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Encyclopedia of biography of New York, a life record of men and women whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preëminent in their own and many other states (Volume 5) online

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factor in the line of industry he has
elected to follow. He is a splendid ex-
ample of the virile and progressive young-
man who believes in doing well whatever
is worth doing at all, a man of keen dis-
cernment and sound judgment, broad-
minded, and a follower of the highest
business and social ethics. Though a
busy man, he is very approachable and
unassuming in his manner, being genial
and pleasing in his address, and because
of his genuine worth he is well liked by
all with whom he comes in contact.

Milo L. Cleveland was born in Port
Colborne, Province of Ontario, Canada,
January I, 1879, '^^'^ '^'^^^ ''■ child when his
parents first made their home in Brock-
port, New York, where he acquired his
earlier education in the public schools.
He was then in succession a student at
Bradstreet's Preparatory School, in
Rochester; the Cascadilla School, in
Ithaca : the Brockport Normal School,
from which he was graduated in 1900;
and finally matriculated at Cornell Uni-
versit}', where he took a course in civil
engineering, and was graduated from this



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in the career of Milo L. Cleveland, of
Brockport, New York, who is numbered
among the leaders of the younger busi-
ness men and civil engineers of the city
and State that were honored and dignified
by the life and services of the late Merritt
\ndrus Cleveland, to whom a memorial is
' ''licatc ! in thi? work. Milo L. Cleve-
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