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In those for Herefordshire it is found that Geoffrey died abroad on 18 May
" last past," i.e., 1365, and that Brian was his son and heir, aged 10. In the
Inquisition for Essex the age of the heur is not given " because he lives away and
in the county of Salop."

Attached to the same writ are several further inquisitions [all taken about
the feast of the Epiphany, 1366, a few months after those noted above, and all as
to the custody of the lands of the deceased during his heir's minority] for Hereford-
shire, Northampton, and Devon. In all those the deceased Geoffrey is called
" chevaler."


[43 Edward III. First Numbers. No. 22. Chancery.]

Writ to the Escheator of Salop and the Marches to enquire after the death of
Cecily who was the wife of Sir Geoffrey de Cornwall, knight.

Inquisition attached, taken at Burford, 24 August, 43 Edward III. [a.d.
1369]. She died 26 July "last past," i.e., 1369. Brian de Cornwall is son and
next heir of the said Geoffrey and Cecily, and aged 14.

And writ to the same person dated 10 February, 43 Edward III. [a.d.
1369-70], to enquire as to knight's fees, etc., of said Sir Geoffrey de Cornwall,
" chevaler."

THOM.\S CORNEWALL, attinctus.
[5 Edw. IV. No. 46. Chancery.]

A.D. Held at Mouslowe, co. Salop, 20 April, 5 Edward IV., before Hugh

1465.] Harnage, the king's escheator in co. Salop and the marches of Wales, by

virtue of his oiBce, and upon the oaths of Thomas Hanlyn [and others]
who say that Thomas Comewall late of Berilorde in the said county,
attainted in Parliament, 4 Nov., i Edw. IV., was seized in fee on 4 March, i Edw. IV.
of the manor of Burford and the advowson of the Church of Burford, and the
hundred of Overs, and of 20 acres, &c., In Lentewrdyne and Adforton in the
honor of Wigmore, Sec.

Inquisitions taken at Daventre, co. Northtn., 16 April [5 Edw. IV.] the
jurors say that the said Thomas was seized of the manors of Norton and Throp
juxta Daventre, &c., co. Northampton. [Both documents very stained and

SIR EDMUND CORNWAILL, Knt., Hereford and the Marches of Wales.
[5 Hen. VII. Files 407 and 415. Exchequer.]

A.D. Inquisition taken at Hereford the 28th April, 5 Henry VII., before John

1490.] Abrahale, esquire, the King's Escheator, in the county aforesaid and the Marches

of Wales, by virtue of a writ of diem clausit extremum after the death of Edmund

Cornwaill, Knight. By the oath of George Scudamore and others, that aforesaid

Edmund Cornwaill was seized of the moiety of the manor of Rathford, in the

or Rochford] County of Hereford, with its appurts., in his demesne as of fee, and he also died
seized in his demesne as of fee of the hamlets of Attercrofte, Wapplich, Combe,

or Rodd] Tytteley, Roode and Kasstopp in the said coimty, parcel of the manor

of Stepulton, in the Marches of Wales. And he took to wife Margaret, daughter
of Thomas Hord, esquire, who is still in full life. And aforesaid Edmund
Cornwaill died on the day or feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
the 5th year of the King that now is. And that Thomas Cornwaill is son and
next heir of aforesaid Edmund and is 16 years old and more.


[Exchequer Inquisitions. File 434. I537-]
A.D. Inquisition taken at the City of Hereford, 22nd Oct,. 29 Hen. VIII.

I537-] Before Richard Wallewyn, esquire, the King's Eschealor in the county afore-

said, after the death of Thomas Cornwall, Knight. Thomas Cornwall long before
his death was seized in his demesne as of fee of and in the manor of Stepulton,
with members and appurts. in the county aforesaid. And of and in the manor
of Leyntwardyn in Wigmore's land in the county aforesaid. And so seized
thereof by his deed to the Jurors in evidence shown dated at Stepulton 21st
Jany., 18 Henry VIII., gave the same manors with appurts. to John Leygton,
George Corbett, esquires, and John Adams, gent., to the use and behoof of the
aforesaid Thomas Cornwall and Anne, then his wife, for term of the life of said
Thomas and Anne, and the survivor. And after, by virtue of the Act of
Parliament, 27 Henry VIII., for transferring uses into possession, the said Thomas
Cornwall and Anne his wife were seized of the premises in their demesne as of
freehold reversion to the right heirs of said Thomas. And afterwards on the
19th August, 29 Hen. VIII., the said Thomas died and said Anne survived him
and kept herself within by right accruing. And after the death of said Thomas
the reversion of the premises descended to Richard Cornwall, esquire, as son and
heir of said Thomas. And said manor of Stepulton is held of the King in chief
as parcel of his Barony of Burford. And the manor of Leyntwardyn with
appurts. are held of the King as of his honor of Wigmore by the service of a
red rose per ann. for all services. And that Richard Cornewall, esquire, is his son
and next heir and 38 years old and more at the time of the death of said Thomas
Cornwall, Knt.

RICHARD CORNEWALL [vide Calendar.]
[16 Henry VIII., No. 109. Chancery.]
Inquisition taken at Wotton-under-Edge, co. Glouc, 29 Oct., 16 Henry VIII.,
of proof of the age of Johanna, wife of Richard Cornewall, Esq., dau. and heir
Wogan.] of Henry Cogan and Catherine his wife, &c. The Jurors say that the said

Johanna was of the full age of sixteen years on iSth August, 15th year of the
lord King that now is l&c, &c. Gives evidence of witness as to date of
birth, &c.]

[11 Elizabeth. No. 161. Chancery.]
A.D. Held at Ludlow, Salop, 4th August, 11 Eliz., The jurors say upon their

1569. oath that long before the death of Richard Cornewall, named in writ, another

Richard Cornewall, esq., was seized in his demesne as of fee of the manor of
Boreford and of the hundred of Overes, and by his deed dated at Boreford the
Monday next after the feast of All Saints, 15 Hen. 6, by virtue of letters patent
and license under the Great Seal granted inter alia to Edmund Cornewall of Bore-
ford, and others, the manor of Boreford and the hundred of Overers, and enfeoffed
them of the same. To have and to hold to the aforesaid Edmund Cornewall, &c,


and the heirs of the body of said Edmund and Elizabeth his wife lawfully
begotten. And the aforesaid Edmund Comewall had issue of his wife
Thomas Cornwall, esq., and after the death of said Edmund and his co-feoffee,
the said manor and hundred descended to said Thomas Comewall as son and
heir, who entered and was seized of the same. And that said Richard was
then dead and said Thomas died seized thereof, after whose death the premises
descended to one Edmund Comewall, Knight, as son and heir of said Thomas
Comewall, esq., by virtue of which the said Edmund entered the premises and
died thereof seized, after whose death the premises descended to Thomas Come-
wall, Knt., [son and heir of said Edmund, son of Thomas, and said Thomas
Come%vall, Knt., entered and died seized of the premises, after whose death
the premises 'descended to aforesaid Richard Cornwall, esquire, named in writ, as
son and heir of aforesaid Thomas Comewall, Knt., by force of which the said
Richard Comewall, esq., entered into the premises and died hereof seized.
And aforesaid Richard Comewallis named in wTit died 14th June last past.
And that Edmund CornewaUl, esq., is son and heir of aforesaid Richard, and
33 years of age and more.

Jane, late wife of RICHARD CORNEWALL, Esq.
[12 Eliz. No. 154. Ch.\ncery.]

A.D. Inquisition taken at Stone in the County of Gloucester, the 2nd March, 12

1570. EUz., before Will Morwent, esq., escheator of the county aforesaid, after the death

of Jane Comewall, late wife of Richard Comewall, esq., daughter and sole heiress of

Wogan] Henry Ogan and Katherine his wife, late deceased. Jane Comewall was seized in

her demesne as of fee of and in a fourth part of two messuages, two carucates and one
virgate of land, xxti. acres of meadow, twenty acres of wood in Oldbury, Thornbury,

TachamJ Tatham, and Valefild, in the county aforesaid. And of a fourth part of the manor of

Tortworth, and a fourth part of the advowson of the church of Tortworth. And
of a fourth part of the manor of Charfild, with a fourth part of the advowson of the
church there, and of a fourth part of the manor of Huntingford, and a fourth part
of the advowson of the church there in the county aforesaid. And so thereof being
seized married Richard Cornwall, esq., and had issue by him Edmund Cornwall now
living, by virtue of which the said Richard was seized in fee of the premises in right
of his wife. And aforesaid Jane so thereof seized in her demesne as of fee the
loth August, 37 Hen. S died. And Richard siurvived her and was seized of the
premises in his demesne as of freehold from the day of her death to the 23rd July
last past before the taking of this Inquisition, on which day he died, after whose
death the aforesaid premises descended to aforesaid Edmund Cornwall, esquire,
as son and heir of said Jane. Edmund Cornwall at the time of the taking of this
inquisition is thirty-two years of age and more.

[27 Eliz. No. 69. Chancery.]

A.D. Inquisition taken at Ludlow in the county of Salop, 14th September, 27

15S5. Eliz., after the death of Edmund ComwaiU, esquire. Long before the death of


Edmund Cornwaille, Esquire, named in writ, one Richard Cornwaille, esq., one of the
ancestors of aforesaid Edmund was seized in demesne as of fee of and in the manor
of Boreford, and of and in the hundred of Overs and by his deed dated the Monday
next after the feast of All Saints, 15 Hen. 6, by virtue of Letters patent, &c., granted
to Edmund Cornewall of Boreford, and others, the aforesaid manor and hundred,
and enfeoffed them of the premises.

[Remainders and descents as on Inquisition of Richard Cornwall, 11 Eliz.]
And aforesaid Richard Comwaill, esq., son of aforesaid Thomas Cornewall,
Knt., died thereof seized, after whose death the aforesaid manor and hundred
descended to Edmund Cornewall, esq., in the wxit named as son and heir of afore-
said Richard Cornwall, and he died seized thereof. And that aforesaid Edmund
Cornewall in the said WTit named died the 13th July last past before the taking of
this Inquisition without issue of his body lawfully begotten. And that Thomas
Cornwall is his brother and next heir, to wit, son of the aforesaid Richard Corne-
wall, esq., of his body lawfully begotten, and is of age at the time of the taking
of this inquisition forty-six years and more.

[Exchequer. New Series I. File 27].

Held at Roghton, Salop, 1387. She held of the King a messuage and
virgate of land m Roghton, by service of keeping a moiety of the King's forest of
Morff. Said John is living, and holds for the term of life. Katherine, their
daughter, heir, aged 8.

[Chancery, i Hen. vi. No. 38.]

Held at Arundel, 1423. Thomas, Earl of Arundel, was seized of divers
manors in Sussex derived of Richard, late Earl. After, and before he married
Beatrice, said Thomas demised said manors to said Margaret for life, at whose
death they came to John, Lord Arundel, and Mautravers, cousin and heir of said
Thomas. Reference to other manors held by Margaret Lenthale. John, son of
John, heir. Margaret died April 30, 1+23.

[i. Hen. VI. 35.]

Taken at Shrewsbury, 1423. Thomas, late Earl of Anmdel, was seized of
the Castle of Dalylee, of the grant made to Richard, late Earl, grandfather of said
Thomas, to wit, father of Richard, father of aforesaid Thomas and his heirs made
of the body of Alianora, daughter of Henry of Lancaster, the elder, late Earl of
Lancaster. The same granted the above and other lauds to Margaret, named in
the WTit for term of life, with reversion to said Thomas and his heirs. Said
Margaret died March 7 last past [this date does not agree with previous in-
quisition]. John, son of John Arundel, heir.


EDMUND LENTHALE, Surrey and Sussex.
[Chancery. File 129. No. 34].
Held at Dorking, 1447. Edmund Lenthale died April 18, 1447. John
Lenthale, his cousin, heir, to wit, son of Walter, brother of Roger, father of
Roland, father of said Edmund. Said John, 21 years of age.

[Another inquisition : At Lewes identical, and also a third at Chelmsford].

[Chancery. 29 Hen. VI. No. 27.]
Held at Hereford, 1451. Rouland (sic) Lenthale and Lucy his wife, held
the manor of Monklane conjointly. Lucy died, and Roland continued to hold.
At his death the manor came to Rouland their son. Mentions a grant to father
and son of £40 annually, per the Mayor and Bailifis of Hereford. Rouland, the
elder, died 1450. His son Rouland aged 25.


Held at Ludlow, 1450-1. Roland Lenthale, Knight, and his wife Margaret,
sister and co-heir of Thomas, late Earl of Arnndel, in right of said Margaret were
seized a 3rd of two parts of Holt Castle and lordship of Bromfield and Yale.
Margaret died and Roland continued. Afterwards Edmund, their son, enfeoffed
William Bishop of Sarum and others by Royal license. At the death of Edmund
s.p., the lands, etc., of his mother reverted to her next heirs, John, Duke of
Norfolk, and George Neville. Roland died on the Sunday next before St.
Katherine, 1451. Roland, his son, age 25 years.

[A further inquisition to the same effect held at Reygate, i.e. Reigate,
Surrey, and a third at Stratford, Essex.]


[Marches of W.\les.]

Held at Hereford, 1451. Shows that Henry V. granted Sir Roland Lenthal
and Margaret his wife, the Castle and Town of Haverfordwest.

Held at Leominster, r455. Shows that Hen. VI. granted Sir Roland
Lenthal the Priory of Wotton, Warwick, the manors of Munkelane, Hereford,
Westwortham, Norfolk, and Molkely, Warwick; Monkelane being part of the
alien Priory of Couches. Reversion to John, his son and his heir (by Lucy Grey)
then to Alianora and her heirs, then to Elizabeth and her heirs, then to Katherine
and her heirs, then to the right heir of Roland. This (the inquisition being partly
illegible) as regards the payment of £20 annually from the " issues " of the County
of Hereford. Roland, brother of John, heir to Sir Roland Lenthal.


[Exchequer. File 406. No. 2.]

Held at Hereford, 1488. Said Roland was seized of Hampton by Hope with
appurtenances, held of the King as parcel of the Earldom of March. He and
Isabella his wife held the Manor of Munkelane conjointly. Roland died and
Isabella survived him, and now holds the manor. Roland died s.p., John, his
brother and heir, is aged 50 years.

[Chancery. Vol. 13. No. 15. Salop.]

Held at Bridgenorth, 1498. Elizabeth Beauchamp were seized of the
Manor of Kemburton, and married Edward NeviU, and had issue George, Lord
Bergavenny. They demised said manor to John Lentall for life. John, Lord
Louche, is cousm and heir of said J ohn Lentall, to wit, son of Katherine, daughter
of Lucy, mother of aforesaid John Lentall, and is 24 years of age.



Part II.— WILLS.
[Following the order of the Text.]

Sir Thomas Cornewall.
1500, penultimo die February." 16 Henry VIJ.

Thomas Cornewall of Buryton in the parish of Eye, co. Hereford.

To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle of Eye.

To my three daughters, Matilda, Johan, and Alinore, I give one hundred marks

apiece towards their marriage.

The residue I give to my son Richard. The said Richard and Master Thomas

Morton, Archdeacon of Hereford, I make executors, and Sir Thomas Cornewayle,

Knight, Lord of Burford, my cousin, supervisor.

Proved 13 May, 1501, by Master Thomas Morton, Archdeacon of Hereford, Thomas

Comewalle, Knight, Christopher Throkmerton, and Richard Comewaile.

P.C.C. 22 Moone.

Dame Elynor Houghton, formerly Lowe, Mole [and Cornwall ?] Fryers Prechurs, Worcester.

1510, March 12.

I, Dame Elynor Houghton, being of hole and perfyte mynde, &c. My bodye
to be buryed in the church of the firyers prechurs in Worcester. I bequeath to
the Greyffryers in London to pray for the souUe of my husband, whose body lyeth
there buryed xxs. [Bequests to church and poor]. My nevew, Henry Knyght.
An honest priest to sing in the parishe church of Envvlde to pray for soule of
Richard Lowe, Hugh Mole, Sir Thomas of Cornwall, and Sir William Houghton,
my husbandis. To the Trinitie Chappell of Worcester, to John Wesborne the
yonger, Anne Wesborne, his sister, Edmund Yate, and W illiam Coke, my servants
and Master Thomas Frethorne [sundry small bequests]. The residue to Henry
Knyght, my nevew, and Master Thomas Frethorne, executors. My good lorde
Bisshopp of Durham overseer. In witness whereof, &c.

Proved at Lamehith the last day of May [1514], by Henry Knyght. Power
reserved for the other executor.

P.C.C. 34 Fetiplace.

A.D. Sir George Cornewall, Knt. Hereford, &c.

1562, Oct. 8. (P.CC. 13 Chayre).

Sir George Cornewall, Knight.
t.e., Eye. I give to the Cathedral Church of Hereford iiijs. iiijd. To the church of Yee

iijs. iiijd. To my cozin Willm. Nanfan, Esquire, and to the heires males of his


bodie lawfullie begotten all my manors, lands, &c., in counties Lincoln and Hereford,
except one yerelie rent of vjli. xiijs. iiijd. reserved out of my manor of Howton,
CO. Hereford. I will vmto Marie, daughter of Sir John Bruddgs, late Lord San-
dose, deceased, xli. yerelie out of my manor of Bmrington. To Elenor, my base
sister, the wife of John Blunte, of Bromyard, junior, gent., the said yerelie rent
out of the manor of Howton. To Raffe Eaton and Jane, his wife, xxli. yerelie
during their lives, out of my landes, &c., belonging to the manor of Thonnocke,
CO. Lincoln. To Anthonie, daughter of the said Raffe Eaton, xxli. To Thomas
Appowell of Whitchurch, gent., a house called Thambertofte, within the Forest
i.e., Bicknor of Deane, and all ray right, &c., in a tenement, &c., in Englishe Lycknor, at the
yerelie rent of xs., to be paid into Monmouthe, his heirs, &c. Unto John

Baker, als. Davies, my interest, &c., in two come mylnes, &c., of the Queenes
lordship of Leomynster. I give unto Willm. Cornwall, gent., a yearly rent of
? Thonock, blank xxli. out of my manor of Th .... A deed of feoffment made by me of all
in Register] the said manors, lands, &c., unto the use of the said Willm. Cornwall, delivered
to the hands of Sir James Baskerville, Knight, safelie to be kept for diverse good
and resonable considerations not to be delivered to the said Willm. To Edward
Chell, my servante, Lowry, my servante, xls., &c. To John Blunt, junior, and
Ealinor, his wife, all my estate, rights, &c., in the tithes of Westhames, otherwise
called The Grange, co. Herefl. To John Abbruggs, gent., my estate in the tithe
of Bryreley. To Roberte Hyde, scholmaister of Lempster, my estate in the tithes
of Stoke. Unto Thomas Dallowe my estate in the tithes of Stockton. To Sir
James Baskerville, Knight, my estate in a house, &c., in St. Augustine's Greene,
Bridstow, paying unto the Ladie Herberte, widow, vli. xs. Unto the said Willm.
Cornwall my tente, my awnsinge, and my drome. The residue to Sir James
Baskervile, Knt., John Baskervile, Richard Harforde, and Willm.
Tomkens, Esquier, executors. Sir Roger Vaughan, Knt., and Thorns. Herberte,
Esquier, overseers.

Memorandum. That the executors hathe relinguished and yelded upp the
probacon of this will to my Ladie Cornwall, the xxijth of November, 5 Elizabeth,
in the persence of Edwarde Hexton, gent., Leonarde Maysey, Thomas Vaughan,
Willm. Leighton, Willm. Adams, Richard Hill, James Baskervile, John
Baskervile, Wilhn. Thompkins. Richarde Harforde.

On the nth March, 1562, a Commission issued to Dame Mary Cornewall,
the relict of the said deceased, the executors named renouncing.

(P.C.C. 13 Chayre.)

A.D. John Cornewall, of Berrington, co. Hereford.

1645. Nov. 13. (P.C.C. 164 Fines.)

I give to my daughter Mary Cornewall, £ioo, and to my daughter Katherine
Cornewall, £100, out of the £400 which lies in the hands of Sir Robert Cooke, of
Huntingfield, which shall satisfie them for the £200 of theirs which was in the
hands of John Powell, Esqre., of Bedsne. I give to ray wife £40. To Anne

i686, Feb. ii.


Lettwicke £10. To my sonne John Cornewall £5. To my servant Edward
Powell £5. And I doe appointe my sonne Humphrey Cornewall to be my
executor. In witness whereof, &c. John Cornewall.

Proved at London, 16 July, 1647, by Humfrey Cornewall, the son and executor

(P.C.C. 164 Fines.)

Humphry Cornewall.

Humphry Cornewall of Berrington,
May 23, 1633.
To the poor of Eye £20. To James Cornewall, son, 20 nobles a year from Culner
Meadow. In default of payment he to have right of entry. To Elizabeth Corne-
wall, his grandchild, daughter of son John, the rent reserved on a Lease granted
to Richard Jeffreys of Overton lands in Moreton. She to have " muntions " of
said lands to her and her heirs provided she be ruled by my executors and her
father ; if not £10 only and the lands to my right heirs. Daughter Elizabeth all
lands in the manor of Stannage in co. Radnor, and all lands that belong to War-
burton's farm, but if she die sans issue then said lands to revert to my right heirs.
To each of his younger children £20 for a ring. Executors not to remove the
" Standerds of my household table, and other articles of furniture, and to leave
the ' Greene Chamber ' furnished to John," his eldest son. If said John pre-
decease his wife Mary, then furniture to be hers.

His wife Elizabeth and son James, Executors. Legacies to servants.

Humphrey Cornewall of Ludlow, co. Salop.

(P.C.C. 105 EXTON).

I give to my daughter Egberow £5. To my daughter Bridgett £300. To
my dau. Whitney £300. To my dau. Carolina £300. After my debts and
legacies are paid the rest of my goods to be divided equally amongst my foure
younger sonnes, viz., C>Tiac, Wolfhran, Humphrey, and Edward. My house in
Broad Lane, Ludlow, which I purchased of Mr. Bottrell, and the orchard I bought
of William Pigg, gent. A plock of pasture ground, called the Wellins, in Sigmore
field nere Moreton, co. Hereford, which I purchased of William Vale, of Moreton,
and half an acre near Easebrooke gate in the Parke field which was purchased of
Christopher Vale of Moreton. To the poor of Ludlow £5. My daughters
Bridgett Cornewall and Carolina Conrewall executrixes.

Codicil : To my son Humphrey Cornewall £8 a yere out of my house in
Brand Lane, &c. My daughter Agborrough to assist my executors. 18 Feb.,

Proved at London, 3 Aug., 1688, by Bridgett Cornwall and Caroline Corn-
Wall, the daughters and executrixes.

(P.C.C. 105 EXTON.)


i7ifi. Dec. 22.

1717, March 11.

Vice-Admiral Charles Cornewall.
OF Berrington, CO. Hereford.
(P.C.C. 4 Browning.)

I give to my daughter Henrietta and every other of my daughters £1,000 at
marriage or age of 21. Unto my son Job and each of my younger sons £40 a year.
My brother-in-law, William Hanmer, of Fenns, co. Flint, Esq., my imcle William
Hanmer, rector of Worthen, co. Salop, my uncle Cyriack Cornewall, of Castleton,
in par. of Eye, co Hereford, Esq., my aunt Agberow, of Mooreton in said par. of
Eye, widow, and my brother-in-law Job Hanmer, of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex,
Esq., trustees. My sons Robert and Job. My brother Henry Cornewall £50
a year for life. My brother Frederick Cornewall in remainder. I appoint my
son Robert sole executor.

Proved at London, 26 Jan., 1718-9, by Robeit Cornewall, the son and
executor named.

In margin : Honorabilis vivi Caroli Cornewall, Arm, Vice Admiralli.

(P.C.C. 4 Browning.

Cvriac Cornewall of Eye, co. Hereford.

(P.C.C. 79 Browning.)

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Cyriac Cornewall, of Eye, co. Hereford,
being in perfect health, &c. I give to my nephew Fred. Cornewall, clerk, £500
if I die without child. To my wife Martha Cornewall alias Bezant all my
freehold during her life and after her decease to my said nephew, &c. My said
wife Martha sole executrix and residuary legatee,
not i72o[ Proved at London, 8 May, 1719, by Martha Cornewall, widow, the relict

and executrix named.

On 25 Aug., I72r, a commission issued to John Davies, the husband and
administrator of the goods of Martha Davies alias Cornewall, deceased, whilst
living the relict and executrix of the said CjTiac Cornewall, to administer the
goods left unadministered, &c.

On 29th Nov., 1743, power was granted to Theophila Vaughan (wife of

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