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Acts of Archbishop Colton in his metropolitan visitation in the diocese of Derry, A.D. MCCCXCVII online

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a fourth called the " Cinel Binnigh of
Tulach-og." In 1 372 the family of O'Don-
nell were chiefs of the clan, but their
habitat is now unknown. Swayne's re-
gistry, however, affords a clue to their


position in 1 440, for it contains an entry
which represents " Nellanus Odompnyll"
as one of the chief parishioners of " Eanga,"
the modern Termoneeny (fol. 52 b). Pro-
fessor O'Donovan is of opinion that they
were seated in Glenconkene, which is now
represented by the northern half of the
barony of Loughinsholin. — (An. 1053,
1 1 81; Cambr. Evers., vol. i. p. 243, Ed.
Nov.; O'Flaherty, Ogyg., p. 402.)

' Achedoff)/.- — " Out of the termon of
Aghadowy, conteyninge one ballibetagh,
and the erenaghe's third parte of the
tiethes, 40* ster. per an." — Inq. In the
see Patent the names of thirteen subdeno-
minations are recited, of which the first,
Sygowry, now Segorry, had reference to
the patron saint, being in Irish Suifte
5uaipe, Sedes Guarii. An effort was
made in the beginning of the seventeenth
century to bring the lands of this church
under the operations of the Act 28 Hen.
VIII., by representing it as a conventual
foundation. " Infra putriam de OCane in
co' Coolrane nuper erat qiiidani hospitalis
sive termon nuncupatus termon Sci. Gown/
de Aghadoivy, niodo dissolutus et relictus.
Arenacus sine guardianus dicti hospitalis,
tempore dissolutionis et relictionis ejus-
dem, tarn donatione diversarum persona-
rum in patria prffidicta, quam aliarum
seisitus fuit, ut de feodo, de 4 quarteriis
terra; vocatis Aghadowy, eidem hospitali
proxime adjacentibus, quaj valent per an-

(Decanatus de Beunagh.)

AregylylP x ■

X •

X •


Tawlaght ^^[njinagh^



nuiu ultra i-eprisas 3' 4''." — (Ul. Inq.,
Londond., No. 4.) Accordingly in a Pa-
tent 2 Jao. I. " the site of the late hospital
or termoe of St. Gowry in O'Cane's coun-
try, with 4 quarters adjoining, called
Aghadowye," was granted, at the rent
of 6r

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