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Encyclopedia of biography of New York, a life record of men and women whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preëminent in their own and many other states (Volume 5) online

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Online LibraryCharles E. (Charles Elliott) FitchEncyclopedia of biography of New York, a life record of men and women whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preëminent in their own and many other states (Volume 5) → online text (page 22 of 58)
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tion was with the Zacetacas Mines of
Mexico, and from December, 1887, to Au-
gust, 1888, he was consulting engineer
and also manager of the famous Jumbo
Gold Mining Company, at Breckenridge,
Colorado. From that time until August,
1891, he was actively engaged as super-
intendent of the mining, smelting and
concentrating work at Doe Run Mines.
His next field of activity was as super-
intendent of the Empire Zinc Company,
at Joplin, Missouri, where he remained
until June, 1893, then resumed his work
as consulting engineer, with which he was
fully occupied until 1895, when his asso-
ciation with the mining industry of South
Africa commenced. He made his head-
quarters at Johannesburg from 1895 to
1899, and during this time was one of the
mining engineers of the Consolidated
Gold Fields of South Africa, Limited, as
well as manager of the Robinson Deep
Gold Mining Company, and in 1899. gen-
eral manager of the Simmer and Jack
Proprietary Gold Mining Company,
Limited. From November, 1899, to July,
1904. he was general manager and con-
sulting engineer of the Randfontein
Estates Gold Mining Company, Limited,
of the Transvaal. At the expiration of
this period he again resumed his work as
a consulting engineer, and continued this



until he became associated with the
various enterprises of the Guggenheims.
From June, 1906, up to the present time
(191 5) he has been consulting engineer
of M. Guggenheim's Sons, and in addition
at the present time is consulting engineer
of the Guggenheim Exploration Com-
pany, of the Nevada Consolidated Copper
Company, the Braden Copper Company,
and the Chile Exploration Company, both
of Chile. He is a member of the Amer-
ican Institute of Mining Engineers, the
American Society of Civil Engineers, the
Engineers' Society of St. Louis, the In-
stitute of Mining and Metallurgy of
London, the Mining and Metallurgical
Society of America, the Century Asso-
ciation and Engineers' and Rocky Moun-
tain clubs of New York City.

Mr. Yeatman married, June 28, 1894,
Georgie Claiborne Watkins, of Little
Rock, Arkansas, and to them were born :
Jane Bell, Georgina Pope and Pope, Jr.


Bnsiness Man.

Albert C. Schumacher, conducting a
large undertaking establishment in the
central part of Syracuse, was born Sep-
tember 25, 1879, in Clarksfield, Ohio, his
parents being Dr. Carl and Louisa Schu-
macher; the former named, who was a
successful practicing physician, died Jan-
uary 2, 1903.

The removal of the family to Syracuse
during the early boyhood days of Albert
C. Schumacher enabled him to pursue his
education in the public schools of this
city, and after passing successfully from
one grade to a higher one, he was eventu-
ally graduated from the high school on
June 24, 1897. During his school days
from the time he was ten years of age his
leisure hours after school and on Satur-
days were spent as an employee in the
tea and grocery store of G. J. Lindemer

at No. 476 North Salina street. His
father desired that he should engage in
the practice of medicine and surgery, but
Mr. Schumacher had a great desire to
learn embalming and become an under-
taker, so that after his graduation he at
once associated himself with John Bauer,
an undertaker, and continued in his em-
ploy for about four years. In November,
1901, he went before the Embalming
Board of Examiners of the State of New
York and passed the examination at
Rochester, receiving license No. 2922.
About the first of May, 1902, he opened
an establishment on the north side, and
two years later removed to the southern
end of the city. On May i, 1906, he
located in the central portion of the city
at No. 119 West Onondaga street, owing
to the increase in his business which ne-
cessitated larger quarters. He has re-
cently purchased the property at No. 715
South Warren street, and after remodel-
ing it extensively has one of the best
funeral parlors and chapels in New York
State. He has also installed a motor
hearse and can conduct automobile
funerals to great satisfaction. Mr. Schu-
macher belongs to various fraternal or-
ganizations, of which he is a popular rep-
resentative, namely : Central City Lodge,
No. 305, Free and Accepted Masons ;
Central City Chapter, Royal Arch
Masons ; Fralist Chapter, No. 550, Order
of Eastern Star ; also thirty-second
degree. He is a past sachem of Dekani-
sora Tribe. No. 316, Improved Order of
Red Men ; a past councilor of Onondaga
Council, No. 10, Junior Order of United
American Mechanics ; a past grand of
Armory Lodge, No. 895, Independent
Order of Odd Fellows ; of Onondaga
Council of the Degree of Pocahontas ; and
of Humboldt Lodge, No. 537, D. O. H.
He is also a member of Zion's Evangelical
Lutheran Church. Mr. Schumacher is yet
a young man, but has already attained a



gratifying measure of success, while his
many good qualities, his social manner,
his genial disposition and his cordiality
have made him popular with those with
whom he has been brought in contact.
He is a Republican member of the board
of supervisors, Thirteenth Ward, elected
November, 1915.

On November 25, 1903, Mr. Schu-
macher was married to Louise S. West,
of Syracuse, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John West. They now have one son,
Albert Otis, born October 10, 1907, and
one daughter Norma Louise, born No-
vember 28, 191 1.

HESSLER, Holister E.,

Manufacturer, Enterprising Citizen.

Honored and respected by all, there is
no man who occupies a more enviable
position in commercial circles in Syracuse
than Holister E. Hessler, president of the
H. E. Hessler Company, manufacturers

suits more congenial and a broader field
of labor, he left the parental homestead
and took up his residence in Syracuse.
No especially fortunate family or pecu-
niary advantages favored him at the out-
set of his career, but he early came to a
realization of the fact that persistent
labor is the basis of all honorable success
and that unfaltering energy will even-
tually reach the goal of prosperity. Ac-
cordingly he resolutely set himself to the
task of working his way upward, gaining
promotion by merit and resolute purpose.
For one year after his arrival in Syra-
cuse, Mr. Hessler was in the employ of
W. H. Colebrook, a tinner, and during the
following two years was in partnership
with that gentleman. Later he was fore-
man and general manager for the firm of
Merriam & Gregory, stoves and tin shop,
and on July i, 1879, formed a partner-
ship with G. Frederick Schafer, under the
firm style of Hessler & Schafer, for the
conduct of a hardware and furnishing
goods store. They purchased the stock

and dealers in hardware and sheet metal

specialties. Success is determined by the of John F. Walter and this was the be-

ability to recognize opportunity and to ginning of the present extensive business

pursue it with a resolute, unflagging
energy. Success results from continued
labor and the man who accomplishes his
purpose usually becomes an important
factor in the business circles of the com-
munity with which he is connected. Mr.
Hessler, through such means, has attained
a leading place among the representative
men of his adopted city, and his well
spent and honorable life commands the
respect of all who know him.

One of the native sons of the Empire
State, his birth occurred in Cazenovia,
New York, February 26, 1854. His
parents were farming people and he was
reared to agricultural pursuits. He com-
pleted his education in Chittenango Poly-
technic Institute. He remained upon the

which is now conducted under the name
of the H. E. Hessler Company. The firm
as it was originally formed had a continu-
ous existence of fifteen years, but on Feb-
ruary I, 1894, Mr. Hessler purchased his
partner's interest and conducted the busi-
ness alone until it was incorporated in
1900. The present officers are: H. E.
Hessler, president ; Dayton S. Hessler,
vice-jiresident ; Harlan H. Phillips, treas-
urer ; and Norbert T. Alletzhauser, secre-
tary. They conduct a wholesale and
retail business in the sale of hardware,
home furnishing goods, stoves, tinware
and tinners' supplies, having the largest
and best equipped sheet metal factory in
Central New York, and the business has
been successfully carried on at the same

home farm until he attained the age of place for three decades. The company is
fifteen years, then, seeking other pur- extensively engaged in the manufacture


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Online LibraryCharles E. (Charles Elliott) FitchEncyclopedia of biography of New York, a life record of men and women whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preëminent in their own and many other states (Volume 5) → online text (page 22 of 58)