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Charity, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Nov. 20, 1806.
Eliseb[e]th (Wrighington), d. Asa, laborer, and Jane, Nov. 23,

Elizabeth, ch. Benjamin and Mary, July 17, 1792.
Henry, ch. Benjamin and Mary, May 7, 1798.
Henry, ch. Asaph and w., Feb. 22, 1839.
John, ch. Asaph and w., Dec. 28, 1840.
Mary, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Sept. 16, 1799.
Prince Sears, ch. Joseph and Lucy, Oct. — , 1810.
Sally, ch. Asaph and w., July 14, 1835.
Thomas, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 20, 1802.
William, ch. Asaph and w., Jan. 20, 1837.



To THE YEAR 1 8 5O

ADAMS (see Addoms), Betsey of Sandwich, and John Mul-

ford, int. June 7, 1828.
John and Nancy Pratt, Mar. 30, 1817.
Thomas [int. of Kingston] and Mercy [int. Mrs. Marcy]

Savery, Feb. 23, 1792.

ADDOMS (see Adams), Mary and John Bent 2d of Middle-
borough, int. Mar. 2, 1822.

ALDEN, Lois [int. Louis] J. and Hiram [int. Hirom] Tillson,
Nov. 6, 1831.

Oliver H. of Middleborough, and Lucinde Cobb of Middle-
borough, Feb. 3, 1824.*

ALLEN (see Allin), Disy [int. Dicy] and Linus Shaw, Nov. 3,


ALLIN (see Allen), Polly of Plymouth, and Ezra Morton,
int. Dec. 26, 1794.

AMES (see Emes), Alexander and Susanna Cole, Nov. 5,


ANDEREWSS, Zepheniah (Anderewss ?) " Transent Persen "
and Azubah S. Murdock of Middleborough, Sept. 17,


ANZELOjNancey of Middleboro, and Samuel Holley, int. Nov.
26, 1825.

APPLING, Mary [int. adds Mrs., 2d] and Ezra Fuaunce [int.

Faunce], Dec. 23, 1804.
William Thomas and Deborah Barrows of Plymouth, int.

Jan. 30, 1813.

ASHTON, James and Sally Barrows, Mar. 2, 1834.

ATT WOOD (see Atwood), Abigail and Luke Attwood, Jan. 7,


* Intention not recorded.


Attwood, Betsey and Ancil Shurtleff, Juiy 7, leii.

Betsey of Middleborough, and Joseph Ellis Jr., int. Aug. 24,

Caleb Jr. and Elizabeth Cobb of Middleborough, int. Sept. 6,

Clary [int. Atwood] and Ephriam Greffeth [int. Ephraim

Grifeth Jr.], Jan. 7, 1796.
Eli and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Griffeth, Jan. 5, 1792.
Frances [sic, int. Francis Atwood] and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth]

Ward, Jan. 31, 1799.
Hannah of Middleborough, and Bartlett Murdock, int. Apr. 25,

John and Patience Shaw, Mar. 27, 1791.*
Joseph and Rebecca Pratt, Jan. 30, 1791.*
Joshua and Polly Benson, int. May 25, 1793.
Levi and Bethiah Shurtleff, int. Feb. 26, 1814.
Luke and Abigail Attwood, Jan. 7, 1796.
Polly [int. Mary Atwood] and Ebenezar [int. Ebenezer] Fuller,

July 12, 1810.
Ruth [int. Atwood] and Seth Barrows, Jan. 27, 1801.
Samuel Jr. and Lydia Cobb of Middleborough, int. Dec. 18,

William and Lois Smith of Middleborough, int. Mar. 7, 181 2.

ATWOOD (see Attwood), Abigail and Benjamin Shurtleflf 2d,

June 7, 1773.* P.R.2.
Abigail and Peter Wood of Middleborough, int. Mar. i, 1817.
Abner and Content Atwood, Nov. 30, 1809.
Allen S. and Hannah Ward, int. Sept. 14, 1839.
Allen S., widr. [int. omits widr.], farmer, and Caroline Shaw,

July 21, 1844.
Almira and Bartlett M, Shaw, int. Oct. 13, 1832.
Asaph and [int. adds Mrs.] Elizabeth Shaw, Nov. 19 [1805].
Asaph and Hepsabeth Hadley, July 3, 183 1.
Asaph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Polly Ward, Apr. 19, 1836.
Asaph and Sarah Read of New Bedford, int. Sept. 26, 1840.
Benjamin and Harriot S. Lucas of Middleborough, int. Jan. 28,

Bethiah of Middleborough, and Henry F. Maxim, int. Oct.

17, 1840.
Betsey [int. Betsy] and Perez Shaw 2d [int. omits 2d], farmer,

July 26, 1843.
Content and Abner Atwood, Nov. 30, 1809.

• Intention not recorded.


Atwood, Eben[eze]r [int. Attwood] and Betty Hammon [int.

Betsy Hammond], Apr. 30, 1797.
Ebenezer and Waitstill Lucas of Middleborough, int. Sept. 4,

Elisabeth and Stephen Atwood of Middleborough, int. Sept. 5,

Eunes and James Wright, int. Aug. 19, 1826.
Francies of Middleborough, and Abigail Shurtleff, int. June 26,

Hannah [int. Attwood] and Joel ShurtleiT, Oct. 10, 1793.
Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Benjamin Ward 2d [int. Jr.,

omits 2d], Feb. 10 [1806].
Hannah C. and Henrey [int. Hervey] C. Thomas of Middle-
borough, Sept. 28, 1817.
Jamima and Nathaniel Shurtleff 2d of Middleborough, int.

Dec. 14, 1832.
John Jr. and Mary Hacket [int. adds wid.] [of] Midd[l]e[bor-

ough], June — , 1820.
Jonathan and Nancy Atwood, Aug. 19, 1804.
Joseph and Nancy A. Murdock [int. Nancy A. Atwood],

Jan. I, 1843.
Joshua Jr. and Hannah Thomas of Middleborough, int. Oct. 19,

Lemuel and Mrs. Saba Shurtleff, int. July 16, 1814.
Levi and Sarah B. Greene of Dalton, Berkshire Co., int.

May 5, 1821.
Lucy and Thomson Murdock, Dec. 11, 1821.
Luther and Mrs. Lydia Atwood of Middleborough, int. Nov. 26,

1 814.
Luther and Malinda Shaw, int. July 11 [1840].
Luther Jr., 24, moulder, s. Luther and Lydia, and Abigill Shaw,

25, d. Isaac and Abigill, Apr. 23, 1846.
Lydia [int. adds Mrs., 2d] and John Shaw 2d [int. Jr., omits 2d],

May 22, 1806.
Lydia [int. Attwood] and Stephen Shurtleff, Aug. 23, 1807.
Lydia, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Luther Atwood, int.

Nov. 26, 1814.
Lydia and David Bates of Wareham, int. Nov. 2, 1833.
Mary W. and William Briggs of Rochester, int. Jan. 28, 1843.
Nancy and Jonathan Atwood, Aug. 19, 1804.
Nancy A. (see Nancy A. Murdock).
Nath[anie]ll [int. Nath[a]niel Attwood, dup. int. Attwood] of

Middleborough, and [int. and dup. int. add Mrs.] Zilpha

Shurtleff, Jan. 31 [1806].

* Intention not recorded.


Atwood, Oran [int. Oren] and Sibbilla Ward, Mar. 26, 1833.
Polley, Mrs., of Middleborough, and John Savery, int. May 6,

Polly and Nelson Gammons of Wareham, Nov. 5, 1835.
Polly of Middleburough, and George Shaw, int. Nov. 6, 1847.
Rebekah and Alvin Shaw, int. Apr. 12, 1823.
Ruel [int. Reuel] of Middleborough, and Abigail S. [int. omits

S.] Tillson, Mar. 25, 1832.
Salmon and Betsey Savory of Middleborough, int. Jan. 19,

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Gideon Shurtleff, Nov. 30, 181 5.

Sarah and Harvy Lucas, int. June 24, 1826.

Seth and Emeline Dean of Middleborough, int. Feb. 28, 1824.

Stephen of Middleborough, and Elisabeth Atwood, int. Sept. 5,

Sulivan [int. Sullivan] B. of Middleborough, and Hope Shaw,
Apr, 20, 1832.

Sumner and Clio Humphrey, Jan. 13, 1839.

Susanna [int. Attwood] and Ezra Barrows, Oct. 13, 1801.

Thomas [int. Attwood] and Cyntha [int. Mrs. Cynthia] Ben-
son of Middleborough, Feb. 20 [1806].

Warren and Louisa W. Hacket of Middleborough, int. Apr. i,

William 2d of Middleborough, and Rebeckah Shurtleff, int.
Oct. 29, 1825.

William and Charlott Tillson of Middleborough, Nov. 28, 1833.

Zenas and Hannah P. Bliss of Sandwitch, int. Nov. 4, 1826.

BADGER, Abigail and Levis [int. Lewis] Morton of Plymouth,

June 2, 1836.
Charles D. and Jerusha Besse of Wareham, int. May 3, 1846.
Edv/ard " Traincent," and Patience Bumpus,int. Jan. 19, 1S28.
Edward and Sarah Bumpus [int. Bump], Feb. 26, 1832.
Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and John Jones " transient," July 4,

BAGNAL, Deborough of Plymouth, and Jesse Lucas, int.

Apr. I, 1820.

BAILEY, Eliza Jane of Hanover, and John Waterman Jr.,
int. Nov. 15, 1846.

BARDEN, Gershom of Middleboro, and Molly Cobb, int.
Oct. 10, 1796.

BARNES (see Barns), Lydia and Abiel Shurtleff, Jan. 14,

1695-6.* P.R.2.

* Intention not recorded.


BARNS (see Barnes), Benjamin Jr. [int. of Plymouth], and
Rebacca [int. Rebeckah] Shurtleff, June i, 1801.

Eleanor of Plymouth, and John Shearmon Jr., int. Sept. 9,

BARROW (see Barrows, Berrows), Carver and Cela Whiting,

int. Dec. 25, 1824.
Nelson and Nancy Bisbee of Middleborough, int. Sept. 19,


BARROWS (see Barrow, Berrows), Abigail and Nathaniel

Shurtleff of Middleborough, int. Sept. — , [i]835.
Andrew Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Polly Shurtleff of Middleboro

[int. Middleborough], Aug. 27, 1797.
Ann of Plymouth, and James B. Ransom, July 17, 1831.
Asa and Fanny Dunham, Sept. 30, 1827.
Charles and Marcy Cobb Barrows, int. Dec. 4, 1813.
Deborah of Plymouth, and William Thomas Appling, int. Jan.

30, 1813.
Edward D., cordwainer, s. John and Deborah C, and Hannah

D. Chase, d. Benja[min] and Keziah, Dec. 7, 1845.
Elizabeth and Thomas Tillson, Nov. 26, 1807.
Ezra and Susanna Atwood [int. Attwood], Oct. 13, 1801.
George and Sophia Washburn of Middleborough, Feb. 24, 1808.
George and Priscilla Fuller, int. Oct. 24, 181 2.
Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Thomas Cobb, Dec. i, 1S03.
James Jr. [dup. and int. omit Jr.] and Agatha Cobb, Apr. 22,

James 2d and Mrs. Eliza Wrightington, int. May 6, 181 5.
Jane of Plymouth, and Asel Cole, int. Aug. 2, 1823.
John [int. Barrow] and Deborah C. Doten, Mar. 31, 1818.
John and Sally [int. Salley] Bumpas, Jan. 15, 1824.
Joshua and Molly Shearmon, Dec. 7, 1794.
Lothrop and Sally Shaw, int. Mar. 28, 181 2.
Lothrop Jr. and Lucinda Sherman, int. June 29, 1839.
Lothrop, Capt., and Margarett Bradford, int. Feb. 22, 1840.
Louisa and Daniel Perkins [int. of Plympton], July i, 1832.
Louisa and Frederick Cobb, farmer, July 16, 1843.
Lucetta of Middleboroug[h], and Seth Morten, int. Nov. 23,

Marc)' Cobb and Charles Barrows, int. Dec. 4, 1813.
Mary [int. Mercy Barrow] and Cornelius Perkins, Nov. 20, 1796.
Mary and Jabez Sherman, May 5, 1802.
Mary and Merick Chandler of Plympton, int. Apr. 11, 1840.
Mehetabel and Isaac Bourn of Pembrook, int. June 24, 1809.

* Intention not recorded.


Barrows, Mercy (see Mary).

Mercy Cobb (see Marcy Cobb Barrows).

Mercy W., second m. [int. adds Mrs., omits second m.], 30, b.
Wareham, d. Jesse Maxim, and Hiram Tillson, second m.
[int. omits second m.], 38, moulder, s. Ichabod, Nov. 4, 1849.

Nancey and Winslow Bent of Middleborough, int. Oct. 7, 1826.

Patience and Jacob Cobb of Middleborough, int. Apr. 9, 1803.

Phebe, 48, of Plymouth, d. George and Esther of Middle-
borough, and Harvey Dunham, 42, moulder, s. Ebenezer
and Priscillai, int. Dec. 27, 1845.

Polly and Asaph Washburn, Mar. 5, 1801.

Rebecah D. of Plymouth, and John C. Vail, int. May 6, 1826.

Ruth and Eben[ezer] Shurtleff, Feb. 11, 1798.

Sally, wid., and Jonathan Perry, int. July 17, 1830.

Sally and James Ashton, Mar. 2, 1834.

Sarrah of Barnstable, and David Pratt, int. Oct. 23, 1824.

Seth and Ruth Attwood [int. Atwood], Jan. 27, 1801.

Sophia W. and Earl Sturtavant, June 3, 1832.*

Thomas and Polly [int. PoUey] Washburn, Feb. 13, 1800.

William, Dr., and Betsey Tillson, int. Sept. 17, 1836,

Willson and Elizabeth Sherman, int. Oct. 10, 1840.

BARTLETT (see Bertlett), Betsy and Allen Crowd, Sept. 12,

Dimon and Lydia Berrows, Oct. 3, 1790.*
Fredrick, Dr. [int. Frederick, omits Dr.], of Plymouth, and

Lydia Atwood Dunham, Dec. i, 1809.
Joshua of Plymouth, and Lucy Tilson [int. Tillson] Dunham,

Mar. 28, 1799.
Mary and John S. Lucas, int. June 15, 1816.
Rebecca [int. Mrs. Rebekea Bertlett] and Simean [int. Simeon]

Rickard [int. of Plymton], Nov. 4, 1792.
Solomon and Lydia Wood, Mar. 3, 1789.*
Susanna [int. Bertlett] and Zabulon Willis [int. Zabdee Willes]

of Bridgwarter [int. Bridgwater], May 19, 1793.

BASSETT, Susan, 30, of Rochister, d. Joseph and Susan (Look)
of Rochester, and Abiel Thomas, widr., 43, blacksmith,
of Wareham, s. Levi and Hannah of Middleboro, Feb.
13, 1846.*

BATES, David of Wareham, and Lydia Atwood, int. Nov. 2,

Joseph and Abigail Dunham, int. Apr. 27, 1839.

Lydia, Mrs., of Wareham, and Jabez Maxim, int. Nov. 5, 1814.

• Intention not recorded.


BEARD, Rosette [int. Rosettie] and Alven [int. Alvin] C. Har-
low, butcher, s. Ephraim and Hannah, Aug. 31, 1845.

BELCHER, Oliver Jr. of Stoughten, Norfolk Co., and Brigit
Lamsted, int. Oct. 11, 1823.

BENNET (see Bennett), Martha, 46 [int. of Middleburough],
and Sampson Mcfarling [int. Mcfariin], widr. [int. omits
widr.], 46, farmer, s. Huit and Mercy, July 9, 1S49.

BENNETT (see Bennet), Benjamin C. of Middleborough, and
Ruth P. Thurston of Middleborough, Mar. 9, 1845.*

Kezia of Rochester, and Luke Perkins, int. July 24, 1775.

Mercy 3rd of Middleborough, and John Shaw, int. Jan. q, 1819.

Samuel of Luzern [int. adds Co.], Pa., and Deborah Cole,
Nov. 3, 1796.

BENSON, Ansel of Middleborough, and Policy Ward, int.

Apr. 5, 1809.
Asa [int. of Middleborough] and Drusilla Ward, wid., Oct. 23,

Asa of Middleborough, and Doe, wid., int. Sept. .

[This entry crossed out.]
Cyntha [int. Mrs. Cynthia] of Middleborough, and Thomas

Atwood [int. Attwood], Feb. 20 [1806].
John [int. of Middleborough] and Nabby [int. Abigail] Leonard,

Oct. 5, 1796.
Polly and Joshua Attwood, int. May 25, 1793.
Polly and James Leonard, int. July 4, 1795.

BENT, Abiah of Middleborough, and Joseph Morse of Middle-
borough, Feb. 18, 1796.*

Adaline C. and Harrison Shaw, Oct. 30, 1836.

Bartlett of Wareham, and Hannah P. Savery, int. Dec. 6, 1823.

Betsey C. of Middleborough, and Everett Bent of Middlebor-
ough, Apr. 6, 1836.*

Emily and George Cobb, Nov. 3 [1833].

Everett of Middleborough, and Betsey C. Bent of Middlebor-
ough, Apr. 6, 1836.*

Experence and Salome Cushing, Oct. 27, 1790.*

Hannah of Middleboro, and Eli Shaw of Middleboro, May 6,

Ira Cook and Sally M. Shaw, int. Feb. 28, 1847.
John and Elisabeth Murdoch, Oct. 26, 1788.'=
John and Polly Snow, July 15, 1810.

• Intention not recorded.


Bent, John 2d of Middleborough, and Mary Addoms, int.

Mar. 2, 1822.
John and Hannah Perkins, int. Apr. 27, 1822.
John [int. 2d] and Mary [int. Mercy] Mcfarlin, Nov. 8, 1829.
Joseph and Marcy [int. Mary] Bumpas, Apr. 4, 1826.
Lucy of Middleborough, and Ellis Griffith, int. May 19, 1822.
Mary and Stillman Ward, June 5, 1836.*
Mercy of Middleborough, and Hilkiah Tinkham of Freetown,

Nov. 17, 1800.*
Thomas of Albany, N. Y., and Abigail Shaw, Jan. 31, 1828.
Winslow of Middleborough, and Nancey Barrows, int. Oct.

7, 1826.
Zenas of Middleboro, and Eunice Lyon of Middleboro, Sept. 2,


BERROWS (see Barrow, Barrows), Lydia and Dimon Bart-
lett, Oct. 3, 1790.*

BERT, Bathsheba J. of Taunton, and Zebadee Chandler,
int. Sept. 12, 1838.

BERTLETT (see Bartlett), Abigail, Mrs., of Plymouth, and
Consider Robbins, int. July 10, 1791.

BESSE, Jerusha of Wareham, and Charles D. Badger, int.
May 3, 1846.

BISBE (see Bisbee), Hannah, Mrs., of Rochester, and James
Ellis, int. Nov. 5, 1814.

BISBEE (see Bisbe), Asaph and Lucinda P. Vaughan, Aug. 21,

Jane and Nathaniel Burjess of Plymouth, Mar. 15, 1832.
Nancy of Middleborough, and Nelson Barrow, int. Sept. 19,


BLACKMAN, Rebecah and John Mcfarlin, int. Jan. 21, 1826.

BLACKWELL, Ezra, 28, mariner, of Sandwich, s. Ellis, and
Lucy Humprey [int. Humphrey], 21, d. Asa, Apr. — ,

Joanna E. of Sandwich, and Seth S. Maxim, int. June 6, 1847.

Mary of Sandwich, and Stephen Cushman, int. Dec. 27, 1834.

BLISS, Hannah P. of Sandwitch, and Zenas Atwood, int.

Nov. 4, 1826.

BONNEY, Hannah [of] Plymton, and Lewis Pratt, Nov. 20,

* Intention not recorded.


BoNNEY, Nath[anie]ll [int. of Pembroke] and Chloe Murdock
[int. Murdoch], June 25, 1799.

BOSWORTH (see Bozworth).

BOURN, Isaac of Pembrook, and Mehetabel Barrows, int.
June 24, 1809.

BOWERS, George P. of Roxbury, and Waitstill A. Savery,
int. Sept. 29, 1844,

BOYCE, George A., Capt., of Middleborough, and Elisabeth
M. Holmes of Middleborough, Sept. 22, 1829.*

BOZWORTH, Permelia of Halifax, and Bethuel Tillson, int.
Apr. 22, 1S09.

BRADFORD, Edward G. of Plympton, and Lois Ann Chace,

int. Sept. 23, 1849.
Gideon, shoe maker [int. of Plympton], b. Plympton, and

Sally Chace [int. Chase], Nov. 28, 1844.
Jane of Plymton, and Hezekiah Cole, int. Aug. 8, 1801.

[Mrs. [sic] Jane, d. Dr. Calvin Bradford of Plympton, and

Hezekiah Cole, s. Hezekiah, m. Jan. 25, 1802, P.R.5.]
Jason [of] Kingston, and Phebe Crocker, Feb. 26, 1832.
Lucy [int. adds P.] of Plympton, and Frederick [int. Fred-

rerick] Cobb, Nov. 10, 1818.
Margarett and Capt. Lothrop Barrows, int. Feb. 22, 1840.
Nathaniel of Plympton, and Abjiah [int. Abiga] Cobb, July 2,

Samuel of Plymton, and Lusanna Colle of Midd[leboroug]h,

Oct. 4, 1812.*
Sarah of Plympton, and Isaiah Tillson Jr., int. June 26, 1802.
Susanna, Mrs., of Plympton, and Hamblin Tillson, int. Feb. 5,


BRIGGS, Ebenezer [int. 4th] of Middleborough, and Jamima

[int. Jemima] Shurtleff, Jan. 29, 1809.
Joanna H. of Middl[ebo]r[o], and Silvanus Lovell, int. Mar. 4,

Lucy of Wareham, and Rowland Leonard, int. Mar. 22, 1793.
Sophrona [int. Seprona] of Rochester, and Ephraim [int.

Epraim] Griffith Jr., Apr. 3, 1S31.
William of Rochester, and Mary W. Atwood, int. Jan. 28, 1843.

BROWN, Sally S. and Eiiab Ward Esq., int. June 20, 1840.

• Intention not recorded.


BRYANT, Jane, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Elezer Donham,

int. June 30, 1792.
John and Sarah Macfun, Dec. 27, 1792.*

BUFFINGTON, Elizabeth A. of Somersett, and Ezra Fuller,
int. Oct. 28, 1839.

BUMP (see Bumpas, Bumpus), Jedediah [int. Bumpas] and
[int. adds Mrs.] Abigail Perry [int. Perrey], Sept. 15, 1814.

BUMPAS (see Bump, Bumpus), Abigail of Wenham, and

Ichabod Tillson Jr., int. Apr. 23, 1808.
Benjamin and Bathsheba Perry of Wareham, int. Mar. 16,

Betsey and Nath[anie]ll Shurtleff, int. July 24, 1802,
Eamond [and] Mary Bumpas, Nov. 22, 1821.*
Edwod [int. Edmond P.] and Rebeckah Bumpus [int. Rebecah

Bumpas], Nov. 22, 1821.
Edwood and Lucy Bumpas, int. Sept. i, 182 1.
John and Betsey Chobuck of Plymouth, int. Feb. 9, 1799.
John and Mrs. Mary Gifford of Wenham, int. Apr. 12, 1806.
John [int. Bumbas Jr.] and Mary Lamsted, May 30, 1821.
Lucy and Edwood Bumpas, int. Sept. i, 1821.
Marcy [int. Mary] and Joseph Bent, Apr. 4, 1826.
Martha and James Lamstead, int. Feb. 11, 1797.
Mary and Eamond Bumpas, Nov. 22, 1821.*
Mary (see Marcy).
Mercy (see Marcy).

Phebe and Zebulun Maxim of Wareham, int. Oct. 8, 1808.
Sally [int. Salley] and John Barrows, Jan. 15, 1824.
Samuel of Wareham, and Chloe Hawkes of Middleborough,

July 21, 1808.*

BUMPUS (see Bump, Bumpas), Andrew M., 37, farmer, s.
• John and Mary, and Eliza J. Swift, 20, b. Plymouth,

Feb. 23, 1848.
Daniel Jr. [and] Rebecca Hervey, July 15, 1790.*
Daniel Jr. and Mary [int. adds M.] Mulford, May 21, 1829.
Daniel [int. Bumpas] Jr. and Dorcas H. Mulford, May 24, 1832.
Lewin [int. Bumpas], seaman [int. of Sandwich], and Lucinda

King [int. Ring], Mar. 4, 1845.
Patience and Edward Badger "Traincent," int. Jan. 19, 1828.
Rebeckah [int. Rebecah Bumpas] and Edwod [int. Edmond

P.] Bumpas, Nov. 22, 1821.
Sarah [int. Bump]'and Edward Badger, Feb. 26, 1832.
Silas G. [int. Bumpas] and Betsey Maxim, Apr. 10, 1836.

* Intention not recorded.


BURGES (see Burge - , Burjess), Lancelot [int. Burgess of
Middleborough] and Sally Shearman, July 20, 1800.

Rebeckah of Plymouth, and Joseph Robbens Jr., int. Aug. 8,

BURGESS (see Burges, Burjess), Cornelius S., Dea., of New
Bedford, and Melisa [int. Melissa] Partridge, wid., June 5,

Elias of Wareham, and Anna Muxam, int. Nov. 11, 1797.

Sarah of Plymouth, and Chandler Robbens, int. Nov. 2, 1822.

BURJESS (see Burges, Burgess), Nathaniel of Plymouth, and
Jane Bisbee, Mar. 15, 1832.

BURT (see Bert).

CAR, Francis of Wareham, and Silsia [int. Silvia] Shurtleff,
July 4, 1833.

CARVER, Eliza and Calvin Fuller, int. Oct. 28, 1826.

Lucy of Plymton, and Rufas Shearman Jr., int. Jan. 28, 1802.

CASWEL, Thomas and Susanna Wing of Plymouth, int. Nov.

2, 1793-

CHACE (see Chase), Benjamin [int. Chase] and Kesiah Pratt,

May 7, 1820.
Eunice [int. Chase] and Isaac Vaughan, Apr. 16, 1829.
Levi [int. Chase Jr.] and Lucy Pratt, Nov. 17, 1818.
Lois Ann and Edward G. Bradford of Plympton, int. Sept. 23,

Plummer, Rev., and Louisa L. Stetson of W. Bridgewater, int.

Jan. 17, 1829.
Sally [int. Chase] and Gideon Bradford, shoemaker [int. of

Plympton], b. Plympton, Nov. 28, 1844.
Silvanus D. and Hannah M. Holmns of Plymouth, int. Oct. 7,


CHAMPNEY, Emery [int. Emory] of Hopkinton, and Harriet
Humphrey, Jan. 7, 1831.

CHANDLER, Abigail T. of Abington, and William Perry, int.

Mar. 17, 1849.
Caroline and Joseph Shaw Jr., int. Oct. 16, 1830.
Caroline and Job Morton, int. Mar. 10, 1832.
Harvey of Rochester, and Harriet Shurtleff of Middleborough,

, 10, 1831.*

• Intention not recorded.


Chandler, Marcy [int. Mary] and Levi Shurtlifif [int. Shurtleff],

Nov, lo, 1825.
Merick of Plympton, and Mary Barrows, int. Apr. 11, 1840.
Zebadee and Bathsheba J. Bert of Taunton, int. Sept. 12,

Zebidee [int. Zebede Jr. of Plymton] and [int. adds Mrs.] Ruth

Cole, July 28, 1804.

CHASE (see Chace), Ezra and Lydia L. Dunham, int. Apr. 5,
. 1817.

Hannah, Mrs., and Lemuel Pratt, int. Oct. 29, 1814.

Hannah D., d. Benja[min] and Keziah, and Edward D. Bar-
rows, cordwainer, s. John and Deborah C, Dec. 7, 1S45.

Kezia W., 27, d. Benjamin and Kezia, and William Tillson, 29,
shoemaker, s. Thomas and Elisabeth, Apr. 15, 1S49.

Levy and Hannah Donham, Nov. 25, 1790.*

Lucy and Harrison G. Cole, int. Apr. 25, 1840.

CHOBUCK, Betsey of Plymouth, and John Bumpas, int.

Feb. 9, 1799.
Ruth (Chob[u]ck), Mrs., of Wenham, and Jabez Maxim, int.

June 28, 1806.
Timothy and [int. adds Mrs.] Sally Faunce, Mar. 13, 1804.

CHURCHILL, James of Plympton, and Rebecca Crocker, int.
Apr. I, 1837.

CLARK, Abigail of Plymouth, and Asaph Washburn, int. Mar.

31, 1849.
David of Middleborough, and Joannah Washburn, int. Nov. 7,

John of Plymouth, and Eloner [int. Alethea] Shurtleff, Mar. 20,

Presbery, Rev. " Itinerant Preacher," and Phebe Shurtleff, mt.

Mar. 7, 1835.
Rebeckah of Middleborough, and Sampson Perkins, int. Dec.

21, 1799.

COBB, Abijah [int. Abiga] and Nathaniel Bradford of Plymp-
ton, July 2, 1811.
Agatha and James Barrows Jr. [dup. and int. omit Jr.], Apr. 22,

1794. .

Artemas of Middleborough, and Rebecca Murdock, mt. Oct. 3,

Benjamin and Lovina [int. Lavina] Sherman, Aug. 4, 1836.

Bennet and Marcy Doten, int. Apr, i, 1809.

• Intention not recorded.


Cobb, Betsey W. and Joseph R. Sherman, Mar. 14, 1830.

Charles and Silve Rickard of Plymton, int. Apr. 17, 1813.

Deborah 2d [int. omits 2d] and Edward Doten, Jan. 31, 1793.

Deliverance and William Soule, Jan. 26, 1792.*

Ebenezer and [int. adds Mrs.] Phebe Sherman, Aug. 26, 1804.

Ebenezer and Mrs. Lucy Shaw, July 4, 1S42.

Eliza and Ezra Fuller of Kingston, int. June 20, 1818.

Elizabeth of Middleborough, and Caleb Attwood Jr., int.

Sept. 6, 1800.
Elizebeth [int. Mrs. Elizabeth] and Paul Doten [int. of Plym-
outh], Sept. 23, 1804.
Ezra of Plympton, and [int. adds Mrs.] Mehetable Cobb, Oct.

24, 1804.
Frederick [int. Fredrerick] and Lucy [int. adds P.] Bradford of

Plympton, Nov. 10, 1818.
Frederick, farmer, and Louisa Barrows, July 16, 1843.
George and Emily Bent, Nov. 3 [1833].
Hannah and Ebenezar Pratt, Sept. 20, 1789.*
Hannah and Ephraim Harlow, Apr. 20, 1820.
Hannah H., d. Charles and Sylvia, and John Dunham 2d [int.

omits 2d], pedler, s. James and Ruth, Nov. 23, 1845.
Hannah P. and Isaac L. Dunham, int. Jan. 7, 1826.
Jacob of Middleborough, and Patience Barrows, int. Apr. g,

Jeruisha and Thomas Cushmon, int. Dec. 17, 1836.
Joanna 2d [int. Mrs., omits 2d] and Calvin Tilson [int. Calven

Tillson], Oct. 27, 1792.
John of Wareham, and Mercy Shurtleff, int. Feb. 24, 1809.
Josiah of Kingst[on], and Mary Lucas, May 28, 1826.
Levi [int. Livi Jr.] of Middleborough, and Mary A. Fuller,

Dec. 2, 1832.
Lucinda, 35 [int. of Middleburough], d. Nathan and Deborah
. of Middleboro, and Thomas Tillson, widr. [int. omits

widr.], 37, moulder, s. Thomas and Elisabeth, Aug. 27,

Lucinde of Middleborough, and Oliver H. Alden of Middle-
borough, Feb. 3, 1824.*
Lucy [int. adds P.], wid., and Hezekiah Cole, Apr. 30, 1826.

[Lucy Prince Cobb, wid. Frederick, d. Perez Bradford

and Sarah (iirst w.) of Plympton, and Hezekiah Cole, s.

Hezekiah, P.R.5.]
Lucy P., 27, d. Frederic, and Rev. William E. Hathaway, 28,

of Freetown, b. Freetown, s. Ennis of Freetown, Nov. 29,


• Intention not recorded.


Cobb, Lydia of Middleborough, and Samuel Attwood Jr., int.

Dec. 18, 1813.
Mary D. and Perigrine W. Savery of Middleborough, int.

July 27, 1833.
Mehetable [int. adds Mrs.] and Ezra Cobb of Plympton, Oct.

24, 1804.
Milissee [int. Melissa] and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Moses

Partridge [int. Partreg] of Plymouth, Aug. 17, 1824.
Molly and Gershom Barden of Middleboro, int. Oct. 10, 1796.

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