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15th Jan., 1818. Bt.-col. 1837. D. same year at Dungannon, Ireland.
He was 5th son of Thos. Kelly, of Dawson's Grove, co. Armagh, by his
wife, Jane Waring. M.I. in Armagh Cathedral. Communicated by
Lt.-Col. G. H. Johnston, late 15th Foot.

Maj. W. Campbell, 23rd Foot.

Was A.D.C. to Gen. Craufurd in the Pa, D. a C.B. and maj.-gen.
3rd June, 1852.

Maj. Hon. George Lionel Dawson, 1st Dn. Gds., w.

3rd son of John, 2nd Visct., and 1st Earl of Portarlington, by Lady Caro-
line Stuart, dau. of 3rd Earl of Bute. Bn. 28th Oct. 1788. Promoted
bt.-lt.-col. 4th Dec, 1815. Placed on h. p. 17th Aug., 1820. C.B.
Assumed the additional surname of Darner 14th March, 1829. M., 20th
Aug., 1825, Mary, dau. of Lord Hugh Seymour, and had issue. D.,
14th April, 1856.

Maj. Chas. Beckwith, 95th Foot, w.

Son of Capt. John Beckwith, 23rd Lt. Dns., and nephew of Sir George
and Sir T. S. Beckwith. Bn. at Halifax, N.S., 2nd Oct., 1789. His
mother was a sister of Judge Haliburton (Sam Slick). Brigade-maj. to
the celebrated Light Division in the Pa. Lost his left leg at Waterloo.
Was a frequent visitor at Apsley House. Being one day left alone in
the Duke's library his attention was called to Gilly's Waldensee %
which book graphically described the neglected state of the Waldensee
inhabitants. His interest was touched, and soon after he took up his
abode among those " primitive Christians of the Alps." Beckwith did
much for the good of the people, by whom he was greatly beloved. He
d. as maj.-gen. at Torre, 19th July, 1862. See Memoir of General
Beckwith, C.B., by M. Meille, translated, London, 1873. Also Foster's
Yorkshire Pedigrees.

Capt. Jas. Shaw, 43rd Foot.

Aftds. Sir James Shaw-Kennedy, K.C.B. Bn. 1788. Educated at the
Military College at Marlow. Joined the 43rd L.I. as ens., 1805. Served
with this regt. at Copenhagen, and proceeded to the Pa. in 1808. Served
at Corunna, and in 1809 was adjt. Was A.D.C. to Gen. Robert Craufurd
during 1809 and 1810. Present at siege of Ciudad Rodrigo. "Stood


with Gen. Crauf urd when, in the assault of that fort and place, he placed
himself on the crest of the glacis, where he fell mortally wounded."
Served at the siege and storming of Badajoz, at Salamanca, and other
actions. "On 18th June, 1815, he was allowed, in presence of Welling-
ton, to form the 3rd Division (to which he was attached), in a new and
unusual order of battle, to meet the formidable masses of cavalry seen
forming in its front, and in this formation the division resisted, success-
fully, repeated attacks of Napoleon's cavalry." Commanded at Calais
during the three years of the Army of Occupation. Organised the
constabulary force of Ireland. Bt. maj. for Waterloo. M., 1820, Mary,
dau. of David Kennedy, and assumed his wife's name. D. a lt.-gen. and
Col.-in-Chf. 47th Regt., 30th May, 1865.

Capt. J. Jessop, 44th Foot, w.

Served as A.D.C. to Gen. Dunlop in the Pa. The late Gen. Sir George
L'Estrange thus speaks of John Jessop in his Recollections (published
in 1873) : "A splendid officer, a perfect gentleman, particularly hand-
some, and a capital good fellow." Made C.B. for Waterloo. Placed on
h. p. as b f .-maj., 44th Regt., 1821. D. at Butterley Hall, Derbyshire, in
Sept., 1869, aged 90.


Capt. E. T. Fitzgerald, 25th Foot, w.

Edward Thos. Fitzgerald, K.H., 2nd son of Charles Fitzgerald, of
Turlough Park, Castlebar, was bn. 22nd Dec, 1784. Placed on h. p. as
bt. maj., 1818. M., 20th Nov., 1811, Emma, dau. of Edmond Green, of
Medham, in the Isle of Wight, and had issue. D., at Castlebar, 1845,
as lt.-col. h. p.

Capt. Richard Brunton, 60th Foot.

The name of Brunton is to be found in the Lowlands of Scotland. The
above officer, who bore this name, served in the Pa., and obtained his
company in the 60th in 1813. Exchanged to the 13th Lt. Dns. 1819.
Maj. in 1826, and lt.-col. of same regt. 1830. M. 30th June, 1829, Eliz.,
eldest dau. of Rev. Josiah Thomas, Archdeacon of Bath (by Susanna
Harington), and widow of Major Wallace, of the Madras Cavalry, who
was shot on parade in India by a sepoy of his regt. Col. Brunton d. at
Bath, 1846, leaving issue by his wife, who re-married Edward Downe, of
Abbeyside, Dungarvan.

Capt. Thos. Wright, Rl. Staff Corps, w.

Promoted maj., 25th June, 1830. Placed on h. p. 5th Nov. same year.
Alive in 1846.

Capt. H. G. MacLeod, 35th Foot, w.

Aftds. Sir Henry George MacLeod, K.H. Col. h. p. 1838. Was knighted
by William IV., on being appointed Lt.-Gov. of St. Christopher's. Had
previously served in Canada as A.D.O. to the Duke of Richmond. D. at
his residence, near Windsor, 20th Aug., 1847. He was 4th ron of Gen.
Sir John MacLeod, G.C.H., R.A., and had served six years in the R.A.

Capt. J. J. Mitchell, 25th Foot, w.

This officer was for some years capt. in the 1st Royals. None of the
Army Lists give his Christian namesonly the enigmatical initials "J. J."


He was placed on the Irish Half Pay List, in 1816, as capt. in the 25th
Foot, and his name disappeared altogether from the Army List soon after
that date.

Capt. W. G. Moore, 1st Ft. Gds.

Aftds. Lt.-Gen. Sir Wm. George Moore, K.C.B. Col.-in-Chf. 60th Rifles.
Eldest son of Francis Moore, Under-Sec. of War, by Frances, Countess
of Eglinton (dau. of Sir Wm. Twysden, Bart.). This Francis Moore
was youngest brother of the famous Sir John Moore "of Corunna
celebrity." Bn. 1795. Educated at Harrow. Served as A.D.C. to Sir
John Hope at siege of Bayonne, and was severely wounded and taken
prisoner while attempting to assist his general when dismounted
and wounde 1 in the sortie of 14th April, 1814. D. at Petersham,
23rd Oct., 1862.

Capt. Geo. Hillier, 74th Foot.

Aftds. lt.-col. of the 62nd Regt. Served in Canada as A.D.C. to Sir
P. Maitland, and, subsequently, as D.Q.M.G. in Jamaica. Of Devizes,
Wilts. M. before 1820, and left, with other issue, the present Lt.-Col.
G. E. Hillier. D. in Bengal, 15th June, 1840.

Capt. W. G. Cameron, 1st Ft. Gds.

Son of Lt.-Gen. Wm. Neville Cameron, H.E.T.C.S., by Charlotte, dau. of
Sir Wm. Gordon, 7th Bart, of Embo, co. Sutherland. Capt. Wm. Gordon
Cameron lost his right arm at Waterloo and had other severe wounds.
K.H., made bt. lt.-col., 7th July, 1825, and placed on h. p. the following
day. D. at Christchurch, Hants, 26th May, 1856.

Capt. F. Read, Rl. Staff Corps.

Francis Read d. a capt. in the same regt., 4th June, 1829. He appears
to have been a relative of Lt.-Col. Wm. Read, who d. at Madras,
21st Aug., 1827, whilst holding the appointment of D.Q.M.G. Another
of the same family (Constantine) was a Lieut, in Rl, Staff Corps, 1830.

Lt. P. T. de Barrailler, 33rd Foot.

Peter Toussaint de Barrailler was, as his name implies, of Gallic origin.
The irony of fate decreed that he should use his Bword against the Gallic
army in 1815. His name disappeared from the Army List a few years
after Waterloo.

Lt. Basil Jackson, Rl. Staff Corps.

The following memoir of this distinguished veteran appeared in the
Illustrated London News of 9th Nov., 1889 : " A gallant military
veteran, who has died at the great age of ninety-four, was reckoned one
of the four surviving officers of the British Army present at the battle
of Waterloo. Colonel Basil Jackson, born at Glasgow on June 27,
1795, was son of Major Basil Jackson ; he entered the Military College
in 1808, and, having received his commission as ensign, did not join a
Line regiment, but was transferred to the Royal Staff Corps, where he
learned the duties of the Quartermaster-General's Department and
engineering. In that branch of the Army he was employed in Holland
and Belgium, in 1814 and J 815, and in the Waterloo campaign did good
service in clearing the roads, and on the Duke of Wellington's Staff.
He accompanied the army to Paris, and was afterwards selected to go
to St. Helena with Napoleon. In that island he remained till about a


year and a half before Napoleon's death. At a later period he was
employed in Nova Scotia and in Canada, taking part in the construction
of the Rideau Canal. He held the Professorship of Military Surveying
in the East India Company's Military College at Addiscombe during
twenty years. After retiring from the army he lived at Hillsborough,
near Ross, in Herefordshire/' M. 28th March, 1828, the dau. of Col.
Muttlebury, C.B.

Lt. A. Brauns, Rl. Staff Corps.

Probably a son of the Col. John Brauns, of the German Legion, who
was killed at the battle of Talavera. The above officer bore the names
of " Augustus Christ. Gotleib." Was placed on h. p. as lieut., in 1819.
Living 1846.


Col. Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B., 2nd Ft. Gds.

5th son of John Campbell, of Melfort, by Colina, dau. of John Campbell,
of Auchalader. In 1792 he ran away from Perth Academy, and entered
himself on the books of a ship bound for the West Indies. He was met
in the fruit market at Kingston, Jamaica, by his brother Patrick (aftds.
an admiral), a lieut. on board a man-of-war, who brought him home.
In 1793 became a midshipman on board an East Indiaman. Two years
later we find him serving as a lieut. in the 3rd Batt. Breadalbane
Fencibles, and in 1799 he was appointed ens. in a West India Kegt.
Exchanged to the Ross-shire Buffs, and as eapt., served Under Sir
A. Wellesley at the storming of Ahmednuggur, where his distinguished
gallantry won him a brevet majority. At Assaye he had two horses
shot under him, and was severely wounded. He accompanied ISir
A. Wellesley to the Peninsula, and was for a considerable time on the
staff of the army. For his services in Spain he obtained the gold cross
with six clasps, and in Jan., 1815, was made K.C.B. He was a splendid
soldier, but a bad French scholar. " When he wished his dinner to be
arranged on the table, he used, as it were, to address the dishes, 'Bif-teck
venezigi! Pet its path allez la!'*' (anecdote by Wellington). Was
Governor of Ceylon from 1840-7. During his residence there he
frequently heard from his great chief, Wellington, his attached friend.
" We are both growing old," wrote the Duke to Campbell ; " God knows
if we shall ever meet again. Happen what may, I shall never forget
our first meeting under the walls of Ahmednuggur." Sir Colin returned
to England in June, 1847, and d. on the 13th of same month, in London,
aged seventy-one, and was buried in St. James's Church, Piccadilly.





As formed in Divisions and Brigades on the \%th June, 1815.


Commanded by Lieut.-Gen. the Earl of Uxbridge, G.C.B.

1st Brigade. Commanded by Major-Geo. Lord Edward
Somerset, K.C.B.

1st Life Guards Lieut. -Col. Ferrior.

2nd Lieut.-Col. the Hon. E. P. Lygon

Royal Horse Guards (Blue) . . Lieut.-Col. Sir Kobert Hill.

1st Dragoon Guards .... Lieut.-Col. Fuller (Col).

2nd Brigade. Major Gen. Sir William Ponsonby, K.C.B.

1st, or Royal Dragoons . . . Lieut.-Col. A. B. Clifton.
2nd (or Royal N. B.)Dragoons . Lieut.-Col. J. I. Hamilton.
6th, or Inniskilling Dragoons . Lieut.-Col. J. Muter (Col.).

3rd Brigade. Major-Gen. W. B. Dornberg.

23rd Light Dragoons .... Lieut.-Col. the Earl of Portarlington (Col.).

1st ,, K.G.L. . Lieut.-Col. J. Bulow.

2nd . Lieut.-Col. C. de Jonquiera.

4th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir John O. Vandeleur, K.C.B.

llth Light Dragoons . . . . Lieut.-Col. J. W. Sleigh.

12th .... Lieut.-Col. the Hon. F. C. Ponsonby (Col.).

16th .... Lieut,-Col. <L Hay.

5th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir Colquhoun Grant, K.C.B.

7th Hussars Col. Sir Edward Kerrison.

15th Lieut.-Col. L. C. Dalrymple.

2nd K.G.L Lieut.-Col. Linsingen.


6th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir Hussey Vivian, K.C.B.

10th Royal Hussars Lieut.-Col. Quentin (Col.).

18th Hussars Lieut.-Col. the Hon. H. Murray.

1st K.G.L Lieut-Col. A. Wissell.

7th Brigade. Col. Sir F. Arenschildt, K.C.B.

13th Light Dragoons .... Lieut.-Col. P. Doherty.
3rd Hussars, K.G.L Lieut.-Col. Meyer.

Col. Baron Estorff.

Prince Regent's Hussars . . . Lieut.-Col. Count Kielmansegge.
Bremen and Verden Hussars . Col. Busche.



r Major Bull's (Howitzers).

Lieut.-Col. Webber Smith's.

Lieut.-Col. Sir Robert Gardiner's.

Capt. Whinyates's (with rockets).

Capt. Mercer's.
h Major Ramsay's.


First Division.

Major-Gen. George Cooke.

1st Brigade. Maj.-Gen. P. Maitland.

1st Foot Guards, 2nd Batt. . . Major H. Askew (Col.).
3rd . . Major Hon. Wm. Stewart.

2nd Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir J. Byng.

Coldstream Guards, 2nd Batt. . Major A. G. Woodford (Col.).
3rd Regt. Foot Guards, 2nd Batt. Major F. Hepburn (Col.).


Lieut.-Col. Ad ye.

n^^-^ 5 Capt. Sandham's Foot Battery.

i5atteriea I Major Kuhlman's Horse (K.G.L.)

Second Division.

Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. Clinton, G.C.B.

3rd Brigade. Major-Gen. F. Adam.

52nd Foot, 1st Batt Lieut.-Col. Sir J. Colborne, K.C.B.

71st .... Lieut.-Col. T. Reynell.

95th 2nd Rifles .... Major J. Ross (Lieut.-Col.).

95th 3rd .... Major A. G. Norcott (Lieut.-Col.).


1st Brigade, K. G.L. Col. Du Plat.

1st Line Batt., K.G.L. . . . Major W. Robertson.

2nd ... Major G. Muller.

3rd ... Lieut-Col. F. de Wissell.

4th ... Major F.Reb.

3rd Hanoverian Brigade. Col. Halkett.

Mil* Batt. Bremervorde . . . Lieut.-Col. Schulenberg.

Duke of York's, 2nd Batt. . . Major Count Munster.

3rd . . Major Baron Hunefeld.

Mil - Batt., Salzgitter .... Major Hammerstein.


Lieut.-Col. Gold.

t, . fo _.._ ( Capt. Bolton's Foot Battery (British).

J3altenes I Major A. Sympher's Horse ditto (K.G.L.).

Third Division.

Lieut.-Gen. Baron Alten.

5th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir Colin Halkett, K.C.B.

30th Foot, 2nd Batt Major W. Bailey (Lieut.-Col).

33rd Lieut.-Col. W. K. Elphinstone.

69th 2nd Batt Lieut.-Col. C. Morice (Col.).

73rd .... Lieut.-Col. W. G. Harris (Col.).

2nd Brigade K.G.L. Col. Baron Ompteda.

1st Light Batt., K.G.L. . . . Lieut.-Col. L. Bussche.

2nd ... Major G. Baring.

5th Line ... Lieut.-Col. W. B. Linsingen.

8th ... Major Schroeder (Lieut.-Col.).

1st Hanoverian Brigade. Major-Gen. Count Kielmansegge.

Duke of York's 1st Batt. . . Major Bulow.

Field Batt. Grubenhagen . . Lieut.-Col. Wurmb.

Bremen Lieut.-Col. Langrehr. .

Luneburg . . . - . Lieut.-Col. Kleucke.

Verden Major De Senkopp.


Lieut.-Col. Williamson.


Fourth Division.
Lieut.-Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Colville, K.C.B.

4th Brigade. Col. Mitchell.

14th Foot, 3rd Batt Major F. S. Tidy (Lieut.- Col.).

23rd 1st .... Lieut.-Col. Sir Henry W. Ellis, K.C.B.
51st Lieut.-Col. H. Mitchell (Col.).

6th Brigade. Major-Gen. Johnstone.

35th Foot, 2nd Batt Major C. M'Alister.

54th Lieut.-Col. J., Earl Waldegrave.

59th 2nd Batt Lieut.-Col. H. Austin. .

91st 1st .... Lieut.-Col. Sir W. Douglas, K.C.B. (Col.).

6th Hanoverian Brigade. Major-Gen. Lyon.

Field Batt. Calenberg ....

Lanenberg ... Lieut.-Col. Benort.
Mil a Batt. Hoya Lieut.-Col. Grote.

Nieuberg ....

Bentheim .... Major Croupp.


Lieut.-Col. Hawker.

w^4. Ti++ w - a f Major Brome's (British).

Foot Batteries 1 Capt. von Rettberg's (Hanoverian).

Fifth Division.
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Picton, G.C.B.

8th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir James Kempt, K.C.B.

28th Foot, 1st Batt Sir C. Belson (Col.).

32nd .... Major J. Hicks (Lieut.-Col.).

79th .... Lieut.-Col. N. Douglas.

95th .... Lieut.-Col. Sir A. F. Barnard, K.C.B. (Col.).

9th Brigade. Major-Gen. Sir Denis Pack, K.C.B.

1st Foot, 3rd Batt Major C. Campbell.

42nd 1st Lieut.-Col. Sir Robert Macara, K.C.B.

44th 2nd Lieut.-Col. J. M. Hamerton.

92nd 1st ..... Lieut.-Col. J. Cameron (Col.).

5th Hanoverian Brigade. Col. Vincke.

Mil* Batt. Hameln Lieut.-Col. Kleucke.

Hildesheim . . . Major Rheden.

Peina Major Westphalen.

Giffhorn .... Major Hammerstein.



Major Heise.

Foot Batteries ..... 5 Major Rogers's (British).

(. Capt. Braun's (Hanoverian).

Sixth Division.

\Oth Brigade. Major-Gen. J. Lambert.

4th Foot, 1st Batt Lieut.-Col. F. Brooke.

27th 1st Capt. John Hare (Major).

40th 1st Major A. Heyland.

4tth Hanoverian Brigade. Col. Best.

Mil* Batt. Luneburg .... Lieut.-Col. de Ramdohr.

Verden Major Decken.

Osterode .... Major Baron Reden.

Minden Major De Schmidt.


Lieut.-Col. Bruckmann.

Foot Batteries i*^J^*S^**h

\ Capt. Sinclair s (British).




1st life guards.

(2 Squadrons.)

Rank in the


1 Samuel Ferrior, k. 22 June, 1809


2 John Whale, w.
8 Montague Lind, k.

4 Edward Kelly, w.

5 John Berger


6 George Randall

7 William Mayne

13 Nov. 1809

22 June, 1810

2 Aug. 1810

20 May, 1813

15 Apr. 1811
26 Sept. 1811


8 William Stewart Richardson, w. 23 Feb. 1813

9 Samuel Cox, w. 1 June, 1814

10 George Story 3 Apr. 1815


11 [Wm.] Dobson, w.

Towers, k.

Slingsby, k.


12 Richard Gough

13 John Haddy James

22 Sept. 1812
27 Oct. 1812


13 Sept. 1805
Maj., 4 June,

4 Aug. 1814


14 Francis Dalton 20 May, 1813

Scarlet. Facings blue. Lace gold.


1 la said to have led his regt. to the charge no less than eleven times,
" And most of the charges were not made till after his head had been laid
open by the cut of a sabre and his body was pierced with a lance."

2 Exchanged to 16th Dgns. as maj. (commission dated 18th June, 1815).
Quitted the service before 1st March, 1817.

3 Only son of Edward George Lind, of Stratford Place.

4 Bn. at Portarlington, Queen's County, 1771. At Waterloo he en-
countered and killed the col. of the 1st Regt. of French Cuirassiers, stripped
him of his epaulettes, and carried them off as a trophy. Made brevet-maj.
for Waterloo and Knight of St. Anne of Russia. Exchanged into 23rd Light
Dgns. and served as A.D.C. to Gen. Lord Combermere at the siege of
Bhurtpore. D. at Mullye, 6th Aug., 1828, as col. on staff. His widow d.
22nd Nov., 1860.

5 Quitted the service 14th Dec, 1815.

6 Promoted capt. 18th June, 1815. H. p. 13th Oct., 1825. Living in

7 Promoted capt. 14th Dec, 1815. Out of the regt. before 1824.

8 Promoted lieut. 5th June, 1815. Lieut, in the 55th Foot, 24th Oct.,
1822. Capt. 24th Dec, 1825. H. p. same date.

9 Afterwards Capt. Samuel Fortnam Cox, of Sandford Park, Oxfordshire.
M., 1820, Mary Emily, dau. of Sir Robert Sheffield, Bart. R. h. p. 1829.
D. 22nd Nov., 1849.

10 This officer had been taken prisoner during the preceding war, and
been kept a prisoner for seven years at Verdun, in France. In the first
charge made by the Life Guards at Waterloo, Lt. Story was in the act of
raising his sword to cut down a French soldier, when the latter suddenly
threw down his firelock and thus accosted him : " Monsieur, ne me tuez
pas ; je vous connois a Verdun ; sauvez-moi la vie en grace ! " Story
immediately recognised the speaker, and not only spared the French
soldier's life, but likewise that of his comrade also from Verdun and
sent them as prisoners to the rear. In May, 1815, Story obtained permission
from the Prince Regent to accept and wear the Russian Order of St. Vladimir
of the 4th class. Retired about 1825, and d. at Maidenhead 20th Feb., 1828.

11 Retd. on f. p. in 1828. D. in Dec, 1849.

12 Retd. on h. p. 25th Dec, 1818. Living in 1830.

13 Serving in 1816. Out of the regt. in 1817.

14 Serving in 1817. Out of the regt. in 1818.



(2 Squadrons.)

Rank in the


i Hon. Edward P. Lygon 27 Apr. 1815


3 William Boyce 30 Apr. 1812

3 Richard Fitzgerald, k. 18 May, 1812

4 Hon. Henry Edw. Irby

5 James P. M. Kenyon

22 Sept. 1812

23 Sept. 1812


Maj., 4 June, 1814

{Lt.- Col., 4 June,
7 Aug. 1806


6 Richard Meares 23 Sept. 1802 10 Mar. 1808

7 William Elliott 27 Nov. 1802

8 Samuel Way mouth, w. 28 Mar. 1813

9 Chum, (sic) Barton 30 Jan. 1814


10 Abraham Kenyon 24 June, 1813

11 Thomas Marten 22 Nov. 1813

12 Alexander Mclnnes 16 June, 1814
18 Josiah Clues, Adjt. 12 Apr. 1815


Bradley, K.

Beamond, k.


14 Samuel Broughton 22 Sept. 1812


16 Thomas Drink water 22 Sept. 1812


16 Jeremiah Field 24 Apr. 1813 |

Scarlet. Facings blue. Lace gold*

1 4th son of Edward Lygon, of Worcester (who was created Baron and
Earl Beauchamp), by Catherine, only dau. of James Dennis. For his for-
ward gallantry at Waterloo was made C.B. and a K. St. V. of Russia. Was
aftds. Inspector-gen. of cavalry. Gen. and Col.-in-Chf. 13th Lt. Dgns. D.
11th Nov., 1860.

1 Placed on h. p. 24th April, 1817.


3 4th and only surviving son of Fitzgerald, of the County Clare. Was
for ten years detained in France with others of his family. Returned to
England 1812, and purchased a troop in the 2nd Life Guards. Served in
the Pa. (Shot whilst gallantly leading his squadron against the enemy.
Buried at Waterloo. M. I. in church there. His widow brought out a
coffin to remove his remains to England ; but it proved too short, and the
body was re-interred. His will, dated at Paris, 30tb Nov., 1810, was proved
by his sister, Catherine, 3rd Aug., 1815. His widow (Georgina Isabella
Sinclair) resigned her pension in favour of her husband's three sisters.

4 Son of 2nd Baron Boston. Bt.-maj. for Waterloo. Was taken prisoner
as his horse fell in returning from the charge, but escaped soon afterwards.
Retd. as It. -col., and died at Calais, 1821.

5 Placed on h. p. 10th Oct., 1816. M., Sept., 1817, Julia, only dau. of
Gen. Rainsford, and had issue. His name does not appear in the Kenyon
pedigree given in Foster's Lancashire Families, D. at Brandon, 20th Jan.,
1830, aged 45.

6 Placed on h. p. as capt 24th Dec, 1818.

7 Promoted capt. 14th April, 1818. Appointed capt. in the 17th Foot
20th Jan., 1821. Serving in 1824. Out of said regt. before 1830.

8 Severely wounded and taken prisoner in a charge against the French
cuirassiers. Lieut, in 88th Foot, 13th Oct., 1825 ; h. p. in Dec, 1825. Capt.
in 30th Foot, 8th Feb., 1839. Retd. in 1741 as lt.-col. unattached. D. as
col. 26th Dec, 1863.

9 Chambre Brabazon Barton. 2nd son of Thos. Barton of Grove, M.P .
for Fethard before the Union. Capt. 1818. Lt.-col. h. p. 1825. D. 1834.

10 Younger brother to J. P. Kenyon. On h. p. 2nd D.G., 1817. Lieut.
2nd W. I. Regt., 13th Dec, 1833.

11 Bn. at Winchilsea, 29th Dec, 1797. Had exceptionally high interest
in early life. Cornet in the regt. 1813. Lt.-col. Rl. Dns. in 1835. Aftds.
Maj.-Gen. and Col.-in-Ch. 6th Dns. K.H. Resided at Beverley. M, Miss
Ellison, and d. s. p. 22nd Nov., 1868

12 Son of Thos. Mclnnes of Edinburgh, architect, by Jane Nicholson,
sister to Lt.-Gen. Robt. Nicholson, E.I.C.S., who distinguished himself at the
siege of Baroach in the E. Indies. Cornet Mclnnes, who had served at
Vittoria, assumed the name and arms of Nicholson by Rl. Licence in 1821.
He m. Cecilia Innes, eldest dau. and co-heir of Peter Innes of Fraserfield,
in Shetland. She d. in 1842. In the Gentleman's Magazine for 1862
occurs the following notice :

"Feb. 9th. In the Charterhouse, aged 82, Alexander Nicholson, Esq.,
formerly Captain 2nd Life Guards, late of East Court, Charlton King's,
near Cheltenham, and of Ufford, Suffolk. Descended from an old family
long settled at Loan End, near Norham, co. Durham."

13 Placed on h. p. as It., 83rd Foot, 25th Jan., 1817. Living in 1830.

14 Grandson of the Rev. Thos. Broughton, rector of St. Mary Redcliffe,
Bristol. Succeeded Mr. Moore (elder bro. to Sir John Moore) as surgeon,
F.R.S. D. after having his leg amputated 20th Aug., 1837.

15 Out of the regt. in 1818.

16 Placed on h. p. 25th Dec, 1818. Living in 1846.

S 5473. E




Rank in the







COLONEL. Regiment.

A rthur,Duke of Wellington, K. G. 1 J an. 1813


Sir John Elley, K.C.B., w. 6 Mar. 1806
SirRobt.Chambre Hill,Knt.w. 13 May, 1813


Robert Christopher Packe k. 13 May, 1813


John Thoyts
William Robert Clayton
Clement Hill, w.
William Tyrwhitt Drake


1 John B. Riddlesden

William Cunliffe Shawe, w.

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