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Clvmer, Ellery, French Creek, Harmony, Mina,
Portland, Riplev, Shi'rnian. Stockton and Westtield ;
ponulatlon,2:u;;it.) .MATTHEW P. BEMUS(Rep.),
ofMayvillc. He was born In the town of Ellery,
January 3, 181i<; was appointed County Treasurer in
1S4(\, and held th^ olhce for six years, when he was
electe<l County Clerk; he then gave himself up to
agricultural pursuits; In is*;.*; he became Treasurer
of the Budalo, Corry and Pittsburgh railroad, an 1
wa.s subsequently chosen Its President; In the
•prlng of \'^1 he w;w elected Supervisor of the town
ot Chautauqua; he was a member In lH7(i, serving
on the Committee on RiUroads, and also of the two
p ecedlng bo'lies, serving on the Committee on
Aiialrs of Cities In 18^9; in the last House h • was a
m-niber of the Committees on RoaJs and Brhlges
and Joint Library. He was elected. In ls71, by a
raajority of 564, and In 1670, by a m sjorlty of ^70.

2d DrsTEiCT. (Towns of Arkwrlght, Carroll, Char-
lotte, Cherry Creek, Dunkirk, Ellicott, Ellington,
Gerry, Hanover. Klanlone, Polaml, l'on»fr( t. Sheri-
dan atwl Vllletiova. Population, .34,91'^. > JEROME
PR1':ST0N (Rep.), of Jamestown. He was born in
Farrington, Warren county. Penn., January 2S,
1<U; attended Jamestown Academy niy-'tO; was
engaged in mercantile business lf5«V66, and since
that time In the manufacture of woolen goods;
wtus Supervisor of EiUcott, in which the village of
Jamestown Is situated. In 1^09-7O. He was elected
to the Assembly by a majority of 1,600. Republican
majority In 1870, 1,217.

Chemung County

Contained a poi)ulatlon. In 1KV5, of 31,923; Is a
clos<dy contested county, and has one member.
DAVID B. HILL (Dem.), of Elmira. He Wiis born
In Havana, Vermont, August 'i>.\ 1k44; was educated
at Havana Acadeniy ; Is a Lawyer; was elected
City Attorney of Elmira In 186ii; was Delegate from
Chemung county to the Democratic State Conven-
tion In l^Gs; Is President of the "Gazette Com-
pany," publishing the Elmira Daily Gazette; was
Member of Assenibly In IsTl. serving on Committees
on Jutllclary, Railroads and Privileges and elections,
to which body he was chosen by a majority of 441,
and was re-elected by a majorltv of 391 over James
McCanu (lU-p.)

Chenango County

Contained a population. In ls«;5, of .■ki,360; Is a Re-
publican conntv, and has one Member. ANDREW
SHEP.MIDSON (Rep.), of Smyrna, where he was
born December 13, 1>2S; he attended the Oneida
Conference Seminary In l.<42, and Clinton Liberal
Institute In \h\?,\ Is a retired Merchant; was for-
merly a Whig; has been Justice of the Peace, and
for seven years Supervisor of his town, during four
of which he was Chalraian of the Board; he was
Member of .Assembly In IsTl, serving or Committees
on Canals and Public Health, to which body he was
elected by a majority of 1.490. and was re-elected by
a m^ority oiXfili over Samuel Martin (Deiu.)

Clinton County

Contained a popuKition, In l<J<o, of 4.V'^; Is a
closelv contested counrv, and has one Memb*»r.
EDWARD KINGSLAND, 21 (Itep.) (post-oftlce
address, Keeseville, county), who waa elected
by a majority of 3f>4 over Chauiicey Turner (Dem.)
Democratic majority in l.^To, l.tW,.

Columbia County

Contained a population. In l-<<"..^. of 44,905; Is closely
contested, and has two Menil)ers.

1st District. (Towns of Ancrani, Claverack,
Clermont. Copake, Gallatin, Germantown, Grecn-
•,.ort, Livingston and Taghkankk, and rltv of Hud-
son ; population. ?J,691.) BENJAMIN RAY (Dem.),
of Oreenport. He was born in Hudson, February
16, 1S19, and Is an Engineer by profession and
Farm»r by occupation ; he was a Member of Assem-
bly, in 1.S56, from New York city, and of the pre-
ceding house, Ber\-lng on the Committees on
Internal Atfalrs, Public Lands and Villages, of the
latter of which he was Chairman. Ills majority In
l,^71 Wiis 1,000; In H7o. 2!i2.

2d District. (Towns of Austerlltz, Canaan,
Chatham. Ghent, Hillsdale, Klnderhr.ok, New Leb-
anon. Stockj)ort and Stuvvesant; population. 22,211.)
MILTON M. TOMPlilNS (Dem.), of Chatham
Village, where he was born October 6, 1^*43 ; he
attended Sand Lake (^lleplate Institute and Hud-
son River Institute; Is a Paper Manufacturer and
Farmer, and Supervisor of the town of Chatham.
He was elected to the Assembly by a majority of 74
over Perkins F. Ca-ly (Rep.), who had been chosen
to the preceding body by M majority.

Cortland County

Contained a population. In l-^O, of<V5; has here-
tofore always been a Republican county, and has

one Member. DANN C. SQUIRES (Rep.), of
Marathon. lie w;ui born In Vlrpll. February 8,
lsl2; att(Mi(lea Broome County Institute; has been
Famier, Merchant and Teacher ; for the last three
years has been a Banker; was formerly a Democrat;
first votei.1 the Republican ticket In lS<i<); is now and
has been for 26 years past a Justice of the Peace ; is
now and has been for 14 .vears Supervisor of town,
and has served six years as Chairman of the Board of
Supervisors; was Town Superintendent of Schools
12 years, commencinK in lM:i; was County School
Commissioner one term, commenciUK In 18.i6; was
Justice of Court of Sessions three years, commenc-
InK in 1H16; was Member of Assembly In Blw,
serving on Committees on Public Printing and
Engrossed Bills; In the late canvass he ran 62
ahead of the State ticket, and received 2,400 votes
more than the Republican candidate the preceding
year. He w;is elected by a majority of 1,577.
"Democratic majority in 1870, 397.

Delaware County

Contained a population In lS65of 41,6;i8; is a Repub-
lican county, and has two Members.

1st District. (Towns of Colcht^ster, Franklin,
Hanulen, Hancock, Masonvllle, Sidney, Tompkins
and Walton; population, 2<),794. WILLIAM
LEWIS, Jr. (Rep.), of Hamden. He was born in
Scotland, October 31, 1827; came to this country in
ls3t; received a common school education; was a
Farmer until ISof), and has since been a Merchant
and railroad contractor; was formerly a Whig, and
was assistant assessor from 1S<>2 until 1870; he re-
ceived a HMJority of 1,135 over James Knox Polk
Jackson, who ran .386 behind his ticket. Republican
majority in 1870, 6^2.

2d District. (Towns of Andes, Bovina, Daven-
port. Delhi, Harperslield, Kortrvght. Meredith. Mid-
dletown. Roxburv and Stanford ; population, 20.844.)
MATTHEW GRIFFIN ( Rep.), of Griffin's Corners,
who was elected by a majority of 269 over Adam R.
Henderson (Dem.) Republican majority In 1870, 117.

Dutchess County

Contained, in l«6.j, a population of r»8.772 ; is a Repub-
lican county, and has two members.

1st District. (Towns of Amenia, Beekman, Do-
ver, East Fishklll, Fishkill, La Grange, Northeast,
Pawling, Blue Plains. Stanford, Union Vale and
Washington: population. 31,470.) EDWARD M.
GORING (Rep.), of Wappinger's Falls. He was
born in Manchester, England, came to this country
in 1n36, and settled where he now resides; was for-
merly an engraver and manufacturer, and is now
engaged in mercantile and Insurance pursuits; was
formerly a Whig; was Town Collector In 1862, Town
Agent to till quota in 1864, U.-S. Dep. Collector Int.
Revenue in 1865-6-7; U. S. Assistant Assessor Int.
R'^venue In 1868-9-70-71 : Supervisor of Fishkil'. In
l.-<70 and 1871, being the llrst Republican Supervisor
elected in that town in ten years, in the latter year
receiving 347 majority on the heaviest vote evercast
in the town election; was elected to the Assembly
by a majority of 1,421 over Lawrence C. Rapelje
(Dem.) Republican majority in 1870 1,425.

2d District. (Towns of Clinton, Hyde Park, Mi-
lan, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsle, Poughkeepsle
citv, R»d Hook and Rhlnebeck; population, 33,722.)
HARVEY G. EASTMAN (Rep.), of Poughkeepsle,
who was elected by a majority of 23.340 over Vv'illiam
Ray (Dem.) Rapubhcan majority In 1370, 734.

Erie County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 134.656, Is closely
contested, and has tlve members.

IST District. (Town of West Senecn, and lst,.^th,
8th and 13th wards of Buffalo; pomilatlon, 44,412.)
GEORGE CHAMBERS (Dem.), of BufTalo. He was
born in Ireland, June '.», 18U ; received a common
school and commercial eilucation; is a grocer; was
alderman of Buffalo three years and two months,
and member of the preceding Houso, serving on
Cannls, Printing and Joint Librarv. He was elected
In 1871 by 607 majority, and In 1870 by 1,311.

2d District. f2d,3d,lth and 6th wards of Buffalo;

Sopulatlon, 31,299.) GEORGE BALTZ (Rep.), of
;uUalo (No. bwi Michigan str.'et). He was born In
lernhelm, Hessen-Darmstadt. Germany, August
11. 1837, and was educated in the common schools
of that country; he was City Auditor of Buffalo In
186'.), and Assistant Assessor In 1^70-1 ; he was elected
to tht* Assembly by a majority orf.26 over John How-
ell (D'in.); chosen to the preceding body by 735

3i) District. (7th, 9th, 10th. llth and 12th wards
of Buffalo : population, .32.1.W.) FRANKLIN A.
ALBERGER (Rep.), of Buffalo. He was born in
Baltimore, January 14, 1825; received a common
school education; was formerly engaged In the
provision business; was a member of the last Whig
Convention and of the tlrst Republican Convention,
held In the city of Bulfalo; was Alderman of the
city of BufTalo in ls.->t. '.>s. '59. Mavor in I860, '61,
Canal Commissioner in 1862, '63, '64, '65, '66 '67,
Member of Assi.'mbly In l.s71, serving on the Com-
mittee on Canals. He was elected In 1870 by a ma-
jority of 68 over Oscar Folsorn, and re-electei by «;'»3

4th District. (Towns of Alden. Amherst, Chio-
tawauga, Clarence, Elma, Grand Island, Lancaster,
Marilla, N -wsiead and Tonawanda; nopulation,
29,486. JOHN SIMPSON (R?p.), of Tonawanda,
who was electf'd by a majority of 89 over Whitney
Harrincton. Democratic majority in 187it, .353.

5th District. (Towns of Aurora, Boston, Brant,
Colden, Collins, Concord, East Hamburgh, Eden,
Evans, Hambu-gh. Holhmd. Sardinia and Wales;
population, 26.917.) JOHN M. WILEY (Dem.), of
Colden. He was a member in 1871. serving on the
Committees on Trade and Manufactures. State
Charitable Institutions and Two-thirds and Three-
fifths bills. His majority in 1871 was 210 over John
McBeth, and in 1870, 358.

Essex County

Contained a population, in 1865. of 28,644; Is r Re-
pui>lican countv, an 1 ha,s one Member. FRANK-
LIN W. TOBEY (Rep.), of Port Henry. He was
elected by a majority of 1,406 over Henry Bradley
(Dem.) Republican majority In 1870, 780.

Franklin County

Contained a population. In 186.% of 28,.575; Is a Re-
publican county, and has one member. JAMES H.
PIERCE (Rep.), of town of Franklin (post-office
address Bloomingdale, Essex county.) He was
born In New Sweden. Clinton county, August 27,
182S; received a common school education; Is an
active business man; was Supervisor In E^sex
county six years, and was Chairman of the Board
three years; has bQ<^n Supervisor In Franklin
countv two years: served In the late Reliellion as
Captain In 118th N. Y. S. Vols., from August, 1862,
to February. l.'<65, participating in the siege of Suf-
folk and battles of South Anna Bridge and Drury's
Bluff; was captured by the rebels at Drury's BlufT,
and was a prisoner seven months. Was formerly a
Whig, voted for Fillmore, and has since been a
Republican. He was a member In 1870 and '71,
serving on Villages each session. He was elected
in 1871 by a majority of 673 over Darius W. Law-
rence (Dem.) Ills majority in 1870 was 454, and in
1869, 699.

Fulton and Hamilton Counties

Form one District. FuUon county contained a
population, in 186.5, of 21.512. andHamllton. of 2,653.
The District is closelv coutcsted, and has one M»»m-
ber. SAMUEL W. BUEL (Dem.)wNorthvllle, Ful-
ton county. He was a Member of Assembly In
186.^. He was elected to the present House by a
majority of 246. Republican malorlty in 1670, 13T.

Genesee County

Contained a population. In l.^>5. of 31.723: Is a Re-
publican county, and has one Member. VOLNEY

Evening Journal Almanac^ 1872.


G. KNAPP (nep.), of Whratvillp. He waa born In
the town of Spring water. Livingston coHnty, N. Y.,
January 17. 1S41 ; he received his education at Gary
Collegiate S<>nilnary ami Genesee Academy; he is a
Farmer; was elected Supervisor of the town of
Alabama In the year !>&•*. and was re-elected In the
yearti l.S»">9, '70. without op})ositi()n, receiving nearly
the unanimous vote of both political parties, and the
last year was chosen Chalrn)an of the Board of
Supervisors of Genesee county; was a Member of
Assembly in ls71, serving on the Committee on
Petitions of Aliens. He received a malorlty In 1?71
of 1,078 over Jonathan M. Foreman (I>em.). and In
1870 of l.lof).

Greene County-
Contained a population. In 18r.5, of ."Jl.'lO; is a
Democratic county, and has one member. AUGUS-
TUS HILL (Dem.). of Cairo, who was elected bv a
majority of .^V) over Isaac Mygatt (Rep.) Demo-
cratic majority, In Ls70, l.JO.

Herkimer County

Contained a population, in 186."), of 39,1.'>< ; is a Re-
publican countv, and has one member. ELEAZER
C. RICE (Rep.) of Falrllcld. He wius born In Salis-
bury, March 2r>, lf;27; attended Fairtteld Academy,
If 43, '4(»; Is a Farmer; has not missed a vote for the
Republican party since U>6: was Justice of the
Peace, 18.17, 'a«, ami Supervisor, Isfis, 71. He was
elected by a malority of l.ikV) over NVllliam Getman
(Dam.) Republican majority in 1870, &71.

Jefferson County

Contained a population, in \sf,:->, of titi.^.iS; Is a Re-
publican county, and has two memb*-rs.

IflT District. (Towns of Adams, Champion,
Ellisburgh, ll^nd<^rson, Ilounstti'ld, Lorraine, Rod-
man, Rutl-m I. Watertnvn and Worth; population,
29,4»5.) OLIVER C. WYMAN (Rep.), of Rodman,
where he was boni of American parentage ; received
a common school and acade.mic education; has
been .school teacher and merchant, and Is now a
Farmer; the first public position he ever held was
In l<{t>, when he was Deputy Inspector of Customs;
has been Supervisor ami Superlntendeijt of Schools
four years; he was a Member of the Assembly In
1571, serving on the Committee on Joint Library.
He received a majority in 1S70 of 036. and was re-
elected by a majority of 1,*J15 over Alvin H. Hall

2d DiSTRirT. (Towns of Alexanclrla. Antwerp,
Brownvlllo, Cape Vincent. Clayton, Le Roy, Lyme,
Orleans. Pamelia. Philadelphia, Theresa and Wllna:
population, 3f.,W3.) WILLIAM W. ENOS (Rep.),
of Chaumont. He was born In De Pauvllle, March
8, 1k%t: attended the De Pauvllle and Lafarge
academies, concluding his studies In l<'t2; was a
merchant, 1k.Vj, '70, except four years when in the
army: served as a private two years In the 35th N.
Y. S. V. Infantry, and two years aa line officer In
the 18th N. Y. Cavalry Volunteers; Is a dealer In
grain, butter and cheese; cast his first vote for
Fremont; and has been Justice of the Peace, Post-
master, etc. He was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of \f>f> over Andrew J. Dewey (Dem.) Re-
publican majority in 1670, 417.

Kings County-
Contained a population. In W-^^, of 243,4J9; Is a
Democratic countv. and h.-w nine M'^mbers.

18T District. (^W.irds 1, 2 and ."S of Brooklvn;
population, .32,702. DAVID C. AITKEN (Dem.),
of Brooklyn. He was a Member of Assembly In
\>^1\, serving op the Committees on Insurance, Pub-
lic Health and Public" Lands; he was elected to the
prespiit Hotise bv a miitorltv of 4,7*3 over William
M. Huhb-11. His majority in l.-i70 was 3,044.

2d District. (Wards 3, 4 .and 11 of Brooklj-n;
ponuliUion. .^^.MP.) EDWARD D. WHITE (h'ep.),
of Brooklvn (.^^6 Bridge street), where he was bom,
March 13,"lS22: attended public schools and White
Plains Academy In ISS^f; was formerly a Hardware

Merchant, now Manufacturer; formerlv a Whig
Supervisor of 4th ward, Brooklyn, 18<-)<>-'C7 ; Mem-
ber of Assembly In l^f>4, serving on the Committees
on Banks and Charitable and Religious Societies;
he was elettccl to the present House bv a majority
of 1.408 over Smith C. Baylls (Den).), who had been
elected to tho preceding Assembly by a majority

3d District. (Wards f. and 12 of Brooklvn; pop-
ulation, 39.4'.'2.) DOMINICK H. ROCHE" (Dem.),
of Brooklyn. He wa.s born In the county of Cork,
Ireland, In l.S.3-1 ; removed with his parents to New
York city In 1^46; received a common school e<iu-
catlon; commenced bu.^lness life as a Clerk in a
wholesale dry goods establishment In that city;
rose to the position of chief book-keeper and cashier,
and was alwut to be admitted partner, when the
crisis of 1M60 forced the house Into bankruptcy In
consetjuence of lis large Southern trade; he had
removed to Brooklyn In l.<>4. and in 1-*«)1 was em-
ployed for six months, In adlusting the accounts of
the City Sinking Fund, whicii bait become Involved
In great confusion; he then accepted an important
position In the Register's office, and In IsfCJ became
Secretary of the Board of City Assessors, which po-
sition he still holds; he was an active member of
the old Volunteer Fire Department until It ceasi^l
to exist; In l^r,.T he was elected Trustee of the Fire
Department Widows and Orplians' Benelit Fund,
of which Board he was PrJ^sMent for several years,
and Is now Chairman of the Law Committee; he
was a Member of A.ssembly In 1^71, serving on the
Committees on Railroads, Charitable and Religious
Societies and Joint Library; he received a plurality.
In l.'>7rt, of .')lo, ami was re-elected bv a majority of
5,1S2 over Hans Christian (Rep.)

4th District. (Wards « and lOof Brookh-n ; pop-
ulation, 3s.4y7.) WILLIAM W. MOSELEY (Dem.)
lie was born at Glastenbury, Conn.. October is,
\6.)fi\ w;is educated at tho Oneida Conference Semi-
nary, Cazenovia ; settled at Svr.ifiuse. N. Y., In
18.V>, and was employed in the Mechanics' Bjtnk.ftS
book-keepi-r; in Septemlxr, l>r,2. entered the armv
as 2d Lieut. I4'.>tb N. Y. V., and shortly after was
commissioned by the President as Captain and Ald-
de-Camp on the stalTof Ma|.-(Jen.SIocum,ln which
position he participated In the battles of Chancel-
lorsville and Gettysburg; also all the operations of
Gen. Slocum's command in the We.<t, Including
Sherman's march to the sea, and the campaign of
the Carolinas, being brevetted Major for gallant ser-
vices at the battle of Bentonville. N. C, March 19.
isfi.). Resigned commission October, I8«i5 ; In sum-
mer of is«it) was appointed U. S. (Collector of In-
ternal Revenue, for the 2.1(1 Disf. N. Y.; falling of
contiimation, term of office expired March 4. iKfT,
and since been connected with the Merchants'
L'Hion E.\'pre9s as correspondent. In the Assembly
of l*f>9, he was a member of the Committees on
Privileges and Elections and Roads and Bridges,
and In the livst House he waa Chairman of the Com-
mittee on Salt, and a member of the Committees
on Affairs of Cities and Mllltla and Public D.-fense.
In the last House he was a member of the Commit-
tees on .Mlairs of Cities, Privileges and Elections
and Salt, and wiis ('hairman of the latter. He re-
ceived a majority. In WO, of 1.4M, and was re-elect-
ed by a malorlty of 778 over James Tanner (Rep.)

.')TH DiRTRicr. (Wards 7 and 20. Brookhn : popu-
ultlon. 29.'.MS.) EUGENE D. BERRI (Rep.), of
Brooklyn (.'>2fi Fulton Av.) He was born In Bulfalo,
Aug. 18, ls.36: attended the public schools of Bedford,
B'klvn; Is a Merchant; raised Co. A.132d Regt. N. Y.
S. v.; served as 1st Lieut, until honorably retired; he
was elected bv a majority of l.S,'>l over Thomas W,
Adams (Dem.^ Republican majority In 1m70, 691.

fiTH DiflTKirr. (Wards If. and 19. of Brooklyn:
population 32.434.) PETER G. PECK (Rep.), of
Brooklyn, E. D.; bom in Flushing, Queens county,
lnl'<22; received an academic education; was for-
merlv engaged In Steamboatlng on East and North
river's ; was a Whig until the formation of the Re-
publican party; was elected to the Assembly by a
majorltv of 1,043 over Morltty Blchter (Dem.) Dem-
ocratic "majority la 1870, 595. ,


EvKxixG Journal Almanac, 187i

7th District. (Wards 13 and 14 of Brooklyn;
population .•«,216.) CHARLES B. MORTON (R?,p.)
of Brooklyn (10 ('ourt St.); was born in Troy, *eb.
'1, l.-i.')3; attended the Albanv Academy from ISfO to
1S49: Recorder Board of Enrollment, 2d Dist. N. Y.,
from M;iv T. l.-6:i lo Dec. 31, l.sf.O; Deputy Aulitor
City of Brooklyn from Jan. 1, 18»ifi, to Jan. 1. lHr.9;
Chief Clerk of Internal Revenue, 1st and 3d Dis-
tricts, from Jan. 1, I8t)9, to Jan. i, 1672 : enlisted as
1st Lieut. April 21, 1^61; promoted to Captain May
2.3, l.sfi2, and Colou'^l Nov. 10, isf)2; honorably dis-
charged March 16, ls63. He was elected to the As-
sembly by a majority of 72 over William W. Wain-
wright (Dem.), and John W. Flaherty (Ind. Dem.),
the former of whom had been elected to the pre-
ceding Assembly by a majority of 899.

8th District. (Wards 15, 17 and 13 of Brooklvn ;
population 27.73ti.) GEORGE C. BENNETT
(Rep.), of Brooklyn, E. D. He was born in Eui,'-
land In 1824. and came to the United States In li^fi,
before he was quite 12 years of age. He is a print-
er by trade. January 18, 1H47, he, with two other
journeymen printers, issued the first number of the
Williamsburgh Morning Post. After an e.xperlence
of one year he retired from that paper, and Febru-
ary 28, 1H48, he Issued, In connection with a partner,
the tirst number of the Williamsburgh (now
Brooklyn) Daily Time*, of which paper he Is still an
owner and editor. The paper was a success from
the start, and has maintained the field against all
rivals, of which, during the long peiiod that has
elapsed since Its tirst appearance, there have been
several. Mr. Bennett was originally a Free Soil
Whig, and, when the Republican party was formed,
he naturally fell into line with it; he was elected to
the Assembly by a majority of 1,097 over Joseph
Droll (Dem.) Democratic majority, in 1870, when
Mr. B. was a RepUlilican candidate, 2<8.

9th District. (Ward 9 of Brooklyn, and towns
of Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, New Lots and
New Utrecht; population, 38,155.) JOHN C.
JACOBS (Dem.), of Brooklyn. Mr. J. was born in
Lanc;ister county, Peiui., December 16, 1839; is a
Printer by trade, and a Journalist by avocation ;
was for several years the Albany Correspondent of
the New York World and other papers, and was a
war correspondent of New York Journals during
McClellan's Campaign ; he was an unsuccessful
candidate for Member of Assembly In 1863 and
1863, running against J. C. Perry the first year and
W. W. Goodrich the second, and the Democratic
candidate for Clerk of the House In 1864; he
was elected to the Assembly In 1866, and has been
ever since a Member of the House, his majority
being usually larger than the State ticket re-
ceived. In 1869 he served on the Committee on
Commerce and Navigation and several special com-
mittees, and in 1670 was Chairman of Committee
on Ways and Means, and a member of Committees
on Insurance and (grievances; in 1871 he was a
member of Grievances, Judiciary and Ways and
Means, and Chairman of the latter ; he was elected
In 1870 by a majority of 1,187, and re-elected by a
majority of 628 over 0. B. Leltch (Rep.)

Lewis County

Contained a population, In 1865, of 27,840; Is a
closely contested county, and has one Member.
AMOS V. SMILEY (Rep.) of Lowvllle. He was born
In Versailles; attended the Wesleyan Seminary In
1855-6; Is editor and proprletorof the Lowvllle Jour-
nal and Republican; elected supervisor of Lowvllle
1871, and was chosen to the Assembly bv a major-
ity of 433 over Samuel F. Gannou (Dem.) Republi-
can majority, in 1S70, 425.

Livingston County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 37,555; is a Re-
publican conntv, and has one Member. ARCHI-
BALD KENNEDY (Rep.), of York, where he was
born August 3, 1830; he attended various acade-
mies, and entered Yale College in 1S51 ; is a Farmer ;
was town superintendent of common schools in

185.3-6: Justice of the Peace in 1,456-68; supervisor
three years, and Is present chairman of the Board;
was delegate to Republican Slate Convention in
1869; was elected to the Assembly by a majority of
889 over Andrew A. Sill (Dem.) Republiuui ma-
jority, in 1870, 881.

Madison County

Contained a population, in 18<V), of 40,718; is a Re-
publican county, ami has two Members.

1st District. (Towns of Brookfield, De Ruyter,
Eaton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Lebanon, Madison
Hud Nelson: pof)ulatlon, I9,.s75. JOHN W. LIP-
PITT (Rep.), of Holsville. He was born in Adams,

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