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'whole arrangement was made for the preservation of the family.
There should be no need for any such regulation in the world
which men enter at death. There the men do not marry, and
women are not married. If sex remain, there is nothing which
demands such unions as we have on earth ; so then the case which


the Sadducecs cited as conclusive really had no bearing "whatever
on the question under discussion. The Sadducees did not see far
enough to perceive that human beings may exist in two states
successively, without losing their identity ; while we, who are in
one of those states, do not see how arrangements of the other can
at all correspond with this. A priori, it would be reasonable to
suppose that we could not see this connexion, and that any diffi-
culty proposed would amount simply to an acknowledgment of
our ignorance, and no proof of any other proposition whatever.
That is what Jesus implies. You are in error ; your error is the
result of your ignorance ; but your ignorance can have no effect
upon the facts of God and of eternity.

The reply of Jesus silenced the Sadducees and excited the
admiration of the multitude, and even some of the better-minded
Pharisees, according to Luke, exclaimed: ""Well said!" so de-
lighted were they with the reply.

One of them, a lawyer, came forward with a question to Jesus.
The term " lawyer," vo/j,ikosĀ±


But it is not the employment of a name which Jesns de-
nounces, it is the spirit of vanity which animated the Phari-
sees, and the servile spirit which the employment of titles is
apt to engender". Paul and Peter spoke of themselves as spiri-
tual fathers.* Jesus teaches that positions in the societies of
his followers, such as should afterward be formed, were not to
he regarded as dignities, but rather as services; that no man
should seek them for the honor they might confer, but for the
field of usefulness they might afford; and that no man should

Online LibraryCharles F. (Charles Force) DeemsWho was Jesus? → online text (page 58 of 77)