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the class of 1901

founded by


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L-l/-^t^'^ i^ ' ^'

L'Abbe Chiniouy

THK Al'dSri.K (>:•■ IKMl'KKANCK <)i' CANADA.

F/'om a faiiitino- fa ken in 1846

Notre Dome, Montreal.















Allow me to*nention _your name the first among the many to whom 1
^•dicate this book.

I owe this to yovi as a token of gratitude for your help in my researches
after the true murderers of our martyred President Abraham Lincoln.

I found you as wise and honorable in your counsels as our country
found you brave on the battlefields of Liberty.




this book is also dedicated by the humblest of their brethren.

Orangemen ! Read this book : you will not only understand Roman-
i«ni as you never did, but you will find many new reasons to be, more than
erer, vigilant, fearless and devoted, even to death, in the discharge of the
sacred duties imposed upon you by your love for your country, your breth-
ren and your God.


I also dedicate this book.

Americans ! You are sleeping on a volcano, and you do not suspect it t
You ar« pressing on your bosom a viper which will bite you to death, and
you do not know it.

Read this book, and you will see that Rome is the sworn, the most im-
placable, the absolutely irreconcilable and deadly enemy of your schools,
your institutions, your so dearly bought rights and liberties.

••L. O. A. B. A. BoTNK L. O. L. No. 401.

Montreal, aoth SepL, 1878.
This is to Certify that Bro. C. Chioiquv was duly initiated into Boyne L. O. L. No.
4DI, and is a member in ^ood standing, and we do therefore request all Brethren to receive
Aim as such, whereof witness our hand ard seal hereto affixed.

Master No. 401.

John Hamu.ton, Secretary.


Read this book, and you will not only understand that it is to Rome
you owe the rivers of blood and the unspeakable horrors of the last civil
war: but you will learn that Romanism and Liberty can not live on the
same ground. This has been declared by the Popes, hundreds of times.

Read this book: And you will not only see that Abraham Lincoln was
murdered by Rome, but you will learn that Romanism, under the mask of
religion, is nothing but a permanent political conspiracy against all the
most sacred rights of man and the most holy laws of God.

In those pages you will not learn to hate the Roman Catholics. No !
But you will learn to be more than ever watchful in guarding the precious
treasures of Freedom bestowed upon you by your fathers. You will learn
never to let them fall into the hands of those who, with the sacred name or
Liberty on their lips, and the mask of Liberty on their faces, are sworn to
destroy all Liberty.


I also, dedicate this book.

Venerable Ministers of the Gospel ! Rome is the great danger ahead
for the Church of Christ, and you do not understand it enough.

The atmosphere of light, honesty, truth and holiness in which you are
born, and which you have breathed since your infancy, makes it almost im-
possible for you to realize the dark inysteries of idolatry, immorality, degra-
ding slavery, hatred of the Word of God, concealed behind the walls of that
modern Babylon. You are too honest to suspect them; and your precious
time is too much taken up by the sacred duties of your ministry, to study the.
long labyrinth of argumentations which form the bulk of the greater num-
ber of controversial books. Besides that, the majority of the books of con-
troversv against Rome are of such a dry character that, though many begin
to read them, verv few have the courage to go to the end. The consequence
is an ignorance of Romanism which becomes more and more deplorable
and fatal, every day.

It is ignorance which paves the way to the triumph of Rome, in
a near future, if there is not a complete change in your views, on that

It is that ignorance which paralyzes the arm of the Church of Christ, and
makes the glorious word " Protestant " senseless, almost a dead and ridicu-
lous Avord. For who does really protest against Rome, to-day .'' where are
those who sound the trumpet of alarm ?

When Rome is striking you to the heart by ci.rsing your schools and
wrenching the Bible from the hands of your children ; when she is not only
battering your doors, but scaling your walls and storming your citadels,
how few dare go to the breach and repulse the audacious and sacrilegious
fo« ?

Why so ? Because moaern Protestants have not only forgotten what
Rome was, what she is, and what she will forever be: the most irrecon-


cilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ; but they consider her
almost a branch of the church whose corner-stone is Christ.

Faithful ministers of the Gospel ! I present you this book that you may
know that the monster Church of Rome, who shed the blood of your fore-
fathers, is still at work, to-day, at your very door, to enchain your people to
the feet of her idols. Read it, and for the first time, you will see the inside
life of Popery with the exactness of Photography. From the supreme
art with which the mind of the young and timid child is fettered, en-
chained and paralyzed, to the unspeakable degradation of the priest under
the iron heel of the bishop, everything will be revealed to you as it has
never been before.

The superstitions, the ridiculous and humiliating practices, the secret
and mental agonies of the monks, the nuns and the priests, will be shown to
you as they were never shown before. In this book, the sophisms and errors
of Romanism are discussed and refuted with a clearness, simplicity and
evidence which my twenty-five years of priesthood only could teach me. It
is not in boasting that I say this. There can be no boasting in me for hav-
ing been so many years an abject slave of the Pope. The book I offer you
is an arsenal filled with the best weapons you ever had to fight, and, with the
help of God, conquer the foe.

The learned and zealous champion of Protestantism in Great Britain
Rev. D. Badenoch, who has revised the manuscript, wrote to a friend: "I
do iiot think there is a Protestant work more thrilling in interest and more
important at the present time. It is not only full of incidents, but also of
arguments, on the side of truth with all classes of Romanists, from the
bishops to the parish priests. I know of no work which gives so graphically
the springs of Roman Catholic life, and at the same time, meets the
plausible objections to Protestantis'm in Roman Catholic circles. I wish
with all my heart that this work would be published in Great Britain."

The venerable, learned and so well known Rev. Dr. Kemp, Principal
of the Young Ladies' College of Ottawa, Canada, only a few days before his
premature death, wrote: " Mr. Chinqiuy has submitted every chapter of his
* Fifty Years in the Church of Rome ' to me: I have read it with care and
with the deepest interest ; and I commend it to the public favor in the high-
est terms. It is the only book I know that gives anything like a full and
authentic account of the inner workings of Popery on this continent, and so
effectively unmasks its pretence to sanctity. Besides the moft interesting
biographical incidents, it contains incisive refutations of the most plausible
assumptions and deadly errors of the Romish Church. It is well fitted to
awaken Protestants to the insidious designs of the arch-enemy of their
faith and liberties, and to arouse them to a decisive opposition. It is written
in a kindly and Christian spirit, does not indulge in denunciations, and,
while speaking in truth, it does so in love. Its style is lively and its English
good, with only a delicate flavor of the author's native French."



this book is also dedicated.

In the name of your immortal souls, I ask you, Roman Catholics, to
read this book.

By the mercy of God, you will find, in its pages, how you are cruelly
deceived by your vain and lying traditions.

You will see that it is not through your ceremonies, masses, confessions,
purgatory, indulgences, fastings, etc., you are saved. You have nothing to
do but to believe, repent and love.

Salvation is a gift ! Eternal life is a gift ! Forgiveness of sin is a gift I
Christ is a gift !

Read this book, presented by the most devoted of your friends, and, by
the mercy of God, you will see the errors of your ways — you will look to
the GIFT — you will accept it — and in its possession you will feel rich and
happy for time and eternity.



Since the publication of the second edition of " Fifty Years in the
Church of Rome," the incendiary torch of the foe has twice reduced into
ashes the electrotype plates, with many volumes already printed, and about
to be delivered to subscribers.

Though those two disasters have completely ruined me financially,
they have not discouraged me, for my trust was in God, and in Him
alone. Relying on JMs divine and paternal protection, I offer this New
Edition to my brethren, with the prayerful hope that the Good Master will
bless it for His glory, and the good of His elect, wherever it may go.

I have no words to sufficiently bless the friends who have extended
to me a helping hand to raise the book from its fiery grave; and I can-
not sufficiently thank the Press, both religious and secular, of Europe
and America, for the kind appreciation given, almost everywhere, to mj
humble labor.

May this book, with the help of God, be the means of giving liberty
to those who are held in the bondage of ignorance, superstition and
idolatry, is the sincere desire of their friend,



Frontispiece — Father Chiniquy,

" " " IN Priest's Robes,

Festivities in a Parsonage, . 54

Grand Dinner of the Priests, 205

Cardinal Newman, ^05

Fall of the " Holy Fathers," ...... ^36

Leo XIII., present Pope, 676

Abraham Lincoln, 693




Dedication 3-7

Preface to Third Edition 8

Chapter I.
The Bible and the Priest of Rome 9

Chapter II.
M^ firet school-days at St. Thomas— The Monk and Celibacy 14-31

Chapter III.
The Confession of Children 23-30

Chapter IV.
The Shepherd whipped b_v his Sheep 31-40

Chapter V.
The Priest, Purgatory, and the poor Widow's Cow 41-48

Chapter VI.
Festivities in a Parsonage 49-5^

Chapter VII.
Preparation for the First Communion — Initiation to Idolatry 57-6o

Ch.\pter VIII.
The First Communion 61-65

Chapter IX.
Intellectual Education in the Roman Catholic College 66-74

Chapter X.
Moral and Religious Instruction in the Roman Catholic Colleges. 7S-^5


Chapter XI. Page.

Protestant Children in the Convents and Nunneries of Rome S6-93


Rome and Education — Why does the Church of Rome hate the
Common Schools of the United States, and wants to destroy
them .- — Why does she object to the reading of the Bible in the
Schools .' 94-1 1 7

Ch.\pter XIII.

Theolog_v of the Church cf Rome: its Anti-Social and Anti-Chris-
tian Character 11S-128

Chapter XIV.
The Vow of Celibacy 1 29-140

Chapter XV.
The Impurities of the Theology of Rome 141-153

Chapter XVI.
The Priest of Rome and the Holy Fathers ; or, how I swore to give

up the Word of God to follow the word of Men 154-162

Chapter X\'II.
TTie Roman Catholic Priesthood, or Ancient and Modem Idolatry, 163-172

Chapter XVIII.

Nine Consequences of the Dogma of Transubstantiation — The old

Paganism under a Christian name 173-182

Chapter XIX.
Vicarage, and Life at St Charles, Rivierre Boyer 183-194

Chapter XX.
Papineau and the Patriots in 1S33 — The burning of '* Le Canadien "

by the Curate of St, Charles 195-203

Chapter XXI.
Grand Dinner of the Priests — The Maniac sister of Rev. Mr.

Perras 304-215


Chapter XXII. Page.

I am appointed Vicar of the Curate of Charlesbourgh — The Pietjr,

Lives and Deaths of Fathers Bedard and Perras 216-326

Chapter XXIII.
The Cholera Morbus of 1834 — Admirable courage and self-denial

of the Prie>.ts of Rome during the epidemic 327-235

Chapter XXIV.
I am named a Vicar of St. Roch, Quebec City — The Rev. Mr.

Tetu — Tertullian — General Cargo — Tha Seal Skin> 2},f>-2^i

Chaptkr XXV.

Simony — Strange and sacrilegious traffic in the so-called Body and
Blood of Christ —Enormous sums of Money made by the sale
of Masses — The Society of three Masses abolished and the
Societv of one Ma>>i established 242-251

Chaptkk .\ \ \ i
Continuation of the trade in Masvfs . 252-260

Chapter .\.\\1I.

Quebec Marine Hospital — The first time I carried the " Bon Dieu"
(the wafer god) in my vest pocket — The Grand Oyster Soiree
at Mr. Buteau's — The Rev. L. Parent and the " Bon Dieu " at
the Oyster Soiree 261-267

Chapter XXVIII.

Dr. Douglas — My First Lesson on Temperance — Study of Anatomy
— Working of Alcohol in the Human Frame — The Murderess
of her own Child — I forever give up the use of Intoxicating
Drinks 26S-282

Chapter XXIX.

Conversions of Protestants to the Church of Rome — Rev. Anthony
Parent, Superior of the Seminary of Quebec: His peculiar
way of finding access to the Protestants and bringing them to
the Catholic Church — How he spies the Protestants through
the Confessional — I persuade ninety -three Families to become
Catholics 283- 29J


Chapter XXX.
The Murders and Thefts in Quebec from 1835 to 1886— The night
Excursion with two Thieves — The Restitution — The Dawn of
Light 294-303

Chapter XXXI.
Chambers and his AccompHces Condemned to death — Asked me
to prepare them for their terrible Fate^ — A week in their Dun-
geon — Their Sentence of Death changed to Deportation to
Botany Bay — Their Departure for exile — I meet one of them a
sincere Convert, very rich, in a high and honorable position in
Australia in 1S78 304-317

Chapter XXXII.
The Miracles of Rome — Attack of Typhoid Fever — Apparation of
St. Anne and St. Philomene — My Sudden Cure — The Curate
of St. Anne Du Nord, Mons. Ranvoise, almost a disguised
Protestant 313-334

Chapter XXXIII.
My Nomination ao Curate of Beauport — Degradation and Ruin of
that place through Drunkenness — My opposition to rny nomi-
nation useless— Preparation to Establish a Temperance Society
— I write to Father Mathew for advice 33S-34*

Chapter XXXIV.
The Hand of God in the establishment of a Temperance Society in

Beauport and Vicinity 343-350

Chapter XXXV.
F^imdation of Temperance Societies in the neighboring Parishes —
Providential arrival of Monsignor De Forbin Janson, Bishop of
Nancy — He publicly defends me against the Bishop of Quebec
and forever breaks the opposition of the Clergy 35^-359

Chapter XXXVI.
The God of Rome eaten by Rats 360-367

Chapter XXXVII.
Visit of a Protestant stranger — He throws an Arrow into my

Priestly Soul never to be taken out 368-373

Chapter XXXVIII.
ff.rection of the Column of Temperance — School Buildings — A

noble and touching act of the people at Beauport 374-383


Chapter XXXIX
Sent to succeed Rev. Mr Varin, Curate of riamouraska — Stem
opposition of that Curate and the suriounding Priests and
People — Hours of Desolation in Kamouraska — The good Mas-
ter allays the Tempest, and bids the Waves be still 384-39J

Chapter XL.
Organization of Temperance Societies in Kamouraska and sur-
rounding Country — The Girl in the Garb of a man in the ser-
vice of the Curates of Quebec and Eboulements — Frightened
by the Scandals seen everywhere — Give up my Parish of
Kamouraska to join the " Oblates of Mary Immaculate of
Longueuiel." 394-403

Chapter XLI.
Perversions of Dr. Newman to the Church of Rome in the light
of his own explanations, Common Sense and the Word of
God 404-430

Chapter XLII.
Noviciate in the Monastery of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of
Longueuiel — Some of the thousand Acts of Follji^and Idolatry
which form the life of a Monk — The Deplorable Fall of one of
the Fathers — F'all of the Grand Vicar Quiblier — Sick in the
Hotel Dicu of Montreal — Sister Urtubise, what she says of
Maria Monk — The two Missionaries to the Lumbermen — Fall
and Punishment of a Father Oblate — What one of the best
Father Oblates thinks of the Monks and the Monastery 431-449

Ch.\pter XLIII.
I accept the hospitality of the Rev. Mr. Brassard of Longueuiel — I
Give my reasons for leaving the Oblates to Bishop Bourget —
He presents ine with a splendid Crucifix blessed by his Holiness
for me, and accepts my services in the cause of Temperance
in the Diocese of Montreal 450-456

Chapter XLIV.
Preparation for the last Conflict — Wise Counsel, Tears and Distress
of Father Mathew — Longueuiel the first to accept the great re-
form of Temperance — The whole District of Montreal, St.
Hyacinthe and Three Rivers Conquered — The City of Montreal
with the Sulpicians take the Pledge — Gold Medal— Officially
named Apostle of Temperance in Canada — Gift of £500 from
Parliament 457-469


Chapter XLV.
My Sermon on rhe Virgin Mary — Compliments of Bishop Prince
— Stormy Night— First serious doubts about the Church of
Rome — Faithful discussion with the Bishop — The Holy Fath-
ers opposed to the modern Worship of the Virgin — The
Branches of the Vine 470-483

Chapter XLVI.
The Holy Fathers — New mental troubles at not finding the Doc-
trines of my Church in their writings — Purgatory and the
Sucking Pig of the Poor Man of Varennes 4S4-496

Chapter XLVII.
Letter from the Rev. Bishop Vandeveld of Chicago — Vast project
of the Bishop of the United States to take possession of the
Rich Valley of the Mississippi and the Prairies of the West,
to rule that Great Republic — They want to put me at the head
of the Work — My Lecture on Temperance at Detroit —
Intemperance of the. Bishops and Priests of that City 497-505

Chapter XLVIII.
My visit to Chicago in 1S57 — Bishop Vandeveld — His Predecessor
Poisoned — Magniflcient Prairies of the West — Return to Cana-
da — Bad Feelings of Bishop Bourget — I decline sending a rich
Woman to the Nunnery to enrich the Bishop — A Plot to Des-
troy me 506-521

Chapter XLIX.
The Plot to Destroy me — The Interdict — The Retreat at the Jesuits'
College — The Lost Girl, Employed by the Bishop, retracts — •
The Bishop Confounded, sees his Injustice, makes amends —
Testimonial Letters — The Chalice — The Benediction before I
leave Canada 522-534

Chapter L.
Address presented me at Longueuil — I arrive at Chicago — I select
the spot for my Colony — I build the first Chapel — Jealousy and
Opposition of the Priests of Bourbonnais and Chicago — Great
Success of the Colony 535-54^

Chapter LI.
Intrigues, Impostures, and Criminal life of the Priests in Bourbon-
nais— Indignation of the Bishop — The People ignominiously
turn out the Criminal Priests from their Parish — Frightful
Scandal — Faith in the Church of Rome seriously Shaken 542-553


Chapter LII. Pagre-

Correspondence with the Bishop 554-5^9

Chapter LIII.
The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary S70-579

Chapter LIV.
The Abomination of Auricular Confession 5S0-602

Chapter LV.

The Ecclesiastical Retreat — Conduct of the Priests — The Bishop

Forbids me to Distribute the Bible 603-616

Chapter LVI.

Public Acts of Simony — Thefts and Brigandage of Bishop O'Regan
— General Cry of" Indignation — I determine to resist him to his
face — He employs Mr. tjpink again to send me to Gaol, and he
fails — Drags me as a Prisoner to Urbana in the Spring of 1S56
and fails again — Abraham Lincoln defends me — My dear Bible
becomes more than ever my Light and my Counselor 617-629

Chapter LVII.

Bishop O'Regan sells the Parsonage of the French Canadians of
Chicago, pockets the money, and turns them out when they
come to complain — He determines to turn me out of my
Colony and send me to Kahokia — He forgets it next day and
publishes that he has Interdicted me — My People send a Depu-
tation to the Bishop — His Answers — The Sham Excommuni-
cation by three drunken Priests 630-643

Chapter LVIII.

Address from my People, asking me to remain — I am again dragged
as a prisoner by the Sheriff to Urbana — Abraham Lincoln's
anxiety about the issue of the Prosecution — My Distress —
The Rescue — Miss Philomena Moffat sent by God to save me
— LeBelle's Confesbion and Distress — My Innocence acknowl-
edged — Noble Words and Conduct of Abraham Lincoln — The
Oath of Miss Philomena Moffat 643-667

Chapter LIX.

A moment of Interruption in the Thread of my "Fifty Years in the
Church of Rome," to see how my sad Previsions about my
defender, Abraham Lincoln, were to be realized — Rome the
Implacable Enemy of the United States 668-687

Chapter LX.

The Fundamental Principals of the Constitution of the United
States drawn from the Gospel of Christ — My first visit to
Abraham Lincoln to warn him of the Plots I knew against his
Life — The Priests circulate the news that Lincoln was born in
the Church of Rome — Letter of the Pope to Jeff Davis — My
last visit to the President — His admirable reference to Moses —
His willingness to die for his Nation's Sake 688-7i©


Chapter LXI.

Abraham Lincoln a true man of God, and a true Disciple of the
Gospel — The Assassination bv Booth — The tool of the Priests
— ^John Surratt's house — The Rendezvous and Dwelling Place
of the Priests — ^John Surratt Secreted by the Priests after the
murder of Lincoln — The Assassination of Lincoln known and
published in the town thi-ee hours before its occurrence 7ii-73i

Chapter LXIL

Deputation of two Priests sent by the People and the Bishops of
Canada to persuade us to submit to the will of the Bishop —
The Deputies acknowledge publicly that the Bishop is wrong
and that we are right — -For peace sake, I consent to withdraw
from the contest on certain conditions accepted by the
Deputies — One of the Deputies turns false to his promise, and
betrays us, to be put at the head of my Colony — My last inter-
view with him and Mr. Brassard 73^750

Chai'Ter LXin.
Mr. Desaulnier is name Vicar General of Chicago *;o crush us —
Our People more united than ever to defend their rights— Let-
ters of the Bishops of Montreal against me, and my answer —
Mr. Brassard forced, against his conscience, to condemn us —
My answer to Mr. Brassard — He writes to beg my pardon. . . . 751-773

Chapter LXIV.
I write to the Pope Pius IX, and to Napoleon, Emperor of France,
and send them the Legal and Public Documents proving the
bad conduct of Bishop O'Regan — Grand Vicar Dunn sent to
tell me of my victory at Rome, and the end of our trouble — I
go to Dubuque to offer my submission to the Bishop — The
peace sealed and publicly proclaimed by Grand Vicar Dunn
the 28th of March, 1S5S" ." 774-783

Chapter LXV.
Excellent testimonial from my Bishop — My Retreat — Grand Vicai
Saurin and his assistant. Rev. M. Granger — Grand Vicar Dunn
writes me about the new storm prepared by the Jesuits — Vision
— Christ offers Himself as a Gift — I am forgiven, rich, happy
and saved — Back to my People 784-809

Chapter LXVI.
The Solemn Responsibilities of my New Position — We give up the

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