Exhibition Association; Vice President
of the Vancouver Amateur Driving As-
sociation. Married Mary Louise Kipp,
Chilliwack, B. C, 1890. Clubs: Terminal
City; Commercial. Recreations: Breed-
ing and driving standard bred-horses
Address: Granville Mansions, Vancouver,
B. C.



WZIiI^, Oeorg-e — Real Estate and
Financial Broker, Masonic Temple Bldg.,
Prince Albert. Born Aberdeen, Scotland,
Dec. 21, 1S66, son of George and Mar-
garet Grant Will. Educated Aberdeen,
Scotland. Came to Canada, 1886; mem-
ber, Royal North West Mounted Police,
1888-1898; began present business, 1898.
Member, Prince Albert Public School
Board, 1910-1912. Married Rebecca Mc-
Gregor, 1895; has two sons and one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 119
W. 14th St., Prince Albert, Sask.


WIIiIiABD, James Harold. — Manager
Bemis Bros. Bag" Co., Alexander St.,
Winnipeg. Born Wrentham, Mass., Jan.
2, 1881, son of Artemus and Mary B.
Willard. Educated Wrentham high
school. Assistant cashier Bemis Bros.
Bag Co., Boston, 1900; with same firm,
San Francisco, 1903-1905; came to Win-
nipeg, 1906; appointed present position,
1908. Member of Canadian Manufactur-
ers Association; member Winnipeg
Board of Trade. Married Jessie Louise
Dwire, Winnipeg, 1906; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Carleton. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: Hunting, shooting.
Congregationalist. Address: 256 Nassau
St., Winnipeg, Man.

WII.I.ABD, William Wesley, J. P. —

Of Comox and Cumberland, Harness Em-
porium, Cumberland. Born Beverly,
Ont., Aug. 30, 1863, son of Joel and
Mary Jane Willard. Educated public
scliools. Came to Britisli Columbia 1893;
establislied present business 1895. Offi-
cial administrator for Comox electoral
district; Alderman, 1898-1902-1904; May-
or, 1902-1905-1906-1908. President Com-
ox Agricultural Society. Married Mary

Jane Doran, Thedford, Ont, 1888; has
four sons. Societies: I. O. O. F.; L. O.
L. (Royal Black Preceptory). Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Cumberland, B. C.


WIi;i.IAMS, Adolphus, B. A., X. C. —

Of Williams, Walsh & McKim, Barris-
ters and Solicitors, Molsons Bank Cham-
bers, Vancouver. Born Aylmer, Ont.,
son of Dr. Adolphus William and Jane
Burdick Williams. Educated public
schools, St. Thomas; Toronto Univer-
sity, and Osgoode Hall. Called to On-
tario Bar and practiced Welland; came
to Britisli Columbia and practiced Van-
couver since 1889. Represented Van-
couver, Britisli Columbia Legislature,
five years. Police Magistrate, Vancou-
ver, 1903-1909. Married Katherine Wy-
lie Raeburn, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1890.
Clubs: Vancouver, Jericho Country.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 1632
Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.

WII^IiIAMS, Arthur Bryan, B. A. (J.

P.) — Provincial Game Warden of Brit-
ish Columbia. Born Lismany, Ireland,
Dec. 8, 1866, son of David Arthur and
Mary S. Williams. Educated Cambridge
University, England. Came to British
Columbia 1883; appointed present office
1905. Married Alice S. E. Moens, 1892;
has one daughter. Clubs: Western,
Union (Victoria). Recreations: Hunt-
ting, shooting, fishing. Address: 1170
Georgia St., Vancouver, B. C.

WII.I.IAMS, David Griffith.— Of Wil-
liams & Murdorff, Ltd., Real Estate and
Mining Brokers, 506-508 Hastings St.
W., Vancouver; President Superior Coal
& Improvement Co., Seattle; Director
British Columbia Life Assurance Co. and
several land and mining companies.
Born Burry Port, South Wales, Nov.
13, 1859, son of Thomas and Margaret
Williams. Educated private and public
schools. Junior clerk B. P. & G. V. Ry.,
1873-1878; clerk W. G. Williams, Burry
Port, 1878-1880; clerk and bookkeeper




James Williams, 1880-1883; commercial
traveler, London and Bristol, 1883-1885;
for some years connected with news-
papers in the United States before com-
ing- to British Columbia, 1892; estab-
lished present business 1904. Member
Vancouver Stock Exchange. Councillor.
Point Grey, 1908-1909. Married Mollie
Smith (deceased); married Caroline Mc-
Lellan, Walla Walla, Wash., 1897; has
two sons and four daughters. Club
Terminal City. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
I. O. O. F.; L. O. L. Recreations
Fishing, motoring. Conservative; Bap-
tist. Address: 7 Sixth Ave. E., Van-
couver, B. C.

WIIiI^IAMS, Georg-e Hailey — Resident
Winnipeg Director of Matthews, Wright-
son & Co. (Canada), Ltd., London, Eng-
land, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Hali-
fax and 722 Union Bank Bldg., Winni-
peg; Director London Mutual Fire Insur-
ance Co.; Managing Director Matthews,
Wrightson Loan & Investment Co., Ltd.;
Managing Director, Carson & Williams
Land Investment Co. Born London, Eng-
land, Sept. 18, 1876, son of George Ba-
ward and Frances Louise Hailey Wil-
liams. Educated Mostyn House, Park-
gate, Cheshire; Dulwich and Wliitgift
Croydon. Came to Canada, 1894; clerk
Royal Bank of Canada, Truro, N. S..
1894; served that bank in different ca-
pacities at different points until 1911,
when started present business. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: 812 Grosve-
nor Ave., AVinnipeg, Man.

WII^XilAMS, Hug-h Gerald, M. D., C. M.

— -Physician and Surgeon, Barnard Ave.,
Vernon. Born Truro, N. S., Jan. 21,
1869, son of Hugh and Henrietta Wil-
liams. Educated Trent College, Not-
tingham, England; St. Thomas Hospital,

C. M.

London; Queen's College, Kingston, Ont;
British Columbia Medical Council. Came
to British Columbia 1894. Practiced
Victoria, 1894; Caribou, 1894; Vernon,
since 1894. Club: Long Lake Country.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing. Angli-
can. Address: Vernon, B. C.

WIX;i;iA.MS, John, Ex.-M. I.. A Farm-
er. Born Ysciefiog, Flintshire, Wales, July
3, 1860. Educated public schools; came
to Hamilton, Ont., 1881; to Manitoba,
1882, and took up a homestead. Direc-
tor Melita Farmers' Elevator Co.; elect-
ed Reeve for municipality Arthur, 1906;
was unsuccessful candidate for Manitoba
Legislature for Arthur 1903; elected
1907; unsuccessful again July 11, 1910;
first man to introduce direct legislation
as a political issue in Canada. Married
Clementine Rogers, 1892; has three sons
and one daughter. Anglican; Liberal.
Address: Melita, Man.

WZI.I.IAMS, John Henry. — Of Wil-
liams & West, Accountants and Audi-
tors, McDougall Block, Calgary. Born
London, England, April 23, 1882, son of
David and Elizabeth Williams. Edu-
cated Christ's Hospital, London; Junior
Clerk Blshopsgate Institute, London,
1896; came to Alberta, 1903; chief ac-
countant C. P. R., superintendent's of-
fice, Calgary, 1905; established present
business, 1907. Married Mary Virginia
Ritchie, daughter of Thomas G. G. Rit-
chie, M. D., Edinburgh, 1906; has one
son. Clubs: Alberta; Century. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 1512 Twelfth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.

WIIiIiIAMS, John. — Managing Direc-
tor Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. Born
London, England, April 5, 1855, son of
John and Dorothy Williams. Educated
London public schools. Came to British
Columbia 1887. Married Elsie Williams,
1900; has four sons and one daughter.
Club: Vancouver. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Address: 1173 Broadway W., Van-
couver, B. C.



WHiIiIAMS, John T. Chawner. — In-
spector of fisheries for Dominion Gov-
ernment, 519 Pender St. W., Vancouver.
Born Kent, England, Nov. 27, 1858, son
of Samuel T. and Hester Williams. Edu-
cated Mill Hill College, England; came
to British Columbia 1887. Member of
firm of Williams Bros., land surveyors,
1888-1904. Appointed Inspector of Fish-
eries for Dominion Government, 1904.
Stipendiary magistrate. Won lawn ten-
nis championship for British Columbia,
1888. Married Ella Grant McColl, 1905.
Clubs: Terminal City, Vancouver. Rec-
reations: Shooting, fishing, lawn tennis.
Address: 1103 Pacific St., Vancouver,
B. C.

WZIiIiZAMS, Parker, M. I^. A. — Born
Wales, March 14, 1873. Engaged coal
mining, Wales, Alberta and Washing-
ton; railway camps, Ontario and British
Columbia; and lumber camps. Upper Ot-
tawa. Unsuccessful candidate for Brit-
ish Columbia Legislature, 1902; elected
for Newcastle, 1903; re-elected 1907 and
1909. Socialist. Address: Nanaimo, B. C.

'W^HiZ^IAMS, Ricliard Henry. — Of R. H.

Williams & Sons, Ltd., Regina. Born
Toronto, June 13, 1852, son of James
and Sarah Williams. Educated public
schools Cremore. Came to Winnipeg
1881; engaged contracting and lumber
business, Regina, 1882-1906; organized
Regina Lumber & Supply Co., 1884.
Elected first Industrial School in the
Territories at mouth of High River, Al-
berta; associated with Alexander Shep-
pard in the mercantile business, 1889;
subsequently purchasing Mr. Sheppard's
interest and conducting business on his
own account; has one of largest stores
west of Winnipeg. Alderman Regina,
1888-1890; 1895-1896; elected Mayor,
1891-1892; re-elected 1909-1910. Married
Mary Susan Read, Stratford, Ont., 1874;
has four sons and two daughters. Club:
Canadian. Recreation: Curling. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: 1827 Rose St.,
Regina, Sask.

WZZ^I^IAMS, Victor Georgre, M. D. —

Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, 325
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Corn-
wall, England, 1874, son of the late Sir
Frederick Martin Williams, Bart, and
Lady Williams. Educated Clifton and
St. Bees schools, England; post graduate
course Royal London Opthalmic and Cen-
tral Hospital; came to Canada 1893;
practiced Winnipeg since 1907. Married
Mary Elizabeth Baker, Montreal, 1895;
has two sons and two daughters. Ad-
dress: 418 Wardlow Ave., Winnipeg,

WIIiIiIAniS, WilUam Edward, B. A.,
Iil^. B. — Of Williams & Manson, Barris-
ters, Prince Rupert. Born Corbetton,
Ont., April 26, 1879, son of Mark G. and
Arabella S. Williams. Educated Toronto,
graduate Toronto University (arts and
law) and Osgoode Hall. Practiced To-

ronto, 1908. Came to British Columbia
1908. City solicitor for Prince Rupert.
Married Mary Andrews, Toronto. So-
ciety: K. of P. Recreation: Boating. Ad-
dress: Prince Rupert, B. C.


VTIIiZ^ZAMSOir, Oeorg'e B. — President
Imperial Investment Co., 2313 Main St.,
Vancouver. Born Orilla, Ont., May 16,
1865, son of Robert and Rose Anne Gate-
by Williamson. Educated: public school,
Orillia. Came to British Columbia 1889;
building business as Mills & William-
son, Vancouver, ■ 1890-1910; present busi-
ness since 1910. Alderman, Vancouver,
1911. License Commissioner, 1910; mem-
ber Board of Works. Served as Ser-
geant 5th Regiment, Garison Artillery,
15 years; served with York and Simcoe
Regiments, Northwest Rebellion, 1885.
Married Mary A. Winters, Orillia, Ont.,
1897; has one daughter. Club: Imperial,
Vancouver. Recreations: Hunting, fish-
ing, shooting. Conservative: Presbyterian.
Address: 121 Tenth Ave. W., Vancouver,
B. C.

"WIX^IiZAMSOir, John. — Journalist,
Editor Penticton Herald. Born Liver-
pool, England, April 13, 1865, son of
Robert and Mary Ann Williamson. Edu-
cated public schools and Liverpool Col-
lege. Reporter, Daily Post, Liverpool,
1879-1882; business for himself, Widnes,
England, 1882-1904; Parliamentary
Agent, Widnes, 1904-1909; Parliamentary
Agent, Wandsworth Division, London,
1909-1910; society editor World, Van-
couver, 1910-1911; editor Penticton Her-
ald, since 1911. Alderman Widnes, Town
Council, 1902-1909. Married Helen Far-
rell, 1884; has eight sons and nine daugh-
ters. Club: Vancouver Press. Recrea-
tion: Music. Address: 2632 Howard St.,
Vancouver B. C.




WII^^OUGHB'S', John Henry Charles,
M. J>., C. Itt. — Of J. H. C. Willoughby,
Sumner Co., Ltd., Financial Brokers,
Twenty-first St. E., Saskatoon. Born Co-
boure Ont., July 3, 1861, son of Rev.
Nicholas Ramsay and Amelia Kells Wil-
loughby. Educated Upper Canada Col-
lege; Collegiate Institute, Peterboro and
Cobourg; Victoria University; Toronto
Medical College; practiced medicine Sas-
katoon, 1883; Regina, 1887; practiced
medicine and took up farm lands. Sas-
katoon, 1900; editor Saskatoon Phoenix,
1904-1905; school trustee. Saskatoon,
1884; Alderman Regina, 1891-1892, 1894-
1895; Mayor Regina, 1893; unsuccessful
candidate to Saskatoon Legislature for

Regina, 1898; Councillor, Saskatoon,
1903-1904; Alderman 1907-1908 and 1910-
1911; president Saskatoon Board of
Trade, 1905; Director Saskatoon Exhibi-
tion Board, 1906-1911; member Saska-
toon Parks Commission, 1907-1911;
served as surgeon Northwest Rebellion,
1885; one of the first prisoners captured
by Rial. Married Helen Gertrude Hil-
liard, Peterboro, Ont., 1894; has one son
and three daughters. Clubs: Saskatoon,
Pacific (Victoria), Laurentian (Ottawa).
Societies: I. O. O. P.; K. of P.; I. O. F.;
C. O. F. Recreations: Lacrosse, foot-
ball, boating, curling. Conservative; An-
gelican. Address: 36 Ed>=rar Ave., To-
ronto, Ont.




WZX^I.OUGHBV, Cliarles. — Of Wil-
loughby & Duncan, Contractors, Regina.
Born Brockville, Ont., Nov. 5, 1857, son
of William and Eleanor Willoughby.
Educated public schools Almonte. Stone
mason and bricklayer, Almonte, 1873;
engaged as foreman Moore & Fields,
contractors, of Canton, N. Y. ; Hunting-
ton, Ont., 1878-1879; employed in Pullman
Works, 1880-1881; foreman Union Depot,
Hannibal, Mo., 1881; came to Manitoba,
1882, and engaged farming and later
contractor, Winnipeg. Came to Regina,
1885; foreman for Jelley & Soucisse,
contractors; partnership with R. H. Wil-
liams, 1886-1891; founded present Arm
1896; manager Construction Co. of Re-
gina; Director Inter-Ocean Pressed
Brick Co.; Director Capital Ice Co.; Di-
rector Regina Foundry and Beaver Lum-
ber Co.; President Regina Lumber and
Supply Co.; Alderman Regina, 1897-1898;
elected for 1911 and 1912. Married Mary
Ellen Rea, Almonte, Ont., 1889; has one
son and two daughters. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C. O.. F. Rec-
creations: Baseball, curling, lacrosse.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: 2041
Cornwall St., Regina, Sask.

'WIXI^OUaEBT, Samuel Thomas. —

Publisher, Proprietor The Enterprise.
Born Listowel, Ont., June 20, 1882, son
of Thomas Henry and Anna M. Willough-
by. Educated Listowel public schools;
came to Saskatchewan, 1902; engaged as
editor, Rosthern, since 1906. Society:
Rosthern Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Address:
Rosthern, Sask.


WILLOUGHBY, Wellingrton Bartley,
B. A., LL. B. — Of Willoughby, Pickett,
Craig and McWilliams, Barristers, Union
Bank Bldg., Moose Jaw. Born Charles-
ton, Peel County, Ont., July 10, 1859.
son of John and Margaret A. Willough-
by. Educated Hamilton College Insti-
tute, Toronto University. Law student
with McMichael, Hoskins & Ogden, To-
ronto, 1883; admitted to Ontario Bar,
1886; practiced under firm name of Wil-
loughby, McPhillips and Cameron, To-
ronto. Came to Moose Jaw, 1897; ap-
pointed City Solicitor, Moose Jaw, 1908;
President Law Society for Saskatchewan,
member Senate Saskatchewan Univer-
sity; Director Moose Jaw Realty Co.;
Director Moose Jaw Land Co.; Director
Saskatchewan Loan and Investment Co.,
Ltd. Unsuccessful Conservative candi-
date for House of Commons, 1895. Mem-
ber Saskatchewan Legislature, for Moose
Jaw and leader of the opposition, 1912.
Married Susan Smedley Jones, Pliiladel-
phia. Pa., 1892 (deceased). Club: Moose
Jaw. Society: A. F. & A. M. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 56 Manitoba
St., E., Moose Jaw, Sask.

WZLLSON, Norman Carrie, LL. B. —

Barrister. Born Ridgetown, Ont., Aug.
31, 1884, son of John Neil and Kath-
er Willson. Educated public schools and
Collegiate Institute. Ridgetown; Mani-
toba University. Taught school Thames-
ville, 1902; articled as student with
Isaac Campbell, K. C, Winnipeg, 1905;
called to Alberta Bar, 1908; president
Conservative Association, Strathcona
Provincial Electoral District. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
Tennis, curling. Liberal -rConservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 50 Main St. N.,
Strathcona, Alta.




WIIiliSON, William Harper, M. S. —

Physician, Wood Vallance Block, Nelson,
B. C; largely interested in gold mining.
Sheep Creek, B. C, and platinum, near
Nelson, B. C. Born St. Catherines, Ont.,
Aug. 3, 1873, son of Capt. Harper and
Mary Willson. Educated Manitoba Uni-
versity, Winnipeg. Came to British Co-
lumbia 1898. C. P. R. surgeon, 1898-
1899; surgeon for Crows Nest Pass Coal
Co., 1898-1902; practicing Nelson since
1906. Chairman Carbonado School
Board. President Fernie Liberal Asso-
ciation, 1900; served with 13th Battery,
Winnipeg, six years. Married Ida Ella
Lee, daughter of John Lee, Carberry,
Man., 1902; has two sons. Club: Nel-
son. Recreations: Hockey. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: Nelson, B. C.

WII.I,W^Ay, Henry Hayes, M. J,. A. —
Farmer. Born Bristol England,, Oct. 17,
1866, son of Henry and Elizabeth Ann
Willway. Educiated Bristol grammar
school and private schools. Secretary-
Treasurer and Trustee of School Board;
President local Agricultural Society;
elected to Legislature for Pleasant Hills,
1908. Married Annette Bawden, 1892;
has two sons and six daughters. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Cotham,

WIl^MOT, Edward Ashley, C. E.— De-
partment of Public Works, Victoria. Born
St. John's, N. B., Nov. 4, 1845, son of
late Hon. Robert Duncan Wilmot (who
represented Sunbury County in the Sen-
ate from the time of confederation until
1880, from 1878-1880 was Speaker of the
Senate with a seat in the Cabinet; ap-
pointed Lieutenant Governor of New
Brunswick, 1880). Educated Sunbury
grammar school; University of New
Brunswick. Assistant Engineer on Sur-
veys and Construction of the Inter-

Colonial Railway, 1868-1875; Resident
Engineer on the M. N. C. Ry. ; Engineer
Kingston and Pembroke Ry. ; Division
Engineer on the Survey and Construction
of C. P. R., 1883-1890.; Resident Engineer
on Victoria Sewerage Works, 1890-1892;
Victoria City Engineer, 1892-1899; En-
gineer in charge of Construction and In-
spection of Dykes for Provincial Gov-
ernment since 1899. Married Isabel Mar-
garet Humphrey, Oct. 14, 1879; has four
sons and one daughter. Club: Union.
Address: 978 Nicola St., Vancouver, B. C.

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