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[./// A'ii^hls rtserved]


















Cambrttige :


Add. 2016 n j ^ ^C^j 549

Add. 2016

Paper, about 7^ in. by 5| ; 258 leaves, some of which are
mutilated, especially tf. 49, 107, 108, 120, 123, 124, 126, 127,
130, 227, 229, and 230. The quires, signed with letters, are 29
in number, of 10 leaves. Eight leaves are wanting at the
beginning, and two at the end, and there are lacunae after ff. 1,
9, 69, 77, 127, 135, 143, 151, 161, 169, 177, 217, 223, 233, 241,
248, and 251. Tliere are from 26 to 34 lines in a page. The
writing is a good, regular, Jacobite serta of the xiiith cent.
The contents are as follows.

1. History of John the less or the younger, f 1 a,


2. History of Abba Bishai, written by John the less, f. 20 a,
,_ijjQ_. CTioAc)")? .»_i..*^i:3 1^] "i-a-._r^ v9^"l? lA-^-ii^^ »^oZ

3. History of the senator Xenophon, his wife Maria, and
their sons John and Arcadius, who all entered convents, f. 36 6,

.")v-»-»^^ U'l^ij oooij w^oio i"o ^y^jlo , cjiZAj]
■ 4. History of Macarius the great, the Egyptian, f. 44 a,

5. History of Abba Shaniidin or Sanutius, f. 66 d,

•li \sLdo 1; I V)^ ^?0 1 • '\d\\ 1Aj..LjZ ^oZ
Slightly imperfect.

550 Add. 2016

G. History of Maximus and Domitius, f. 77 a,

(6'ic-) ,SDa±^\0} wjOIQJLrb :*CDa-i_^050 (sic) «£Da.

Slightly imperfect.

7. History of Antony, f. 94 6,

• ijpujl-.? V«_.5 ^cDaj-Jo^j] 1^1? "IAjuI^jZ ^oZ

8. History of Evagrius, f, 123 «,

9. History of John of the Well, £ 125 h,

.G^y]^} ,_j_Kja_i5 "j/^ i s»Z k^oL

10. History of an ascete, a man of rank, who dwelt in a
tree, f. 131 b,

. Xl^]^ ]oai s^Ll-) j.^ (sic) \^,,K^ ^j "jAj_L^Z ^oZ

11. History of a virgin of Alexandria, f. 131 b,

]r^ ]i^oL^ ]ocn A-.] .]^ lAXoA^j ]L>.:^^L ^oZ

12. History of the revelation of certain saiuts, f. 134 a,
loon |i.Aj«J^ .pD i*J]? v?^Zaj..xZi.^^ASD5 lA^-i^Z ^oZ

Add. 2016 551

Zuocn ^^ ^\^ ]Jl? .-^]o ^4j_qid1j U^ ^ .juI


13. History of John, the son of Euphemianus, of Rome,
f. 136 b,

.. iV)o5

14. History of Simeon Salus (o o-aXo?) and John, f 141 a,


15. History of Mark of mount Tharmaka, f. 163 b,

.|nk)5Z5 l5a^j >cooo;V) ]mo (^? *ooZ

16. History of the emperor Maurice, f. 168 a,

U].i. ^ff) lAjJbZ :>aL .]n\V) "in^jQiD) lZ\i s»Z »soZ

^5 Qjcn .]Di^oai ]oaiJ omj . u-.cno\V)S ^\^ ]oai ^^ixdo]

.w»o .]Zon\V)>

17. Small fragment from the end of the history of some
saint, who lived 25 years in a cave, beside which was built a
convent with 30 monks. F. I70a.

18. History of Reuben (Rilbil) and his companions, f, 170 a,

• Vkkj^ ^-u^o5 ^^Sd ^5 lA . v«7 ^oZ

552 Add. 2016

19. History of Serapion, f. 177 «,

Slightly imperfect.

Part of f 179 h has been intentionally left blank.

On f. 209 b we have the subscription

.■JVIDJLDO lAj>LiZ 0V)\»
Then fuUows the heading
]\\V)^n ^^idAd .•]aiZ:L5 IjZot^Ld ]J Ij-riirD ^ ^oZ

• l-j"-»r^ ]Zoi£)]5

20. Extracts from Isaiah of Scete,

a. Precepts to those who renounce the world, f 209 b,

b. Sayings of twelve wandering monks, f 210 6,

c. Questions on the evil passions, f 212 6, C7i\-i? *^oZ
otZ^jJ ,^ , beginning :

(TiA^^ .U?Q"»-j1 y U-m' 1Zq~oi .Ua.^1 oT.^A_,1 ]ilo . In/^Q-.^^ Zo, n s V> ."jZoi in>o ."[^Zoj -IrH^-^?

21. Extracts from John Sabha,

.jId ]nfr> odi ^ »ooZ

a. Un the training of novices, f. 213 a,

Add. 2016 553

b. On guarding ourselves against evil passions, f. 214 b,
V«.>j ^Sdj ]Loi^(T\\ \^^ <^T^?, beginning:

Imperfect. B.O. i. 436, no. 1.

c. On the three grades, f. 219 a, . V rn '^j ot^jJ
IAj^kjoLd lAXZ, beginning:

rZ. On the middle grade, f. 220 a, "jA ^>n «Vn V^j otI^jJ
]Aj_Lj^iiD, beginning:

]l.\j^o ."jA^cnakJ? jlnooN .]j»j.£JAk?o "IjotjASd ^cribj
.u^o .lu-xno 111?? 1Zaj..»-/;k)o .|j_iA-o

22, Extracts from Philoxenus of Mabbogh (on the Christian
Life and Character), f. 221 a,

Imperfect at the end.

23, Discourse of Jacob of Serugh on Julian Sfibha, f. 224 a,

24, Discourse of Ephraim on Repentance, f. 233 b,

.]■ ^1 ZoZ ^> Ir^lS^ ,"ij_£l\k3 i<lj^^| wj^LDJ ^oZ

Imperfect at the beginning.

554 Add. 2016

25. Discourse of Jacob of Serugh on solitaries, f. 238 a,
]^r-»->-»>-> ^^? *^0OS ■ ^Jrk? *^oZ, beginning :

• IAj-^ wjjicju "lavlL -^"i ( g^\V)n

26. A second discourse of his on solitaries, f. 243 6, begin-

27. Excerpts from the sayings of the Egyptian Fathers,
£ 247 6, 'U'i^ IZoiiblj IX^klLo ^oZ, beginning:


28. Extracts from Abraham Nethperaya, J^ooij.!::] %^oL


a. F. 256a, beginning:
U^jo? )n I i'J»Z ^ t5(Ti ^LD5 Ijio^l i.-i-*i jJlQ-^^

. Z»o . ^^1 I nm.K>AliO
6. F. 257 «, beginning :
• >^1 I ■ •^ 5^^ ^-J^IZ U? *^-.?00 ■ \ j.jOn AjOOI ^Ali.i:r3

c. F. 258 6, beginning :

•:• j^j_CL2iki\ lie A JoiibAjZ

Some owners and readers of this volume have recorded their
names in it; viz. (1) cnV)M ^jos -^ ,0^]]*) .'^v , ff. 12 6,

Add. 2016, 2017 555

115 6; (2) :>QjaT^ Behnam, ff. 55 a, 93 a; (3) Rabi' of Tekrit,
j^ZjjX:)! ^^j ^[::Q\ IJ.a l>:il, ff. 209 h, 233 6.

Add. 2017

Paper, about 8 in. by 6 ; 128 leaves ; 13 quires of 10 leaves,
except the first, which has now only eight. The signatures are
letters. There are from 15 to 17 lines in each page. The
writing is a good, regular, Nestorian serta, fully pointed. This
volume is dated A. Gr. 2017 = A.D, 1700. It contains: —

1. Selected Questions of Isho' bar Non the catholicus on
the text of all the Scriptures, t lb:

^o^isSis^ ^A^o^o ) ^ox* *^a^^ ^i^ ^^

^lox ^isA .^iiop ihXjsfixio X^A^of^p'^ 'lis^Sjap

♦^'a-a^oaid. ^^ ^aa ^^aatio ;Io^ ^XA^p .^Isii^

See B.O. iii. 1, p. 106.
The Pentateuch, f. lb:

. ^baiflul paL^ lia]ak

The Beth Mautebhe, f. 26 6.
The Prophets, f. 35 b.
The Psalms, f. 46 a.
The Gospels, f. 68 a.
The Acts, f. 93 b.

556 Add. 2017

The Epistles of S. Paul, f. 96 a.
Subscription, f. 109 a,

2. Questions from the Books of the Solitary Fathers,
f. 109 a:

lao^ \iiO -lis^Ln^ ^?^? ^Am^ <^4^ -IAm ^is
6ai ^A^ ^ 2s^ ^ ;^o.^o : ;L.a3 ;ibCD.^ ^o

Subscription, f. 112 6 :
:90u3 ^^^ ^^?^ ^V^? ^o6o ;l^2oi jJsa>»S :a\x


3. The Marvels of the Six Days of Creation, f. 113 a :
.Upol :sou^*isxii3 lisoi^is ^^^a *.b^ \«.Mi3 ao^

Margin, Jj*i)l >6^l O^I^Xate.^ ^^la..^ j^i.
Subscription, f. 126 a :

Add. 2017 557

.^isiMbo a^M^I >^tl*jsi<3 a^^ ^??C ^V^ ^^ ^?^?^^? ^^
wao^o l^k^j? ^^9K ^*^ o^ - ^^9 A ^9^ ^? ^a^»

The general colophon, f. 126 b, states that this MS. was
finished on Saturday, 29th Adar, A. Gr. 2017 = A.D. 1706, when
Mar Elias was catholic patriarch of the East, in the village of
Tel-Kephe, for the catholicus and his brothers, the priest
Hadhbeshabba and the priest Hormizd, by the priest George of
Alkosh :

.;*i'oI^ 2'i«>^i:3LXo ^*^'l ^o'i^ ^3.X3 <• ^tXoy^ ^i^ti

iSl M^^ ^x^aoV^o ^*\ibo *^-32 uioola ^p '?*^-^^ii

■ ■

?M3o^3 o7i.A»boa ^*P^^ -^^^^ ;^auiv^ ;tlAo^^

^^ 6;^ yiybM ^^26^^^ ^fis^a^? '?^^^ii -x*^^ o'yh*!^

oQ3i.l^3o\ ;auxti ;x^o ^Kj.^io ;i2 ^or ;lo3^akS ^3^;>
o^-sisaio oj^oaLiba ;^ktio^b oi^0).^«t«^3 2^.aEatl^i
.;^aiAaiV^^ ;A*^o^ti ;'^2 u3ib ;^33Lbo *^o32 .o7^\^^
w*ai<A3;o .^^boati uy.2^o .^.au'ia ^33oi uo^o^i ^^V^.'soo
l>fXi loa^i .3f*bp3oa7 ;x*xtio -^id:.? >^ ;s«xti .2^v»

558 Add. 2017

Ou f". 127 6 begins a note by the scribe, imperfect at the
end, giving an account of an outbreak at 'Umadiya ('Amediya,

AjiU*JI) under a so-called Mahdi in the year 2017, a.d. 1706 :

.xoJoSl lisAOa^ o^-aisobo ^ ^o .oi^sa^o^ ^bo ^a^.^l
236^2 ^^^ -^^ 2a>£L23 ■;^29N^^ ;^a^A^ ai^ ^^&o
.j:i^^isx2 ^'.b'^p^ ;iM<.aM^ ;&Xmo2 m^? ^^?V? ^<^
2aLM o3^ 07-33 ^Ss^x<.2o ■Z2*^&> ;L!S»aL^o3 op ^rl^^^
.w*o;pis^ ;:^o »^o7^3 2b^23 2auboA y.o7o\iEo .lpo\
^oio) ^isiSk^ oaoL^o .2aM» ^3)^ ^^^9 .u07<As< op'i^o

;baX uOlO^^ 03£l0 .;S33 3kM ^O^^ ObO^io . v^OO^^

3^3 vOOV^a O^^O .07.bOX «^30V^ uOIOulAo . ^.3L^

MOio^laa^ 03iba«o7o ..^o'i^ •^op ^3o^x2o .o^JSoAS^
^Q}^'^ d^Oxlo (f. 128 a) .;«^^.o ;3u6hO ^aipl^ ^2

*^OOul3l.33\^3 ^^S< «. 06«2&3 ; ^ OO^.^ ^00)0
0i33.A«.^.^ •^?^*^ ^t^? r^^^? *vOA07 .;^^«iA.^33
230^30X3 230S^ ^bp «^00>^ ^'Mi^A ou3.:io -^^ii
.•.00^3 lia'io'io i\io .ly'saiio 6m «^bop:3o ^A^os.3o

• / ^ • « f I

Add. 2017 559

.2'^o2^ Np^^ oi^^^o .;«r309i30^ ^-iBDa oa^o •2pxM

«^a;aaA <^a^o .^^V^^2 ^^ajjao lea] 2^±i^^^ oar i^2o
.^'Sofiap ^bo o^^&? ^tV^ o?^ V^^^^ ^o ->^.?^ ^^
o^a^ oa9is^23 h^sa ^^o .*^oov<^^ oooi oa3iiw^23^3

^3liy^2 ^:^3iK.3 .OS^^O? 3^0 .2>^m«30 ;^£SC7.33 ^OOp.^

oo^^2o .I'^'im istS oa'iti^slo (f. 128 h) .liyn^p ;^»o29

wboo jorSati w» 23u2 ou^bi .w^or o^bbiac 3kS Lixdbo

^/aatJL^ 09^0 1^66^ o«^2o .*^oa)iba6«^ ^*3 ^^ gQ^ao
.^*a2 OdSMMkO .23M ^a07.3 03yM02 .^^s^s ^'^<^o -^"^Mi^?
^52^ 233^0 .;^3C*3 o^ ^3Jii^? l^ y^ ^yiho^p 2xMio
.>«oaar uoiouii Skfoo .o7is*aaL^ ;a^ uoiomMi ^yx .^ay^
.U'y**l o^f^ ^ ^3^2 ooro .23^23 o7.!3i^, ^^ Xm 2^2o
;aLb .^ ^^92 2aubo2 007 ^auo .^^oo^^k^ ou^ft\2 ^o
.^o) ^23 \^ .23'xm3 oa^^^^2o o^vbsi ^la ^o^ ^^o

560 Add. 2017, 2018

^^ «^oov>^ ^^^^ii ^OC^bO 'JS^XbO

In the original binding.

Add. 2018

Paper, about 8^ in. by of; 183 leaves; the quires, signed
with letters, are 21 in number, of" 10 leaves. The leaves have
been numbered at the foot by a reader. Three leaves are want-
ing at the beginning, two of which were blank ; leaves are also
missing after ff. 5, 49, 114, 151, 153, 155, 157, 170, 177, and
183. There are 18 lines in a full page. The writing is a good,
regular, Nestorian serta. The MS. is dated A. Gr. 1988 = A.D.
1677. Its contents are as follows:

I. The work entitled 2'i303 ^o5u^ (see f. 55 a), also

called rS^aX ft»>OX.^, Pulchritudo Morum or Pidchritudo Pid-
chritudinum. In the Catalogue of 'Abhd-isho', B.O. iii. 1, p. 266,
it is ascribed to John bar Khaldon »(pa>j>a ia ^^<3^, who
also composed a large book of theological discussions ^33 Jsisa

)jmi039, and a third volume entitled ^JSOuSdtba ^iN3oV.2^ or

Mercatura Monachatus. It has been edited at Rome in 1868
by Elias Joannes Millos, archbishop of 'Akrii, ^L^o* jl^2 wi>»

2Sa4m3 ^<Aa^\y»V> 0Q3O.^h*b9, under the title of ^sisA

iiaop 3>*!3k3S3. He ascribes it, as in the MS., to John of Mosul,

liS^OSiO ^Ou ^3 (see ff. 54 6, 124 6), a monk of the convent

Add. 2018 561

of Mar Michael, on the Tigris above that city, and places its com-
position in A.D. 1245. Gabriel Cardahi, ^».\ij.Ai\ J-j5j.*«». j,^aJI
^jjl^l ^_^*Aa*JI ^_^jl.;^J), in his Liber Thesauri de Arte Puehca

jjjj^y^^JI ^\j.x^, p. 118, places his death in A.D. 1270, w>jl^j

The preface, which Millos has omitted, is imperfect in this
MS. It is in the form of a dialogue between a layman, J^bbA^,
and a monk, ^*"a*3, to wit the author. It concludes thus,
f. 16:

;isoA3 2auti^s3 m010u36i^s . ;^e l^^y Uy!^ ^2 ^6lo

.2'i303 ^oi^^xp 2fv»2bo u.c770ua>A^o -l*y*? \^ IL.^Jp^

The precise title of the book therefore is ^Soau^Xp 2^bo2bO

ladioa, and it is written in seven-syllable metre in stanzas of
four lines, with rime. It commences on f. 2a:

odl^ ^^*3^p -l^e'^iolsQ ^(j^ ^l^^^ '.^yiJ* Im^l y^

i^^ip^ia w^aa^iw «^i^ .l^oxa pouAa ^baxiio .Uoui^^b

.,;^^^ p3^2 la^^ .^bp2 <^^odu$^3 ^i*i^ iS^oaSo
B. c. 30

562 Add. 2018

Ixai ^^ .,;x^^ liixl a),au230 .;^S.'^ Y?^^ ^^N^

1. Warnings and injunctions, f. 2b: ^&3ktio5o ISOfOf .

2. Of the guarding of the senses, f . 3 a :

3. On faith, hope and love, f. 3 6 :

4. On learning and the reading of the Scriptures, f. 4 a :
^^^Slj. ^.b93 ;&3:SOUO ^^-^b ^ilxtJO ^jA^OU \^

5. On knowledge without purity, which is in truth blind-
ness. ^^SOa^OO 233X3 W.07 wiOia ^^OuSk/a ^3 ^^^>t ^^>
wanting, except the first three words of the title, f. o h (Millos,

6. On fasting, ^ol \s*, wanting (Millos, p. i!^).

7. On prayer, ^JSo^^ >iJk^, imperfect at the beginning,
f. 6 a (Millos, p. ^).

8. Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, f. 6 h,

9. On the different sorts of weeping at the time of prayer,
f. h, ;iSO^^ *\?^,? ^?? ^-M *^

10. On compassion, f. 10 a, yL^^OSiOMSbO «\^9.

Add. 2018 568

11. On liospitality, f. 12«,

.^JiaAoi ^'Slo Ijix^^l \30Jei \^

12. Admonitions to the clergy, f. 12 6, }£S3>^ ^*?,'? ^fsofOf

13. On the observance of Sunday and the Dominical festi-
vals, f. 13 6,

14. On usury, f. 14 a, ^*S»^0 ^ J^*^? ^^•

15. On moderation and temperance, f. 14 6,

16. On dreams, f. 15 6,

17. That a father must instruct his children in the doc-
trines of the Church, f. 16 a,

^^i'^^X ^jA^cL. wkO^osoLJ^ '^^? ^P^ ^ H^^p m07 «^

18. Of astrology and magic, f. 19 a,

19. On greed, f. 22 b,

20. On envy and the evil eye, f. 23 a,


564 Add. 2018

21. On pride and arrogance in their different forms, f. 24 6,

22. F. 25 a, 07^1^30 Is^Om \^ .

t ' ' '

23. F. 25 6, o1^<u_^d^o ^A^ox \^.

24. F. 26 a, Jiso^a ^ .

25. On humility, f. 26 a,

26. On fornication, f. 28 6,

27. On the senses as giving occasion thereto, f. 29 a,
«^C7^ba lAlis^ liO^l ^2po -^JeV^ t;^? U'a^ou* \s<
;^oaf. Of sight, f. 29 a, ;iSfM \s*a; hearing, f. 29 6, ^?
;^i»».X.» ; smell, f. 29 6, ;jbo.m \.^ ; taste, f. 30 a, ^^
lislAS^ , and touch, f. 30 6, J^xV, ^ .

28. Of chastity, f. 31 a,

29. Of endurance and resistance, f. 316,

30. Of keeping secrets, f. 32 6, Jf 323 ^isSo^ \^.

31. On falsehood and lying and truth, f. 34 a,
^isxatio . ^*op.»3 2&'3jQ>aMO ^^soaaAO ^^o^i^a \^

.(sic) ^(T^aop ^3^.al.o ^^ox.aiio

Add. 2018 565

32. On the seven times of prayer, f. 35 a,
Av^boao lisiJp'i^ ^P't^? ^^o^^? ^3^ ^3-3: \s<
lis**oJiXif^ '^fSOJ^ «^07.a3 ^aMiA.d IxJSO. Evening prayer,
f. 35 a, ^.b033 Z:sa^^; compline, f. 85 6, ^£S^aiQ>3 ^£SO^m;
of the use of vigils, f. 35 h, Ibo^X ♦. D^ou «\^ ; midnight or
lauds, f. 36 &, ^I.V!^3 qi^jS^kS? }^a^^ \i«; morning prayer,
f. 37 h, 23^ Ja Z^O^e- ; at the third hour, f. 87 h, .;*»aJd l^i^
^iS*4A^ ^^^^o; a^ ^1^6 si^^h hour, f. 38 a, .^3JS ^^^
;iSiifj.isx ;i^XO; at the ninth hour, f. 38 6, .;l.^A^ %i.y^

33. Praise of Death and Blame of Life, f. 39 a,

34. Against weeping for the dead, f. 42 h,

.^^dibo «^ ^pa ^o %'^ \s<3

35. The cause of grief and sorrow, f. 43 a,

36. The cause of love and attachment, f. 46 a,

37. Of rank and power, f. 49 h, .^JSOlxa >^lw
Imperfect (see Millos, p. >mS^).

38. That one should bear all evils willingly, and not hurt,
though able to do so, which is voluntary humility, not compul-
sory, f. 50 a,

566" Add. 2018

Imperfect at the beginning (see Millos, p. l^, line 1).
od. Of drinking wine and drunkenness, f. 51 b,

On f. 54? 6 is the passage which Millos has placed as a foot-
note on p. Om; but it is inserted here after the verse o^o

4U. Of the training of novices, f. 55 b,

The contents of this chapter are taken in part from a treatise
by John of Daliyah, a^MJJI^ perhaps the same as 'Abhd-isho''s

07^*J^33 ^3mmO*, Avho wrote ZfiS0uaM>b3 2m3o2 A^ de institu-
tione luonastica (see B.O. iii. 1, 104).

41. A story of a holy man, f. 62 b, ^ a^p Z*Sf^-XfiK

^a^ti , in prose. This is omitted by Millos.

Another similar story, f. 68 a, 6?^ U'SOpp l^si**! l>s*Sx'^.
Also omitted by Millos.
Subscription, f. 70 b,

li-^\'^ o^p Isi^yja y^oi \^p ;^«^is ^'^'^^ ^^

.ar^^2^ ^ou^xo .o^.yjA ^o^ juX:^ ^Lao^a

Add. 2018 567

42. A metrical discourse on these two stories, f. 70 b,
;^I^iS3 ^07^3 liiobo, which Millos, p. 3^, has entitled

}JSOM»kbkM Ok^, of strife.

43. Exposition of the Eucharist, f. 71 6,

•Uiiip ;axo5 .!S«.^3

44. Selections from the Proverbs of Solomon, f. 80 h,
ia •. o.bau^b ucrou^ilba ^» >.^k^.S3 ;&f>^oi0 2S.m2»


45. Selections from Ecclesiasticus or Jesus the son of
Sirach, f. 92 a,

^ ;i3^o« ^^a^a 6s*lp isJio JsiouA ^?^?
^3 0107 .2aujQ3 aa o7.xaa ^199 ^ba*a^ «^bAXp }^bo^

46. Selections from Ecclesiastes, f. 114 a,

oim .^^orod ^»3 \i^*ii^ ^^? ^^^^9 2ado:^

.9u03 3^ ^ba*9^ ♦^ b a^Va; y.070^2 0010 .^.s^^bo ^3


47. Commands and warnings, f. 118 a,
3ao^^o 23is^ ?.t.xtt\ ^f^A>? .2'SarofO ;iktio^

48. Exposition of the hours of Prayer, f. 122 h,
Subscription, f 124 6,

568 Add. 2018

^^LmA xa^a I3M2» ..c^^Io «A^ •. dso^ "p^

;x«.aLd l^o^ ^3 ^^a* ^'i . 2'v»ba\ ^01^.0 .23is*bo

.Ibo^i ^^,? "^P -^-^^f
II. x\. discourse by John bar Piiikaye (see B.O. iii. 1, p. 189),

It is in seveu-syllable metre. See Millos, p. OJQJb. The

rest of Millos' book has been compiled by himself from different

According to the colophon, f 133 h, this MS. was finished on
Saturday, 16th Heziran, A. Gr. 1988 = A.D. 1677, when Elias
was catholic patriarch. It was written at Alkosh, beside the
convent of Mar Hormizd the Persian, b}' the priest George bar

Israel bar Hormizd bar Israel, for Mar , son of the priest

'Askar bar Kujkuj, from Arbel (Irbil). The name of the owner
has been blotted out, both here and at f 165 a.

?>\y\ ^^l JSUCp .^03072 ^*33 ^iSOACr^ .w*&0.^3

.^^»oi^^I^ ^2 ^.^cLa .jco .js>6j^.\^ aa >jQ>ba>vo3>^2

^a ^i^a>2 (f. 134 a) .^2 ^o^^Cd^ c^boua T^isx
l^ ^ou«l^ ai^i.xtj j:aC1^2 2is^a6boo ^isa^ba ;^y.xd.^

Add. 2018 569

[ J^] .iios^ loso ^'yajso ^c^l .^flU^oV^

ya \*3323 23^29 ^i.3 23a& ^p .i^^iay^ ?3;^.d
(f. 184 6) .jco .g?.3!^i^9 ^2 oi^ajyo . A^oa^V^oa 2a^*opo

^.s.33 ^.V,30u\ i>opo U^-'^o ,^ JK.i2 ^3 ^^.a

.oco .^bolfr^ "^r ^^^9^

III. Works of 'Abhd-isho' bar Berikha, metropolitan of
Siibha (Nisibis) and Armenia.

1. The Book of the Pearl, a theological work in five dis-
courses, treating of God, the Creation, the Christian Dispensa-
tion, the Sacraments of the Church, and the things that
prefigure the world to come, f. 135 b:

Imperfect. There is a careful analysis of its contents in
B.O. iii. 1, 352 — 360. It has been edited, with a Latin transla-
tion, in Mai, Scriptorum veterum nova Collectio, t. x, and done
into English by Dr Badger, The Nestorians, vol. ii. 380 sq.

570 Add. 2018, 2019

2. The Catalogue of Books, f. 165 6,

i' ' •'
Imperfect. See B.O. t. iii. There is an older edition of it
by Abraham Ecchellensis, Rome, 1653, and it has been trans-
lated into English by Dr Badger, The Nestorians, vol. ii. 361 sq.

Add. 2019

Paper, about 6f in. by 5i; 212 leaves, of which f. 118 is
mutilated ; 21 quires, signed with letters, of 10 leaves, except
the first, which has only 9 (f 1 being modern), and the twenty-
first, which has only 6. The last six leaves are a somewhat
later addition. There are 20 lines in a page. The writing is a
good, regular, Jacobite serta, of the year 1763 = A.D. 1452.
This volume contains ;

1. Selections from the third part of ' the Paradise' of Palla-
dius with questions and answers of the Egyptian fathers, f 2 a :

Lo^-t JLo-.A^ -jjo^o Ulo-ao )^'pO ]iii£D5 U^ i*<^^ L^'h

a. On fleeing from mankind and constant seclusion in
the cell, i'. 2 a:

loTi w_.aio^^] p xoQi 1 CO?] iol •:• \^m i ^olsi |i rr)o\ ZaX

"Add. 2019 571

b. On fasting, asceticism, etc., f. 15 a:

"iAi»j.rD ^ ^\i^ WnnArolo .^rDV^^ U^jojiii loan ^ilo

c. On the reading of the Scriptures, and nightly vigils,
and the service of the psalms and constant prayers, f. 19 6:

];n\.V:^. Ijoi^o .]:6l\Dy U-«^ ^ lAliZj ^]12lo
^ oocn ^i<D] .lAi^Lo] UoX^'o .IjoLdv^? ]Lm1cl»Lo
"l^rDoj looi ^?p3> ]ocn .-K>n«V) .-•j] IJj .^cdo-iJlcdjI U:]

rf. How to repent and weep for our sins and mourn con-
tinually, f. 2'3 (I :

] I n'no "jJar^uD A-»-nn Zooi jr^A^? 1^^ U^j] lv-»^o .^5^ki£i
e. On poverty, f 24 a :

572 Add. 2019

/. On endurance, f. 25 6 :

g. On carefully taking heed unto our thoughts and
words and deeds, f. 28 « :

/^ On love and compassion and the receiving of strangers,
f. 34 6 :

^1 U IdTDj oij-Lio .lnrr> ^ y^. ^>Z ]nrh ^v^ oZ]

I. On humility, and that a man should despise himself
and count himself beneath all men, f. 36 b :

.CTLl OOT »Oa.«_K»J - « ^ ^^ ,_k5 w.A>jA1D50 TnVnn i n\
]A . \o«^ ^ l^icO looi AjIj ."|Z(TLo] ^ - « i") 1oOT li^AjfclD

.Z;»o ."lA-^^TD "jocTi . ■ I n\o .]] I .. m jlSoi. oiX ")oot ZLIo
J. On fornication, f. 42 a :

* Chap. 7 is not mentioned, unless the mutilated marginal note on f. 28 a
refers to it, viz n A » Vo ^ ]1 g^ ri V> .

Add. 2019 573

15qj y,J\ cnmXo looi wjCnoAj"|o •V.plj.K^ ^ .j^kX IZo-lJIj

k. That repentance is accepted, and how we should repent
for our sins in truth, f. 44 6 :

I. On the working of wonders, f. 45 a (lower margin,
mutilated) :

.!>05lj oiZoiDj) ]-K»^Q-» "I^oLd ^\^5 Un-I? . onV)g^

• Z^ .{sic) nKr^*~,<^ ]^1 ^1 liSOl .(JlSiOr^i^ wjOljllo

7?i. Questions and answers, and the lives of the holy men
who teach publicly and in seclusion concerning all kinds of
virtue, f 46 6 :

^V^ oo(Ti ^ ' «^A\^ .]nm ^ r>-. locn ^k)] : ^-^J-iJA Ur^

n. The sayings that Abba Moses sent to Abba Poemen,
f. 54 6 :

* Chap. 14, ^y T^n is not mentioned.

574 Add. 2019

These are followed by other extracts, i 5Q b :

0. Comparisons adapted to the slothful and idle, and to
those who care not for their souls, f. 74 6 :

» V . ]ln ]i 1 *^ ..\n ."^Ls;^ ^JiOil^j "|AjaJl>Z *^oZ

^j-Sdj .|j..2i^mlD i»^j ^j^^jo .^illiiiii ^oaiA>^)o')

j9. Against the lovers of vain glory and those who boast
of their own deeds, f. 74 6 :

^'i(JLOLaLlD0 .\n^'r£D Ijo^TZJa^ wj.klj^> ^miDa^i j^oL

g'. Questions and answers of pupil and master, f. 76 a :
]i g^\<J-) r> ]^o\'.? .jki^.A^ . I iQg^o ]J1q.^ *r:ioZ

.iZ»o .V»o';£)

r. Other questions and answers of the holy Fathers on
mental vision, f. 82 a :

\m^,jd ]L(Ti^]-> |lQ.r.A^ . I iQg^o ]J]q_«o ]Lqjl^L-^ kC^oL

Add. 2019 575

..^o •:• (T\t >.\nn ] i\«n ^Ajj Ur-^-KK^ w.«_3]J oil!.

s. Extracts from the Egyptian Fathers found in another
book, f 86 a :

]^tn^ ^j] Aj.k:ij>|> "|Zai£il) ^ootX*? 1^',l* »^oZ
oocn ^,<n p IjV* oocn ^^kJl ]nro ^ ,-k»A -hr^]

^. Questions of the Fathers on unclean thoughts, f. 90 6 :
^1? oooi ^i!JD] v?^-i^ .IISo^ASd 15") .]]'^ tiJio-K.

t(. Questions found in another book, f 92 6 :

v. Teaching of the Fathers on the fear of God, f 93 a :

.Ij»o .]Zo\'nm ^ .m\n\

w. Admonition concerning good things, f 94 a :
^(7l\oN |2j5 loiZLj CTiAXj^J .1A£4^5 1)0101 '^l

576 Add. 2019

ar. Admonitory counsels :

2. Letters of Abba Nilus the monk.

3. Profitable sayings of one of the holy Fathers, f. 105 6 :
[marg. ]■ t'^Q "IZcJLC)] ^J^ ,-k»j] "JAj-JJiZoiD ULd ^J ^CioZ

^djZj ]ji_.]J .Ijdi ^J^ "jjA-iJ^Dj l^jo] ^^o^jZj Ut^^ "-^V ^

"jAj-CJlj ])01l yt^] m7n\^(rin ^OIOCTL^ ^_LD |>^ j • V> ZoX

•:• IcnZL? oiZolIcuj^Sd ^ iiiUJo

4. Discourses of Abraham Naphteraya [Nethperaya], f.
109 a:

(/. First discourse, f, 109 a :
• U-^^ ^l]kA Li] ib^? -ZJ.VK.? ^^.^ ."U^r^ ]i^]^

Add. 2019 577

b. Second discourse, f. 112a:

i^rbj ]±u]y .^.i-K.1 ol Aj] V .^-.jZj l^i^lSc cnl::^? ^oZ

c. Third discourse, f. 116a;

^jjoQ_» Aj]^ AjOOT ^.sNnn . \tSl-> ]il^]^ cttX»5

."Z^ .^]Z IJj
d Fourth discourse, f. 117 a:

."ij_»5a235 |j_2i2 A_»V»^? ^^ -U^^'l? 1r^t^ cn^j?

e. Fifth discourse, f. 119 6:

/. Sixth discourse, f. 121 a :

._»o ]1 iV^*^ A^]? ^-j-Xcri IZjo. ^oi^ ,^na i^ASd
Subscription, f. 123 a :

5. Discourse of Yeshila' or Joshua, the scholar of Hah (in
Tur-'Abhdin), the son of Sellbha dhe-Khairon*, in twelve-
syllable metre, f. 123 a :

^0;.j^5 "lin^2^. ^^ U-^U-» (sic) ]r)c^rr\ VXQ_«_i5 I^SdISD ^oZ
* Probably meaning "tlie son of Khaiion."

B. c. 37

578 Add. 2019

]J,o w_,^ .vi::clcl1j ^^^? lAjoa.«.ki£i] .]j]5 Aj-rii ^^.d?

jJo wj-i^A-.]© ^A2ii. 1AXl5 oiknj -r^jj ir^J -i-j^o )>Ql.lj:lL->

This writer was posterior to Barhebraeus, whom he quotes
on f. 130 b as ]-»;ns -^ "|joJLLd ^QJ^].

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