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Berkshire county Mass., April 21, 1822; received an
academic education; Is a Farmer; was formerly tt
Democrat; been a Republican since the formation
of that party; bi^en Supervisor since 1862, and
Chairman of the Board since 1864; was a Member
of Assembly in 1864, serving on Committee on In-
surance. He was elected to the present House by a
majority of 1.323 over Gilbert Blrdsall (.Dem.)

2d District. (Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, Len-
ox, Smithfleld, Stockbri<lge and Sullivan; popula-
tion, 32.732.) FRANCIS A. HYATT (Rep.), of
Perry vllle. Born In Richfield, Fairfield county,
Conri., August .5, 182."<; attended Red Creek Union
Academy, 1S44, and Oneida County Seminary. 1.84.5-
9; was forraerlv a Farmer; was a Democrat until
18.54: Town Clerk 18.5.5-7; Justice of the Peace, 1860-
8; Member of Assembly, 1861, serving on Roads and
Bridges, Engrossed Bills and Excise. He was
elected bv a majorltv of 429 over BeiiJ. F. Chapman
(Dem.) Republican majority in 1870, 323.

Monroe County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 104,235; is a
Republican county, and has three Members.

1st Dlstrict. (Towns of Brighton, Henrietta,
Irondequolt. Mendon. Penfield, Perlnton, Pittsforil,
Rush and Webster; ))opulation. 24,966. GEORGE
A. GOSS (Reu.), of Plttsford. He received a ma-
jorltv of 3:58 over W. W. 3Iarsh (Dem.) Dt*mocratic
majority in ls70, 48.

2d District. (Rochester city; population, .50,-
940.) GEORGE D. LORD (Dem.), of Rochester.
He was born in Ontario county, of American pa-
rentage, and is a Farmer and Contractor; he was a
Member In 1671, serving on the Committees on
Canals. Grievances and Public Printing. He was
elected in 1870 by a majority of l.oss, and was re-
elected by a majority of 1,186 over Frederick Doug-
lass (Rep.)

3d District. (Towns of Clarkson, Chill, Gates,
Greece, Hamlin. Ogften, Parma, Riga. Sweden anri
Wheatland; uopulation. 2.^.329.) LEONARD BUR-
RITT (Rep.), of Spencerpurt. He was born In
Chill, Monroe county, February 14, 1828; attended
Riga Academy; was formerly a Whig; Is a Farmer;
was United States Assistant A.ssessor from Septem-
ber, 1862, to February, 1^71. He received a majority
of 894 over Horace J. Thomas (Dem.) Republican
majority in 1870, 210.

Montgomery County

Contained a poi)ulatl()n. In 1.^6.5. of 31,447 : is a closely
contested conntv and has one Member. WILLIAM
J. VAN DUSEN (Rep.), of Canajoharle. He was
bom In Rensselaer county, town of Scliodack, July
16. 1808, of American parentage; removed with his
parents to Canajoharle In 1812, where he has since
resided ; Is a Farmer ; has been School Commissioner,
Commissioner of Highways, Assessor, Collector,
Under-Sherlfr, Assistant Assessor of Internal Rev-
enue and Supervisor In the years 18.58, '59, '65, '66,
'67 and "68. lie was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of 764 over John E. Ashe (Dem.) Re-
publican majority In 1870, 199.

New York County

Contained a population. In 186.5, of 726,3*6; is the
chief seat of the Democratic strength of the State,
and has twenty-one members.

Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.


18T District. (Wanls 1, 2,3 and 5; population,
»,.'502.) JAMES UEALY (Ref. Dem.). of New
York city. He was elected by a plurality of 4»M,
over Nicholas Mullor (Tarn. Dem.), and WllUani L.
Harding (Rep.)

2d DisTUirr. (Ward 4 and part of the 6th ward;
population 24,05«.) JAMES DUNPHY (Dera.), of
New York cfty (IK Vandewater St.), where he was
bora, March 13. 1<?2; attended public schools; was
formerly Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, and Is
now Deputy Sheriff; he was elected by a majority
of 3,895 over Henry G. Leask (Rep.), and Stephen
F. lilce (Ind. Dem.)

3d DiSTttiCT. (Ward 14 and part of the 6th ward ;
Dopulatlon, 22,215.) JAMES HAYS (Dem.), of
New York city, where he waa born, May 11, 1,S30;
educated in the public schools; waa formerlv a
Printer; member of Common Council from 1x62 to
1865 ; Supervisor from 1S66 to 1870 ; he was elected
bv a majority of 2,562 over Edward A. WiUoughby,

4th District. (Ward 7; population, 27,054.)
JOHN J. BLAIR (Dem.>. of 66 Essex street. New
York. He was born In New York city, April 17,
1833, of Irish parentage, and received a common
school education; Is a Machinist serving an ap-
prenticeship in the Allaire Iron Works; was Lieu-
tenant of Police In 1S56. '57 ; Engineer of Marine
Corps in Port Royal Harbor during the war; he
afterward became connected with the Fifth District
Judicial CourtA, New York cltv ; he was a Member
of Assembly in 1S6.S, 1869 and 1870. In 1870 he served
on the Committees on Railroads and Indian Allairs;
was a Member in 1871, serving on the Committees
on Railroads and Engrossed Bills, being Chairman
of the latter ; he was elected in 1870 by a majority
of 3,43.5, and wasre-electedbyamtOorltyof l,498over
Wm. McMahon (Rep.), and John Hecker (Reform

5th DiflTBiCT. (Ward 8 and part of 9th and 15th
wards; population, 39,60.1.) DAVID S. PAIGE
(Ref. Dem.); he was elected, by a plurality of 331
over Christopher Johnson (Tarn. Dem.), and Ja*.
Winterbottom (Rep.) Democratic majority In 1870,

6th District. (Ward 13; population, 21jJ61.)
was born in County Cavan, Ireland, of Scotch-Irish
ancestry, in Jan., 1840; his parents removed to New
York city when he was live years of age ; he is a
Printer by trade, and duriu^j a few months. In i860,
was cormected with the Augusta (Ga.) Dispatch;
he was connected with tlie Volunteer Eire Depart-
ment; Is Clerk in the office of the County Clerk of
New York, and a member of the Tammany Hall Gen-
eral (;k>mmltt.?e; he was a Meyiber of Assenibly In
1868, servmg as Chairman of the Committee on
Roads and Bridges, and as a member uf the (k>m-
mlttee on Internal Atlaha of Towns and Counties,
and in I'^t'iy .-vs a mem'jtr of the Committee on
Affairs of Cities; he held the same position in 1870,
and was, also, Chalnnan uf the Comiuitee on Peti-
tions of Aliens; In 1S71. member of (Jommittees on
Cities and Roads and Bridges. He was elected In
1870 by a majority of 1,294, and was re-elected by a
majority of 1S6 over I^aac Wood (Rep.), and John
0. Rapp (Ref. Dem.)

7th District. (Parts of wards 9, 15 and 16 ; pop-
ulation, 23.S82.) HORATIO N. TWOMBLY (Rep.),
of New York cltv (17 Lafayette PJace) ; he was born
In Berwick, Maine; graduated at Dartmouth
College, class of 18.54: taught an Academy In Illi-
nois from lS.vt to 1857, studying law at the same ;
time; practiced law at Prescott, Pierce Co., Wis.,
ujitll 1860, during which time he was Prosecuting
Attorney for the county, and edited the Prescott
Transcript; from 1860 to 1n62 was engaged in Mer-
cantile at Shanghai, China, since which
time he has been a Merchant In New York; elected
to the As.sembly In la70 and counted out; re-elected
in 1871 by a niajoritv of 3,f>f)4.

8th DiSTEior. (Ward 10 and parts of wards 11 and
17; population. 37 0O4.) CONRAD GEIB (Rep.),
New York city (52 Orchard St.) ; he was electfed by
a majority of 2,146 over Sylvester E. Nolan (Dem.),


and Frederick Qugel, Jr. (Ind. Rep.). Democratic
majority In 1870,3.741.

9th District. (Parts of the 9th and 16th wards;
population, 28,590.) STEPHEN PELL (Rep.), of
New York city (21 John street), where he was born,
February 26, 1819; was educated In the public
schools; Is a Merchant; formerly a Whig, and was
elected to the Assembly by a majority or 26.^ over
Wm. G. Bergen (Tarn. Dem.), and Timothy Shea
(Ind. Dem,)

lOTH District. (Parts of the 17th ward ; popula-
tion, 27.300.) HENRY H. HAHJHTfRep.^.of New
York city (24 First ave.)-Js a Merchant : elected by
a plurality of 269 over Frederick Rollwagf-n, Jr.
(Ref. Dem.), Christopher Flecke (Turn. Dem.),
Louis Erzer (Ind. Dem.), and Henrv S. Wallace
(Ind. Rep.) Democratic majority in 1870, 461.

llTH District. (Parts of wards 18.20 and 21;
population, 27,785.) RUSH C. HAWKINS (Rep.),
of New York city (64 Broadway). He was born In
Pomfret, Vt., 14.1831; received a com-
mon school education ; served in U. 8. Dragoons In
Mexican war; settled In New York In 1851, and com-
menced the study of law; raised the R<'glment
known as H:iwklns' Zouaves In April. 1861, and
8er\-ed with <ll8tlnction during the war; was candi-
date for (jongrebs in 1864, and candidate for District
Attorney of New York in 1867. He was elected to
the Assembly by a majority of 2,114 over Thomas
W. Pittman (Tam. Dem.), and Alfred Spauldlng
(Ind. Dem.) *

12th District. (Part of the 11th ward; popula-
tion, 24,425.) WILLIAM W. COOK (Dem.), of
New York city. He was bom in Philadelphia, Oc-
tober 12, 1832; two years subsequently his parents
removed to New York city, where he was educated
In the public schools, ana serN'efl an apprentice-
ship as Mason, but has not since followed the
trade; In 18.54 he received an appointment In the
melting and reflnlng department of the United
States Assay Office, which he held until elected to
the Assembly In 1869; In 1870 he was a member of
the Committees on Banks, Public Health, and Two-
thirds and Three-fifths Bills. He was elected in
1870 by a majority of 1,29s, and re-elected bv a ma-
jority of 274 over Henry Ebrampton (Rep.), John
S. Beck (Ind. Dem.;, and William Fagan (Ref. Dem.)

13th District. ^ Part of the ICthward; popula-
tion, 24, 425.) GEORGE W. MACKAY (Hop.), of
New York city (65 Wall street). He was elected by
a majority of 799 over Richard Flanlgan (Tam.
Dem.), and G.orge Devlin (Ref. Dem.) Flanlgan's
majority In 1870 wao 128.

14TH District. (Part of the 17th ward; popula-
tion, 38,740.) JOHN A. FOLEY (Ref. Dem.), of
New York city, where he was born, March 26. 1840;
educated at private schools; is a Lawyer; was
elected by a luajority of 110 over John T. Kellev
(Tam. Dem.), and John Thlesy (Ind. Dem.) Kelly's
majority In 1570 was .503.

15TH Dirtiuct. (Part of ward 20; population.
34,808.) ALEXANDER FREAR (Dem.), of New
York city (.^59 West Thirty-fourth street). Mr. F.
was born In Poughkeepsle, August 18, 1820; is a
Broker; was engaged as the head of an extensive
importing firm until it was swept away bv the re-
vulsion of 1857; was Councilman. 7th district, in
1858; Alderman, nth district, 186f>-*61; and Member
of Assembly In 1866, '67, '6s, 69, '70 and 71, serving
the latter session as (Chairman of the Committee on
Cities, He was elected in 1870 by a majoritv of 413,
and was re-elected by a plurality of 27 over Fred-
erick Klllian (Rep.),Seth M. Harris (Ref. Dem.),
and Patrick Logan (Ind. Dem.)

16th District. (Part of the 18th ward: popula-
tion, 27.7440 NICHOLAS HAUGHTON (Ref.
Dem.), of New Y'ork cif v. Formerly Assistant Al-
derman. Was elected by a majority of 2,215 over
James Irving (Tam. Dem.), and Augustus Funk
(Ind. Rep.) Irving's majority In 1870 was 1,.376.

17th District. (Part of the 22dward; popula-
tion. 27.362.) CHARLES A. FLAMMER (Rep.),
of New York city (34 Wall street). He was elected
by a majority of 351 over J. romeBuck (Tam. Dem.),
and Walter Murray (Ind. Dem.)


Evening- Journal Almanac, 1872.

18th District. (Part of tjie 21st ward ; popula-
tion. a-^.OSe.) SAMUEL J. TILDEN (Ref. Dem.),
New York city. He Is a Lawyer, and Chairman of
the Democratic State Central Committee. He re-
ceived a majority of 4,034 over Michael Goode (Tam.
Dera.), and Roger A.Lyon (Ind. Rep.) Democratic
majority in 1^70, 4,42^.

I9TH DiSTBiCT. (Parts of wards 12 and 22; popu-
lation, 23^19.) THOMAS C. FIELDS (Dera.), of
New York. He was born In St. Lawrence county,
November 9, 182.^, and educated at Delaware Acad-
emy, Delhi, Delaware county ; Is a Lawy«ir, and was
admitted to the Bar in 1S46; was Public Adminis-
trator of New York city from December, 1857, to
January, 1S60; Is one of the Central Park Commis-
sioners, and Corporation Attorney of New York
city ; was a member of Assembly in 1863, and State
Senator 1864-5; was a candidate for re-election to
the latter body in 1865, but was defeated ; in 1848 he
was ia Hunker Democrat, giving all the aid in his
power to the election of Gen. Cass; and in 1852 was
actively engaged in the Pierce campaign, though
later, when the Influence of Mr. Pierce's adminis-
tration was given to the Barn-burners, he opposed
his policy; he enjoyed the confidence and was the
devoted friend of Stephen A. Douglas ; during the
war he was known as a War Democrat, and is now
one of the leading spirits of the Tammany organi-
aation. He was a member in 1870, serviiig as Chair-
man of the Committees on Judiciary and (Grievances.
In 1871 he held the same positions, and was a mem-
ber of Insurance and Salt. He was elected in 1870
by a majority of 2,125, and In 1871 by a majority of
773 over Horatio Seymour (Ref, Dem.) and David
H. Knapp (Ind. Rep.)

20th Distbict. (Part of the 19th ward : popula-
Ifltlon. 23.839.) SEVERN D. MOULtON (Rep.), of
New York city (153 East 49th street). He was born
in Floyd, Oneida county, June 3, 1806; was educated
in common schools of Floyd and Albany; was a
wagoner between Albany and Buflfalo from 1816 to
1823; Grocer and Wood and Coal Dealer in New
York from 1836 to 1871, when he retired; was a
Democrat until the Van Buren defection; Trustee
of Public Schools 1850-5 ; Member of Assembly in
1845, serving on Roads and Bridges; was elected to
the present House by a plurality of 1,3^7 oyer Wil-
liam Hitchman (Tarn. Dem.), William Dowdney
(Ref. Dem.), and Weeks W. Culver (Ind. Rep.)
Democratic plurality in 1870, 1,586.

2l8T DiSTEiCT. (Part of the 12th and 19th wards ;
population, 20,264.) WILLIAM A. WHITBECK
(Rep.), of New York city; is President of West
Side Association of Taxpayers. He was elected bv
a majority of 1,018 over John M. Hall (Tam. Dem.),
and Bartholomew B. Purdy (lud. Dem.) Demo-
cratic majority in 1870, 1,591.

Niagara County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 43,2-i2: Is a
closely contested county, and has two Members.

18T District, (Towns of Cambria, Lockport,
Pendleton, Royalton, Wheatfleld and Lockport city;
population, 26,36.3.) ISAAC H. BABCOCK (Rep.),
of Lockport. He was born in RensselacrviUe,
Albany county, April, 18.30; attended the Wilson
Collegiate Institute; is a Farmer, Fruit Grower and
Nurseryman; was formerly a Whig; waa candidate
for County Clerk in 1862, but was defeated by seven
votes; was Supervisor in 1866-7, and President of
Niagara County Agricultural Society in 1870; he
was elected to the Assembly by a majority of 265
over William S. Famell (Dem.) Republican ma-
jority in 1870, 102.

2d District. (Towns of Hartland, Lr.wlston,
Newfane, Niagara, Porter, Somerset ami Wilson;
population, 23,292.) GEORGE M. SWAIN (Rep.),
of Somerset, born in England, April 19. 1821; at-
tended the Albany Academy; is a farmer; was for-
merly a Whig; Supervisor of the town of Somerset,
1862-4. He was elected by a malority of f^ over
William H. H. Ransom (Dem.) RepuWican major-
ity la 1870, 155.

„ ^ Oneida County

Contained a population, In 18a.i,ot 103,713; Is a Re-
publican county, and has four Members.

18T District. (Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Utlca,

and town or New Hartford; population, at,607.)
BIARTIN L. HUNGERFORD Olep.), of Paris; he
was elected by a Tiiajority of 510 over William H.
Barnett (Dem.) Republican majority in 1S70, 684.

2d District. (Towns of Augusta, Bridgewater,
Kirkland, Marshall, Sangerfield, Vernon, Westmore-
land and Whitostown, and 2d ward of Utlca; popu-
lation, 24,481.) Eieazer Beckwith (Rep.), of West-
moreland, where he was born Nov. 26, 1828 : formerly
a Cabinet-maker now a Dentist; was a Democrat
until the Fremont campaign of 1866; he was
elected by a majority of 715 over Jot<eph Benedict
(Dem.) Republican majority in 1870, 693.

3d District. (Towns of Camden, Florence, Rome,
Vienna and Verona; population, 24,850.) GEORGE
K. CARROLL (Dem.), of Camden ; born in Spring-
field, Otsego, county, April 12, 18.32; received a
High School education; is a Lawyer; was elected to
the Assembly by a majority of 152 over William
Jackson (Rep.) Democratic majority In 1870 598.

4th District. (Towns of Annsville, Ava Boons-
ville, Deerfleld, Floyd, Lee, Marcy, Rem sen, Steuben.
Trenton and Western; population, 28,775.) ALBERT
L. HAYES (Rep.), of Boonviile ; he was elected to
the Assembly by a majority of 658 over Henry Weed
(Dem.) Republican majority In 1870, 589.

Onondaga County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 93,332; la a Re-
publican county, and has three Members.

1st District. (Wards 1, 3 and 4 of Syracuse and
Towus of Camlllus, Cicero, Clay, Geddes, Lvsander
and Van Buren; population, 31,1000 THOMAS G.
ALVORD (Rep.), of Syracuse. He was born In
Onondaga, December 20, 1810, of English and Dutch
descent, and was educated at Yale College, New
Haven, Ct.; is a Salt Manufacturer; was a Member
of Assembly, 1844, '58. '62, '64, and Speaker of the
Assembly, 1858, '64; Member of the Constitutional
Convention, 1867, '68; Lieutenant-Governor, 1865,
'66; he was a Democrat until April 12, 1861, and haa
since been a Republican. In 1870, '71, he servefi oh
the Committees on Canals, Judiciary and Griev-
ances; he was elected In 1870 by a ma,|ority of 1.138;
and re-elected in 1871 by 714 majority over John
McCarthy (Dem.)

2d District. (Ward? 5 and 6 of S.vracuse. and
Towns of Elbrldge, Lafayette, Marcellus, Onondaga,
Otisco, Skaneateles. SpaiTbrd audTuUy: population,
30,,S40.) PETER BURNS (Rep.), of Syracuse. He
was born in Dublin, Ireland, of Scotch-Irish parent-
age'; receiveii a common school and academic edu-
cation; is a Mechanic and Manufacturer, engaged
in the saddle hardware business; was formerly a
Whig; has been Supervisor and President of the
Board of Police, and is Director of the Merchant*'
National Bank and of the Trust and Deposit Com-
pany of Syracuse. He w;is a Member of Assembly
in 1871 ; serving on the Oommitte on State Prisons;
he received a majority in 1870 of 1,11'J. and was re-
elected by 1,092 majority over Milton H. Northrup

3d District. (Wards 2, 7 and 8 of Syracuse, and
towns of De Witt, Fabius, Manllus, Pompey and
Sallna; population, 31,032.) GUST AVUS SNIPER
(Rep.), of Syracuse. He was born In Baden, (}er-
many, June 11, 18.32, and Is a Brewer; la Colonel
and Brevet Brigadier-General N. Y. S. N. G. On
the first call to arms, in 1861, he raised a company,
but failed to get his position as the quota was full;
he then raised a company for the lOlst N. Y. V,, as
Captain, was promoted to Major before he left the
Stiite, and afterward was promoted to Lientenant-
Colonel on the field. He served with the regiment
until it was consolidated with the 37th N. Y. V.,
and was then mustered out of service. In August,
1864, he assisted in raising the 185th N. Y. V., was
appointed its Lieut. -Colonel, and served as such
until February 1, 1865; was then promoted to
O)loncl, and held that position until the close of the
Rebellion. He was breveted Brlgadler-(Jeneral
U. S. Vols, for meritorious services, March 29, 186.>.
He was with his regiment during Its entire service,
participating in all Its engagements, seven In niun-



ber, «ind some of them the most, severe of the war.
In the action of the ?9th of March, at the Quakor
Roail, the reglnifiit sulfered severely, and at one
tryirit' point Colonel Sniper fn-asped the colors Just
as. the fourth color bearer wiis shot down, and,
shouting cheering words of encouraRement to his
men, led them, to victory. IncludlnK those on the
Peninsula with the lOlst, he participated In twenty
regular battles. He was a member in 1S70, serving
on the Committees on Claims jind Expenditures
of the House. In isrl he was a member of the
Committees on Manufacture of Salt and MllltIa and
Public Defense. He received a majority In l.s70 of
1,:?48, and was re-el.cted In \x~t\ by a majority of
l,0.-« over William H. Merrill (Dem.)

Ontario County

Contained a population, In 18fi.'>, of 40,2'<0; Is a Re-
publican county, and has two members.

1st Dlstrict. (Towns of Farmlnuton, Gorham,
Hopewell, Manchester, Phelps and Seneca: popula-
tion, 22,SW.) AM BROS K L. VANDUSEN (Rep.)
of Gypsum. He was born In Phelps, October 1,
1810; received a common school education; was
formerly a Merchant; Is now a Farmer; formerly a
Whig; supervisor In I860; has been superintendent
of poor since 1861 ; was elected by a majority of 456
over William W. Herendeen (Dem.) JDcniocratlc
majority. In 1870, 307.

2d District. (Towns of Bristol, Canadlce, Canan-
dalgua. East Bloomfleld, Naples, Richmond, South
Bristol, Victor and West Bloomfleld; population,
20,45.3.) CTRILLO S. LINCOLN (Rep.), of Naples,
was born In South Bristol, July U, 1830; attended
Gem'see Wesleyan Seminary, 184^-6; New York
Cou'-rence Seminary, laV); Union College, 1.85.V-8;
Is a Lawyer and Grape Grower; was Justice of the
Peace, 1S64-8. Was elected by a majority of SIO over
David A. Plerpont (Dem.) Republican majority In
1S70, 349.

Orange County

Contained a population. In 1S65, of 62,464 ; Is a closely
contested county, and has two Members.

IsT District. (Towns of Blooming Grove.
Comwell, Monroe, Montgomery, Newburgh and
Now Windsor: population. 35,449.) ROBERT H.
STRAHAN (Rep.), of Newburgh, where he was
born of Scotch parentage; he graduated from Col-
umbia College, Washington, D. C. ; Is a Lawyer;
served two years in the army during the late rebel-
lion. In the Assembly of 1871, m. "in her of the Com-
mittee on MllltIa and Public Defense. He was
elected, In 1870, by a majority of 2fJl, and was re-
elected by 1,145 majority.

2d DiBTRiCT. (Towns of Chester, Crawford, Deer-
park, Goshen, Greenville. Hamptonburgh, Mlnlslnk,
*»Iount Hope, WallklU. Warwick and Wawavanda;
population. 31,716.^ FRANK ABBOTT (Rep.), of
Port Jervis, born In New Haven, Conn., In 1828;
received a common school education; fonnerly a
Machinist and Englfteer- now Master Mechanic;
Tnistee of the village of Port Jervis, and Secretary
an'l Treasurer of Locomotive Engineers' Life Insur-
ance Association. He was elected by a majority of
540 over Henrv B. (Jgden (Dem.) Democratic ma-
jority In 1670, 91.

Orleans County

Contained a population. In 186.'^, of 28,603; Is a Re-
publican county, an<l has one Member, E. RIRKE
HART (Rfp.^ of .\lbion, where he was bom, April
8, 1841; educated at Albion Academy; has been a
Banker since February lo, I860, and Is Cashier of the
Orleans County National Bank. He received a ma-
jority of 1,841 over Edwin R. Tanner (Dem.) Repub-
lican majority In 1870, 1,252.

by a majority of 65 over William A. Poucher (Dem.)
Republican majorltv in 1870, 322.

2d District. (Towns of Constantla, Granby.
Hivstlngs, Palermo, Schroeppel, Volney and West
Monroe; population, 26,482.) THOMAS W. GREEN
(Rep.), of (^iiM^'hdenoy. He was elected by a ma-
jority of 22 over Abraham Howe (Dem.), and a
candidate of the Anti-Dram Shop party. Howe's
majority In l,s7(i, was three.

3d District. (Towns of Albion, Ambos' Boyls-
ton, Mexico, New Haven, Orwell, Parish, Redfleld,
Richland, Sandv Creek and Wllliamstown; popula-
tion, 20,9W.) CHAUNCEY S. S.\GE (Rep.), of Wll-
liamstown. He was born in Verona, Oneida county,
Sept. 5, 1816; attended the Verona Academy- Is a
Lumber Manufacturer, Farmer and Lumber Deal-
er; was formerly connected with the anti-slavery
party; was Supervisor of Wllliamstown tlve years;
Assistant Assessor 1862-7; been Postma-ster since
1861 ; wtus Member of Assembly In 1858 and 1871,
serving the latter session on E.\pondlture of E.xecu-
tlve Department. He received a majority of 299
over George W. Woods (Dem.) and Elder Holmes
(Anti-Dram Shop). Republican majority In 1870,59.

Otsego County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 48,616; Isaclosely
contested county, and has two Members.

1st District. (Towns of Cherrv Vallev, Decatur,
Exeter, Mar^•land, Middlefleld, ()tsego, Plalnfleld.
Richfield, Roseboom, Springfield, Westford and
Worcester: populatlon,24.332.) ALFRED CHAM-
BERLAIN (Dem.) of Richfield Springs, where he
was born, of American parentage; received a com-
mon school education; Is a Farmer; he voted for
Abraham Lincoln, but Is now a Democrat. In the
Assembly of 1M71 he was a member of the Commit-
tee on Civil Divisions, Internal .\ffalrs and Indian
Affairs. He was elected In l-^TO by 62 majority, and
was re-elected bv a majorltv of 109.

2d District. (Towns of Burlington, Butternuts,
Edmeston, Hart wick, Laurens, Mllford. Morris, New
Lisbon, Oneonta, Otego, Pittstield and Unadllla:
population, 24,2^4.) J, LEE TUCKER (Rep.) of
West Laurens, where he was born June 13, 1840 • re-
ceived a common school education ; formerly a

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