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Knapp, Charles Ellsworth,
CHi story of Sanqamon County-







niGTC^IAE SirI-Ii;GFIi!LD CIUI'TZa D. ^. i.
in response to suggestloris fron
Ii?.S. CH'.nLES E. DAVi:03C^
State Historian D. A. R.
1920 - 1921

Grateful acknoTrledgrnGxit is hereby? made for tha udo of "booliB
end naps at the State IHstorical Library, and for many helpful
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For a Dtun"ber cf years previous to ie£l the territory known as
Sangamon County, or "The Sangamc Country," eEhraeed parts cf wi-at
are new knc^^'n as Christian, Llacon, licLean, V'ooflford, llarshell and
Putnam counties, and all of Logan, TazeT^ell, Lascn, Lenard, and
CasE ccunties.

Later it T/as reduced to an area of 876 square miles in the cen-
tral part cf the state, and on January 50, lOEl, Sangamon County
T.'6E created by an act of legislature.

At that tiire the land v/as virgin soil with wooded helts along
the streaiEB.

The first vrhite iii£,n had settled here only fonr years previously.

Shadrach Bond v/as Governor of the state, and lierrc; I.e:;:,rc"". Lieu-
tenant Governor.

The first county ccmnissicners were ^^illiam,- Zachariah
i-eter, and Iiivers Cornaek. They tcck the oath cf office in the
home cf John Ilelly en I'liesday, April 2,*^lb£l.

Their first cificial act the apj ointrient cf a ciirL.

Charles E. Liitheriy was honored v.ith tj.e pcsiticr., after
"being duly in 'entered into herd 7.1th James Latham for the
faithful perforiKince of his duties."

During the year he rac allov/ed '87.50 for salary and for
stationery furnished.



ABKAEAi. LirCCiLK *'as a character tco great tc sketch in a
few words, and too 7.'ell knovrn to need any vcrds.

Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center


The first white settlement in Sangamon coanty was in the fall of
1817 when Hohert Pulliam built a log cabin about ten and one-half
miles south of Springfield on S. W. i Sec. 21, T. 14, i;. S. 5 ^. 5rd P. U
in v;hat is now Ball township,

Ist gr^Jit of The first grant of land was made tc Israel Archer
land, on I?ovember 6, 162S.

It was the west half of E. W. i , section R, township 14, north of
range 14 vjest.

Mason Fowler made a secorid entry on the snne day.

On November 7, 1823 entries were made by Eli,1ah Ties, Thonas Cox,
John Taylor and Pancal P. Enos. Elijah lies entered the S. F. ^ of
section 27; Thcaas Cox the S. E. t of sec. 28; John Taylor the i;. E. -^
of section 33, and Pascal P. Encn the IT. V^. i of 34.

Colonel Thomas Cox came to Springfield in 1823, having been ap-
pointed by President 1,'ionroe a ..egister of the Li^nd office at thip place.


First The first religioue society orn:anlr.e<3 in Sdngtiraon


county vxB f^o Ilethcaist society. It was orpranired in

1821 by :.ev. John Glauvillb at the hcrrie of Ch:rles :•:.

Ilatheny. The neeting-s wore held in Ilr. i-Gtheny'e

hor^e or office until a schoolhouse ras "boilt.

Location The 1st. church V7?is erected on the of 5th

of first

church. and Ilcnrce en lots donated by Pascal F. Encs In 1830.

Spring-field charge was part of Sang-aricn circuit
until 1BZ7> v?hen it becsrao a station.

The seccnd ehurch builflinp v.-ae orectea en the
southeast ccrner of Fifth end Icnrce streets in 1G51.
The rropont edifice vrcs erected in 1864 at the north-
east ccrner of Fifth street and Capitol ".vcnne.

The first Method ist sernon in the SanfTciincn country
V71XB preached by I.or. Janoo SinTic, an itinoriant preacher,

i^yCU^^^ J^^^t/^^

pip:st SCI col a::d fi r.sT tsac^h.

Slmrl EncB, in & paper read before the State Hiotoricl Society in
!liy, 1909, is Guthcrity for the statenont that the first Bchoolhouse
in San^ra'^cn county rce a rcunfl lojr cabin aitnated en the top cf the
hill en the north side cf vh-^t ie nor rachinrtcn etreet and betv;een PaB-
ficia and Tigris Btroets, Its dinensicnB Tere 14 by 16 feet, with door
on the east side, a Btiek and nud chimney at the north end, and one log
cut cut scrao 6 cr 8 foot on both the south and v^est sides for windows,
and elabs for benches, and rcu^h boards for deslis.

The first teacher, Andrew Crr began to teach in 18::1«


Dr. Cershom Jayne r~B the first doctor in S-inpnrcn county r-nd the* first
tc locate in t>ie district north of Alton end Sdwrirds-rille, and rest cf
Chicago. He cc^ne into -this territory- in 1820.

Tahen frcra an article vTritten by '^t. George ^.
"rpider In V-.c L^ictcry cf ::^ r.p-racn county pub-
lished in 191?.

pi: -ST rg"Sr;j-K:; .

Sincon Francis founded the Sanfrano Journtzl in 1831. It beoar«
the State Journal in 1855.



In 1830 ^m. J. J-utleflgre ran a bst^III at Spring Creek and sarefl
etrinpere ueefl In laying the firet railroad track in Illincia.

Fcv/ers History, Tn^e 11.

?i:-:sT LAnn::-: ir sM'gATxn cc:.tty _.

By an act approved Feb, 11, 18^1, &ingramcn county v'ith St. Clair,
Iladiscn, Groene, Pike and r.ontgcriory counties, conotituted the first
judicial circuit in Illinois,

The firct terra of the Snn?Ta'^on Circuit Court v.^s l-'eld "ay 7, 1851,

at the hcno of John i'elly on *oho vrcsont site of Sprinfrfield.


Lav.'yer. Janes Adans is said to have "been the first attcrney-at-law

to settle in the ccanty. He T:as a n^i^ive of Hartford, Conn., hern in

180S. After having: e'ent hie hcyhcod in Csv^ero, T. Y., ho cciae to

Srrinefield in 1821. In 182? he ui^pointe^ Justice of the Teace.

-e l"ter served in t'^e "inneharc ';nd Black ITsvk "are, and in 1841

Teas elected Irch- te Jufl{re.

l!e died '.urrv 11, IB-^?.

Frcn an article Trritten h.7 -cn. Jcnes A.
Connolly for the 'li story of Sangamon
county, puhlio?!oa in 191?3.


Fi:-:3T i:\?^-<i.\CrE r^ccKD .

Sangtvnon Cctaaty.

I do certify that I sclerjaired the narriace
cf rillion IlooB and ?eprgy ClniB cc the C'O day of iprll ir.21.

Atrahan Sinnard J. P.
recorded July 20 1627 C. E. ILithenj, Clk.

!:o. 1

The a"bCTe niarriGj?e record ie the first recorded in Sar.ganicn
county and ie on file in the Ccunty Clerk's office in
ST^rinffield, Illinois.

As there wore pocple bj the erne of Sins In the ccuTity in IG'^l
"but none "by t/ie n'.ne cf Cins, bc f:.r as kncvTi, the fcnily nono cf
the "bride v/as probably riisspelled in the record.



THS yif.sT i!\.-.:.iAgs c? ^-ITS f n a L3 it s^iG'J'ct c cutty.

In 1819 V.TB. Atigall Stillmfin. e widcw, lirinf ^Ith her family
cf eight children in CananflaifTia, V.» Y. , deteroined to Beet a heme
In the "beautiful, fertile Illinois territory cf which she had heard
through travelers from the Trost.

Her four dattfrhters end four sens had teen pirer the "beet educa-
ticr^cJ. sdvantaros cf their day, and the nother decided to taiie them
to a Inr^^r field of cprortimity rhere l^nd ecnld be had for the

Cn the rest^T-rd Jcurnoy the- stopped at Ucrgtinf ield, Ily. , in t"-e
Eurr-ior cf 1819 and there raised a crop cf com end reg-etables for tne
coning vrlnter.

Hiile in I'crganfield the f-nily net ycuncr Philo Beers, a native
cf "ccflhtLry, Ccnn., rhc at trrit tine v.-as prcsp-ecting in rertern
Hcntucky, ecuthern Illinois end parts cf Hisscuri,

In the Erring cf 1820 the Stilln-n f:?nily care up into Illinois
r.nd settled en a tract cf l-nd in ri:at is nor: -illians tcmship,
San^-aJaon county.

I r. Irrrs c.-e ncrth eccn -■f'ter f is a-.d. loc-ne c reeioe-t of
Crrlrle, Illincic. -le Y.ts a frequent visiter in t' e -tilln-n hr - .3,
and en I-cvenbrr 2, IfiTO he rr.rried H'lrtra i:tillr-::n. Z-iey v.r-re the
first vhite ccuyle m-.rried rlthin the 1 cunds cf rr'^-.t l-lnr teca-.e
Sangancn ccunty. At th^.t tL-ne t>-e Sanranc country ras still a p-rt
of I'-adiscn ccrjit^T, so the r.-^rrlare licersc ^as cht~ined in ZdvT-rds-
villo en Cct. rv, 1R-.0. It here the r:u:-her 279 c-d r- s slrr-od by
B. H. Ilcffnan, Clerk. '2]\e redainr corcncny vr-.s porferrisd by ?.ev,
Sterhen Znfland,

The flret Carriage of n^ite ioople In Sangrancn Co.


Ur« Beere Bat fcr V^ashinftcn county In t>-e St'?te General
ABBemlsly in the winter of 1824-5. Soon after this he cane to San-
gamon ccurtj, end Inter are to Srrlrip-field and "bnilt the first trick
dv.elllng house in t':-e city at thp corner of Fifth and ladlscn streets.

I^r. and Urs. Beers vere charter nonbers cf t' r Christian church
organized in Springfield in lfi?.3.

The ahcre facts rore taten frcT. a prper vrritten "by Charles P.
Tano, a grnndson of I'r» and .'rs. Boors, and read "bofcro t'-^e St-^te
"iotcrlcnl Scciotj: in 1905, and putlie" ed in the vcliino cf troceoc'.-
incE the r.oxt ^ear.

ri?:s? DrED .

S, ItirrlGnce This infientiire nade the twentieth Day of April in

Jones in the year of our Lord one tTtc.^Band oic-ht hundred end

tr;^nty-seven "bot^sroen David S. lurviance and Eli:a"beth his
T^ife of the cne part and Claybcrne Joj.og cf the other part all of
San^jDon county. Stnte cf Illinois ritnesseth T:vj.t t':e s-^id L-avid S.
xrurviance and Elisaheth Eis vrifo for an in consideration cf the Sum
of cno hundred Dollars to them in hand paid by the ssid Clayhourne
•■^cncB the receipt T?here"by is herehv aclmov'ledped hath g-rcnted "bar-
pained and Sold onto Clayhcurne Jones lis heirs and assirns forever
all our ripht title interrst and ilaim of in and to t' e vrost h-^lf of
the south East Qu* rter of Section thirtyfcur tcv;nship seventeen ncrth
of r^engre Seven west tcgether vrith all the rir- ts Irivilep-es and
hereditaments themunto telonpinf? to the th« only proper use cf the
said Clcyhourne Jones his heirs Executors and assifTic fcrover and
further said Pavid S lurviance £- Eliraheth .''is t?ife doth af?roe 6n
their part to v.-tirr-aru a'^d forever defend the aforeDaid rror^icee and
over:; P-rt t^^orocf unto Clayhourne Jcnoc •ic hnirc c ;cl acci^'^e rrainst
rJ.1 pGrecnc clair.inr by fi-cn them cr an," cf t' e- l)y frcr. r.ry ct" er
r>crocn cr porDcnt- v.-h - . tover In rit-ocs v/horocf t'^e xurtioo cf t'.e
j'irot part h'^vc herou'itc Set their hands end Seals tho i>ay ahcvo

rriten in proocnce cf lis D S i'urviarce oeal

I-allaD Scott Lli:;al th lurviance Seal

State of Illincia ierscnally ap}'earcd -

Sangraraon County bofcre rae '.brahar. Sinn:ird cne cf the

'ustlces cf the peace in and for said county Lavid S iurvicMce Vrho
ccknc" leedd Vint He did Toluntnrily si<rn Sezl end deliver t'^e rit'-'in

First Deed



i)«©a fcr the v-xrjczQ'^ heroin Specif iod also porscnally appe-zrefl
Sllsaliofh "ur^ianco wife o" the QiiH David S PurriGnca arid "bain? er-
anined Separate a^;! spart from the bucbacd tho within Dead tc oe hor
voluntc.Tj net ani) iv?^?, 'rithcut thi'OG'cc cr perc^iasicn in tcstincriy
hero of I have horoojitc Set Ta;p h;ind cjnA S02I tbic t'.ro-stleth Da^ cf
April Bifjbteen jiandrod end tvonty Scvon

Keccrdcd i50th 16^7

Atrahaju Sinnard
Justice cf the i-eace

Sdwart) i itchell i: S C

i'Li sitt-ve d^efi is a copj cf tbt tir&t cr.e leccrded in Stngamon
ccox:ty £.; £ is rn Ills ii. tho ree(icei*s tffiec in t\a i-ang-ejucc Ccuntj"
Ccurthc'ise, Spring^fielft, Illincis.

In the cci-A ths st-olllcg, punctuation, end c£'.lii.aticn .are
the &u~,c Co in t^ a crirrin;!.


Spririgfleia Au^ 6 IBCl
Tho Court I'ot agreealjle to Gd'ournmont preeent — Jae. Latham —

In th© nonG of God Amen I Potor Lanterman of the Ccunti" of
Sangramo and State of Illinois being of sound and perfect I'ind and
i'enory do make and publish this ny Last rill and Testaraont in manner
folloviring (that is to eay) first I give end Bequeath Unto my Doughter
Sophiah roF Sophiah Lineey the Bun of five Dollars

I rrlve and Bequeath unto lay sen John lentencan t"^e sum of
five I^cllars

I give unto my son Daniel the sum of five Dcllars t I give and
Bequeath to my Son Janes five Dollars and nj' will is th t the ahcve
naned Legacies "bo paid as soon as may he after my recoaee cat of
I'y personal Estate I-'y will is further that after my Bcd^,' is decently
Burj'od and my funorrl lixpenses paid that all'iiy personal Estate ex-
cept ny farmlnsr utensils to he Eoually divided hetvoon ny three
Children Vcv: renal r.inrr rith ne To vit .'.hrnm Potor and 'llftty my
rill is th-t py holcvod v.jfe he curfcrtea off cf r~ farm ard. farmi-"
utensils and at t'o decease cf cy hcloved vrife thv.t py farm anu firning
utensils ho equally divided my Sons Ahram and Peter ly v:ill is
further that shoiad my Sister in Lar I-ary App:Legate net ho ot; orwise
provided f or ^that my said tro sons ..hraharn and Peter and r.y s^'id
daughter Alletty shall take care of and provide for ly e-^id Sister in
lav l^ry Applegote cut of the est-i-e i-«erehy honuoat'-od then. I do
herehy appoint Ly Tro Sens Ahmn Lenterman and Peter L'-ntorm'::n ::Tecn-
tcrs of t)ii8 my last ivill and testament -cr-.i enjoin it en f en tc see

The First ^111 P-eccraefl In Sangamon Coantv . (oo^t. )

every part thereof carryed into accordinp to the true irtent anfl
meaning thereor

In witness that the the fcrefrolng- ie ray Inst rill end tosta-
nent I hare hereunto Set my hand and Seal the 4th day of April in the
yenr of our Lord one thousand Eijrht hundred and twenty one note the
Irtprlinoation r-as made "before Sig-ning

Peter Lanterrnan Seal

Sig^ned Sealed published and declr'.red hy tlie ahcve nnned

Peter Lan toman to he his last r;ill ond testanont in the presence of

us T.ho have hereunto Suhscrihed cur nciaes as witness in the presence

of t'e testator

Charles ?. Il-^thony
Georgre •".' ITelly


State cf I nine is
£ar.|?r'.iT!cn Count;**

Personally cum "before me t'e suhscriher Jr.nes

T/itham -Judfro of the Goiirt of Prohate for s-id count;, Ch-rles - : I^atheny

L Gccrpe Ilelly v; c hninf* dul;^' sworn en tho holy LvanireliEt of Alrair-ty

God declared and said th t the fcrefroing rill is t e Lost rill and

testan^ent of said letor LEftiterman deceased tectliriony Thereof I have

hereunto set ay hand arid seal at Sjri ^gfield the 6 day of Aurust 1G21

anil of the Independence 46t]i

Jas ^. Ifctham Seal

The fcreiPrcirg will is on file in t e Irobate Court rcof-,

Sangrjncn County Courthouse, Springfield, Illinois.

In this copy of the rill, the opellinp-, capitalisation ard
punctuitlon rre the s^^-^e as in t>o criminal.

(fltA-^-^ ^^e£*-i.^»^





^-^. leaao Baker

1^. :'cses BrcaGvrell

c/g. Gecrpo Br;;an

^, John ?Tirtcr

J5m Encs Caroptcil

^» Christian Carver ■

J?. Ihili? Crcvder

^, Aqailla Davis

•9. Jaraee Dingruan

^10. JaoeB Hag'g^rd

v^l. Esekiol narrlson

■^2. Jchn Lockriflg^

v^lS. Thomas Tassie

^14. Joel ;.!a:co7

-15. leter Killinpton

J16. Jchn Paa!;e

^7. rilliar:. ienny

^8. Gocrg-e I ulliara

U^. Jchn

^0. '"illia-:: :.r.le>ton

u^l, Thcrias .'iCyal

^2. John Strinrfielfl-^erns

■^3.' r'illiani Caeoad^v

K^4, Jar.ies ^afldell

/ £5. rr. Pettus

26. Ahijah Siaith

I. crtirvillc Cenetery, ^ccheEter t'v*p.
Cat i\i5i^e " Spri''igf ield

Vroodside ^

Chathan "

Cak Hill " Cle'ir ">ake tvp

?anii7 b:ir^in{T ?rcjnd rest cf Sprirrfiel
"^clf Creei: Ce'ieter.v, ■illinris tv.-p,
?anily "burying- prrcand near .-.iTortcn.

Gardner trp.
Buried en farm where be G-r^ti/lad' aLcut
tv.'0 nilea vasi. cf Salisbury, Oartr.rirrht
C ha than CeTnetary
Cid S>-ilerii " north cf ?iddle IJill.

n rt n n n ft n

Zicn Cer3e^ery, Ccttcn -ill tv.T»

Cld 3a?ci3hu;-y Coue^ory y

HiCiiland Cer-iOtery Cai-tv/rir-ht tvrp."


~:lchland "

; :orr:.;n


BrxLnl: Ce'.netory
/'erne "

iiOC>-oaier "
Hoc'fieste:- •'
Tvccdsida '*"

nocr Glenam

Cartrrit^ht tv? .

'^-a r l n 0. I* t r/ , one
iile sciit>>' cf Farr-iinrdc^io.

Bull tv.p.

Far;cy Crool: rvrp.
"Trafliticna."- ::oc cr5 ."
"Tradlticriai r.occrQ ."

■ ?ra il i >; i en:: 1 :. o c cr d "

Buried in Bothcl Corioocry about Z\:c miles ncruhvoct cf
rloasant l-lains.

■in freat-rran3-''.:>u'-j. ter, ; ra. John D. a^crfrc cf c.xyi'lAr iolfl,
etaios that he onlirvod in t"iG r.o'.'olutirnar:,- ^rrny in lev,' ,7e - i:cy
and sorved -cit"- (M^tlncti en, but tiio roocrrlF of his eervicoc -ore
burned in Icr Jersey uirl are net recorded in asr.inrrtcn. inc cf
his deeccr'c'aiits has a ne\.Gpapor cliT>plnp tollinj of his ..c'-clu-
ticnary record, and elder r.eiiiborG of the fr.-iily ha-re clear
reccilecticnc of creing hie :;ovoluticnary aiiay uniform years afc.

The l-.evcluticnary sclflicre died in 3ar)£nracn cciinty
and are pro"bc."bly tiiriod here, hat place 1b net knoiFni,

i^Bazil Clark filed in SaliBhury tc^cr.ship in 1840.

^^lichael Clifford — died in 18:-'5-

^.ohert Pisk

^llliain Hcile — V;illccl by Inri&nc ir 16;5".

^hCEas Jecod — fied in -lochceter. Tor-, E, 107.3.

^ohn v.'hite — uied in <Lt L-r- ~t— i ^^£3.



Since 'irs. Harriet T'alker'e hocli ."Kevclutlcnar;,' ScldierB juried
in IllinciB" v.-as publifched in 1917, it has been fciind tbr.t fc-^r ct
the PGVolutionfiry Bcifiiers ruppcccd tc he huried in £ang^n:cn c( :mty
vere hurled elserhere. Thoy are:


Ahraia Luene — hiiriefl J-r'^trenherrer Cpn'etery, 4 nilee rcnthenst of

!"t. Hilrehi, ir.- Lc<:T.r ccrxtj-.
"achariah Tance — I'onarf county
John Cvertitreet — I.enard county
Jolin Turloy — LcjT.n c t vnty

1. Lire. Phcehe D. nlovelnnd ( ak j:idf-G, Sprinj^field.

C» " Ehcda Smith Tcmlin iethol CcL.etery, cheat two

niiles ncrthvrcnt cf Floact^nt I la ins.
S. " Elizabeth Smith Vane buriec: near r-illiar:crille.

(rre. J.hcda 3nith Tcniiin t-nd .' re. Vano v.ere daughters cf
Ahijah 3ri:ith, fiTat - r vj-it-. cf Irp. <7rhn ". Oorrrn of
Siring,'f iold . }

rhe hiBtcrles cf the earlj rlnys cf Illincie tell of nuiny and
various tribes of Indians that had livod anfl ra/red wars v/ithin the
present houndariec cf the Ev°ce«

In "The Esrly Histcr^? of the San^a'^cn Country" rritten hy Jchji
G. Henderson in 1673 he states that the SaogarcD country (v.hich
many times larger than 3angs:3ca county) was hcund^d as foil ore:
"On the north by the Sancaaon river, on too west by 111 ncls river,
en the south bj Apple Creek; and it extended to the east fift^: or
sixty riiles.

In the Pottav/attaTile linrua^re S-'ir)t *anon neins plenty tc e^t. '.on?
before the white man onije west th« Imlifin^ rfsalir.od that t'.o Bcil in
this regrlcn v.rb unnsur.lly fertile -jid prcfluctive.

Up tc tlie &Oth of Jul;? 1819, altho tho GtriLa had boen adnlttod
\;c the union, tho r.icl:^pco Indians v.cro tho rightful cv.ners of all
that scope of country lying south of tho ran]:aLee river, east of t-io
Illinois rivor and north cf a lino dr.iv.n fror^ che nonth of the Illinois;
river to the rabanh. TJiis trr?ct cer.^risfid vithSn itr. linitf? t'le
finest lands in the strxte, ana 'cha furca-ite huntinf: grrun^s cf t'-e
I iciiarccs vhich they claimcc^ as their y'rc;"'evtv V.;, dewcfnt frcr. t" eir
ancestors, end by ccnqueet from the Illim ic tribe cf Indiane, v.ith
an uninterrupted possessicn of ncre thrm hr.lf a century.

The treaty by vhich they ceded thp c.bcve trrct to the United
States vras niade July 20, 1819 at EdvrardBville , Illinois,

August Choteau end Bcnjanin Ster«- ccr. fecnducted the nGfrctl£,ticns
for the united St^^tes, r'ilc rc-LC-a-ta!!:, le-na-uoo, "ec-tr^t-ta,
Ghe-kcan, Tavn-to-ho, a; d oirhteen cii"';cr cunhy chiefs cd their
ricre, rich "D'.eir plurics, beads, pcinu and Trampun, r:ctinf "fcr tho -

^4JctQ^*-<> y^^^^=J^^

The Infliane in -2-

Sangamon County.

selves and thoir said tri"be" reluctantly nade their scrawls end ccrlic
to the Instrument rhlch gave up forever to the hated pale faces tlieir
hcii}eB, hunting grcunds, and the graves of their ancestors, tvrelve
million six hundred thousand acres of land for the SDall sum of Iocs
than one-sixth of a cent per acre, and the premise of a perinanent
hoiae beyond the llississippi.

A large portion of this ceded tract was tncvm at that tiriie as
the Sangamon Country."

Between 161£ and 1820 many battles and skirmishes took place
between the pioneer fathers and the red men in their straggles for
possession of t^ is country.

Sangaaon county v;as organized in 1621 r.nd was much smaller than
the territory kDCwn as Ssngsmcn Country. The county ocntains only
550,000 acres.

In the Far of 1812 vhen the territorial governor, Kinian Edwards,
led an army from Fort Pncsel (near Edwardsville) to Peoria, he folloro'"
an old Indian trail. In the Journal of the State Historical Society,
April to Januriry 1911-1?, !.:r. Cimri A. Enos st-.tos thjt after entorin::
the precent l)ct)n:lary of £3nga!::cn county t'-ils trail phased ncrth i:ir:u-h
the prairie hetv.oen the timber lines of Brush Croel: and Horse Creek,
then betveen Scv^th Fork and Sugar Creek, through ::c;ina Irairie, end
across the Sangamon river between the mouths of Gunir Creek and
South Fork; thence by Clear Lake and through the prairie to Buffalo
Hart Grove; thence en the divide botroen the raters of Lake Pork on
the east and Volf Creek on the Vvest, to Elkhart Grove and Peoria.

The Infl iane in -3-

SangTimcn Connty.

ThiB trail lay s fo- nilos east of sprlnpfield, tut not m-ny
years ago there wore still traces of a trail ccmlnf into the city
from the scath-east rhich rany h^ve been a branch frcrr. the niain trtiil*
It led to a spring in vshat is nc^ called '"ashinpton Park, Fhere the
Indians had a caaping grcimd.

The topugrfiphy cf ban£Tir.ion couBoy 1b such ttet it must h-ve "been
an ideal hunting ana capping grrcund, end Kas, dcuhtless, the scene cf
many interesting events in Indian history, "but so far as kncxTn thoro
are nc records cf particular ovor.ts occurring v.lthin the present
"bcundariGG of tlie county, r.nd no spots are narlied hy tahlets or stcnnc

PETEP CARTTPIGHT was "born Sept. 1, 1785 in Anherst Co.,

In 1791 his father's family came west and settled in Tentucky.

When scarcely sixteen years of ac-e he was converted and joined
the Methodist Episcopal church. Soon after this he was authorized
to hold religious meetings. He continued to preach for more than
fifty years, and was the hest known camp meeting preacher. It is
estimated that he preached not less than 15,000 sermons.

In 1824 he trcught his family to Sangamon Co., Illinois, and
"bought a small farm in a township that was afterward named in his

He served two terms in rhe state legislature.

He died Sept. £5. 1872.

HiniAR WIfiT ED'^A.KD3 , son of Governor Kinian Edwards, was "born
in Frankfort, Kentucky, April 15, 1809, '

His boyhood was spent in Zaskaskia, Sdwardsville, and Belleville,

In 1833 he graduated from Transylvania Dnivereity,

He came to Sangamon County in 1835, and in 133G v/as elected to
the legislature from Sangamon County as a colleague of Ahraliam
Lincoln. In 13r>8 he was re-elected to the House, elected to the
Senate in 1844, and again to the House in 1843.

He was a memter of the Constitutional Convention in 1847.

Jrom 1854 to 1857 he served as State Superintendent of Tuhlic

He !ik:.rried Elizabeth P. Todd, sister of i;rs. Abraham Lincoln,

He wrote "Life and Times of I7inian Edwards."

His death occurred in August, 1889,

J6QQxL^ / rf'^^tJ<^^-^'U.'^^l4^\^

COL. EPffARD DICKIKSg; BAJIES was "bom Feb. 24, 1811, in London,

In 1815 his father's family came to America, landing in Phila-
delphia. In 1826 the family came to Belleville, Illincis and in 1835
to Springfield.

He "became a law partner of Stephen A. Logan.

He delivered the oration at the laying of the corner-stone of
the Illinois State HoiTse, July 4, 1837.

In 1840 he was elected State Senator for four years, and was
elected to Congress in 1845.

TiTien the ilexican 7/ar hroke out he raised a regiment which was
accepted hy the government as the 4th 111. Infantry.

In 1860 he v/ent to Oregon to live and was elected U. S. Senator
from that state.

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