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Santa Cruz City
Free Public Library.




' OFTHf \

BACON d. MACK, publishers

Board of trustees


DR. J. P. PARKER , .



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rt^'i-t-^ •

)rs all the
fl ^^ nment and


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lumber and
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A - A-^


-vt - tfiUvt^

Board of trustees

r.^^hr"" C ^anta ffiruf public gibtav^

DR. J. P. PARKER ,. V, \


SAMUEL LEASK LIBRARIAN ■~iilL!_'_ . - '' '

A. y^s SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, "^ -^ _^^ '^ ^ T 1 90_y-

"^^°^' -i^ ...^ -.^.._-

This Finding List contains in alphabetical order by authors all the
books in the Library with the exception of magazines, government and
State reports and pamphlets.

The number following each tit?e consists of the accession number and
is followed by a letter which denotes the class in which the book may be

Free access to the shelves in many ways so simplifies the classification
that lurther classification in this list is unnecessary.

The number of books accessioned is 12,660.

In the card catalog will be found brief condensed notes of authors and
bookfs compiled from various sources.

This Finding List contains in alphabetical order by authors all the
books in the Library with the exception of magazines, government and
State reports and pamphlets.

Tlie nuniLer following each titJe consists of the accession number and
is followed by a letter which denotes the class in which the book may be

Free access to the shelves in many ways so simplifies the classification
that further classification in this list is unnecessary.

The number of books accessioned is 12,660.

In the card catalog will be found brief condensed notes of authors and
book? compiled from various sources.

-1 S •- fi-


Board of Trustees and Library Staff of
Santa Cruz City Free Library*


C. L. Anderson, President F. W. Bliss

D. C. Clark, Secretary J. W. Linscott

E. L. Williams.

Miss Watennan

Mabelle Chace Richard Roy Linscott

lid! i ^ • V I- ■


Finding List — Santa Cruz City Free Library*

EXPLANATION— The following abbreviations are employed for the classi-
fication. Ihe classification is sub-classified and the cases and shelves so la-
beled: A., Art (fine and useful); B., Biography; E., Essays and Belles
Lettres; E.E., Philosophy; F., Fiction; H., History; J., Juvenile; L., General
Literature; P., Poetry; R., Reference; R.E., Religious (history and essays);
S,, Science; S.S.. Society; V., Travels and description.

ABBOTT, Charles C

Notes of the night. 9842 E

Upland and meadow. 2741 E

Waste-land wanderings. 1636 E
ABBOTT, Evelyn

History of Greece. 9580 H

Louis XIV. 11183 B

Pericles and the golden age of Ath-
ens. 11196 B
ABBOTT, Edwin, Rev

English lessons for English people.
11517 EE

Rollo on the Atlantic. 9265 J

— in Geneva. 9262 J

— In Holland. 9261 J

— in London. 9258 J

— in Paris. 9264 J

— in Rome. 9260 J

— in Scotland. 9259 J

— in Switzerland. 9257 J
Science for the young series.

Heat. 6423 J

Water and land. 6420 J

Light. 6224 J

Force. 6425 J
ABBOTT, Jacob and Abbott, John C
Alexander the Great. 4900 J
Alfred the Great. 4901 J
Cyrus the Great. 4907 J
Cleopatra. 4905 J
Charles I. 4903 J
Charles II. 4904 J
Darius the Great. 4908 J
Genghis Khan. 4910 J
Hannibal. 4911 J
Henry IV. 4912 J
Hernando Cortez. 4906 J
Julius Caesar. 4902 J
Josephine. 4915 J
Joseph Bonaparte. 4914 J
King Philip. 4916 J
Louis XIV. 4918 J
Louis Philippe. 4917 J
Mary Queen of Scotts. 4922 J
Marie Antoinette. 4920 J
Madame Roland. 4919 J
Margaret of Anjou. 4921 J

Wo Hlo LAni

/JO and //2 ^Pacific J^v.

Hardware, Sash and Doofs, Paints, Oils, ete.

Agents for Superior Stoves and Ranges
Quick Meal (ras Stoves, The best in use

We sell the celebrated Phoenix Pure Paint.

Telephone 131 Black.

Nero. 4y23 J

Peter the Great. 4924 J

Pyrrhus. 4925 J

Queeu Elizabeth. 4909 J

Queen Hortense. 4iUI{ J

Romulus. 4i*2*) J

Hichard 1. 4!t2G J

Hichurd II. 4!tli7 J

Kicliani III. 4it:iS J

William the Conqueror. 4930 J

Xerxes. 4931 J
"American Pioneers and Patrioto. '

A series.

Life of Daniel Boone., 247 B

Columbus. 249 B

Kit Carson. 5545 B

David Crockett. 250 B

De Soto. 248 B

Paul Jones. 5604 B

Captain Kidd. 6344 B

La Salle. 252 B

Peter Stuyvesant. 253 B

Miles Standish. 5627 B

George Washington. 251 B
(These biographies throw side lights

on the early history of the United


Civil War, history of, 3 vols. 4007 H

Napoleon Bonaparte, History of, 2
vols. 9822 H

Practical Christianity. 587 RE

Presidents, Lives of the. S922 8

Life and letters of Paul, the apostle.
12577 B

Alexia. 11501 F

Beverleys. 6224 F
(A story of Calcutta).

Feudalism: its rise, progress and
consequences. 7451 H
A'BECKET, Gilbert A

The comic Blackstone. 1146 F
ABER, Mary A-Alling

An experiment in education. 10494
ABOUT. Edward

King of the mountains. 6175 F

Saving a daughter's dowry. 6175 F
ADAMS, Brooks

The law of civilization and decay: an
essay on history. 9988 H
ADAMS. Charles Francis Jr

A chapter of Erie. 11657 V

Richard Henry Dana; a biography
2 vols. 6.535 B

ADAMS, Charles Kendall

Representative American orations; 'i

vols. 6514 E
Representative British orations; 3
vols. 6511 E
ADAMS, Davenport (ed)
By-ways in book-land. 7604 EE
Golden book of English song. 5789 P
ADAMS, George Burton

Civilization during the middle ages.
9582 H
ADAMS, Henry
■ Historical essays. 11393 H

History of the Unitfed States; 9 vols.

12124 H
John Randolph. Life of. 187 B
ADAMS, Henry C

Public debts. 8834 SS
ADAMS, Herbert B (ed)
Johns Hopkins university series in
historical and political economy.
First series. 10601 H
1 — An introduction to American con-
stitutional history. By Edward A.
Freeman; with an account of Mr.
Freeman's visit to Baltimore, by the

U — The Germanic origin of New En-
gland towns. With notes on co-op-
eration in university work. By Her-
bert B. Adams.
HI — Local government in Illinois. By
Albert Shaw, A. B. Local govern-
ment of Pennsylvania. By E. R. L.
IV — Saxon tithingmen in America. By

Herbert B. Adams.
V — Local government in Michigan and
the northwest. By Edward W. Bemis.
VI — Parish institutions of Maryland.
With illustrations from parish rec-
ords. By Howard Ingle.
VII — Old Maryland manors. With the
records of a court leet and a court
baron. By John Johnson, A. B.
VIII — Norman constables in America.

By Herbert B. Adams.
IX-X — Village communities of Cape
Anne and Salem. By Herbert B.
XI — The Genesis of a New England

state. By Alexander Johnston.
XII — Local government and free
schools in South Carolina. By B. J.
Ram age.
Second series. 10602 H
I-II — Methods of historical study. By
the editor.


J^a^en*s u/hite Cyc/ery


Per Rent

Life Time Gjiarantcc on all Wheels

Qld Wheels taken on exchange
Full stock of' Bicycle Sundries and

Bicycle Repairing a specialty and
all work guaranteed

J^. ay, Jeofrmann, !7^apairar. ^O. 3 T/flSSioU Street


ill- The past ami present of political
economy. By Richard T. Ely.

IV— Sanuu'l Adams, the man of the
lowu meeting. 15y James K. Hosmer.

V-Vl— laxalion in the United blaleb.
i3y llenrv Carter Adams.

Vll— Institutional beginnings in a
western stale. By Jesse Macy.

Vlll-lX- Indian money as a factor in
New England civilization. By ^\ n-
liam B. Weeden.

X— Town and county government in
the English colonies of North Ameri-
ca. The Toppan essay for lS8o. By
Edward Channing.

XI- Rudimentary society among boy.s.
By John Johnson.

XU— Land laws of mining districts.
By Charles Howard Shinu.
Third series. 11003 H

I— Maryland's influence upon land ces-
sions to the United States. With
minor papers on George Washing-
ton's interest in western lands. The
Potomac company, pp. 79-91; Wash-
ington's plan for a national univer-
sity, pp. 93-95; Origin of the Balti-
more and Ohio railroad, pp. 97-102.
By the editor.

II.III— Virginia local institutions, pp.
103-229; Virginia and Virginians, pp.
109-102; The land system, pp.123-142;
The hundred, pp. 143-149; im, pp.
231-304; Early American communism,
pp. 239-246; Henry George and the
beginnings of revolutionary social-
ism, pp. 246-257; International work-
Ingmen's association, pp. 257-264;
Propaganda of deed and the educa-
tional campaign, pp. 264-276; Social-
istic labor party, pp. 276-283;;
Strength of revolutionary socialism,
pp. 283-294; Remedies, pp. 294-304.
By Richard T. Ely.

V-VI-VII — Local institutions of Mary-
land, pp. 305-433; Land system, pp.
311-342; Hundred, pp. 343-369; Coun-
ty, pp. 368-400; Town, pp. 401-433;
By Lewis W. Wilhelm.

Vin— Influence of the proprieties in
founding the state of New Jersey, pp.
435-460. By Austin Scott.

IX-X — American constitutions, pp.

461-530; Introduction, pp. 467-472;
Revolutionary period, pp. 472-477;
Modern state constitutions, pp. 477-
482; Federal government, pp. 482-
504; Judiciary, pp. 504-523; Tabu-
lated comparison of modern state
constitutions, pp. 522-530. By Hon.
Horace Davis.

XI-XII— City of Washington, its ori-
gin and administration, pp. 531-585.
By John Addison Porter.
Fourth series. 10604 H

I — Dutch village communities on the
Hudson river. By Irving Elting.

II — Town government in Rhode Isl-
and. By Wm. E. Foster.

Ill — The Narragansett planters. By
Edward Channing.

IV — Pennsylvania boroughs. By Wil-
liam P. Holcomb.

V — Introduction to the constitutional
and political history of individual
states. By J. F. Jameson.

VI — The Puritan colony at Annapolis,
Maryland. By Daniel R. Randall.

VII- VIII-IX— History of the land ques-
tion in the United States. By Sho-
suke Sato.

X — The town and city government of
New Haven. By Charles H. Liver-

XI-XII— The land system of the New
England colonies. By Melville Eg-
Fifth series. 10605 H

I-II — City government of Philadel-
phia. By Edward P. Allison.

III^ — City government of Boston. By
James M. Bugbee.

V-VI — Local government in Canada.
By George Bourinot.

VII— The influence of the war of 1812
upon the consolidation of the ameri-
can union. By Nicholas Murray

VIII — Notes on the literature of chari-
ties. By Herbert B. Adams.

IX — The predictions of Hamilton and
De Tocqueville. By James Bryce.

X— The study of history in England
and Scotland. By Paul Fredericq.

XI — Seminary libraries and university
extension. By Herbert B. Adams.

XII — European schools of history and
politics. By Andrew D. White.
Sixth series. 10606 H

I-II — Co-operation in New England.
By Edward W. Bemis.


III — Co-operation in the middle states.
By Edward W. Bemis.

IV-V-VI — Co-operation in the north-
west. By Albert Shaw.

VII-VIII — Three phases of co-opera-
tion in the west. By Amos G. War-

IX-X — Co-operation on the Pacific
coast. By Charles Howard Shinn.

XI-XII — Co-operation in Maryland
and the south. By Daniel R. Randall.
Seventh series. 10607 H

I — Arnold Toynbee. By F. C. Mon-
tague. With an account of the work
of Toynbee Hall in East London, by
Phillip Lyttelton Gell. Also an ac-
count of the neighborhood guild in
New York, by Charles B. Stover.

II-HI — The establishment of munici-
pal government in San Francisco. By
Bernard Moses.

IV — Municipal history of New Or-
leans. By William W. Howe.

V-VI — English culture in Virginia. A
study of the Gilmer letters, and an
account of the English professors ob-
tained by Jefferson for the Univer-
sity of Virginia. By William P.

Vll-Vni-IX— The river towns of Con-
necticut, Wethersfield, Hartford and
Winsor. By Charles M. Andrews.

X-XI-XII— Federal government in

Canada. By John G. Bourinot.
Eighth series. 10608 H

I-II — The beginnings of American na-
tionality. The constitutional rela-
tions between the continental con-

gress and the colonies and states. By
Albion W. Small.

HI — L/Ocal government in Wisconsin.
By David E. Spencer,

IV — Spanish colonization in the south-
west. By Frank W. Blackmar.

V-VI — The study of history in Ger-
many and France. By Professor
Paul Fredericq.

Vll-VIII-IX — Progress of the colored
people of Maryland since the war.
By Jeffrey R. Brackett.

X — The study of history in Belgium
and Holland. By Prof. Paul Fred-

XI-XII — Seminary notes on recent his-
torical literature. By Dr. H. B.
Adams, Dr. J. M. Vincent, Dr. W. B.
Scaife and others.
Ninth series. 10609 H

I-II — Government and administration
of the United States. By W. W.
Willoughby and W. F. Willoughby.

III-IV — University education in Mary-
land. By B. C. Steiner. The Johns
Hopkins University (1876-1891. By
President D. C. Gilman. With sup-
plementary notes on university ex-
tension and the university of the fu-
ture. By R. G. Moulton.

V-VI — The communes oi Lombardy
from the VI to the X century. By
William Klapp Williams.

VII-VIII — Public lands and agrarian
laws of the Roman republic. By An-
drew Stephenson.

IX — Constitutional development of
Japan (1853-1881). By Toyokichl


Planing Mill and Yard, Foot of Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz.

Dealers in all kind.s of
Lumber, Shingles, Shakes,
Lath, Doors and Windows,
Plain and Colored Glass,
Plate and Bevel Mirrors,
Window Weights and Sash Cord.

Cank$ or m\ Kinds

Hgcnts for flermotor

TEi-EP^tiOisrE: lyijfiLiisi" le


X— A history of Liberia. By J H.

Xi-Xli— ilie character ana iullueuce
of -ihc ludiau Hade lu Wibconsia. By
Frederick Jacksou lurntr.
Tenth series. lOtilO 11
1—1 he Bishop Hill colony; a religious
-omuiunistic settlement in Henry
uuiiiy, Illinois. By Michael A Mik-
11-111— Church and state in New En-
gland. By Paul E. Lauer.
IV— Church and state in early Mary-
laud. By Professor George Petrie.
V-\ 11— The religious development in
the province of North Carolina. By
Prof Stephen B. Weeks.
Vll— Maryland s attitude in the strug-
gle for Canada. By Professor John
W. Black.
Vlll-lX— ihe Quakers in Pennsylva-
nia, 1622-177(5. By Albert Clayton
X-Xl— Columbus and his discovery of
America. By Professors H. B. Adams
and Henry Wood.
Xll— Causes of the American revolu-
tion. By Prof James A Woodburn.
Eleventh series. 10611 H
I — The social condition of labor. By

Dr. K. E. L. Gould.
II — The world's representative assem-
blies of today; a study in compara-
tive legislation. By Professor Ed-
mund K. Alden.
III-IV— The negro in the District of
Columbia. By Professor Stephen B.

V-VI— Church and state in North Car-
olina. By Prof. Stephen B. Weeks.
VII-YIII— The condition of the west-
ern farmer as illustrated by the eco-
nomic history of a Nebraska town-
ship. By Arthur Fisher Bentley.
IX-X — History of slavery in Connecti-
cut. By B. C. Steiner.
XI-XII — Local government in the
sotith and the southwest. By Pro-
fes.sor Edward W. Bemis and others.
Popular election of United States
senators. By John Haynes.
Twelfth series. 10612 H
I-II — The Cincinnati southern railway;
a study in municipal activity. By
J. H. Hollander. With a memorial
of Dr. Lucius S. Merriam.
ni — The constitutional beginnings of
North Carolina (1663-1729). By J. S.


Iv — ine struggle of the Protestant
lJi^^seuters lor religious toleration in
\ irginia.

V- VI- Vll— 'Ihe Carolina pirates and
colonial commerce, 1670-1740. By S.
C Hughsou.

VTll-lx— History of representation
and suffrage in Massachusetts (.1620-
1691;. By G. H. Baynes.

X — English mstiiutious and the Am-
erican Indian. By J. A. James.

Xl-Xll — '1 he international beginnings
of the Congo Free State. By J. S.
Thirteenth series. 10613 H

I-II — Government of the colony of
South Carolina. By Edson L. Whit-

IlI-lV — The early relations between
Maryland and Virginia. By John H.

V — The rise and development of the
bicameral system in America. By
1 homas Francis Moran.

VI-VH — White servitude in the colony
of Virginia. By James Curtis Bal-

VIII — The genesis of Calif oratas constitution (1846-49). By Rock-
well Dennis Hunt.

IX — Benjamin Franklin as an econo-
mist. By W. A. Wetzel.

X — The provisional government of
Maryland (1774-1777). By John Arch-
er Silver.

XI-XII — Government and Religion of
the Virginia Indians. ..-y S. R. Hen-

Fourteenth series. 10614 H
I — Constitutional history of Hawaii.
By Henry E. Chambers.
II — City government of Baltimore. By
Thaddeus P. Thomas.
Ill — Colonial origins of New England
senates. By F. L. Riley.
IV-V — Slavery and servitude in North
Carolina. By John S. Bassett.
VI-VII — Representation in Virginia.
By J. A. C. Chandler.
VIII — The history of taxation in Con-

nectictit (1636-1776). By F. R. Jones.
IX-X — Slavery in New Jersey. By H.
S. Cooley.

XI-XII — Causes of the Maryland rev-
olution of 1689. By F. E. Sparks,

Beautiful shells. 5083 S


Beautiful butterflies. 5084 S
AUAMS, John Coleman

Christian types of heroism. 8754 RE
ADAMS, Oscar Fay

Dictionary of American authors.

11249 R
Jane Austen; the story of her life.
12562 B

Collection of English epigrams.

4824 L
Good Queen Anne, 2 vols. 5113 B
Land of the Incas. 2199 J
Washington and other great military
commanders. 11776 B
ADAMS, W I Lincoln

Sunlight and shadow; a book for
photographers, both amateur and
professional. 12514 A
ADAMS, W T (See -Oliver Optic").

Tichte. 7637 B

Miscellaneous prose works. "Spec-
tator, Tattler, etc.," 6 vols. 561 E
Poetical works of. 560 P

Random shots. 2917 L
A F and R L (edited by)

Letters of Celia Thaxter. 9356 E

Three cruises of the Blake, 2 vols.
1424 V

(A coast survey steamer in Carri-
bean sea, Mexican gulf and along
Atlantic coast). )
AGASSIZ, Elizabeth Carey (ed)

Louis Agassiz, his life and corre-
spondence, 2 vols. 1234 B
AGASSIZ, L and Mrs. Elizabeth Carey

Journey in Brazil. 3390 V
(English writer of Spanish-Hebrew
Days of Bruce. 11331 F

(Robert, king of Scotland, 13th cen).
Essays and miscellanies. 375 E
Home influence (English home life)
2270 F

Home scenes. 733 F
Mother's recompense, sequel to Home
influence. 2483 F
Vale of cedars; or, The martyr.
744 F

(Expulsion of the Jews from Spain,
15th century).
Woman's friendship. 11497 F
Women of Israel. 6420 B
AIDE, Hamilton

Voyage of discovery; a novel of Am-
erican society. 7357 F
AINGER, Alfred

Charles Lamb. Life of. 6393 B

(Stories founded upon material tak-
en from English history)-
Auriol; or. Elixir of life. 6080 F
Beau-Nash: or. Bath in the 18th cen-
tury. 6088 F
Boscobel. 6091 F
(England, 1651).
Cardinal Pole; or. Days of Philip and

Constable of the tower.
Crichton. 6090 F
Flitch of Bacon. 6093 F
(Local customs of Dunmow for cen-
tral plot).

Guv Fawks; or, The gunpowder plot.
6096 F

Caseade: Steam


IDye; '\x7"orl

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