Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). Archives.

The rebellion of 1815, generally known as Slachters Nek. A complete collection of all the papers connected with the trial of the accused; with many important annexures online

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with us for a long time, since
we had fired at the men of the


son of the Chief Jaloesa, named 1816.
Tielha, as cue of them had been ~~

during the night in our sheep
kraal, but many Kafirs are at
present roaming about in that
district, at our neighbours
Labuscagne and on the farms
of Fourie and Gerrit Bezui-

In order to verify and swear to the evidence given this day
there apppeared,

Frans Rousseau, who, his above given evidence and answered
interrogatories having been clearly and plainly read to him,
declared that he adhered to them, but with this alteration, that he,
witness, could not rightly see whether the prisoner, J. J. Erasmus,
had come out of a separate hole, or out of the same in which
Bezaiienhout was, but that he came from the same rooky ledge.

After this, the witness still replied to the following questions of
the Court :

How many shots do you Answer. — That I cannot
surmise, have been fired by determine, but as soon as a
Bezuidenhout and his ? soldier came in sight he was

fired on.

The prisoners having declared that they had nothing to ask the
witness, he spoke, in confirmation of the truth of the same, the
solemn words,

" So truly help me God Almighty."

The Court declares the investigation in this to be closed, with
orders to the Prosecutor immediately to submit his claim, and to
conclude in such a manner as he may deem advisable.

The R. O, Prosecutor consequently said.

Worshipful Gentlemen.
Having heard the inquiry in this case, and what has been
adduced by the prisoners for their exculpation, the R. O. Pro-
secutor is of opinion that it has appeared to be very probable that
the prisoners were forced by Bezuidenhout, now shot dead, to
assist him in his opposition, and that they would have exposed
their lives to danger by withdrawing from him and surrendering
to the detachment after they had once joined him ; hence the
R. 0. Prosecutor is of opinion that though the first prisoner,
Jacob Jacobus Erasmus, should beforehand have separated himself
from Bezuidenhout, as he knew of his evil intentions, he, the
prisoner Erasmus had been sufficiently punished for his impru-
dence by his apprehension and imprisonment, and the more so, as
it has not appeared that he fired any shot, whereupon the R. O.


J816, Prosecutor declares that he would have no objection that he should
" be released from confinement, and relieved of all further judicial

prosecution in this case. But whereas the second prisoner, the
bastard Hottentot, Hans, according to his own confession, not-
withstanding he knew the intentions of the said Bezuidenhout,
assisted him by informing him of the arrival of the detachment, and
even seconded him with firing, the R. 0. Prosecutor cannot
consider his pretended fear of Bezuidenhout otlierwise than as only
preventing him (the Prosecutor) from making a much severer
claim, but by no means can he consider him altogether as innocent,
and therefore in consequence believes that he must conclude that
the second prisoner shall be condemned by sentence of Your
Honours, to be severely thrashed in the prison here, and after that
foe the period of three successive months to be confined, with
condemnation of him, the prisoner, in the costs.

The first prisoner has nothing to say.

The second prisoner says that he had only fired through fear of
his master, who threatened to shoot him if he did not do so, and
that he could not run away from him without incurring the danger
of being shot by him, and therefore requests that he may only be
punished at the pole, and not remain confined in the prison.

The court, after consideration of matters, in accordance with
Section 43 of the Proclamation, dated the 16th May, 1811,
reserves the decision of this case for the full court, with the further
-disposition that the prisoners in this case shall, in the mean-
while, be kept in the public prison at this Drostdy.

Done at the Drostdy, Graaff-Reinet, " Die et Anno ut Supra."

In my presence,

(Signed) H. Cloete, L. son.

No. 4.

Extract from Prison Report of Graaff-Reiuet for the month of
June, 1816.

No. 5. — The Bastard Hottentot, Hans, of F. C, Bezuidenhout
shot dead, brought hither as prisoner from the Baviaans Rivier.
Had left the latter place on the 10th of October, and arrived here
©n the 14th October. By order of Bezuidenhout, he had offered
resistance to a detachment of soldiers, and the Under Sheriff.

According to sentence (of the Court) he was thrashed in the
l)resence of the Landdrost and Heemraaden, and further im-
prisoned for 3 months on the 20 th May.

N. B. — The name of Jacob Erasmus occurs for the last time oa
the Qraaff-Reinet Prison Report for May, 1816.

The name of Hans does not appear in the September list.


Extracts from the Court Calendar for the year 1815.

Governor and Commander-in-Chief :

His Excellency the Right Hon. Greneral, Loud Charles Henry
Somerset, one of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy
Council, Colonel of His Majesty's West India Regiment,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Castle,
Cape Town, and Settlement of the Cape of Good Hope in
South Africa, and of the Territories and Dependencies
thereof, and Ordinary and Vice-Admiral of the Same,
Commander of the Forces, &c., &e., &c.

Lt.-Col. C. Bird j

Major Rogers i k-j i n

n 4. • \ T n^ ^ > Aidofi-de-Camp.

Captain A. J . Cloete ^ ^

Captain Wm. Underwood j

Lt-Col. C. Bird, Private Secretary to His Excellency.

H. Spencer, Esqr., Surgeon to His Excellency's Household.


Lieutenant-General, the Hon. Robert Meade, Lieutenant-

Colonel Darling, Aide-de-Camp.

Court of Appeals for Criminal Cases,

His Excellency the Governor . . . . Judge.

Henry Alexander, Esqr. ) Assessors
George Kekewich, Esqr. ) ' *

Thomas Rowles, Esqr. . . . . Secretary.

. . . . . . . . Translator.

Messrs. J. P. Serrurier, E. Bergh and

J. J. G. van Reede van Oudtshoorn Clerks.
. . . . . . . . Messenger.

Court of Appeals for Civil Cases.

His Exellency the Governor . . ( T i(ip. a

His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor ( °

Thomas Rowles, Esqr. , . . . Secretary.
Messrs. J. P. Serrurier, E. Bergh and

J. J. G, van Reede van Oudtshoorn Clerks.

Christiaan Velbron Messenger.




Secretary's Office.

Henry Alexander, Esqr,, Colonial Secretary and Registrar.

Christopher Bird, Esqr., Deputy Colonial Secretary.

H. P. Auret, Esqr., Assistant Secretary.

Mr. J. van de Graaff, Chief Clerk.

Mr. C. D'Escury, Sworn Translator to Q-overnment.


Messrs. C. Allen. Messrs. J. Gr. Brink.
„ S. V. Cloete. „ G. Bergh.

„ J. W. van der Riet. „ O. J. Truter.

„ P. J. Brink. ,, G. Dundas Baumgardt.

J. Tier and A. Jonker.

C. Matthiessen, Esqr.
A. Fleck, Esqr.
P. J. Truter, Esqr
P. Diemel, Esqr.

Members of the Court of Justice.

J. A. Truter, Esqr., Chief Justice.

W. Hiddingh, Esqr.
D. F. Berrange, Esqr.
W. D. Jennings, Esqr.
Walter Bentinck, Esqr.

G. Beelaerts van Blokland, Esqr., Secretary.

n. Cloete, L. son, Esq., Deputy Secretary.

(H. Murphy, Esqr., English Assistant to the Secretary.)

Mr. J. C. Fleck., Head Clerk.

Ordinary Clerks.

Messrs. A. G. MuUer, C. A. W. de Man, J. Le Sueur and
J, T. Jurgens.

Supernumerary Clerks.

Messrs. J. de Wet, R. J. P. van der Riet, and C, Brand.


0. E. Ziervogel, A. Felix, J. Jacobsen, and H. Scheifers
(Deputy ditto).

Physician and Surgeon.

Lodewyk Godlob Biccard, Esqr.


Fiscal's Department. ■^^^'

Jj. Denyssen, Esqr. . . . . Fiscal.

P. B. Borcherds, Esqr. . . Deputy Fiscal.

Mr. P. Auret, Chief Clerk and Translator to the Office.

Mr. M. Fischer . . . . 2nd Clerk.

Mr. W. J. Smuts . . . . 3rd do.

4th do.

J. F. Wildhagen . . . . 1st Under Sheriff.

J. C. Schultze .. .. 2nd do.

E/. van der Schyf . . , . 3rd do.

S. J. de Grroot . . . . Jailor.

Colonial Granary.

Superintending Commissioners.

D. Denyssen, Esqr., .J. W. Stoll, Eaqr. and A. Brink, Esqr.
Mr. E. B. Ziervogel, Storekeeper.

Chamber for Regulating Insolvent Estates.

E. Bergh, Esqr., President
J. F. Serrurier, Esqr,

A. Moorrees, Esqr.

R. van der Riet, Esqr., Secretary.

Mr. J. A. H. Falck . . . . 1st Clerk.

Mr. N. Orri . . . . . . Vendue Clerk.

Mr. W. E. Bergh Clerk.

J. Blore, Messenger and Auctioneer.

Members of the Matrimonial Court.

J. W. Stoll, Esqr President.

C Q-. Hohne, Esqr Vice President.

Messrs. T. F. Dreyer.
„ S. van der Spuy.
„ C. J. Gie.

Messrs. F. Rossouw.

D. F. Lehman.
F. W. Sappc

Mr. J. J. L. Smuts Secretary.

G. S. F. G-eyer, Messenger.

Members or the Orphan Chambiir.

J. A. Truter, Esqr President.

D. de Waal, Esqr Vice-President

A. V. Bergh, Esqr.
A. J. van Breda, Esqr.

W. J. Klerck, Esqr.
C. E. Overbeeck, Esqr.

J. P. Faure, Secretaiy




Mr. Gr. A. Watermeyer, Ist Clerk
Mr. P. E. Faure, 2nd Clerk.

Messrs. P. J. Poggenpoel.
J. Sernirier.

J. J. Maynier.
K. N. van Breda.

J. N. Korich, Auctioneer and Messenger

Receiver-Ceneral's Department.

Receiver- General.
Deputy do.

P. Dasliwood
Mr. F. R. Bresler

C. Brand, Esqr. . . Collector of Inland Customs.

Mr. 0. J. L. Hemmy . . Bookkeeper.

J. A. C. Nothling . . . . Collecting Officer.

Office of Land Revenue.

M. C. Gie, Esqr Receiver- Greneral.

Mr. H. F. W. Maynier . . Deputy „
Mr. P. A. Roos . . . . Clerk.

Members of the

J. Locke, Esqr.

A. V. Bergh, Esqr.

C. Nelson, Esqr.
Mr. H. C. D. Maynier .
Mr. C H. Maasdorp
Mr. H. J. H. Azerond

Lombard Bank.

J. W. Stoll, Esqr.




Discount Bank.

Mr. R. Crozier

Mr. V. A. Sclionberg, Jun.

Mr. J. C. Gie, M. son

Mr. S. V. van Reenan, Jun.

Carel Meyer, Messenger

Assistant do

Vice-Admirai.ty Court.


George Kekewich, Esqr., A. M. of the Honorable Society of
Lincoln s Inn, and Barrister at Law of tha High Court of
Chancery of England.


The Honourable William Grey, Principal Registrar. '^^*

George Cadogan, Esqr. . . Deputy Registrar.
Dennis O'Brien, Esqr. . . Marshal.
W. J. Birkwood, Esqr. . . Deputy Marshal.

Mr. E. B. Ziervogel, Interpreter and Translator.
J. Williams, Messenger and Crier.


William David Jennings, Esqr. One of the Procurators-General
of the Arches Court of Canterbury, and Proctor in the High Court
of Admiralty of England, His Majesty's Procurator- General in
this Settlement.

David Pontardant, Esqr. j pj.Q(3fQj.g
Philip Landon, Esqr. |

Custom House — Cape Town.

Charles Blair, Esqr Collector.

Wm. Wilberforce Bird, Esqr. . . . . Comptroller.

Edwin Maude, Esqr Chief Searcher.

Mr. Thomas Ord . . Ist Clerk to the Collector.

Mr. Joseph Day . . . . 2nd Clerk do.

M. J. G. Aspeling, D. son, 1st Clerk to the Comptroller.
Mr. Jacob Schultz . . 2nd Clerk to do.

Mr. H. A. Truter, P. son . . Clerk to the Searcher.


Messrs. P. de Roubaix.
Thomas White.
P. F. Petrie.

Messrs. E. Miller.

L. Cornelissen.
J. Redmond.

Matthys van den Berg, Messenger.

Custom House— Simon's Town.

P. J. Truter, jun., Esqr Collector.

Mr. Thomas White, Tide Waiter and Acting Clerk.

Burgher Seinate.
Andries Brink, Esqr. . . ^ . . ^ ^ President

Johannes Jurgens, Esqr

Abraham Faure, Esqr

Andries Steph. Amyot, Esqr.

^ ^ Michiel van Breda, Esqr.

Mr. Petrus Johannes Truter . . Secretary.

Mr. Dirk de JoDgh Treasurer.

Mr. J. P. van Lier Head Clerk.

Mr. Johannes Nicolaas Meeser . . . . Clerk.

Nic. Hend. Smit and Hend. Andr. Smit. Messengers.



John Pringle, Eeqr.
Joseph Luson, Esqr.
Mr. J. E. Mestaer
Mr. S. Oliver.
J. H. Brand, Esqr.
Mr. 0. M. Lind

Agent to the Hon. Eaat India Company.

Assistant do.


Government Eesident at Simon's Town.
Clerk to do.

B. Langley, J. Gr. Aapeling, F. D. Ropsouw.

Field- cornets.
J. A. Hurter, Noordhoek, N. H. Sertyn, Wildschutbrand.

T. P. Courtenay, Esqr., Agent to the Colony, residing in

Thomas Rowles, Esqr., Agent to the Receiver, Comptroller,
and Solicitor of the Droits and Perquisites of the Admiralty of the
Cape of (jTOod Hope, and its Denendencies.

Major M, G. Blake, ad inferim Colonial Paymaster.
Walter Bentinck, Esqr., Auditor of Accounts.
Mr. A. Lehman, Clerk to do.

C. Blair, Esqr., Captain of the Port.
Lieutenant 1'. Gardner, Harbour Master at Simon's Town.
Mr. W. Bridekirk, Deputy Port Captain and Tide Surveyor.
William Caldwell, Esq., Wine taster.
Mr. E. O'Brien, Assistant Examiner and Ganger of Casks.
J. Meres, Esqr , Agent for Transports and Prisoners of War.
Mr. J. P. Batten, Clerk to do.
Mr. J. Sinkantyn, Officer of Health.

L. M. Uhibault, Esqr., Inspector of Buildings and Government

Mr. John Melvill, Assistant Surveyor.

Sworn Land Surveyors.

Messrs. Jan Frederik Kirsten.
Johannes Yoorman.
J. Kaobel.

Frederik W. Hertzog.
Herman Schutte.

Messrs. Jan Schutte.

-^gidius Petersen.
R. F. Aling.

— Leeb.

— Tulleken.

Stamp Office.

O. Bird, Esqr. ,
Mr. S. V. Cloete



M. Gall, Esqr. . .
H. Crozier, Esqr. . .
Mr. M. J. Onkruydt
Mrs. Alcock
Mrs. C. Caldwell . .

Post Office.

Post Master (in England).


Acting do.

Postmistress at Simon's Town.
„ ,, Stellenbosch.

Mrs. A. C. Wrankmore, Deputy do.
Mr. J. H. van Lelyveld, Postmaster at Uitenhage.
P. Roms, Letter-oaiTier.

Post Days.

A daily Post to Simon's Town at half-past one o'clock ; to Stellen-
bosch every Wednesday and Saturday. It will be however necessary
to send the letters to the Office on Friday at two o'clock, when the
Packets are finally closed.

Naval Office.

William Pennell, Esqr.
M. O. Balston
Mr. Joseph Cowley
Mr. William Guest
Mr. Thomas Sinclaii
John Goodridge, Esqr.
Mr. J. E. Kirsten . .
Thomas Chaplin, Esqr.
Mr. D. Lehman

Naval Storekeeper.
Chief Clerk.
2nd do.
Extra do.
Do. do.
Master Attendant
Clerk to do.
Master Shipwright.
Clerk to do.

Alfred Johnson, Esqr.
Mr. Charles Morgan
Mr. Thomas Drury, 2nd do. ;
Mr. H. 0. Eksteen, 4th do. ; Mr.



Agent Victualler.
Chief Clerk.
Mr. John Murdoch, ord do.'
A. de Smidt, 5th do.

Acton, Foreman Cooper, and Pieter Pietersen,

Naval Hospital,

Valentine Duke, Esqr., M.D.

John Chenoweth, Esqr.

Mr. Robert Smith

Mr. Richard Henry Ff eely

Mr. Richard Savary . .

Mr. Andrew Inglis

Mrs. Susanna Sinclair




Hospital Mate.




Peter Burrish, Messenger.


If 16. Printing Office.

"~ Mr. George Eoss . . . . Superintendent.

Mr. J. W. van der Eiet . . . . Bookkeeper.


Mr A. Eichert. Sr. (Printer and Corrector of the Dutch.)
MesBrs. J. A. Eichert, J. Eichert and B. J. Van de Sandt.
A. Eichert, Jr., Apprentice.
Gr. Hicken, Messenger.
Mr. B. de Eoos . . . . . . Bookbinder.

Department of Government Lands and Woods.

CoUot D'Esoury, Esqr Inspector.


Mr. C. L. Kendler . . . . Saldanha Bay.

Mr. H. Abue . . . . . . Mossel Bay.

Mr. J. Squire. . . . . . Plettenbergs Bay.

J. Laurens . . . . . . Oranje Kloof.

W. S. Fend . . . . . . Outeniqualand.

Department of the Slave Lodge.

C. G. Hohne, Esqr. . . . . . . Director.

S. Leeson, Esqr,, M.D. . . . , Surgeon.

N. C. Combinck, Porter.


A. Nederland ; J. M. Berthold ; and J. G. Langhoff.
A. Hogenberg, Schoolmaster.

Vendue Office.

Francis "William Fagel, Esqr. . Vendue Master.

Mr. J. F. Eeitz . . . . Deputy Master.

Mr. E. Buijskes . . . . Book-keeper.

Mr. J. W. Hurter . . . . Clerk.

Sworn Vendue Clerks.

Messrs. C. F. Germans.
E. S. Alleman.

Messrs. M. Wolff.

Nic Tyrholm.

Advocates, Cape Town.

J. 1\ de Wet, Esqr.
J. H. Neethling, Esqr.
G. Buijskes, Esqr.

E. van Burmania, Esqr.
H. Cloete, L.son, Esqr.
J. J. van den Berg, Esqr.


Messrs. D. P. Haupt.
J. P. de Wet
J. H. Brand.
P. Landon.
E. Beck.

PriBLic Notaries, Gate Town.

Messrs, J. S. Merrington.


J. J. van den Berg.
J. H. Neethling.
G. Buijskes.
J. J. L. Smuts.

Attorneys, Cape Town.

Messrs, J. D. Alders.

F. W. M. Kuijscli.
P. J. Truter, jun.

Messrs. J. P. Blommaart.
K. Cloete, jun.

Sworn Translators.

Messrs. B. de la Motte.
C. "Winter.
J. B. Hoffman.
H. Murphy.

Messrs. J. H. Yan Lier.
P. Auret.
A. Burnet.

The Supreme Medical Committee.

(Instituted by Government, 24th April, 1807.)
W. Hussey, Esqr., M.D. . . . , . . President.

A. L. Emerson, Esqr., M.D. (absent) . . j ivrpmbprR

L. G. Biccard, Esqr., M.D ^ Memoers.

Mr. T. K. Deane, Secretary.

* The Vaccine Institution.

(Instituted by Government, 23rd April, 1811.)

W. Hussey, Esqr., M.D Director.

R. Spencer, Esqr I Vaccinating

W. H. Lys, Esqr. (absent) . . . . j Surgeons.

Mr. T. K. Deane, Secretary.

Board of Agriculture.

His Excellency the Governor
Francis Dashwood, Esq. . .


Messrs. J. Zorn.

J. Pringle.
D. G. Van Reenen.
T. Dreijer.
. W. Hussey, M.D.
P. J. Truter, jun. M.D.
M. van Breda.


Messrs. J. M. van Helsdingen.
J. P. Watney.
J. van Reenen, Jac. son.
J. .7. van Reenen, Job.

J. van Reenen, Seb. son.
G. Kekewich.
C. D'Escury.
Mr. William Duckitt, Secretary.
Mr. Jan Willem Klerck, Treasurer and General Agent.


181*. English Church — Cape Town.

Rev. Eobert Jones, B.A. . . Colonial Chaplain.
Rev. J. Hewett, A.M., Military and Acting Colonial do.
James M' Donald . . . . . . . . Clerk.

tleorge Coles. . . . . . . Organist.

Petrus Johannes Keeve, Sexton.

English Church — Simon's Town.
Minister : Reverend George Hough, M. A.

Reformed Church.
Wilhelm Buissinne, Esqr., Political Commissioner.


Rev. J. P. Serrurier

{Emeritus) ,

Rev. C. Fleck.

J. H. Von Manger.

Messrs. And. Brink, Sr., and J. Jurgens, Sr., Elders

Messrs. Paul Roux, P. son,
T. Smuts,

Messrs. P. J. Pentz, ) y^

Mr. Q-. H. Maasdorp . . . , Bookkeeper.

Jacobus van Schie, and Jan Frijlinck, Clerks.
H. F. Grondeler . . . . Organist.

Petrus Johannes Keeve, Sexton.

Lutheran Church.

Rev. C. H. F. Hesse . . . . Minister.

Messrs. Q-. A. Watermeyer and L. Stockbroo, Elders.
Messrs. G. A. Freislich, J. G. Steytler, J. F. Beck, and G.
Letter, Deacons.

J. F. Yoges Clerk.

. . . . . . . . Organist.

J. A. Brandt, Sexton.

BiJiLE AND School Commission.

His Excellency the Governor and Commander-in-Chief.


Lt.-General the Honorable Robert Meade.


The Rev. Cliristiaan Fleck.
Henry Alexander, Esqr.


The Rev. Johan Heinrich von Manger. if^i^-,

„ C. H. F. Hesse (Secretary and Treasurer). -"

,, Robert Jones, B.A.

,, George Hough, A.M.

„ A. S. Hewett, A.M.
P. J. Truter, Esqr., M.D.
Andreas Brink, Esqr.
J. W. StoU, Esqr., Treasurer to the New Bible and School Fund.

Honorary Mem hers.

All the respective Clergymen of the Country Districts.


Petrus Johannes Keeve, Messenger.

Privileged Schools.

^English Schooh.

Mr. William M. Hopley.

Mr. M. Bendall.

Mr. Thomas Wright Doughty.

School for Teaching Mathematics

Mr. Pieter Carstens Schonegevel.

Ordinary Dutch Schools.

Willera Weijdeman.
Cornelis de Koek.
Bernardus Rijkkeer

Jan Frylinck.

Johan Wilhelm Neuhoff.

Willem Rijkheer.

Butch and English Free School, Keeroni Street. No. 40.

Mr. A. van Wageningen, Employed to introduce Dr. Bell's system
William Banyard . . . . . , English Master.

Michael Johannes de Kock . . Dutch do.

Directors of the Orphan House.
Messrs. George Willem Hoppe . . . . President.

Simon Stronck.
Gabriel Jacobus Vos.
Fran9oi8 Johannes de Necker.
Andreas Richert (Secretary.)

Roelof Afram Zederberg.

Abraham Faui'e.

.^gidius Benedictus Ziervogel.


Kornelis de Kock, Sen.
E. Smit.

Lukas Keet.j

Jacobus Johannes Wild.



Town Market.

Mr. Johan Daniel Disandt. .
Mr. Oloff Godlieb de Wet. .
Mr. Jan Hendrik Lambert
Chrifltiaan Hendrik Maasdorp

Weigh Master.
Assistant do.

Johannes Rippel and Jan Jansens.

Ward 1.
Jacobus Johannes

van der Berg.
Marthinus Berg.

Ward 4.
Pieter Auret.
Lucas Fischer.

Ward 7.
Johannes Jacobus

Johannes Jacobus

Yos, J. son.

Ward 10.
Gerhardus Lotter.
Abraham Brink.

Ward 13.
Gerrit van Sittert.
Petrus Johannes

Johannes Tromp.

Ward 16.
Frans Lind.
Abraham Theodorus

George Ferdinand



Ward 2.
Johan Frederik

Paul Roux, P. son.

Ward 5.
Ernst Jacob
Carel Hancke.

Ward 8.
Johannes Josephus

Frederik Nieuwen-


Ward 11.
Johannes Hendrik

Joh. Nicholaas


Ward 14.
Siewert Wiid.
Hendrik Mellet.

Ward 17.
Joseph de Kock.
Tobias Smuts.
Rudolph S. Alle-

Ward 3.
Dirk Jacobus

Johannes Guillaume

van Helsdingen.

Ward 6.
Lucas Stokbroo.
George Frederik

Ward 9.
Andries Willem

Johannes Rocken-


Ward 12.
Dirk de Jongh.
Theunis van

Ward 15.
Frederik Rossouw.
Jan Peo.

Ward 18.
Hendrik Loedolph.
Froderik Arnold

Andries Brink,

Corn. son.

Ward 19.
Valentinus Alexius

Willem Adriaan la


Ward 22.
Jan Hendrik Falck.
Pieter Carstens

Ward 25.
Otto Luder Maas-

Adriaan Jacobus



Ward 20.
Jan Fred. Mayor.
Pieter Dusart.

Ward 23.
Frans Christoffel

Albrecht Luning.

Ward 21.
Jan Hendrik Bam.
Joseph Daniel


Ward 24.
Joh. Albertus

Hendrik Pieter



Establishment of Fire Wardens, Cape Town.

Committee from the Burgher Senate, and Superintendents over'Jhe
Fire Materials.

Johannes Jurgens, Esqr. (President and Fire Warden Q-eneral).
Mr. Abraham Faurej senior (Vice-President).


Messrs. Gerrard Ewoud Overbeek (Secretary).
Johan Gregorius Ludolph.
Hermanns Barend Keytel.
Christiaan van den Burgh.
Johan Samuel Frederik Botha.
Carel Christiaan Smith.
Carel Christiaan Koch.

Int,pectors of the Fire Engines.

Casper Claasje Dekenah. . (Chief Adjutant).
Johan Anthon Ferch . . (Deputy Inspector).
Carel MuUer (Assistant Inspector).


Herman Schutte.
Christiaan Orffer.

Overseers of the Magazines.

Bartholomeus Henricus Schonken.
Pieter Woudberg.



No. 1.

I'ire Wardens.
Christiaan van den Burgh.
Nicholas Johannes Grraaf.
Nicholas ifeeberg.
David Hendrik Mellet.

Fire Engines.

Willem Boomsaayer.
R. H. van Driel.

No. 2.

Fire Wardens.
Carel Christiaan Smith.
Daniel Coenraad Lujt.
Goris Leeuwenaar.
P. Joubert.

Johannes Jacobus Luyt.
Hendrik Blad.

No. 3.

Fire Wardens.
Carel Christiaan Koch.
Jan Bernard.
Willem Muller.
P. C. Berning.

No. 4.

Fire Wardens.
J oh. Samuel Fred. Botha.
Jacobus Johannes Mellet.
Hendrik Wolhuter.
Matthias Lotter.

Barend Berning.
Jan Kalmeyer.

Johau A.ugust Bresler.
Willem Weydeman, junior.

No. 5.

Fire Wardens.
Johan Gregorius Ludolph.
Christiaan de Jongh, J.son.
Christopher Haylet Smith.
Jiirrie Jacobse.
Jan Adam Zinn.

Rynhard Jacobse.
Hendrik Koster.

No. 6.

Fire Wardens.
Hermanns Barend Keytel.
August Christoffel Koch.
Fredrik Spengler.
Michiel Han seen.
Casper Morgendahl.

Henning Schreuder.
Carel Hardwich.


For the Fire Engine at the Reformed Chujkh. i8id.

Fireioardens. Sergeants.

Johan Frederik Q-ilowy
M. J. Smith.
Ohristoffel Garisch.

Coenraad Wasman.
Ohristiaan Freislew.
Jacob Thijs.

Overseer of the Waterpipes.

Christaan OrfPer.

Overseer of the Toicn Canals.

Jan van der Hoeven.

Overseer of the Pounds.

Johan Frederik Heydeurych.

Overseer of the Public Roads.

Jan van der Hoeven,

Toicn Postmaster.

J. P. van Lier.

Toicn Assizer.

Miohiel Frederik Pentz.

Town Carpenter.
Ohristiaan Orffer.

Toivn Mason.
Hermanis Schutte.


Cape District.

J. W. StoU, Esqr Landdrost.


Messrs. 0. G-. Hohne.
T. F. Dreyer.
S. van der Spiiy.
0. J. Gie.

Messrs. F. Rossouw,

D. F. Lehman.
F. W. Sappe

Mr. J. J. li. Smuts, Secretary,

Mr. W. A. Wentzel, !st Clerk, Mr. J. J. F. Roselt, 2nd do.

Mr. J. H. Brand, Clerk to the Secretary.