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Justice of England, by Bridget, daughter of John Paston,
of Huntingfield, Co. Norfolk, son of Sir Wm. Paston, of
Paston, Co. Norfolk, and Bridget, daughter of Sir Henry
Heydon. Sir E. Coke was son of Robert Coke, of
Mildham, Co. Norfolk, by Winifred, daughter and co-heir
of William Knightly and Marion Knightly, Co. Norfolk.
Her will, date 26 Sept., 1648, pr. in London 18 Jime,



Humphry=Theophila Skynner


Berrington I

Humphry CornewaU of Berrington was buried at Ludlow, July 7, 1658.
Will, Feb. II, 1686. Codicil, Feb. 13, 1687. Proved Aug. 3, 168S. [See Vol. L,


Misc. Genealogica et Heraldica, p. 57]. Therein he mentions his daughter
Agborough, his daughters Bridget, CaroUne, and Whitney, and his four younger
sons, viz., C3mac, Wolfran, Humphry, and Edward. Codicil, Feb. 18, 1687
[3 Eyton 165]. [See Appendix.] His seal bore a Chough behind the lion. His
wife, Theophila, was buried at Ludlow, April 25, 1718.

Of this family of children, Cj^iac, born in 1652 and baptised at Thornton
Curtis, became, in 1687, a Captain in Colonel Cornewall's regiment of foot {i.e.,
Henry, son of Edward ComewaU of IMoccas) ; was resident at Castleton in Eye
Parish, 1716 ; buried at Eye March i, 1718-ig. Will dated March 11, 1717, was
proved May 8, 1720. He therein mentions his wife, Martha, ahas Bezant, who
was named Exor. On Nov. 29, 1743, power was granted to Theophila Vaughan,
wife of Alexander Vaughan, and daughter and next of kin of JIartha Davies, ahas
Cornewall, wife of John Davies, Exor. and residuary legatee of Cyxiac ComewaU
of Eye, etc. On Aug. 5, 1721, a Commission was issued to said John Davies,
husband of Martha Davies als. Cornewall [79 Browning] [Puhnan's Wills X., 13,
560, Heralds College]. [See Appendix.]

In Judge Bayley's pedigree Theophila, wife of Alexander Vaughan of
Kington, is given as daughter of Cyriac Cornewall. This is erroneous. She
was the daughter of Martha Bezant, or Bayzand, by John Davies, as appears
thus :

. . . Bayzand=An.m, d. 1727 Nicholas Davies, died 1737,
I insolvent and intestate.

(i) Cyriac Cornewall = Martha( July 27, i72o>=John Davies (2nd son), died in
d. Feb. 21, 1718 I Jamaica 1729. WUl April 25,
s.p. J 1722, proved by his father.

THEOPHiLA=(July, 1742) Alexander

Vaughan, of Kington.
Theophila=i776 John Radford, of
Smalley, Derby.

The third son of Humphry Cornewall by Theophila Skynner was Humphry,
concerning whom nothing is known.

The fourth son of Humphry Cornewall and Theophila Skynner was Edward.
He is mentioned by Judge Bayley as Captain in Colonel Cornewall's Regiment,
the gth foot, in 1687.

The fifth son was Wolfran, who was born about 1653, but not baptised at
Eye. He entered the Navy and commanded " The Dartmouth," 1688 [see Hist.
MSS. Commission Report, part V., pp. 138-223].


In the State Papers of the reign of William and Mary is a letter from
Admiral Russell to the King, dated i8th February, 1691, in which he says : — " I
have a request to make you on behalf of Capt. (Wolfran) Cornwall, one of the
officers on whom you showed your displeasure, in giving command to dispossess
him of his ship, which has been so great a punishment to him. He is not only a
very good officer, but an extremely gallant gentleman. I hope you wiU allow
me to put him into a noble ship for tliis summer's service. He was one of the
first sea officers I trusted with your coming over, and he is a man of merit, and
I wiU answer for the character I have given him."

Abstract of will of Wolfran Cornewall, Winchester, Hants (P.C.C. 26
ShaUer) — 1719, Dec. 5. In the name of God, Amen. I, Woolfran CornwaU,
being of perfect mind, etc. I give to my dear wife Ehzabeth Cornewall, for
her life, my Annuity of £119 per annum " in the Exchequer on the Milhon
Act," also one third part of my dwelling house and goods, plate, and jewills.
To my two daughters, Amarantha and Bette Cornewall, my annuity of £200
for the remainder of 99 years, when they attain the age of 21 or are married,
and two other parts of my dwelling house, goods, &c., £100 in the South Sea
Stock, and the arrears of my Pention. My two tenements in Avinton* to be
sold. To my sister Carolina Robrough, £5 a year for hfe.f To my daughter
Forder, £300, and to my two grand-daughters Rose and Ehzabeth Forder, each
£100. To Mrs. Carter, widow to the late Admirall Carter, hving at Mansfield
in Nottinghamshire, £100. To Robert Young, £50. My wife sole Executrix,
and I give unto her all the rest of my goods and chatteUs. In witness whereof,
&c., (Signed), W. Cornewall. Wits., John Pretty, Richard Woodberry, Jone

Codicil (same witnesses) proved at London, 24 Feby, 1719-20, by Ehzabeth
Cornewall, the rehct and Executrix named (P.C.C. 26 Shaller). [Note — ^Testator
of Winchester, Hants. Vide Probate Act Book].

Captain Wolfran Cornewall was comemmorated by a stone in the Nave of
Bath Abbey, which gave his age as 61. He married first Elizabeth Humfrey
(Judge Bayley's pedigree), and by her had Rose, who married Robert Forder, of

* N.B.— Avingtonis five miles N.E. of Winchester.

t Robinson's " Mansions of Herefordshire," in the pedigree he gives, makes Carolina Roborow,
the sister-in-law of Captain Wolfran. She was his sister.





Barton Priors, Hants. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Jacobs Cornewall,
of whom presently.

He married secondly Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Devereux, of Cefn-
gwarnfa in Forden, Montgomery, by Mary of — Saithon, who was buried at
Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxon [for her will see Appendix], as of Burford
Lawn Lodge, VVychwood Forest, Feb. i8, 1741, and by her had (i) Amarantha,
baptised at St. Thomas, Winchester, June 12, 1700, who married at St. Paul's,
Covent Garden, Sep. 2, 1725, Colonel Charles Jenkinson, Major in the Blues at
Fontenoy, who was born in 1693, and died in 1750. She died 1785, and was
buried at Winchester. The Jenkinson descent is given by Judge Bayley, who,
however, omits the second marriage.

Elizabeth Humphrey=Wolfran Cornewall=(2) Elizabeth Devereux

I b. 1658, d. 1720, buried I buried at Shipton-under-
inBath Abbey, 21 Jan., Wychwood, 1740-41.
I 1719-20. I

RosE= Robert Forder



Rose = Jacobs Cornewall Elizabeth Henry

(b. 1707, 1 (vide infra) Forder (b. 1712,

d. 1783 (2nd dau.) d. inf.)

or 76)

Elizabeth Jenkinson=Charles Wolfran CoRNEvifALL,
d. of Col. Chas. Jenkin- Speaker of the House of
son, and sister to ist E. Commons (d. 1789).

of Liverpool (d. s.p. 1809)

Col. Charles J enkinson= Amarantha Cornewall Betty, baptised at St.

(b. 1693, d. 1750)

(b. 1700), bapt. at St. Thomas, Winchester,

Thomas, Winchester, 12 June 4, 1705. s.p.

June, 1700, buried there
31 July, 1785.

(i) 1769 Amelia Watts=Charles Jenkinson=(2) 17S2 Catherine, d. of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, Bart,
(d. 1770, aged 19). I ist Earl of Liver- I (d. Oct. i, 1827).

I pool (1728-1808). J


Robert Bankes, Charles Cecil Cope,
2nd Earl, Premier 1812-1827 3rd Earl.


Theophila, eldest daughter of Humphry Cornewall and Theophila Skynner,

baptised at Thornton Curtis, 1644, married Agborough of Ludlow, and is

described in the will of Vice-Admiral Charles Cornewall, 1716, as his aunt and
a widow. She is mentioned also in the will of her father Humphry as his
daughter, and was buried July 9, 1731, at Eye.


Bridget, the second daughter, was also mentioned in her father's wUl, with

a sister* — name unknown — ^who married Whitney, and the youngest sister

Caroline, who later than 1687 married Roborow.

Robert, eldest son and heir to his father, Humphry of Berrington, was
baptised at Eye, June 17, 1647. On June 13, 1667, he became ensign in Lord
Worcester's regiment, and Feb. 22, 1678, Captain in Sir John Talbot's Dragoons,
Captain of an independent troop, June 18, 1685, Captain-Lieutenant in the Queen
Dowager's 9th Regiment of Cavalry, July 31, 1685, Captain, 1687. He was
elected I\LP. for Leominster, March 23, 1685, and dying suddenly was buried
Nov. 9, 1705, at Eye. Will proved at Ludlow, Jan. 22, 1706. Therein he
mentions his eldest son Charles, who is plentifully provided for. To his son,
Frederick, Barneby House, Ludlow, with the Close. He to be sole executor.
[See Appendix.]

He married Edith, daughter of Sir Francis Cornewallis of Abermarles,
Carmarthen. Marriage License, July 24, 1668, wherein he is described as of
Berrington, Co. Hereford, gentleman, and she of St. Andrew's, Holborn, spinster,
about 20 years of age — with her father's consent. To be married at St.
Bartholomew the Great, or Less, or at St. Botolph, Aldei^sgate. She is stated by
Judge Bayley to have been buried July 15, 1696. He omits to give the place of
her interment.

By Edith Cornwallis Robert Cornewall had Charles, his heir, of whom
presently ; Edward, baptised at Eye, Oct. 17, 1671, of whom nothing is known ;
Robert, baptised at Eye, Oct. 14, 1673 ; and another Robert, baptised at Eye,
Aug. 29, 1676 — from which it may be inferred that the previous Robert had died ;
Frederick, baptised at Eye, Dec. 13, 1677 — of him full details will be given in the
Chapter on the Cornewalls of Delbury ; Henry, baptised at Eye, April 23, 1679 ;
James, baptised at Eye, Oct. 19, 1685, and buried there Aug. 5, 16S6. To these
Judge Bayley adds the name of George, Uving in 1716. Of the daughters,
Frances was baptised at Eye, Septr. 22, 1670 ; Elizabeth was baptised at Eye,
May 4, 1675, and Henrietta is added by Judge Bayley, who mentions also that
she married William Proby, Governor of Fort St. George. She was not baptised
either at Eye or Ludlow.

* There may be some coniusion here, inasmuch as Mrs. Bridget Whitney is stated in the Eye
Register to have paid the burial fee for Mrs. Theophila Agberrow, 1731. Both Mrs. Theophila
Agberrow and Mrs. Bridget Whitney may have belonged to a later generation, although this
seems improbable, inasmuch as a first cousin would not have been likely to pay the burial fee of a
tirst cousin. We note that a Mrs. Bridget Comewal (sic) was buried at Eye Nov. 19, 173^-


The eldest son of Robert Cornewall of Berrington and Edith Cornwallis was
Charles. He was baptised at Eye, Aug. 5, 1669. This gentleman entered the
Royal Navy in 1683, and commanded " The Portsmouth " Sloop, Sept. 19, 1692,
and " The Adventure," of 44 guns, 1693, serving under Admiral Russell in the
Mediterranean till 1696, and under Sir Cloudesley Shovel. He was appointed
Commodore of a Squadron off the Norfolk coast, 1707, also in the Downs and off
Dunkirk, 1709. He became Comptroller of the Navy Nov., 1714-16, Rear-
Admiral, June 16, 1716, Vice-Admiral, March, 1717, and Commander-in-Chief
in the Mediterranean, 1716. He represented the Borough of Bewdley, March,
1709-10, having previously stood in the Whig interest for Weobley against his
cousin, Henry ComewaU of Moccas, but unsuccessfully at the poll and on petition,
viz., Jan. 9, 1701. On Feb. i, 1715, he was returned in the Whig interest for
Weobley, and continued to represent that constituency until Nov. 7, 1718, when
he died, at the age of 48, at Lisbon, on his way home. On Nov. 27, he was
buried at Westminster Abbey, near the tomb of Sir Cloudesley Shovel. His
will, dated Dec. 22, 1716, was proved in C.P.C. by his eldest survi\'ing son and
heir, Robert, Jan. 26, 1718. Therein he is styled The Hon. Charles Cornewall of
Berrington, Vice-Admiral. Mentions daughter Henrietta, son Job, brother-in-
law William Hanmer, uncle William Hanmer, Rector of Worth, Salop, uncle
Cyriac ComewaU of Castleton, parish of Eyre (sic), aunt Agberow of Moreton,
widow, brother-in-law John Hanmer of Lincolns Inn, son Robert and issue male.
Remainder to brother Henry Cornewall and brother Frederick Cornewall. Son
Robert sole Exor. Dated 2 Dec, 1716. Proved by Robert Cornewall, son.
[Browning 4]. [See Appendix]. He gave £10 towards the restoration of
Leominster Church. His widow gave two Tables of the Decalogue to Eye
Church on New Year's Day, also a white cloth and napkin for the sacrament,
woven in flowers.

According to WiUiams' " Herefordshire Members," he was married twice.
Of his first \vdfe, supposing WUhams to be correct, nothing is known, and
she is not entered in Judge Bayley's pedigree. The lady who became the
mother of his children was Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Hanmer, Esqre.,
of Hanmer in FUntsliire. For the pedigree of that ancient and distinguished
family, of Plantagenet descent and aUied to Owen Glendower, whom they
actively supported, see Lipscomb's Bucks and Burke's Peerage under Hanmer


This and the following letter are from the muniments of the Duke of
Portland at Welbeck Abbey : —

Nov 14th [i]70i.

As soon as I heard of y' dissolucon I made all y" haste I coiild to Lempster
where Mr. Recorder's friends are very Industrious : I have press'd my little
interest and hope all things stand fair : I shall meddle in no other place but by
y' commands w"" you shall be pleas'd to lay them upon y' most Dutyfull and
most obed' serv*


[Addressed " To the Hon"*' Rob. Harley esqr.

Speaker of y' house of Commons,


To Robert Harley

[afterwards Earl of Oxford]
[About the election for Hereford County.]

Berrington, Dec. y i'' 1701.

In obedience to y'' Commands, I have prevail' d with Cor : Price to Desist,
whose standing I protest I knew not off, till accidentally meeting him with U
Conin[g]sby at Leominster as I was goeing on this day sevenight to Weobley at
the request of CoU : Cornewall to favour his Election there. Y' hint to me of
y' intentions to Espouse S' J. WiUiams was so sufficient y' for myself I thought
no further on't, but Mr. Price claiming a promise I had made him, tis assur'd
you'l not condemn my observing, but beheve me for the future, will reserve
myself wholy for y' Dispose, and therefore humbly beg y' upon all oc[c]asions
you'l be pleas'd to comand him who is with the greatest respect Imaginable.

Hon'" S'
Y' most obUg'd and most faithfuU ser* & kinsman,

Cha. Cornewall.

By Dorothy Hanmer AdmiralCharles Cornewall had (i) Henry, baptised at
Ludlow, April 13, 1698 ; (2) Thomas, baptised at Eye, July 21, buried July 28,
1699 ; (3) Robert, his eventual heir, of whom presently ; (4) C3T:iac, baptised
at Eye, July 15, 1702, buried there May 16, 1703 ; (5) Charles, baptised at Eye,



March 12, 1703, buried there March 14 ; (6) Charles, baptised at Eye, Dec. 26,
1704, and buried Dec. 29 ; (7) Job, baptised at Eye, Nov. 25, 1705, and buried
there Sep. i, 1728 ; (8) Jacobs, baptised at Eye, Nov. 6, 1709, died Aug. 8, 1736,
and buried at St. Thomas in Winchester, M.I.

In St. Thomas's, a new church for the united parishes of St. Thomas
and St. Clement, built in 1840 to replace the old St. Thomas's, but not on the
same site (the graveyard alone remains of the old one) is a monument removed
from the old St. Thomas's Church with this inscription : —

In Memory

of Jacobs Cornwall Efqr.

Son of Vice Admiral Charles Cornwall

of Berrington in the County of Hereford,

Wlio died aged 26, Auguft 8. 1736 ;

And of Rose his wife,

Daughter of Robert Forder Eqr. of Barton Priors ;

Who fiuviving her Hufband many years.

Had her maternal care and tenderness amply repaid

By the duty and affection of her only Son,

The Right Honble. Charles Wolfran Cornewall,

And the fatisfaction of feeing him before her death

Speaker of the House of Commons.

She died Aged 76, December 13, 17S3.

This Monument is on the North wall of the North aisle of the new Church, close to the west
end of that aisle.

In the Registers of St. Thomas's Church': —
Vol. I. Amarantha y daughter of Captain 1 ti,,.. ,v tv,» .i,„~i,* , „i, „ /^ 1 /-u

CornwaUw aTbaptyraofJ^e } ^1-^ - ^'^VS^^oT^he "Blue's?'' ''^^-

Betty the daughter of Captain

Cornwall was bapt : the 4 of

Jime I705j

Amarantha y" daughter 1

of Captain Com%vaJl |

was Bapt : y" I2 of June I

^700^ j_ These are duphcate entries of the first two.

Betty ye Daughter of f Vol. 2 is partly a copy of Vol. i.
Capt : Cornwall was

bapt: ye 4th of Jime |

1705- J

Vol. 3. Charles son of Charles Jen- J t. ,• ;„ ,>, f t t j tt 1 1. j

-kison Esqre and Ammlrantha (sic) I ^his is the fut^e Lord Hawkesbury and
bis %vife bapt : May 16, 1729. J '"' ^^' °^ Liverpool.

Elizabeth Daughter of Charles )

Jenkison Esqer. & Ammarantha (sic.) V Afterwards the wife of Speaker Comewall

his Wife was bap : Octr. 15, 1730. j

Anna Maria daughter
of Charles Jenkison Esq"'
& Anamirantha his Wife
bap : Mar: 27, 1733 {i.e. I7||]
admitted into y^ Congra-
•gation Apr : 28.

Charles Woolford (sic.) son of J Charles Wolfran Comewall (Speaker),

Jacobs and Rose Cornwall V and the last Comewall of

bap: June ye 25, 1735. j Berrington.

Vol. 4. Jacob Comwall Gent was ) Affid. made before

buried August 9th, 1736. ( Thos. Barefoot, Esq.

Vol. 7. Mrs. Comwall was buried the 20th Dec, 1783.

Burial 1785. Mrs. Amarantha Jenkinson, 31 July [1785].


Jacobs Cornewall married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Forder of Barton
Priors, Hants, and (vide supra), granddaughter of Captain Wolfran Cornewall by
his first wife, Elizabeth Humphreys, and by her had a son Charles Wolfran
Cornewall, baptised at St. Thomas's, Winchester, June 25, 1735, Speaker of
the House of Commons, who married Elizabeth Jenkinson, sister of the first
Earl of Liverpool. The subjoined extract is from The Gentleman' s Magazine,
Jan. 2, 1789 : —

" About nine o'clock in the morning, at his house in Priory Gardens, White-
hall, the Right Hon. Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker of the House of Commons
(in wliich place he succeeded the late Lord Grantley), M.P. for Rye, in Sussex,
one of the Cinque Ports, and Chief Justice in Eyre of his Majesty's forests North
of Trent ; one of his Majesty's most honourable privy council, and a bencher of
the honourable society of Gray's Inn, — Mr. Cornwall was very well on Dec. 27,
1788, and dined with a friend, to whom he facetiously observed that he should
" weather out this storm." — He was attended during his illness by Dr. Warren ;
and his apothecary was Mr. Stone. On Jan. i, at 8 o'clock in the morning he
was considered as out of danger ; and a message to that effect was sent down to
the House. At 12 the disorder took a fatal turn, and he was infinitely worse. He
expectorated a great quantity of matter, which at last overwhelmed him, and,
in spite of every effort, he expired the next morning. His body having been
since opened, near a pint of matter was found lodged in the right side of the
thorax, which rising to his throat suffocated him.

Mr. Cornwall was bred to the bar ; but marrying Lord Hawkesbury's sister,
left the bar and came into Parliament. From his matrimonial connection he
was supposed to be one of the Confidential Junto. After the peace of 1763 he
was appointed one of the persons to Uquidate the German accompts ; for which
service he had a pension allowed him. Some time afterwards he either differed,
or aifected to differ, with his brother-in-law, joined Lord Shelbume's party, and
was with the Opposition in aU the questions concerning the Middlesex election,
the prosecutions respecting Junius's Letters, etc., etc. But in 1774 he was made
a Lord of the Treasury, which place he held till the general election, 1780. Sir
Fletcher Morton, who had been Speaker, having given some offence to the Court,
when the new ParUament met, was refused the Speaker's chair, and Mr. Cornwall
appointed in his room. After the appointment he was made Chief Justice north
of Trent, which place he held when he died, together with a pension of £1,500 per




annum. As Speaker, he uniformly conducted himself with an affability, dignity,
and rectitude of conduct highly becoming his elevated situation. In private life
his behaviour was always that of a gentleman. His remains were interred at the
family burial-place at St. Croix, Co. Hants, on the 12th instant."

The following is from the Parish Register, St. Cross, Winchester : —
1789, Jan. 9. The Right Honourable Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker of the
Hon. House of Commons, Member of Parhament for Rye in Sussex,
Chief Justice in Ejrre of His Majesty's Forests North of Trent, one of His
Majesty's Most Hon. Privy CouncU, and a Bencher of the Hon. Society of
Gray's Inn, was buried in the great Western He of Chapel, between the
four large Pillars : aged fifty-four years.

Mem : Mr. Cornwall died Janry. 2d, about half-past nine in the morning at
his House at Whitehall after a very short Illness. His death was very unexpected
till within a few hours previous to it. On opening his Body, a large Quantity of
cold water was found in his Stomach ; and one of his Collar Bones turning with
a sharp Point to his Lungs, had formed an Abcess and occasioned his Death.
He was first chosen Speaker of the House of Commons, Octr. 31st, 1780, and
again by the succeeding Parliament, May i8th, 1784. He fiUed the Chair with
uncommon dignity, etc., and sat in it for the last time Deer. 29, 1788. During
the Recess of Parliament, he lived in the Master's Lodgings, as his own House at
Barton Priors, his former Residence, was too small for his Retinue since his
Advancement to the Chair. The Speaker in his Person was handsome, tail, and
comely ; and in his Manners extremely affable, polite, and engaging.

Wm. Rawlins,

Chaplain of St. Cross
1809, Mar : 16. Elizabeth Cornwall, widow of the Right Honorable Charles
Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker of the Hon. House of Commons.

Speaker Cornewall's mother being a Hampshire lady, and his uncle, Captain
Wolfran Cornewall having settled at Winchester, may account for the regrettable
circumstance of his having aliened the ancient Manor and JMansion of his ancestors
to the Right Honble. Robert Harley.

The following abstract of will seems to show that the Speaker was by no
means wealthy. He occupied tlie Chair of the House at a period of singular unrest,


e.g., when the revolt of the American Colonies was in progress, as also the long
Hastings trial. At such a critical period the Speaker of the House required
qualities of the highest order, and these were possessed by Speaker Cornewall.

1787, May I.

I, Charles VVolfran Cornwall do make my last Will and Testament etc.
I do appoint the Rev''. Dr. Sturges of Winchester, John Downes, Att'. at Law
of y"' same place, and Samuel Dunn my Secretary to be my executors and I do
give them £500 each. All the rest and residue of my landed or personal property 1
give to my executors in trust to the use of my dear wife for life in bar of all dower
and settlements, and after her decease I give to Dr. Sturges ;f5ooo and the re-
mainder to be equally divided between such children of Sir George and Lady
Cornwall as shall be living at the time of my wife's death.

In witness whereof, etc.,

(Signed) C. W. Cornwall.

I direct that not more than £300 be expended on my funerall inclusive of
any monument.

On 8 Jany. 1789, appeared personally the Rev. Philip Williams of Compton,
Co. Southampton, clerk, and John Beardwell of Whitehall, Westminster, Middle-
sex, serving-man, who deposed that they were well acquainted with the testator
late of Whitehall, Esquire, and with his handwriting, etc.

Proved at London, 16 Jany, 1789, by the executors named.

(P.C.C. 15 Macham.)

We now revert to the daughters of Admiral Charles Cornewall by Dorothy
Hanmer. Of these Henrietta was baptised at Eye, May 13, 1701, and buried
there Sep. 29, 1728. Her will was proved at Hereford, Jan. i, 1728. Theophila,
the next daughter, was baptised at Eye, Dec. 3, 1706, and was buried there
Feb. 2, 1721. Jane, third daughter of Charles and Dorothy was baptised at Eye,
Aug. 7, 1708. She was unmarried in 1745. The next daughter, Emma, was
baptised at Eye, July 17, 1712. She married after 1745, Thomas Vernon, Esq.
of Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire. By him she had an only child, Emma, who
married Henry Cecil, from whom she was divorced in 1791. In 1793 he became
Marquis of Exeter and married Miss Sarah Hoggins, whence Tennyson's " Lord
of Burleigh." His divorced wife re-married the Rev. W. Sneyd, her favourite

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