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MUTINY MEMOIRS, bv Col. A. R. D. Mackenzie : 1892.

MUTINY, MEMORIES OF THE, by Col. F. C. Maude, V.C, and J. W. Sherer. C.S.I. :

MYSORE AND COORG, by B. Lewis Rice : 1876-8.

NABA KISHEN, MAHARAJA BAHADUR, bv Nagendra Nath Ghose : 1887: 1901.

NANA FARNAVIS, bv A. Macd-nald : iSsr.

NAPIER, GEN. SIR C. J., K.C.B., by Gen. Sir W. F. P. Napier : 1857-

by Lieut. -Gen. Sir W. F. Butler : 1890.

by W. N. Bruce : 1855.

NAPIER'S Administration of Sind, bv (,en. Sir W. F. Napier: 1851.

NEILL, J. M, B., GAPT., Four Years' Service in the East, in Sind, and the Army

under Maj.-Gen. Sir W. Nott : 1845.
NEILL, BRIGADIER, A Brief Review of his Military Career : 1859.
NEW INDIA, or India in Transition, by Sir H. Cotton, K.C.S.L : 1885.
NICHOLSON, JOHN, bv Capt. L. J. Trotter: 1898.
NILGIRI DISTRICT, THE, A Manual of, by H. B. Gri-g : 1880.
NIPAL, Account of the Kingdom of, by Buchanan Hamilton : 1819.

History of, translated from the Parbatiya by Munshi Shew Shunker

Singh and Pandit Shri Gunanand, edited bv D. Wright : 1877.

Sketches from, by Dr. H. A. Oldfield : 1880.

NIZAM ALI KHAN, Soobah of the Dekkan, A History of, bv W. Hollingberrv : 1805.

NOBLE, REV. R. T., bv Rev. J. Noble: 1868.

NORMAN, GEN. SIR H. W., A Narrative of the Campaign of the Delhi Army : 1858.

NORTH, MAJOR, C. J., Journal of an English Officer in India : 1858.

NORTH, MISS M., Autobiography, edited by Mrs. Symonds : 1892.

NORTON, J. B., The Rebellion in India : how to prevent another : 1857.

Topics for Indian Statesmen : 1858.

NOTT, MAJ.-GEN. SIR W., G.C.B., bv J. H. Stocqueler : 1854-

NOTTS BRIGADE, in Afghanistan, 1838-42, being the Private Diary of an Officer :

NUNCOMAR, The Story of, bv Sir J. Fitzjames Stephen, K.C.S.L : 1S85.
The Trial of (Maharaja Nanda Kumar), by H. Beveridge : 1S86.

OAKLEY, SIR C, Some account of the Services of, in India, by H. Oakley : 1829.
OLIPHANT, L., A Journey to Katmandu, the Capital of Nipal, by : 1852.
OLIVER, E. E., Across the Border, or Pathan and British : 1890.
OMAN, J. C, Indian Life, Religious and Social : 1880.

The Mystics, Ascetics and Saints of India : 1903.

ORIENTAL ANNUAL, THE, or Scenes in India ; drawings by W. Daniell, 1834-6 :

ORISSA, etc., bv Col. \\. F. B. Laurie : 1S50.
ORLICH, CAPT. LEOPOLD VON, Travels In India, including Sind and the Panjab ;

translated : 184,^.
ORME, R., Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, of the Morattoes, and the

English Concerns in Indostan, from 1659 : 1782 : i8os.
OUTRAM, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR J., BART., G.C.B., the Bayard of India, by Capt. J. L.

Trotter : 1903.

a Biography, bv Maj.-Gen. Sir F. J. Goldsmid, K.C.S.L : 1880.

Campaign in India, 1857-8: i860.

Conquest of Sind, by : 1846.

Persian Campaign in 1857 : 1S60.

Rough Notes of the Campaign in Sind and Afghanistan, in 1838-9 :



OUVRY, COL. H. A., Cavalry Experiences and Leaves from my Journal : 1892.

PAGET, LIEUT.-COL. W. H,, and Lieut. A. H. MASON, R.E., A Record of the
Expeditions. . . against the N. W. Frontier Tribes, 1874: 1884.

PAL, KRISTO DAS, CLE., by Nagendra Nath Ghose : 1887.

by Ram Gopal Sanyal : 1886.

PALMER, E. H., by W. Besant : 1883.

PAMIRS, THE, by the Earl of Dunmore : 1894.

PANDURANG HARI, or Memoirs of a Hindu, by W. B. Hockley : 1826 : 1883.

PANJAB, CRISIS IN THE, from the 10th of May until the Fall of Delhi : 1858.

HISTORY OF THE, and of the Rise, Progress, etc., of the Sikhs :


HISTORY OF THE, from the remotest Antiquity, by Saiyid Muhammad

PARKES, FANNY, Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque, during

Twenty-four years in the East, with Revelations of Life in the Zenana, by,

PARLEY, LIEUT.-COL. S., The British Indian Military Repository : 1822-7.
PARSIS, THE, their History, Manners, etc., bv Dosabhai Framji (Karaka) : 1858.
PARSONS, A., Travels in Asia and Africa : 1808.
PATHAN REVOLT, THE, in N. W. India : by H. W. Mills : 1897.
PIGOT, GEORGE, LORD, Narrative of the late Revolution in the Governmeni 01

Madras, 1776 : 1777-
PINCOTT, F., Analytical Index to Sir J. W. Kaye's History of the Sepoy War, and

CoL G. B. Malleson's History of the Indian Mutiny : 1880.
POLEHAMPTON, REV. H. S., bv Rev. E. and Rev. T. S. Polehampton : 1859.
POLLOK, LIEUT.-COL. F. T., Fifty Years' Reminiscences of India : 1896.
POPE, REV. G. U., Text-Book of Indian History : 1871 : 1880.
POTTINGER, LIEUT. H,, Travels in Beluchistan and Sind, by : 1816.
PRICE, MAJOR D., Chronological Retrospect, or Memoirs of Principal Events'of

Muhammadan History : 1811-21.
Memoirs of the Early Life and Services of a Field Officer of the

Indian Army : 1839.
PRICHARD, L T., The Administration of India, 1859-68 : 1869.
PRINSEP, JAMES, Essays on Indian Antiquities, Historic, Numismatic, and

Palaeographic : 1S58.
PRINSEP, VAL C, Imperial India ; an Artist's Journals : 1878.

RAFFLES, SIR T. STAMFORD, by D. C. Buulger : 1897.

by H. E. Egerton ; 1900.

by Lady Raffles : 1830.

RAIKES, C, The Englishman in India : 1867.
RAJPUTANA, Chiefs and Leading Families in : 1903.
RAMAKRISNA, Life in an Indian Village : 1S91.

RAM RAJ, Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus : 1834.

RANADE, M. G., JUSTICE, by (i. A. Mankar : 1902.

Rise of the Mahratta Power : 1900.

RAWLINSON, MAJ.-GEN. SIR H. C, BART., by Canon G. Rawlinson : 1898.

England and Russia in the East : 1875.

RAYMOND, i.e. HAJI MUSTAPHA, Translation of the Sair (or Siyar) ul-Mutakhirin:

RAYNAL, G. T. F. ABBE, A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements

and Trade of Europeans in the E. and W. Indies ; translated by J. Justamond :

READYMONEY, SIR COWASJI JEHANGIR, Kt., C.S.L, by J. Cowasji Jehangir :



REES, J. D., H.R.H. The Duke of Clarence and Avondale in S. India : 1891.

Narratives of Tours in India made by H. E. Lord Connemara, Gover-
nor of Madras, 1886-90 : iS.,i.

REMINISCENCES of 70 Years' Life, Travel and Adventure : Military and Civil :
Scientific and Literary, bv a Retired Oiticer of H.M.'s Civil Service: 1893.

RENNELL, MA J. J., A Bengal Atlas : i-.m.

Memoir of a Map of Hindustan ; or the Mogul Empire : 1788.

REVOLT, NOTES ON THE, in the N. W. P. of India, by C. Raikes : 1858.

RICE, REV. H., Native Life in S. India : 1S87.

RICHARDSON, MAJ. D. L., History of the Fall of the Old Fort of Calcutta and
the Calamity of the Black-hole : if

Online LibraryCharles Edward BucklandDictionary of Indian biography; → online text (page 83 of 83)