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Res. Lexington, N. Y. Is a grocer and provision dealer.

1 29 1 Maria S. Newcomb and Edward B. Taylor had:

(1807) Nellie Bancroft, b. June 6, 1865. m. June 24, 1891, John M.

Wright. Res. Detroit.

(1808) Edith Newcomb, b. March 13, 1867. m. November 28, 1888,

George D. Papson. Res. Washington, D. C.

(1809) John Wright, b. August 4, 1871. m. June 27, 1800, May Car-

penter. Lumber merchant, vestryman of Grace Church,
prominent Free Mason, Port Huron, Mich.

(1810) Edward Bancroft, b. May 10, 1873. m. February 11, 1902,

Patricia Daney. Superintendent of the Detroit, Rochester,
Romeo, Lake Orion & Flint Intersuburban Railway.

(181 1) Paul Gilbert, b. April 10, 1875.

Maria S. Newcomb was b. at Strykersville, N. Y. Edward B. Taylor
served m the Civil War, lost his left arm at the elbow in the battle of Ball's
Bluff; was the principal man in building the Chicago & Grand Trunk
Railway, and its superintendent for nine years. Now adjutant of Soldiers-
Home, Grand Rapids.

1294 Harriet Ellen Stocking and Daniel Bower had:

(181 2) Carrie Lucetta, b. March 12, 1863.

(1813) Wells Stocking, b. April 25, 1867.


The Stocking Ancestry 167

(1814) Ida May, b. June 30, 1870.

(1815) Alva Milo, b. March 11, 1872.

(1816) Bertha Angle, b. June 23, 1876.

(1817) Jennie Alice, b. September 5, 1878.

Res. Thompson, 0., and Bower, Neb.

1295 George Wells Stocking

was b. in Madison, O., and m. in Fairbury, Neb.; enlisted as private in
Co. B, 29th Regt. Ohio Vol. Infantry; was with Sherman in his "march to
the sea," and was honorably discharged, June 5, 1865. He is the manager
of the Painesville (O.) Veneer Co. Res. Geneva, O.

1296 Arthur Newell Stocking and Rose Knight had:

(1818) Blanche, b. July 25, 1889.

(1819) George Wells, b. June 15, 1890.

(1820) Florence, b. October 18, 1892.

Arthur Newell res. on the home farm in Madison, O., and also plies the
craft of a carpenter.

1297 Mavret Almeda Stocking and David H. West had
no children.

Mavret Almeda was b. in Burton, O. Her intellectual precocity was
evidenced by the fact of her becoming a teacher at the age of fourteen, a
profession which she followed for twelve years, with intermittent periods
of study in seminary. She is a member of the Free Will Baptist Church,
and a woman of wide and helpful influence, especially among young
people. Her home is in Madison, O.

1298 Albion Morrellis Stocking and Alice M. Leonard
had no children.

Albion Morrellis was b. in Madison, 0., and received a good education
in the public schools and at Geauga Seminary. He served in the Civil War,

1 68 The Stocking Ancestry

Co. C, 177th Regt. Ohio Vol. Infantry. After a severe service he was sent
to the hospital, Troy, N. Y., from which he was discharged in June, 1865.
He subsequently taught school for two years, when he was associated with
his father in the building and contracting business. At the time of his
death he was post-master, justice of the peace, and superintendent of the
Methodist Sunday school in Thompson, 0., where he d. November 22, 1893.

1302 Abert Masa Stocking and Elmyra Hausch had:

(1821) Milan Hausch, b. July 28, 1887.

(1822) John Lee, b. March 24, 1890.

Abert Masa was b. in Booneville, Ind., educated in the public and
select schools, and at Madison Seminary. He worked with his father at
the carpenter's trade; rem. to Rochester, Minn., and was clerk in his
uncle's store, from which place he went to South Dakota, where he became
one of the founders of the town of Huron, where he was a builder. Re-
turning to Ohio, he carried on the same business in Painesville and Cleve-
land, and is now a farmer near Footville, O. Elmyra is the dau. of John
and Elizabeth (Quayle) Hausch, b. at Thompson, O.

1303 Arthy Mayo Stocking and Rose E. Shepard had:

(1823) Alice May, b. December 29, 1878.

(1824) Roy William, b. November 6, 1881. Student at Hedding Col-

lege, preparing for ministry of M. E. Church.

(1825) Junia Pearl, b. October 28, 1890. d. young,

(1826) Amer Mayo, b. March 11, 1895.

(1827) Arthy Wallace, b. September 10, 1901.

Arthy Mayo is a farmer; has res. in Madison, O., in Minnesota, and at
Fife Lake, Mich. His present home is near Good Hope, 111. He is a man
of fine character, and an active member of the M. E. Church. Rose E. is
the dau. of Dr. Newton Shepard, b. January 29, 1858.

1304 Rev. Amer Mills Stocking and Adelia L. Stickle

(1828) Sarah Psyche, b. November 20, 1894.


The Stocking Ancestry 169

Rev. Amer Mills was b. in Chester, O., educated in the public and select
schools, at Madison Seminary, and at the National Normal University,
Lebanon, O., from the classical department of which he graduated in 1884.
He has taught in the public schools of Ohio, in the Western Normal Col-
lege, Bushnell, 111., in Chaddock College, Quincy, 111., and in Hedding Col-
lege, Abingdon, 111. In 1885 he joined the Central Illinois Conference of
the M. E. Church, adding to his work as an educator that of pastor of the
churches successively at Burnside, Good Hope, Wataga, Moline, Geneseo,
Aledo, and Watseka. To his varied gifts and attainments he adds that of
an author, having published a volume of graceful and clever poems,
entitled, "Paraphrases and Bible Stories in Verse," and he is now engaged
in the production of another book of poems to be entitled, "Verses for
Children and Child Lovers." It may be said of him in truth that he is
"in labors abundant," wielding a facile pen, a scholar of chaste culture,
and characterized by a modesty that adorns his work with its crowning
grace. He was recently appointed to the charge of the Hale Memorial
M. E. Church in Peoria, 111.

- Adelia L. is the dau. of Abram B. and Sarah (Metcalf) Stickle, b.
September 23, 1864. She is a woman of beautiful character and varied
accomplishments; a graduate of Macomb (111.) Normal School, and of
Keokuk (la.) Medical College.

1305 Chauncey Hopkins Talcott Stocking and Jessie
Arthur had:

(1829) William Arthur, b. May 16, 1882. Student at Case School,

Cleveland, O.

(1830) Mavret Elsie, b. September, 1888.

(1831) Ahce Ehzabeth, b. January 25, 1894.

Chauncey H. T. followed the carpenter's trade for several years, and in
1882 rem. to Painesville, O., becoming a contractor in 1887, and the
operator of a planing-mill, 1890-92. He is now secretary-treasurer and
consulting manager of the Painesville Veneer Works, county commis-
sioner, a member and trustee of the Congregational Church, and a director
of the Y. M. C. Association, positions which evidence a lively interest in
public and rehgious affairs, as well as the high esteem in which he is held
by his fellow-citizens.

Jessie is the dau. of William Arthur, b. July 25, 1857.

170 The Stocking Ancestry

1306 Capt. William Wallace Stocking and Fannie Ben-
jamin had:

(1832) Benjamin, b. November 9, 1898.

Capt. Wm. followed the carpenter's trade, working, like so many
of his brothers, with his father. Removing to Painesville, he became
foreman for his brother Chauncey, and later on, in partnership with
John Austin, bought a saw-mill and lumber yard in Madison, where
he carried on a very successful business. He subsequently entered the
service of a Cleveland lumber firm, after which he went into the grocery
business in Madison. He is now a boot and shoe merchant in Geneva, O.,
a member of the Congregational Church, township clerk, and a public-
spirited citizen of unusual versatility in business affairs. He m. ist Evelyn
P. Gill who d. January 16, 1889.

1307 Chester Lee Stocking

is a carpenter and stationary engineer, and lives near Macomb, 111. He is
a member of the M. E. Church, and unmarried.

1308 Angehne Stocking and Mortimer H. Ireland had:

(1832A) James, b. , 1861.

(1833) Charles, b. , 1866.

(1834) George Bosworth, b. , 1869,

1 3 TO Francis Asbury Stocking and Ella Adelaide Fro-
man had:

(1835) Frederick Asbury, b. February 3, 1874. m. June 14, 1894, Ann

131 1 George Bosworth Stocking and Lulu Lathrop had:

(1836) Maud Louise, b. September 19, 1873.

(1837) Mark, b. May 24, 1878. d. young.

(1838) Mary Bosworth, b. April 20, 1880.

The Stocking Ancestry 171

Lulu d. February 13, 1883, and George B. m. 2d,
June 3, 1887, Mary Elizabeth Pratt, they had:

(1839) George Bosworth, Jr., b. May 14, 1888.

(1840) Benjamin Pratt, b. December 22, 1889.

George Bosworth was b. in Wesley ville, Erie Co., Pennsylvania. He
was educated in the high school, Olmstead Co., Minnesota; was appren-
ticed in 1869 to the watchmaker's trade, and in 1873 embarked in business
for himself, continuing in it until the present time. In 1886 he rem. from
Rochester to Faribault, Minn., and two years later to Tacoma, Wash.,
then a territory, living there until 1896, when he sold out his watch and
jewelry business, and engaged in gold mining. He was one of the founders
of the Gold Camp of Republic, Wash., to which township he rem. his
family in 1899. He was chairman of the first board of school directors, is
identified with numerous mining enterprises, is general manager of the
Eureka Mercantile Co., an enthusiastic member of the Episcopal Church,
and is a licensed lay reader in the same.

His first wife was dau. of Junius and Louisa Lathrop, of Rochester,
Minn. His second and present wife is the only dau. of Benjamin and
Mary C. Pratt, b. at Leroy, N. Y., January 28, 1853.

13 13 Alvin Clark Stocking and Mary Hollis had:

(1841) Hattie, b. July 5, 1882.

(1842) Elsie, b. September 10, 1884.

(1843) Alda, b. October 10, 1886.

Res. Evansville, Ind.

1 3 14 Mary I. Stocking and John W. Rasure had:

(1844) Effie, b. July 19, 1873. m. Thos. Watson, Evansville.

(1845) Burt F., b. May i, 1875.

(1846) Carl J., b. November 25, 1876.

(1847) Shirley D., b. March 22, 1878.
(1448) Jasper L., b. April 22, 1882.

(1849) W. Frank, b. October 27, 1883.

(1850) Bessie C, b. January 9, 1887.

(1851) Monto A., b. July 28, 1890.

(1852) Wm. Harrison, b. March 9, 1892.

172 The Stocking Ancestry

1 3 16 Jasper Lewis Stocking and Alvena Gusta Weihe

(1853) Lorena, b. October 21, 1895.

Jasper L. was born and reared on a farm near Boonville, Ind. ; was
educated in the public schools, licensed as a teacher at the age of eighteen,
taught for seven years, and afterward graduated from the Indiana State
Normal School. Since 1887 he has been engaged in compiling local his-
tories in various States, having completed forty-six volumes of history and
biography. During the greater part of this time he has resided in Evans-
ville, Ind. Wife Alvena Gusta is the dau. of Henry and Caroline
(Swartz) Weihe, b. in Newburg, Ind., October 14, 1866. They are both
members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

131 7 Ella Stocking and Charles U. Rucker had:

(1854) Stella, b. June 4, 1885.

(1855) Eva, b. August 21, 1888.

(1856) Gracie, b. December 11, 1891.

(1857) Bertha, b. July 21, 1894.

(1858) Dora, b. June 14, 1899.

Res. Puxico, Mo. Mr. Rucker was b. in Warrick Co., Indiana, October
9, 1862.

13 18 Minnie Stocking and James Bohannon had:

(1859) Almon K., b. February 3, 1890.
(i860) Mabel W., b. September 17, 1894.
(1861) Alice M., b. March 19, 1899.

Res. Booneville, Ind., in which State Mr. Bohannon was b. January
9, 1868.

1320 Jabin Bion Stocking and Carrie Lucetta Bower

(1862) Angeline May, b. May 10, 1881.

(1863) Gertrude Lilian, b. September 30, 1883.

Jabin Bion has res. in Madison, O., Bower, Neb., and now res. in Lan-
sing, Mich.

The Stocking Ancestry 173

1324 Horace Grant Stocking and Sarah Edna Long had:

(1864) William Edward, b. May 19, 1894.

(1865) Clyde Leonard, b. August 6, 1895.

(1866) Glenn Clifford, b. November 19, 1896. d. young.

(1867) Max Vernon, b. October 5, 1899.

Horace Grant has taught school ; is at present a deputy for The Modern
Woodmen of America. Res. Lakin, Kan.

1326 Henry James Stocking, Jr., and Jennie R. Ward

(1868) George Ward, b. June 13, 1888. A student.

(1869) William Kenneth, b. October 4, 1894. A student.

Henry James was b. in Worcester, Mass., July 9, 1852. His father
having d. in 1854, he was sent to his uncle, Terry Stocking, a locomotive
engineer in Vermont. When eight years old he was sent West to live with
another uncle, H. P. Bennett, of St. Cloud, Minn. When thirteen years
old, he began to make his own way in the world, and at an early age
became a locomotive engineer on the Northwestern system, serving sev-
eral years in that capacity, and has been in the passenger department for
the past twenty years. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomo-
tive Engineers, and a Free and Accepted Mason of high degree. Jennie R.
was from Grand Rapids, Wis. Res. St. Paul, Minn.

1 33 1 Walter Stocking and AmeHa A. Kirby had:

(1870) Kirby Stocking, d. young.

Res. Amenia, N. Y. Amelia was b. October 19, 1836, and d. July 11,
1866. Walter was from Pine Plains, N. Y.

1336 Frank B. Stocking and Louisa Hosier had:

(1871) Minnie P., b. July 8, 1878.

(1872) Fred. R., b. September 16, 1880.


The Stocking Ancestry

(1873) Mary J., b. April 2, 1892.

(1874) Nellie G., b. August 15, 1896.

(1875) Alice M., b. November 19, 1899.

Frank B. res. at Fishkill Landing, N. Y., and is trainman on the N. Y.
& N. Haven R. R.

1330 Charles M. Stocking and Myra L. Hinkley had:

(1876) Homer, b. June 26, 1876. m. February 19, 1898, Grayce E.


(1877) Florence E., b. July 12, 1882.

(1878) Grace G., b. January 25, 1886.

Charles M. was b. in Dalton, Mass. ; rem. to Michigan, and thence to
Minneapolis, Minn., December, 1887. He is superintendent of a hotel,
and of the Union City Mission. Myra L. was b. in Highland, Mich.,
November 22, 1848.

1345F Lafayette T. Stocking and Kate M. Guffin had:
(1879) Lena K., b. July 29, 1880.

Lafayette is a lawyer; res. in Morrison, 111. He was b. in Pine Plains,
N. Y. ; rem. to Prophetstown in 1858, thence to Morrison in 1865; gradu-
ated from Morrison High School in 1875, and from the Albany (N. Y.)
Law School in 1877. He entered the law office of Judge F. O. Ramsey, of
the Circuit Court of the 14th Judicial District of Illinois, remaining there
until 1886, when he rem. to Lincoln, Neb.; returned to Morrison, 111.,
November, 1887, where he now practices law with marked success, many
of his cases being important ones. He is a member of the Masonic frater-
nity and a Knight Templar.

Wife Kate is the dau. of Thos. Guffin, merchant, of Morrison. Dau.
Lena was graduated from Morrison High School in 1899. Studied at the
University of Illinois.

1358 Leila Stocking and Henry D. Blossom had:

(1880) Dudley S., b. March, 1879.

(1881) Carl Woodruff, b. April 26, 188 1.

(1882) Mary Sheldon, b. December 6, 1883.

d. 1886.

The Stocking Ancestry 175

(1883) Pelham H., b. September 30, 1886.

(1884) John Theodore, b. May 28, 1891.

Res. Cleveland, 0., where Leila d. April 3, 1892.

1369 Eugenie Eloise Stocking and A. Comeaux had:

(1885) Denison S., d. young.

(1886) Marie Eloise, b. August 15, 1877.

Res. St. Francisville, La.

1370 Eliska Delphine Stocking and Dr. William C. Bates

(1887) Infant, d. young.

(1888) Eliska Dell, b. August 8, 1902.

Res. St. Francisville, La.

1404 Schuyler Eugene Stocking and Mary Himes had

(1889) Luna May, b. March 19, 1887.

(1890) Jennie, b. June 2, 1889.

(1891) Fred, b. May 28, 1891.

(1892) Norman, b. January 14, 1895.

Res. Lawton, Mich.

1405 Mary Eugenie Stocking and Charles M. Wilhelm

(1893) Frank Edward, b. September 25, 1883.

(1894) Esther E., b. August 20, 1897.

(1895) Charles Hyde, b. July 14, 1899. d. young.

Mary E. is a prominent social and musical figure in Omaha, Neb. She
is a pupil of Cappiani, and has achieved popular success as a soprano

176 The Stocking Ancestry

1407 Fred Carl Stocking and Mabel M. Miller had:

(1896) Sabura Stebbins, b. September 19, 1895.

(1897) George Lane, b. March 6, 1897.

(1898) Charles Wilhelm, b. June 5, 1900.

Fred. C. is in the furniture business in Milwaukee, Wis.

1424 Edward Servillius Stocking and Nellie M. Downs

(1899) Edith M., b. October 16, 1876. d. January 29, 1881.

(1900) Edward G., b. October 18, 1880. d. young.

(1901) Bessie M., b. April 24, 1883.

Res. Bristol, Conn.

1426 Charles Selah Stocking and Ella Bunnell had no
children. She d. Aug. 10, 1892, and Charles
S. m. 2d, June 15, 1893, Alice M. Purdy.
They had:

(1902) Rachel L., b. September 23, 1894.

(1903) Marion L., b. May 29, 1897.

(1904) Leona P., b. November 12, 1901.

Res. Bristol, Conn.

1 43 1 Rev. Charles M. Belden and Sarah White had:

(1905) Susan White, b. November 8, 1889.

(1906) Russell Marvin, b. July 12, 189 1. d. young.

(1907) Margaret Lloyd, b. March 16, 1894.

(1908) Elsa Marvin, b. May 13, 1897.

Rev. Mr. Belden was b. in White Plains, N. Y. ; student at Trinity Col-
lege, 1876-78; graduated from Columbia College, 1880, with honors; master
in St. Paul's School, Concord, N. Y., 1881 and '82; graduated from General
Theological Seminary, 1884; ordained deacon in the P. E. Church, 1884;
priest, 1885; curate at St. James' Church, New York City, 1885-86; rector
of St. George's Church, Astoria, N. Y., 1887-1902; rector of Emmanuel
Church, Geneva, Switzerland, at present time.

The Stocking Ancestry 177

1432 John Belden and Frances Fitch had:

(1909) Thomas Marvin, b. January 19, 1891.

(1910) Robert Fitch, b. April 6, 1894.

(191 1) Mary Sherman, b. July 24, 1897.

Res. Danbury, Conn., where John is in the hat manufacturing business.

H35 Julia Holcomb Stocking and R. Wainwright Bacot

(191 1 a) Helen Wainwright, b. December 21, 1893. d. young.

Julia Holcomb was b. in Ansonia, Conn. ; rem. successively to Rochester,
N. Y., Chicago, and Detroit, Mich. She was a pupil at the Detroit Female
Seminary, and finished her school life at St. Mary's School, New York City,
after which she spent a year of travel in Europe, making a second tour in

R. Wainwright Bacot is the son of the late Richard Cochran and Mary
(Gilchrist) Bacot. He was formerly teller of the Bank of the Republic,
New York City, and is now connected with the City Water Works Co.,
Utica, N. Y., where this family now reside.

145 1 Rev. George B. Stocking and Cornelia Ellis had:

(191 IB) Mildred S., b. i860, m. June, 1882, Charles H. Osband,
(1911c) Hiram Ellis, b. October, 1864. d. March, 1893. unm.

Rev. George B. was educated in the public schools of Fabin, and at the
Cortland Academy, Rensselaer, N. Y., and was graduated from Lombard
University, Galesburg, 111. He entered the ministry of the Universalist
Church, and has won distinction as a preacher, and the regard and love of
his townspeople. This is especially true of the Galesburg people, among
whom, without distinction of creed, he was exceedingly popular. He now
resides in Lansing, Mich. Cornelia Ellis was a woman of superior char-
acter and accomplishments. She d. January 20, 1902.

1454 Mariette Stocking and John Wesley Knaggs had:

(1912) Walter Wesley, b. August 7, 1871. m. May 3, 1898, Mabel A.
Bernard. Res. Detroit, Mich. A traveUng salesman.

17H The Stocking Ancestry

(1913) Roy Stocking, b. September 14, 1873. m. October 5, 1897,

Mary Allen Whitney. Res. New York City. Roy is head of
the firm of Knaggs & Co., printers and engravers.

(1914) Duneis Camilla, b. April 6, 1875. m. March 27, 1901, Henry E.

McLennan. Res. Bay City, Mich.

(1915) Mary Stocking, b. August 2, 1876. Graduated B. S. from the

Michigan Agricultural College in 1901; teacher of domestic
science in Superior, Wis., High School.

Mariette Stocking Knaggs res. in Bay City, Mich. Her ability as a
writer, fluency as a speaker, and her organizing and administrative ability
have placed her in the forefront of intellectual, reform, and philanthropic
movements. She is the first woman to be honored with membership in
the board of education in Bay City; was president of the Equal Suffrage
Association for four years, under the leadership of Susan B. Anthony; was
for several years a member of the board of the Home of Industry for Dis-
charged Prisoners at Detroit, by appointment of Governor Bliss, and mem-
ber of the Board of Guardians of the State Industrial Home for Girls at
Adrian, Mich.

John W. Knaggs was b. in Raisinville, Mich., August 28, 1839. He is
in the fire insurance business in Bay City, Mich.

1456 Dimcis Tryphena Stocking and Charles Herbert
Denison had no children.

She was b. in New York State, m. in Bay City, Mich., res. in Philadel-
phia and Boston, and finally rem., in 1880, to New York City, where she
now resides. She became a member of Sorosis — the first woman's club —
in 1886, and after holding several offices of prominence, was made first
vice-president in 1897, and president in 1898, which office she still holds.
At the biennial convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs at
Milwaukee in 1900, she was elected first vice-president of the organization,
and after serving a year as acting president, was elected president at Los
Angeles, Cal., in 1902.

Mrs. Denison is a woman of unusual executive ability, indefatigable
energy, and clear judgment. Her literary ability embraces the fields of
poetry and prose. In the former, her touch is light and graceful; in the
latter, she is forceful and logical. She is also vice-president of the Inter-
national Sunshine Society, vice-president of the Patria Club of New York,
one of the original committee of one hundred of the Association opposed


The Stocking Ancestry 179

to the extension of woman suffrage, and a member of its board, and one of
the Council of the Society for the Protection of Italian Immigrants.

Mr. Denison is a descendant of Capt. George Denison, famous in colo-
nial times, and on the maternal side, of Elder Brewster of the Mayflower.
He was educated at the University of Michigan, leaving his studies in 1861
to enlist for service in the Civil War. Returning to educational life, he
was graduated from both the collegiate and law departments, and now
practices in New York City. His oratorical excellence has won for him
the name of "the silver-tongued." He has been an active member of the
Republican Club of New York City ever since its organization; was for
several years chairman of the Committee on National Affairs, and vice-
president in 1902 of the same club.

1 46 1 A Frederich Sheaf Wheat and Maria Abigail Mon-
tague had:

(191 8) Willette Eleanor, b. April 4, 1880.

(1919) Frederich Sheaf, b. June 11, 1882.

(1920) Charles Montague, b. June 11, 1882.

(1921) Mary Amelia, b. August 11, 1884.

(1922) WilHam Ahster, b. March 17, 1888.

(1923) Watson Selden, b. January 4, 1894.

Mr. Fred. S. Wheat is alawver, res. in Caro, Mich.

1464 Mary J . Stocking and Charles Veatch had:

(1924) Corinne, b.' 1885.
James S., b. 1887.
Walter, b. 1889.

Res. St. Louis, Mo., where Mr. Veatch conducts a real estate business.

1467 Sidney W. Stocking, Jr., and Effie Stiles had:

(1925) Irvin, b. 1892.

Effie d. in 1892 and Sidney m, 2d Jennie Neal,
they had:

(1926) Son, D. S., b. 1897.

i8o The Stocking Ancestry

1472 Hugh L. Stocking and Mary Fritch had:

(1927) James, b. .

Res. Washington, Pa.

1474 Ella Maude Stocking and John W. Miller had:

(1928) Dorothy, b. .

Mr. Miller res. in Pittsburg. Ella M. d. there.

1490 Robert McDowell Stocking and Imogen Storrs had:

(1929) Frank S., b. November 20, 1874. Ticket and S. S. agent at

(1929A) Robert E., b. February 16, 1883.

Res. Quebec, Canada. Robert McD. was for many years ticket agent
for railway and S. S. lines. During President Cleveland's administration,
he was U. S. Vice Consul at Quebec. He also owned a large hotel at
Cocuma, Canada. He d. at Quebec, November 20, 1900. Imogen was b.
and m. in Canton, N. Y. Sons Frank and Robert have succeeded their
father in the ticket and passenger business, and the first is also Vice Consul.

1496 Mary Frances Stocking and John Widdicomb had:

(1930) George, b. October 3, 1870. d. young.

(1931) Mary Ella, b. September 24, 1872. m. February 22, 1902,

Frederick C. Lee.

(1932) Harry, b. August 3, 1876.

(1933) Alida, b. October 22, 1878. m. June 4, 1901, Charles Hicks


Res. Grand Rapids, Mich.

1502 Myron Theophilus Stocking and Elizabeth Thomp-
son had:

(1934) Rev. Jay Thomas, b. April 19, 1870. Graduate Amherst Col-
lege, 1895; Yale Divinity School, 1901; assistant pastor
Church of the Redeemer, New Haven, Conn.


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