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has been designedly effaced. I can only read :

The same name, and that of another owner, stood on f. 352 6,
but the greater part of this leaf has been torn away.

F. 4 6 exhibits a cross surrounded by an ornamental border.

Add. 3279

Paper, about 6 in. by 4| ; 192 leaves. The older portion of
the manuscript, ff. 22 — 182, consists of quires of 8 or 10 leaves,
signed with Syriac letters (»-• to y^) and from i^ij onwards
with Arabic words also (e.g., f. 102 6, j-^ ^■>^^ tr*!/^' ; f- 182 b,


Add. 3279

^J^JJiJli\ ^t^l). There were 20 lines in each page. The
writing is a close, regular, Jacobite serta, of the xviith cent. —

— except ff. 89 b — 92 b, where the writing is larger and more
straggling, with only 10 lines in the page. The remainder of
the manuscript, if. 1 — 21 and 183 — 191, is a more recent
supply. The writing is less neat and regular, with 17 lines in
a page. It belongs to the first half of the xviiith cent, (water-
mark, 3 crescents with letters, viz. O, [|, and [^ [j). The con-
tents are —

Discourses of Isaac of Nineveh in an Arabic translation.
The order is however quite different from that of the MSS.
described by Assemani, Bibl. Orient, i. 446 sqq., and the version

I. 1. On love of silence, f . 1 6 :
^ .^1 "i-w]© cTiik >g),Q^ w^jO^^o ^Ulo ^Ul y>mn

*4^j^o :>ajlr^ Zaii£a2^ ]^] .{sic) Zonm^ aionm^

'^ to] ."|(TiA\i. ]-i-»l cnA\A^ 01501 ^Jkisa (sic) cfilD^I:^

- > c^ rn. . . ^ 6i5l^^ ^ tolo .>cd]i ^ o^nm ^\^

Ajjoto LuLk^ ^iaiS^\ Kp^ r^ "Mo .CTiX-.!^^

m t ^ (TIA.A-J ai.o,.yZo .ctlXdIj

.-iCn]jj [marg. ,_.501o]


See Assemani, B.O. i. 456, col. 2, liber in, sermo 23.

Add. 3279 827

2. On the motion of the bodily members, f. 2 a :

; I .1 no IoiIjIjI J-»-\H^ .IqjiJ^ _*J^ .nn<=^i ^ ^L

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 24.

3. On the varieties and mutations of sorrows or trials, and
how much delight and pleasure accrues to those who suffer
patiently on behalf of the truth, etc., f . 5 6 :

UiDO vlW^V! ^UA^Io vilojl . As A\1A2L ;V^.V)^

.Q^^^ ^ai)Z |L^ 4^^ r^ loi^JLiD ,p]Z ^i;ja.^

'"ZTi .ai2:i»j.DZ on an (tl^Lsj..!^
See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 25.

Then follows a fresh heading —
II. F. 10 a :

.^^^1 U-LSd G^^^f^ yM££)]±l^

828 Add. 3279

1. On the abandoning of the things of this world and the
warfare of the monkish life, f. 10 a:

jIctl^ :>alU-^ 'qId] (sic) ^jyL w.\s ^oPI AcuJ^il^

See B.O. i. 449, col. 1, liber ii, sermo 1.

2. On rest from this world, patience and humility, f. 29 6:

■rSi^^o :>qX]x1^ ^ y]'^o y^.NsZ ^ljIa^ ;V^.V)'^

:>aXtLliliD >co]i\\ otXIL - ».4^1 (Ti-r^Lb oilDljij .<ti]1£ldo

1aXpi.jA .lots (sic) »cdV]J^ oio ^'A^ ^j-lL _LjAki^

'ill .cn.n.OKK^ cfi^;\V)'^ ^^
See B.O. i. 454, col. 1, liber iii, sermo 2.

3. On the weakness of one's nature, f. 44 a :

See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 3.

4. Useful questions and answers ; on tears and their various
kinds, f 56 a:

*c7LL^]j Z].ola^o ^j]mSD oij-s .viol^^^ 3]v>iVi^
>n\n^ ^^L'^ *'=^ . n .oiNmLp ."JcjllIqjIo violOjJ^ ^^1^1.0

Add. 3279 829

^^j2a1L *:::3lr4^1 j;.lmk)jJ ^o^l j^l ^]^h .mA ou]

See 5.O., ^oc. ci'^., sermo 5.

5. On the ordering of the monkish Hfe, and how the
virtues are born one of another, f, 72 6:

^]kiL|Jl cJijL* ^ .{sic) 4ji^ ^ l(n^.\£:) ^"j^l^ r^oLl

See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 6.

6. On the various kinds of assaults wherewith Satan
attacks those who walk in the narrow path, f. 74 6:

'pi .jlcn.^j3s ]>c7i wj^ IoXd? r^ ^r^ :>oo]nLDO
See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 7.

7. On the second sort of assaults of the enemy, f. 7G 6 :

vU-^-^^ vOA-. to ^crij]^ Uo-oUlo vH^.«-l^ ]lD| .o_A^

lalr^ "jjDo .aiSQ^4^ en; ■ ^n loZ] ^ido .U-» ZoLqIL ^o

'pi .^IAtdo OLOh^ ^^^ ^oiZ"!?

830 Add. 3279

8. Of the brave and their warfare, f 79 a :

jjlflu] ^l^j.^^ . Qg^lo-j ]aiX2 Ij-^]]] (Tijai y.\o ^

9. F. 80 a

^Aj_. OTr,!^ J^^IA^ .wju^.!^ ]?(Tl\ CTLCCu|.yj-lD ctlLj.o4^

^cd"j>A£d]J]o ;4J-^ ^ ?cnl.^i-k2lL Wns > iV)S-. aii^Lb 'lh^->

'"Zjl mrr^nm ..Vn^ 5q1d]J1 .-1..IL

10. Teaching as to what brings man near unto God in his
heart, and what is tlie real cause that leads man to humility,
f. 83 6 :

^jrcuU) s^'^Ln^ Ijjlno :>a^.LZ .^^^IL j]1cl»^1L

^'Z. 01^; SV)I^ OIJCJI JJ ai.2.i."» K£}-rL^ ^,1^ (sic) ;"^V)W

'^t .IjAr:)]© ^^tdI ctl\
See B.O., loc. cit., serino 8.

Add. 3279 831

11. On repentance, f. 88 a:

_j^ ^On^ ^ (sic) ;XCLL ^5"ij.,J^ jioxialk |4-»1

'«JI .Ol-u^ loiXl-yi-JO
See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 10.

12. Teaching as to how one may attain the beauty of the
monkish life, and how to glorify God, f. 93 a:

^]o Q\^Si^(j\-r^ 01; . m ^_nij^ i^'r-^^ vlcQ-J^] ^^i^'Aj

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 11.

13. Of the changes that befal those that walk in the path
of silence that is enjoined by God, f 94 6:

|k) V^lajlo (sic) l]-rl^L^ w..^ ;_«_L A^IZl^ ;V).V)!^

832 Add. 3279

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 13.

14. Of those that are in silence, etc., f. 95 a :

.;_i_Q-K» _i_^ ^Z\Ld a-L\aT.-y.Z jia ^"( ^\ ^q-d] •:• ]5|k5Z

' oJt .. I \oo w.A-o]^ - ' g^ ^^Z jJo
See B.O., luc. cit, sermo 14.

15. F. 96 a:
- ,. '^1 - ]] CTU] w.k^ ; ■ S »mk)|^!^ ^IQaIqIL (sic) ^]

.onV) (*'(■(•) •rn'L^]o Ui\\lJ^ VVJT^"^ f^ wjj-^ aiXI^ j«iLiA

,_iD (TLCD_2U (n5];_K. 5;.£dA^ ^ nCoZo OmN^yZL ,_1d J ^£la
v^oPIJ'l ^i)? . «■?? ^Ul-. V50 1 ^ b^JLQ tix£iZ^ Jl Oli^]-^

Add. 3279 833

.^ffia^^o ..^oVl .JnulJl ^-v^ ]c^ -A:^ ^'^' ^T

See £.0., loc. cit, sermo 12.
16. Of hope in God, f. 97 6 :

.Lo oil li^^ cn^;.i.SQl^ V\^r) ^o ^cn^-. -.r^ ooi

See 5.O., loc. cit, sermo 15.

17. Of fleeing from the world, f. 101 a :

This is all that the MS. contains.

18. That being free from cares is profitable to those that
live in silence, etc., f. 101 a :

]VD :>ofcD2ai]]l ;^Ai^ J^Vl ••-•^l.aiLDO y\^o X)aA

See 5.0. i. 456, col. 1, sermo 16.

19. Of the path that brings nigh unto God, f. 103 a :


B. C.

834 Add. 3279

^Q-l v°r\V^ cn^^m.!^ cnjai _*.^ iooi ^r^ Jo .^\j.\^

(sic) ^Z ]J vU^^l l^^T-*"! - ^^CLro'] *^' U^-^ ^oiZV*.^ ^]_.]

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 17.

20. Of actions that streogtben the evils of sin, etc , f. 108 b :
aT.»>^!^ )0;.-» l]an ^j:^^] . ».2^s yC,.m \1L :V>. v^^

^jrDjjJl L-y. n . ^"1 _»..l^ l?aiZ ^j]r:o "jc7ik)"|cLD "j? jksiuo

' Zr\ \\.'|^g>^ (nAri>.Kk2^ oiA^^tdI]?
See 5.O., ^oc. aY., sermo 18.

21. Of guarding the understanding, f. 113 b:

See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 19.

22. Of the workings and signs of the Divine love, f. 115a:

Add. 3279 83 .=

»£d|j_o •r^-\A~^ \i^^^\^] - »-^ Zli^^ jIo .G\\ I n^.-^ - ' ^

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 20.

23. Of various virtues, f. 116a:

See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 21.

24. Of continuous fasting, f. 118 a :

^ Aj.>j'Ak)l ^jAi) ^Ldi ^j.^ -i-flJoai ^j^Xn cn-yJ-KK^x

.^_ji_LCL3.X\ ',^501 w^^ w_,Zl5 A^H^O ^|kl.«.X\ ^O ^-1 VliZ^

See 5.O., loc. cit., sermo 22.
25. Of pride, f. 126a:

See 5.0 , loc. cit., sermo 26.


836 Add. 3279

26. Of purity of soul and body, and how purity of mind
springs from it, f. 128a:

.-CCLeuJ^ crij](TL^o .oi'AicL^ ,_Sd "jo^A^ oot .'m .. ^

See B.O., loc. cit., sermo 28.

27. Of knowledge and faith, f. 128 b :

.;_.1;xa.l^ voto cnjtD]J] .cjij_3]a^o5 cnSniLKj C7io\V)V)

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 29.

28. Of repentance, f. 129 a :

(TLi^oA^ ^ ^0;-«_l2Lo ^1A2^ (sic) ^LCLl^iIL l^]
.Ol^oA^io *Cd|j.^ Q~»-4^1 (T|V>M _A^ OIV^M .(TLL^il.lL

29. Of the various virtues and the power of each, and how
one exceeds the other, f. 131 a :

Add. 3279 837

oi^l^m^lL ai\-.^^ -.r^Vl ^^^ c71j1k.1o V) »oa^*Z

80. Profitable counsels, f. 134 a:
ctlL^xjJLd oiaXLnk) Zl5o>V) .^oZIJA^^ ; V>.V> 1^ V^l

See B.O., loc. cit, col, 2, serrao 31.

31. Of knowledge and faith, f. 142 b :
^ ZM-o ."^Z^Al^o ..?W1L ^LQ^iiilL J4.I0

.ouILdPI -^^(^'^ cn^f-LlD vp^l .cnjISDyio cn^^i^Lo^

See B.O., loc. cit., col. 1, sermo 30.

32. Of the angelic motion that, awakens within the spiritual
by the command of God's Providence for the safety of the soul,

f. 145 b :

6Hi^:^ ^ ^oZBa^o w^IA:^ AQ^i^^ ]^]

]i .e^ cR^'Ai^ ...cru^Pl ^IidZgiIJ] crilD^Ar:o ,_j_l.jU»OjJ^
^I^ .(^^i"^ ^JcnZ cn\!^ ^^Z ^ ^Z CTijii^ ^o]

'pi ■ . v>^(\^ :>Q\iLl|rD "r^WZjlJl .ctlq-kJ^

See B.O., loc. cit, sermo 32.

838 Add. 3279

33. Of the second work in man, f. 147 a

34. Of the alternations of light and darkness and the trials
thence manifestly arising, f. 148 a :

^A^ (sic) y-iL^]]] ^ ^oi-jjA^o ^ii:^^:^ aq.^^:^ \^^]

.-JAl^ ZW^AkjPlo c7iV)\6^o o'^\^ 'Loo "^^ ^.^^ ^l

rn].o^ (sic) ^^a^tsn] , i ^ V.5oU U^ vl^ vl -Oll]^^

' ^1 .\iiD IotAXl ^Z :>cA ]y]

See i^.O., ^oc. cit, sermo 33.

35. Short chapters against jealousy, f. 150 a:

.(T[\l^ (TL2)]nV> oi'cTLyt ^.uliA ^Z ^jAIL

See 5.O., Zoc. cit., sermo 34.

Add. 3279 839

Subscription, aXJI 03*^ O^^^^h ^^^ j-<ri^^ J«^, whence
false numeration subsequently.

36. Of evil thoughts arising involuntarily from previous
negligence, f. 158 a:

^ ^ZpA^O [marg. ^^UJI] M^^lA r ^ ' ^^ U-»l

See 5.O., ^oc. cit, p. 458, sermo 85.

37. Of patience for the love of God, etc., f. 162 6 :

^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^LVi^^o ^]^^ AD.^lk U.]

,_rr ] . o^ .cji^^LqI^ i^ocru-a r-y^Z .21^0 .C7i\^ oi^^uK^k)

' Zjl .cniD]lDZai"i
See B.O., he. cit, sermo 38.

38. Of experience that teacheth all, f 165 h :
cn^-^^ .^^ ^m^o ^lAl^ An^La:^ \f\

'P .^^ ^i ^52Zo U9ZZ

840 Add. 3279

39. Of spiritual love, f. 172 a :

\^j] -k) ^Jr^ fPoOT oilA ^j.rD_ij^l^ vO?Q-> ^r-^

40. That the Lord is nigh at all times with His help to
the holy, f. 174 a :

'pi . ^1 g^nN^ID CTIj^]o (TLLItD Po '^l^^^l*

41. Another discourse, beginning, f. 177 6:

'pi .^IjZ 01X1^ ^ikj cni;_«J^o

42. Of prayer, f. 1806:

Add. 3279 841

43. Another discourse, beginning, f. 182 « :

.vjv.2il^ IjA "f^-i^o -^(^ |LQ.»iiI^ aij;_K>,.l^ jj-aXZlo

44. Another, beginning, f. 184 a:


On f. 191 6 is a note of ownership dating from A. Gr. 2080
= A.D. 1709, but the name of the owner has been erased and
that of another man substituted, viz. the deacon Ya'kub ibn

.^Q_» ^*~-' OTJLCD WJ.S [y*^! vl^'-^ ^^^|CD._^ JsOjOi];^]

The deacon 'Abd al-Ahad ibn Toma owned the book in the
year 2085 = A.D. 1774, ibid.

In the year 2151 = A.D. 1840 Rabban Matta ibn Butrus,
brother of the bishop 'Abd al-'Aziz, bought it from the priest

842 Add. 8279, 3280

Uabriel, brother of the late niatran Simeon ibn »CD;^||J (qu.

Seal of Matta ibn Butrus below, with the date 1235 (of the
Hijra = 1819-20?).

On f. 192 b a recent hand has begun to write an account of
the Apostles, their families, countries, etc. Here are mentioned
S. Peter, S. Andrew, and S. James the son of Zebedee. The
last leaf, containing the remainder of this tractate, has been
torn out.

Add. 3280

Paper, about 8^ in by o^ ; 176 leaves; 19 quires, mostly of
10 leaves (| has only 9 ; ^, 12 ; w_i to ,-», 8 each ; and »4-» only 5) ;
22 or 23 lines in a page. Written in a good, regular, Jacobite
serta, A. Gr. 1918 = a.d. 1607. The contents are as follows.

I. A Commentary, in Arabic, on the Lessons from the
Epistles of S. Paul, the Acts and the Catholic Epistles, as read
at the celebrations of the Eucharist in Lent and on other
occasions throughout the year. The Lessons are first quoted,
and then the Commentary follows, introduced by the words

^iil J15 . Title, f. 1 b,

Add. 3280 843

•••• ^-^1
The use seems to be that of the Malkite or Greek Church.

1 . a. Easter Sunday, f. 1 b, ^^1^ ^Q». »^\? ^o]
>COj O V)-^ ; margin, in a different hand, )C1L^._^.

b. Monday in Easter week, f. 3 a ; margin, w.,.-^ j-k>,_:^

c. Tuesday do., f. 4 a.

d. Wednesday do., f. 5 b.

e. Thursday do., f 7 b.

/. Friday do., f. 9 a, ar^^TD -^^ oii^ki^I^ :>oaj
v>j^_L; margin, locnjj ^A^DO;.!.

2. a. The Sunday after Easter, the Sunday of Thomas or
the new Sunday, f 12 a,

^1 ."[kJoi. j-K»l^ ^^Oj-liiQlL -.00^^ at: {sic) j.^]J

b. The following ferial days, f. 13 a.

3. a. The second Sunday after Easter, called that of the
ointment-bearing women {tmv fivpo(f)6p(op), f. 22 6,

b. The following ferial days, f. 24 a.

4. a. The third Sunday after Easter, f. 34 b,

844 Add. 3280

b. The following ferial days, f 36 b.

5. a. The fourth Sunday after Easter, of the Samaritan
woman, f. 48 a,

b. The following ferial days, f 50 a.

6. a. The fifth Sunday after Easter, of the blind man,
f 57 b,

.ik3i.]J|^ ^£)0t-LlQ2^ ^>j^.l^ .sn ^mSDJul^ r-»^]l

b. The following ferial days, f 60 a. Thursday, f. 65 b,
is the day of the Ascension,

7. a. The sixth Sunday after Easter, the Commemoration

of the Nicene Fathers, f 69 b,

b. The following ferial days, f. 72 6.

8. Pentecost or Whitsunday, f 78 b,

^ . m^nn ^ (sic) l>o"ilD2. ^£)Of.:^Snl^ oij^jll!:^ ,^] ^a_.

9. a. The Sundays after Pentecost from the first, f 80 a,
to the 31st, f 115 6,

b. The following Friday and Saturday, f 116 a.

c. The 82nd Sunday after Pentecost, f 118 a, to the
34th, f 120 6.

d. The following Saturday, f 121 b.

Add. 8280 845

e. The .S5th Sunday after Pentecost, f. 122 a.

f. The 36th Sunday after Pentecost, or the Sunday of
the Priests, or of the Prodigal Son, f. 123 6,

10. The Sunday of the Dead, f. 127 a,

11. The first Saturday of Lent, the commemoration of
Mar Theodore, f. 128 6,


12. The six Sundays in Lent, f. 130a, ending with j.>-»|J|
CTiJoZuV^ r-»^ '^"^o »CDj!nLQ.l^ ^^S"^ ^^ ^CDjicci^, f. 137 a.

13. The Great Thursday, f. 138 a,

14. The Great Saturday, f. 189 h,

15. The Elevation of the Cross, f. 146 6,

16. The Sunday of the Rich Man and Lazarus, f. 148 6,

17. The Sunday before the Nativity, f. 151 a,

846 Add. 3280

18. The Eve of the Nativity, f. 152 b,

19. The Nativity, f. 154 6,

20. The Sunday before the Epiphany, f. 156 b,

.ȣd]4^^ V^r) ^,1^ ,^]J1

21. The Eve of the Epiphany, f. 157 b,

.(sic) sd\^^!^ (Ti.^rnV)\

22. The Epiphany, f. 159 a,

23. The Sunday after the Epiphany, f. 160 a,

24. The Festival of our Lord's Entry into the Temple (the
Presentation), f. 161 b,

25. The Commemoration of S. Peter and S. Paul, f. 163 a,

26. The Transfiguration, f. 164 b,

27. The Decease of the Virgin Mary, f. 165 b,

.Ijoi]]) oij^lo oj]j_J , I s\
Subscription, f. 167 a,

5]_K.]J"| 0T.±£Cl1^ (sic) 'r^]j . »^ Cn-i3s (sic) ^Lk> ]iD

Add. 3280 847

CTLISD j]^] ^ ^ .-»_£) (JlAlD ^"j^^iJ^ ^O jjj^Plo

II. Extracts from several writers ; viz.

1. From the book entitled al-Hawl, a translation into
Arabic of the work of the monk Nicon, TlavheKTr]'i twv ipfit]-
veio)v TMP 6et(i)v evroXoiv rod K^vpiov (see Zotenberg, Gated, des
MSS. £th{op., no. 110, p. 100, col. 2; De Slane, Catal. des
MSS. Arabes, 1" fasc, nos. 181, 182).

a. From ch. 57, extract from Anastasius Sinaita, f 167 b,

.. .n]i . m^ »CDQ_i.£D"i4^nj'| ^,^212:^ *o]J] ^ ^-.] ^SO .CDO-.?]

b. Extract from Dorotheus, on Lent, f. 169 a,

c. Extract from John Chrysostom, on Lent, f. 170 a,

848 Add. 8280

2. From the work entitled a^j^I ^.l-iul^ a.oJ^' r-^*-**-*.

' The Lamp of the Darkness and the Explanation of the Divine
Service,' a sort of ecclesiastical encyclopaedia compiled for the
Jacobites in Egypt by Abu l-Barakat ibn Kabar al-Kibti (see
De Slane, Catal. des MSS. Arahes, V fasc, no. 203), f. 171 a,

.^-iA]Z. cnkji^!^ s>j'|"^'|o cnV)\(\.^ ^>j|^^Ld wn^lAr^ ^

The extract is from the chapter on the various sects and
their doctrines, and relates to the Sahtii/a, f. 171 h,

,_j.r:D]^n.lL *r:i-i^r:)Zo ; i ooAX|^ ^tlk*"! 'Arica.1^ iccij ^ ^^_i

]^^Z Jiii *cLk»"1 ai"|?oAZ^ ^ ^\on .n .'^]y\ ^Oj ,JiD

VV^nv" . jJo .Icnlio '|ai]_.'|,o ]Jo mlJoAZ^ ^^^ ^^"AZ^
^1^5 wj.^ lo-ytAj^lo ,](Tu^ CTi^ ^LdI fcoi ]]] ^>^»g^^

Add. 3280 849

.^OQ-kkLD ^'A^ isOOul Cru?Oai > \\ iOCTLO^Z Mk? ^^^1 '<->

•:• o rn ^ >o]]n^

3. An extract in Syriac from an exposition of the Con-
secration of the Chrism (to fivpov), ascribed to George (bishop
of the Arab tribes), f. 171 h,

1j>kkLd 61 -lij")) ]nan ]«V)>li2 ^1 Ijjs. 1Aj^ V\nn
.]lDQ_,) ai\j) ^ I s'> AXAts 6] "Ir^t? 1AaJux»Z ]v»M;

It is therefore quite different from the metrical exposition
in Brit. Mus. Add. 12,165, f. 262 h (see Wright's Catal, p. 848,
no. 78).

4. Letters of Simeon Stylites, in Syriac, to show that he
rejected the Council of Chalcedon, f 173 h,

.{sic) ]in > o . \n^ >cPo, 1 10 m \ (Ti\nn IJj

See Brit. Mus. Add. 12,154, f. 199 h (Wright's Gatal, p. 986,
no. 33).

* So. Read Oljl^iC,
B. C. 54

850 Add. 3280

a. To the emperor Leo, f. 173 6,
, .coaj-i-jDiiD ^aA .Avnlj OCT ^oMb ^J] Za\ lAjJ^yis .

.•"jodi U^OQO lyoZj Z; n'cD? jj»-s .* W V^mnAli? U] » u ">

p -'lij-*? l^NV) VNnnoN A-ilJaio AjV»-»r^ ]jo. i n\o?
"|Zci-»_l4? lj-a^Q-»o IZJQ-K. ^^-^ .-"jcnZLj oiZyi* Zooi W-^?

6. To the abbot Mar Jacob of Kaphra Rehima, f. 174 a,

tl-KjO) ^Q.^}) .]k3a..K»? l!-2lD5 vli^O D S i ^fiO ZoZ^ U^

1^2ii)> >r2inns . ]}_,5 _jlj3 wj^Sd •. ]jui^ IZdrir^lo |j^. > \ »o

»ii^niD "jocnZj j^^ "U] -ftn. «7^V) :>o,V)\n io^o •:• y)\>
: IZqj; n I fp V>o ]1 1 M >V ^Aj5 .]ai^]J . i ^\k> UoX^

c. To John, patriarch of Antioch, concerning Nestorius,
f. 175 6,

] I no » 5^1? ^-L>oQu ZqZ^ .c7i\^) p ai2:^) l^i-»^1 «^oZ

Add. 3280 851

,-J-Kjdj ^jiD ]{T1.1L iO-K.5o ] . nn . .-\ ~\ nKrr^ i ^'^-6^

icujj ^ ^Aa^oZI? : ] 1 V> Vcnlo ]^] ^ AjLSbjj v^^k)

o ■ ) ^Ak^o ^i]V)\ Im^aZASD )J tW MkL»> ^^1 ^Zo-i-tcl^o

The colophon, f. 176 a, informs us that this manuscript was
completed on the 22nd of lyar in the year 1918 = a.d. 1607, in
the convent of S. Mary Deipara in the desert of Scete, by
Gregory Behnam, bishop of Jerusalem. Incidentally we learn
the nature of the special connexion between the convent of
S. Mary Deipara and the city of Taghrith (Tekrit), viz. that
merchants of Taghrith were the owners of the convent, which
they had bought for the sum of 12000 dinars of gold.

]nJma£iO 1j_i_»jO) I-Lkj ilk) Vjcn U^Aij . . \v>A' ^]n ^^£s£i]

.]Lm^^ 1^A? U^2^?'1 UoiZL ]ja-fcX» .prt oVog^ j ]Zrt.])0

"jjli. ^jjo |>jj_. ^jjJ IALdcL -^^'^ oiloZa^j ]ocjio

^i-^ \lCi<05 ]iK>J^ ki-»J-9? lA30f£3 4-»"^^^l? Ir^rflO


852 Add. 3280

Lm^o] ^jASd) Ui^i^ ](j\l^ l^ A-i^j ]ji-»r^ It-fS']^ caAsZ.] .Uicji? IvJ-.? ] '»> ^ ^^[Ib U-JA-V-y^^ 1v^^

On f. 176 b are two notes of purchase, but the names of the
buyers have been purposely effaced. The first is dated A. Gr.
oj^1, which seems to be an error for **-»^y (a.d. 1677). The
other was written "in the days of our father Mar Ignatius
George and our father Mar Basil Isaac his sister's son, the wit-
nesses being the priest Simeon and the priest 'Abdu '1-Azali."

. )1 "^1 {sic) |j_icu JTZs)] Li.£Ls:i ,_lo

^Ool' - .O^nVo iO ]l aVlaV) JjOT ]L£d ^]


aiZ.0)C7LCC12 .aiA>st ;^ .r) -.. m .j ^sfc) .nnn > \\ . fr>«-^

» ■= I Oil

Below is written :

° 7

"Imol \^-i^ ]-^4^ )1 » mSo

Add. 3281 853

Add. 3281

Paper, about 8i in. by 6 ; 149 leaves, of which the first and
last are blank; quires unsigned, 19 or 20 lines in a page.
Written in a good, regular, Jacobite serta, of the xviiith cent.

Al-Mir'dt al-Majliya or "the Polished Mirror," a treatise
in defence of the Roman Catholic religion, composed in Arabic
by the Chaldean patriarch Joseph II in the year 2017 = a.d. 1706
(f. 148a)*. Title, f. 46:

w^j"JA.l^ >^ff)Q-. 5]iD ^n^g^^o^ ^^^t^^c^^ :sO;nV).l^ ^jJ]

The work is divided into five chapters, rulXs\ and each
chapter, except the fourth, into several sections, fusM. Of
these an index is prefixed, fF. 2 h — 4 a, which I transcribe.

_».^ ^jjTilQ^ cnl.2^0 ^"jAri.!^ oiddjois) l?A£il

001 U^tilL ]jlJak5 j,«^r-^o . »cQ^ljj:iI:^ vw V)^* ^cd]? »_.oi
w.»_irA jjl.A.^ _».2) tO^nliD 001 w*jA^ »cd1;^

* See B.O. iii. 1. 603 sqq. Assemani describes and analyses the Syriac
▼ereion of this work, ]An ijV) lA^V>«»i>0> ^oAs.

854 Add. 3281

^Iki^l 001 1?OT v] -»-^o .5l^A2|Jt> oiji-jlk:o;J^ oi Sin^

(J\£i]D 5. OOIO . rn . A ^ iOQJD »-k^ AX^AI^ "CdI^^

_*jj^ .^5]Jlo 01 n n'U-i-^ j. oi.t ooio .oin^lJOLl^

■ ^> . mVn'^ . . «g\ ai,.>j]o 01 I a V)0 aij-K»]o 01 S i n (^ ^jJDAi»^

^la . > g^ om^lSoiJ^ oil.}].o .oijljIido^^ oim i inW
(f. 3a.) .,n ►►^ Jjl^Z wjA.1^ ^OlpiU^A

.^0,j£) "^^h] Ola-SO ^o]]] »Cd1;-1:L ..^O^^sJ^ C71£D5o12J

mm > m\V

.ottdVi^^^ a > > 1 vn_ o 2."jao]r:i^ ^ oi^1^\n\o oi^o

•oim I in^ Aj_lo 01 1 Nso

^ ^,^ (sic) Zol^U^ ^ .^^ AllA^ ^^^^
Usoo ai]g^\n iooia jjoi ]ji^aj .^jJ^o »cd;4^ ^Ul

Add. 3281 855

.^O^ CnZlJZ 01j_2)0 ^j_i"|A^ ^];^

(f. 3 b.) .1I>OTa-uP ] I V)o 1 n IjU^ll cnV)\n^ ^01 n viSo

.^0^ on so?] OT I ^0 Aii.]A^ »cd1^2^

.ioU ^]o ^]l oi|]1 ^>.mV^^ ^^1^1 ^5^^


OT S I n ()^^ ?U-»Z1 oil <=^ lO .-*.2> A^lZiI^ ^^IL

■ IcnAiSnmZ ai i.Snso o,Kj_mkil^

856 Add. 3281

AjJD J ^aa2^ - ' <^ ^|o ^^ (TLi-S) Ms|;J^ »cd"|^^

.^o^ Mr:i5l cji i g^o .rr>V)la2:^ ^^2:L

i^luAlL j^Q_. isOOuJ^ ^ oul . I g^ A1.")A2^ ^^.2l1^

. ><=^ 3');-»l\\ (f. 4: a) *s"),i^O .CrU_^^J^ uj^ ^l^^jW

^ J^ ^2L."(a4^ (*ic) ^?GrU2 0(TI »CQ-».1^0 .UL4_k»-i,^^

%oi^jLi^ loiri wA2:L ZUI'Ai.1 ^2^^ wu^ ^1^1^ ^.^^
.-*.2o 01 i Nns.!^ ^CTil^^il;^ w^-ao .CTiK]3Ai.]J] ^ru ^j_2o

After a short preface, %o]Aa2:L ^ g)'^ ?■ f- 46,
Chap. I. begins on f. 6 a,
Chap. II. „ „ f. 32 a,
Chap. III. „ „ f. 61 a,

Add. 3281 857

Chap. IV. begins on f. 104 a,
Chap. V. „ „ f. 107 a.

At the end, f. 147 a, is a brief autobiography, which I copy
in full*. The author was born at a village called ,^u-\d2.
(read s£l»JD^L, Tell-Kef) in the district of Mosul, in the year
1978 = A.D. 1667. His father's name was Jum'a, his mother's
Shemoni. Here he received his education, and became deacon
when about fourteen years old. At the age of twenty-two he
went to Amid or Diyarbekr, and received the grade of priest at
the hands of Mar Joseph I. In two years he was made Matran
or bishop, and in two years more patriarch, when Joseph I.
retired to Rome. Joseph II. studied in the Mohammadan
schools logic, physics and other sciences, " because the Christians
of the East had no colleges." He composed the following
works —

(1) Sur4ru 'l-Abrdr wa-Dawau 'l-Ashrdr, which he trans-
lated from Arabic into Syriac.

(2) Al-Misbdh al-Munir, which he also translated.

(3) A volume in which he arranged the services of the
four festivals of the Circumcision, the commemoration of Mar
Pethion, the Decease of the Virgin Mary, and the Nativity of
the Virgin Mary.

(4) A metrical discourse in amplification of the ]^Ld]1d
^0105 IZo^-Lla-tO ^AjOiXI ^"^5 ^jJ^jpi of Barhebraeus ; and
another on the excellence of a life of exile, with a rebuke of
thbse who live among their kinsfolk, cn\on ^^l^j lr^P>0

(5) A treatise on logic, al-mantik, which he translated from
Arabic into Syriac, with a concise commentary in Syriac.

* See the Syriac counterpart in B.O. iii. 1. 603—4.
t See Sachau Kurzes Verzeiehnise, etc., no. 229.

858 Add. 3281

(6) A work entitled " the Magnet," »cCLi_^]i^^JiD, in Syriac.

(7) Al-Mir'dt al-Majliya, oijA-^^kil^ cnHjiolL, also
translated into Syriac.

- .Vnrr^ ; ^AlL (7lu;-0 ^ ^t^l^l^ -J-j] ^-^u^lr^^^
nil .,V> (*ic) *>.►-. JQJ wju^ (f. U7 6) OXLolo^ .(sic) ^Sl-kJ^Z
(TLL£D rn;r»n^Vn^ aUjj:!^ wo..^) ^y^Ok) j]. ,-00 .^.OlO

V) .aij_3]jQ-* ^-»-i.iiiLDO ai.k_i]!iDZo ai-i]v^smZ.o ^a^

- .<^m . ^ ^.t^o {[oti^] . I V) I nAcak? vJ'^U Jr^1°

wj.1^ ^^*-VaP .aijaijyin^ a\-.;.n^ ^ AXoAj] .ctiaic
^0 .oiZyLnXZ A>^Z 1j| j1 .^oP] ^aroa.. j^Sd cnX^

Add. 3281 859

Z] I s I n 0.^ A^ t^o ^). V -^^^ v^Vvn ..n^iVi^ ^xAi.

1^1 AV)\sZo (f. 148a) .w^oPl m^mV^^ ^Ol ^^^
.]l » SV) - '^ 5"j. »^^\1 vj ]Jci\o .^0\S^ CrikjZ'iD wjOTO

^ji^ ^ Lu-r£i ]V)V) .iOj«KK.^^Ai^ ]j-K. A\p |Lqi:53
.Zlr:lAa criAcD A^^. wj-£d5> ^^ ^j^o .]jA\.kkSd ^^'k>
, I <^V> ^IAd . . ^oU") . . 4^-»^]J1 6i_]^i^ :>ooiAX^tO
^ (TiAXqj ^fl^ ♦5l;-»]Jl *]o?o 51jjd]J] Jojxor:) oAykil^

. in;S^ ^ ]^] oiAXnj ^j.^ .; . iV>^ ool^^LO^
"joT-i-a L^L'y ^A^ Lt-m^ ..AyAZ^ ..^jul^j-mZ^ . i ^
p-ilJ^o .^QL.Aa 5]Sd vJrS'O .oulAril^ ,_iA ^] .jU^I Mr^j]

;V>iV) 01^5 AaJ.O .^.^tOV^ ;V)i Vl^ CTLO AjioZ wjj3\

. . »mlc|n2:^ . . »cd1j]J1 cn^]sV) .^liJaZo (TLC3;-yj-^ ^^ ^^.a

860 Add. 3281

cnll^ki^ »o]Aa£s cnoZuukm) y^o .w^5l_.]Jj ^ i n ^ji^ l>cn

^.L^O CrL»_j|jQ_. ai__— LTD . > g^ .g>\nVn^ m. \ ii ^^

]V)\nn ^QiDO ,£)AiiD )j"| 5] .(TLt^* I mV) Ol—LCD

ZoSdIo .^jU^AlIo ^-i-ilicLi"! OOT ocno (f. U8 6) v.t'^i^l

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