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died early, Jan. 21, 1754.

Born June 11, 1783 : son of Edward
Satchell Eraser : with his brother William
(q.v.), and an escort, explored the Hima-
layas in 1815, to the sources of the Jamna
and Ganges : in 1821, he accompanied
Dr. Jukes to Persia, to Mashad, Kurdistan
and Tabriz : in 1833-4, on a diplomatic
mission to Persia, he rode from Semlin to
Constantinople, and from Stamboul to
Teheran : attended on the Persian Princes
on their visit to England, 1835-6 : wrote
narratives of his travels in Persia and
connected countries, and some works of
fiction : also the Military Memoir of Lt-
Colonel James Skinner: C.B., 1851 : was
also an amateur artist : died Jan. 1856.


Son of Colonel Charles Eraser : born
July 1, 1783 : educated at Ham and
Glasgow University : joined the Madras
N.I., 1800 : escorted the Mysore Princes
to Bengal, 1807 : A.D.C. to Sir G. Barlow,
when Governor of Madras : Private
Secretary, 1810 : Deputy Commissary in
the Madras expedition to Mauritius,
1810 : Military Secretary to the Governor
of Madras, 1813 : Commandant at
Pondicherry, 1816 : Commissioner for
the restitution of Erench and Dutch
possessions, 1816-7, having great know-
ledge of the French language : Secretary
to Government in the Military Department,
1834 : in several actions in Coorg : Resi-
dent in Mysore, and Chief Commissioner
of Coorg : Resident at Travancore and
Cochin, 1836: Resident at Hyderabad
from Sep. 1838, to Dec. 1852 : resigned
his appointment because of strained
relations with Lord Dalhousie : Lt-
General, 1851 : General, 1862 : died
Aug. 22, 1869.

FRASER, WILLIAM (1784-1838)
I.C.S. : son of Edward Satchell Eraser,
brother of James Baillie Fraser (q.v.):



went to Bengal in 1799 '■ Secretary to Sir
D. Ochterlony at Delhi, 1805 : Secretary
to Mountstuart Elphinstone {q-v.) on his
mission tg Kabul : Political Agent to
General Martindell's Army, 1815 : travelled
with his brother to the Himalayas : settled
Garhwal, 1819 : Member of the Board of
Revenue, N.W.P., 1826 : Resident at
Delhi, 1830-5 : shot dead, on March 22,
1835, while riding at Delhi, by Kareem
Khan, at the instigation of Shams-ud-din,
Nawab of Firozpiur : both of them were


Born 1821 : entered the Bengal Army
1841, and became General, 1877 : served
in the Afghan campaign, 1842, (severely
wounded, Khyber Pass), A.D.C. to Lord
Gough, Satlaj campaign, 1845-6 : at the
battles of Mudki, Firozshahr, Sobraon :
in the Panjab campaign, 1848-9, at
Chilianwala and Gujarat : Indian mutiny,
1857 : at the relief of Lucknow : severely
wounded Bhutan campaign, 1864-5 ■ C.B.,
1857 : K.C.B., 1867.


(1854- )

I.C.S. : born 1854 : educated at Rath-
mines school, Kingstown school and
Trinity College, Dublin : entered the Ma-
dras Civil Service, 1877, but retired, 1886;
invalided in consequence of fever con-
tracted in the Rumpa rebellion. Lecturer,
University Extension, on Indian Architec-
ture : Principal Librarian and Secretary
of London Institution : Lecturer in Tamil
and Telegu, University College. Author
ot British India ("Story of the Nations"
series), A Literary History of India, 1898.

VALPY (1825-1891)

Bishop : son of the Rev. Peter French :
born Jan. i, 1825 : educated at Reading
and Burton Grammar S9hools, Rugby,
and University College, Oxford : Fellow,
there, 1848 : ordained, 1848 : Principal of
St. John's College, Agra, 1850 : founded
ReyneU Taylor's Derajat mission, 1861 :
Vicar of Cheltenham, 1865-9 '• founded
the divinity school at Lahore, 1869 : first
Bishop of Lahore, Dec. 1877 : D.D. of
Oxford: resigned in 1887 : died at Muscat,
as a missionary there. May 14, 1891 : was

a good linguist, and distinguished ^as an

EDWARD, BARONET (1815-1881)

Governor : I.C.S. : sixth son of Edward
Frere, and nephew of John Hookham
Frere : born March 29, 1815, educated at
Bath and Haileybury : went to India in
1834, by the overland route, making his
way with difficulty via Cairo, Kosseir,
Jeddah, Mocha, and a pilgrim vessel to
Bombay : Assistant Revenue Commis-
sioner for some years to H. E. Goldsmid
[q.v.) in investigating land assessments :
Private Secretary to Sir G. Arthur, Gover-
nor of Bombay, 1842 : Resident at Satara,
1846 : on the annexation of Satara in
1848-9 (to which he was opposed), Frere
was appointed Commissioner : Chief
Commissioner in Sind, 1850-9 : greatly
advanced the Province in every way,
conciliated the Amirs, improved Karachi
harbour, developed institutions, controlled
the frontier and the tribes : in the mutiny
he nearly denuded Sind of troops to help
the Panjab and South Mahratta country :
repressed attempts at mutin3% and kept
Sind quiet and loyal : his great services
were highly valued in England and India :
K.C.B. in 1859 : Member of the Governor-
General's Supreme Council from Dec. 1859,
to April, 1S62 : helped greatly in the
restoration of financial equilibrium and in
the establishment of Legislative Councils :
Governor of Bombay from April, 1862, to
March, 1867 : advanced education, buUt
colleges, pushed on railways, established
the Bombay municipality, demolished the
old ramparts of the town, initiated female
education. Over-trading, speculation, and
the restoration of peace in America
(causing a fall in cotton) brought on a
commercial crisis, in which the Bank of
Bombay was involved : Frere's policy
during this period was the subject of
unfavourable criticism. He was Member
of the Council of India, 1867-77 : G. C.S.I. :
D.C.L. : President of the Geographical and
Asiatic Societies : sent to Zanzibar, in
1872, to negotiate a treaty for the sup-
pression of the slave-trade : P.C. : LL.D. :
accompanied H.R.H. the Prince of Wales
in his Indian tour, 1875-6 : Baronet and
G.C.B. : appointed, in 1887, Governor
of the Cape and High Commissioner in
S. Africa : brought a war with the Kafirs
to conclusion, 1878 : became engaged in


the Zulu war, 1879 : and in troubles
regarding the Transvaal with the Boers :
the English Government recalled Frere in
1880 for his conduct in relation to the
Zulu war and alleged disregard of orders :
he defended himself on his return to
England : he advocated a forward policy
with regard to Afghanistan : died May
29, 1884 : buried in St. Paul's Cathedral :
his statue erected on the Thames Embank-
ment : he was an eminent public servant,
combining strong character under a kindly
and courteous demeanour : and was
earnest in his religious views. He wrote
a number of papers on the questions of the
day, connected with India : also a memoir
of his uncle above-named.



I.C.S. : born June 6, 181 1 : third son
of Edward Frere : and brother of Sir
H. B .E. Frere {g.v.) •■ educated at Swansea
and Haileybury : went to Bombay, 1830
Judge of Dharwar, and of the Sadr Court
Member of Council, Bombay, 1860-5
retired : travelled round the world
Commissioner to inquire into the health
of the coolies in Deraerara, 1870 ; in
Mauritius, 1872 : C.M.G., 1875 : died
March 23, 1880.


Educated at Erasmus Smith's College,
Galway ; Royal University of Ireland,
Steeven's Hospital, Dublin, and Paris
entered the Indian medical service, 1875
held civil and military appointments
Medical of&cer to the Lieutenant-Governor,
N.W.P : and subsequently to H.H. the
Nawab of Rampur, who gave him, on
recovery from an illness, a very large fee
for his services : practises since retire-
ment in London : Surgeon to St. Peter's
Hospital for Stone.

RICHARDS (184.5- )

I.C.S. : son of F. W. Fryer : entered
the Bengal CivU Service, 1864 : called to
the bar from the Middle Temple, 1880 :
Commissioner, Central Division, Upper
Burma, 1886 : Financial Commissioner,
Burma, 1888: Acting Chief Commissioner
of Burma, 1892-4 : Officiating Financial
Commissioner, Panjab : Additional Mem-
ber of the Governor-General's Legislative


Council, 1894-5 : Lieutenant-Governor of
Burma, 1897-1903 : K.C.S.I., 1895.

Colonel : son of William Fullerton :
born 1754 : educated at Edinburgh
University : raised a Scotch regt. and
gazetted Commandant of the 98th in
1780 : went to India : engaged near
Madras, in the second Mvsore war ^^ith
Hyder All, 1780-2 : at the suppression
of the Kollars of Madras, and capture of
Dindigul : commanded the troops south
of the Coleroon, 1783 : took Dharapuram,
Palghat and Coimbatore : showed military
ability : returned to England on the
peace : wrote his Vie-.ei of English Interests
m India, 1787: F.R.S. of London and
Edinburgh : raised the 23rd Dragoons :
M.P., 1787-1803 : appointed first Com-
missioner for Trinidad : tried his colleague.
Col. Thomas Picton, for torturing a
Spanish girl : died Feb. 13, 1808.


(1854 - )

I.C.S.: son of Rev. J . Fuller : educated
at Marlborough : entered the Indian
Civil Service, 1875 : Commissioner of
Settlements C.P., 1885 : Secretary to
Govt, of India, Revenue and Agriculture
Department, 1901-2 : Chief Commissioner
of Assam, from April, 1902 : CLE., 1892 :
C.S.I., 1902 : Lieutenant-Governor of East-
em Bengal and Assam, 1905.


Born in March, 1817, at Broach : edu-
cated at the Native Education Society's
school at Bombay, where he afterwards
became a teacher : Assistant Professor of
the Elphinstone Institution and leader
of the " Young Bombay " Party : was
chiefly instrumental in establishing the
first girls' school, native library, literary
society, debating club, political associa-
tion, body for improving the condition of
women, institution for religious and
social reforms, law association and the
first educational periodicals. In 1836,
he was appointed Native Secretary
and Translator to Sir Alexander Burnes
(17.!;.) at Kabul, but returned to Bombay
before the Afghan war broke out. In
1845 he was appointed Interpreter of the
High Court of Bombay, and retired in
1864, devoting the rest of his life to im-



proving the condition of the people. He
laboured to obtain the passing of the
Parsi Matrimonial and Succession Act.
He visited England on three occasions,
lectured before the East India Association,
and gained the high opinion of many
prominent Englishmen : an influential
member of the Municipality of Bombay :
CLE. in 1884 : died vSep. 22, 1885.

Colonel : born Aug. 21, 1834 : son of
William Henry Purse : educated privately
and abroad : joined 42nd Highlanders,
1855 : served in the Crimea and the Indian
mutiny : present at siege of Lucknow : on
special service : to Ashanti, 1873-4 : A.D.C.
to C. in C. Bombay, 1874-8 : A.A.G.,
Soudan expedition, 1884-5 : C.B., 1887 :
author of several works on military trans-
sport and administration.



General : joined the Army, 1834 : at the
capture of Karachi : Captain in the 40th
regt. in the Afghan war, 184 1-2, under
Nott at Kandahar and Kabul, and in the
return to India : in the Crimea : in the
mutiny, commanded a battalion at Cawn-
pur : at the capture of Lucknow : died
Nov. 10, 1895 : K.C.B.

FYLER, LAWRENCE (1809-1873)

Maj-General : served in the i6th Lancers
in the first Afghan war : was at Maharaj-
pur, 1843 : in the Satlaj campaign of
1845-6: at Badiwal and Aliwal (severely
wounded) : with the 3rd Lancers in the
Panjab campaign, 1848-9 : in the Crimea
with the i2th Lancers: retired i860 : C.B.,
1869 : died Sep. 21, 1873.

FYTCHE, ALBERT (1820-1892)

Born 1820 : son of John Fytche : edu-
cated at Rugby and Addiscombe : joined
the Bengal Army, 1839 : served in Arakan
against the Wallengs, 1841 : entered the
Arakan Commission, 1845 : in the Panjab
campaign, 1848-9 : at Chilianwala and
Gurajat : severely wounded : Deputy
Commissioner of Bassein, 1853 : constantly
engaged against the Burmese : Commis-
sioner of Tenasserim, 1857 : Chief Com-
missioner of British Burma, March, 1867-
March, 1871 : negotiated a Treaty with
the King of Burma: Maj-General, 1868:

C.S.I : died June 17, 1892: wrote Burma
Past and Present, 1878.


(1837- )

Born 1837 : son of Rev. John Galbraith
of Tuam : entered the 85th regt., 1855 :
Lt-Colonel, 1879 : Colonel, 1883 : Maj-
General, 1893 : served in Afghan war as
A.A.G., 1878-80 : Hazara expedition,
1888 : .A..A.G. and Q.M.G. Ireland, 1882-6 :
commanded 2nd class District India,
1886-90 : Adjutant-General in India,
1890-5 : commanded Quetta District,
1895-9 : retired, iSgg : K.C.B., 1897.



Maj-General : son of James Galloway :
joined the 14th Bengal N.I. in 1800 :
served in several regiments : Colonel of
the 58th N.I. in 1836 : was in the defence
of Delhi and at the siege of Bhartpur :
member of the Military Board : C.B.,
1838 : K.C.B. , 1848 : Chairman of the
Court of Directors of the E. I. Co., 1849 :
died April 6, 1850 : wrote several works on
India, among them on Muhammadan Law :
Observations on the Law and Constitution
of India, 1825 ; Notes on the Siege of Delhi
in 1804, etc. ; on Sieges in India and on the
Government of India, 1832.


(1852- )

Born April 14, 1852 : son of Henry
Gallwey : educated at Stonyhurst and
Royal University, Ireland : entered the
Army Medical Department, 1874 : and
became Colonel, 1898 : served in the
Afghan war, 1878-80 : the Egyptian
expedition, 1882; Kassassin and Tel-el-
Kebir, the Soudan expedition, 1884-5 ;
Dongola expedition, 1896 : C.B. : Nile ex-
pedition, 1897-8 : P.M.O., South Africa,
1899-1901 : K.C.M.G. : P.M.O., India, since



Son of Samuel Gambler, nephew of
Baron Gambler : bom in 1794 : educated
at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge :
Fellow : called to the bar at Lincoln's
Inn, 1822 : a municipal corporation Com-


missioner, 1833 : Recorder of Prince of
Wales' Island, and knighted 1834 : Puisne
Judge of the Madras Supreme Court, 1836 :
Chief Justice, 1842 : retired in 1849 : died
May 31, 1879.

Born July 2, 1847, son of Harpur
Gamble, M.D. : educated at Royal Naval
School, New Cross; Magdalen College,
Oxford ; and at Nancy, France : entered
the Indian Forest Department, 1871, and
rose to be Conservator of Forests, N.W,P.,
and Oudh, and Director of Imperial Forest
School, Dehra Dun : author of A Manual
of Indian Timbers, i88r ; The Bamboos of
British India, i?,?,^: CLE., 1899 : F.R.S. :


DORE (1794-1878)

French Oriental scholar : born Jan. 25,
1794 : studied Oriental languages under
Baron Silvestre de Sacy : published a work
on Oriental literature, 1822, in which year
he was Secretary of the Societe Asiatique,
then established : the first Professor of
Hindustani at the special school of Oriental
languages, 1828 : he wrote a History of
Hindi and Hindustani Literature, and
Hindustani Authors and their Works, the
Rudiments of Hindustani and Hindi,
Allegories, Poetic Recitations and Popular
Songs of Arabic, Persian, Hindustani and
Turkish : edited Sir W. Jones' Persian
'Grammar in 1845, and translated El-
Attar's Language of Birds : wrote a num-
"ber of annual progress reports on the whole
field of Indian literature : on the Muham-
madan religion, on Islam d'apres le Coran,
1874: on the Rhetoric and Prosody of the
Muslim Nations, and on the religious
Poetry of the Persians : in 1854-5 he
translated the poet Wall, lind. The Adven-
tures of Kamrup : contributed largely to
the Journals of the Societe Asiatique : was
a member of the Royal Asiatic Society
and of the French Institute from 1838 :
received the Cross of the Legion of Honour,
1837 : died at Paris, Sep. 3, 1878.


TON (1785-1877)

Adventurer : Colonel : born 1785, in
N. America, son of a Doctor, a Scotch
•emigrant : educated for 9 years at St.
Xavier, Mexico : was 5 years in Ireland :


left America, 1812 : travelled to Lisbon,
Madrid, Cairo, Trebizond, Astrakhan,
Astrabad, Herat (18 19), to near Khiva,
Astrakhan, across the Caspian and Aral
Seas, near Uratube, Kunduz, Anderab, to
Afghanistan:, took service under Habi-
bulla Khan, nephew of the Amir Dost
Muhammad {g.v.), engaged in the fights
tween them : after Habibulla's flight in
1826, Gardner wandered, through Kaflr-
istan, Badakshan, Shighnan, among
the Kirghiz, to Yarkand, Leh, Srinagar,
Gilgit, Chitral, Kabul, Kandahar (1830),
Girishk (imprisioned for 9 months), to
Kabul, to Dost Muhammad, to Bajour,
Peshawar, Lahore (1832), where he joined
Ranjit Singh's service, as Colonel of
Artillery : engaged in campaigns, in
Bannu, against the .Afghans (1835), etc. :
commanded the Jaramu artillery: after
Ranjit Singh's death (1839), Gardner
shared in the fighting about the succession
and was at Lahore when the first Sikh war
against the British was declared : bui
was given no active part in either Sikh war :
was exiled from Lahore : entered Golab
Singh's service in J ammu- Kashmir (1846),
and remained there till he died at J ammu,
Jan. 22, 1877 : buried at Sealkot : in his
old age was visited by high officers.

GARDNER, WILLIAM (1821-1897)

Quartermaster-Sergeant : entered the
42 nd Royal Highlanders, 1841, served
through the Crimea, and through the
mutiny : present at the siege of Delhi,
the capture of Lucknow and the action at
Bareli, where he gained the V.C. for saving
the life of Colonel Cameron when attacked
by three Ghazis at once, of whom he killed
two : retired 1862, and became a drill
instructor of Volunteers : died Oct. 1897.



Son of Major Valentine Gardner, and
nephew of the first Lord Gardner : entered
the British Army in the 89th foot in 1783,
and, passing through several regiments,
was Captain in the 30th foot in 1794.
which he left, to join, in 1798, Maharaja
Jaswant Rao Holkar of Indorc, raising and
commanding a Brigade of Infantry for
him. He married a Princess of Cambay.
Holkar accusing Gardner of treachery, the
latter would have killed the Maharaja, but
was prevented. He then entered the



service of Amrit Rao at Poona. Leaving
such adventurous employment, he joined
Lord Lake in 1804, and raised and com-
manded a regiment of irregular horse
under him and Sir David Ochterlony in
Nipal and Rajputana : local Lt-Colonel,
1819 : his regiment, " Gardner's Horse,"
became the 2nd Bengal Cavalry. He
settled at Khasganj, N.W.P. : died July 29,



Son of William Garnett : born June i,
1829 : educated at Addiscombe : went to
India in the Bengal Engineers, 1848 : in
the siege of Multan in 1848 : held the
Chenab fords at Gujarat, 1849 :| was in
the pursuit of the Sikhs : served in Kohat
in 1850: reconstructed the fort there, and
made " Fort Garnett " and other defensive
positions and roads on the Afghan frontier :
engaged in frontier expeditions, and kept
the frontier quiet in the mutiny : in the
P.W.D. Secretariat : died in 1861 in
Calcutta : Colonel.

GARSTIN, JOHN (1756-1820)

Ma j -General : born 1756 : educated for
the .\rmy : given a commission, by
George III, in the Engineers : the first of
his family to go out to India : rose to be
Maj -General of his Corps : Surveyor-
General of Bengal, and Chief Engineer :
chiefly employed in the construction of
civil works, especially the large " Golah "
at Bankipur, intended as a granary in case
of famine : was also the architect of
Government House, Calcutta : " Garstin's
Place " in that city still preserves his
name : translated Paul Frisi's Rivers and
Torrents from the Italian, 1818 : the work
is dedicated to Warren Hastings, his
friend and patron : died Feb. 16, 1820 :
and was buried at Calcutta.

GARTH, SIR RICHARD (1820-1903)

Son of the Rev. Richard Garth : born
March 11, 1820 : educated at Eton and
Christ Church, Oxford : he was Captain
of the Oxford cricket eleven in 1840 and
1 841: called to the bar, at Lincoln's Inn, in
1847 : was Q.C. and a Bencher in 1866 :
was Conserva'cive M.P. for Guildford,
1866-8 : and Chief Justice of Bengal from
1875 to 1886 : knighted in 1875 : made a
Privy Councillor, 1889 : after his retire-

ment retained his interest in Indian
questions : wrote A few Plain Truths about
India : died March 23, 1903.


General : entered the .Army, 1835 :
Brig-.Major in Sir Harry Smith's Division
in the Satlaj campaign, 1845-6 : at all the
battles : on his Staff in the Boer war, 1848,
and Kafir war, 1850-2 : Q.M.G. in Ceylon :
Brigadier at Dover : commanded the
Peshawar Division : succeeded Sir N.
Chamberlain in command in the Umbeyla
campaign, 1863 : K.C.B. : commanded the
N. district in England, 1866-71 : the S.
district, 1877-8 : G.C.B., 1875 : died Nov.
10, 1878.


Born June 3, 1843 : entered the Indian
Army, 1863, and became Colonel, 1893 :
Brig-General, N.W. Frontier, 1898 : served
in Aybssinian expedition, 1868 : Bizoti
expedition, 1869 : Jowaki-.\fridi expedi-
tion, 1S77-8 : Afghan war, 187S-80 :
Kandahar : Brevet-Major : Zhob Valley,
1884 : Hazara, 1891 : C.B., 1891 : Isaza,
1892 : Waziristan, 1894-5 '■ Tirah expedi-
tion, commanding 2nd Brigade, 1897-8 :
K.C.B. , 1898: Officiating Q.M.G. India,
1898 : commanding 2nd class District,
1898-1901 : commanded British Forces
in China, 1900 : Maj-General : G.C.I.E.,

GATACRE, JOHN (1841- )

Son of Edward Lloyd Gatacre : bom
1841 : educated privately : joined the
Bombay Army, 1857, and Bombay Staff
Corps, 1866 : commanded his regt., 1884-
91 : Brig-General at Nagpur, 1891-6 :
Maj-General, 1897 : served in the Indian
mutiny at Khandesh, 1858 : China war,
i860 : Afghan war, 1879-80 : Burmese
expedition, 1886-8 : C.B. 1887.


(1843- )

Bom 1843 : entered the Army, 1862 :
Staff College, 1874 : served in the Hazara
expedition as D.A.G. and D. Q.M.G., 1888 :
D.S.O. : Burma, 1889 : Chitral, 1895 :
C.B. : Soudan, 1898 : K.C.B. : President
of the Plague Committee, Bombay, 1897 :
commanded 3rd Division in S. Africa,
1899-igoo : Maj-General commanding
the loth Division, 4th Array Corps, at
Colchester tUl 1904.





Born Aug. 21, 1805 : entered' the service
of the Bhaunagar State in 1822 : was
employed in various political and revenue
duties : became Assistant Divvan in 1839,
and Diwan in 1846 : introducing many
judicial and revenue reforms, and asserted
the State's rights against its neighbours :
developed its port, commerce, roads, etc. :
appointed Joint Administrator of the State
diuring a minority : C.S.I, in 1877 : retired
from the service of the State in 1879 : in
1886, became a Sanyasi, i.e. ascetic,
renouncing the world : known as Swami
Satchidanund Sarasvati : died Dec. i.



Colonel : served with the 73rd regt. in
the Kafir war, 1850-3 : in the engage-
ments : district adjutant of Natal at the
end of the war : in the Indian mutiny,
towards the end : in 1860-1 commanded
as Brigadier a considerable Field Force
against the Raja of Sikhim : took the Raja's
residence, and forced him to accept the
treaty dictated to him : penetrated to the
Tibet frontier : Keeper of H.M.'s regalia
at the Tower of London : died July 31,



Editor of the Times of India : and
subsequently acquired the Bombay Gazette :
took a prominent part in Bombay muni-
cipal affairs and was at one time Chairman
of the Corporation : wrote Through
Asiatic Turkey : a Narrative of a Journey
from Bombay to the Bosphorus, 1878 :
an able writer, and indefatigable worker^;
exerted no little influence on public events
in India : died Sep. 1900.



Son of Rev. Philip Gell : educated al
Trinity College, Cambridge : Scholar :
Bell University Scholar : Fellow of Christ's
College, 1843 : ordained, 1843 : lecturer
and tutor : Cambridge Preacher at Chapel
Royal, Whitehall : Domestic Chaplain to
Bishop of London (Dr. Tait) : Bishop of
Madras, 1861-9^, when he retired : died
at Coonoor, March 25, 1902 : D.D.



Born at Bagnols, June 25, 1726: of

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