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2. 1000 acres to John Ridgevvay, Esq. [brother of Sir Thomas].

3. 1000 acres to Sir William Taaffe, Knt., Louth.

4. 500 acres to Roger Garth.

5. 1000 acres to Sir Edmund Fettiplace, Knt.


1. 750 acres to Sir Thomas Ashe, Knight, and John Ashe, gent., Meath.

2. 1500 acres to Archibald and Brent Moore, gents., Kent.

3. 2000 acres to Capt. Richard Tirrell.


1. 2000 acres to Arte McBaron O Neile [half-brother to the Earl of Ty

rone] and his wife.

2. 1500 acres to Henry McShane O Neale.

3. 140 acres to Tirlagh Groome O Hanlon.

4. 100 acres to Shane McShane O Hanlon.

5. 100 acres to Shane McOghie O Hanlon, gent.

6. 240 acres to Oghie Oge O Hanlon s two sons, Felim and Brian.

7. 120 acres to Rorie McFerdoragh O Hanlon, gent.

8. 1 20 acres to Shane Oge McShane Roe O Hanlon, gent.

9. 360 acres to Carbery McCan, gent.

10. 80 acres to Donell McCan, gent.

11. 120 acres to Patrick McManus O Hanlon and Ardell Moore O Mulch-


12. 60 acres to Redmond McFardoragh O Hanlon.

13. 360 acres to Con McTirlagh [O Neill], gent.

14. 240 acres to Brian McFelin Roe McDonell, Hugh McCarbery O Neale,

and Shane McTirlagh O Neale.

Ulster from 1610 to 1630 513

15. 240 acres to Mulmory McDonell, Arte McTirlagh O Neale, and Neale

McTirlagh O Neale.

16. 100 acres to Felim Oge McDonell, gent.

17. 100 acres to Donough Reogh O Hagan, gent.

1 8. 120 acres to Calvagh McDonell, gent.

19. 120 acres to Laughlin O Hagan, gent.

20. 80 acres to Edmond Groome McDonell.

21. 83 acres to Alexander Oge McDonell.

22. ioo acres to Brian Oge O Hagan, gent.

23. 120 acres to Colla McArte McDonell, gent.

24. 180 acres to Donough Oge McMurphie.

25. 540 acres to Donnell McHenry O Neile, Felim McTirlagh Brassilagh

[O Neill], and Eugene Valley [Owen Ballagh] O Neyle, and Edmund
Oge O Donnelly.

26. 240 acres to Owen McHugh O Neale, gent.

27. 240 acres to Hugh McTirlagh O Neale, Art McTirlagh O Neale, and

Henry McTirlagh O Neale.

28. 120 acres to Rorie McPatrick McCan, gent.

29. 60 acres to Brian, son of Melaghlin, son of Art O Neale, gent.

30. 120 acres to Patrick Moder, gent.

31. 1 20 acres to Cormack McTirlagh Brassilagh, gent.

32. 60 acres to Tirlagh Oge McTirlagh Brassilagh, gent.

33. 120 acres to Neece Quin.

34. 1 20 acres to Hugh McGilleduffe, gent.

35. ioo acres to Felim O Quin.

36. ioo acres to Cahier O Mellan, gent.

37. 80 acres to Hugh McBrian McCan.

38. 1 60 acres to Carberie Oge McCan and Toole McFelim McCan.

39. 80 acres to Ardill McFelim O Hanlon, gent.


T - 333 acres to Tirlagh O Neale of Caslane, Esq.

2. 800 acres to Neal O Neale, Esq. [brother of the above].

3. 370 acres to Bryan O Neale, gent, [brother of the two preceding gran


4. 2620 acres to Catharine Ny Neale, wife of the late Terence or Tirlagh

Oge O Neale, and now [1613] wife of Robert Hovenden, gent.

5. 400 acres to Tirlagh Oge O Neale, gent, [brother of Felimy Roe, afore


6. 200 acres to Neal Roe O Neale.

7. 1500 acres to Bryan O Neale, gent.

8. 200 acres to Neale O Neale.

9. 360 acres to Henry O Neale, gent.

10. 300 acres to Charles O Neale.


514 The Scotch-Irish Families of America

11. 1160 acres to Con Boy O Neale.

12. 120 acres to Hugh O Neate.

13. 140 acres to Robert Hovenden, gent.

14. 60 acres to Donill McShane [surnamed] Mallatas, gent.

15. 120 acres to Con Boy O Neale, gent

16. 60 acres to Hugh McDonell O Neale, gent.

17. 60 acres to Cormock McNemee, gent.

18. 60 acres to Tirlagh Oge McBrian [O Neale], gent.

19. 60 acres to Rorie O Gormeley, gent.

20. 60 acres to Jenkin O Devin, gent.

21. 60 acres to Henry Oge O Neale, gent.

22. 60 acres to Bryan O Neale and Neale Roe.

23. 60 acres to Art McRowrie O Neale, gent.

24. 60 acres to Hugh Groome O Hagan, gent.

25. 60 acres to Art McArte O Neale, gent.

26. 60 acres to Felim McAmallan, gent.

27. 60 acres to Shane McDonell Groome O Donnilly, gent.

28. 60 acres to Shane Roe O Neale, gent.

29. 60 acres to James McGunchenan, gent.

30. 1 20 acres to Henry McNeal McArte [O Neale], gent.

31. 120 acres to Edmond Oge O Haggan, gent.

32. 120 acres to Murtagh O Quin, gent.

33. 60 acres to Fardoragh O Haggan, gent.

34. 60 acres to Hugh Groome O Mulchallane, gent.

35. 60 acres to Felim Boy O Haggan, gent.

36. 60 acres to Neale O Quin, gent.

37. 60 acres to Teige McEdmond Oge O Hagan.

38. 120 acres to James Sheale, gent.

39. 140 acres to Owen Roe O Quin, gent.

40. 120 acres to Bartholomew Owen, gent.

41. 120 acres to Gillaspick McDonnell, gent.

42. 60 acres to Shane McLaughlin O Donilly, gent.

43. 1 20 acres to Owen O Corr, gent.

44. 1 20 acres to Brian O Develin, gent.

45. 60 acres to Fardoragh McCahir O Mallen, gent.

46. 60 acres to Caragh O Donilly, gent.

47. 60 acres to Owen O Hagan, gent.

48. 120 acres to Owen Oge O Hagan McOwen McEvistan, gent.

49. 60 acres to Shane McHugh McAderany O Donilly, gent.

50. 60 acres to Con McTirlagh O Neale, gent.

51. 60 acres to Felim Groome McFelimy McNeale [O Neale], gent.

52. 60 acres to Fardoragh McBrian Carragh O Neale, gent.

53. 60 acres to Felim Oge O Mulcreve, gent.

54. 1 20 acres to Laghlen O Hagan, gent.

Ulster from 1610 to 1630 515

55. 60 acres to Randall McDonnell, gent.

56. 60 acres to Hugh McCawell, gent.

57. 60 acres to Hugh McHugh Mergagh O Neale, gent.

58. 120 acres to Mary Ny Neal [daughter of Sir Cormack].

59. 60 acres to Tirlagh Oge O Gormeley, gent.

60. 1000 acres to Bryan Crossagh O Neale [son of Sir Cormack].

1. 896 acres to Walter McLaughlin McSwyne, gent.

2. 2000 acres to Donald McSwine Fawnett, gent.

3. 64 acres to Manus McNeale McSwyne.

4. 2000 acres to Sir Mulmory McSwyne na Doe, Knt.

5. 2000 acres to Donough McSwyne Banagh, gent.

6. 596 acres to Nene Duffe Neene James [Ineen dubh, daughter of James

Macdonnell], widow of Hugh, son of Manus O Donnell.

7. 403 acres to Honora Bourk, widow of O Boyle [lord of Boylagh].

8. 2000 acres to Tirlagh O Boyle, gent, [son of the preceding grantee].

9. 128 acres to Neale Garrow McRowrie [O Donnell], gent.

10. 128 acres to Caffer McHugh Duffe O Donnell, gent.

11. 128 acres to Hugh Boy McQuin, gent.

12. 128 acres to Donell McQuin, gent.

13. 128 acres to Hugh Boy McSwine, gent.

14. 128 acres to Patrick Crone McCree, gent.

15. 128 acres to Neale McMulmorie McSwine and Tirlagh Carragh Mc

Swine, gents.

16. 128 acres to Owen McGillpatrick, gent.

17. 64 acres to Farroll Hugh O Galchor, gent.

1 8. 64 acres to Donnell Groome McArte.

19. 128 acres to Grany Ny Donnell.

20. 774 acres to Murtagh O Dowgan, Owen Modder McSwine, Owen Mc-

Morphy, Donell O Deveney, Donough O Seren, Calvagh McBryan
Roe McSwine, and Neale McSwine.

21. 1000 acres to Hugh McHugh Duffe [O Donnell], gent.

22. 960 acres to Donell Ballagh O Galchor, Dowltagh McDonell Ballagh,

Edmond Boy O Boyle, Tirlagh, Oge O Boyle, Irrel O Boyle, Cahir Mc-
Malcavow, Shane McTirlagh, Dowaltagh McGillduffe, Farrell Mc-
Tirlagh Oge, Loy O Cleary, and Shane O Cleary.

23. 128 acres to Owen Oge McOwen and Owen McOwen Edegany.


1. 100 acres to Cormock O Cassida, gent.

2. 300 acres to Donell dean Magwire and James McDonough Magwire,


3. 150 acres to Rone McAdegany Magwire, Owen McCoconaght Magwire,

and Donell Oge O Muldoon, gents.

516 The Scotch-Irish Families of America

4. ioo acres to Donough Oge Magwire, gent.

5. 190 acres to Felim Oge Magwire, gent.

6. TOO acres to Cahell McGilleduffe Magwire, gent.

7. 190 acres to Redmond McGillpatrick Magwire, gent.

8. 350 acres to Shane McHugh, gent.

9. 50 acres to Donell McCormock, gent.

10. 50 acres to Coconaght McHugh, gent.

11. 50 acres to Donough Oge McHugh, gent.

12. 145 acres to Donough Oge McDonaghy Magwire, gent.

13. 50 acres to Felim McAwly, gent.

14. 145 acres to Bryan Oge Magwire, gent.

15. 50 acres to Donough McRorie, gent.

16. ioo acres to Rorie Magwire, gent.

17. 120 acres to Thomas Me James McDun Magwire, Bryan Me James Me-

Dun Magwire, and Hugh Mcjames McDun Magwire, gents.

1 8. 300 acres to Tirlagh Moyle Magwire, gent.

19. 220 acres to Bryan McThomas [Magwire], gent.

20. 120 acres to Patrick McDonell, gent.

21. 130 acres to Shane McEnabb [or McCabe], gent.

22. 140 acres to Patrick McHugh Magwire, gent.

23. 120 acres to Bryan O Corcoran, gent.

24. 140 acres to Edmund McBryan McShane, gent.

25. ioo acres to Felim Duffe McBrien, gent.

26. ioo acres to Cormocke McDonell, gent.

27. ioo acres to Connor McTirlagh, gent.

28. 240 acres to Bryan McMulrony, gent.

29. 140 acres to John Magwire, gent.

30. 150 acres to Donell Groome McArte, gent.

31. 192 acres to Hugh O Flanegan, gent.

32. 390 acres to Oghy O Hossy, gent.

33. 180 acres to Cormac Oge McHugh, gent.

34. 60 acres to Shane McDenett, gent.

35. 120 acres to Shane McDonell Ballagh and Brian O Skanlan.

36. 96 acres to Shane Evarr Magwire, gent.

37. 96 acres to Cormock McBryan Magwire, gent.

38. 144 acres to Cormock McCallo Magwire, gent.

39. 48 acres to Conogher Glasse Magwire, gent.

40. 48 acres to Henry McElynan, gent.

41. 48 acres to Felim McElynan, gent.

42. 50 acres to Melaghlin Oge McCorr, gent.

43. ioo acres to Connell McWorrin, gent.

44. ioo acres to Moriertagh O Flanegan, gent.

45. 96 acres to Hugh Boy Magwire, gent.

46. 50 acres to Patrick McHugh, gent.

Ulster from 1610 to 1630 517

47. 190 acres to Rorie McDonough Magvvire and Pat. Ballagh Magwire,


48. 100 acres to Tirlagh Mergagh Magwire and Felim Duffe McRorie Mag-

wire, gents.
49 60 acres to Garrett Magwire and John Magwire, gents.


1. 1500 acres to Con McShane O Neale, gent.

2. 2000 acres to Bryan Maguyre, gent.

3. 500 acres to Tirlagh Magwire, gent, [brother of the preceding grantee].

4. 1 20 acres to John Magwire, gent.

5. 1 20 acres to Richard Magwire, gent.


1. 300 acres to John and Connor O Reily, gents.

2. 100 acres to Cahir McOwen, gent.

3. 300 acres to Cahell McOwen O Reyly, gent.

4. 150 acres to Donell McOwen, gent.

5. 200 acres to Owen O Shereden, gent.

6. 100 acres to Cahill McBrien O Reily, gent.

7. 1000 acres to Felim McGawran, gent.

8. 300 acres to Mulmore McHugh McFarrall O Rely, gent.

9. 175 acres to Cormacke McGawran.

10. 75 acres to Donough Magauran, gent.

11. 150 acres to Hugh McManus Oge Magauran, gent.

12. 200 acres to Breene Oge Magauran, gent.

13. 200 acres to Mulmorie McTirlagh O Reily, gent.

14. 200 acres to Felim, Brian, and Cahir, sons of Hugh O Reyly, late of


15. 150 acres to Tirlagh McHugh McBryan Bane O Reylie.

16. 400 acres to Bryan McKernan, gent.

17. 100 acres to Donnell McFarrall Oge McKernan, gent.

1 8. 150 acres to Callo [Calvagh] O Gowne, gent.

19. 200 acres to Shane McCabe, gent.

20. 100 acres to Wony [Una] McThomas McKernan.

21. 200 acres to Donill Backagh McShane O Reyly, gent.

22. 300 acres to Bryan McShane O Reyly, gent.


1. 2000 acres to Mulmorie McHugh Connelagh O Rely, gent.

2. 475 acres to Gerald Fleming, Esq.

3. 100 acres to Hugh McBrien O Reyly, gent.

4. 162 acres to Edward Nugent, gent.

5. 450 acres to Christopher Nugent, gent.

6. 200 acres to Edward Nugent, gent.

518 The Scotch-Irish Families of America

7. 300 acres to Philip McTirlagh Bradie, gent.

8. 50 acres to Richard Fitz-Simons.


1. 2300 acres to Walter, Thomas, and Patrick Bradie, gents.

2. 300 acres to Cahire McShane O Reily of Cornegall, gent.

3. 150 acres to Barnaby Reily of Nacorraghes, gent.

4. 475 acres to Shane McHugh O Reily of Ballaghana, gent.

5. 50 acres to Thomas Mcjames Bane of Kilmore, gent.

6. 300 acres to Philip McBrien McHugh O Reily, gent.

7. 200 acres to Owen McShane O Reily, gent.

8. 400 acres to Bryan O Coggye O Reily.

9. 200 acres to Mulmorie McOwen O Reily.

10. 200 acres to Hugh Roe McShane O Reily.

n. 300 acres to Philip and Shane O Reily, brothers.

12. 900 acres to Shane McPhilip O Reily, gent.

13. 50 acres to Shane Bane O Moeltully, gent.

14. 100 acres to Edward Nugent, gent.

15. 500 acres to Owen McMulmorie O Reily, gent.

16. 100 acres to Hugh McGlasney, gent.

17. 25 acres to Shane McPhilip O Reily.


1. 3000 acres to Mulmorie Oge O Reylie, gent.

2. 1000 acres to Mulmorie McPhilip O Reilie, Esq.

3. 1000 acres to Hugh O Reilie, Esq.

4. 150 acres to Terence Braddy, gent.

5. 300 acres to Morish McTully, gent.

6. 150 acres to Thomas Braddy, gent.

7. 150 acres to Connor McShane Roe [O Bradie], gent.

8. 262 acres to Henry Betagh, gent.

In the Carew Manuscripts, 1603-1624, published by the British Govern
ment, may be found a series of reports made by commissioners who were
appointed by the king at different periods to visit the various landlords in
Ulster to whom allotments had been made, and take account of their
progress. The first party to make such an inspection consisted of five
commissioners, among whom was the Lord Deputy for Ireland, Sir Arthur
Chichester, who had himself been allotted the district now occupied by the
city of Belfast. This visit was made in the summer of 1611, and the
commissioners report is as follows :

A Relation of Works done by Scottish Undertakers of Land in the Escheated
Counties of Ulster certified by the Governors, Sheriffs and others; and
some seen and surveyed by us in one journey into that Province begun
the 29th July, 1611.
Precinct of Portlough [County of Donegal]. Duke of Lennox, chief

Ulster from 1610 to 1630 519

undertaker of 2000 acres. Sir Aulant Aula, Knight, his agent, resident,
with some British families ; no preparation for building, save some timber
trees felled and squared. Sir Walter Stewart, Knight, Laird of Minto, 1000
acres; hath taken possession in person, the summer 1610 ; returned into
Scotland, has done nothing. John Crawford, Laird Kilberry, 1000 acres ;
not appeared nor any for him, and nothing done. Alexander McAula of
Durlinge ; 1000 acres ; appeared not, nothing done. Sir James Cunning
ham, Knight, Laird Glangarnoth, 2000 acres ; took possession but returned
into Scotland ; his agent, Robert Younge, resident, built one Irish barn of
copies ; he hath 44 head of cattle, one plow of garrons, and some tillage
last harvest. Three families of British resident on his proportion, preparing
to build ; as yet, no estate passed to them. John Cunningham of Crawfield,
1000 acres ; resident with one family of British ; is building a bawn, and
preparing materials ; hath a plow of garrons, and thirty head of cattle.
Cuthbert Cunningham, 1000 acres ; resident with two families of British ;
built an Irish house of copies, and prepared materials to re-edify the castle
of Coole McEctrean ; hath a plow of garrons, and 80 head of cattle in stock.
William Stewart, Laird Dunduffe, 1000 acres ; his brother was here for him
the summer 1610, and returned into Scotland ; left a servant to keep stock,
being 2 mares and 30 head of cattle. James Cunningham of Horomilne,
1000 acres ; was here the summer 1610, returned into Scotland ; left six
servants to keep cows ; nothing done, nor preparation made for building.

Precinct of Boylagh [County of Donegal]. Sir Robert Maclellan, Knt.,
Laird of Bombey, chief undertaker of Rosses, 2,000 acres ; took possession
in the summer 1610, returned into Scotland ; his agent, Andrew Johnson,
resident, hath prepared no material for building. George Murrye, Laird
Broughton, 1500 acres ; took possession summer 1610, returned into Scot
land. His brother came with two or three others, and 30 or 40 cows ; no
preparation for building. William Steward, brother to Gartlesse [Lord
Garlics], 1500 acres ; took possession in the summer, 1610, returned into
Scotland ; six families of British upon his proportion. He is building a mill
and other houses ; agent John Stewart, resident, materials provided for
building. Sir Patrick McKee, Knight, 1000 acres, not appeared ; agent
resident ; notning done. Alexander Cunningham, of Ponton Elder, 1,000
acres ; not appeared ; agent resident ; making winter provisions ; no mater
ials for building. James McCullogh, 1000 acres ; not appeared ; agent
resident ; nothing done. Alexander Downebar, 1000 acres ; resident in
person ; nothing done. Patrick Vans, 1000 acres ; has not appeared. Six
quarters of his land let to English and Scotchmen for four years ; nothing

Precinct of Knockninny. Lo. Burley, 3000 acres, in the county of Fer
managh ; took possession in the summer 1610, returned into Scotland, left
as agent, Captain Meldrame, who is non-resident. Lo. Burley hath sent
over 24 persons, freeholders, tenants, and servants, resident. One large
house built of 14 rooms ; oaks felled and squared, and preparations for
building ; 60 barrels of barley and oats sown and reaped last harvest ; 70
cows brought out of Scotland which belong to the tenants ; and a boat of
eight tons built for his lordship s use. Sir John Wyshard, La. Pittaro, 1500
acres ; possession taken ; returned into Scotland ; done nothing. He is
since our return from the north arrived and brought with him 15 persons
well armed ; he hath set up two ploughs sowing wheat and intends to go for
ward with building. Mr. Balfore, La. Mountwhany, 1500 acres ; appeared
in person, brought over eight freeholders and lease-holders with four women

520 The Scotch-Irish Families of America

servants. He felled 200 oaks, provided lime, and brought over a dozen
horses and mares for work, with household stuff. La. Kinalle, 1000 acres ;
not appeared and none for him ; nothing done. James Trayle, 1000 acres ;
took possession, returned into Scotland. Sent over four persons to make
freeholders, &c. Some timber and other materials provided, and six horses
and mares out of Scotland. George Smolhome, 1000 acres, taken possession,
returned into Scotland ; no agent, done nothing.

Precinct of Mageriboy [County of Fermanagh], Sir John Home,
Knight, 2000 acres ; has taken possession, returned into Scotland, nothing
done, nor any agent present. Robert Hamylton, 1500 acres ; has been
here to see the land, but has not taken possession, and nothing done. But
since our return [to Dublin] he is arrived in Fermanagh (as we are informed),
with 1 8 tenants and artificers for planting ; with 60 head of cattle, 10 horses
and mares for labour ; is felling timber and providing materials for building.
William Fouler, 1500 acres ; taken possession ; returned into Scotland, done
nothing. James Gybb, 1000 acres ; the like. Jerhome Lindsey, 1000
acres ; took possession by attorney, did nothing else. Alexander Home,
1000 acres ; the like. John Downebarr, 1000 acres ; taken possession,
returned into Scotland, and sent over six persons, whereof two freeholders,
one leaseholder, one tenant for years, and two tenants at will ; some build
ing in hand ; eight horses for work brought over, with money to provide

Precinct of Strabane [County of Tyrone]. The Earl of Abercorne,
chief undertaker, has taken possession, resident with lady and family, and
built for the present near the town of Strabane some large timber houses,
with a court 116 foot in length and 87 foot in breadth, the grounsellsof oaken
timber, and the rest of allor [alder] and birch, which is well thatched with
heath and finished. Has built a great brew-house without his court 46 foot
long and 25 foot wide. His followers and tenants have, since May last,
built 28 houses of fair copies ; and before May, his tenants, who are all
Scottishmen, the number of 32 houses of like goodness. Is preparing
materials for building a fair castle and bawn, which he means to put in hand
for the next spring. There are 120 cows in stock for his own use. Sir
Thomas Boyde, Knight, has a proportion of land, is resident with his wife
and family ; is providing material for building. Sir George Hamilton,
Knight, a proportion of land, resident with his wife and family. Has built
a good house of timber for the present, 62 foot long and thirty foot wide. He
brought over some families of Scots, who have built them a bawn and good
timber houses, 80 cows and 16 garrons among them. Sir John Dumonde
[Drummond], Knight, 1000 acres ; appeared in person, took possession, and
has one Scottishman, 2 garrons and a mare. James Clapham, 1000 acres ;
resident, prepares to people his land, competent store of arms in readiness.
James Hayge, 1500 acres ; has not appeared, nor any for him ; nothing
done. Sir Claude Hamylton, Knight, 2000 acres ; has not appeared nor
any for him ; nothing done. George Hamilton, 1000 acres ; has taken
possession, is resident, making provisions for building.

Precinct of Mountjoy [County of Tyrone]. The Lord Uchelrie [Ochil-
tree], 3000 acres ; being stayed by contrary winds in Scotland, arrived in
Ireland (at the time of our being in Armagh, upon our return home), accom
panied with 33 followers, gent, of sort, a minister, some tenants, freeholders,
and artificers, unto whom he hath passed estates ; and hath built for his
present use three houses of oak timber, one of 50 foot long and 22 wide, and
two of 40 foot long, within an old fort, about which he is building a bawn.

Ulster from 1610 to 1630 521

He has sundry men at work providing materials, and there are in readiness
240 great trees felled, and some squared ; and is preparing stone, brick, and
lime for building a castle, which he means to finish next Spring. There are
two ploughs going upon his demesne, with some 50 cows, and three score
young heifers landed at Island Magy [Magee], in Clandeboy, which are com
ing to his proportion, and some 12 working mares ; and he intends to begin
residence upon his land the next Spring, as he informeth us. Sir Robert
Hepburne, Knight, 1500 acres ; sowed oats and barley the last year upon his
land, and reaped this harvest 40 hogsheads of corn ; is resident ; hath 140
cows, young and old, in stock, and 8 mares. Hath 7 householders, being in
number 20 persons ; is building a stone house 40 foot long and 20 wide, al
ready a story high, and before the end of this season he intends to have it three
stories high, and to cover it, and the next Spring to add another story to it ;
good store of timber felled and squared, and providing materials to finish
the work. The Laird Lochnorris, 1000 acres ; being diseased himself, as
we were informed, had his agent here, Robert O Rorke ; hath some timber
felled, and is preparing materials for building against next Spring. Bernard
Lendsey and Robert Lendsey, 1000 acres apiece ; have taken possession
personally in the Summer, 1610, returned into Scotland ; agent, Robert
Cowties, resident ; a timber house is built on Robert Lendsey s portion, who
hath three householders, being in number 12 persons. Hath eight mares
and eight cows with their calves, and five oxen, with swine and other small
cattle, and a competent portion of arms. Robert Stewart of Haulton, 1000
acres ; has appeared in person, having brought some people. Timber felled,
and providing materials for building. Robert Stewart of Robstone, 1000
acres ; has appeared in person, with tenants and cattle ; timber felled and
squared and is preparing materials for building.

Precinct of the Fewes [County of Armagh]. Sir James Dowglasse, Knight,
2000 acres ; George Lawder is his deputy, has done nothing. Claud Ham
ilton, 1000 acres ; is building a stone bawn with round flankers, 24 yards
square, and a wall 8 foot high ; has raised stone to finish the bawn, and to
make a stone house, and has drawn trees to the building ; is now building
three houses, one 48 feet long. Five families, 16 men and women of British
birth, are upon the land, whereof six are masons. Eighty cows and 14
horses and mares in stock. William Lawder, 1000 acres ; Alexander Law
der, resident agent ; certain houses built and repaired, where are ten families
and three servants, to the number of 18, residing ; 18 horses and mares, and
60 cows ; stone raised and timber felled. James Craige, 1000 acres ; resi
dent ; has begun to build a mill, sown and reaped oats and barley ; built
some tenements wherein are placed some families of British. Henry Ache-
son, 1000 acres ; resident ; has raised stone and felled timber. Has 8 or 9
people ; who have 30 cows and 15 horses and mares, with some arms.

Precinct of Tullaghchinko [County of Cavan]. Sir Alexander Hamilton,

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