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Chaplain at Lucknow : in the Residency
during the siege in 1857 : wounded :
died from cholera, July 20, 1857 : his
letters and diary were published in 1859.



Born at Lausanne, Feb. 1741 : son of
Jacques H. E. Polier : of French extrac-
tion : naturalized in Switzerland : went
out to India, 1757 : entered the service of
the English E. I. Co. : was Assistant
Engineer at Calcutta, and in 1762 Chief
Engineer, as Captain : his post was given
to an English officer, but restored to him
after an interval, during which he saw
active service under Clive. Further pro-
motion being refused to him, on account
of his nationality, he resigned, 1776, and
by Hastings' help entered the service of
the Nawabs of Oudh, Shuja and Asaf-
ud-daula as architect and engineer : was
driven thence by the enmity of the
Council : served the Mogul Emperor at
Delhi in a military command : Hastings
appointed him Lt-Colonel, with leave to
reside at Lucknow : where he wrote
historical memoirs, and studied Hindu
mythology and poetry : returned to

Europe, 1788 : to Avignon, 1792 : through
his Oriental display of wealth he was
attacked by robbers, and murdered, Feb.
9, 1795 : collected MSS. : the first Euro-
pean who succeeded in obtaining a com-
plete copy of the Vedas : the Pete
collection at Eton College was mainly
made by him.

POLLOCK, SIR DAVID (1780-1847)

Son of David Pollock : brother of Sir
George (q.v.), and Sir J. F. : born Sep. 2,
1780 : educated at St. Paul's School, and
at Edinburgh University : called to the
bar from the Middle Temple, 1803 :
Recorder of Maidstone, 1808 : K.C., 1833:
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,
Bombay, 1846, and knighted : died there
May 22, 1847.

RICHARD (1827-1899)

Son of Sir J. F. Pollock, Bart., Lord
Chief Baron : educated at King's College
School : entered the 49th Bengal N.I.,
1844 : present as Political Officer at the
sieges of Multan in the Panjab campaign,
1848-9 : in several frontier expeditions :
Commissioner of Peshawar : on the
Seistan Boundary Commission, 1872, as
MaJ-General : K.C.S.I., 1873 : retired,
1879 : died Dec. 24, 1899.



Field Marshal : son of David Pollock
of Charing Cross, saddler to Geo. Ill :
born June 4, 1786 : educated at Vauxhall
and the R.M.A., Woolwich : joined the
E. I. Co.'s Bengal Artillery in 1803 : in
Lord Lake's Army against Holkar, in
1804 : was at the siege and occupation
of Deeg, Dec. 25, 1804 : at the siege
of Bhartpur, 1805 : commanded the
Artillery in the Nipal war, 1814-5, in one
of the Divisions : Brig-Major of the
Bengal Artillery : Brevet-Major, 1819 :
in the Burmese war of 1824-6, command-
ing Artillery, at Prome, Maloun, and
Yandaboo : C.B. : Brig-General at Dina-
pur, 1838 : commanded Agra District :
Maj-General, 1838 : at Peshawar in Feb.
1842, in command of the expedition to
relieve Sale at Jalalabad, forced the
Khyber with his Army of Retribution, and
relieved Sale on April 16 : when ordered
by Lord Ellenborough to withdraw from



Afgli.mistan, ho remonstrated, and was
.Ulowed to advance at his own discretion,
and with Nott to retire to India " by way
of Kabul " : he defeated the Afghans at
Maniu Kheyl, Jagdalak, Tczin : entered
Kabul on Sep. i6, where Xott joined him
directly : the British captives, officers,
women and children, in the hands of
Akbar Khan, came from Bamian into
Pollock's camp on Sep. 22 : finally defeat-
ed the Afghans at Istalif on Sep. 29 :
destroyed the Kabul bazar, leaving the
city, Oct. 12, to return to India : Lord
EUenborough received the victorious
armv at Firozpur on Dec. 19 : Pollock was
made G.C.B. and given the command of a
Division : acting Resident at Lucknow,
1843 : MiUtary Member of the Supreme
Council, from Sep. 20, 1844, to March 31,
1847, %vhen he resigned : the E. I. Co.
gave him a pension of £1,000 a year :
Lt-General, "1851 : Government Director
of the E. I. Co., 1854 : General, 1859 :
K.C.S.I., 1861 : G.C.S.I., 1866 : Field
Marshal, 1870 : Constable of the Tower
of London, 1871: Baronet "of the
Khyber Pass " in 1872 : died Oct. 6,
1872 : buried in Westminster Abbey.

HENRY { ? - )
Entered the Indian Army, 1874, and
became Lt-Colonel, 1900 : served in
Jowaki-Afridi expedition, 1877-8 : Af-
ghan war, 1878-9 : Mahsud-Waziri ex-
pedition, 1881 : Tirah expedition, 1897-
8 : China expedition, 1900 : Brevet-
Colonel : C.B., 1903.

Bom June 5, 1831 : son of John Ponti-
fex : educated at Trinity College, Cam-
bridge : Captain of the Cambridge
University Cricket XI, 1853 : called to
the bar at the Inner Temple, 1854 :
Puisne Judge of the High Court, Calcutta,
1872-82 : Legal Adviser to Secretary of
State for India. 1882-92 : K.C.I. E.,

POPE, REV. DR. G. U. (1820- )
Born April 24, 1820 : son of John
Pope : educated at Bury and Hoxton :
worked in South Indian Missions : at
Tinnevelly, 1839-49 : in England, 1849-
51 : Tanjore, 1852-60 : Ootacamund, as
Principal of Grammar School, 1860-70 :

Bangalore, as Warden of Bishop Cotton
Schools, 1870-80 : Manchester, 1880-3 :
Diocesan Secretary S.P.G., Oxford, 1883 :
University Lecturer in Tamil and Telugu,
Oxford : author and editor of a large
number of Tamil books, including The
Poets of the Tamil Lands.



Born Oct. 12, 1762 : son of Stephen
Popham : educated at Westminster and
Cambridge : entered the Navy, 1778 :
served at Cape St. Vincent, in the W.
Indies, Kafraria : in 1787 sailed from
Ostend, commanding a merchant ship, to
India : surveyed New Harbour in the
Hughli for a dockyard : from Calcutta
sailed to Pulo Penang, and took the
Company's fleet to China : his ship was
seized at Ostend for trading contrary to
the E. I. Co.'s charter : served in Flanders :
conveyed troops from the Cape and India
to Egypt : further employed in India :
charges against him of wasteful expendi-
ture were disproved : Naval Commander
of an expedition to the Cape in 1806 :
severely reprimanded by court martial
for leaving the Cape : Captain of the
Fleet at Copenhagen, 1807 : Rear Admiral,
1814 : K.C.B., 1815 : C. in C. on the
Jamaica station, 1817-20 : F.R.S., 1799 =
died Sep. 20, 1820.

POPHAM, WILLIAM (1740-1821)

Brother of Admiral Sir Home R. Pop-
ham iq.v.) : in the 84th regt. : under
Draper at the captvure of Manilla : joined
the Bengal Army as Captain, 1768 : sent
with a force, in 1779, to assist the Rana
of Gohud against the Mahrattas : took
from Sindia the fort of Gwalior by surprise
and escalade, Aug. 3, 1780 : on the
rebellion of Chait Singh, Popham took
the hill fort of Bijaighar : Lt-Colonel,
1782 : Maj-General, 1795 : at the sieges
of Seringapatam under ComwaUis, 1791-2,
and General Harris, 1799 : Lt-General,
1802 : died Feb. 20, 1821.

D.D. (1825-1889)

First Catholic Archbishop of Bombay :
of Scotch extraction : born Aug. 27, 1825:
entered the Society of Jesus, Sep. 7, 1841 :
nominated Archbishop of Bombay : the
first to fill that post in the newly con-



stituted Catholic hierarchy in India,
Dec. 21, 1886 : arrived in India, Feb. 14,
and consecrated at Allahabad, Feb. 27,
1887 : being sent to a tropical climate at
so advanced an age (61), he soon suc-
cumbed to the cUmate and died, Sep. 28,
1889 : buried in the cemetery at Sewree :
his remains were translated to the Bombay
Cathedral : a collection of his private
letters written from India was published
in England.



Son of Rev. James Porter, of the
Presbyterian Church in Ireland : educated
at Glasgow and Cambridge Universities :
third Wrangler : Fellow and Tutor of
Peterhouse, Cambridge : Barrister-at-law :
Principal of Kombakonam College, Madras,
1863-78 : Tutor and Secretary to the
Maharaja of Mysore, 1878-85 : died

Lt-General and Pohtical : born Oct. 3,
1789: son of Eldred Curwen Pottinger :
educated at Belfast : went to sea and to
India to join the marine service, but
entered the Army in Bombay in 1806 :
was sent on a Mission to Sind in 1808, and
in 1 8 10 went in disguise through Sind to
Kelat, Nushki, Shiraz, Ispahan, returning
via. Bagdad and Bussora to Bombay :
served at Poona and Cutch : Lt-Colonel,
1829 : again sent on a Mission to Sind,
1831, and Political Agent there, 1836-
40 : made Baronet on April 27, 1840, for
services in the first Afghan war : became
Maj-General. In 1841 he was SL'Ut to
China as Envoy, and made the Nanking
treaty of peace, 1842 : was made G.C.B. :
Governor of Hongkong, 1843-4 : Privy
Councillor, 1844 : Governor of the Cape
of Good Hope, 1846-7, and Governor of
Madras, 1848-54 : died March 18,
1856 : wrote Travels in Belitchistan and


Major: born Aug. 12, 1811 : son of
Thomas Pottinger : educated at Addis-
combe : went to Bombay in the Artillery,
1827: became Assistant to his uncle. Sir
H. Pottinger {q.v.), then Resident in Sind :
sent in 1837 to explore and obtain infor-
mation in Central Asia : he arrived at
Kabul disguised as a horse-dealer, later
assumed a religious garb : reached Herat
in 1837. The Shah of Persia unsuccess-
fully besieged Herat, from Nov. 23, 1837
to Sep. 9, 1838 : during this time Pottinger
openly assisted the Afghans. His skill,
vigour, and personal courage in its defence
saved the city. He was afterwards
appointed Political Agent at Herat :
made C.B. He was in the Kohistan
above Kabul in 1841 when the Afghans
rose : he escaped to Charikar and Kabul.
When the capitulation to the Afghans was
made, against his advice, he was one of the
three hostages left with Akbar Khan, and
was in captivity for 9 months.until the relief
by General Pollock in Sep. 1842. He was
brought before a Court of Inquiry in
1842-3, for drawing Bills for 19 lakhs in
favour of the Afghans, and for signing a
treaty, but was completely exonerated.
On a visit to his uncle in China, he died
from fever at Hongkong, Nov. 15, 1843 :

Born 1819 : son of E. B. Powell :
educated at Pembroke College, Cam-
bridge : Senior Wrangler : went to Madras,
1848, to take charge of the new High
School : was made Principal of the Presi-
dency College : Director of Public In-
struction, Madras, 1862-75 = retired :
C.S.I. , 1866 : died Nov. 10, 1904 = Ws
statue erected at the Presidency College.


(1754- 1839)

Governor : born March 7, i754 ■ son
of the first Lord Chve : succeeded his
father, 1774 : M.P. for Ludlow : English
Peer, 1794 : Governor of Madras, as Lord
Clive, Sep. 1799 to Aug. 1803 : thanked
by Parliament, 1804, for his services in the
Mahratta war : P.C. and created Earl of
Powis and Viscount Clive, 1804 : nomin-
ated Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, but did
not take up the appointment : remarkable
for his physical vigour : died May 16, 1839.

PRAIN, DAVID (1857- )

Educated at Fettercairn, Aberdeen,

and Universities of Aberdeen and

Edinburgh : entered the Indian Medical

Service, 1884 : Curator of Calcutta



Herbarium, 1887 : Professor of Bo-
tany. Calcutta, 1895 : Director of
Botanical Survey of India : Superinten-
dent of Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta :
author of numerous monographs on
botanical and other scientific subjects.

Born Oct. 24. 163S : Colonel : son of
Rev. William Pratt : educated at Marl-
borough : joined the Indian Army, 1856 :
served in China campaign, i860 : Taku
Forts and Pekin : Afghan war, 1878-80,
in the march from Kabul to Kandahar,
and battle of Kandahar : Brevet - Lt-
Colonel : commanded column in Black
Mountain expedition, 1888 : C.B., 1889 :


( ? -1871)
Educated at Caius CoUege, Cambridge :
B.A., 1833 : third Wrangler : in 1838
appointed Chaplain on the E. I. Co.'s
establishment : Archdeacon of Calcutta,
1850 : author of Mathematical Principles
of Mechanical Philosophy and Scripture
and Science not at Variance : died at
Ghazipur, Dec. 28, 1871 : described as
" a quiet, earnest worker, solitary in his
habits, incessant in his labours, a wise
coimsellor in times of dif&culty, a gifted
mathematician, and an ardent though
undemonstrative controversialist."

DALYRMPLE (1834- )

Bom Oct. 15, 1834 : son of Thomas
Prendergast, M.C.S. : educated at Chelten-
ham and Addiscombe : entered the Indian
Engineers in Madras, 1854 : became
General, 1887 : served in the Persian war,
1857 : in the Indian mutiny, 1857-8 : in
the Central India Field Force : severely
wounded : gained the V.C. on Nov. 21,
1857, at Mandiswar, saving the life of Lt.
Dew, 14th Light Dragoons, at the risk of
his own, by attempting to cut down a
rebel : also for gallantry in actions, when
A.D.C. to Sir Hugh Rose, at Ratghar and
Betwa : severely wounded : Brevet-
Major : in Abyssinian war, 1867-8 :
Brevet - Colonel : commanded Sappers
in Indian e.xpedition to Malta, 1878 :
acted as Military Secretary to Government
of Madras : commanded Western Dis-
trict, 1880 : Ceded Districts, 1881 : as

Q.M.G., commanded the British Bur-
ma Division, 1883 : Hyderabad Sub-
sidiary Force, 1884 : Burma expedi-
tion. 1885-6 : Officiating Resident in
travancore and Cochin, 1887 : Officiating
Resident in Mysore, 1887 : Governor-
General's Agent in Baroda, 1889 : Officiat-
ing Governor-General's Agent in Beluchis-
tan, 1889 : Officiating Resident in Mysore,
1891-2 : K.C.B., 1885 ■• G.C.B., 1902.



Son of Thomas Prendergast : born
1769 : given an appointment in S.Domingo
at the age of 15, he was captured en rotite^
taken to France, but escaped to England :
became a cadet in the E. I. Co.'s MiUtary
Service : went to Madras : served in the
Madras Fusiliers in Mysore and at Seringa^
patam, 1779 : was on the guard placed
over Tippoo's body : A.D.C. to General
(Lord) Harris at Madras : stationed at
Fort St. George, rose to be MilitaryAuditor-
General : absent from Europe for 40-
years : knighted : died at Brighton, July,

I.C.S. : son of Sir Jeffery Prendergast :
born 1806 : educated at Haileybury, 1825-
6 : entered the E. I. Co.'s Madras Civil
Service, 1826 : Magistrate and Collector-
of Ganjam : retired, 1859 : became bUnd :
pnhVishedThe Mastery System of Languages,
or the Art of speaking Foreign Languages
idiomatically, and manuals for several
languages on his system, which he
had applied to the Madras vernaculars :
died Nov. 14, 1886.


(1845- )

Bom March i, 1845 : son of Rev. J. R.
Pretyman : educated at Wimbledon and
Woolwich: joined the R. A., 1865 : served
in Canada during Fenian raids, 1866 and
1870 : A.D.C. to General Roberts during
Afghan war, 1878-80 : in the Kabul-
Kandahar march : Brevet-Major and Lt-
Colonel : Military Secretary to Sir F.
Roberts as C. in C. Madras, 1S81-4 :
A.A.G. for R.A. in India, 1887-9 = com-
manded second class District, Bengal,
1889-94 : Maj-General, 1897 : Comman-
dant, Headquarters, S. Africa, 1899-
1900 : commanded Kimberley District



190 r : commanding first-class District,
India : C.B.. 1896 : K.C.M.G., 1900.

PRICE, DAVID (1762-1835)
Major : born 1762 : educated at Breck-
nock, and Jesus College, Cambridge : Sizar :
enlisted in the E. I. Co.'s service : went
to India, 1781 : served under Sir Hector
Munro in Madras and against Tippoo up to
1783 : at the siege of Dharwar, Feb. 1791,
lost a leg: Judge Advocate of the Bom-
bay Army, 1795: served in Poona, Surat,
Seringapatam, and Malabar in 1797-8 :
studied Persian : collected MSS. at Surat :
Persian Translator to General James
Stuart (q.v.) in the Mysore war : left India,
1805 : wrote works on Indian, Persian
and Arabian History, including A Chrono-
logical Retrospect of Muhammadan History,
1811-21 ; Autobiography of the Emperor
Jehangir. 1829 ; Autobiographical Memoirs,
published 1839 : gold medallist of the
Oriental Translation Committee: M.R.A.S.:
M.R.S.L. : died Dec. 16, 1835.


(1839- )

I.C.S. : son of John Price : born Oct.
3, 1839: educated at Melbourne University:
went to Madras in the Civil Service, 1862 :
retired, 1897 : Chief Secretary to Govern-
ment of Madras, 1888 : Member of Legisla-
tive Council, Madras : C.S.I., 1893 :
K.C.S.I., 1898 : translated from Tamil
The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pil-
lai, Ij36-iy6i, the confidential agent of


(1840- )

Born April 30, 1840 : son of F. W.
Prideaux, Revenue Secretary, India Office :
educated at Aldenham : served in India
Office, 1859 : joined the Bombay Army,
i860, and Staff Corps, 1865 : served with
Mr. Rassam's Mission to King Theodore
of Abyssinia, 1864 : imprisoned at Magdala,
July, 1866, to April, 1868 : employed
under the Foreign Office in India : Acting
Consul-General at Zanzibar, 1873-5 '■ in
the Persian Gulf, 1876-7 : Resident in
Jaipur, Oodeypur, and Kashmir : Colonel,
1890 : C.S.I., 1895 : has published The
Lay of the Himyariks, many papers on
archaeology and numismatics, besides bib-
liographical works.


(1846- )

Born Aug. 22, 1846 : son of Hon. B. F.
Primrose : educated at Glenalmond and
Balliol College, Oxford : entered the
Treasury, 1869 : Private Secretary to
Lord Ripon, Viceroy of India, 1880-4 '•
C.S.I. : Private Secretary to Mr. Gladstone,
1886 : Chairman, Board of Customs,
1895-9 : Chairman, Board of Inland
Revenue, since 1899 : K.C.B., 1899.



General : educated at Sandhurst :
joined the Army, 1837 : with the 43rd
regt. in the Kafir war, 1851-3 : in the
mutiny, at Kirwi and other engagements,
1857-8 : held a command at Aldershot :
in the Afghan war, 1879-80 : commanded
the first Division of the Kandahar Field
Force, 1879, and the whole force in suc-
cession to Sir D. M. Stewart {q.v.) in 1880 :
besieged at Kandahar by Ayub Khan
after Maiwand, 1880 : died Nov. 25, 1892:

PRINGLE, A. T. (about 1852-1904)

Assistant Secretary to the Madras
Government, and a writer of note, whose
labours and research have earned the
gratitude of many better known workers :
he edited Hand List of Old Madras Records :
compiled a Catalogue of Books and Serial
A rticles relating to Language in the Imperial
Library, Calcutta, 1899 : edited the
Diary and Consultation Book of the Agent
(President) Governor and Council of Fort
St. George, 1682, 1894 : died Jan. i,
1904, at Madras.



I.C.S. : son of Alexander Pringle :
educated at the old High School, Edin-
burgh, and at Haileybury : joined the
Bombay C.S., 1820 : was Chief Secretary
to the Government of Bombay : Master
of the Mint : acting Member of Council :
succeeded Sir C. Napier in the Govern-
ment of Sind, 1847 : retired, 1854 : died
Jan. 12, 1897.



Second son of John Prinsep, brother of
Henry Thoby Prinsep {q.v.) and James



Prinscp (q.v.) : born March 28, 1790 :
educated at Tunbridge and St. John's
Cullese. Cambridge : called to the bar from
the Inner Temple, 1S17 : practised at the
Calcutta bar from 1824 : LL.D. : became
Standing Counsel : officiated as Advocate-
Cicneral of Bengal, 1S46, and 1849, and
held the post from 1852-5, when he
retired: died June 8, 1864.


I.C.S. : son of John Prinsep, M.P. :
(q.v.) : born July 15, 1792, at Thoby Priory,
in Essex : educated privately, at Tun-
bridge and at the E. I. Co.'s College at
Hertford Castle : arrived in Bengal in
1S09 : became Assistant Secretary to the
Govemor-General.the Marquis of Hastings,
in 1814, whom he accompanied on his tour
through Oudh, the N.W.P. and in the
Xioal, Pindari and Mahratta wars :
published A History of the Political and
Military Transactions in India during
the Administration of the Marquis of
Hastings, 1823 : was the first Superinten-
dent and Remembrancer of legal affairs :
inquired into Patni tenures, and, on his
report, the famous Patni Regulation of
1S19 was passed : Persian Secretary to
Government, 1820: Secretary, in the
Territorial Department, 1826 : Chief
Secretary, 1834 : Member of the Supreme
Council, temporarily, in 1835, substan-
tively, 1840-3 : retired, 1843 : was unsuc-
cessful in attempts to enter Parliament for
the Kilmarnock Burghs, Dartmouth and
Dover : M.P. for Harwich, 1850, but
unseated for defective property qualifica-
tion, and unsuccessful at the fresh election :
became a Director of the E.I. Co., 1850:
was one of the original members chosen
by!the E. I. Co. for the new Council of
India in 1858, retaining the post till 1874 :
translated the Memoirs of a Pathan Soldier
of Fortune, the Nawab Muhammad Amir
Khan, 1832 : WTOte on The Origin of the
Sikh Power in the Pan jab : on Tibet,
Tartary and Mongolia, 1851 ; on the India
Question in 1853, A History of the Life of
Ranjit Singh, Historical Results from
Discoveries in Afghanistan, and published
the Register of the Bengal Civil Servants,
1790-1842 : was the chief founder of the
Bengal Civil Fund : on his actuarial
calculations (approved by professional
actuaries in London) the fund was started :
also wrote poetry : died Feb. ri, 1878.


(1830- )

Born 1836 : son of Henry Thoby
Prinsep {q.v.) : educated at Harrow and
Haileybury : arrived in India on Dec. 7,
1855 : Assistant Magistrate at Midnapur
during the mutiny, and as Civil Officer
accompanied a Naval Brigade with light
guns sent from Midnapur to join troops, to
subdue a rising among the Kols : became
Registrar of the Sadr Court in Jan. 1862,
and of the High Court on its establishment
on July I of the same year : held several
temporary appointments before becoming
a District Judge in 1867 : Judicial Com-
missioner in Mysore, 1875-6, officiating
Judge of the Calcutta High Court, 1877,
confirmed in 1878 : he acted as Chief
Justice in 1902 : presided, in 1893-4, over
the Jury Commission, and, in 1896-8,
joined the Governor-General's Legislative
Council to assist in revising the Codes of
Criminal and CivU Procedure : knighted
in 1894, and made K.C.I.E. on retirement
in March, 1904. For 26 years he 'vas
District Grand Master of the Freemasons
in Bengal, and was the last of the members
of the Indian Civil Service educated at
Haileybury employed in India.

PRINSEP, JAMES (1799-1840)

Seventh son of John Prinsep and brother
of Charles Robert and Henry Thoby
Prinsep (g.v.) : born Aug. 20, 1799 : went to
India in 1819 as Assistant Assay-master
to the Calcutta Mint : Assay-master at
the Benares Mint, 1820-30 : Deputy in
1830, and Assay-master, 1832-8, at the
Calcutta Mint : died April 22, 1840, from
softening of the brain caused by overwork.
At Benares, he constructed a new Mint,
and Church : built a bridge over the
Karamnassa : was Member and Secretary
of the Benares Committee for public
improvements : established a Literary
Institution : published Views and Illustra-
tions of Benares, 1825: at Calcutta:
contributed to and edited the Gleamings
of Science, which was developed into the
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,
of which he was Secretary, 1832-8 : also,
at Calcutta, finished the canal, linking
the river Hughli with the Sundarbans,
which had been commenced by his brother.
Captain Thomas Prinsep, Bengal Engineers,
who had died suddenly through an accident.
He devoted himself to literarj' and scien-



tific pursuits of many kinds — chemistry,
mineralogy, meteorology, Indian inscrip
tions, numismatics and antiquities ; deci-
phered the Asoka edicts on pillars androcks,
initiated projects, which were accepted,
for reforming weights and measures, and
for introducing a uniform coinage of the
Company's rupees of 1835. His essays
on Indian subjects were collected and
published in two volumes. He was
F.R.S., and corresponding Member of
foreign learned institutions. " Prinsep's
Ghat," south of Fort William, at Calcutta.
was erected by the citizens of Calcutta in
his memory.

PRINSEP, JOHN (1746-1830)

Born April 23, 1746 : son of Rev. John
Prinsep, Vicsir of Bicester : went out to
India as a Cadet in 1771 : never joined
the Army : resigned his Commission in
1772 : was employed in several commercial

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