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mostly Presbyterians ; he was educated in the com-
mon schools in Ireland and this country; worked
In a woolen factory when a boy, and is now running
a knitting mill on his own account; came to this
country in 1840; settled in Whitestown, Oneida
county; remained until 1S4S; from there he went to
Manchester, N. H., where he was connected with a
woolen mill until lo55, when he went to Utica and
started a dry-goods store; was successful In that
business; sold out in 1861; became a wool dealer;
had served in early life an apprenticeship in learidng
the qualities of wool; was successful in that busi-
ness; In 1863 started a knitting mill In Utica; was a
Whig until the formation of the Republican party,
casting his tirst vote for General Scott; was a Mem-
ber of Assembly in 1870, serving on the Committees
on Public Education, Roads and Bridges and State
Charitable Institutions. He Wiis elected to the
Senate by a majority of 1,591 over Gkiorge H. San-
ford (Dem.), chosen to the preceding Senate by a
majority of 26.

Twentieth District

Consists of Herkimer and Otsego counties. Popu-
lation, in 1.S70. 88,896 ; in 186.o, 87,770. The Senator is
ARCHIBALD C. McGOWAN (.Rep.), of Frank-
fort, Herkimer countv. He was born in Pownal,
Bennington county, Vermont, August 26, 1825; re-
ceived a common school and academic education,
attending the Jonesville Academy, Saratoga county;
he worked on a farm until he was seventeen years of
age, and, from that time until he was twenty-four,
he was employed as clerk, since which time he has
been engaged as merchant, boat builder and farmer,
except two years, when he was in the lumber and
coal lousiness; he Is now president of the Frankfort
and Illon Railroad Company ; his mother died when
he was but seventeen months old, and his father
when he was two years of age, leaving him depend-
ent upon his relatives for support and education,
and he lived with his grandfather and an aunt until
he was seventeen years of age ; he was married at
the age of twenty-live to Mary Louisa Rogers, his
partner's daughter; have had three children; the
eldest, Emily B. McGowan, died in the tenth year
of her age; his second, Henry R. McGowan, died in
the seventeenth year of his age; he had been a
student at West Wlnfielrt Academy two years, and
at Clinton three years, preparing for college; only
surviving child, Archibald W. McGo\yan, now in
the tenth year of his age; he was a Demo-
crat until 185ri; voted for Fillmore; united with
the Republican party in 18.5."!, and has been Identi-
fied with that party until the present time; was
Member of the Assembly in l^*63 and In l.StiS — serv-
ing the former year on the Committee on Canals,
and the latter, on Census and Apportionment, and
Engrossed Bills, and Chairnnin Joint Library Com-
mittee; was Supervisor in 1867, 1868 and 1869. In
the Assembly of 1863 the House was a tie, a pro-
longed and bitter contest ensued over the choice of
a Speaker, resulting in the election of Hon. T. C.
Calllcott, a Democrat, who was elected by the Re-
publicans, thus securing the election of Governor
Morgan to the United States Senate. His Grand-
father, James McGowan, w;us born in Scotland, In
1750; he married Margaret Clark ; emigrated to the
Colonies before the Revolution ; served in the Con-
tlm^ntal Army; settled in Hoosick, Rensselaer. Co.,
N. Y.. where Clark McGowan (A. C. McGowan's
fj.tlier) was born, who married Mary Carpenter, of

Pownal, Vermont ; her ancestors emigrated from
Rhode Island to Vermont ; he was elected by 643
majority; received l,.32;i majority In Herkimer Co.;
run ahead of the State and County ticket from 200
to 300 In the county; majority in Frankfort 25S;
carried the State and county ticket from 20 majority
in 1869 and 1870, to 130 majority in 1871 ; largest ma-
jority given In the county of Herkimer for any
candidate, local or State, for many years. John F.
Scott, the Democratic candidate, canied his own
county, Otsego, by 680 majority; ran ahead of the
Democratic State ticket nearly 800: he was strong
and popular in Otsego county; Is President of the
Cooperstown Railroad, Hop Dealer, and connected
with a Banking Institution; the whole power of the
Democracy was concentrated and used In Otsego
and Herkimer to secure his election. He was
ejected bva majority of 1,643. Republican majority
in 1869, 363.

Twenty-First District

Consists of the counties ol Madison and Oswego.
Population, ;iu le70, 121,463; iu 1365, 118,087. The
Senator is

WILLIAM FOSTER (Rep.), of Cleveland, Os-
wego county. He was born In Lenham, Kent Co.,
England, Dec. 27. 1813, and was educated at the
academies at Maidstone, Kent, and Hurstmonau.x,
Sussex, Eng. ; is a Tanner and Window-glass manu-
facturer ; he emigrated to the United States in 1830,
and settled on the Oneida Lake in that year; pur-
sued the avocation of a Clerk until 1835, and in that
year traveled to Virginia; afterward in Louisiana
and Texas ; in 1.837 migrated to Illinois and engaged
in Farming for two years; In 1839 returned to
Cleveland, (Ineida Lake, where he pursued the oc-
cupation of a Tanner and manufac-
turer to the present time; in 1867, became actively
engaged In the construction of the Midland Rail-
road as a Director and active agent ; he was formerly
a Whig, casting his first vote for Harrison; was
subsequently an abolitionist, and has been a Re-
publican since the organization of the party. He
was elected to the Senate by a malorlty of 3.643 over
Benjamin Y. Lewis (Dem.). Republican majority
la 1869, 7,769.

Twenty-Second District

Consi-sts of Cortland and Onondaga counties.
Population, in 1870, 129,-356; in 1665, 118,147. The
Senator is

DANIEL PHELPS WOOD (Rep.), of Syracuse.
He wiis born In Pompey. Onondaga county, Nov.
5, 1819; attended the Academy at that place in win-
ters of 183.5-38 (also, the Cazenovia Seminary the
summer of the latter year), and Hamilton College
from l.s39 to '42 ; was fiirmcrly a Farmer, and Is now
a Lawyer and Manufacturer; studied law with
Victory Blrdseye, and commenced pr.actice In Sy-
racuse In 1.''46; was Corporation Attorney three
years; was Member of Assembly In l.v.3, '5 4. '6.5, '66
and "67 ; In 1853 he was Chairman of the .Commit-
tee on Salt, and n member of Committees on Claims
and Canals. This was the year iu which the Canal
policy was thoroughly reviewed, and Mr. Wood
took an Important part, and served as one of the
managers on the Impeachment of Commi.ssioner
blather. In 1.854 he was Chairman of the Commit-
tee on Colleges. Academies and Commftn Schools,
which matured and carried through the act creat-
ing the Department of Public Instruction. He was
also a rai^niber of the Committee on Ways and
Means. In 1.S65 and '66 he was Chairman of Com-
mittee on Cifials, and In 1867, of Ways and Means.
He was elected to the Senate by a majority of .3,742
over Oliver Porter (Dem.), and Abel S. Wightmau
A. D. 8). Republican majority In 1869, 3,393.

Twenty-Third District

Consists of Chenango, Delaware and Schoharie
counties. Population, In 1870, 116,876; in 1865, 113,-
351. The Senator Is

JAMES H. GRAHAM (Rep.), of Delhi. Dela-
ware county. He was born In Bovlna, S:ipt<-mber

EvEsiNG Journal Almanac, 1S72.


18, IH12; was educated In the common schools of
Fiuiiklln; was formerly a Farmer, MiTchiiiit and
B inker, but hiu> latterly retired from busineiw;
was Justice of the Peace twelve years, and has been
Supervisor of D<.'lhl for t-n years, during the last live
of which he has been Chairman of the Board; was
formerly a Whlu. an«l was a memlier of ihe Repub-
lican National ConveTitlon In isjfi; wus a Repre-
st'iitatlve In the .%th CouKress. and was on the
Republican Electoral Ticket In lsfi8. He was a
M'mber of Assembly In l^7», serving on the Com-
mittee on Federal U.lations. He was elected to
the Senate by a majority of 1,S04, over Samui'l Yeo-
mans (Dcm.) Democratic majority lu lt*tf, \^2.

Twenty-Fourth District

Consists of the counties of Broome, Tlojra and
Tompkins. Population, in IsTi), loT.-iM; In KS65,
S6,7i*2. The S^-nator is

THOMAS I. CHATFIELD (Rf-p.). of Owego.
Tioga county. He was born In Great Harrington,
Berkshire county, Mass., Septeml)er If., 1818, and
was educated In the common schools of that place;
he was formerly a Baker, an.l Is at present a Gro-
cer; he was a Whig until the formation of the Re-
publican party; has b<'en Supervisor of the town,
and Trustee and President of the village; was a
Member of Assembly in 1^)3. and a Dclegat*' to the
Republican National Convention \\\ X^M. He was
elected by a nialority of 4,169, over Roswcll C. Mc-
Nlel (Dem.) Republican majority in lci69, 3,319.

Twenty-Fifth District

Consists of Ca%'Uga and Wavne counties. Popula-
tion, In isyn. l(i7,26<t: In 1«".:.. l(a.22s. TheSenatoris
WILLIAM B. WOOPIN (Rf p.), of Auburn, Ca-
yuga county, who was born in Genoa, In the same
county, September 2.'), 1S24; he received a thorough
academic education, graduating at the Cortland
Academy in 1841, studied law, ami soon became
eminent In the profession; he was a Member of
Assembly in 1.^55; was elected Surrogate of the
county in l.SSy, and has since been twice re-elected;
he was formerly a Whl/x, and lu the last Senate was
a member of ttie Committee on State Prisons and
Insurance. He received a majority In ISC'J, of 2,S07,
and was re-elected by a majavity of 4,020.

Twenty-Sixth District

Consists of the counties of Ontario, Seneca and
Yates. Population, in ISTu, 'J2,J26; In 1665, 90.307.
The Senator is

WILLIAM JOHNSON {D«»m.), of Seneca Falls.
He wi"5 born in Frankfort, H<5rklmer -.lunty, De-
cember 8, 1-»21; received a common school educa-
tion; is a Railroad Contractor and was formerly a
Manufacturer; w;is a Member of .\ssembly In 1861,
serving on the Committee on ('.ommerce and Navi-
gation and Canals; ralse.l the ll.sth R-clment N. Y.
S. V. In S"ptenitier, 1.S62, and commanded It until
the last of \^?>, when he resigned. He was elected
lo the SenaUi bv a ma.|orily of 964 over Statlord
C. Cleveland (Rep.) Republican miOorlty In 1869,

Twenty- Seventh District

Consists of the counties of Chemung, Schuvler and
St/>ub^n. PoMiilatlon, In 1870. l2l,9o7; In 1863,116,-
.V>r>. Th" Senafor Is

GABRIEL T. HARROWER (R«p.). of Llndley-
town, who was elected to the S»-nate by a majority
of 7 over George B. Bradley (Dem.) Republican
majority In 1869, 617.

Twenty-Eighth District

Consists of the countv of Monroe. Population, In
lrf70, 117.sfi.-<: In l-^S, 104.23.5. The Senator Is

JARVIS LORD (Dem.), of Rochester. Mr. L.
was born In Ballston S pa, Saratoga county, Feb. 10.
isifi. He Is a Farmer, and has been an extensive
contractor; has been supervisor, and Is President

of the Bank of Monroe ; wa« a member of Assembly
In 1858 and I,'>67; and in the last Senate was Chair-
man of the Finance Conmiittee. He was electerl in
lf<69 by a majority of 7(H). and was re-el.-cted In IftTl,
by a majority of 1,640 over James II. Kellv (Rep.)

Twenty-Ninth District

Consists of the counties of Genesee. Niagara and
Orleans. Poi)ulatlon, In 1870, 10*J.732; In 1865.
109.9m;. The Senator Is

GEORGE BOWEN (Rpd.), of Batavla, Genesee
county. Mr. B. was born In Shelbv. Orleans county,
September 28, 1831 ; was educated In the common
schools and at Wellsvllle Acadeniy In Waverly,
l,+46. '48, and Cary Collegiate Seminary In lHi»; was
formerly a Farmer and Teacher In Common Schools;
has been a Republican since the formation of the
Republican partv; was District Attorney of Gene-
see county l.^'i?. Yrf); Postmaster of Batavla 1862, Y.6,
Trustee of the New York State Institution for the
Blind since April 4. 1S70, and Is President of the
Holland Purchase Insurance Company. In the
last Senate he was a member of the C^ommlttees on
Claims. Villages ami Printing, and sub-Committee
of the Whole. He was elected In 1869 by a vote of
2.096, and was re-elected by 2.692.

Thirtieth District

Consists ofthe counties of .^llecanv. Livingston and
WvomlnK. Population. In ls70, 113.500; In 1865,
107.87.3. The Senator Is

JA31ES WOOD (Rep.), of Geneseo. Llvlneston
county. He was bom In Alstend, Cheshire countv,
N. H., April 4, 182(1 : was educated at Union College.
Schenectady; Is a Lawver; was District Attornev
of Livingston countv. js.'ii, '.V; entered th«> U.S.
service as Colonel of the l.KUh Regiment. N.Y. S.V.,
Auarust, 1862. and was promoted to Brigadier-Gen-
eral and Malor-General by brevet: took part In the
battlesofChancellorsvllle, Fredericksburg and Get-
tysburg; and was subsequently transferred to the
Army of the Cumberland. And was with Gen.
Sherman at Chattanooga, Atlanta. Savannah, etc.,
until the close of the war: a member of the Com-
mittees on Judiciary and Militia. In the last
Senate he elected In 1*69 by a majority of 4,694,
and was re-elected by 5,2:.7.

Thirty-First District

Consists of the conntv of Erie. Population, In
1-70. 178.fiy9; In l>To. l.'?7.1.W. The Senator Is

LOR AN L. LEWIS (Rep.), of Buftalo. He was
boni at Auburn, Cayuga county, Mav 9, 182.'); re-
ceived the advantages of an academical course;
studied law with Judge Hulbert, and afterward
with Seward and Blatchford. of Auburn, and. Imme-
dlatelv upon his admission to practice, removed to
Butfalo. He was orlelnally a Free Soil Democrat,
and Joine<l the Republican party upon Us organiza-
tion; In the last Senate he was a member of the
Committees on Canals, Internal Ailairs and Com-
merce and Navigation. He was elected In 1^69 by a
majority of 259, and was re-elected by 1,.845.

Thirty-Second District

Consists of the counties of Cattaraugus and Chnn-
tau-ina. Population, lu 1870, lu3,r.6; in 1865, 1(C.73().
The Senator Is

NORMAN M. ALLEN (Rep.), of Dayton, Cat-
taraugus county, where he was born December 24,
1"^28; he recelve«i a common school education; Is a
Lawver; was member of the Senate In 1864-65,
»er\ing on the Committees on Literature. Indian
AtTairs, and Towns and Counties; he was a member
nf the Constitutional Convention In 1867; has been
School Comml.s.sloner; was State canvasser In 18 ;
ha.s been supervisor 13 years, and chairman of the
board lOvears. He was elected to the Senate by a
majorltv of 4,276 over Frank L. StoweU (Dem.)
D.- mocfatlc majority in 1869, 4.790.


Evening Journal Almanac, 187 2.


Speaker. IIknuy Smith, of Albanv. Clerk, Corxelil'S S. Underwood, of Ciiyusa. Scrgeant-at-arms,
Thilu' J. Rhinehaut, of Erie, Doorkeeper, Eugene L. Demeus, of Rensselaer.

The Assembly consists of 128 Members, elected annually, by single districts. Each county ha-s at
least one Member. They receive a compensation of t.'i per diem during the session, but not for more
than one hundred days. Their olUcers are chosen by vote at the opening of the session.

Albany County

Contained a population. In 1865. of ll5,r)04; Is a
Democratic county, and has four Members.

1st District, (.bouthern district, 2d ward of Al-
bany, and towns of Berne, Bf^thlehem, Coeymans,
Guilderland, Knox, New Scotland, Ilenssehiervillc
and Wosterlo; population, 2'),612.) STEPHEN
SPRINGSTED (Rep.), of Coeymans, where he was
born October 31, IS."?? ; was educated at Fort Edward
Seminary and Albany Law School; is a Law3'er; he
taught school in Illinois for three years, and then
enlisted, among the first 75,000. but was discharged
on account of physical disability after two montlis'
service. He was a candidate for Assembly in
1869, and contested the seat which had been certiQed
to his competitor by the canvassers; he was elected
to the present House bv a majority of 144 over
William D. Murpliy (Dem.), chosen in 1870 by a
majority of 1,311.

2d District. (1st, Northern district. 2d. ."id, west-
ern district, 6th, 13th, 14th, 15th and Ifith wards of
the city of Albany.) HENRY SMITH (Rep.),
of Albany. He was born in Coblcskill, Schoharie
county, March 14, 1829; received a common school
and academic education ; is a Lawyer; was formerly
a Whig; was a member of Assembly in ls6,5, serv-
ing on the Committee on Ways and Means, and
Judiciary, and the select Committee on Canal
Investigation; was^ District Attorney of Albany
county in 1865-8; was a leading counsel in the famous
Erie-Susquehanna contest, and served at the " bat-
tle of the Tunnel." He was elected by a majority
of 193 over John W. Sager (Dem.) Republican
majority, 1870, 463.

3d District. (4th, 5th, Eastern district 6th. 7th,
8th. 9th, 11th and 12th wards of the citv of Albanv.
DANIEL L. BABCOCK (Rep.), of Albany. He
Wiis elected by 100 majority over Lafavette D. Case
(Dem.) Democratic majority in 1870, fM.

4th District. (10th ward of the city of Albany
the citv of Cohoes. and the town of Watervliet.)
GEORGE B. MOSHER (Dem.), of West Troy. He
was born in Warren county, August 28, 1825; re-
ceived a common school education ; was formerly a
Lumber Manufacturer at Fort Edward, and Is at
present a Lumber Commission Merchant at West
Trov; was elected Supervisor of the town of Fort
Edward in 1860; enlisted August 18, 1861. as Captain
of Co. F, 93d Regiment, and served about two years ;
was with Gen. McClellan as headquarters guard;
was defeated as candidate for Sheriff of Washington
county in 1S63, and as Member of Assembly in 1870,
there being two Democratic candidates in the (lold.
He was elected to the present House by a majority
of 73. Republican plurality in 1S70, 228.

Allegany County

Contained a population, in 1865, ot 40,22.5 : is a Re-
publican countv, and has one member, WILLIAM
W. CRANDALL (Rep.), of Andover. He was born
In Gtcnesee. Allegany county, March 23, 1808; was a
student at Brown University in 1851-'52, and in the
medical department of the University of New York
in 185C-'58, graduating March 10. 185.S ; he was for-
merly a Teacher, and is now a Physician and Sur-
geon. He w,i3 elected bv a majority of 2,742 over
Ittai J. Elliott (Dem.) Republican midority in
l'<70, 2.999.

Broome County

Contained a population, in 1H65, of 37,933 ; is a Re-
publican county, and has one member, WILLIAJI
MATHER ELY (R^-p.). of Binghamton, wliere he
was born, July 26, 1818; he received his education
at Amherst, Mass. ; having completed his studlea,
he returned to his home, and soon after embarked
in mercantile pursuits, in which his father
had previously been very successful. For several
years he was Supervisor of his town, and served as
Chairman of that body for a number of sessions.
Being compelled by ill heAlth to abandon his busi-
ness, he removed to his fai-m, on which he now re-
sides, devoting his attention principally to agricui-
tural pursuits. Mr. Ely has become largely identi-
fied with the a?ricultural interests af his county and
State, and has for several years been Vice-President
of the SUte Agricultural Society. In 1S»'>8 he was
elected to the Legislature of 1869. and has since con-
tinued to serve in the capacity of Representative of
his county. In 1869 he was Chairman of the Com-
mittee on Au;riculture,and served also on the Com-
mittee on Public E lucatlon. During the sessions
of l87i>-'7l he was a member of the CJommittee on
the Affairs of Cities. He was elected by a majority
of 155 over L'-wis S. Abbott (Dem.), aTi<l Sherman
D. Hand (Temp.) Republican majority in 1870, 1,313.

Cattaraugus County

Contained a population, in 1865. of 44,205; is a Re-
publican county, and has two Jlombers.

1st District. (Allegany, Ashford, ElIicottsTille,
Farmersville, Frankllhville, Freedom. Hinsdale,
Humnhrey, Ischna, L\'ndon, M.-ichlas, Clean, Pern-
ville.Yorkshire. Population, 21.617.) COMMODORE
P. VEDDER (Rep.), of Ellicottsvillc. where he was
born, February 23, 18.'.9. He attended the Sprlng-
vllle .\cademy 1S.59-'61 ; is a Lawyer, and has been
Farmer, Sailor, Schoolmaster and Soldier; waa a
Democrat until the liring upon Fort Sumter; en-
listed as a Private in 154th N. Y. Vols., In August,
1862; remained therein until the close of the war;
promoted 1st Lieut., Captain, Brevet Major U.S. A.,
for gallant conduct in the campaign to Atlanta, and
Lleut.-Col.for gallant and meritorious conduct at
Lookout Mountain ; In battles of Chanc<-llorsville,
Wauhatchie, Lookout Valley, Lookout Mountain,
Chattanooga, Rocky-faced Ridge, siege of Savannah,
and Bentonville; has been Register In Bankruptcy
since 1.S67; was Assessor of Internal Revenue from
Blay 10, l,><69, until May 4, 1^71 ; In the late canvass. In
his own town, tj\e Democrats had a majority of ,s. ret
his majority w;is 144 out of 292 votes cast. He wa«
elected by a majority of 801 over Charles S. Gary
(Dem.) Republican majority in 1870, 3^7.

2d Distiict. (Towns of Carrollton, Cold Spring,
Connewango, Dayton, East Otto. Great Vallev.
MansQeM, Napoll, New Albion, Otto, Perrysburgh,
Persia. Randolph, Salamanca, South Vallev; popu-
lation. 21,.54l.) ENOCH HOLDKIDGE (Rep.), of
East Randolph. He w:is born In the town of Nelson,
Madison county, N. Y., Aug. 29, Isls, of American
parentage, with whom he removed to Napoll, Cat-
taraugus county. In 18:32; was educated at common
schools ; has been engaged In a variety of pursuits,
but for the last fifteen years has been mainly
employed in milling — wool-carding and cloth-dress-
ing business; w;vs a Whig until the organization of
the Republican party, since which time he has given

Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.


his vote and his liiHuence In Ita favor. He was
elecled Justice of the Peace In 1M6. an<I has held
thut oftice a jrroater part ol I he time since; wuu
Supervisor In 1.s.'>k, IS-W anil lH«i(i; reeelveil the ap-
pointment of Postmaster July Ifl, ISlU.anil held the
same until the Kprlng of 1.SH5, when he voluntarily
resigned In fuvor of one who had returned from the
battle-rteUl, having lost a leg lu the defense of his
countiy. He was elected by a nialorlty of 1,014
over Stephen Laing (Deui.) Republican majority
m 1870, 761.

Cayuga County

Contained a population. In 1S«"..'>, of 5i,730 ; Is a Re-
publican county, and has two Members.

1st DiSTKiCT. (Towns of Brutus, Cato, Conquest,
Ira, Meiitz. Monb-xuma, Sennett. t^terliiiK, Throop
and Victory, and the 1st, 4th. iith an 16th wards of
Auburn; population, 2s,lv(.) IR\ DE WITT
DliOWN (K,-p.), of WeeJsport. He was born In
Sconoiidoa, Unelda county. Sept. 9. 1S80; attended
Vernon Academy and Classical School; is a gradu-
ate of Albany Medical College, and was valedicto-
rian of cla-ss, the highist honor: editor Oswego
Daily Tinn'S eight years; Legislative Correspond-
ent for N. Y. Times, Utlca Herald, Rochester Dem-
ocrat, and Reporter three years for Al^>any Evening
Journal; Physician and Surgeon, with larg<' prac-
tice; Is a partner in the medical Unn of Drs. Urown
& Benedict, Weedsport ; took active part In South-
ern Central Railroad, and contributed much toward
bonding towns ami securing success of road; of
Denjocratic antecedents; repudiated pro-slavery

&latforms of both parties in 1S52; voted for John P.
[ale for President; h;is, since then, been on stump
nearly In every campaign for Republican cause; was
Delegate to tirst Republican State Convention held
In this State; has never sought office: was Deputy
Clerk of Assembly In 18<".7, and nas been Clerk of Canals
and Claims Connnmitteesofsanie body; took very ac-
tive part in raising men and money at breaking out of
Rebellion ; sp'-nt much time In holding war meetings
In Northern New York; had professional charge of
disabled soldiers in Albany City Hospital, of which
he was R-'Sident Surgeon two years, near the close
of the war. lie received a majority of (k>^ over
Charles II. Cartis (D-m.). and William D. Osborne
(Teni.), the former of whom had been elected to
the prece-ling House by a majority of 42.

2d District. (Towns of Aurelius, Fifmlng,
0"noft, Ledyard, Locke. Moravia, Nlles, Owasco,
Sclpio, Sempronlu-s, Sprlngport, Summer Hill and
Venice, and the 2d, .11 anit 7th wards of Aubuni;
population, 27,512.) ELIJAH E. BROWN (R'-p.),
of Nlles. He was born In Hancock. B'Tkshlre
county, Mass.; received a common schocd educa-
tion; Is a Farmer and Surveyor; was formerlv a
Whig, casting his flr«t vote for Harrison; was Jn.s-
tlce of the Peace. Ih.vv-69 ; Justice of Sessions, l.SCO-4 ;
and Supers-isor. l,Sf>ft-7. He was elected to the As-
sembly bv a majority of \,CiX>. Republican majority
In i87(», 1,633.

Chautauqua County

CJontalned a jiopulation In l.<65. of M.s.37; Is a Re-
publican county, and has two Members.

l8T DiSTRUT. (Towns of BustI, Chautauqua,

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