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On the margins of ff. 52 6 and 53 a is a copy of part of a
letter in Arabic, of no importance whatever.

On a slip of paper, part of a letter from the Rev. Dr W.
Wright, formerly missionary at Damascus, now secretary to
the British and Foreign Bible Society in London, we read :
" P.S. The Syriac Mss. were brought from the Deir on the
mountains east of Nebk in the north of Syria. I bought them
in Yabroud from Ibrahim Kataby."

Vol. II.

Paper, about 10^ in. by 7| ; IGO leaves, some of which are
injured by damp; the quires of 8 leaves were originally at least
25 in number ; they are signed with Arabic words at the top of
the first page (see fF. 14 a, 22 a, 30 a, etc.) and Syriac letters at
the foot of the last ; 3 quires and one leaf are now wanting at
the beginning, single leaves after fF. 7 and 13, two leaves after
ff. 70 and 72, single leaves after ff. 98 and 102, and at least
7 leaves at the end* ; 18 lines in a page. Written in a good,
regular, Malkite hand, probably in a.d. 1494.

The Menaeon for the month of Tammuz (July). In this
defective manuscript it begins with

1. 4th, the Commemoration of Andrew, archbishop (of
Crete), f. 1 a.

* Seven leaves are required to complete quire OT^, which was probably
followed by two or three more.

712 Add. 2880

2. 5th, the commemoration of Martha, the mother of
Simeou Stylites, and of Basil (of Caesarea) ; imperfect, f. 6 a.

3. Gth, the commemoration of Sisois, j.^«jl>-aw, f 16 a.

4. 7tb, the commemoration of the martyr Cyriace, yj^'^^ij^,
f. 21 a.

5. 8th, the commemoration of the megalomartyr Procopius,
f. 20 a.

6. 9th, the commemoration of Pancratius j^^Ijao, f. 34 a.

7. 10th, the commemoration of the 45 martyrs who suf-
fered at Constantinople, f. 39 h.

8. 11th, the commemoration of the martyr Euphemia of
Chalcedonia, f. 45 a.

9. 12th, the commemoration of Hilarion and Proclus, f. 51 a-

10. 13th, the festival of the archangel Gabriel (see the
26th of Adar), and the commemoration of the Apostle Aquilas,
f. 56 a.

11. 14th, the commemoration of Stephen, from the convent
of S. Sabfi, W^~' j^ Sf^ L>«, f. 61 a.

12. 15th, the commemoration of the martyrs Cyriacus and
his mother Julitta, and of Mar Asya, \»-^\ ] » rn k», imperfect,
f. 66 a.

13. 16th, the commemoration of the 630 Fathers who were
present at the Council of Chalcedon, imperfect, f. 73 «.

14. 17th, the commemoration of the martyr Marina, f. 78 6.

15. 18th, the commemoration of Aemilian, f. 85 a.

16. 19th, the commemoration of Dius and Baralam (Bar-
laam), and of Macriua, the sister of Basil the Gieat, imperfect,
f. 90 h.

Add, 2880, 2881 713

17. 20tli, the Ascension of the Prophet Elias, imperfect,
f. 101 b.

18. 21st, the commemoration of John and Simeon Sakis,
,.>?yLaJI, f. 115 a.

19. 22ud, the commemoration of S. Mary Magdalene,
f. 1216.

20. 23rd, the commemoration of the Prophet Ezekiel,
f. 128tt.

21. 24th, the commemoration of the martyr Christina,
f 1316.

22. 25th, the Decease of S. Anna, the mother of the

Viroin Mary, ^^^ i«.jj*AM i^9j, t. 138 a.

23. 26th, the commemoration of the martyrs Hermolaus,
Hermias and Hermocrates, ^TDQ-lIdjIo ..TDoPok)?] \j^\ ^3
(sic) >XDO I i^l;OfTnoV)Mo, f. 144 «.

24. 27th, the commemoration of the megalomartyr Pant-
eleemon, imperfect, f. 149 a.

On the margin of f. 1 a is written (in the same hand that
has made a similar entry in Vol. I.)

Add. 2881

Paper, about 7iin. by 5^ ; 435 leaves, some of which are
much soiled and mutilated, especially ff. 1 — 5 and 434 — 5;
45 quires, signed with letters as far as f. 230, of 10 leaves
(except the 28th, which seems to have only two, ff. 267—8) ;
single leaves are wanting after ff. 10, 238, 277, 407 and 415;
a whole quire seems to be missing after f. 266, and there is a
lacuna after f. 305 ; number of lines in a page from 14 to 16,
and occasionally as many as 20. The writing is usually an
unsightly cursive Karshunl, but some pages are written in a

714 Add. 2881

better Egyptian Arabic hand (e.g. ff. 175 6, 176 a, 245 «, 247 6
—249 a, 258 b, 281 6, 282 a, 290 6, 291 a, 299 a— 301 a). The
manuscript is dated A. Gr. 1795 = A.D. 1484.

The book may be divided into four parts, viz. ff. 1 — 238,
239—266, 267—305, and 306—435.

1. 1, History of Behnam and his sister Sara, f. 2 6,
.fr> . ,[n^ chi-i-iD j^roj-TD] aijj^nm [^O;.^ ^osn ^jA^iJ]

2. Acts of S. Thomas, f. 53 6,

^\vqd1 ^2u^o pjoii^ Mk> y 1 m ^o :>o\i, ^o ^co^^i^o

J_-::0 [altered into 5|^lja£3] ?i£)>aD ^^( .^TaIsPTI
• IqIdZ 5au ^ A\"|A^ .-i.^ aijIai^Arol

* See Eosen's Catal. Brit. Mus., p. 109, no. vii. 3.

t I.e., according to the lA-iO,J01 «^_^, J^l.^t. Other spechnens of
this crypt may be found on f. 136 b,

^] jV>i \fr)\ ^01^4^1 (sic) ^;A^0 ^OS;g^\ ^Ol^D

Air . »\s ^rr^^ »a^,V)^ ^]:d :>Qj1ar) frv ^oil5|J^

|jcn]ai ^ en; m so "ijoilai ^ ^rrvl ^■i-j]r)0 g^ ^

Add. 2881 715

3. The Testament of our Lord Jesus Clirist to his Dis-
ciples on the Mount of Olives, f. 108 6,

4. History of the silver which Judas received from the
Jews as the price of our Lord Jesus Christ, f 136 b,

^l ?0(ji I ^ ^ Ijogtij ](y\fOi] ^r^ oi^slI^ -rC:^
. o^Kj-olroA^o 5Q_.,^^ (n-rD^ wk> i mV)^ viocQj Vr-i-H)

5. Anecdote beginning, f. 139 a,

5cn|k? ^cliAk. *iij_cl4^ llAwt)^ oij-iji^ _»J^ ^jo ai^^j

ooio oiocL^Ara.. cji:i)ScL.^ aiXojoO Ui\s^ \^ i V)^. _».^

...•O OlX ^>^^ ]Sd ^(JIAID pKj"|o \\o^ .^^

6. Anecdote beginning, f. 139 b,

7. Story of the youth whom his parents wished to kill for
the sake of the heathen king, f 140 b,

and on f. 139 a,

716 Add. 2881

'^i^ ^ »-.jA -*^^ <^^ <:^^^ v^^^^ ^'^^ ^^°

8. Discourse on the Leper whom our Lord healed, with
some account of Naaman and Gehazi, by Severus of Antioch,
for the second Sunday of Lent, f. 148 a,

JjAdSdo 'Ur-'-^ cn]'^ • w_.,J^ ^^"^"^ ^-i-Xi. ot-^oLd

■ > Vr>] « '^ j<^M ;^5 (Tl-u2) ^ ' '^ -^ wKKj-miD^^ ViQ-CO-i »^^^

wjIA^^ y^Ul i^oo^ l^ru . . .ni^ v& ]» . ^ j^-lIoXZ w^W-v^o

ji.j_.;4^ l5o]rD JJLD -m /o^ ^QJD ^ OCJIO ^0,^^ ^

9. The Letters of Abgar, king of Edessa, and of our Lord
Jesus Christ, f. 158 6,

... . fY^^r. ^ ,'...fD\\ 1ai^.l^ ybiJ^ '"VJr^^^ CTl2l]rD5 oijoi

There follows, f 159 «,
.]cji;J^ »^1^ Kt^^ *>-> ' rnV)^ vxom^ 1-jJ-»-cd ^1q-^

10. The Relation of Pontius Pilate regarding the dealings
of the Jews with our Lord, written in the year IS of the reign
of the Emperor Tiberius, f. 160 a,

Add. 2881 717

11. Story of the death of the blessed Anba Kiros (Cyrus),
written by Anba *xci2)|nj.J (sic)* of Scete, f. 168 ft,

^j_j cn; j^rcLLci cjiZ3|-o AS-, 01^2:^ ^Q-ir^ ^jAoj

rfii o") (jujjj] (71 1 1 no^^ r^^V r^^ —ir^ Zlaij_»

12. Story of Salih ibn 'Abd al-Kuddus and a Chinese
ascetic, f. 176 6,

. -^^^

13. Homily of John Chrysostom for Lent, f. 185 a,
^<m ^ sr^n.W ioL.jZ %^Lzi^ oiXl:^ ^cllid ^jA^^li

14. Homily of John Chrysostom on repentance, f. 191 6,

15. The second Epistle that came down from Heaven in
the city of Rome in the days of the patriarch Athanasius,
f. I96b,

ai\]rDJ *^*AiLio 01 n i aoZ ^£clk.o oil^.^ ^q-L^ wijArnj

* Elsewhere written ]r} ^ i ^ ]r) . i 1 ^ aad ]o i . 1 .

718 Add. 2881

16. On the Warfare which the Devil wages with Believers,
f. 206 6,

V\y Ao^ J..^ ^o^ ^ . m .y^-l^ H&uL^ ^ar) ^ w^A£j

17. Homily of the patriarch Matthew on purity, f. 216 6,

18. History of the Decease of the Virgin Mary, f. 223 a,
Arc ai\]J") cn"j^1o ^oAr^l^ anjoil^^ o^i^J di^j-iD

The subscription, f. 238 a, states that the book belonged to
the deacon David, son of Makdisi Miisa bar Kutaib (?) of
Damascus, in the year 1795 (a.d. 1484).

II. A theological treatise in the form of Questions of a
Disciple with the Answers of his Teacher, f. 240 a,

mvn\w> ^ ,^Sd)Ja2^ 4^^£i "jaiJ-L ^]ic ^|mkj

Add. 2881 719

A^ZA^ ^o]Z (sic) ,_.jiiQXLXX ]crL^ ^^n. y^^]
crikAo ^>^j.mlQZ^ (sic) Jd *^io1 wi,.^ «nnm^o ,^.>^oA2:Lo
^ ^i.iV?oV)\\ ^\\^ |Sdo .ZIsdo »^A.o rCci<iZo oi2^.1^

^ ■ ^» (sic) CJI^jA^O (sic) r-^^o'A\o AjAZA^ ]i vVn

. t nl OiXq-D h rr)<=^Z *^j^ "j m > g^ ^ . '^ . mvm lA^r

. i^ ^^i^ ISdO ^?1o (sic) ffn . \«-^) . VV 01^2^ <^iU» ]^

It ends on f. 266 b, near the beginning of the eighth ques-
tion ; consequently a whole quire must have been lost here.

III. 1. Questions of Basil and Gregory, f. 268 a,

720 Add. 2881

.1*0 UI49 ZPZ :>CLLJ

2. The unlucky days in each month, f. 299 a,

ji^ jJ^ ^.1)3 *ii^ cX^*3^ L*^^*'' C)^^^ **^ >*^ \iHj^3 ***


^^j^^ du3 j»^ wJlj jjL«*3 j.^ (f. 299 i) <ui ja^ \L>ij*^3

^jL»J^)t j^ic w«s£^J ^o^i*^' j^*i'>* '<*^ >*>:{ CK/^3 **** ^>^ wJIj

j.^*3tj U IjJj ^.ffv-jj jl-tf> ^li (f. 300 a) Awiji j^Jt ^J^aLi "^J^ ^L»1
.j^-^^3 vO"^' aJJIj J^iJuk. ^ov«^ w^^ *^3 03^ t >>«afc. '> j^U ^jl^

3. A Calendar for several years, from 1794 (a.d. 1483) to
1821 (a.d. 1510), f. 300 a,

,Ja.JJ [marg. <iu .>g.>£ a ] ,^^^^j * ^"fj^ '*'i^'^ ?^'>^3 ^' **"*

* There must be an error in this date or in that on p. 721 line 3, probably
in the former (see f. 238 a).

Add. 2881 721


[marg. aj^'\ ^j»> if, »Jj Aw 4j1^a«im>j «^)I Aam> OlnJ*^ L5^ '^'^

Imperfect at the end, f. 305 h.

On f. 306 h is a list of the days on which Easter falls, from
A.Gr. 1981 (A.D. 1670) to 1999 (a.d. 1688), with a continuation
from 2001 (a.d. 1690) to 2010 (a.d. 1699).

On f. 307 a is a similar list for the Fast of the Ninevites,
from 1981 to 2000 (a.d. 1689). The column for the commence-
ment of Lent on the same page has not been filled up.

IV. The History of the Monks in the Desert of Scete,
f. 808 a,

It consists of a series of stories, originally forty in number,
as appears from f. 367 6,

1. Address of the pilgrim Stephen at his death to his
brethren the monks in the desert of al-Faiyum, f. 308 a,

.]\ SV) isOOlZPf ^Ol;.^ OiZodII (TLi.-n^ OlJOl^

2. Second story, f. 316 a.

3. Third story, f. 322 a.

4. Fourth story, f. 327 a.

5. Fifth story, f. 341 a.

B. c. 46

722 Add. 2881

6. Sixth story, f. 354 h.

7. Seveuth story, narrated by Victor, f. 357 a,

.\^] i-^n^ 01^05 ]V)V) vir:)]m2^ ;nn^

8. Eighth story, by the bishop Macarius, f. 365 a,

.>^om]]] cn3]nV)N ^]A.1L :^-^^

9. Ninth story, f. 367 b.

10. Tenth story, f. 380 b.

11. Eleventh story, narrated by the patriarch Anba Ben-
jamin, f. 393 b. Imperfect at the end.

12. Twelfth story, imperfect at the beginning, f. 408 a, and
near the end, f. 415 b.

13. Thirteenth story, narrated by Victor, f. 416 b.

14. Fourteenth story, f. 428 a.

15. Fifteenth story, narrated by Victor, f. 431 a, imperfect
at the end.

The remainder of the forty stories are wanting.

On f. 239 a is recorded the death of Khalil ibn 'Isa ibn
Yohanna, on Tuesday, 16th Tammiiz, A. Gr. 1804 = A.H. 897 =
A.D. 1492.

On the same page a reader has entered his name, Musa ibn
Zuraik, A. Gr. 1830 = a.d. 1519.

On f. 239 b is recorded the death of the deacon Thomas, son
of Ibrahim, as-Sadadi, ^^ij^l, A. Gr. 2079 = a.d. 1768, when
there was a great famine,

From the year 1830 = a.d. 1519 dates also a note on f. 267,

Add. 2881 723

^£1X1.1:^ - > V^ "[j");.^ >co5onrr)a-i5 wi^Sd aij5cL»o ^") ».j.mj_L

' «Jt 55. (JT^-^n —1.^

On f, 307 b, at the top, a reader has recorded his name, the
deacon 'Abdallah as-SadadI, w.*j jJ^ j^i»*^l aAJI »^*ft ^lio^
(?) j**.'N)l juc ^1, but without date.

Immediately below this is an entry by the deacon Muham-

^jL^\ j^^a-aiJI wjI::^ ^A (^JJI ^jWI w^l;iOl dj^A j^i jJaj

<^-«^t O^ waswJUJ ^) ^j^3 b J>.^a>r u C ^lio^ «^;}xJai]| ^^aaJ) JujOI

C?) c^jma^ «)Ujil ^^ 4j^) jko ffl* > - o (j«»^^

His name has been scored out at its first appearance by
some other reader.

The deacon Elias ibn Daud has also entered his name here,
joolj y\o »Cd|_iA »CD]ia.» ; and likewise Ibrahim, son of the
priest David, son of the priest Ibrahim, ȣQr) ^] isQ^CJii^]

In the year 1983 = A. D, 1672 the book was in the hands of
Yiisuf ibn Rizkallah, A.U1 ^^jJ ^JJ\ t-a-^^j.

At the end of this volume is a modern index of its contents
from I. 1 to IV. 10, ff. 438—443.


724 Add. 2882

Add. 2882

Paper, about 7^ in. by 5^; 194 pages, some of which are
soiled and others mutilated, especially ff. 19 — 21, which have
been almost completely torn out ; 25 quires, of 8 leaves, signed
with Arabic words at the top of the first leaf (e.g. ff. 16, 24, 32,
etc.), and having catch words at the foot of the last ; single
leaves are wanting after ff. 8 and 148, and two after ff. 190 and
194* ; 13 to 23 lines in a page. Written in a good, clear hand,
Malkite and Arabic, of the xvth century.

The first part of a selection from the Menaea, being the fes-
tivals celebrated in the Church of the Virgin Mary in the town
of Kara-f-, f. 1 a,

^ (st'c) j^JJt iUft^)! w.;;^ A**^^ O^^^S **^' Oi*^ L^J^

In these services the lessons are in Arabic.

1. The Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 8th of Ilul, f. 1 a.

2. The Festival of the archangel Michael, 8th of the 2nd
Teshrin, f. 30 b.

3. The Entrance of the Virgin Mary into the Holy of

Holies, ^tj*.l'N)t ^jJ ^1 UA^)I SjJIj J_jo.i, 21st of the 2nd
Teshrin, f. 47 b.

4. The Conception of S. Anna, the mother of the Virgin
Mary, 1^*^)1 SjJIjJ «u». J-s»., 9th of the 1st Kanun, f. 73 6.

5. The Commemoration of S. Ignatius, 20th of the 1st
Kanun, f. 82 b.

G. The Festival of the Virgin Mary, Ai-s)! SjJl^ ^Acf. jk*c,
26th of the 1st Kaniin, f 104 6.

7. The Presentation of our Lord, 2nd of Shebat, f. 127 a.

* Probably at least one quire is wanting at the end.
t See Wright's Catal., pp. 199, 325.

Add. 2882, 2884 725

8. The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, 25th of Adhar,
f. 158 a.

9. The fifth Saturday of Lent, the Praises of the Virgin
Mary, Sju-^JI •s»jtjL« ji>^^\ ^J^ j_^^laLJI w-» - M, f 180 a.

There are some slight attempts at ornament in this volume,
and green as well as red paint has been used in writing the

On £ 1 a is written, in the same hand as in Add. 2880,

Add. 2884

Paper, about 7^ in. by o\ ; 39 leaves, several of which are
much stained by water. The quires, of 8 leaves, were signed
with Arabic on the first leaf (see f 1 a) and Syriac letters on the
last (see f. 6 h), but not a single one is now complete ; 5 quires
are wanting at the beginning and several at the end, besides
lacunae of greater or less extent after ff. 2, 4, 6, 12, 14, 16, 18,
20, 24, 30, 34, 35, 36 and 37. There are from 25 to 27 lines in
a page. The Syriac portions of this MS., which seems to be of
the XV th cent., are written in a small Malkite character, the
Arabic portions in a good Naskhi.

The Menaeon for the months of the first Teshrin (October)
and second Teshrin (November).

1. First Teshrin (October).

a. 11th, commemoration of the Seven Synods or Oecu-
menical Councils, imperfect at the beginning, f. 1 a. In the
Arabic are mentioned S. Philip the deacon, Nestorius and other
patriarchs of Constantinople, the brothers Theophanes and

Theodosius, and Zenais, ^^J^^j *;y ^^•

b. 12th, commemoration of Probus, Tarachus, and An-
dronicus, f. 2 a. Imperfect. In the Arabic, f 3 a, are also

726 Add. 2884

mentioned Anastasia, Domnina 4,uu^, Dionysius and Andro-

c. 13th, commemoration of Eustathius of Kinnesrin and
his companions, Carpus, Papylus, Agathonice and Agathodorus,
f. 3 b. Imperfect.

d. 14th, commemoration of Nazarius, Protasius, Gerba-
sius and Blasius, f. 6 b. Imperfect. In the Arabic, f. 8 a,

Bhxsius is called Gelasius ^^ - J^ or ^^^i^%^, which comes
nearer the Greek KeXo-to?.

e. 15th, commemoration of Lucian, f. 8 a. In the Arabic
text, f. 10 a, last line, is also named the bishop Saphinus,

^yi^Lt (Sabinus).

/. 16th, commemoration of the centurion Longinus,
f. 10 b. Imperfect at the end.

g. 19th. Only a few lines of the Arabic text remain,
f. 13 a, in which are mentioned Samiit Oj-«lo (Sadoth or Shah-
dost) and a hundred others who perished in Persia under Sapor,
Mnasut bishop of Cyprus, and Maxistus bishop of Jerusalem.

h. 20th, commemoration of the megalomartyr Artemius,
f. 13 a. Imperfect.

i. 22nd, commemoration of Abercius and of the Seven
Youths of Ephesus, f. 15 a. Imperfect at the beginning and

j. 24th, commemoratioa of Aretas, 1^1'], CL^jla^Jt, and
his companions, in number 1250, f. 17 a. Imperfect at the
beginning and end.

k. 25th. Only the Arabic text remains, f. 19 a, com-
memoration of Marciauus and Martyrius, of Nestor jJa-~J, the
friend of the martyr Demetrius, of Varus cr*jb and his com-
panions, and of Valerian (Valerius), ^^\^j^a. (sic) (Chrysa-
phus) and Tabitha.

I. 26th, commemoration of Demetrius the megalomartyr,
f. 19 6. Imperfect at the end.

Add. 2884 727

w. 27th, commemoration of Nestor, f. 21 a ; imperfect at
the beginning. In the Arabic text, f. 22 a, are mentioned
AiJ^bb or aJ^^I^ and ^JJ^thj^ or l?^Jj<> Petoline and

n. 28th, commemoration of Terentius, his wife Nilaea
] .\. 1 (Neonilla), and their children Nitas, Sarbelius. (Sar-
bilus), Photas (Photius) and Hierax, f. 22 h. In the Arabic,
f. 24 b, are also mentioned Terentius the African, ^Hj-^j^
^*j/'i)' (sic), Maximus, Pompeius ^^J^^ (sic), and 36 others ;
Domninus ^_^*i«>o (sic), and John, Uaw-; ; Stephen ; the soldier
Saba (Sabbas) ; Paul, a monk of Paneas ; and the martyrs Menas

and Menaeus, ,^jUw«5 ^^ (?).

0. 29th, commemoration of Anastasia, f. 24 6. Imperfect.

2. Second Teshrin (November).

a. 1st, commemoration of Cosmas and Damian, f. 25 a ;
imperfect at the beginning. In the Arabic, f. 26 a, are also
mentioned the bishop John and the priest Jacob, who suffered
under Sapor.

b. 2nd, commemoration of Acindynus and his com-
panions under Sapor, f. 26 b. In the Arabic, f. 29 a, are also
named Eudoxius, Agapius, Marinus, Phocianus and Stratius

c. 3rd, commemoration of the bishop Acepsimas, the
priest Joseph, and the deacon Aitalas (Aeithalas), who suffered
under Sapor, and of the restoration of the church of S. George
at Lydda, f. 29 b. In the Arabic is mentioned another Acepsi-
mas, who lived in the time of Theodosius the Great, f. 31 a.

d. 4th, commemoration of Nicander and liis companions,
f. 81 b. In the Arabic, f. 83 a, are mentioned Joannicius the
thaumaturg, ^yS^^y {sic) ^^*-*J» ; Porphyrins ; the bishop
Nicander, the priest Hermaeus, and Theodore bishops of Ancyra;
the martyrs Hedesius, Severus, Theodotus and others.

728 Add. 2884, 2885

e. 5th, commemoration of Galaction (Galation) and his
wife Episteme, f. 34 a. Imperfect at the end.

/ 9th, commemoration of Isaiah the prophet and of
S. Christopher, a mere fragment at the end, f. 35 a. In the
Arabic are mentioned Matrona, Eustolia oJ^JslwI, and Alex-

g. 10th, commemoration of Olympas and Rhodion,
»£DQ_.)1;.2i-».^ (sic), Terention (Tertius), Sosipater, ^oajl (?),
Ariston (Erastus), and others, f. 35 h. Imperfect. In the
Arabic fragment, f. 36 a, is also named the martyr Antony.

h. 11th, commemoration of Menas, Victor, and their com-
panions, f. 36 a. Imperfect.

i. 17th, commemoration of Gregory Thaumaturgus, f. 37 a.

j. 19th, commemoration of the prophet Obadiah, f. 38 a.
In the Arabic, f. 39 a, are named Ghazi ("A ^779) the thaumaturg,
^^^laijdl \^j^i and [Anthimus]*, Thalalaeus, Paul, Christo-
pher and Stephen.

k. 20th, Vigil of the Presentation of the Virgin, and
commemoration of Proclus of Constantinople and Gregory of
Paneas, f. 39 6. Imperfect.

On the margin of f. 1 a is written

( ^^Jt^Jt fUt ^ yii X ) irij^^ l^^^J^

Add. 2885

Paper, about 8f in. by 6| ; 177 leaves; 19 quires, signed
with Arabic words, of 10 leaves, except the first, which has only
2, and the last, which has 7 ; one leaf is wanting at the begin-
ning, 4 leaves after f. 2, one after f. 12, and one after f. 34 ; 17
lines in a page. Written in a good, regular, Jacobite Karshunl,
and dated A. Gr. 2083 = a.d. 1771.

* Effaced by a wateistuin.

Add. 2885 729

A Collection of Lives of Saints, mainly identical with those
contained in Add. 2881.

1. History of Behnani and his sister Sara, imperfect, f 1 a.
Running title, !>0|JaT.£D ^^-^ {sir.) CTI^.

2. History of Mar Musa al-Habashi, son of the King of
Abyssinia, p. 20 h,

Imperfect at the end, f. 34 h.

3. Acts of S. Thomas, imperfect at the beginning, f. 35 a.

4. Story of the Monk and the Sage, f. 66 6, »::iai]^I^ i^iD
:>q.»Akk^o (see Add. 2881, f. 139 a).

5. Another anecdote, f. 66 h, at the foot (see Add. 2881,
f. 139 h).

6. Story of the Youth whom his parents wished to kill for
the sake of the heathen king, £ 67 6,

oioXAtu oiLdIo 0100"! j_.^ ^ wj,.!^ _i_0^^ CJI^

7. The Letters of Abgar, king of Edessa, and of our Lord,

f. 72 6.

Subscription, f, 73 h,

Ji^ jM>,t ^JkA>t iuJlJ^ O^^^J Aj'i^Jj C>**^' ***^ L5* j-^*^

8. The Relation of Pontius Pilate regarding the dealings of
the Jews with our Lord, f 74 a,

730 Add. 2885

(Von ^.*4j.£i^ »m^]L-^ (cti^jJ3D — r-^ cni^|.4^^il^ cnjcn

9. Story of the Death of the blessed Anba Kiros (Cyrus),
f. 79 a.

10. Story of Salih ibn 'Abd al-Kuddus and a Chinese
ascetic, f. 85 a.

Subscription, f. 90 b,

J-jU»-6 ^J^\.^ vo—'^W ^y)h '^^ •'Hi^ J-**"' •*^ LJ"*^ ^^^^
C^j.5 ,J^ ijjii t^9 ^>jt ^<r**LH' Ch' «^' ^^ v>?' *-ft-'5J •>Jj

d.»».^W «^ j^*'^ ^^^j*.*^! d-H^ («^c) t>oU J^ '>»-j>^b *^'

.a_. (sic) »4^LCi aij_CD

11. History of the Monks in the Desert of Scete, f. 91 a,
consisting of stories, originally 40 in number, f. 132 a.

First story, f. 91 a ; second, f. 96 6; third, f. 100 h ; fourth,
f. 104 a; fifth, f. 113 6; sixth, f. 122 b; seventh, f. 124 b;
eighth, f. 130 a; ninth, f. 132 a, i]^] ^ .JJ^]t^ i^ililL

i^-in ^ I \^y] :>OTio : >^ I nfm]]") (tl.;.^ ^^^ ^ i m .,n^ ;

tenth, f. 142a; eleventh, f. 150 a; twelfth, f. 159a; thirteenth,
f. 164 b ; fourteenth, f. 171 6 ; fifteenth, f. 173 a.

The colophon, f. 177 a, states that this volume was written
in the year 2083 (a.d. 1771) by the deacon Michael, son of
Joseph, son of 'Ata Allah, son of Ibrahim, son of the priest
Daud, from the town of an-Nabk.

* The scribe did not understand the Coptic arithmetical figures. See Add.
2881, f. 160 a.

Add. 2885 731

. .rr^> .o^ y]^D] OCT! w^j^ ^j lnV)"^ ^T^lAillL IjOT

cl-^jIqI^ .^ihj.^ crUiJD ^ 50o]? »ccio ^^d] i=<ucnlj^] ^1

This last clause, and the word ;>a* above, are subsequent

On f. 177 6 is written a short eucharistie hymn, beginning,

.rij] .JQJiD JOD ^m*.\i5QjD ^lajj]] 5qj -."ih.^

On this page are recorded the names of an owner, Joseph,
son of the priest Michael, and of a reader, Ibrahim, son of
Jirjis Razziik, of the family of Khamis, (sic) o^a ^^^ (sic) jJaJ
O-* <33jj W^J^ O^' (sic) ^^(ri^lfJ iJjWl w>UXJl.

On the margin of f. 1 a is written ,j-«~j^I j^f**' \ji^^j^
,jU;.-JJ (the last two letters ij\ are on f. 2 a, owing to f. 1
having been slightly torn).

732 Add. 288G

Add. 2886

Paper, about 8fin. by 6^; 202 leaves; 22 quires, signed
with Arabic words or Syriac letters, of 10 leaves, except ^,
which has 8, and the last, which has now only 4 ; a leaf is
wanting at the beginning, two after ff. 8 and 22, one after ff. 76,
122 and 182, and two after ff. 190, 198 and 200; 21 lines in a
page. Written in a good, regular, Jacobite Karslmm, of the
latter part of the xviiith cent.

A Collection of Lives of Saints in Arabic.

1. The volume commences with an imperfect index, f. 1 a,
which relates to a treatise on the sacraments of the Church.

^]mV) ; ■ s ^i^l^I^ . I rrioViN cn^iZL ^cn"t4^1 ^Al^ \J\ ^o
"IcTi^^Ji^ J Iq-JAj.kj ^L» jqLd] -j.^ ctll^Ij ai^iDQ-Jo

"jcnA^L/jo ^"imk) :>otlLj.Lq^.o crLgo.nV)^ aim . in^

»cdjAo .au?nV)SV> oT-kJ^j IjlioX : « '^ ^npjm^ ctijOiIJIZL

crilOrlJ OOIO A2i1A.1L ^inZL .- - rn<7>7 (sic) ; ■ S M£dA.^

— rr^^^ ^n. « V ^ (J|V> . |yL ] . «] oiLiilCDO ^OT^il] »Cd"|,^!L

Add. 2886 733

^^]o]^ V\ I Nn") 0010 .^CDjItClI^ ^TClI^ ^O; ■ SO .^jl^^J^

o(Ti ^J^ ^i£:i]m^ ;fn^ .o; ■ s ^o w..».j1a2^ .oir^ailoiDo

. r>v'-. .^"jAn^ oi'rDJcTTS A\V)no AIdZ »cD,_aki2L A^v^

.^»V^r*^1cnalL ^\Vi^

2. Miracles of the Virgin Mary, translated from the Greek
by Macarius, patriarch of Antioch, ten in number, f. 1 b.

^aki^ ^oAii^ 001^ . "joil^jVimO '|mAn]min

^■^\|£i ^1^1? ^^^^.jQj ^ ^CL^j.V) I (sic) ^£D^nl^ |j.ouU]o

ni . . V^ ^J^ C71^.^£)'|o _Zq-D «nm »^kO 01 j.^ >nsZlo rn . \v

^glo nl ois^iV) ^^— uP ]-JA ^ ^-L.ZL c7U.Ldo^

;.^^, ^ASD |j1 13T ]1 . -SN O .IjjUo ^Ol] ^. ....rr.VoV\

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