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Trichinopoly : Dalton made Commandant
there, Jime, 15, 1752, to keep it for
Muhammad Ali against the Dahvai (the

Regent of Mysore), and Morari Rao the
Mahratta : defended it with great skill
and coiurage against famine, treachery,
blockade and the French also : relieved
by Major Stringer Lawrence, May, 6,
1753, and again Sep. 21 : resigned the
E.I. Co.'s service March i, 1754, and re-
turned to England : died July 11, 1811.


(1846- )

Born Aug. 10, 1846 : educated at
Brussels and Paris : LL.D. of the Univer-
sity of Glasgow : Hibbert Lecturer at
Oxford, 1891 : accompanied H.M. King
Edward VII, then H.R.H. the Prince of
Wales, on his Indian tour in 1875-6 :
Author of Inde et Himalaye, 1877 : Con-
temporary Evolution of Religions Thought
in England, America and India, 1885 :
Ce que V Inde doit a la Grece, 1897, etc.


Son of Lt-Colonel Francis Dermot
Daly : born Oct. 25, 1821 : joined the
first Bombay European regt. in 1840,
became Adjutant, was present at the
fighting at Multan in 1848, in the second
Sikh war, at Gujarat on Feb. 22, 1849,
and in the piursuit of the Sikhs : in 1849
he raised the first Panjab Cavalry and saw
service on the frontier, against the Afridis,
and under Sir Colin Campbell in 1852.
In the mutiny he commanded the Guides'
Cavalry in their march of 580 miles in 22
days from Mardan to Delhi : was at the
siege of Delhi, at the capture of Lucknow
in March, 1858, and in the Oudh campaign :
in 1 861 he commanded the Central India
Horse, and in 1871 was made Agent to the
Governor-General for Central India :
K.C.B., 1875 : CLE., 1880 : General
in 1888 : G.C.O., 1889 : retired in 1882 :
died July 21, 1895.

DALY, HUGH (1860- )

Born i860 : son of Sir H.D. Daly [q.v.) :
entered Gloucestershire regt. 1881 : joined
the Indian Staff Corps : Captain, 1892 :
served in Burmese expedition, 1886-7 '■
Superintendent of the Northern Shan
States, 1888 : CLE. : Assistant, and,
later, Deputy-Secretary to the Govern-
ment of India, Foreign Department :
Major and C.S.I., 1903 : Agent to the
Governor-General for Central India, 1905.



THER (1831-1890)

I.C.S. : born Oct. 7, 1831 : son of Colonel
John Dalyell : educated at Cheltenham
and Haileybury : went to Madras in J an.,
185 1 : became Secretary to the Board of
Revenue in 1867, Secretary to Govern-
ment, Revenue Department, in 1868 :
Chief Secretary, 1870 : Member of the
Board of Revenue, 1873 : made a special
report on the Excise administration in
1874 : Chief Commissioner of Mysore in
1875-6, and additional Member of the
Governor-General's Legislative Council,
1873-7 : retired from India, 1877 :
Member of the Council of India, 1877-87 :
C.S.I. , in 1879 : K.C.I.E., 1887 : LL.D.
of St. Andrews, 1885 : died Jan. 18, 1890.


I.C.S. : born May 9, 1846 : educated
at St. Paul's School, London, and Christ's
College, Cambridge : Scholar and Ex-
hibitioner : went out to Bengal, 1869 :
served in Cachar, Assam, and on special
duty to Manipur, 1876 : was Deputy
Commissioner of the Garo Hills, 1877, and
Political .\gent in the Naga HUls, Assam,
1878 : on his way to Khonoma, to seize
some ammunition which the Nagas had
stored, was killed by them, Oct. 14, 1879 :
took keen interest in literature and
philology : wrote on folk-lore, and the
Manipuri language in the J.A.S.B.,
J.R.A.S., and the Indian Antiquary:
most of the MSS. of his Manipur Dic-
tionary were destroyed by the Nagas in the
stockade at Kohima.


I.C.S. : born 1828 : son of W. Dampier,
I.C.S. : educated at Eton : entered the
B.C.S., 1848 : Member of the Orissa famine
Commission, 1867: Secretary to the Govern-
ment of Bengal : officiating Home Secre-
tary to the Government of India, 1872 :
Member of Bengal Legislative Council,
1867-84 : Member of the Board of Rev-
enue, 1877 : President of Rent Law
Commission, 1881 : retired, 1884 : CLE.

Son of James Dance: born June 20,
1748, entered the E. I. Go's naval service,
1759 '■ was in command of a ship in 1787.
As Commodore of a fleet of 16 Indiamen

and some country ships in 1804, homeward
bound from Canton, he fell in with a
French squadron off Pulo Aor, near the
S. end of the straits of Malacca, and by his
skill and boldness deceived them and put
them to flight on Feb. 15, saving his own
fleet and its valuable cargo. He was
knighted and pensioned by the E. I. Co. :
died March 25, 1827.


(1856- )

I.C.S. : born March 21, 185C : son of
Richard Martin Dane, M.D., C.B. :
arrived in India, 1876 : served in the
Panjab : Private Secretary to the Lieuten-
ant-Governor, 1879-82 : Officiating Regis-
trar of the Chief Court, 1886 : Settle-
ment Officer, Gurdaspur, 1887 : Deputy
Commissioner, Peshawar, 1892 : Chief
Secretary to the Panjab Government, 1898:
Resident in Kashmir, 1901 : Foreign
Secretary to the Government of India,
1903 : C.S.I., 1904 : Head of the_Mission
to Kabul, 1904-5, to negotiate a Treaty
with the Amir of Afghanistan : made
K.C.I.E. on his return.

DANIELL, THOMAS (1749-1840)

Painter : son of an innkeeper : born in
1749: was in India painting for ten years,
from 1784, with his nephew William (q.v.),
and published his pictures : brought out
their Oriental Scenery in 1808 : Royal
Academician in 1799 : F.R.S., F.R.A.S.,
and F.S.A. : exhibited his pictures at
the Academy and at the British Institute:
published other collections of pictures :
died March 19, 1840.


Artist, R.A : at 14 accompanied his
uncle, Thomas Daniell {q.v.}, also an artist,
to India : in 10 years they travelled many
thousand, miles, from Cape Comorin to
Srinagar, and on their return published
Oriental Scenery, in 6 volumes, completed
in 1808. He exhibited largely at the
Academy and the British Institute :
published also A Picturesque Voyage to
India, Zoography, The Panorama of
Madras, 1832, the City of Lucknow, and
the Oriental Annual, besides other pic-
tures of British scenery. He was made a
Royal Academician in 1822 : died Aug. 16,



I •' - )
Educated at Merchant Taylors' School
and King's College, London : joined the
East India House as a \VTiter, 1853 : and
the India Office, 1858 : Registrar and
Superintendent of Records, 1884 : deputed
tojLisbon, 189 1-2, to examine the Portu-
guese records relating to India, and to the
Hague, 1893-4 : wrote extensively on
Indian questions, including public works,
famines, coal, statistics, agriculture, on
Chiefs, Agents, and Governors of Bengal,
1888 : The India Office Records, 1889 :
on the Portuguese records and A History
of the Portuguese in India, 1894.

Born March 19, 1826: son of Frederick
Dawes Danvtrs : educated at King's
College, London : entered the E.I. Co.'s
home service, 1842 : Private Secretary
to two Chairmen of the Court, 1848-53 :
on the transfer of India to the Crown,
Danvers became, at the India Office, Secre-
tary in the Railway and Telegraph Depart-
ment, and Deputy Director of Indian
Railways, 1858-61 : Government Director
of Indian Railways, 1861-92 : Secretary in
the Public Works, Railway and Telegraph
Departments, 1880-92 : visited India,
1875-6 : wTOte the annual official reports
on Indian railways presented to Parlia-
ment, 1859-82 : was consfintly examined
before Parliamentary Committees on Rail-
way and Finance questions : K.C.S.I.,
1886: retired 1892 : died Oct. 18, 1902.



SINGH, OF (1856-1898)

Elder son of Maharaja Maheswar Singh
of Darbhanga : born 1856 : educated by
an English tutor, Chester Macnaghten
(q.v.) : occupied, as head of the Maithili
BrahminS; a Hindu of Hindus, and the
possessor of very large estates in Bihar, a
very important position in Bihar and Ben-
gal : sincerely devoted to religion : largely
directed the management of his property
and effected great improvements : made
Maharaja Bahadur and K.C.I.E. : a Mem-
ber of both the Legislative Councils of
Bengal and the Governor-General : con-
tributed handsomely to all objects of
charity, medical aid, educational endow-
ments and objects of general public
utility : as President of the British Indian
and other Landowners' Associations, his

influence was chiefly felt in questions
affecting landed property : died Dec. 17,



(1860- )

Born Jan. 16, i860 : younger son of
Maharaja Maheswar Singh : educated at
the Queen's College, Benares, and at
home by Chester Macnaghten {q.v.) : in
1878 was appointed by Lord Lytton to the
Statutory Civil Service : served as Assist-
ant Magistrate of Darbhanga, Chapra
and Bhagalpur : resigned in 1885 : was
created Raja Bahadur, of Bachaur : in
1888 was appointed a Member of the
Bengal Legislative CouncU, as representa-
tive of the landowners of Bengal and
Bihar : succeeded to the Darbhanga Raj
on the death of his elder brother, Maharaja
Sir Lachmeswar Singh, on Dec. 17, 1898 :
made Maharaja Bahadur : in 1899 and
1904 was elected by the non-official mem-
bers of the Bengal Legislative Council as
their representative in the Governor-
General's Legislative Council : President
of several Landowners' Associations :
Kaisar-i-Hind Gold Medal, 1900 : in 1902
made K.C.I.E., and appointed a member
of the Police Commission.


Bom March 28, 1849, in Alsace, of a poor
Jewish family : son of Cerf, and brother
of Arsene, Darmesteter : delicate, puny,
and almost deformed : educated at the
Lycee Condorcet, Paris : Doctor in
Letters, 1877 : devoted himself to Oriental
scholarship and literature : became the
greatest authority of his time on Zoro-
astrian literature : appointed Assistant-
Professor of Zend at the Ecole des Hautes
Etudes, 1877 : and in 1892, Director :
was appointed Professor of Persian at the
College de France, 1885, and Secretary
of the Societe Asiatique : wTOte Etudes
Iraniennes, 1883, and on the language and
literature of ancient Persia : travelled in
India, to study his subjects locally : resid-
ing there, Feb. 1886— Feb. 1887, chiefly
at Bombay, Peshawar and Hazara :
wrote Letters sur Vlnde, 1888, The Popular
Songs of the Afghans, with an introduction
on their language, history and literature,
1890 ; a complete translation, 1892-3,
of the Zendavesta, published in the
Sacred Books of the East : and Selected


Hssays, published 1S95 : was an Editor
of the Revue Critique, and, later, of the
Revue de Paris : wrote in them, and in the
Journal des Debals, critical notices of
books and Oriental essays : wrote on the
mythology of. the Avesta, 1875 : Ormuzd
et Ahriman, 1877: Essais Orientaux, 1883 :
also on the History of the Jewish People,
in the Nouvelle Revue : and the Prophets
of Israel, 1892 : died at Maisons-Lafitte,
Oct. 19, 1894.

DUR (1849- )
Born July 18, 1849 : educated at
Chittagong and the Calcutta Presidency
College : and in that College's Engineering
Department : in 1874 was appointed
Head Master of the Bhutia boarding
school at Darjeeling : began to study
Tibetan from Lama Ugyen Gyatso, a
teacher there : in 1878 the latter, on a
visit to Tashi Lhumpo (Teshu Lumbo)
in Tibet, obtained an invitation and pass-
port for Sarat Chandra to visit Lhasa :
in June, 1879, they started together to
visit Lhasa with a servant : returned after
six months from Tashi Lhumpo to Dar-
jeeling : in Nov. 1 88 1, they again went
to Tashi Lhumpo, and on to Lhasa :
wrote his Narrative of a Journey to Lhasa,
and Narrative of a Journey round Lake
Palti {Yamdok), and in Lhokha, Yarlung
and Sakya : in 1884 Sarat accompanied
Colman Macaulay (g.v.) to the Lachen
Valley in Sikhim, and in 1885 went with
him to Pekin : made CLE., Jan. 1886 :
received a reward from the Royal Geo-
graphial Society, 1887 : founded the
Buddhist Text Book Society, 1892 : made
Rai Bahadur, 1896 : the Royal Geo-
graphical Society published His Travels
in Tibet, in 1899 : completed his Tibetan-
English Dictionary in 1902 : from Sep.
1 88 1 served the Government of Bengal
as Tibetan translator : retired from service
July, 1904: engaged in compiling a Sans-
krit-English dictionary.

DAUD SHAH ( ? -1897)
Of the Lahkan Kheyl, a branch of a
tribe of the Ghilzais : at the age of 20
he joined the Army of Amir Dost Muham-
mad Khan and became Akbar Khan's
orderly officer. Shir Ali made him
captain for services rendered at the
battle of Kajhbaz on June 6, 1865, in

which Sirdar Muhammad Ali Khan,
eldest son of Shir Ali, was killed. Daud
Shah showed great bravery during a
campaign at Khost and was raised to the
rank of General : he defeated Abdur
Rahman's forces in Turkistan, and settled
the country in Shir All's name, but, having
quarrelled with General Muhammad Alam,
he was recalled to Kabul and imprisoned
by Shir Ali. Soon released, he acted as
Commander-in-Chief when Yakub Khan
rebelled against his father Shir Ali, and
when General Faramurz Khan, command-
ing the Amir's forces, was killed by Aslam
Khan, son of Amir Dost Muhammad.
Upon Yakub's second rebellion, an army
was sent to Herat in which Daud Shah
was given a command, but Shir Ali,
finding no General at Kabul, recalled him
and entrusted him with all army affairs
at the capital. In Jan. 1879, when Shir
Ali fled to Turkistan, after the capture
of Ali Masjid and the Peiwar Kotal by
the British troops, Daud Shah was left
at Kabul with Yakub Khan and accom-
panied him to meet Sir S. Browne at
Gandamak. He was Yakub's Comman-
der-in-Chief at the time of the massacre of
Sir Louis Cavagnari in Sep. 1879, and
Yakub's flight to the British camp.
During Sir F. Roberts' tenure of Sherpur,
at Kabul, Daud Shah was arrested about
Dec. 18, 1879, and deported to India :
died at Rawul Pindi, Dec. 25, 1897.

DAVIDS, T. W. RHYS (1843- )
LL.D., Ph.D. : born May 12, 1843 :
son of Rev. T. W. Davids : educated at
Brighton School and Breslau University :
entered Ceylon Civil Service, 1866 :
barrister. Middle Temple, 1877 : delivered
Hibbert Lectures, 1881 : author of
Buddhism, 1878 ; Buddhism, its History
and Literature, 1896 : Buddhist India,
1902, and numerous other works connected
with Buddhist Texts, etc. : Secretary and
Librarian, Royal Asiatic Society : Pro-
fessor of Pali and Buddhist Literature,
University College, London.

Colonel : son of W. Davidson : edu-
cated privately at Petersham : joined the
60th Rifles, 1876 : served in Afghan war,
1878-80 : at Kandahar and .\hmad
Kheyl : A.D.C. to Sir Donald Stewart at
Kabul : .\.D.C. to Sir John Ross in Sir V.



Roberts' march froin Kabul to Kandahar
and the battle there: served in Marri expedi-
tion under General Macgregor : in Boer war
with Natal Field Force, 1881, and in
Egyptian war, ivS82 : present at Tel-el-
Kebir : served under Sir Charles Warren
in Bechuanaland, 18S4 : A.D.C. to H.R.H.
The Duke of Cambridge, 18Q0-5 : Equerry
in Waiting to Queen Victoria, 1896-1901,
and to the King : C.B. in 1902 : C.V.O.


Colonel : born May 24, 1810 : son of
Sir David Davidson : educated privately
and at Edinburgh : went to India as a
military cadet, 1826 : joined the i6th
N.I. : A.D.C. to Lord W. Bentinck in Ma-
dras : in 1836, joined Sir R. Grant's Staff,
when Governor of Bombay : commanded a
regiment of the Nizam's cavalry : first
Assistant at Hyderabad under General
Low and General Eraser : Resident at
Baroda for 3 years : Resident at Hydera-
bad, 1857-62 : helped to bring Sir Salar
Jang into office as Prime Minister : in
the formidable attack on the Residency,
July 17, 1857 : his life was attempted in
the Nizam's Darbar, March 15, 1859 :
C.B. after the mutiny : distinguished for
his courage, composure and resolution :
died Aug. 2, 1862.


Colonel : son of Ale.xander Davidson,
M.D. : born 1845 : educated at Winches-
ter : entered the Army, 1863 : joined
the Panjab Cavalry, 1866 : A.A.G. Pan-
jab Frontier Force, 1875 : served in
the J owaki-Afridi expedition, 1877-8 :
D.A.Q.M.G., Afghan campaign, 1878-9 :
A.Q.M.G., Waziri expedition, 1880 :
Military Secretary, Panjab Government,
1885-6 : Colonel on Staff, Chitral, 1896-8 :
C.B. : Author of Notes on Bashgah-Kafir
Language, 1902.


NESS (1857- )
Born Nov. 29, 1857 : son of Maj-General
Horatio Nelson Davies : educated at
Wellington College : joined the Devon
Regt., 1876 : served as D. A.A.G. in Burma,
1894-7 : in the Afghan war, 1880 : the
Wuntho expedition in Burma, 1892 :
commanded the Kachen Hills expedition in
Burma, 1893 : in the Tirah expedition,
1897, and in the South African war, 1899-

1902, including relief of Ladysmith :
Brevet Lt-Colonel, and D.S.O.


I.C.S. : son of Sir David Davies,
K.C.H., Physician to William IV :
educated at Charterhouse and Haileybury,
1841-3 : went to the N.W.P. in the Civil
Service, 1844 : in the mutiny, served with
the troops in the Benares Division : was
besieged at Azimghar, while Magistrate :
was in the pursuit of Kooer Singh :
Secretary to the Panjab Government, 1859:
Financial Commissioner in Oudh, 1864 :
Chief Commissioner of Oudh, 1865-71 :
Lieutenant-Governor of the Panjab, Jan.,
1871, to AprO, 1877 : K.C.S.I. 1874 : CLE.
1877 : Member of the Council of India,
March, 1885-95 : died Aug. 23, 1902.



Maj-General : son of Dr. S. Davies :
educated at London University College
School : entered the Bengal Army, 1839 :
served on the Peshawar frontier under
Sir Colin Campbell : appointed Assistant
Commissioner in the Panjab : Financial
Commissioner, 1883 : Member of the
Governor-General's Legislative Council :
as Commissioner of Delhi was President of
the Executive Committee of the Imperial
.Assemblage, 1877 : C.S.I. : retired, 1887 :
K.C.S.I. : died June 12, 1898.



Born March 29, 1846 : son of Dr. W. A.
Davis : educated at Queen's College,
Belfast : entered Bengal Medical Service,
1869, and became Surgeon-Colonel, 1897 :
served in Mahsud-Waziri expedition,
1881 : Miranzai expedition, 1891 : Hazara
expedition, 1891 : as P.M.O. in Waziristan
expedition, 1894-5 : as P.M.O. in Tirah
expedition, 1897-8 : was present at
Dargai : in China expedition, 1901 r
C.B. in 1898, and D.S.O., 1895 : is Princi-
pal Medical Officer, Panjab Frontier

DAVIS, SAMUEL (1760-1819)

Went to Bengal as an officer of En-
gineers : was an excellent artist : accom-
panied Turner's Embassy to Tibet in
1783, but he himself did not advance



beyond Bhutan : he was afterwards
admitted to the E.I. Co.'s civil service :
was District Judge and Agent to the
Governor-General at Benares and had an
observatory there : as a mathematician
and astronomer, he identified astronomical
references in Sanskrit works. When
Wazir Ali, the deposed Nawab of Oudh,
revolted in Jan., 1799, and murdered
Mr. Cherry, then the Governor-General's
Agent, he afterwards, with a crowd of
followers, attacked Davis, who, on Jan.
14, 1799, successfully defended himself
and his family, standing at the top of a
staircase, pike in hand, until rescued by
British troopers. Davis became a Direc-
tor of the E. I. Co., from 1810 to 1819, and
wrote the well-known Fifth Report on the
Permanent Settlement : F.R.S. : died
June 16, 1819.


Was a Puisne Judge of the Supreme
Court, Madras, Dec. 1856 : succeeded
Sir W. Yardley as Chief Justice, Bombay,
in April, 1858: transferred in April-May,
1859, to be Chief Justice, Madras, in suc-
cession to Sir C. Rawlinson : died at
Ootacamimd, Nov. 3 or 4, i860.


(1859- )

Born 1859 : son of C. G. A. Dawkins of
the Foreign Office: educated at Cheltenham
and BaUiol College, Oxford : entered the
India Office, 1884 : Private Secretary to
Lord Cross, Secretary of State, 1886, and
to Mr. Goschen, Chancellor of Exchequer,
1889 : Under Secretary of State for
Finance in Egypt, 1895 : Financial Mem-
ber of the Supreme Council in India,
1899-1900 : Partner in Messrs. J. S.
Morgan & Co. : author of Appendix to
Milner's England in Egypt : C.B. in 1901,
and K.C.B., 1902.

DAY, FRANCIS (1829-1889)
Son of William Day: born March 2,
1829 : educated at Shrewsbury and St.
George's Hospital, London : joined the
E.I. Co.'s Medical Service at Madras,
1852 : served in the Burmese war of 1852-
54 : Surgeon-Major in 1872 : Deputy
Surgeon-General in 1876, when he retired.
An eminent naturalist : Ichthyology was
the real work of his life : he investigated,
for Government, the condition of Indian

fisheries : his last appointment was as
Inspr-General of Fisheries in India, where
he was recognized as the chief authority
on Indian fishes and pisciculture. After
his retirement, he pursued his studies in
the same subject, gaining medals at
several exhibitions between 1875 and 1883.
He was made CLE. in 1885 : LL.D. of
Edinburgh in 1889 : F.Z.S., and F.L.S. :
was Indian Commissioner at the Fisheries
Exhibition, 1883. Collections made by
him are at CaJcutta, Cambridge, London,
etc. He wrote extensively on Fish and
Fisheries, in separate works and in con-
tributions to the Journals of learned
Societies : wrote The Fishes of India, The
Fishes of Malabar, The British and Irish
Salmonidcs, The Fishes of the Andaman
and Nicohar Islands, The Fishes of the
Nilgiri Hills and Wynaad, The Fishes of
Great Britain and Ireland : also. The Land
of the Perumals, 1863 : Tropical Fevers,
etc. : died July 10, 1889.

DE, REV. LAL BEHARI (1826-1894)

Educated at the General Assembly's
Institution, under the Rev. Dr. Duff : at
17 was converted to Christianity : in
1851 authorized to preach, and ordained
in 1855 : in 1857 he gave up preaching,
and entered the Bengal Educational
Department : spent most of his career
at HughU as Professor of History and
English Literature : he retired in his 63rd
year : died about Oct., 1894 : he wrote
against Vedantism and the preaching of
Keshab Chandra Sen {q.v.), and conducted
a Journal to diffuse Christianity. His
novel, Gobinda Samanta, a tale of peasant
life in Bengal, and other writings, attracted
considerable attention : wrote also Re-
miniscences of Dr. Duff, 1879.

THOMAS, D.D. (179ft-1861)

Bishop : born of poor parents in York-
shire in 1796 : went up to St. Catherine's
HaU, Cambridge, as a pensioner in 1825 :
first class in the Law Class List, 1827-8:
LL.B. in 1829 : after being ordained,
was a curate at Cambridge and came under
the influence of the Rev. C. Simeon, who
obtained for him a chaplaincy in the
Bengal Establishment. Reaching Cal-
cutta in 1829, he was appointed to the old
Mission church, and remained in charge of
it till 1835, when he was made Archdeacon



of Calcutta: held the post till his
departure to England in 1848. He was
there offered the Bishopric of Madras, was
consecrated, became D.D., and returned
to Madras as Bishop in Feb., 1850. In
the latter years of Bishop Wilson, who
died 1858, bealtry did much of his touring
and visitation work in Upper India : was
an active and liberal supporter of Missions
and Missionaries : died March 4, 1861.


Lt-Colonel : bom April i, 1854 : son
of Rev. Henry Deane : educated at Ips-
wich Grammar School : entered the
English Army, 1874, and the Indian Staff
Corps, 1877 : served in the Afghan war,
1879-80 : District Superintendent of
Police, Andamans, 1880-5 = entered the
Pan jab Commission and serv-ed as Assis-
tant and Deputy Commissioner tiU 1895 :
Chief Political Ofi&cer with Chitral Relief
Force : Political Agent at Malakand :
Political Resident in Kashmir, 1900-1 :
Chief Commissioner and Agent to the
Governor-General, N.W. Frontier Pro-
vince, 1901 : C.S.I., 1896.


Colonel : bom May 12, 1841 : son of
Sir Thomas Deane : educated privately :
joined the Indian Army, 1862, in Madras
Cavalry : attached to 21st Hussars,
1863-9 : Viceroy's Bodyguard, 1869 :
Military Secretariat, Government of India,
1877 : Staff Officer to the Controller
General, Supply and Transport, Afghan
war, 1879 : Director Army Remount
Department, 1887-8 : and again 1889-98 :

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