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honestly acquired and retained by other means as bad. By
dint of an ingenious counsel, and a legal flaw, he escaped ;
but only to undergo a worse punishment : for ? some years
afterwards, his house was broken open in the night by rob-
bers, tempted by the rumors of his great wealth, and he was
found murdered in his bed.

Mrs. Sliderskew went beyond the seas at nearly the same

time as Mr. Squeers, and in the course of nature never re-

1 turned. Brooker died penitent. Sir Mulberry Hawk lived

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abroad for some years, courted and caressed, and in high re-
pute as a fine, dashing fellow. Ultimately, returning to this
country, he was thrown into jail for debt, and there perished
miserably, as such high spirits generally do.

The first act of Nicholas, when he became a rich and pros-
perous merchant, was to buy his father's old house. As time
crept on, and there came gradually about him a group of
lovely children, it was altered and enlarged ; but none of the
old rooms were ever pulled down, no old tree was ever rooted
up, nothing with which there was any association of bygone
times was ever removed or changed.

Within a stone's-throw was another retreat, enlivened by
children's pleasant voices too ; and here was Kate, with many
new cares and occupations, and many new faces courting her
sweet smile (and one so like her own, that to her mother she
seemed a child again), the same true gentle creature, the same
fond sister, the same in the love of all about her, as in her
girlish days.

Mrs. Nickleby lived, sometimes with her daughter, and
sometimes with her son, accompanying one or other of them to
London at those periods when the cares of business obliged
both families to reside there, and always preserving a great
appearance of dignity, and relating her experiences (espe-
cially on points connected with the management and bringing-
up of children) with much solemnity and importance. It was
a very long time before she could be induced to receive Mrs.
Linkinwater into favor, and it is even doubtful whether she
ever thoroughly forgave her.

There was one gray-hairec^ quiet, harmless gentleman, who,
winter and summer, lived in a little cottage hard by Nicholas's
house, and, when he was not there, assumed the superintend-
ence of affairs. His chief pleasure and delight was in the
children, with whom jie was a child himself, and master of
the revels. The little people could do nothing without dear
Newman Noggs.

The grass was green above the dead boy's grave, and
trodden by feet so small and light, that not a daisy drooped
its head beneath their pressure. Through all the spring and
summer-time, garlands of fresh flowers, wreathed by infant
hands, rested on the stone ; and, when the children came there
to change them lest they should wither and be pleasant to
him no longer, their eyes filled with tears, and they spoke low
and softly of their poor, dead cousin.

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The following Index contains the names of all the writings
of Mr. Charles Dickens, the numbers referring to the volume
in which thev will be found, in the order mentioned, as fol-

i. Pickwick Papers.

2. David Copperfield.

3. Martin Chuzzlewit.

4. Nicholas Nickleby.

5. Bleak House.

6. Little Dorrit.

7. Dombey & Son.

8. Our Mutual Friend.

9. Oliver Twist, Pictures from
Italy, and American Notes.

iq. Old Curiosity Shop and
Hard Times.

11. Tale of Two Cities and
Sketches by Boz.

12. Barnaby Rudge and Myst-
ery of Edwin Drood.

13. Great Expectations, Un-
commercial Traveller, and

14. Christmas Stories and Re-
printed Pieces.

15. Child's History of England
and Miscellaneous.


Aboard Ship.. 13 I American Notes 9

Addit. Christmas Stories 14 Anecdotes, Three Detec-

I tive 14

Barlow, Mr. 13

Barnaby Rudge. 12

Battle of Life, The 14

Beadle, The it

Begging- Letter Writer... 14

Bill-Sticking. 14

Birth-Day Celebrations.. 13

Births 14

Black Veil, The 11

Bleak House 5

Bloomsbury Christmas,

The it

Boarding House, The.. 11

Boiled Beef of N. Engl'd 13

Arcadian London 13

Astleys 11

Bound for the Great Salt

Lake 13

Boy at Mugby. The.. .. 14

Boz, Sketches by. 11

Broker's Man, The it

Brokers' & Marine-Store

Shops is


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Calais Night Mail, The.. 13

Chambers 13

Characters 11

Chatham Dockyard 13

Child's Dream of a Star. 14
Child's History of Eng-
land 15

Child's Story, The 14

Chimes, The 14

Christmas Carol, A. ... 14

Christmas Dinner, A . . . . 11

Christmas Stories 14

Christmas Tree, A 14

Christmas Stones, Addi-
tional 14

Chuzzewit, Martin 3

City of London Churches 13
City of the Absent, The 13
Clock, Master Humph-
rey's 15

Contradictory Couple ... 13
Cool Couple, The 13

Copperfield, David 3

Couple who coddle them-
selves, The. 13

Couple who dote upon
their Children, The. . . 13

Couples, young, Sketches
of 13

Cricket in the Hearth,
The 14

Criminal Courts 11

Curate, The is

Dancing Academy, The..
Detective Anecdotes.... 14 I

Doctor's Commons 11 I Drood,Edwin,Mystervof is

Dombey & Son 7 f Drunkard's Death, T*he. 11

Detective Police, The.. 14 | Down with the Tide ... 14 | Dallborough Town 13

Early Coaches. 11 I Election for Beadle 11 1 English Watering Place,

Edwin Droodj Mysteryof 12 England, History of, Our 14

Egotistical Couple, The 13 | Child's 15 | Expectations, Great.... 13


Fairy Tale, Prince Bull.. 14 I Flight, A 14 I

First of May, The 11 Fly- Leaf in a Life, A.... 13

First Omnibus Cad 11 \ Formal Couple, The ... 13 |

Four Sisters, The 11

French Flemish Country. 13
French Watering Place. 14

Ghost of Art. The 14 I Gin Shops 11

Ghost Stories, Two 4 Going into Society 15

Ghost's Bargains, The.. 14 | Great Expectations 13

Great Tasmania's Cargo 13
Great Winglebury Due!. 11
Greenwich Fair 11

H ackney Coach Stand ..11
Ha.f-Pay Captain, The.. 11

Hard Times 10

Haunted House, The... 15
Haunted Man, The 14


His General Line of Busi-
ness 13

History of England,
Child's 15

Holiday Romance 15

Holly Tree Inn 10

Horatio Sparkins. it

Hospital Patient, The., it

Humphrey, Mast'r, clock 15

Inspector Field, On Duty I Italian Prisoner, The.... 13 I Italy, Pictures from.. ... 9
with 14 I I

Ladies' Societies, The.. 11
Last Cab Driver, The. . ti
Lirriper's, Mrs., Lodg-
ings 14

Making a Night of It.... ri

Marigold, Dr 14

M ister Humphrey's

Clock 15

Medicine Men of Civil-
isation.... 13


Lirriperjs, Mrs., Legacy 14
Little Dinner in an Hour,

A 13

Little Dorm 6


Meditations in Monmouth
Street ri

Meek, Mrs., of a Son. . . 14

Minns ? Mr., and his
cousin 11

Misplaced Attachment of

London Recreations.... it

Long Voyage, The 14

Loving Couple, The 13

Lying Awake 14

Mr. John Dounce 11

Mistaken Milliner, The.. 11
Miss Evans and the Eagle 11
Monument of French

Folly, A 14

Mudlog Association, The 15

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New Uncommercial Sam-
ples 13

New V'ear, The 11

Newgate, A Visit to.... 11

Old Couple, The 13

Old Curiosity Shop 10

O-d Lady, The 11

Old Stage Coaching

House 13

O.iver Twist 9

Omnibuses 1:

On an Amateur Beat .... 13


Nice Little Couple, The 13
N'.ckleby, N.cholas .... 4

Night Waiks 13

Noble Savage, The 14


On duty with Inspector
Fie d 14

Our Bore 14

Our English Watering
Place 14

Our French Watering
Place ~ 14

Nobody's Story ... . .... 14

No Thoroughfare 15

Notes, American 9

N urse's Stories 13

Our Honorable Friend.. 14

Our Mutuai Friend 8

Our Next Door Neighbor 11

Our Paribh .. 11

Our School 14

Our Vestry 14

Out of the Season 14

Out of Town . . .*. 14

Parish Engine, The 11

Parish, Our 11

Parliamentary Sketch, A 11

Parlor Orator, The 11

Passage in the Life of Mr.

Watkins Tottle 11

Pawnbroker's Shop, The 1 1

Pieces, Reprinted 14

Perils of certain English

Travellers 15

Pickwick Papers i

Pictures from Italy 9

Plated Article, A 14

Plausible Couple, The.. 13
Plea for Total Abstin-
ence 13

Poor Man's Tale of a
Patent 14

Poor Mercantile Jack... 13
Poor Relation's Story,

The 14

Porter, M rs. Joseph 11

Prince Bull, a Fairy

Tale 14

Private Theatres ....... 11

Prisoners' Van, The. ... 11

Public Dinners 11

Refreshments for Travel-
lers 13 I River, The

Reprinted Pieces 14 I Romance. Holiday 15

11 I Rudge, Barnaby 12

Samples, New Uncom-
mercial 13

Scenes 11

Schoolboy's Story, The 14

Schoolmaster, The 11

Scotland Yard 11

Sentiment. 11

Seven Poor Travellers,

The 14

Tale of Two Cities 11

Tales it

Thoughts about People., 11
Three Detective Anec-
dotes 14

Uncommercial Samples, I
New 13 I

Seven Dials 11

Shabby Genteel People.. 1 1

Shipwreck, The 13

Shops and their Tenants 11

Shy Neighborhoods 13

Signal Man, The 14

Silverman's, George, Ex-
planation 15

Sketches by Boz 11


Titbull's Alms-houses.. 13
Tom Tiddler's Ground . 15

Tramps 13

Traveller, Uncommercial 13

Travelling Abroad 13

Trial for Murder, The.. 14

U. V.

Uncommercial Traveller 13
Visit to Newgate 11

W. V.

Sketchesof Young

Couples 13

Small Star in the East, A 13
Somebody's Luggage.. .. 14
Some Recollections of

Mortality 13

Steam Excursion, The. . ji

Streets — Morning 11

Streets— Evening > 1

Twist, Oliver 9

Two Ghost Stories 14

Two Views of a Cheap

Theatre 13

Tugg's at Ramsgate, The 1 1

Vauxhall Gardens by
Day :

Walk in a Workhouse, A 14 I Wreck of the Golden

Wapping Workhouse.... 13 Mary

Workhouse, A Walk in a 14 I

I Young Couple, The 13
Young Couples, Sketches
oi 13

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An entirely new edition, printed from new electiotype
plates, large clear type, handsomely bound in cloth, gilt, price
$1.50 a volume. The set of 15 volumes complete, in neat
paper box, $22.50.

1. PICKWICK PAPERS, 809 pages.

2. DAVID COPPERFIELD, 854 pages.

3. MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT, 840 pages.

4. NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, 831 pages.

5. BLEAK HOUSE, 862 pages.

6. LITTLE DORRIT, 832 pages.

7. DOM BEY & SON, 840 pages.

8. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND, 832 pages.


CAN NOTES, 831 pages.




838 pages.






NEOUS, 831 pages.

New York: JOHN W. LOVELL, 24 Bond Street.

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