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management : served in the Afghan war,
1878-80 : Manager of the Rajputana-
Malwa Railway, 1875-84 = Agent of the
Bombay, Baroda and Central India
Railwav, 1884-93: C.I.E., 1888: Secre-
tary to the Government of India, P.W.D.,
1893-7, and Director-General of Railways :
K.C.I.E., 1897: Government Director
of Indian Railway Companies at the India
Office, 1897-01 : retired from the India
Office, 1901 : Chairman of the S. Mahratta
Railway Co.




Bansidhar (his original name) was a son
of a Kanauj Brahman of Cawnpur, born
near Hyderabad, (in the Dekkan) :
learnt some Persian and Urdu under a
Maulvi : entered the Nizam's service, was
an excellent horseman, and a great
favourite, but, failing to obtain justice
in a quarrel over a horse, he set fire to all
his earthly possessions, besmeared his
body with the ashes, and left Hyderabad,
visited places of pilgrimage and sacred
shrines, observed the strictest discipline
of a monk, took to studying Sanskrit.
and in a few years became an accomplished
grammarian (Panini School) : spent three
years at Hardwar in study and meditation :
removed to Benares, and took up his abode
at a ghat ; read all the Darsans (Hindu
philosophy) ; became a Sanyasi (devotee) ;
assumed a new name, Bisudhwananda,
("unalloyed peace"), and occupied the
seat of Gaurswami at Ahlia Bai's Brah-
mapuri, till his death in April, 1S99 : of
high statiure, strong will, great piety, and
profound learning, he commanded great
respect among all classes : princes and
people sought his advice : he was a great
admirer of British rule in India.

Educated at Merchant Taylors' school :
called to the bar from the Inner Temple,
1 841 : Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court,
Madras, 1858-62 : knighted : and of the
High Court, Madras, 1862-70, when he
retired : died Jan. 18, 1892.


Political : joined the Madras Army in
1782 : served against the Poligars in 1784,
and in the defeat of Tippoo, 1892 : was
Interpreter of Mahratti at Tanjore in 1787
under the Resident, and was himself
Resident, 1801-23 : remodelled the admin-
istration there and in Pudukota : was
sent on missions to Travancore : Maj-
General : knighted 1838 : died Oct. 16,


Soldier, historian : born Oct. 19, 1778 :
entered the Madras Army,i798 : in the My-
sore campaign : at Malavilli : in the Niz-
am's country : was Q.M.G. 1810 : was under

Sir Thomas Hislop at Mahidpur in 1817 and
in the Dekkan : Lt-Colonel and Surveyor-
General of India : C.B. in 18 18 : died at
Calcutta, 1823 : \vrote a military memoir
of the Mahratta war of 1817-19.

Doctor : son of a medical officer of the
Navy ; born in 1816 : educated at Edin-
burgh : joined the medical service in
Madras in 1840 : Professor of Surgery, and
Surgeon, General Hospital, Madras, 1851 :
in 1858 Professor of Medicine, and Physi-
cian there : in 1870 Deputy Inspector-
General : died at Chitore Feb. 11, 1873


Major : son of Major William Blackwood
of the Bengal Army : born 1838 : educated
at the Edinburgh Academy, and Addis-
combe : joined the Bengal Artillery :
Lieut., 1857 : in the mutiny served with
the Rohilkimd movable column : com-
manded the .\rtillery in the Lushai
expedition of 1871-2 under General
Bourchier {q.v.) : at TipaiMukh and other
actions : Brevet Major : commanded the
Artillery mider General Bmrows at
Maiwand on July 27, 1880 : fell in battle :
his little band of men was the last which
made any stand against Aj'ub Khan's


Son of Sir J ohn Blackwood, Bart. : born
Dec. 28, 1770 : entered the Navy, 1781 :
was employed on various stations in
several ships : continually engaged : was
at Trafalgar, 1805, and at the blockade
of Toulon, 1810 : Baronet, 1814 : K.C.B.
1819 : was C. in C. on the East Indian
station, 1819-22 : Vice-.A.dmiral, 1821,
and commanded at the Nore, 1827-30 :
died Dec. 17, 1832.

BLAIR, JAMES (1828-1905)
Born Jan. 27, 1828: son of Captain
E. M. Blair of the Bengal Cavaky : entered
the Army in 1844 : in the mutiny of
1857-9: fought at Nimbhara and Ziran :
was at the sieges of Neemuch and Kotah,
and in the pursuit of Tantia Topi : gained
the V.C. for gallant and daring conduct on
two occasions, on Aug. 12, 1857 at Neemuch
and Oct. 23, 1857, at Jeerum : Political
Resident and Brig-General at Aden.



1882-5 : Lt-General, 1889 : C.B., i88g :
General, 1894 : died Jan. 1905.


Joined the' E. I. Go's ist European
Infantry in Bengal, 1773 : with General
Goddard's force from Bengal to Bombay,
1778-81: A.D.C. to Col. W. Blair command-
manding in the Doab, 1786-8 : took the
fortress of Sasni, 1802 : in the Mahratta
war, under Lake, at Alighar, Delhi, Agra,
1803 : commanded at Cuttack, 1808 :
Maj-General, 1810 : commanded Fort
William and neighbouring districts, 1812 :
retired, 1817 : K.C.B., 1815 : Lt-General,

BLAKISTON, JOHN (1788-1867)
Son of Sir Mathew Blakiston, Bart. :
bom 1788 : educated at Winchester :
joined the Madras Engineers and the 27th
regt. : as Major, present at Assaye, BoUr-
bon, the Mauritius, and in the Peninsula
campaign : the sole survivor of the
regiment massacred in the mutiny of
Vellore, 1806 : and returned with (Sir
R.R.) Gillespie, who came to the rescue :
wrote Twelve Years Military Adventures,
1829 : and Twenty Years in Retirement,
1836': died 1867.

BLAND, NATHANIEL (1803-1865)

Born Feb. 3, 1803 : son of Nathaniel
Bland (formerly called Crumpe) who took
his mother's name : educated at Eton,
i8r8, and Christ Church, Oxford, 1821-5 :
was a distinguished Persian scholar : sent
contributions to the R.A.S.J., 1843-53 :
on Persian chess : on the Pote collection
of Oriental MSS. in the Eton College
Library, etc : took to gambling, had to
sell his estate, and took his own life, Aug.
10, 1865.

BLANEY, THOMAS (1823-1903)

Doctor : born in Ireland ; went to
India, 1836, as apprentice in the subor-
dinate medical service of the E. I. Co. at
Bombay : studied at the Grant Medical
College : in Government service until
i860 : took up private practice at Bom-
bay : made a large fortune, which he
spent chiefly in charity : became J. P.,
Town Councillor : Member of the Munici-
pal Corporation : was connected with
civil administration for 30 years : twice

President of the Municipal body : carried
schemes for abundant water-supply from
V ihar and Tansa lakes : twice Sheriff of
Bombay : for many years Chairman of joint
Government and Municipal Committee for
education : Coroner of Bombay, 1876-93 :
CLE. : a fine statue of him erected in
Bombay by his fellow citizens : died there
April I. 1903: Member of the Royal
Asiatic Society, Bombay, and a frequent
contributor to the columns of the Bombay


Son of W. Blanford : born June 3, 1834 :
educated at Brighton, Brussels, and the
Royal School of Mines : entered the
Geological Survey of India in 1855 : trans-
ferred to the Education Department in
Bengal, 1862 ; Professor at the Presidency
College, 1872 : became Meteorological
Reporter.first to the Government of Bengal
and later to the Government of India :
Hony. Secretary of the Asiatic Society of
Bengal, 1863-8 : F.G.S. 1862 : F.R.S. 1880 :
retired in 1880 : died Jan. 23, 1893. The
excellence of his work in geology and
meteorology, as displayed in his official
duties, and his contributions to scientific
publications, is acknowledged.



Born Oct. 7, 1832 : son of William
Blanford : educated at the Royal School
of Mines (Scholar,) and Mining Academy,
Freiburg : in the Geological Survey of
India, 1855-82 : Geologist of the Abyssin-
ian Expedition up to Magdala, 1868 :
on the Persian Boundary Commission,
1872 : President of the Asiatic Society of
Bengal, 1878-9 : of the Geological Society,
1888-90 : received its Wollaston medal,
1883: Treasurer of the Society : Vice-Presi-
dent of the Royal Society, 1892-3, 1901-3 :
published works on the Geology and
Zoology of Abyssinia and Persia ; a
manual of Geology on India, 1879 :
President of the Geological section of the
British Association meeting in Canada, 1884:
edited The Fauna of British India : was
author of the Mammalia, 1888-91, and of
the Birds, 1895, 1898 : CLE., 1904 :
LL.D. Montreal, and F.R.S., 1874: on its
Council and Vice-President: died June
23, 1905.




Born at Ekaterinoslav : daughter of
Colonel Peter Hahn, of a noble family of
Mechlenburg, settled in Russia : married
at 17 a husband of 60, but they soon
•separated : she travelled widely, in
Europe, America and Asia, round the
Cape to Bombay : after an unsuccessful
attempt to enter Tibet, via Nipal, she
entered it in disguise in 1855, via Kashmir,
was lost in the desert and brought back to
the frontier : after numerous adventures
and further travels in India, she was in
-the United States in 1873 and for 6 years
in N. York, becoming a naturalized
American : she studied spiritualism,
and in 1875 founded, with Colonel Olcott,
-the Theosophical Society : wrote
books and pamphlets in support of her
theories : settled in London, 1887 :
brought out a magazine, Lucifer, the
Light-bringer : wrote The Secret Doctrine,
the Synthesis of Science, Religion and
Philosophy, 1888, and The Key of Philo-
sophy, 1889 : died in London, May 8, 1891.


(1840- )

LCS. : son of Rev. James Bliss : born
1840 : educated at Merton, Oxford, B.A.
joined the Madras Civil Service, 1863 :
after holding subordinate appointments,
was Commissioner of Salt Revenue and
Abkari Revenue, 1878 : on special duty
on these subjects : Fellow of the Madras
University, 1882 : Member of the Finance
Committee, 1886 : Member of the Board
of Revenue, 1887 : first Member, 1889 :
CLE., 1889 : Member of the Governor-
General's Legislative Council, 1890-2 :
Member of Council, Madras, 1893-8 :
K.C.I.E., 1897 : retired, 1898 : Member of
the London County Council for the Hol-
born Division, 1901.


Linguistic scholar : born at Dresden
Jan. 8, 1838, the son of a printer : educated
there, at Leipzig, and Paris : entered
the English Army in 1858 to get out to
India, left the Army, and joined the
P. and O. Co.'s service as interpreter :
in i860 was made Assistant Professor of
Urdu and Persian at the Calcutta Madrasa :
graduated at the Calcutta University,
1861 : after 3 years at the Doveton

College, removed to the Madrasa, 1865,
and became its President until his death :
he was philological Secretary to the
Asiatic Society of Bengal, and contributed
many learned papers : translated
Abul-Fazl's Ain-i-Akbari, the first volume,
and wrote The Prosody of the Persians :
he had a profound knowledge of Persian
and .\rabic: died July 13, 1878.


Son of the Rev. Dr. Henry PeckweU, an
eminent preacher : he took his mother's
name of Blosset : educated at Oxford :
was Recorder of Cambridge : was appointed
Chief Justice of Bengal in 1821 : died
Feb. I, 1823. There are a monument and
hatchment to his memory at St. John's
Church, Calcutta.


Maj-General : entered the Army, 1842 :
was in the Bengal Horse Artillery : was
in the Satlaj campaign, 1846, at Sobraon :
also in the Panjab campaign : in the
mutiny, raised " Blunt's Horse," was at
the siege of Delhi, battle of Najafghar,
action at Agra, (Lord Clyde's) rehef of
Lucknow, where he was the hero of a very
dashing performance with the guns at the
Sikandarbagh, at the action of Shamsabad,
the capture of the fort and town of Kalpi :
Brevets of Major and Colonel : C.B : Lord
Roberts refers to his splendid courage in
leading his guns in the advance on Luck-
now : his troops suffered severely at Delhi
and Agra, " seldom, if ever, has a battery
and its commander had a grander record
to show " : died. Aug 15, 1900.

BARONET (1731-1802)
Of Cleery, Hants : bom 1731 : son of
Sir Henry Blunt, second Baronet, whom
he succeeded in 1759 : lived in Great
Ormonde St. till about 1767 : at Odiham,
Hants, till about 1775 : at Blunt House,
Croydon, to about 1780 : went out as a
wTiter in the E. I. Co.'s service to India,
20 years before his death : obtained a
lucrative appointment in the bullock
contract, besides a share in the Post-
office : formed honourable and advantage-
ous connexions : died Sep, 27, 1802, at
Pulta, near Calcutta, leaving £100,000,
three-fourths of it to his eldest son.



C. R. Blunt, fourth Baronet (born 1778 :
M.P. for Lewes, 1832) : his portrait by
Barclay is in the possession of his grandson,
the present Baronet : letters from him
are among the Hastings papers in the
British Museum : one of his daughters
married Sir C. Imhoff, stepson of Warren
Hastings : he built a mausoleum for the
sepulture of his race-horses, which was
still to be seen in India about 1845 : many
pictures of his horses are preserved.

BLYTH, EDWARD (1810-1873)

Born Dec. 23, 1810 : was a druggist at
Tooting, but Natural History was the
absorbing study of his life : in 1841 he was
appointed Curator of the Museum of the
Asiatic Society of Bengal : retired in 1862 :
wrote a great number of reports and papers
on Zoology, especially on birds and
mammals, in the Society's journals and
in newspapers : he was said to have been
the founder of the science of Zoology in
India : his work was highly estimated
by Darwin and Gould : died Dec. 27, 1873.



Entered the E. I. Co.'s Bombay Native
Army in 1781 : Lt-Colonel 1806 : held
appointments on the Staff in Bombay :
was Member of the Military Board : re-
tired in 1807 and died Nov. 21, 1811.
Though not a Sanskrit scholar, and not a
writer, he left a large sum of money to
found, after his daughter's death, a pro-
fessorship of Sanskrit at Oxford. H. H.
Wilson iq.v.) was the first professor
appointed, in 1832.


Entered the E. I. Co.'s military service,
1823: was D.A.G. at Dinapur, 1827:
commanded the Arakan battalion and
police corps, 1828 : Commissioner in
Arakan, 1837 : afterwards in Tenasserim
and Martaban : knighted, 1853 : Maj-
General, 1862 : died June 12, 1870.

BOGLE, GEORGE (1746-1781)
Son of George Bogle: born Nov. 26,
1746 : educated at Haddington, Glasgow,
Edinburgh University, Enfield : entered
the E. I. Co.'s service in 1769 : was
appointed by Warren Hastings on May
13, 1774, to lead an embassy to the Teshu
Lama of Tibet, for the purpose of opening
up trade and friendly relations with that

country : he proceeded by Tassisudon in
Bhutan, through Phari, to Desherigpay
(north of the Tsanpu River), saw the Teshu
Lama, accompanied him to Teshu Lumbo,
and returned thence to India, 1775 : in
1779 he was appointed Collector of Rang-
pur and established a fair, to encourage
trade with Bhutan and Tibet. A second
embassy of Bogle to Tibet was contem-
plated, but was postponed, the Teshu
Lama going to Pekin : Bogle proposed
meeting him at Pekin, but died at Calcutta
on April 3, 1781 : the journal of his
embassy has been published.

Born May 30, 1815, at St. Petersburg :
studied there and at Dorpat, Berlin,
Bonn : returned to St. Petersburg, 1842.
At first, his scholarship was directed to
the study of Arabic and Persian, but he
became celebrated as a worker in Sanskrit.
In 1840, he published Grammaire Sanskrite
(Panini's), 1843: Dissertation sur Vaccent
Sanskrit : edition and German translation
of Sakuntala de Kalidasa : Chrestomathie
Sanskrite, 1877. The great work of his
life was his Sanskrit Dictionary, 7 vols,
brought out with the collaboration of
Professors Roth and Weber, 1852-75 :
died at Leipzig in 1904.


Lt. -Colonel : was a volunteer in the
36th regt., 1783 : acting Ensign, 1784-5 :
a conductor of Stores : attached to Artil-
lery, 1786-7 : Ensign in the Madras
Army, 1788 : A.A.G., Madras Army for 5
years : D.A.G. , 1807 : when Lt. -General
H. Macdowall, C. in C, Madras, signed an
order, Jan. 28, 1809, censuring his Q.M.G.,
Capt. Munro, Boles, as Depy. A.G., was
ordered by Col. Capper, the Adjt-General,
to circulate the order to the Army. For
circulating, under his signature, this cen-
sure of Capt. Munro, Boles was suspended
from the service of the E. I. Co., by the
Government of Madras (Sir G. Barlow),
Jan. 31, 1809 : and declined to apologize
for his conduct. The -Madras Government
prevented his going home, sent him to
Bengal in June, 1809, whence he went to
England. The Court of Directors, to
whom he appealed in 18 10, recorded in
Feb. 1811, their opinion that Boles would
not have been justified in refusing to obey
General Macdowall's order. Boles' sus-



pension was continued to Oct. 1811, when
he was restored to the service.


(1850- )

I.C.S. : son of Dr. J. Bolton : educated
at University College School, the Royal
College, Mauritius, and King's College,
London : went out to Lower Bengal,
1872 : Under Secretary to the Bengal
Government, 1879 : Secretary to the
Board of Revenue, 1897 : Chief Secretary
to the Bengal Govenunent, 1896 : Member
of the Board, 1900 : Additional Member
of the Governor-General's Legislative
Council, 1900-1902 : C.S.L, 1897.

BOLTS, WILLIAM {1740 7-1808)

Born about 1740 : was a merchant of
Dutch extraction : being in Calcutta in
1759, he was taken into the E. I. Co.'s
service : engaged in private trade, like
other civil servants : was Second in Council
at Benares, 1764 : being censured by the
Court of Directors for his private trading
under the Company's authority and re-
called, he resigned in 1766, quarrelled with
the Bengal authorities, was arrested in
1768, and deported to England as an
interloper. In his Considerations on Indian
Affairs, 1772, he attacked the Bengal
Government : Verelst replied, and Bolts
published another work in 1775. He made
a large fortune in India, but could not
take it away : he spent what he had in
England in defending the lawsuits brought
against him by the E. I. Co. for some years.
He entered the Austrian service, became
a Colonel, and founded stations in India
for an Austrian Company : these came
to nothing : he died in Paris in 1808.


A Brahman, of good family : educated
at the Duff College, and baptized by the
Rev. Dr. Duff in 1847 : held various
missionary charges : celebrated both
for his eloquent preaching and his philan-
thropy : was the author of a Life of
Christ in Bengali, and a large number of
tracts : imiversally regarded as one of
the leading ministers of the Bengali Church.


(1844- )

Second son of Grees Chunder Bonnerjee,
attorney of the High Coiurt, Calcutta :

born Dec. 29, 1844 : educated at the
Oriental Seminary and Hindu School :
in 1864, in receipt of a scholarship from
Mr. R. J. Jijibhai of Bombay, went to
England to study law : called to the bar
from the Middle Temple : joined the
Calcutta High Court Bar, 1868 : acted as
the Standing Counsel to Government in
1882, 1884, 1886-7 : presided over the
First Indian National Congress at Bombay,
1885 : Fellow of the Calcutta University :
President of the Faculty of Law, 1880 :
represented the Calcutta University in
the Bengal Legislative Council, 1893 :
retired from the Calcutta Bar, 1901, to
practise before the Judicial Committee of
the Privy Council in England.

BOPP, FRANCIS (1791-1867)
Born at Mentz, Sep. 14, 1791 : educated
at Aschaffenburg, under Windischmann,
the celebrated Oriental scholar : went to
Paris, 1812, for 5 years : chiefly studied
Sanskrit : settled in Gottingen : became
in 1821 Extraordinary, and in 1825
Ordinary Professor of Oriental Literatiure
and General Philology at Berlin Univer-
sity, till his death : a prominent Member
of the Royal Society at Berlin : wxote his
Analytical Comparison of the Sanskrit,
Greek, Latin and Teutonic Languages in
the Annals of Oriental Literature, 1820 :
greatly encouraged and facilitated the
study of Sanskrit : his Sanskrit Grammar
passed through several editions, 1827-63 :
an original foreign member of the R.A.S.
from June 7, 1823 : his Comparative
Grammar was translated into EngUsh,
1845-50 : he died Oct. 23, 1867.

BORTON, SIR ARTHUR (1814-1893)
Son of the Rev. J . D. Borton : born
Jan. 20, 1814 : educated at Eton : entered
the Army, 1832, rose to be General, 1877 :
went to India in 1835, served in the
Afghanistan campaign of 1842 under
General Pollock : was at Tezin, in the
Kohistan, and at Istalif on Sep. 29 : in
the battles of the Satlaj campaign of
1845-6 : in the Crimea : C.B. : in Canada :
commanded the Mysore Division of the
Madras Army, 1870-5 : K.C.B. : Governor
and C. in C. of Malta in 1877 : G.C.M.G.,
1880 : G.C.B., 1884 : died Sep. 7, 1893-


Son of first Viscount Falmouth : born
Aug. 19, 1711 : joined the Navy, 1726:



served on a number of stations, tbe
Mediterranean, the West Indies, the Home
station, the Channel, at the Nore, at
Cape Finisterre, 1747 : and in that year
was appointed C. in C. of the sea and land
forces in the E. Indies : passed the
Mauritius without taking it from the
French : reached Fort St. David, J uly,
1748: failed, after a repulse at Ariancopang,
which he captured later, in taking Pondi-
cherry by both sea and land : lost ships
in stormj' weather : at the peace of Aix-la-
Chapelle, took possession of Madras on
its restoration by the French, Aug. 21,
1749 : and retiurned to England : held
more commands in N. America : a Lord
of the Admiralty : at the siege of Louis-
berg against the French in Europe : was
made P.C. : died Jan. 10, 1761.


(1853- )

Born July 14, 1S53 : educated at Ken-
sington Grammar School and privately :
has contributed to all the leading journals
on questions relating to India, China,
Egypt and Turkey since 1876 : founded,
in conjunction with Sir Lepel Griffin, the
Asiatic Quarterly Review in 1885, and
edited it for some years : author of Life
of Yakub Beg of Kashgar, England and
Russia in Central Asia, Central Asian
Portraits, Armies of the Native States of
India, Central Asian Questions, Lord
William Bentinck, Story of India, India
in the Nineteenth Century, History of
China, of which several editions have been
published. Life of Gordon, Life of Sir
Stamford Raffles, etc.


Son of Rev. Edward Bourchier : edu-
cated at Addiscombe : entered the Bengal
Artillery, 1838 : in the Gwalior campaign,
1843-4 : at Punniar : in the mutiny
commanded a battery at Trimmu Ghat :
at the siege and capture of Delhi : at
Bulandshahr, Alighar, Agra, Sir Colin
Campbell's relief of Lucknow, at Cawnpur :
Brevet Colonel and C.B. : commanded
the R.A. in Bhutan, 1864-6 : commanded
the E. frontier district, 1871, and the
Cachar column in the L ushai expedition,
1871-2 : K.C.B., 1852 : Maj-General :
died March 15, 1898.


(1848- )

I.C.S. : born at Madras, March, 1848 :
son of J. D. Bourdillon {q.v.) : educated
at Marlborough : Captain of the Cricket
XI : went out to India, 1870 : Superinten-
dent of the Census of Bengal, 1880-3 '■
acting Secretary to the Bengal Government,
Financial Department, 1893-5 : Com-
missioner of Patna, in the famine, 1897 :
C.S.I., 1898 : Chief Secretary to the
Government of Bengal, 1900 : Member of
the Famine Commission in India, 1901 :
Member of the Board of Revenue, 1902 :
for some years Member of the Bengal
Legislative Council : acted as Lieutenant-
Governor of Bengal, Nov. 1902-Nov.
1903 : Resident in Mj'sore, 1903 :
K.C.S.I., Jan. 1904 : V.D., 1896, for long
service as a volunteer in the Calcutta
Light Horse and Bihar Light Horse.


I.C.S : son of the Rev. T. Bourdillon: edu-
cated at Ramsgate and Haileybury : joined
the Civil Service at Madras in 1828 : was
Secretary to the Board of Revenue and
Secretary to Government in the Revenue
and P.W.D. : advocated irrigation and
the improvement of communications :
was an authority on land revenue and

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