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This supplementary collection of Chinese books has been gathered
together since the year 1898.

In 1908, when a large number of valuable works came into the
market, a fund was raised by private subscription, the subscribers
being: —

The Master of Emmanuel

The Provost of King's

Professor Sir Clifford Allbutt, K.C.B.

Professoi* A. A. Bevan

Professor E. G. Browne

J. Y. Buchanan, Esq., F.R.S.

Professor F. C. Burkitt

F. J. Cobbold, Esq., M.P.

N. C. Cohen, Esq.

S. Gaselee, Esq.

Professor H. A. Giles

C. Hanbury, Esq.

Professor Liveing

Professor Macalister

J. F. P. Rawlinson, Esq., K.C., M.P.

A. E. Shipley, Esq., F.R,S.

Professor W. W. Skeat

Professor V. H. Stanton

University Library

Lady Wade



With this fund, (i) a great many gaps in the Chinese Library
were filled up, and (2) some rare works were acquired.

Under the first of these heads may be mentioned Y la, which is
an anthology, in 401 volumes, of the prose masterpieces produced
under the T'ang dynasty (A.D. 618 — 906), and is a companion to
D 246, already on the shelves, a similar anthology of the poetical
masterpieces of the same period.

Under the second head will be found D 75a, which contains, in
24 volumes, the complete writings of the famous poet, Tu Fu (A.D.
712 — 770). Hitherto, the oldest printed book in the University Library
has been C 114, an illustrated account of all foreign nations known
to the Chinese, which dates back to the last quarter of the 14'h century.
The work here under notice dates back to the year A.D. 1204.

Some important donations have been made, of which two call for
particular mention.

A large number of works, marked in this Catalogue with a dagger,
were presented by Dr F. Sanger, of St John's College ; and several
of these are of peculiar interest as specially representing the literary
activity of the province of Fuhkien, in which Dr Sanger happened
to be stationed.

Those works which are marked with an asterisk were presented
by Mr L. C. Taylor, of Clare College. The large majority of these
form new acquisitions, the remainder being other editions of works
already secured.

Over one thousand three hundred volumes have thus been added
to the Library.

Herbert A. Giles.
Cambridge: 21 June, 1915.


A 427^. Ji ii J^ and as ^ ff fij

Kan ying p'ien and Yil buang pao bsQn

{a) The Treatise of Rewards and Punishments, wrongly attributed
to Lao Tzu. With commentary. 1856.

(6) The Precepts of Yii Huang Shang Ti, a member of the Trinity
of modern Taoism. [The volume also contains the ^ p^ ^ Vin

Chih Wen, "The Treatise of Secret Blessing," H H ^ ^ -^ jH:
S ^ A'z/aw Sheng Ti Chiin Chao Shih Chen Ching, 'The True
Canon of Kuan Ti, God of War, to Awaken the Age," and other
Taoist writings.] 2 vols, in blue cloth case. 1875. 23cm.

A 427b. ^ ^

Lleh Tztt

The remains of the mythical Taoist philosopher, Lieh Tzu, supposed
to have lived in the 4"! or 5th cent. B. C. [The labels bear the
inscription ^ ^JS ^ij "^ Sung dynasty edition of Lieh Tzu, and
the following in Chinese is pasted on the fly-leaf opposite the first
page: "It is notorious that while volumes dating from the Sung
dynasty (A.D. 960 — 1260; see D 75a) rank as the oldest of printed
books, many of those preserved to-day are not genuine. Now I am
convinced that these volumes of Lieh Tzu are ancient and valuable.
G. W. I


On opening them, the delicate colour of the paper arrests the eye,
while the ink has the fragrant odour of antiquity, neither of which
attributes would be present if the book were not of the Sung
period."] 8 pt. in 4 vols, in blue cloth case. No date. 23cm.

A 427=. ^ m u ^ m

Leng yen ching cheng mo

The famous Leng yen sutra^ first translated A.D. 1 3 1 2, and gene-
rally regarded by the literati as a masterpiece. Published with com-
mentary by the Buddhist monk ^ ^ ft ^ Chiao-kuang-chen-chien,
with a preface by g ^ ^j^ Lii Ch'ung-lieh. 10 vols in blue cloth
case, 1649. 27cm.

B 382^ M ^ H #

Han wei ts'ung shu

A collection of reprints from authors of the Han and Wei dyn-
asties, first printed A.D. 1592. Edition of 1791. 80 vols in 4 tin
boxes. 25cm.

B 382b. 3£ 1^

YU hai

An encyclopaedia divided according to subjects and comprising
upwards of 240 articles, compiled early in the 12* century by
3E i^ 1^ Wang Ying-lin. With eight prefaces and various appen-
dices. 204 pt. in 120 vols, in 12 blue cloth cases. 1738. 25cm.

B 1470-. ^ ili ^ H #

Kung shun fang ts'ung shu

A collection of eighteen reprints. 24 vols, in four blue cloth cases.
1821. 25. 5cm.

Bi470^ H ^ ^ ^

T'ang sung shih shun

Specimens of the poetry {see D 200a) of the T'ang and Sung
dynasties, selected by the Emperor Ch'ien Lung from the works of


^ Q Li Po, 3|!t "i" Tu Fu, ^ Jg ^ Po Chu-i, ^ ^ Han Yu,
^ ^ Su Shih, and |^ '^ Lu Yu, and edited, with copious com-
mentary, by a commission of scholars. With preface by Ch'ien Lung.
47 pt. in 20 vols, with silk covers, in 2 blue cloth cases. 1760.


B 1470c. + B ^ !«:

Shih kuo ch'un ch'iu

Annals of the ten small principalities which existed between the
end of the T'ang and the beginning of the Sung dynasties, by
5^ 'fi E Wu Jen-ch'en of the 17th cent. A.D. Revised by -^ ^
Niu Huan, with a preface by ^jjfg Wei Hsi (1624—1680). New
edition by ^ ^ Chou Ang. 116 pt. in 16 vols, in 4 blue cloth
cases. 1793. 26cm.

81470". ® I? :5t IE ^ 4

Kuo ch'ao hsien cbeng shih lUeh

Biographies of eminent men of the late Manchu-Tartar dynasty,
including famous ministers, writers on Confucianism, commentators
on the classics, essayists, etc. Compiled by ^ j^ ||f Li Yiian-tu,
with preface by "@' ^ ^ Tseng Kuo-fan. 60 pt. in 24 vols, in a
wooden box. 1869. 27cm.

D75^. *t X a i# (^"d 3^) ^

Tu kung pu shih (and wen) chi

Collection of the poetical and prose works of Tu Fu, A.D. 712 — 770
(spoken of as Tu Kung-pu in reference to his post as secretary in
the Board of Works), with collected commentaries, and prefaces by
g£y{j^ Wang Chu (A.D. 1039), ^^^ Wang An-shih (1052),

^ ^ ^ H" Tsung-yu (1090), and ^^% Ts'ai Meng-pi (1204).
With an appendix containing the inscription on the poet's tombstone
7C ^ Yiian Chen (779 — 831). 22 pt. in 24 vols, of which the
last 2 pt. in 2 vols, contain the prose writings. With blue paper
covers, in 4 ornamental cases. 1204. 30cm.


D75^ m m u ^

Hsi yu chen ch'iian

A mythological narrative of travels in the west in search of the
sacred books of Buddhism, based on the journey of the pilgrim
^ ^ Hsiian Tsang. With notes and punctuation by |^ ^t Jltfft
Ch'en Shih-pin, and illustrations. 20 vols, in 2 blue cloth cases.
Preface dated 1696. 24.5cm.

D75<=. tK il^ #

Shui hu chuan
A romantic novel by |fl^ jj^ ^ Shih Nai-an, edited with illustra-
tions and commentary by -^ gg |^ Chin Sheng-t'an. 20 vols, in 2
blue cloth cases. 1657. 24.5cm.

Di6ia_i62b. n ^ m ^ ^ ± M

Han ch'ang li hsien sheng ch'iian chl

The complete works of ^ ^ Han Yii, otherwise known as ^
^ <^ Han Wen-kung, poet, philosopher and statesman, A.D.
768 — 804, based upon the edition of the Sung dynasty. 1784.


Di8oa. m m M

Hsi hsiang chi

A romantic drama of the I4t'> cent. A.D., by an unknown author.
Edited with critical notes and punctuation by ^ ^ 1^ Chin Sheng-
t'an. Illustrated. 8 pt. in 6 vols, in blue cloth case. 1780. 23cm.

Di8ob. ^ g IE

P'i p'a chi

A drama, in 42 scenes, by Kao Tse-ch'eng, first performed in
1704. With critical notes by ^ ^ |J|_| Mao Sheng-shan and y^

^ ^ Wang Wen-shih. Edited by ^ ^ Ts'ung Chou, with illustra-
tions. 12 pt. in 8 vols, in blue cloth case. 1800? 24cm.


D2ooa. m '^ m ^ ^ m

YU hsQan fang sung wen shun

Specimens of the prose of the T'ang and Sung dynasties, selected
by the Emperor Ch'ien Lung from (see B 1470'^) the works of ^ -#5
Han Yii, ;^ ^ 7^ Liu Tsung-yuan, ^ ^^ Li Ao, J^ ^ Sun Ch'iao,
iC ^ # Ou-yang Hsiu. j^ ff Su Hsun, ^^ ^ Su Shih, ^ ^
Su Che, '^ ^ Tseng Kung, and ^ ^ ^ Wang An-shih, and
edited, with copious commentary and a preface from the Emperor,
by a commission of scholars. 58 pt. in 20 vols, in 2 pairs of wooden
boards. 1738. 26.5cm.

D 200b. m ^ & <^ ^ M

Su wen Chung kung shih chi

The collected poetical works of Su ^jj Shih (A. D. 1036 — iioi),
canonised as Wen Chung, and better known as Su ^ ^ Tung-p'o.
With critical notes and punctuation by ^ fl!^ Chi Yun (1724 — 1805).
50 pt. in 12 vols in 2 blue cloth cases. 1835. [See H 36.] 28cm.

E/ 71a. W M- ^ m W

P'ang hsi chai ts'ung shu

A collection of reprints from the P'ang-hsi Studio, comprising 54
short treatises. 32 vols, in 4 blue cloth cases. 1883. 25.5cm.

E71''. ^ # M IB

Hsiao lin kuang chi

A collection of humorous anecdotes. 2 vols in blue cloth case.
1861. 15.5cm.

E7IC. ^ ^ ^

Ts'ao tzu hui

A handbook of "grass character" or cursive script, arranged under

radicals, by ^ f^ EE Chuang Men-hsi. With the original preface, by

^ l^fe ^ Chiang Kuang-yiieh, dated 1786. 5 pt. in 4 vols, in blue

cloth case. 1886. 17cm.


E?!"- n ^ m M

Tan yen tsung lu
A collection of miscellaneous writings, being the compressed edition
of a much more extensive production, by ^ '^ Yang Shen, whose
fancy name was ^^ Sheng-an (A. D. 1488 — 1529.) Originally pub-
lished in 1554 by ^^ Liang Tso. New edition, revised by ^ ij>^
Ch'en K'ai. 27 pt. in 8 vols, in blue cloth case. 1794. i6cm.

E79». jE ^ 5i

Cheng tzii f ung
A dictionary of the Chinese language, arranged according to the
214 radicals, by Wi "^ ^ Liao Wen-ying. 32 vols, in 4 blue cloth
cases. 1670. 25cm.

E 87a. ^ ^ ^ JE

Tzii tien k'ao cheng

A list of mistakes in the Imperial dictionary of K'ang Hsi, arranged

under the radicals. Preceded by a memorial on the subject from

^ j^ I-hui and three others, dated 1831, and an Imperial edict.

8 vols, in blue cloth case. 1831. 25cm.

E87»'. m m M '&

Ch'u tz'u chi chu
The collection of poetry known as the "Elegies of Ch'u," by the
famous statesman and poet, j^ ]^ Ch'ii Yiian (B. C. 332 — 295), his
nephew ^ ^ Sung Yii, and others. Edited, with collected com-
mentaries and ^ ]^ ^ Ssii-ma Ch'ien's biography of Ch'ii Yiian,
by :^ ^ Chu Hsi. 8 pt. in 12 vols, in 2 blue cloth cases. 1650? 26 cm.

Ei77^ ^ '/^ ^ Wi

Meng ch'i pi fan

A collection of miscellanea, including dissertations on music and

mathematics, by the famous art-critic ]^ j^ Shen Kua (A. D.

1030 — 1093) who called himself Meng Ch'i Weng, The Old Man of

the Dream-Brook. Edited by ^ ^ ^ Li Mu-t'ang; with preface,


dated 1166, by ^ j^ ^ T'ang Hsiu-nien. 26 pt. in 6 vols, in blue
cloth case. [Marked by a late owner, who bought it in 1852, as
^ ^^)X^ ^d^ "very rarely to be found in bookshops."] No
date, but probably about 1600. 26cm.

El??''. m ^ ^ "^ ^

Ho tung ch'uan chi lu

Collected works of |ajp ^ y^ Liu Tsung-yuan (A. D. ;73— 819),
sometimes known as Ho-tung after his birthplace. Edited by Ch'u
Hsin, and revised by Wu Wei-ch'i. With the original preface by
^ ^ ^ ^'" Yii-hsi, who died in 842, and biographical memoir
from the New History of the T'ang dynasty by Ou-yang Hsiu and
Sung Ch'i. 6 pt. in 8 vols, in a pair of wooden boards. TVi? (^,3/^. 26cm.

E3?4^. iS^ % m ^

Pen ts'ao kang mu

The Materia Medica of China, by ^ ^ ^ Li Shih-chen of the

Ming dynasty, in 52 books. Second edition. 1657. In 24 vols; vols

12 and 13 in one; 4 cloth cases. Bequeathed by Professor Alfred

Newton, 1907. 26cm.

E3?4''. ^ if ^

Cho keng lu
"Miscellaneous Jottings put together in the intervals of Farming,"
consisting of notes on the overthrow of the Mongols, and of remarks
on poetry, painting, porcelain, etc., first published in 1368. With the
original preface, dated 1 346, in grass character. By [^ ^ -^ T'ao
Tsung-i. 30 pt. in 6 vols, in blue cloth case. No date. 24.5cm.

E3?4°- 1^ ^ ^ ^

Lu hsiian kung chi
The collected works of the political writer ^ ^ Lu Chih of the
T'ang dynasty (A. D. 754 — 805). With portrait of the author, biographies
from the New and Old T'ang histories, and prefaces by ^ ^ |^
Ch'uan Te-yu (759 — 818), ^ ^ ^ Nien Keng-yao, Viceroy of
Ssuch'uan and Shensi (1665 — 1726), and the Emperor |^ j£ Yung
Cheng. 22 pt. in 6 vols, in blue cloth case. 1723. 25.5cm.


E48ia. m ^ M m z ^

Han yen t'ung yung chih fa
A Grammar of the Chinese Language, by the Rev. R. Morrison,
18 1 1. Copied from the original by the Rev. W.Milne, 18 13 — 18 14. 32cm.

IE 482. m "^ ^ m M M

Kuan ti ming sheng chen ching
The sicira of Kuan Ti, the God of War, followed by various
documents, such as ^ 1^ ^ "tft ^ ^ the Admonitions of the
Emperor Wen Ti (Liu Heng), etc. 1894. 32cm.

t E 483.

Another, but differing work, with the same title. No date. 24cm.

tE484. m ^ It

I wen fang
An almanac for the year 1900, showing lucky and unlucky days,
giving various forms of divination, the rise and fall of tides, flags
of foreign nations, and a variety of miscellaneous information. 24cm.

tE485. J; ^ jji

Liu tzti ching
The six-word sutra, being five repetitions of the formula Om ma-ni
pad-tne hum = Glory to Manipadme ! — followed by one repetition
of Na-mak A-tni-t'o-fo = I believe in Amida Buddha! 1905. 2icm,

IE 486. If P^ H H

Ch'an men jili sung
A collection of Buddhist liturgies, rituals, magic formulas {dharani),
etc., published 1792, and re-issued 1880. 27cm.

tE487. H iH: m i?

San staih' yin Icuo ching
A Buddhist sutra on the doctrine of three births, the past, the
present, and the future, and retribution for evil deeds in the first
and second states. 1901. 21 cm.


t E 488. Mi M ^ 70 U

Tao ts'ang san yuan ching
A Taoist siilra, dealing with the three primordial powers, — God,
Earth, and Man. 1890. 26cm.

tE 489-490. ^ ^ ± M

Hsing ming kuei chlh

An eclectic view of life, showing that Confucianism, Taoism, and
especially Buddhism, are all of value in shaping man's destiny; with
numerous illustrations of eminent individuals. Re-issue of a work
published in 1669. No date. 26cm.

IE 491. ^ '^ "^ ^ i^ m %

Ch'in ting fan yin ta pei chou

A Dharani, or magic formula, with Sanskrit sounds, to be addressed
to the goddess Kuan Yin. Said to have been translated by the
Buddhist priest, 3^ ^ Hsiian Tsang, and its publication to have
been ordered by the Emperor Ch'ien Lung in 1756. No date.


tE492. * ^ A H it ^

Hsiang tsung pa yao chih chieh
Translations of g^ shastras, etc., by the Chinese Buddhist priest,
3^ (formerly by taboo j^ Yiian) ^ Hsiian Tsang. Part I only.
No date. 2Scm.

IE 493. pl^^#ElllR^^

Chan ch'a shan o yeh pao ching su

Translation, by the shaman ^ ;fe^ ^ P'u t'i teng, of a sutra on
the rewards and punishments for good and evil; with explanations
by the shaman, j^ jg, Chih Hsii. Part II only. No date. 25cm.

tE 494-496. r|i ^ g ^ ^ 2J5:

Chung hsileh kuo wen tu pen
A collection of extracts from the prose writings of the chief authors
under the T'ang, Sung, Ming, and Yiian dynasties. No date. 21cm.


tE497. "^ B M U

Huang t'ing ching chu

The Sutra of the Yellow Hall, on immortality and how to attain
to it, by a Taoist recluse. Re-issue in 1793 of the edition of 1673.
With ^ ^ ^ Yin fu ching and ^ ^g ^ Chin yii ching added.


t E 498-499. M U ^ ^ ^ U "^

Hui t*u chien pen i ching

The / ching, or Canon of Changes, with illustrations and rhyming
mnemonic verses. 1909. 20.5cm.

t E 500. J\\ fllj [email protected] )l|

Lieh hsien chiu p'ai

Illustrated list of Taoist "Immortals," male and female, noted for
indulgence in wine. 1906. 19.5cm.

t E 501-504. ^ i^ n ft # pg ^

Chieh tzii yiian bua chuan ssu chi

A guide to the art of portraiture, with pictures of ancient celebri-
ties, men and women, by "J" J^ Ting Kao, with a supplement on

ancient seals, edited by ^ ^ ^ Li Li-weng. First published in
1689. 1 8 18. 26cm.

t E 505-506. 1: M i?

Tao te ching
The Sutra of the Way and the Exemplification thereof, supposed
by some to be the work of ■^^ -^ Lao Tzu, but now known to be
a forgery of the second cent., B.C. Edited, with exegetical notes by
a ft ^ Taoist of j|j^ ^ Ch'un-yang. Re-issue in 1805 of edition
of 1690. 27.5 cm.

t E 507. ^mWi^^B^u

Chin kang pan jo po lo mi ching
The Vajra prajna paramita sutra, popularly known as the "Dia-


mond Sutra" and supposed to be able by its efficacy to crush diamond.
Sounds and tones marked in upper margin. Canton, 1876. 29.5cm.

t E 508-510. mm ^ ^M^ ^ M

T'ung pan i ching tsun chu ho chiang

The / citing, or Canon of Changes, with the standard commentary
and explanations. Printed from copper blocks, and edited by ^ ^
^ Weng K'o-fu of + ^ T'ai-mo in Chehkiang. i8io. 25cm.

t E 511-526. n ^ M ^ ^mmw

YU p'i li tai t'ung chien chi Ian

A history of China from the age of Fu Hsi (B.C. 2953) to the
end of the Ming dynasty (A.D, 1644), published by order of H. M.
the Emperor Ch'ien Lung, with Imperial preface dated 1767. No
date. 2icm.

t E 527-546. i^ ^, :^ ^, tfj E. ^ ^

Lun yU, Ta hsUeh, Chung yung, Meng tzu

The Four Books, with exegetical notes by '^ ^ Ho Yen of the

3rd cent. B.C., and commentaries by ^ ||^ Chao Ch'i of the 2nd
cent. B.C. and by ;^ ^ Chu Hsi, A.D. 1130—1200. No date.


E547. ^ n M ^ IB

Yao Ian chu wen chi

A collection of important forms for invocations, prayers, etc. MS.
No date. Presented by Mrs. Cooper. 24cm.

IE 548. :[[5 4 K ^

Pei tou chen ching

The Siilra of the Northern Bushel (the constellation of the Great
Bear). 1863. 26cm.


E 549-552. ife ^ A!> ^

Chan shou hsia fa

Secret methods of offensive and defensive warfare, with numerous
illustrations of forts, guns, torpedoes, etc. Presented by L. C. Arling-
ton, Esq. 1907. 30cm.

tE553. # M

Hsiao ching

The Filial Piety Classic, with notes by the Emperor Shun Chih.
1650. 32cm.

E 554-555- ^ 84^ M # • i^

Ai Jih yin lu shu hua lu

Books and Pictures belonging to ^ -^ i\% Mr Ko Chin-lang.
Presented by the author. 1909. ^ 29.scm.

E556. m ^ ^ ± w

Tao kao wen ch'iian shu
The Book of Common Prayer, complete. St. Paul's College, Hong-
kong, 1855. 28cm.

E557. f^mmw^Mimm,

Chung kuo sheng hsien yao tao lei pien
Select Teachings from Chinese Literature. Shanghai, 1909. 2icm.

E558. ^ m ^

Wu ch'i ching

Almanac, in manuscript, for the 5*, 6*, (7th missing), and 8A years
of Japanese ^ -^ A. D. 1249 — 1255. With coat of arms, George I,
and label 'Munificentia Regia, 1715 ;" also name of former owner,
with date, "Johannes Burgesini, 1632." 28.5cm.

t E 559-561-

Three odd volumes, in rare palace edition, of B 1454. 25cm.


E562. is: M ^ M

Ta kuan pen ts'ao
Section III of an old Materia Medica (see E 374^), in leather case,
with University arms. No date. 25.5cm.

E563. ,i :^ pT # ins #

Ma erh k'o ch'uan fu yin

The Gospel of St Mark, translated from the original [Greek]. Ma-
lacca. No date. 26.5cm.

E564. ii ic # ins #

Ma t'ai ch'uan fu yin

"The Gospel of Matthew in Chinese, with explanatory notes." By
William Dean. Hongkong, 1848. 28cm.

E565. ^ g ^. #

San kuo chih chuan

Chapters VII and VIII of Biographies of the Three Kingdoms,
with illustrations at the head of each page, and University coat of
arms. "Ex dono Reverendi D"s Holdsworth" on fly-leaf. No date. 26cm.

E566. S M ^

Hsi han wen

Extracts from the literature of the Western Han dynasty, B. C.
206 — A. D. 25. [Fragment, chiefly Index.] 1633. 25cm.

E567. M ^ IE ^

Li fa Cheng tsung

A Chinese almanac for the year 1644 (last year of Ming dynasty),
with the usual miscellaneous information and illustrations. 24cm.

E568. -^ ^ ^ % m % ^

Wan chia chin tui man t'ien ch'un
A collection of eighteen plays, with illustrations. 1504. 24cm.



E569. m ^ ± w

Hsin yo ch'iian shu

The New Testament, complete. By Griffith John. Hankow, 1886.


E 570. u + ^^^mn-m

Hung sbih tzu hui chiu shang ti i fa

Red Cross Society First Aid to the Wounded. By ;;jp[ ^ ^
Ko Shih-pin(r). London, 1897. 18.5cm.

E571. m m ± M

Sui yiian ch'Uan chi

Collected works of ^ ;jv^ Yiian Mei, whose sobriquet was Sui
Yiian (A.D. 1715 — 1797)- 30 works with separate title-pages, including
his collected poems and essays, his letters, and the famous cookery-
book, no vols, in 12 blue cloth cases. 1891. 19cm.

Hi. ^^^^iS-ft^it

Shih chia ju lai ying hua chi

Scenes from the life of Shakyamuni Buddha, consisting of illustra-
tion and letterpress on each leaf, compiled by :^ ^ 1^ Yang Wen-
hui. 4 vols, in a pair of wooden boards, 1881. 41cm.

H 2. m m -^ m.

Hsi cb'ing ku cbien

Bronzes and other antiquities from the Hsi-ch'ing Palace : full-page
illustrations with descriptive letterpress. Issued under Imperial instruc-
tions by a commission of scholars. Pt. i — 8, in 4 vols. 1749. 41.5cm.

H3. M. m m m ■:^ ^

Huang ch'ing k'ai kuo fang liieh

A short history of the foundation of the present Manchu-Tartar
dynasty, from 1583 to 1644 A.D., as accomplished by the three rulers
dk la ^ T'ai Tsu Kao, jk ^ ^ ^'ai Tsung Wen, and jg: || ^


Shih Tsu Chang. Issued, with a preface by the Emperor ^ ^
Ch'ien Lung, under the superintendence of the famous general and
statesman }^ j^ 0-kuei, |^ g yj^ Liang Kuo-chih, ^J$ Ho-
shen and others. 32 pt. in 16 vols, in 2 blue cloth cases. 1786.


H 4. ^ m ^ ^

Cheng kuan cheng yao

A treatise on the principles of government, illustrated by the
history of the period cheng-kuan (A.D. 627 — 649), by ^ ^ Wu
Ching, who died in 742. Divided into chapters, each treating of a
dififerent subject, and consisting mainly of conversations with the
Emperor -\c ^ T'ai Tsung and his ministers. With a preface by

the Emperor J^ ^ Ch'eng Hua. 10 pt. in 8 vols, with yellow
covers, in blue cloth case, 1465. 35cm.

H5. m n ^yi ^

T'ao yUan ming chi.

Collected works of (1^ ^g T'ao Ch'ien (365 — 427), whose personal
name was originally Yiian-ming. Reproduction of |^ ^J^ Su Shih's
edition, with portrait of T'ao Ch'ien and Su Shih. 10 pt. in 3 vols,
in blue cloth case. 1879. 31.5cm.

H6. m. m %

Chan kuo ts'e

History of the Contending States in the feudal period preceding
the unification of the empire under the First Emperor, B.C. 221.
By an unknown author, with commentary by "^ ^ Kao Yii, edited
by li^^ :^ Pf' ^^° Hung-chung of the Sung dynasty. With an
additional volume of documentary records. 36 pt. in 5 vols, in blue
cloth case, 1869. 30cm.

H 7. % ^\. \^ m

Ch'ih pei ou fan
A general literary miscellany, arranged under four divisions, treating


respectively of (i) Court notabilia, (2) Distinguished characters, (3)
Literary compositions, and (4) Marvels. [The first part contains refe-
rences to the presentation of tribute by European nations.] By
3E i JKll Wang Shih-cheng (A.D. 1634 — 17 u). 26 pt. in 12 vols,
in 2 blue cloth cases. 1701. 28cni.

H 8. :^ ^ and jt ^ ^ ^ #

Cb'Oan shih and Huo pu wen tzu k'ao

(i) A history of the coinage of China by ^ -^ ^ Sheng Tzu-li,

with illustrations. 1833.
(2) Inscriptions on ancient money by J^ 'fj^ ^ Ma Po-ang, with

illustrations. 1842. 29.scm.

Hg. i^ n iiP ^ m ^ M^

Ta ch'eng miao fa lien hua ching
The Saddharmapundarika sutra, translated by jjj^ ^ ^ 'ft*
Kumarajlva (A.D. 397 — 415), and edited by the priest ^^ Tao
Hsuan. No date. 28.5cm.

H 10. ^ m ^ ^ u M

Hsiao ching chuan shuo t'u chieh
The Classic of Filial Piety, with commentary and full-page illustra-


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