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of the Panjab : 189';.

of, by R. S. Rait : 1903.


GOUGH. GENL. SIR HUGH, Old Memories : 1897.

GOURISHANKAR, UDAYASHANKAR, bv Javerilal U. Yajnik : 1S89.

GRAHAM. ALEXANDER, Genealogical and Chronological Tables, illustrative of

Indian History : iSc-v
GRAHAM, MARIA iLADY CALLCOTT), Journal of a Residence in India : 1812.
GRANDPRE, L. DE, A Voyage in the Indian Ocean and to Bengal in 1789-90, etc. :

GRANT, DR. A., Physician and Friend : his Autobiography, etc., edited by Dr. G.

Smith, CLE. : 1902.
GRANT, C, bv H. Morris : 1904.
GRANT, COLESWORTHY, Rural Life in Bengal, illustrative of Anglo-Indian

Suburban Life : 1S60.
GRANT, GENL. SIR JAMES HOPE, by Col. H. Knollys . 1894.
Incidents in the Sepoy War, 1857-8, from the Private Journals of,

bv H. KnoUvs : 1873.

Setou-Karr : 1899.
GRANT-DUFF, JAMES, A History of the Mahrattas : 1826 ; 1874.
GRANT-D JFF, RIGHT HON. SIR MOUNTSTUART E., Notes of an Indian Journey :


Notes from a Diary, kept chiefly in Southern India, 1881-6 :


GREENWOOD, LIEUT, J., Narrative of the late Victorious Campaign in Afghan-
istan under General Pollock : 1844.

GRIER, S. C, In furthest Ind, the Narrative of Mr. E. Carlyon of the Hon. E. I. Co.'s
Service, edited by : 1S94.

GRIERSON, G. A., Bihar Peasant Life, by : 18S5.

GRIFFIN, SIR L. H., The Panjab Chiefs, historical and biographical notices : 1865.

GRIFFITH, MRS., India's Princes, short Life-sketches of Native Rulers : 1S94.

GRIFFITH, DR. W., Journal of the Mission which visited Bhutan in 1837-8, under
Capt. R. B. Pemberton : 1839 (?)

Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, etc. :


GRIMWOOD, ETHEL ST. C, My Three Years in Manipur, etc. : 1S91.

GROSE, J. H., A Voyage to the E. Indies : containing authentic Accounts of the

Mogul Government, . . . and of the Muhammadan, Gentoo, and Pars!

Religions : 1772-

HAMILTON, CAPT. C, A Historical Relation of . . . the Government of the

Rohilla Afghans in the Northern Provinces of Hindostan, etc. : 1787-
HAMILTON, W., The East India Gazetteer : 181s : 1828.
HANNA, COL. H. B., The Second Afghan War, 1878-80 : 1899.

The Defence of India's N. W. Frontier : 1898.

HARDINGE, VISCOUNT, by his Son, Charles, Viscount Hardinge : 1891.
HARE, DAVID, by Piari Chand Mitra : 1881.

HARRIS, LORD, by Stephen Lushington : 1840.

HARTLEY, MRS. JAMES, Indian Life, a tale of the Carnatic : 1840 : 184=5.

HARTMAN, RIGHT REV. DR. A., O.C, Vicar Apostolic of Patna, by Rev. Fathei

Anthony Madv : 1868.
HASTINGS, MARQUESS OF, by Lt.-Col. J. Ross, of Bladensburg : 1893.

History of the Political and Military Transactions in India during

the Administration of, 1813-23, by H. T. Prinsep : 1825.

Private Journal of, Gov.-Gen. and C. in C. in India, edited by the

Marchioness of Bute : 1838.

Summary of the Administration of the Indian Government, by : 1824.

Summary of the Mahratta and Pindari Campaign, 1817-9, under the

direction of : 1820.


HASTINGS, WARREN, by Rev. G. R. Gleig : 1841.

by Sir A. C. Lyall, G.C.I.E., K.C.B. : 1891,

by Col. G. B. Malleson, C.S.I. : 1894.

by Capt. L. J. Trotter: 1878: i8go.
Administration of, by H. Beveridge : 1889.
Administration of, 1772-85, by G. W. Forrest : 1892.

and the Rohilla War, by Sir J. Strachey, G.C.S.I. : 1892.

Articles of Charges of High Crimes and Misdemeanours against,

presented to the House of Commons, April 12, 1786, by the Right Hon.
Edmund Burke : 1786.

Defence of, at the bar of the House of Commons, ... in the year

1786 : 1786.

History of the Trial of, late Governor-General of Bengal : 1796.

Memoirs relative to the State of India, by ; 1787.

Narrative of the Insurrection which happened in the Zamindari of
Benares in the month of Aug. : 1S53.

Private Life of, by Sir C. Lawson : 1895.

HAUG, Dr. M., by E. P. Evans : 1877.

HAUGHTON, COL. J. C, Charikar and Service there ... in 1841 : 1879.

HAUGHTON, LT.-COL. JOHN, Commander of the 36th Sikhs, by Major A. C. Yate :

HAVELOCK, MAJ.-GENL., SIR H., K.C.B., by Rev. W. Brock : 1858.

by Archibald Forbes : 1890.

by J. C. Marshman : i860.

Memoir of the Three Campaigns of Maj.-GenL Sir A. Campbell's

Army in Ava : 1828.
Narrative of the War in Afghanistan in 1838-9 : 1840.

by Rev. W. Owen : 185

HEADLAM, CECIL, Ten Thousand Miles through India and Burma : 1903.

HEBER, THE RIGHT REV. REGINALD, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta, Narrative of a
Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay.
1824-5, etc. : 1828.

Last Days of, by Rev. T. Robinson : 1830.

Life, bv his widow : 1830.

Life, by Dr. G. Smith, CLE. : 1895.

Memoirs, bv T. Tavlor : 1835.

HENDLEY, SURG.-COL. T. H., The Rulers of India, and the Chiefs of Rajputana,
1550-1897 : 1897-

HENSMAN, H., The Afghan War of 1879-80 : 1881.

HERKLOTS, G. A., Qanoon-i-Islam, or the Customs of the Mussulmans of India,
translated by : 1832 : 1M63.

HEWITT, J. F. K., The Ruling Races of Pre-historic Times in India, South-Western
Asia, and Southern Europe : 1894-5.

HILL, S. C, List of Europeans and others in the English Factories in Bengal at
the time of the Siege of Calcutta in 1756 : 1902.

HIMALAYA, HOLY. The Religion, Traditions and Scenery of a Himalayan Pro-
vince (Kuma6n and GarhwAl), by E. Shearman Oakley: 1905.

HINDUS, THE, including a General Description of India, etc., illustrated from
drawings by W. Westlake : 1847.

• AS THEY ARE, by Shib Chandra Bose : 1881.

HINDUSTAN, ETC., Illustrated, with descriptions by Emma Roberts : 1850.

HISLOP, REV. S., Papers relating to the Aboriginal Tribes of the Central Pro-
vinces : 1866.

Pioneer Missionary and Naturalist in Central India, bv Dr. G. Smith,

CLE. : 1888.




INDIA, CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED, by James Grant : 1876-7.

1 I


HOBBES, R. G., Reminiscences of 70 years' Life, Travel and Adventure, by a Re-

tiivd Ofticer of H.M."s Civil Service. 1803, 5.

HOBHOUSE, A Memoir of the Right Hon, Arthur, Baron, P.C., K.C.S.I., by L. T.

Hobhouse and 1. L. Hainmoiid : i6i.

Life and Work in Benares and Kumdon, 1839-77, by, : 1884.

KENNEDY, R. H., Narrative of the Campaign of the Army of thr Indus, in Sind

and Kabul, in 1838-9 : 1840.
KIERNANDER, THE REV. J. Z., founder of the Old or Mission cnurcn : ie77.
KINDERSLEY, MRS., Letters from . . . and the E. Indies : 1777.
KING, MRS. R. MOSS, The Diary of a Civilian's Wife in India, 1877-82 : 1884.
KIPLING, RUDYARD, an Attempt at Appreciation, bv G. F. Monkshood : 1890.
KIRKPATRICK, COL. W., Account of the Kingdom of Nipal, in 1793 : 181 1.
KITTS, E. J., A Compendium of the Castes and Tribes found injndia : 188.=;.
KNIGHT, E. F., Where Three Empires Meet : 1593-

LAIRVIX, REV. A. F., Brief Memories of, Missionary, by J. MuUens : 1862.

LAKE, E., Journals of the Sieges of the Madras Army, 1817-9 : 1825.

LAKE, GEN. LORD, Memoir of the War in India, conducted by, 1803-6, by Maj. W.

Thorn : iSi>.
LALLY TOLLENDAL, T. A. DE, COUNT, Memoirs of : 1766.
LANSDOWNE, MARQUIS OF, The Administration of, 1888-94, by G. W. Forrest :

LAWRENCE, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR G. ST. P., K.C.S.L,C.B., Reminiscences of 43 years

in India : 1^75-
LAWRENCE, SIR H. M., BART., K.C.B., bv Maj. -Gen. Su: H. B. Edwardes, K.C.B.,

K.C.S.I., and H. Menvale, C.B. : 1S72.

Adventures of an OfTicer in the Service of Ranjit Singh : 1845.

the Pacificator, by Lieut. -Gen. J. J. McLeod Innes, V.C. : 1898.

Some Passages in the Life of an Adventurer in the Panjab : 1842.


Saviour of India, bv C. Bruce : 1893.

LAWRENCE, LORD, by Sir C. .Aitchison, K.C.S.L : 1893.

bv R. Bosworth Snaith : 1883.

by Sir R. Temple, Bart., G. C.S.I. : 1889.

bv Capt. L. J. Trotter : 1880.

LAWRENCE, MAJ.-GEN. STRINGER, by Col. J. Biddulph : 1901.
LAWRENCE-ARCHER, MAJOR J. H., Commentaries on the Panjab Campaign,

1848-9 : 1S7S.
LEE WARNER, SIR W., K.C.S.L, The Citizen of India : 1S97.

The Protected Princes of India : i^o|.

LEITNER, DR. G. W., Dardistan in 1895 : 1890.

— Life and Labours of, by J. H. Stocqueler : 1875.

The Languages and Races of Dardistan : 1877.


LEWIN, LIEUT.-COL. T. H., A Fly on the Wheel : 1885.

The Hill Tracts of Chittagong : 1S69.

— Wild Races of South-Eastern India : 1870.

LIFE IN THE MOFUSSIL, or the Civilian in Lower Bengal, by an Ex-Civilian (G.

Graham) : 1878.
LIGHT, FRANCIS AND WILLIAM, the Founders of Penang and Adelaide, etc.,

etc., by A. Francis Steuart : 1901.
LLOYD, HELEN, Hindu Women : 1881.
LLOYD, MAJ. SIR W., Narrative of a Journey to the Boorendo Pass in the Himalaya

Mountains, bv, edited bv G. Lloyd : 1840.
LOGIN, SIR JOHN, and Dulip Singh, by Lady Login : 1890.
LONG, REV. J., Calcutta and Bombay in their Social Aspects: 1870.

■ Handbook of Bengal Missions : 1848.

LOVE, LIEUT.-COL. H. D., Descriptive List of Pictures in Government House,

and the Banqueting Hall, Madras : 1903.
LOWE, T., Central India during the Rebellion of 1857-8 : i860.
LUCKNOW, SIEGE OF, A Lady's Diary of the, by Mrs. J. Harris: 1858.

A Personal Journal of the, by Col. R. P. Anderson : 1858.

A Personal Narrative of the, by L. E. R. Rees -. 1858.

Day by Day at the, a Journal of the Siege of, by A. Case : 1858.

LUMSDEN OF THE GUIDES (Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. B,), by Gen. Sir P. S. Lumsden and

G. R. Elsmie : 189Q.
LYALL, RIGHT HON. SIR A. C, G.C.LE., K.C.B., Asiatic Studies : 1882 : 1899.

■ The Rise and Expansion of the British Dominion in India : 1894.

LYTTON'S, EARL OF, Indian Administration, 1876-80, The History of, by Lady

Betty Balfour : 1899.

MACARTNEY, EARL OF, Account of the Public Life of, by J. Barrow : 1807.
MACAULAY, LORD, Essays on Lord Clive (1840) and Warren Hastings (1841).

Life and Letters of, by G. O. Trevelyan. M.P. : 1876.

MACGREGOR, MAJ.-GEN. SIR C. M., Life and Opinions of, by Lady Macgregor :


■ Military Report on the Country of Bhutan : 1873.

■ Narrative of a Journey through the Province of Khorasan and of

the N.W. Frontier of Afghanistan in 1875 : 1879.
Wanderings in Beluchistan :

MACINTYRE, MAJ.-GEN. D., Hindu-Koh : 1891.

MACKENZIE, SIR A., K.C.S.L, History of the Relations of the Government with

the Hill Tribes of the N. E. Frontier of Bengal : 1S84.

Memorandum on the N. E. Frontier of Bengal : 1S69.

MACKENZIE, COLIN, Surveyor-General of India, The Mackenzie Collection,

A descriptive Catalogue of, collected by : 1828 : 1S82.
MACKENZIE, LIEUT.-GEN. COLIN, Storms and Sunshine of a Soldier's Life,

1825-81 : 1884.
MACKENZIE, MRS. COLIN, Six Years in India, A newjedition of The Mission, the

Camp, and the Zenana : 18^7-
MACKINTOSH, RIGHT HON. SIR J., bv R. J Mackmtosli : 1835.
MACNAGHTEN, CHESTER, Common Thoughts on Serious Subjects : 1896.
MACPHERSON, S. C, Memorials of Service in India, by W. iMacpherson : 1865.
MADRAS ARMY, History of, from 1746 to 1826, by Lieut. -Col. W. J. Wilson : 1S82-9.
ARTILLERY, History of the Services of the, with a Sketch of the

Rise of the Power of the E. I. Co. in S. India, by Maj. P. J. Begbie : 1852.
MADRAS, FORT ST. GEORGE, by Mrs. F. Penny : 1900.

The Church in, by Rev. F. Peanv : 1904.

MAINE, SIR H. J. S., K.C.S.L, by Sir M. i: . Grant Duff, G.C.S.I. : 1893.

European Views of India : 1875.


HALABARI, BAHRAMJI M., t-v Davaram Gidumal : 1891.

Gujarat and the Gujaratis : 1884.

India . . . being a Sketch of the Life of, by R. P. Karkaria : 1896.

MALABAR, NAYARS OF. bv F. I'awc-tt : lo-n.

MALAKAND FIELD FORCE, The Story of the, by W. L. Spencer Churchill: 1898.

Operations of the, and Buner Field Force, 1897-8 ; a Frontier

Campaign, bv \'iscount Flncastle, \'.C., and P. C. Eliott-Lockhart : 1898.

MALAN, S. C, D.D!, bv Rev. A. X. Malan : 1897.

MALCOLM, MAJ.-GEN. SIR J., bv Sir J. W. Kaye, K.C.S.I. : 1856.

The Government of India : 1833.

Instructions by, to Officers acting under his Orders, 1821 : 1824.

Memoir of Central India : 1S24.

Political History of India, 1784-1823 : 1826.

MALDIVE ISLANDS, THE, by H. C. P. Bell : 1882.

MALLESON, COL. G. B., C.S.I., Essays and Lectures on Indian Historical Subjects':

Founders of the Indian Empire.

Historical Sketch of the Native States of India, An : 1875.

Recreations of an Indian Official : 1S72.

The Russo-Afghan Question, and the Invasion of India : 1885.

Seringapatam, Past and Present : 1876.

MALLET, SIR LOUIS, bv Bernard Mallet : 1905.

MANDLIK, VISHVANATH NARAYAN, C.S.L, by X. V. Mandlik : 1896.

MANGALORE, Account of the Gallant Defence made at, by a British Officer : 1786.

MANIPUR, compiled from the columns of the Pioneer : 1891.

MANNING, T., Narrative of the Journey of, to Lhasa, edited by Sir C. R. Markham :

MARKHAM, SIR C. R., A Memoir on the Indian Surveys : 1871 : 1878.
MARSDEN, W., A Brief Memoir of the Life of . . ., written by himself : 1838.

Numismata Orientalia Illustrata : i86g.

MARSHALL, COL. W. E., A Phrenologist amongst the Todas, or the study of a

primitive tribe in South India : 1873.
MARTIN, MAJ.-GEN. C, bv S. C. Hill : looi.
MARTIN, SIR J. RANALD, bv Sir J. Favrer. K.C.S.I. : iSo7-
MARTIN, R. MONTGOMERY, History, Topography and Sketches of E. India : 1838.

History of the Possessions of the Hon. E. I. Co. : 1837.

The Indian Empire : 1858-61.

MARTINEAU, H., Eastern Life, Present and Past : 1848.

History of British Rule in India : 1857.

MARTYN, REV. H., Journals and Letters of, edited bv Bishop S. Wilberforce : 1839.

Saint and Soldier, 1781-1812, bv Dr. G. Smith, CLE. : 1892.

MASSON, C, Narrative of Various Journeys in Beluchistan, Afghanistan, and

the Panjab, 1826-38 : 1842.
MAURICE, REV. T., History of Hindustan : 1795-8 : 1820.
MAYO, EARL OF, by Sir \V. W. Hunter, K.C.S.I.: 1875: 1891.
McCULLOCH, W., Account of the Valley of Manipur and the Hill Tribes : 1859.
MEADE, GENERAL SIR RICHARD, and the Feudatory States of Central and

Southern India, by T. H. Thorntrm : iSqS.

MEDLEY, MAJ.-GEN. J. G., A Year's Campaigning in India, 1857-8 : 1858.

MELVILL, SIR MAXWELL, K.C.LE., C.S.L, bv Phirozshah Dhanjibhai : 1887.

MEMOIRS OF THE WAR IN ASIA, 1780-4, bv W. Thomson, LL.D. : 1788.

MEMPES, MORTIMER, The Darbar : iqo3.

METCALFE, LORD, bv Sir 1. W. Kave. K.C.S.T. : 1S5S.

MEURIN, MOST REV. DR. LEO, S.J., Select Writings, with a biographical sketch

bv P. A. Colaco : iSgi.
MIDDLETON, THE RIGHT REV. T. F., Bishop of Calcutta, bv the Rev. C. W. Le

Bas: 1S31.
MILL, JAMES, bv A. Bain : 1882.


MILL, JOHN STUART, Autobiography : 1873.

Memorandum of the Improvements in the Administration of India

during the last thirty years, and the petition of the E. I. Co. to Parliament,

[The petition drawn up by Mr. J. S. Mill] : 1858.
MILLS, A., India in 1858: 1858.
MILMAN, RIGHT REV. ROBERT, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta, by his Sister, F. M.

Milman : 1879.
MINTO, EARL OF, Lord Minto in India, l>v his Great-niece, the Countess of Minto :


The Conversion of India, bv Dr. George Smith, C.I.E. : 1893.

MITCHELL, REV. J. MURRAY, LL.D., in Western India. Recollections of my

Early Missionary Life : 1899.
MITFORD, MAJ.-GEN. R. C. W. R., To Kabul with the Cavalry Brigade : 1881.
MITRA, RAJA DIGAMBAR, C.S.L, by Bholanath Chandra : 1803.
MITRA, RAJA RAJENDRA LAL, CLE., Antiquities of Orissa, The : 1875 : 1880.

Buddha Gaya, the hermitage of Sakya Muni : 1878.

MOHAN LAL, MUNSHI, Journal of a Tour through the Panjab, Afghanistan, etc.,

with Lieut. Burnes : 1834.

Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan, Turkistan, etc. : 1846.

MOHL, JULES, Vingt-Sept Ans d'Histoire des Etudes Orientales, 1840-62 : Paris,

MONIER-WILLIAMS, SIR M., by H. Morris : 1900.

Indian Wisdom : 1876.

Modern India and the Indians : 1878.

Religious Thought and Life in India : 1883.


padhyaya : 1873 : 1889.
MOOR, LIEUT. E., Narrative of the Operations of Capt. Little's Detachment . . .,

against the Nawab Tippoo Sultan : 1794-
MOORCROFT, W., AND G. TREBECK, Travels in the Himalayan Provinces of

Hindustan and the Panjab . . . 1819-25 ; edited by H. H. Wilson : 1841.
MORISON, THEODORE, Imperial Rule in India : 1899.
MORRIS, H., Anglo-Indian Worthies : 189...

The Governor-Generals of India : 1894 : 1896.

MOUNTAIN, COL. A. S. H., Memoirs, etc., edited by Mrs. Mountain : 1857.

MUIR, SIR W., K.C.S.L, The Muhammadan Controversy : 1897.

MUKERJL, DR. SAMBHU CHANDRA, In F. H. B. Slmne : 1895.

MtJLLER, RIGHT HON. F. MAX, Life and Letters of, edited by his wife : 1902.

Autobiography : 1901.

Biographical Essays : 1884.

History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature, A : 1859.

India, what it can teach us : 1892.

Indian Philosophy : 1899.

Sacred Books of the East, The, edited bv : 1879.

MULTAN, Siege of, by Maj. Siddons.

MUNRO, CAPT. L, A Narrative of the Military Operations on the Coromandel

Coast . . . 1780-4, . . all the battles fought under Sir Eyre Coote . . • :

MUNRO, MAJ.-GEN. SIR T., BART., K.C.B., by Sir A. J. Arbuthnot, K.C.S.I.


by J. Bradshaw : 1894.

by Rev. G. R. Gleig : 1830.

MURDOCH, REV. JOHN, India : Past and Present : 1903.

Twelve Years of Indian Progress, extracted from the'Indian National

Congress : 189S.

MURRAY, HUGH, History of British India : 18^0.
MUTINIES IN RAJPUTANA, THE, bv 1. T. Prichard : i860.


MUTINY, INDIAN, Daily Life during the, Personal Experiences of 1857 : by T. W.

Sherer : iSqS.

With H.M. 9th Lancers during the, by Brevet-Major O. H. L. G. Anson :

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