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Rector of Ham- I of Thos. Ryder. (b. 1719J M.P. (d. 1756)

bledon (1728-62) I

Frances=W. H. Haggard, |
I of Bradenham i
I Hall, Norfolk.
/>\. '

Mary C. =Sir R. Adams, Judith = (1760) Rev. Dr. Ashton,
(b. 1726) I Baron of the (b. 1732) Fellow of Eton, R.

Exchequer of St. Botolph,

I Bishopsgate.


Charles, M.P.

James, M.P.,
Lord of the Admiralty.

Sir George Cornewall
(vide supra)

M.P. for

Anna M.=Sir G. Elliot
(1752-1829) Earl of Minto

Harriet M.=James, Earl
(1761-1830) I of Malmes-
I bury


obtaining favour with the Courts of George I. and George II. The preceding
pedigree shews the devolution of the family, which is represented now in the
male line by the Cornewall Baronets of Moccas Court, Hereford.

By Catherine Cornewall Sir George Cornewall had (i) Sir George, his
successor ; (2) Charles Amyand, baptised at Moccas, June 13th, 1785, and
died s.p. June 26th, 1822, M.I. Moccas Church ; (3) Catherine Frances,
baptised at Moccas, June loth, 1773, who married Samuel Peploe of Gam-
stone Castle, Weobley, and died wdthout issue, 1823 ; (4) Hannah, died
young ; (5) Anna Maria, baptised at Moccas, April 30th, 1779, who died
immarried, August 23rd, 1872 ; (6) Frances Elizabeth, baptised at Moccas,
May 20th, 1783, who married at St. George's, Hanover Square, December
I2th, 1805, Henry Fleming, 14th Viscount Hereford, to whom she bore Robert,
15th Viscount, and died February 20th, 1864 ; {7) Harriet, baptised at
Moccas June 9th, 1787. She married Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, Bart., of
Harpton Court, Radnor, and by him had (i) The Right Honourable Sir
George Cornewall Lewis, Bart., and Sir Gilbert Lewis, Bart. The former
occupied a foremost place alike in poUtics and letters. He was bom in 1806,
educated at Eton, and became student and double first-classman of Ch. Ch.,
Oxford ; B.A., 1829 ; M.A., 1831 ; D.C.L., 1837 ; called to the Bar of the
Middle Temple, 1831. He married in 1844, Lady Maria Theresa, wddow of
J. H. Lister, and sister of the Earl of Clarendon. Poor Law Commissioner, 1839-
47, in which year he was elected as a Liberal for the County of Hereford. Secre-
tary of the Board of Control, 1847-48 ; Under Secretary for the Home Depart-
ment, 1848-50 ; Secretary to the Treasury, 1850-52 ; Editor of the Edinburgh
Review, 1852-55. Defeated for Herefordshire, 1852 ; elected for Radnor, 1S55-
63 ; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1855-58 ; Secretary of State for the Home
Office, 1859-61, and of War, 1861 till his decease, April 13th, 1863 ; Chief Steward
of Hereford City, 1859-63 ; Author of the " Origin of the Romance Languages "
and of various essays. He fonned one of Lord Palmerston's Cabinet, which,
with the exception of the Premier, consisted entirely of Oxford first classmen,
and had he survived would have succeeded that nobleman as Prime Minister.
His statue in bronze stands in front of the Shire Hall at Hereford.

The youngest daughter of Catherine Cornewall and Sir George (Amyand)
Cornewall, Bart., was Caroline. She was baptised at Moccas, May 20th, 1789,
and married, February 5th, 1810, Sir Wilham Duff Gordon, Bart., by whom she
had Sir Alexander Duff Gordon, Bart., who died October, 1872. She died April
23rd, 1875, and was buried at Hendon.


The eldest son, Sir George Cornewall, Bart., was baptised at Moccas, January
i6th, 1774, and married, September 26th, 1815, Jane, only daughter of WiUiam
Naper of Loughcrew, Co. Meath. She was born February 5th, 1796, and died
February 13th, 1853 (M.I. Moccas Church), having borne her husband, who died
December 27th, 1835, (i) Sir Velters, born February 20th, 1824, who succeeded
his father in 1835, and died unmarried October 14th, 1868 ; memorial window
in Moccas Church; (2) WUliam Naper, baptised at Moccas, February 28th,
1832. This gentleman became Lieut. R.N. and was killed. May loth, 1862,
at Ningpo, China ; memorial window in the Chancel of Moccas Church ; (3)
The Rev. Sir George Henry, who succeeded his brother, Sir Velters— of him
presently ; (4) Catherine Elizabeth, born January 5th, 1821, and married,
April 7th, 1840, to Thomas Chester Master, Esq., of The Abbey, Cirencester ;
(5) Mary Jane, born November 23rd, 1822, and drowned accidently in the Wye,
August 5th, 1839 ; M.I. Moccas Church ; (6) Selina Maria, bom May 20th,
1825, and died 1837 ; (7) Frances Anne, born November 3rd, 1826 ; (8) Henrietta,
born June 14th, 1828, and married, July 29th, 1858, Rev. Augustus Chester
Master, Vicar of Preston All Saints', Gloucester; (9) Carohne Selina, born
October 9th, 1829.

Sir George Cornewall died Dec. 27, 1835. The following is his Monumental
Inscription in Moccas Church : —

To the Memory of

Sir George Cornewall,


Of Moccas Court,

Colonel of the Herefordshire Militia,

Whom it pleased Almighty God

To receive from this world

In the sixty second year of his age.

He married, Sep. 26, 1815, Jane,

The only daughter of William Naper, Esq.,

Of Loughcrew, in Ireland,

By whom he had a numerous family,

Of whom 3 sons

And 4 daughters survived him.

He died on the 27th of December, 1835,

Deeply lamented by all his relations

And the numerous friends

Whom his uprightness, benevolence,

And uniform kindness

Had attached to him.


The Rev. Sir George Henry Cornevvall, Bart., I\I.A., bom August 13th, 1833,
was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and is Rector and Patron of Moccas
and Patron of Monnington. He married, June 4th, 1867, Louisa Frances,
daughter of Francis Bayley, Esq., Judge of the Westminster County Court,
and by her has (i) Geoffrey, bom May 7th, 1869, his heir apparent ; (2)
William Francis, bom November i6th, 1871 ; (3) George Arthur, bom August
14th, 1874, and baptised at Moccas, who died March loth, 1886 ; M.I. Moccas
Church ; (4) Amy, born May 5th, 1868, died November 2nd, 1888 ; M.I. Moccas
Church ; (5) Mary Louisa, born July 2nd, 1870. Lady Comewall died Feb. 2,
igoo. M.I. Moccas Church.

Sir George H. Comewall is a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for Hereford-
shire ; a Steward of the Festival of the Three Choirs ; Patron of the Hereford-
shire and Worcestershire Agricultural Society ; and generally has taken an
active part in the affairs of his county since his accession to the title and estate
in 1868.



Chapter VII.


Rev. Frederick Cornewall, M.A.=(i) Elizabeth Trice=(2) Mrs. Elizabeth Butcher
(1677— 1748) I (d. I730-) (1683 — 1772.)

Ill ■ I

Robert Charles Captain Frederick, R.N.=Mary, d. of Francis Herbert, Elizabeth
(1702—3) (1704—) (1706— 1788) 1(1719—66) M.P. (b. 1709)

I I I Mary

Henry James Frederick, M.P. Bishop Folliott Herbert WALKER=ANNE,d. of (b. 1711)

(b. & d. 1747) (1752—83) (1753— 1831) , Hon. G.

s.p. Hamilton. Frances
i d. 1795. (1713-1779)

Frederick H.=Fanny Harriet, d. of
(1791— 1845) I St. George Caulfield


Marianne Herbert=Charlotte, d. of

(1793-1865) (1794-1863)

Henrietta =HoN. Spencer

Mary Fanny=F. B. H. Carew

Lord Charles
d. 1864.

Herbert, S. H.=Ellen Wood
(1826-1902) (1845-1891)

Col. Frederick T.=Elsie B. Edwards (i)
(1828-1893) Caroline T. Ker (2)

Charlotte H.=Dr. ]. W. Walker Elizabeth

Cecil=W. G. Mitchell,
(d. 1870) Esq.

Charles, S. H.

Henry, F. H.=Ellen, d. of Morris
{1864-1901) I Emebton, Esq.

Henry Hamilton
(b. 1 901)

Ada M. C.=Andkew South, Esq.
(b. 1S65)

'l^HE Rev. Frederick Cornewall, son of Robert Cornewall, of Berrington,
•^ by Edith Cornwallis, was baptised at Eye, December 13th, 1677. He pro-
ceeded M.A. at St. John's College, Cambridge, and must have married — possibly
at or near Cambridge — shortly after taking Priest's Orders, inasmuch as his
eldest son, Robert, was baptised February 2nd, 1702. His wife was a Huntingdon-
shire lady, her parentage unknown, her name Miss EUzabeth Trice.* In the

* Tfie following is the Pedigree of Tryce— als Trice — from the Visitation of Hunts, 1613 : —
Thomas Trice de GoDmANCHESTER = dau. of Richard Robyns. of
in Coun. Hunt. | Godmanchester .

Richard Trice=Ama, dau. of Jasper Trice=Margaret, dau. of Robert Trice=Maria, dau.

of Stukely I John Baude, I Reginald De of God- I of William

Magna of Linos. Chartres, in the nianchester Judde. of

1 (t.e. of Somoly) L of Ely | Londo n


Anna=Leonard Hyde, Richard, a:t 24. Robert Thomas Marie

of Herts. a;t 22,

Thomas son and heir.

Arms, granted by Cooke Clarencieux, Ermine, a chevron sa charged with a lion rampant, on a
chief gules, 3 mullets or.


Register of Bromfield, Salop, is the following note : " These are to certifie
whom it may concern y' Frederick CornewaU, Vicar of Bromfield did read y''
thirty-nine articles of y" Church of England, and gave his unfeigned assent and
consent to them in y*" presence of us whose names are subscribed, and also to y'
Liturgy of y" Church of England, y 9th day of June, 1702. Witness our hands,
John Stedman, y'^ mark of Charles Powell, Thomas Lewis."

By Ehzabeth Trice he had Robert, baptised at Bromfield, February 2nd,
1702, and buried at Eye, Jlay 24th, 1703 ; Charles, baptised at Bromfield,
March 2nd, 1703 ; Frederick, baptised at Bromfield, August 3rd, 1706 ; with
daughters Elizabeth, baptised at Bromfield, March 24th, 1708 ; Mary, baptised
at Bromfield, October 28th, 171 1 ; and Frances, baptised at Bromfield, October
(no day given), 1713. On February, 28th, 1729, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. F.
Comewall, was buried at Bromfield, and on November 12th, 1731, " Mr. Frederick
CornewaU, widower, and Mrs. Elizabeth Butcher, widow, were married by
license." By his second wife, who was buried at Bromfield, October nth, 1772,
he had no issue. He was buried at Bromfield, March 23rd, 1747.

In the churchyard of Bromfield, about six yards N. West of the Tower, and
due West of the pathway, on a slab, 5 feet 6 inches long by 2 feet 6 inches wide, is
a monumental inscription surmounted by the CornewaU arms with the field
argent, the bezants of the bordure almost obliterated, but the lion rampant stLU
distinct ; and for crest on a cap of maintenance a Cornish Chough, thus : —

Hie Situs est
Fredericus CornwaU, A.M.

Hujusce Ecclesia;
Per quadraginta Sex annos
Vicarius indignus.
Obiit i2mo Calendas AprUes


And beneath :

Mrs. Elizabeth CornwaU

died Octor. ye 8th, 1772. Aged 89.

Chr. 1747
JEtat. 71


Among the muniments of the Duke of Portland at Welbeck is the following.
Frederick CornevvaU to Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford.
Surrey Street, July 13th, 1711.

" I should think myself extreamly happy if I could prevail upon
your Lordship to interpose your entreaties to induce my Ld
Keeper to promote me to a Benefice worth Sevenscore or
eightscore pounds p annum in city or countrey, or a Prebend,
w'h is consistant w' the Preterm' I now enjoy."
Bromfield: Apl. 9, 1714.

" I humbly beg your Lordship's mediation with my Lord
Chancellour in my behalf, who was once pleas'd to look
favourably upon me upon y" account of your Recomendation,
but seems now entirely to have forgotten me."
Bromfield, Aug. 2, 1720.

[He pleads relationship and asks Lord Oxford to present him to
Brampton. Lord Oxford answered him on the 27th December,
regretting that he could not accede to the request.]

Bromfield, Jan. 10, 172?.

" Your extraordinary Condescension in giving a reason for your
disposing of the Benefice of Brampton to another Person lays
me under as great an obligation as if you had actually granted
it to myself."
Bromfield, Ap. 20, 1724.

[Hoping that Lord Oxford will be at Brampton in the course of
the summer ; he continues : — ] " If your L''ship would be
pleasd to use y' endeav" with my L"" Harley to secure me some
honest retreat in my decUning years it would be very gratefull,
and honourable too, as coming from one of y' Distinction and
These petitions were one and all unsuccessful.

Of his numerous issue by Elizabeth Trice only one, viz., his third son,
Frederick, has left a record, and that a very brilUant one. Entering the Navy
he became, as has been recorded in the previous chapter, associated as his first
Lieut, with the brilliant exploit off Toulon of his heroic cousin, Captain James




Cornevvall, whom he succeeded in the command of the " Marlborough," being
also a legatee under his will and his executor. Although he lost his right arm
in the engagement off Toulon, he none the less continued in the service. An
account of this famous sea-fight was given by a marine officer of the Fleet and
published in London, 1744. After premising that the " Real," which the
" Marlborough" engaged, came into action with 114 guns and 1350 men (against
the " Marlborough's " go guns and 750 men), he says, " The losses sustained
in this fight {i.e., of the entire Fleet) were inconsiderable, excepting ' The Marl-
borough,' who had 32 men killed and 150 wounded. Among the first was
Captain Cornewall, who lost his life in keeping the place allotted him with great
intrepidity, without any relief worth mentioning from the incessant fire of the
' Real ' and her two seconds He was a gallant gentleman (hke Nelson, a clergy-
man's son) affable and of a fine address, an honour to the service, the darling of
every man who knew him, perfectly sweet-tempered and well bred, in whose death
the King, our country, and all officers and seamen have had a great loss. Among
the wounded was Lieut. Cornewall,* his kinsman, who lost his right arm in this
action, an old officer of great merit."

The Gentleman's Magazine of May, 1761, contains the following paragraph :
" A fine new ship of 74 guns was launched at Deptford and named the ' Corn-
wall,' in honour of that brave Commander who was killed in the last war in the
Mediterranean. The stern is the figure of a hero with his sword drawn, and the
command is given to the present Capt. Cornwall, who lost his arm in the same

He married, at Bromfield, by license. May 2nd, 1746, Mary, daughter of
Francis Herbert, Esq, M.P. for Montgomery, of Oakeley Park, Ludlow, a cadet
of the noble family whereof were Lord Herbert of Chirbury ; Sir Henry Herbert,
Master of the Revels to King Charles the First, who endeavoured to protect Queen
Henrietta Maria's French players, when they were "pippin-pelted" off the
stage by the Puritan prentices ; and George Herbert, the poet. This lady was
born in 1719, and died in 1766, after having borne her husband three sons, Henry
James, who was buried at Bromfield as an infant from Ludlow, in 1747 ; Frederick,
M.P. for Ludlow, who died in 1783 ; and FoUiott Herbert, liis father's heir,
of whom presently.

* Captain Comewall's commission was made to bear the date February 11, 1744, being the date
of the action off Toulon. He gave evidence at the trial of Admiral Byng, and assisted Captain
Coram in establishing the Foundliug Hospital.


He purchased in 1752 of the family of Bawdewin, who in the rei^ of
Charles the First had purchased a portion of the estate from the Earl of Arundel
and Sun-ey, i.e., 1628 [deed penes l\Trs. Andrew South], the mansion and manor
of Delbury (or Diddlebury), Salop, and dying at Delbury HaU, 1788, was buried

On a large Mural monument against the west wall of the CornewaU Chapel in
Delbury Church, below the arms of Cornewall impaling Herbert, is the following
inscription : —

Hie jacet Fredericus Cornewall

Genere oriundus antique et iUustri,

Animi in beUo invicti, in pace benefici, simplicis, pii ;

Post multos annos inter maris procellas et discrimina,

Interque arma hostium consumptos,

Tandem, mutilato corpore, non inhonoratus, nee inglorius,

In regionem hanc concessit, et hoc quasi portu

TranquilUtatis placide senescens,

Mortem obiit anno aetatis lxxxii., m.d.cc.lxxxviii.

Uxorem ducit Mariam de nobUi stirpe Herbertorum,

Ouoe prudentia, fide, pietate, eminebat,

Cum elegantia morura, turn dignitate

Exornata egregie et perpoUta,

Mortem obiit anno aetatis XLVii. mdcclxvi.

Ex tribus Liberis duos Mater Superstites Sibi

Cum Marito relinquit

Fredericum, et FoUiottum Herbertum.

Fredericus in brevi vitte curriculo

Senatoris quandum bis assecutus

Jam spe votisque omnium

Ad honestissima civitatis ofi&cia designatus

(Eheu, spem et vota mortaUum)

Mortem obiit anno aetatis xxxr.


On either side of this monument is a hatchment. That on the left, of the
Bishop of Worcester : the arms of the See impaling Cornewall quartering Walker
and Herbert. That on the right, of Frederick Hamilton Cornewall, The Bishop's



eldest son, the dexter side being black. The arms of Cornewall, Herbert, and
Walker. Crest, on a wTeath or and gules, a Cornish Chough proper.

In Delbury Church the East portion of the North Transept is called the
ComewaU Chapel, as having been absorbed by the family monuments and tombs.
On the East wall, the former have been treated in tabular form, e.g., three above
and four beneath.

Underneath lyeth the Body

Here lieth the Body of

Here Ueth the Body of


Frederick Cornewall, Esq.

Mrs. Frances Cornewall,

Mary, the wife of

who died August 4th, 1788.

who died Feb. iSth, 1779.

Frederick Cornewall,

Aged 82.

Aged 65.

who departed this life

Feby. the 4th, 1766.

Aged 47 years.

Here lieth the Body of

Here lieth the body of

Here Ueth the Body of

Here Ueth the Body

Frederick Cornewall,

Anne Hamilton,

The Right Rev.


Junior, Esq.,

wife of the Right Rev.

FoLLiOTT Herbert

Frederick Hamilton

who died the

F. H. \V. Cornewall.

Walker Cornewall,

Cornewall, Esq.,

Twenty-eighth of

who departed this Ufe

Lord Bishop of

who departed this Ufe

April, 1783,

On the iSth December,

Worcester, who

On the 30th December,

Aged 31.


departed this Ufe on


Aged 41.

the 5th Sept., 1831.
Aged 77.

Aged 54.

Iron railings surround this burial place.

There is also a special monument to Bishop ComewaU on the North wall of
the Cornewall Chapel under a two-light square-headed window. It is of white,
with a border of black marble, an escutcheon at the base with the arms of the
See of Worcester on the left, and on the right, Cornewall impaling Walker and
Herbert. The inscription, most probably written by his own hand, runs thus : —

Quisquis es !
Qui monumenta hsec undique intueris,

Et ipse brevi moriturus,
Ssepe sit in te contemplatio mortis ;
Nam ad bene vivendum
Auctoritatem affert gravissimam.

Abi nunc et vale !
Cum ante tribunal cseleste erimus

Tui misereatur Jesus meique !
Marmor hoc poni inscribique volui
F. H. W. Cornewall, Episcopus Vigorniensis.
Mortem obiit anno setatis 77 A.D, 1831.


Optimi et amantissimi Patris

Haud immemor

Supremum Eheu ! mandatum

Exsequendum Curavit


Filius Nat. Major.

On the North wall of theCornewall Chapel, but Eastward, is the monumental
inscription of the above Frederick Hamilton Cornewall.

®D tijc iHcmorir


J^reiiErkk Hamilton ©ornctDsdl,

toljo hiib

©n tijt oOtb of gemnlicr, 1S45,

3n tlje 54tl) ^tar of

ITtis age.

®Ijis tablet toas erctteii

^s a Sributc of llcgari) aitir i^ffertion

§w Iftis Mitioht.

The monument is of white marble with a broad border of black marble.
Below the inscription, on a scroll, the letters, F. H. C. The arms of Cornewall
quartering Herbert and Walker.* Crest, a Cornish Chough proper, but without
a cap of maintenance.

Near to this and on the same wall stands a brass with an inscription of twelve
lines to members of the Bawdewin family, the prior owners of Delbury. They
seem to have been identical with the Baldwyns of a later date.

* Inasmuch as the Comewalls of Delbury were enriched alike in lands and family portraits,
lucludiug especially those of the Lords Folliott, by Francis, last of the Walkers of Ferney Hall, it
may make the descent and connection clearer if we append the following :

Folliott Pedigree. Upper part [Herb. MSS. 1043, 1566, 1352].

.Sir Richard Foliot, Lord of Bychemarche.

Sir William Foliot, Lord of Bychemarche and Longdoime
=AuDREY, d. to Peter de Salsomarisco (Saltmarsh)

KicHARD FoLVOT Thomas, Lord Furnivall 10 Ed. ii.

- Sybell, d. to John Thorndon. =Joane, d. and co-heir of Lord Verdun.




The funeral of heroic Captain Frederick Cornewall, purchaser of Delbury
Hall, at Delbury Church, took place on August 8th, 1788. His Will was proved
at Hereford, November 19th, in that year. As has already been stated,


=Margery, d. to John Sonne of . . .

I Tyrysy.

Roger Folyot
= Margaret, d. to William le Blount

I and Anne his wyfte.

Thomas Folyott

=Elizabeth, dau. to William Stone.

William Folyotte

= Katheren d. and co-heir of Peter

I Greete of Nawnton

William Folyotte

= IsABELL, d. to Nicholas Berkeley, of

I Coberly

Hi'GHE Folyotte

=JONE, d. to Thomas Wallwyn, of

I Minchmarch


Richard Folyotte gave all his lands in

I Stone, Shenston, and Hoo (8 Ed. iv.)

I to his Sonne Nicholas and EUzabeth

I his wiffe.

^Jane, dau. of . . . Vemey

Nicholas Folyotte
^Elizabeth, dr. of William or Norman
I Washbourne

Francis Folyotte
—Annie, dau. and sole heir of Thos.
I Tracey of North Ryddell


Edward, Lord Fumivall, died in Jerusalem.
=MAUD,dau. and co-heir of Lord Lovetofte.
Thomas, Lord Furnivall.

Gerard Furnivall

Gerard Furnivall

. . . dau. and heir
=SiR John Eynsford


Sir John Baskerville
=JOAN, d. and heir of John
I Abridges of Stanton

Raffe, 2 son
=Anne, d. and heir of Sir
I JohnBlackett

John Milborne
=Elizabeth, d. of Walter
I Devereux


Symon, of Tillington=lANE, sole heir
and Icomb I '

I William Lister

Jane dau. and heir of Simon

Henry Lister

=Elizabeth, dau. and heir of
Edward Blundell.

Catherine, heir
=HuMFREY Moore of Donklen

Eleanor, Sth dr. = John Moore, of Dunclent
and co-heu: |


John Folyotte mamed= Elizabeth (Eleanor) dr. and heir of John Moore.

= (2) Barbara, d. of Sir I

I Edward Littleton,

i of Pillaton |

Robert Thomas Folyotte [see below.]

=3 dr. of Dyneley =(i) Anne, dr. of Henry Gower {or WiUiam) of Boughton, co. Worcester.

(2) Katheren. dr. of William Lygon. of Madresfield.

Sir Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Beauchamp. of Powyke, co. Worcester.

=Elizabeth, d. of Sir Humphrey Stafford, married in the private Chapel of Beauchamps Court.

Elizabeth, co-heir.


Lord Brooke

Anne, co-heir.

=Thomas Lygon, of Madresfield
I which came from Bracey

Margaret, co-heir.
= Richard Rede, of

IBoddington and of
BronsU Castle, Here-



Captain Frederick's children benefited largely owing to the bequest of Mr.
Francis Walker, of Femey Hall, their cousin through the Herberts and Baughs,
of his estates. This gentleman's funeral must have been very imposing. He

A William Dennis of CO. Glouc.

] =Margaret, dau. and heir of

Sir Richard Lygon, of Madresfield I William Corbett of Alviston
^Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Wm. |

GrevUle, Judge of Common Pleas Sir Gilbert Dennis Maurice, 2nd Lord Berkeley

=Margaret, d. and co-heir | of Berkeley Castle
I of Sir Maurice Russell =Eva, d. of Eudo la

^1 I Zouche


Thomas, Lord Berkeley,

custodian of Edward II.

=Margaret d. of Roger

I Mortimer, Earl of



=Elizabeth, d. of Hugh
I le Despencer.

Sir James Berkeley
=Elizabeth, d. and heir of Sir
I John Bluett, Kt. of Raglan.

Morris Dennis

=Katherine. dau. of Sir Edward StradUng


Sir Walter Dennis
=Agnes, d. and co-heir of Sir Robert Davies,

I J udge of the Common Pleas.

James, 6th Lord Berkeley.

=Isabel, dr. of Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, and
I widow of William, Lord Ferrers of Groby.

Maurice, Lord Berkeley

= Isabel, dr. of PhUip Meade.

William=Anne Berkeley
Dennis I

William Lygon=Elenor Dennis
of Madresfield I

Katherine Lygon,

=Thomas Folliott, of Pyrton, co. Worcester.
I [see above]

Richard, of Madresfield
=Mary, d. of Sir Thomas
1 Blundell of Strensham

Henry, ist Lord Folliott, of Ballyshanncn (creation 1619) Sir William, whose

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