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to private honor and the public good.
With a full realization of the truth of
Abraham Lincoln's classic utterance,
"There is something better than making
a living — making a life," he has labored
energetically and forcefully, not only to
win personal success, but to make his life
a source of benefit to his fellow man and
to assist others in making the most of
their lives. Genial, courteous, always
approachable, with an appreciation for
the humor of life, he is popular in his
wide circle of friends with whom his
social nature impels the close association
of fraternity and club. By his brethren
of the bar he is held in high esteem, that
feeling having been manifested in many
ways, especially in their choice of him as
president of the Rochester Bar Associ-
ation. The laity have shown their appre-
ciation by elevation to official position in
institution and corporation, while the
voters of the city have ratified general
sentiment by his election to the State
Legislature. An eloquent and entertain-
ing public speaker, he has many calls
upon his powers in that direction, while
the depth of his logic, strength of his
argument, clear, forcible and eloquent
presentation holds the closest attention of
judges and juries.

Paternally, Mr. Hubbell descends from
an ancient Connecticut family, members
of whom in army and legislative body
aided in forming the colony, winning in-
dependence and in the creation of the
Commonwealth. His descent is also
traced to Governor William Bradford and
the coming of the "Mayflower." A branch
of the Hubbells settled in Saratoga coun-
ty. New York, in which county Charles
Hubbell, father of Walter Sage Hubbell,
was born at Ballston Springs. In later
life he came to Rochester where he was



a banker for several years, going hence to
Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was a bank
cashier until ill health compelled him to
resign. In Keokuk, Iowa, he regained his
health, there remaining until 1871. The
last thirty-two years of his life were spent
in San Diego, California, where he died in
1903, aged eighty-five years. He married
Anna M. Sage, who died while on a visit
to Rochester in 1882, daughter of Orin
Sage, a shoe manufacturer of Rochester.
They were the parents of five children.

Walter Sage Hubbell was born in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio, December 24, 1850. He
spent the first sixteen years of his life in
that city and in Keokuk, Iowa, then re-
turned to Rochester, New York, ever
afterward to be the scene of his life ac-
tivities. He obtained his early and pre-
paratory training in the public schools of
Keokuk ; returned to Rochester in 1866
and soon afterward entered the college
department of the University of Roches-
ter, pursuing the classical course until
graduated Master of Arts, class of 1871.
He was then twenty years of age and
with his own future to provide for. He
selected the profession of law and in due
course of time passed through all the pre-
paratory phases, studying under the emi-
nent lawyer and jurist, George F. Dan-
forth, being admitted to practice at the
Monroe county bar on January i, 1876.
That centennial year of the Nation's in-
dependence witnessed the beginning of
his own independent career and the forty
years which since have intervened have
been years of wonderful progress for the
then young man, now the veteran lawyer.
Mr. Hubbell began private practice, Jan-
uary I, 1877, continuing ever as he began,
a general practitioner. He won quick
recognition at the bar and has attained

position as one of the leaders of that bar,
learned, skillful, upright and honorable.
He is a member of the Rochester Bar As-
sociation of which he is an ex-president,
and also of the New York State Bar and
the American Bar associations.

Business activity has also distinguished
his life and he has been and still is con-
nected with several financial and business
corporations of the city. These include
the Alliance Bank as director and attor-
ney ; the Eastman Kodak Company of
New Jersey, vice-president and director;
the Eastman Kodak Company of New
York, secretary and director ; the Curtice
Bros. Company, director. He is a trustee
of the University of Rochester, trustee
and vice-president of the Rochester Theo-
logical Seminary, trustee of the Roches-
ter Orphan Asylum, president of the
board of trustees of the First Baptist
Church, and has ever been a helper in
promoting those movements which make
for better living, better conditions and a
higher standard of civic righteousness.
He is a member of both York and Scottish
Rites in Free Masonry, belonging to
lodge, chapter and commandery of the
first named Rite and holding all degrees
of the last named up to and including the
thirty-second. His clubs are the Kent,
Genesee Valley and Rochester Country.
In political faith he is a Republican, and
in 1884 and 1885 represented the eastern
district of Monroe county in the State

Mr. Hubbell married. June 21, 1877,
Leora A., daughter of Judge Daniel B.
De Land, of Fairport, New York. They
are the parents of Mrs. Minnie H. Lewis;
Gertrude, deceased ; Anna D., Bertha D.,
and Mrs. Margaret H. Huther. The fam-
ily home is No. 1209 East avenue.




Graves, p. 147: Mrs. Maurice A. Graves died September i, 1916.

Hancock, Tlieodore E., died November 19, 1916; he had been in ill health for three years, but his
end was hastened by a fall and hip fracture about tvifo months before his death.

Northrup, 178 to 181: The following is from the pen of Charles E. Fitch, received too late to appear
in his masterly sketch of Judge Northrup: Judge Northrup has been a writer upon various
subjects, and is the author of several volumes of real merit. In the late sixties he made frequent
contributions to the local press upon current topics, many thoughtful and scholarly editorials;
and, during the absence of the editor of the '"Daily Standard," in the summer of 1870, conducted
the editorial page of that journal. A keen sportsman, his vacations, for half a century, have
been passed either in the woods (mainly in the .A.dirondacks) or by the seashore and inland
streams, resultant not alone in exploits with gun and rod, but in lettered musings as well. He
published, in 1880, "Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks" and "Grayling Fishing in Northern
Michigan," in one volume — the one a brisk account of forest scenes, and the other a scientific
description of a fish then new to northern waters. A second edition of this work was demanded
in 1883. "Sconset Cottage Life — a Souvenir on Nantucket Island," appeared in 1881 — a charm-
ing study of the quaint hamlet of the fisher folk before fashion invaded it, and a vivid portrayal
of the grandeur of nature (e. g. that of "Tomneverhead," an adjacent promontory; a literary
gem). This was published in 1889, as also a paper on the History of the First Presbyterian
Society on the seventy-fifth anniversary of its founding. "Slavery in New York," an historical
sketch, is contained in State Library Bulletin Number Four (1900). He is also the author of
many addresses. Judge Northrup is entitled to distinction as a genealogist. His labors in the
field have been earnest and incessant. He is an active member of the Genealogical Society of
Central New York. He contributed a partial Northrup Genealogy to the "New England His-
torical and Genealogical Register" (July, 1899); published "The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy"
(Grafton Press, pp. 461, 1909"). This genealogical work is among the most careful and complete
volumes of its kind that has been produced in America, and is so recorded by genealogical
authorities and reviewers. It is a monumental work, reflecting great credit upon the research ot
its author, who also, in connection with it, delivered an illuminating address on several occa-
sions upon "The Making of a Genealogy" (not printed). It is interesting to note that Judge
Northrup has kept for nearly seventy years a diary, writing each day its events, which should
be edited and published.


NOTE — An asterisk (*) set against a name refers to note under head "Addenda and Errata.'

Abbott, Abby F., 19 De Alva S., 337

Adoniram J., 286 Stanwood, 337

Jacob, 17 Andrews, Charles. 116

John B., 286

Louise M., 287 Baker, Alexander, 368

Lyman, Rev., 17 Fleta, 372

Aldridge, George W., 149 Hugh P., 367, 371

George W., Jr., 148, 149 John, 368

Alexander, Alice, 339 Joseph S., 371

Anne L., 339 Joshua, 368



Luther A., 370
Ozi, 370

Remember, 368
Baldwin, Evelyn, Dr., 317, 318

William, 318
Bechtold, Charles B., 263

Henry, 263
Belden, Alvin J., 280

Augusta, 282

Augustus C, 281
Bellows, Anna M., 272, 273, 274

Edwin P., 275
Bentley, Alexander, 307

Sardius D., 307
Benton, Azariah L., 128

Catherine S., 129

George A., 128
Bernhard, Adam, 303

Frank E., 304

John A., 303, 304

Minnie E., 304

Robert A., 304
Bloss, Celestia A., 367

Ella. 367

Joseph, 365

Joseph B., 365, 366

Mary, 366

Mary G., 367

William C, 265
Bradley ancestry, 117

Cora M., 119

Christopher C, 118

Christopher C, Jr., 117, 119

Daniel, 118

Emma, 119

George W., Capt., 118

Huldah, 118

Jesse, Capt., 118

Waterman C, 119

William, 118
Brayton ancestry, 193

Clarence E., Lt., 195

Eli C, 192

Harriet E., 195

Warren C, 192, 193

Brewster, Alice, 57

Henry C, 55

Simon L., 55
Brown, Adell, 137

Charles J., 144

D. D. S., 137

Dora, 145

John S., 144

Mary E., 137

Robert, 144

Selden S., 136, 137
Browning, Alfred P., 319

Clarence J., 319

Harriet S., 319

John, Dr., 319
Buckley, Thomas E., 248

William A., 248
Butler, Henry L., 13

Kate, 14

Nicholas M., 13

Susanna E., 14

Caldwell, Charles M., 87

George B., 86, 87

Lucy S., 88
Chapin, Charles H., 258

Charles H. (2nd), 260

Charles T., 258, 259

Emily, 259

Moses, 258

Thomas, 258
Chapman, Andrew, 176

Charles R., 178

Ella L., 178

John, 176

Levi S., 175, 177

Lucia L., 178

Nathan, 175, 176

Nathan R., 175
Chase, Austin C, 78, 79

Harriet M., 79

Lavina, 80
Cheever, Thomas, Rev., 69
Choate, Caroline D., 221

Francis, 216



George, Dr., 216
John, 216
Joseph H., 215
Thomas, 216
William, 216
Clapp ancestry, 162
Edward E., 162, 163
Eliza B., 164
Justice, 163
Preserved, 163
Roger, Capt., 163
Supply, 163
William, 162, 163
Clarke ancestry, 94, 161, 230
Charles J., 161
Charles J., Jr., 162
James, 93
John, 230, 231
John J., 93
Joseph, 232
Lemuel C, 233
M. Belle, 162
Mary, 94
R. Floyd, 230, 234
Samuel, 232
Scott H., 162
Thomas W., 161
Clement, Frank H., 362, 363
Harriet E., 364
Harris, 363
Lovisa S., 365
Cleveland, Ellen E., 131
Kathryn, 133
Merritt A., 130
Milo L., 132
Philander B., 130
Cobb, Aurelius H., Dr., 105
D. Raymond, 105
Katharine, 106
Conklin, Anna L., 86
George, 86
John, 85
William A., 85
William B., 86
William R., 85, 86

Conway, John, 311

Thomas F., 311
Cortelyou, George B., 23

Lily M., 24

Peter C, 23
Cunningham, Benjamin B., 298

Elonore, 299

Michael, 298
Curtice, Ebenezer, 266

Edgar N., 265, 266, 267

Lucy E., 268

Mark, 266

Day, Anna E., 66
James R., 63, 64
Thomas, 64
Denison, Bessie E., 284
Howard P., 282, 283
Le Roy W., 283
Depew ancestry, 30
Abraham, 31
Chauncey M., 28, 31
Elise, 34
Francois, 30
Henry, 30
Isaac, 31
May, 34
William, 30
Depuis, Francois, 28
Dickinson, Alfred L., 33c
Emma, 331
Pomeroy M., 330
Pomeroy P., 329, 330
Dix, Gertrude A., 25
James L., 24
John A., 24
Donohue, Florince O., Dr., 83, 84

Lucy A., 85
Durand, Frederick L., 89
Harrison C, 90
John E., 89
Lillie C, 90
Sam,uel E., 90

Edgerton, Hiram H., 106
Medora, 107



Ralph H., io6
Edwards ancestry, 252

Amy, 253

Daniel, 252

Daniel M., 252

Eleazer W., 252

John, 252

Josephine A., 253

Oliver M., 251, 253

Talmage, 251
Ely ancestry, 239

Albert H., Dr., 239, 241

Albert H., Jr., 241

Heman, 240

John, 239

Justin, 239

Maude L., 241

Nathaniel, 239

Samuel, 239
Estabrook ancestry, 198

Clara, 199

Experience, 198

Henry D., 198, 199

Joseph, 198

Nehemiah, 198

Samuel, 198

Seth W., 198

Fairchild, Charles S., 9

Helen, 10

Sidney T., 9
Farley, John M., Rt. Rev., 25

Philip, 25
Farmer, Jonathan, 271

Ruth, 272

Seymour M., 271

William S., 271, 272
Fassett, Jacob S., 343

Newton P., 343
Fisher, Edwin A., 314, 315

Ellen F., 316
Fitch, Charles E., 339, 340

Elizabeth L., 343

Lawrence B., 343

Louise L., 343

Thomas B., 340

Follmer, Charles J., 294, 295

Mark, 295

Theresa F., 295
Fowler, Hiram, 326

John, 326

Purdy A., 325, 326

Purdy H., 327

Sarah, 327
French, Edmund L., 195, 197

Frances C, 198

Joshua, 196

Mansfield, Rev., 196

Samuel, 195

Stephen, 195

Gannon, Frances, 78

Frank S., TJ

Frank S., Jr., Tj, 78

John, -j-j
Garvan, Francis P., 172

Mabel, 173

Patrick, 172
Gere ancestry, 173

George, 173, 174

Harriet, 175

Helen, 174

James B., 173, 175

James M., Col., 174

Jonathan, 173

Walter, 173

William S., 174
Goethals, Effie, 2^

George W., Col., 26

John L., 27
Goflf, Clara B., 335

Comfort, 333

Frank M., 333, 334

Henry H., 334

Robert, 333

Roswell, 334

Squire, 333
Goodelle, Aaron B., 73

Marian H., "jj

William P., jt,
Grant, Christian, 69



Graves, Abial S., 146

Benjamin, 146

Christina, 147

Elijah, 146
*Maurice A., 146
Greene, Ira W., 278

John, 278

Myron W., 278, 279

Nancy L., 280

Nathan, 278

Hale, Abner C, 186

David, 186

Edith H., 186

Elizabeth L., 186

George D., 185, 186

Mary E., 186

Thomas, 186
Hamilton, Gavin L., Rev., 332

Mae, T,Z3

R. Andrew, 332
Hancock, Clarence E., 99

Martha, 98, 99

Stewart F., 99
*Theodore E., 97, 98
Hargather, Mathias J., Rev., 308, 309
Havemeyer, Alice A., 230

John C, 222, 225

Sarah A., 225

William, 222

William F., 222
Hazard, Dora G., loi

Frederick R., 99, loi

Robert, 99, 100

Rowland, 100

Rowland G., 100

Thomas, 99, 100
Hessler, Dayton S., 141

Delia H., 141

Holister E., 140
Hill, DanielT., Rev., 211

David J., 211

Dyer, 357

Henry W., 357

Isaac, 211

Juliet L., 213

Hillis, Annie L., 22

Newell D., Rev., 21

Samuel E., 22
Hobart, Henry L., 284, 285

James T., 284

Margaret J., 286

Marie E., 285
Hollister ancestry, 109

Elizabeth C, iii

Emmett H., no

George A., no

Granger A., 109, no

Isabella M., ni

John, Lt., no
Holmes, Daniel, 164

Mary J., 165
Honsinger, Abram W., 72

Evalina, 72

Frederick S., Dr., 72
Hubbard, Helen C, 96

William A., Jr., 94, 95

William A., Sr., 94
Hubbell, Charles, 372

Leora A., 373

W^-ilter S., 372, T,75
Hughes, Antoinette, 7

Charles E., 5

David C, Rev., 5
Hyde ancestry, 265, 316

Anne P., 265

Charles S., 265

Dana C, 265

Edwin, 317

Edwin F., 316, 317

Elisha H., 264

Erastus, 316

Henry N., Rev., 265

James, Capt., 316

John S., 264

Marie E., 317

Nelson C, 265

Salem, 264

William, 316

Irving, Bessie L., 51
John T., 49

%f -^i.







>■ •/•.

Online LibraryCharles E. (Charles Elliott) FitchEncyclopedia of biography of New York, a life record of men and women whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preëminent in their own and many other states (Volume 5) → online text (page 57 of 58)