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ROSE, SIR JOHN { ? -1852)

Entered the E. L Co.'s service, 1795 :
was at Malavilli and Seringapatam :
in Baird's expedition to Egypt : in the
Bombay Army, in Gujarat, 1 801-2 : in
the Mahratta war under Lake, at Agra,
Gwalior, Delhi, in the pursuit of Holkar,
1805 : in the Nipal war, 1815 : Pindari
war, 1818 : retired, 1823 : K.C.B., 1838 :
Lt-General, 1846 : died Sep. 9, 1852.

ROSS, ALEXANDER (1777- ? )

I.C.S. : went to India, at 18, in 1795-6 :
Judge of the Provincial Court at BareU,
1811 : was Resident at Delhi, 1820-3 '■
Puisne Judge of the Sadr Court, 1825 :
First Judge, 1831 : Member of the Supreme
Council, Jan. 1833 : permanently in Oct.
1833 : Governor of Agra, Dec. 1835, to
June, 1836: abolished transit duties:
President in Council and Deputy-Governor
of Bengal, Oct. 20, 1837, to Oct. 15, 1838,
when he retired.


(1840- )

Born Jan. 9,1840: son of Alexander Ross,
I.C.S. : educated at Edinburgh Academy
and University : joined the Indian Army,
1857, and Indian Staff Corps. 1897: became
Lt-General, 1897 : served in Indian
mutiny, 1858-9 : raised mule transport

for Abyssinian campaign and commanded
it, 1868 : at the capture of Magdala : in
the N.W. Frontier, Jowaki expedition.
1877-8 : Afghan war, 1878-9 : at Ali-
Masjid : Brevet-Lt-Colonel: N.W. Frontier,
Mahsud-Waziri, 1881 : Zhob Valley, 1890 :
commanded Panjab Frontier Force
column : C.B., 1887.


Educated at the Edinburgh Academy :
entered the Army, 1841 : became Lt-
General, 1886 : General, 1890 : served in
N.W. frontier operations, 1852-3 : in the
mutiny : in the defence of the Kumaon
hills, the action of Charpoora, and other
engagements : in the Umbeyla campaign,
1863 : in action at the Craig picket : Brevet-
Lt-Colonel : in Jowaki-Afridi campaign,
1878 : K.C.B. : died June 20, 1892.

ROSS, DANIEL (1780-1849 ?)

Born 1780 : a distinguished hydro-
grapher : the first Surveyor of his age :
Marine Surveyor-General for India : Mas-
ter Attendant at Bombay till 1849, when
he retired on account of old age : President
of the Bombay Geographical Society : his
service of fifty years was of the utmost
value in the cause of science, especially
of geography and navigation : his charts
were always trustworthy.


(1830- )

Born Sep. 23, 1836 : son of D. R. Ross,
M.P. : educated at Edinburgh Academy :
entered the Indian military service, 1855 :
served with Central India Field Force in
the mutiny, 1857-8 : joined the Political
Service, 1863 : Resident in Persian Gulf,
1872-91 : C.S.I. , 1882 : K.B., 1892.


Born June 6, 1871 : son of Rev.
Alexander J. Ross, D.D. : educated at
Marlborough and University College,
London : studied Oriental languages in
Paris and Strasburg : Professor of Persian
in University College, London, 1896-1901 :
Principal of the Calcutta Madrasa, since
1 901 : author of The Early Years of Shah
Ismail, The Tarikh-i-Rashidi : a History
of the Moguls of Central India, The Heart
of Asia (with F. H. B. Skrine), Life and
Times of Omar Khayyam, Introduction to
Beck ford's Vathek, etc. : Ph.D.



ROSS, SIR JOHN (1829-1905)

Horn Mardi iS, iSji) : son of F. M. Sir
Hew Oalrymple Ross, G.C.B. : joined the
Rille Brigade. 1846 : served in the Crimea.
at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol. 1854-
5 : in Indian mutiny, at the battle of
Cawnpur and capture of Lucknow : at
Kalpi, and in the Central India campaign,
1857-8 : Brevet-Lt-Col. and C.B. : N.W.
Frontier. 1S63-4 : Brig-General, Bengal
1874, and 1875-80 : commanded Perak
expedition in the Malay Peninsula. 1875-6,
and the Indian forces sent to Malta, 1878 :
in the Afghan war, 1878-80, commanded
::nd Division Kabul Field Force : and in
the Kabul-Kandahar march commanded
the Infantry Division, and was second in
command under Sir F. Roberts : K.C.B. :
commanded the Poona Division of Bombay-
Army, 1881-6 : C. in C. Canada, 1888-93 =
General and G.C.B. , 1891 : Colonel Com-
mandant of the Rifle Brigade, 1903 : died
Jan. 5, 1905.

ROSS, PATRICK (1740 7-1804)

Born about 1740 : joined the Engineers,
1758: served in the W. Indies: Chief
Engineer and Lt-Colonel at Madras, 1770 :
Member of Council : Chief Engineer in
operations against Tanjore, 1771-5 : re-
novated the defences of Fort St. George at
Madras, 1778 : served at the Cape against
the Dutch and under Stuart against
Tippoo, 1783 : at the siege of Cudda-
lore, 1783 : under Cornwallis in 1791
against Tippoo : took Savandrug, Dec.
1791: at siege of Seringapatam, 1792 :Maj-
General, 1797 : superintended operations
of 1798-9 : went home in 1802 : M.P. for
Horsham, 1802 : died Aug. 24, 1804.



Major : son of General Sir C. C. G. Ross,
{q.v.)K.C.B.: educated at St. Bartholomew's
Hospital, London : entered IndianMedical
Service, 1881 : commenced special study
of malaria, 1892 : discovered life history
of malaria parasites in mosquitoes, 1897-8
visited West Africa, 1899 : retired, 1899
author of scientific works : C.B., 1902 .
F.R.S., 1901 : F.R.C.S., 1901 : Professor
of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool.

Major : joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers.
1886, and Indian Staff Corps, 1900 : served

in the Burmese expedition, 1886-7 = Com-
mandant Kuram Militia, 1894-7 : Political
Officer with Kuram column, Tirah expe-
dition, 1897-8: N.W. Frontier. 1898-9:
CLE. and Brevet-Major, Political Officer
in charge of Khyber Pass, 1899 : author of
A Manual of Pushtu, etc. : F.R.G.S.

ROST, REINHOLD (1822-1896)

Born Feb. 2, 1822, at Eisenberg in Saxe-
Altenburg : son of Charles Rost : educated
at Jena University, Ph.D : came to Eng-
land, 1847, and, 1851-96, was Oriental
Lecturer at St. Augustine's Missionary
College, Canterbury : became Secretary
to the Royal Asiatic Society, 1863, and
Librarian at the India Office, 1869 : retired
1839 : LL.D., Edinburgh, 1877 : CLE.,
1888 : knew 20 to 30 Oriental languages,
including Sanskrit, Pali, Tamil, Telugu,
Burmese, Malay, Malagasy, Swahili, be-
sides Arabic, Urdu, and dialects of Africa,
China, etc., some completely, some suffici-
ently to teach : he edited H. H. Wilson's
Essays on Sanskrit Literature and the
Religion of the Hindus : Brian Hodgson's
Essays on Indian Subjects : Trubner's
Oriental Record : and published papers
on Indo-China : among his works were
articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica,
and the Athenceunu on Oriental] philology :
a Treatise on the Indian Sources of the
Ancient Burmese Laws, etc. etc. : one of
the greaetst linguists of the age : honoured
by learned Societies and decorated by
foreign countries : died Feb. 7, 1896.

ROTH, RUDOLPH VON (1821-1895)

Born April 3, 1821, at Stuttgart:
educated at TiJbingen, under Heinrich
Ewald : took the degree of Ph. D. : studied
at Paris under Burnouf : and in England,
working at Vedic and Zend MSS. at the
India House and the Bodleian : at Tiibin-
gen, 1846, published treatises on the
Literature and History of the \'edas : in
1848 Extraordinary, and in 1856 Ordinary
Professor, and Chief of the University
Library : collaborating with Bohtlingk
{q.v.) he dealt with the Vedic period in the
Sanskrit Dictionary of the Imperial
Academy of St. Petersburg, 1855-75 : he
was the real founder of Vedic philology :
edited the Atharva Veda : catalogued the
Indian MSS. in the University Library
of Tilbingen, 1865 : contributed largely
to scientific Journals, chiefly articles on



the Vedas : wrote also on Indian medicine,
and on the Avesta, and lectured on the
history of religions : ennobled by the
King of Wurtemburg for his Oriental
scholarship : died at Tiibingen, June 23,



Colonel : entered the Army, 1841 : in
the Satlaj campaign, 1845-6 : in Colonel
Mackeson's force against the Hasanzais,
1852-3 : in Pegu, 1854 : at Ludiana in
1857, held it with the 4th Sikh N.I : with
the regt. at the siege and taking of Delhi,
1857, and many subsequent engagements :
joined the Bengal Staff Corps : commanded
the Lahore Division : Lt-Colonel, 1867 :
C.S.I. , 1868 : and C.B. : died Jan. i, 1881.



Danish Missionary and botanist : born
June, 1749 : educated at the Gymnasium
and University, Strasburg : ordained at
Copenhagen, 1775 : reached Tranquebar,
1776 : studied Tamil, and Indian Botany :
made Doctor of Philosophy by the Univer-
sity of Erlangen, 1795 : supplied botanical
specimens of S. Indian flora to Europe :
toured in Ceylon, 1796 : many of his
plants and the catalogue sent to Kew : to
Madras, 1803 : Secretary and Chaplain
of the Female Orphan Asylum from 1808 :
Chaplain at Pulicat, 1814-8 : left the
Danish Mission, and succeeded Paezold
in the Vepery Mission, Madras, 1817, under
the S.P.C.K. : died Jan. 24, 1836 : made a
Tamil dictionary, and translated the
Prayer Book into Tamil.


(1863- )

Born May 30, 1863 : son of Rev. G. H.
Rouse : educated at Doveton College,
Calcutta, and Christ's College, Cambridge :
Scholar and Fellow : Master at Bedford
Grammar School, 1886-8 : Cheltenham
College, 1890-5 : Rugby School, 1896-
1901 : Headmaster Perse Grammar School,
Cambridge, since igoi : editor of The
Jaiaka, or Stories of the Buddha's former
Births, translated from the Pali by various
hands, The Giant Crab, and other Tales
of Old India, The Talking Thrush and
other Indian Stortes, several of the Temple
Classics and other school books : Lift. D. :

F.R.G.S. : M.R.A.S. : Univ. Teacher of
Sanskrit, 1903.

ROUTLEDGE, JAMES (1829-1898)

Journalist : began his career in the N. of
England: went to Calcutta, 1869 : edited
the Friend of India, and was correspondent
for India to the Titnes : left India in
1872 : became Editor of the Oudh Adver-
tiser, and the Western Daily Mercury : died
April 25, 1898 : wrote English Rule and
Native Opinion in India, 1878.


Entered the Army, 1849, and became
General, 1894 : served in the Crimea,
1854-5 : V.C. and Brevet-Major : Kafir
war, 1877-9 : commanded Bangalore
District of the Madras Army, 1884-9 =
commanded Scottish District, 1895-6 :
K.C.B., 1898.


Born June 3, 175 1 : educated at Edin-
burgh : became a Surgeon's Mate in the
E. I. Co.'s marine : M.D. : and Assistant
Surgeon in the Madras medical service in
1776 : in charge of the Botanic Garden
at Samulcotta, near Coconada, 1781-93:
studied the flora of the Northern Sircars :
the E. I. Co.'s Botanist in the Carnatic :
Plants of the Coast of Coromandel published
from his drawings : appointed first Super-
intendent of the Botanic Gardenn, ear
Calcutta, and Chief Botanist of the E. I. Co.
in 1793 : held the offices, until he retired
in 1813 : died at Edinburgh, Feb. 18, 1815 :
F.R.A.S. : F.L.S. : F.S. Arts, and F.R.S.,
Edinburgh : wrote the Hortus Bengalensis,
and Flora Indica, which was not published
complete until 1832, " an admirable pro-
duction : the descriptions are accurate and
graphic, and its authorship justly entitles
Roxburgh to his title of the ' Father of In-
dian Botany ' " : wrote A Botanical Descrip-
tion of a New Species of Swietenia, a Mahog-
any, besides papers for the Linnaan Society,
the Society of Arts, in Asiatic Researches,
etc. etc. : a most ardent and enthusiastic
botanist, and a good gardener : the first
botanist who attempted to draw up a
systematic account of the plants of India :
he paid much attention also to economic
botany. His monument, with a Latin
inscription by Bishop Hebcr, is in the
Royal Botanic Garden, near Calcutta.



ROYDS. SIR JOHN (1752-1817)
I'liisne Jud,i;e of the Supreme Court,
Calcutta, for more than zo years. " during
which period he conscientiously discharged
his important duties with honour to him-
self and with advantage to the public,
while lie lenefiteJ and adorned the society
in which he lived by the benevolence of his
disposition and the accomplishments of a
scholar and gentleman " : Vice-President
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1815 :
died Sep. 24, 1817.

ROYLE, JOHN FORBES (1799-1858)

Son of Capt. William Henry Royle :
born at Cawnpur, 1799 : educated at
Edinburgh and Addiscombe, but became
an Assistant Surgson in Bengal, 1819 :
M.D. : Superintendent of the Botanic
Garden at Saharanpur, 1823-31 : cul-
tivated useful vegetable products : retired :
Doctor of Medicine, Munich : wrote Illus-
tratioiis of the Botany and Natural His-
tory of the Himalaya Mountains, 1839 :
advocated the introduction of cinchona
into India : Professor of Materia Medica
and Therapeutics at King's College,
London, 1837-56: |had charge of a
museum, at the India House, of vegetable
productions of India ; was F.R.S., F.L.S.,
Fellow and Secretary of the Geological,
Linnaean, Royal Asiatic, and Royal
Horticultural Societies : wrote a manual
on Materia Medica, 184' : a book on the
fibrous plants of India, and works on
cotton and other products, and the Natural
History of India : distinguished for his
practical application of botanic science :
a Commissioner of the great Exhibition of
1851. and in charge of the Indian Depart-
ment : also at the Paris Exhibition, 1855 :
died Jan. 2, 1858.

JOHN (1844- )

Born Dec. 3, 1844 : son of Dr. John
Forbes Royle (q.v.): educated at King's
College School, London, and Addiscombe :
joined the Army, 1862, and retired
through ill-health, 1867 : Superintendent,
Indian Museum, 1874-9 • Statistical
Department, India Office, 1879-91 : CLE.,

ROY, RAMA PRASAD ( ? -1862)

Youngest son of Raja Ram Mohan Roy
iq.v.) : prac'isedin the Sadr Court, Calcutta:

the first Government Pleader : Member
of the Bengal Legislative Council on its
formation, 1862 : would have been a
Puisne Judge of the High Court, but for
his death, 1862 : his family had been
outcasted for his father's visit to England,
but he had purchased re-admission to
caste : left a very large fortune, made at
the bar.

ROY, RAJA RAMMOHAN (1772-1833)

Son of Ramkanta Roy, who was manager
of some estates of the Maharaja of Burd-
wan : studied Persian and Arabic at
Patna : and Sanskrit at Benares : was
particularly well versed in Sanskrit litera-
tur,". At the age of 15 he published his
famous work on Idolatry in Bengali, in
which he contended that the popular
religion of the Hindus was contrary to
the practice of their ancestors and the
doctrine of the ancient authorities. For
this he incurred his father's displeasure and
was turned out of the house : he wandered
for 4 years, even to Tibet. He was read-
mitted by his mother on his father's death.
At the age of 21 he commenced the study
of English, in which he became proficient :
he also studied French, Latin, Greek, and
Hebrew. Employed in the Collectorate
at Rangpur, he rose to be Sarishtadar, but
retired from Government service in 1813.
He then commenced a crusade against the
popular religion. Going to Calcutta, he
translated into Bengali the Vedanta and the
V edantasara and the Upanishads : the
latter he also translated into English. He
studied the Koran in Arabic, the Old
Testament in Hebrew, and the New Testa-
ment in Greek. In 1820 he published, in
Sanskrit and Bengali, Precepts of Jesus, the
Guide to Peace and Happiness, in which he
denied the Divinity of Christ. This
brought him into controversy with the
Serampur Missionaries, and on their
refusal to print his Final Appeal, he
established a press of his own. Dr. Marsh-
man answered him, and the publications
attracted considerable attention, both in
England and America. Rammohan soon
after founded a Periodical, called The
Brahmanical Magazine, with the object of
defending the religious books of the
Hindus. He formed a religious associa-
tion, called the Atmya Sabha, and in
1828 founded the Brahmo Samaj " for the
worship and adoration of the Eternal,
Unsearchable, Immutable Being, who is



the Author and Preserver of th? Universe."
The objects of the new Church were
described in the trust-deed of 1830. This
new Theism aimed at " the calm worship
of the Deity, the practice of virtue and
charity, reverence for all that is sincere
and helpful in every faith, and active
participation in every movement for the
bettering of mankind." He claimed to
have established a pure monotheistic form
of worship for the benefit of Hindus,
Muhamadans, and Christians. As a
social reformer he preached against Sati,
Polygamy and Kulinism, and advocated
the remarriage of widows. In 1830 he
received the title of Raja from the ex-
Emperor of Delhi, and was deputed by
him to visit England, to advocate certain
claims. There, as a republican in his
politics, he was well received by the reform-
ing liberals and advanced thinkers. In
1 83 1 he visited France : returned to
England, he was present at the passing of
the India Bill in 1833. Max Miiller,
Monier Williams, the poet Campbell,
Brougham and Bentham befriended him.
In 1833, on the invitation of Dr. Carpenter,
he went to live at Bristol and, while
meditating a voyage to America, died of
fever, at Stapleton Grove, on Sep. 27,
1833. He was one of the founders of the
Hindu College in Calcutta in 1817, and in
1823 addressed a letter to Lord Amherst
on the comparative merits of English and
Sanskrit education.



Governor : son of William Rumbold :
bom June 15, 1736 : went out as a writer
in the E.I. Co. 's Civil Service, 1752, but
changed to the Army : served under Strin-
ger Lawrence,- 1 75 4, under CUve at Calcutta,
1756-7. and was his A.D.C. at Plassy :
"' Chief " at Patna, 1763 : Member of
Council in Bengal, 1766-9 : retired : M.P.
for Shoreham, 1770 : was Governor of
Madras, Feb. 1778, to April, 1780 : had
difficulties in connexion with the Northern
Sircars, readjusting the system previously
in force : took Pondicherry, Oct. 17, 1778 :
made a Baronet : in anticipation of Hyder
All's threatened invasion of the Carnatic,
made arrangements to depose him : retired
from ill-health : treated in England as
responsible for Hyder's invasion and
dismissed the service by the Court of
Directors : on inquiry by Parliament, the

charges, including those of corruption and
oppression, against him were defeated and
he was acquitted, but his case was unfairly
represented for a long time : was M.P. for
Yarmouth, 1781, and Weymouth, 1784-90 :
he died Nov. 11, 1791.


(1823- )

Born Dec. 22, 1823 : son of Col, Charles
Rundall : educated at Kensington and
Addiscombe : joined the Indian Engineers
at Madras, 1843 : served in the P.W.D.
under Sir Arthur Cotton, in the Godavery
District, till 185 1 : held various irrigation
charges : Chief Engineer for E. I. Irrigation
Company's Bihar and Orissa Irrigation
works, 1861 : Chief Engineer to Govern-
ment of Bengal for Irrigation, 1866 :
Inspr-General of Irrigation with the
Government of India, 1871-4 : retired,
1874 : C.S.I., 1875 : General, 1885.


(1851- )

Born May 18, 1851 : son of General
F. H. Rundall [q.v.], R.E. : educated at
Marlborough : joined the Berkshire regt.,
and Indian Staff Corps : served in Upper
Burma on Staff of General Lockhart,
1886-7 : Chin-Lushai expedition, 1889-
90 : commanded in the Chin Hills and
conducted operations against Kanhow
Chins, 1891 : D.S.O. : Manipur expedition,
1891 : Waziristan campaign, 1895-6 :
China expedition, 1900-1 : Lt-Colonel :
author of Manual of Chin Language.

VIRAVALLI (1831-1883)

Born 1831 : son of a clerk in the Chingle-
put District (Madras) : educated at
Pachaiyappa's School and the High
School, Madras : served in the Chingleput,
Salem and Nellore Districts : in 1859 was
appointed Special Assistant to the Inam
Commission, and, when that work came
to an end, was entrusted with the special
duty of reporting on the working of Indian
Railways : became Treasury Deputy
Collector at Calicut (1864). and in 1868
was appointed Comptroller of the Mysore
Palace : in 1874 he published a pamphlet
on The British Administration of Mysore :
became Revenue Secretary to the Chief
Commissioner of Mysore: CLE. in 1880 :
in 1881 was appointed Diwan of Mysore.



The reorganization of the Judicial and
Forest Departments, the introduction of
Railways, the reduction of the State debt,
and the organization of the Representative
Assembly of notables occupied his
attention, but he did not live long enough
to see his reforms completed. He died in

RUSSELL, SIR DAVID (1809-1884)
Son of Col. James Russell : bom 1809 :
educated at Edinburgh and Dresden :
entered the Army, 1828 : commanded the
5th Brigade at the relief of Lucknow by
Sir Colin Campbell : and a Brigade at the
assaults on the Alambagh, and at the
capture of Lucknow : C.B. : K.C.B. in
1871 : Lt-General, 1871 : General, 1877 :
commanded the S.E. District, 1868-72 :
died Jan. 16, 1884.



Son of Maj-General L. C. S. Russell,
C.B. : born in 1818 : educated at Trinity
College, Cambridge : joined the 12th
Bombay N.I. in 1837, and served in the
Afghan and Bind campaigns of 1842-3 :
was Adjutant of the Sind Irregular
Horse at Miani, Hyderabad, Oomercote :
Military Secretary in 1856 to Lord Elphin-
stone. Governor of Bombay : in co mm and
at the base in the Abyssinian expedition of
1868, and was made a K.C.S.I. for his
services : Political Resident and Com-
mandant at Aden, 1868-71 : commanded
the Northern Division of the Bombay
Army, 1872-6, and then retired : General,
1877 : died at Bath, Jan. 1904.



I.CS. : son of Claud Russell, M.C.S. :
educated at Eton : went out to Madras in
the Civil Service, 1802 : Member of the
Board of Revenue, Madras, 1822 : First
Member, 1824 : acting Resident at Mysore,
1832 : Special Commissioner, 1832, to
inquire into the causes of disturbances in
Ganjam and Vizagapatam : restored tran-
quillity in 1834 : on the occurrence of
disturbances in Gumsur, 1835, Russell was
sent on a special mission and quelled the
insurrection there and among the Khonds :
Member of Council, Madras, Sep. 1834, to
Jan. 1838 : retired : died Oct. 20, 1863.

ERSKINE (is,-,;j- )

Born Feb. 3, 1853 : son of Lord Charles
Russell : educated at Harrow and Univer-
sity College, Oxford : Scholar : M.P. for
Aylesbury, 1880-5, and for N. Bedford-
shire, 1892-5 : Parliamentary Secretary
to the Local Government Board, 1883-5 :
Under Secretary for India, 1892-4 : Emd
for the Home Department, 1894-5 : om
the London County Council, 1889-95 :
wrote a life of W. E. Gladstone, and oi
Sydney Smith : Collections and Recollec-
tions, and edited Matthew Arnold's letters.



Son of Michael Russell : born Aug. 8,
1751 : educated at Charterhouse and
Queen's College, Cambridge : called to the
bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1783 : Commissioner
in Bankruptcy, 1775 : Puisne Judge of the
Supreme Court, Calcutta, 1708 : knighted :
made Chief Justice, 1807 : Baronet, 1812 :
retired, 1813 : Privy Covmcillor, 1816:
died Jan. 18, 1836.


Born May 27, 1783 : son of Sir Henry
Russell, Bart, (q.v.), Chief Justice of Bengal,
1807-13 : went to Calcutta with his
father. May, 1798 : appointed a writer,
Nov. 1798 : Assistant Secretary to the
Resident at Hyderabad, iSoo : Secretary,
1802 : Third Member of the Commission
appointed to investigate the claims of the
Nawab of the Camatic. 1807 : officiating
Resident at Poona, 1809 : Resident at
Hyderabad, 181 1-20, during the Mahratta-
Pindari war, in which the Nizam's Army
proved of much service, Lord Wellesley
spoke of Russell, when Resident, as the
most promising young man he knew :
proceeded to Europe, Dec. 27, 1820: was
out of service in 1826, having exceeded 5
years' absence from India : he wrote (1842-
9) letters to the Times, signed " Civis,"
which were reprinted : died April 19, 1852.

RUSSELL, SIR JAMES (1781-1859)

Son of Col. William Russell : born at
Madras, 1781 : entered the E. I. Co.'s
military service, Madras, 1795 : engaged in
the principal military affairs in India,
1799-1825 : Colonel of the 2nd Madras
Cavalry, 1824 : General, 1854 : commanded



a Brigade of Cavalry at Mahidpur, and
distinguished himself : C.B., 1818 : K.C.B.,

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