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was indeed ready to become a Protestant if his pardon could be secured. However,
he was soon after reconciled to the Church. He was back at Rheims 21 April
1586, and left 21 May. In 1598 he was a lunatic. { ii. ; Proost, 286 ; Foster,
G.V.Y. 267 ; Strype, A. III. i. 192 ; Cal. Dom. Add. 1566 ; Knox.)

(434) Marmaduke Blakiston, of Morden, 3rd s. of Thomas Blakiston, of Blakis-
ton, CO. Durham, entered the Inner Temple Nov. 1555. He was attainted 1571,
but pardoned 16 May 1574. Nevertheless, i Dec. 1574 and 3 July 1575, his ex-
pulsion from Spanish territory was demanded. He died in 1611. (Sharp; Foster,
D. V.P. 19 ; M.I.T. 25 ; Surtees, iii. 162 ; Proost, 284-6.)

(435) George Smith, of the bishopric of Durham, was in the Low Countries
about I575> Possibly the musician who arrived at the English College, Rheims,
4 April 1584, and left for the English College, Rome, 2 Sept. 1587. He died in
exile before 1588, according to the Cojicertatio. (Knox, 201, 217 ; Proost, 286 «.)

(436) George Stafford's banishment from the Low Countries was demanded in a
letter from Queen Elizabeth, dated 3 July 1575. (Proost, 286.) He died in exile
before 1588, according to the Conceriatio.

(437) Paul Latham died in prison for his religion in York Castle, I June 1583.
{C.R.S. v. 192, 193.)

(438) Robert Heighington, of Richmond, Yorks, secretary to the Earl of Northum-
berland, was attainted in 1571, but escaped abroad with two of his sons, and re-
mained in attendance on the Countess in Flanders. Queen Elizabeth demanded his


63 the nelson (439).

64 Willm Seborne (440).

65 langdale (441).

66 stapleton (442).

67 wotton (443).

lames hamleton (444).
Ihon hamleton (445)-
Adam gordum (446).
liggons (447).
tho prideaux (448).
(10) priests

1 Doctor Sanders +(449).

2 Docter Allen +(450).

3 Docter hall +(451).

banishment from Spanish territory, 3 July 1575. He had lately been at Namur,
Feb. 1576/7, but had then left. He died abroad in or just before 1590. His eldest
son William was a priest. (Sharp, 271 ; Proost, 286 ; Knox, 298.)

(439) Thomas Nelson, a brother of B. John Nelson, b. at Skelton, Yorks,
arrived at Douay 1575, was ordained priest and sent on the mission in 1577, and
died at Antwerp in June 1625. (Camm, ii. 224.)

(440) William Seaborne, of Sutton St. Nicholas, Herefordshire, became a Member
of the Inner Temple Nov. 1554. He arrived at the English College at Rheims,
II June 1583. He was ordained deacon by Mgr. Claude d'Angenne, Bishop of
Noyon, 25 Sept., in the chapel of St. Remy's monastery, and priest on 29 Sept. 1583
in the same place by Louis, Cardinal de Guise, the Archbishop of Rheims. He went
away from Rheims, but returned 3 June 1588. On 17 April 1590 he left for Spa,
and in 1596 was in Spain. (Knox ; Cal. Inner T. Rcc. I. Iv. ; M.I.T. 19.)

(441) Alban Langdale. (D.N.B. xxxii. 94.)

(442) Thomas Stapleton. (Z^.^V.^. liv. loi.)

(443) Thomas Wotton died in exile before 1588, according to the Concertatio.
Probably the lawyer named Wotton, who arrived at Rheims from Douay, 31 July
1580, (Knox, 168.)

(444) James Hamilton, of Bothwellhaugh. {D.A'^.B. xxiv. 170; Strype, A. H.
i. 495 ; Knox, 300 ; Cachet.)

(445) John Hamilton, Prior of Bothwell, brother of the above. (D.N.B. xxiv.
I70» 195 ; arid Strype, loc. cit.; Knox; Gachet.)

(446) Adam Gordon, of Auchindoun, occupies some space in The Register of
the Privy Council of Scotland (Barton and Masson), ii. and iii. passim.

(447) Ralph Lygon, 3rd s. of William Lygon, ancestor of the Earls Beauchamp,
and Eleanor, his wife, d. of Sir William Dennis, was in 1574 receiving 40 crowns a
month from the King of Spain. His banishment from Spanish territory was de-
manded, I Dec. 1574. In 1575 he was in Brussels receiving £100 z. year. He paid
short visits to England in 1577 and 1579. In 1584 he was still living in Flanders.
His brother Hugh, the 4th son, was a Worcestershire recusant in 1585. (H.S.P.
xxvii. 91 ; Proost ; Knox ; Strype, A. II. i. 279 ; Cal. Dom. 1549, 700; 1581, 279;
Add. 1580, 155, 246.)

(448) Thomas Prideaux, s. of Humphrey Prideaux, of Theuborough, Devon, by
Edith, his 2nd wife, d. of William Hatch, of Aller, was at Antwerp in 1573. By
I Sept. 1574 he had moved to Ghent, and had sent his wife and daughter on a visit
to his half-brother Richard at Theuborough. Later on in the same month he went
to Spain to obtain a pension. In 1587 and 1591 he is spoken of as a follower of Sir
Francis Englefield. (Vivian, Devon, 618; Strype, A. II. i. 495 ; Cal. Dom 1547,
486; 1591, 40; Add. 1566, 446, 447, 450; Add. 1580, 226.)

(449) Dr. Nicholas Sander, educated at Winchester College. [D.N.B. 1. 259.)

(450) Dr. William Allen. (D.N.B. i. 314.)

(451) Dr. Richard Hall. (D.N.B. xxiv. 84.)


4 m'^ mar shall +(452).

5 m' hide + (453).

6 M' fenn thelder + (454).

7 m"^ Stapleton (455).

8 father darbishere lesuite paris (456).

9 Doctor nicolson paris (457)
10 Cutbert vaux (458).

(11) I _ Dutch +(459).

2 willm greene +(460).

3 Ihon price + cottons man (461).

4 bremdon +(462).

5 hugh linthwaite + cottons man (463).

6 Richarde ballarde gildriche man (464).

7 Xpofer bank bolmers man (465).

8 edwarde langton doct Sa man (466).

9 thoms Clempsall (467).

(452) John Marshall, educated at Winchester College. (D.N.B. xxxvi. 269.)

(453) Thomas Hyde, educated at Winchester College. {D.N.B. xxvi. 401.)

(454) John Fenn, educated at Winchester College. (D.N.B. xviii. 253.)

(455) Thomas Stapleton, educated at Winchester College. Identical with n.
442 above.

(456) Thomas Darbyshire. (D.N.B. xiv. 49.)

(457) Dr. William Nicholson, miscalled Richard Nicholson in Dodd, was of
Chester diocese, and entering the English College, Douay, in 1573, was ordained priest
on Holy Saturday, 6 April 1577, at Cambrai. He returned to Douay, 9 August 1 577,
and left again 19th August, but soon returned. On 13 Feb. 1577/8 he left Douay
for Cambrai, and on the following 14 March arrived back at Douay from Paris. On
5 April 1578 he arrived at Rheims, but returned almost at once, and again arrived
at Rheims 6 June, departing about 15 June for Namur. Thence he returned to
Rheims and went to Paris i Aug., returning again 19 Aug. Then again he went to
Douay, where he appears to have received the degree of D.D. He returned to
Rheims, 7 Jan. 1578/9, and 30 March 1579 left for Paris. On 4 Sept. 1579 he
left Rheims for England, returning 25 Jan. 1579/80 for two d.ays. He again left

29 Jan. 1579/80 for Paris on the way to England, but apparently got no farther, as
he was in P.aris in 1580 and 1581. On 9 June 1583 he arrived at Rheims from
Rome, and left an;ain 25 June. (Knox ; Cal. For. 1579, 251.)

(458) Cuthbert Vaux, according to the Concertatio, was a Licentiate in Theology,
who died in exile before 1588. He was M.A. and Fellow of Queen's College,
Oxford, in 1559, expelled 1560. (Foster, Alumni Oxonienses.)

(459) John Duche, one of the " gard in Q. Marie.s tyme," was an exile at " Lire "
(probably Lille) in Flanders about 1585. He was mace-bearer to Cardinal Allen in
1588. (Knox, 300: Strype, A. HL ii. 47, 48, 551, 552.)

(460) William Grene, described as a lawyer and a schoolmaster, was in the
Marshalsea in 1579. He was still there in June 1582, but was discharged before

30 Nov. 1586. It seems, however, that he was merely sent from the Marshalsea to
the Fleet, whence he was transferred to Newgate. He was still in prison 30 Sept.
1588. (Strype, A. II. ii. 661 ; C.R.S. ii.)

(461) John Price, one of the sons of Robert Price, of Newport Pagnall, Bucks,
was a scholar at the English College, Rome, in 1 581, and arrived at the English
College, Rheims, 3 Nov. 1582. On the following 14 April Dr. Barret wrote to
Fr. Aggazario, S.J., that John Price would never be a theologian. According to the
Concertatio he died in exile before 1588. He left Rheims I2 Sept. 1 583. (Knox.)

(462) Unidentified.

(463) Hugh Linthwaite. The fact that he was William Cotton's man is confirmed
by Dasent, viii. 1 19.

(464) to (467) Unidentified.


**(i2) hereford sheere

130 Thomas Bromwich (468).

131 Richard bromwich (469).

132 Roger hardwike (470).

133 william vaughan (471).

134 Richard whittington (472).

135 w*" Prior (473)

136 lohn Prior (474).

137 lohn Guyllym of fawby (475).

138 w"" Gwillym (476).

139 Richarde Coxe (477).

140 Antony Elton (478).

141 lohn heynes (479).

142 Richard heynes (480).

143 Edmond lones +(481).

144 Antony harper (482).

145 Browne of theschequer (483).

146 lames Rogers (484).

the Citee of hereford a very smale nombere & they
of smale power excepted (485).

(468) Thomas Bromwich, of Hereford, married Eleanor, d. of Jenkyn Pryce, of
Clyro, CO. Radnor. (Weaver, Here/. 15.)

(469) Richard Bromwich, the only son of the above, was one of the councillors of
the city of Hereford deemed to be unfavourable to Protestantism in 1564. He was
twice married, viz. to Eleanor, d. of George ap Henry, of Poston, and to Margaret,
d. of William Barkley, of Hereford. (Weaver, Heref. ; Camden Misc. ix. 15.)

(470) Possibly Roger Hardwick, of Hardwick, Staffordshire, who married
Eleanor, d. of John Gittins and widow of Edward Corbett. (H..S.P. xxviii. 201.)

(471) William Vaughan, of Clifford, 2nd son of James Vaughan, of Llangattock,
married Jane, d. and h. of Richard Clarke, of Wellington, Herefordshire, and died
1601. (Burke, Landed Gentry, ed. 1906, p. 1717.)

(472) Probably the Richard Whittington, 3rd son of Alexander Whittington, of
Notgrove, Gloucestershire, who married Mary, d. of (? Roger) Hereford, of Sufton,
Herefordshire. (H.S.P. xxi. 270.)

(473) Unidentified. (474) Unidentified.

(475) John Guillim, of Fawley, e. s. of John Guillim, of Fawley, married Mary,
d. of John Rurghill, of Thinghill. (Weaver, Heref. 35.)

(476) William Guillim, (4ih s.), brother of the above. (Weaver, loc. cit.)

(477) Possibly the person of this name who was later servant to .Sir Christopher
Allen, of Kent. (Ca/. Dom. 1581, 266, 268.)

(478) Anthony Elton, of Ledbury, married Alice, d. of John Scudamore (n. 252
above), and died 1587 (Weaver, Heref. 26) ; but one of this name wa.% a recusant,
1 592. ( Cal. Cecil MSS. iv. 265.)

(479) Unidentified. (480) Unidentified.

(481) Edmund Jones, of Marden, and Edmund Jones, of .Streatford, were
recusants in the county of Hereford remaining at liberty in 1592. {Cal. Cecil MSS.
iv. 265.)

(482) Anthony Harper, was 3rd s. of William Harper, of Wellington and
Amberley in Marden. (Weaver, Heref. 39, 40.)

(483) Robert Browne, created 2nd Baron of the Exchequer 6 May 1550, was
replaced by George Frevillc in the 3rd month of Queen Elizabeth's reign, but
retained the title of Baron Browne in 1578 when he had Mass said in his house.
(¥css, Judges of England, 170 ; Cal. Dom. Add. 1566, 550, 551.)

(484) Unidentified.

(485) In 1564 Scory reported that twenty-one members of the common council
of the city of Hereford were opposed to Protestantism, and ten "neuters in religion,"
" So that of the holl counsell or election ther is not on that ys counted favourable
to this religion." {Camden Misc. ix. 14, 15.)


shrops 147 Corbet sonne & heir

to S'^ Andrue Corbet (486).

148 Brian fowler (487).

149 lee (488).
wines 150 Raffe sheldon (489).

151 Rich Dingley (490).

152 tho wrenford (491).

153 Edmond Coles (492).

154 lohn Richardson (493).

155 Copley (494).

156 William Child (495).

157 Edward Dornel (496).
Cloucs S*' Walter Denyce [crossed out]

158 Denice sonne to S"" Walt (497).

{486) Robert Corbet, s. and h. of Sir Andrew Corbet, of Morton, Vice-President
of the Council of the Marches of Wales, married Anne, d. of Oliver, Lord St. John
of Bletso, and died 1583. {H.S.P. xxviii. 136.)

(487) Brian Fowler, 2nd s. of Rowland Fowler, of Bromhill, Shropshire,
married Jane, d. and h. of John Hanmer, of Bettisfield near Whitchurch, Shrop-
shire. In 1575 he was a J. P. for Staffordshire, and a recusant. On 7 Dec. 1575 he
was committed to the Fleet, but liberated in the following Jan. owing to his health.
He was again liberated from the Fleet on bail 8 May 1581, and in 1592 was of the
manor of Sowe, Staffordshire, and a recusant on bail. [H.S.P. xxviii. 162, 212;
Cal. Cecil AfSS. iv. 272 ; Dasent, ix. xviii.)

(488) Probably Richard Lee, of Langley, Shropshire, who married Eleanor, d. of
Walter Wrothesley, of Wrothesley, Staffordshire. {//.S.F. xxix. 319.) One of this
name arrived at Madrid 31 May 1574, and received 150 ducats. {Cal. Dom. Add.
1566, 468.)

(489) See n. 105 above. (490) Unidentified.

(491) Thomas Wrenford, or Wranford, of Longdon, Worcestershire, was a
recusant in 1585 and 1592. (Cal. Dom. 1581, 279 ; Cal. Cecil MS S. iv. 272.)

(492) Edmund Colles, of Leigh, married (i) Joan, d. of Robert Somerville, of War-
wickshire, and (2) Anne, d. of Robert Townshend, and widow of Humphrey Archer,
of Umberslade, and was a recusant J. P. in 1585, but was continued in commission,
1587, the bishop remarking that he was "a man very meet for his experience in
service." (Strype, ^. HL ii. 457.) Member Inner Temple, Nov. 1553, Sheriff of
Worcestershire 1575, M.P. Worcestershire 1597. Buried in Leigh Church, 1606,
aged 76. In 15 July 1609 we find the benefit of the recusancy of "Edmund Coles
of Lye," his grandson, granted to John Carse. {Cal. Dom. 1603, 529 ; M.I.T. 18 ;
Cal. Dom. 1 581, 279 ; Metcalfe, Worcester, 2 ; H.S.P. xxvii. 41.)

(493) John Richardson, of Pershore, Worcestershire, entered the Inner Temple
Nov. 1555, and became an utter barrister though suspected of recusancy. He was
son of Conon Richardson. (Nash, ii. 249 ; Cal. Inner T. Rec. I. liv.)

(494) Thomas Copley, of Bredon, Worcestershire, married (l) Margaret, d. of
George Newport, and (2) Eleanor, d. of William Middlemore, of Hacklow. {H.S.P.
xxvii. 45.)

(495) William Child, of Norwick, married Katharine, d. of Thomas Coventry.
He was High Sheriff in 1587, and the Bishop of Worcester remarks that "he is
both wise and wealthy." {H.S.P. xxvii. 37 ; Strype, A. III. ii. 458.)

(496) Edward Harewell, Harwell, or Horwell, of Besford, J.P. in 1587. and
thought by the Bishop to be "religious," i.e. a Protestant. Married (i) Margaret, d.
of Thomas Neville, by whom he had a daughter, and (2) Elizabeth, d. and h. of
James Bury, of Hampton, Oxfordshire, by whom he had among other issue a son
and h., Edmund, afterwards a K.B. {H.S.P. xxvii. 72 ; Strype, A. III. ii. 457.)

(497) Probably either Richard Dennis, e. s. of Sir Walter, who married Anne, d.
of Sir John St. John, of Bletso {H.S.P. xxi. 51, 52), or Thomas, his second son, who
married (i) Joan, d. of Thomas Bell, of Gloucester ; (2) Elizabeth Pauncefoote, of


159 Francis denice (498).

160 liggons that mar the

161 lady boucler (499).

162 henry Cassy (500).

163 Dutton (501).

164 nicolas Sanky (502).

165 George Cachmay (503).

166 Thomas Wilton (504).
13 Gloucsh 167 Giles Dobbins (505).
devon 168 Justice Whiddon (506).

169 wm whiddon (507).

170 hughe wiot that mar the Erie of bathes sister (508).

171 Norley (509).
Glouc 172 Christopher George (510).

173 Strang of Ciseter (511).

174 yong M'' higford +(512).

(498) Francis Dennis, (3rd $.), brother of the above, entered the Inner Temple
in Nov. 1560. (M.I.T. 38.)

(499) Probably Hugh Lygon, a Worcestershire recusant in 1585. {Cal. Dom.
1581, 279.)

(500) Henry Cassey was a Gloucestershire recusant living in London in 1585.
He was son of Robert Cassey, of Stratton, Cassey Compton, and VVightfield in
Derhurst, and died 38 Eliz. {Cal. Dom. 1581, 278, 285 ; Rudder, 404, 709, 726, 839.)

(501) Thomas Dutton, of Sherbourn, Gloucestershire, who married (l) Mary
Maney ; (2) Anne, d, of Stephen Kyston, of London, Alderman, and widow of Sir
Thomas Withers, Knt. ; and (3) [? Elizabeth], d. of [? Robert] Taylor, of Gloucester-
shire, and died 24 Oct. 1581, aged 74. (H.S.J', xxxi. 54; Rudder, 650; Strype, A.
U. i. 159.)

(502) Nicholas Sankey, utter barrister of the Inner Temple, had been induced
before 1577 to come to church occasionally. (Cal. Ittner T. Rec. I. liv.)

(503) George Catchmaid, or Catchmay, e. s. of William Catchmaid, of Bickswear
in St. Briavel's. (H.S.P. xxi, 242.)

(504) Thomas Wilton, s. and h. of John Wilton, of Dymock, by Eleanor, his
1st wife, d. of Guy Cassey. (H.S.P. xxi. 270.)

(505) Unidentified.

(506) Sir John Whiddon. (D.N.B.\yi\. ty.)

(507) William Whiddon, of Chagford, Devon, e. s. of the above, admitted to
the Inner Temple 1553, was twice married, but died s.p. before the death of his
father, which occurred 27 Jan. i575/

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