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leavened bread.

The fifth day of the week began on Wednesday evening, and
closed on Thursday evening. It was the first day of unleavened
bread, when the Passover must be killed. The
Passover Mas the feast commemorative of the
deliverance of the nation from the Egyptian
bondage. The history of its appointment and method of observ-
ance are given in Exod. xii. The feast was celebrated by compa-
nies, numbering not less than ten nor more than twenty. In be-
half of the whole company, one, as a representative, presented the
lamb in the Temple to be sacrificed by the Levites. It was then
carried to the house where the party was assembled, and eaten;
and if they could not consume it before daylight they were to
burn the remainder. Jesus was approached by his disciples, to
know where he would have them prepare for his eating of the

There is no point in the chronology of the career of Jesus which
lias elicited more controversy than the question on what evening
Jesus ate the Passover. To repeat all that has been written on this
subject would be to produce another volume larger than this, and,
alter all, the discrepancy between the statements of John and
those of the other biographers seems to be as far from beinjr bar-
monized as ever.'" There is no space to give even a synopsis of
the arguments, which would require many pages. The result of
all seems to be that the most rational conclusion is that all the
Evangelists spoke of one feast; that it was a Paschal supper; that
Jesus ate that supper with his disciples on Thursday night, tho
evening following the 11th \"i.-an, April •!, \.r. 783, a.i-. 30, being

the evening from which, according to Jewish calculation, began

the sixth day, Friday, I5tll Xisan.

• Rcndora who have abundance of

time may Rod this question amply

Online LibraryCharles F. (Charles Force) DeemsWho was Jesus? → online text (page 62 of 77)