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Farmer, now a Lawyer: was Justice of the Peace
eight years; Member of As.sembly In 1871, serving
on the Committee of Expenditures of the
He received a majority in 1870 of l.'>6, and was re-
elected by 164 maj. over Samuel R. Follett (Dem.)

Putnam County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 14,845; is a Dem-
ocratic countv, and has one Member. JAMES
DYCKMAN (Rep.), of South He was elected
by 513 majority over Sarles Drew (Dem^ who had
been chosen to the preceding House by 123 majority.

Oswego County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 76,200; is a Re-
publican county, and has three Members.

1st District. (Towns of Hannibal, Oswego and
Scrlba, and Oswego city; population, 2>»,738.) DAN
lEL G. FORT (Rep.), of Osw

Queens County

Contained a population, In 1865. of 59,967, Is a Dem-
ocratic county, and has two Meml)ers.

1st District. (Towns of Flushing, North Hemp-
stead and Ovsier Bav; population, 2\.56.'>. L. BRAD-
FORD PRiNCE (Rep.), of Flushing, where he was
born of American parentage, and Is a lineal descend-
ant of Gov, Wm. Bradford, of Plymouth, who came
on the Mayflower; graduated at Columbia Law
Scho<il, New York, with highest honors, receiving
the f2oO iirize In Political Science; Is a Lawyer; has
been a member of Republican County Committee
eleven consecutive years, and for several years Its
I Chairman; delegate to Chicago Convention In 1868;
I member of State Committee In ls69; prominent In
! Masonic Fraternity, being D. I). Grand Master of
Queens and Sun"olk counties, appointed In 1>;6><, and
re-appointed 1869 and 1870; has been for six years an
oftlccr of the Long Island Historical Society; promi-
nent In Queens County Acricultural Society, having
been Superintendent or Director for ten consecutive
years; well known as a popular lecturer and politi-
cal speaker In the Etistern and Middle States : author
of "E Pluribus Unum, or American National," pub-
He was elected | llshed by G. P. Putnam & Son In 1867 and '6'^, which


Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.

passed to three editions, and was received with the
hlKhest praise by our most prominent statesmen and
Dolltical scientists. lie was a member In 1871, serv-
ing Jn the Committees on Affairs of VlUaRes and
Expenditures of the House. He was elected in 1S70
by a majority of 1,415, and was re-elected by 1,109
inalorily over Elward A. Lawrence (Dem.)

I'D DISTRICT. (Townsof Hempstead. Jamaica and
Newton; population, 82,432.) JAMES M.OAKLEY
(Dem.) of Jamiaca. He was born in New York
city June, 1839; received an academic education ; Is
a Real Estate Agent; member in l>i71 serving on the
Committees on Roads and Bridges; Banks and Mili-
tia; he received a majority of Ui.'>(> in 1.S70 and was
reelected by a majority of ^i36 over Robert A. David-

Rensselaer County

Contained a population, in 1S65, of 83,210; Is a
Republican county, and has three members,

IST District. (CitvofTrov; population, 39,293.)
JAYSON C. OSGOOD (Ref. Dem.) of Troy, born In
Nassau, Nov. 16,1804: he received a common school
education in boyhood ; was a Clothier ; Chalrmaker
and Painter; is now a Farmer, Manufacturer and
Inventor; was member of Assembly In 18.'>3, serving
on the Committee on Commerce and Navigation,
and, in IS-^S, serving on the Committee on Petition
of aliens, and Chairman of Committee to investigate
charges of Briberv and Corruption ; he was elected
to the present House by a majority of 38 over
William V. Cleary (Dem.) Democratic majority in
1870, 1716.

2d District. (Towns of Berlin, Grafton, Hoo-
sick, Lansliigl)urgh, Petersburgh, Pittstown and
Schaghticoke ; population, 23, 235.) JOHN L. SNY-
DER (Rep.) of Pittstown, who received a majority
of 815 over Ira B. Ford (Dem.) Reonbllcan ma-
ority, 1S70, 28.

3d District. (Towns of Brunswick, East Green -
bush, Greenbush, Nassau, North Greenljush, Poest-
enkill, Sandlake,Sohodack andStephentown; popu-
lation, 2o,68.5. (5ASTLE W. HERRICK (Rep.), of
Nassau, was bom In Washington, Dutchess Co.,
Sept. 28, 1811, was formerly engaged with Dr. L.
R. Herrlck, patent medicines; sold out Oct. 26,
1668; has since been engaged In manufacture of
boots and shoes; was formerly a Whig; was Super-
visor, 1859-60, and has held other town offices; dele-
gate to State Convention in 1860; was elected to
the Assembly by a majority of 315 over John V. D.
Whitbeck (Dem.) Democratic majority in 1870, 670.

I Richmond County

Contained a population, in In').'., of i"*,209, is a De-
I mocratic county, and has one .>( DAVID W.
I JUDD (Rep.), of New Brighton, born near Niagara
Falls, Sept. 1,1838; graduated irom William's Oil-
! lege, class 186<); is a Journalist; has been engaged
] on the N. Y. Times, Commercial Advertiser and
I other papers ; now associate editor of Moor(,''s Rural
New Yorker, and owns Interest in Hearth and Home,
American Agriculturist and Orange Judd Publish-
ing house; served In army as Soldier and Corres-
pondent, was captured at Harpers Ferry and Fred-
ericksburg, and escape<i both times; author of work
entitled, Two Years Campaigning in Virginia; was
elected to the Assembly b\ a mjvjorlty of e.'W over
Thomas Gwynee (Dem.) Democratic mjvJorlty In
1870, when Mr. Judd was running, 153.

Rockland County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 20,783; is a Dem-
ocratic county, and has one member. DANIEL
TOMPKINS (Rep.), of Stony Point, elected by a
majority of 628 over James M. Nelson (Dem.), who
had been chosen to the previous Assembly by 153

St. Lawrence County

Contained a population, In 186.5, of 80,994 ; Is a Re-
publican county, and has three members.

1st District. (Towns of De Kalb, De Peyster.
Fine, Fowler, Gouverncur, Hammond, Macomb,
Morristown, Oswegatchie, Pitcalm. Rossie and Og-

densburgh city. DARIUS A. MOORE (Rep.), of
De Kalb, born In Canton, April 13, 1833, attended the
Gouverneur Weslcyan Seminary 1852-53; Is a Mer-
chant. Was a Democrat until 1S57; Town Clerk,
1858-67; beenSupervlsor since that time; was elected
to the Assembly by a majority of 1,816 over Louis
Hasbrouck, Jr. (Dem.) Republican majority in
1870, 2.262.

2d District. (Towns of Canton, Colton, Ed-
wards, Hcrmon, Lisbon, Madrid, Norfolk, Pierpont,
Russell and Waddington; population, 27,066.) I)OL-
PHUS S. LYNDE (Rep.), of Hermon. He was
born at Antwerp, Jefferson county, July 1,1833, of
Irish and English descent; was educated at the
Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary ; Is a Real Estate
and Produce Dealer; was Supervisor of Hermon,
1868, '69 and '70, and Notaiy Public, 1869 and '70 ; he
was a Democrat until 1863 ; was a Member of Assem-
bly in 1871, serving on the Committee of Internal
Atfairs ; he was elected In 1870 by a majority of 2,321,
and was rc-elect<>d by a majority of 2,041 over Hi-
ram Bartlett (Dem.)

3d District. (Towns of Brasher, Hopklnton,
Lawrence, Louisville, Massena, Parishvllle, Pots-
dam and Stockholm ; population, 25,516.) PARKER
W. ROSE (Rep.), of Parishvllle was bom in Stock-
holm, March 29, 1812: recelvea a common school
education; Is a Farmer and Manufacturer; was a
Democrat until 1854; was a member of Board of
Supervisors, lS.'i6-.58, '70-71, Chairman of Board In
18.57; Member of Assembly In 1852; elected as a
Free Soil Democrat, serving on the Committee on
Grievances, and In 1.853 was Chairman Democratic
Caucus ; wtis elected to the present Assembly by a
majority of 1,. 852. over John 0. Bridges (Dem.). Re-
publican majority in 1870, 2,163.

Saratoga County

0)ntained a population, in lR65.of 49,892; Isa^closely
contested county, and has two Members.

1st District. (Towns of Ballston, Charlton,
Clifton Park. Galway, Halfmoon. MalU, Milton,
Providence. Stillwater and Waterford; population,
25.518.) GEORGE WEST (Rep.>. of Ballston Spa.
He was born in Keentsbeer, Devonshire county,
England, February 17, 18.23; educated In English
common schools; came to this country February,
1849; is a Paper Manufacturer. Was elected to the
Assemblv bv a m:i)ority of 1,166 over William T.
Odell (Dem.) Democratlr majf)rltv in 1870,357.

2d District. (Towns ol"(V.rinth, Day Edinburgh,
Greenlleld, Hadley, Milton, Mor.-au, Northumber-
land, Saratoga. Saratoga Springs and Wilton;
population, 24,.374.) NATHANIEL HOUGHTON
(Rep.), of Corinth: he was a member of Assembly
in 1862 .and 1863; elected to the present House by a
majority of 1,2.^1 over Charles A. Allen (Dem.) •
Republican majority in 1R70, 732.

Schenectady County

Contained a population, In 186.5 of 20,898; Is a closely
contested oountv, and has one Member. WILLIAM
GBEENHALGII (Rep.), of Schenectady, who was
elected bv a imOorlty of 441 over Philip R. Toll
(Dem.) Democratic miOorlty In 1870, 158.

Schoharie County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 33,353; Is a Dem-
ocratic county, and has one Member. PETER
COUCHMAN (Dem.), of Conesvllle; was born In
Broome, July 28, 18C3; received Ja common school
education; Is a Farmer and Hardware Dealer; has
been Supervisor sinco 1865; was elected to the As-
semblv bv a majori'.v of 1,131 over Luman Reed
(Rep.) Democratic majority In 1870, 1,580.

Schuyler County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 18,4-1 1 ; ia a closely
' contested countv, and has one M<'inber. HARMON
I L. GREGORY (Sep.), of Alta; wasbornlnRe.idlng.
' Nov. 7, 1822; received a common school ed;K-.ition;
' is a Farmer and Teacher; was a Democrat until
' the formation of the Republican party; was Super-

EvEiMNG JomfXlLL ALAfAjVAC, 1872.


visor, 1853, '67, TO; was elected to the Assembly by
a majority of 4 over William C. Coon (Dem.) and
John C. Hackctt (Antl-dram shop). Coon's major-
ity in 1870 was 69:..

Seneca County-
Contained a population, In I'^fi.S, 27,65.3-18 a Demo-
cratic county, and has one Member. PETER LOTT
(Rep.), of Loill; was born In New Jersev, Oct. 21,
1822; attended the Ovid and Geneva Academy;
taught school In early life, and Is a Farmer; for-
merly a Whig; was Town Superintendent, liM, '5«;
Supervisor, 1H57, '.VS; V. S. Assistant Assessor, )H62
to March, 1{<71; was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of 400 over David D. Lefler (Dem.) Dem-
ocratic mtOorlty In 1870, 177.

Steuben County-
Contained a populiition, In 1865,of fj6,192; Is a closely
contested county, and h;is two Members.

IsT District. (Towns of Avoca, Batli, Bradford,
Cbhocton, Dansville, Fremont, Howard, Pratts-
burgh, Pultney, Urbana, Wavlantl, Wavne and
Wheeler: population. 27,677.) TnOJrfAS M.
FOWLER (Rep.), of Wavland. He was elected
by a majority of 313 over William W. Healy (Dem.)
Democratic mnjorltv In 1870, 396.

2d DiSTBiCT. (Towns of Addison. Cameron,
Campbell, Canlsteo, Corning, Krwin. Greenwood,
HartsvlUe, Hornellsvllle, llonisby, Jasper, Llndley,
Riithbone, Thurston Troupsburgh, Tuscarora,Wcst
Union and Woodliulf- jjopulatloii. S^S^i^.) JAMES
B. MURDOCK (R.-t. ), of South TroupsburRh. He
was born In Kortrluht, Delaware county, January
2,1814; received a common school education; was
formerly a Teacher and Farmer, and is now a Mer-
chant; was a Whig before the formation of the Re-
Eubllcan party; has held several minor offices at
la present residence and In Brookfleld, Tioga
county, Pcnn. ; was Supervisor, 18^5, '58 and '65;
was elected Member of Assembly by a majority of
919 over George Farnham (Dem.) Republican ma-
jority In 1870, 1,116.

Suffolk County

Contained a population, In 1865, of 42,896, Is a closely
contested county, and has one Member, JOHN S.
MARCY (Rep.), of Rlverhead. He was born In
Wllllmantlc, Conn., March 23,1^30; was formerly
General Agentof an Insurance Company, and Is now
a Farmer. Was elected to the Assembly by a ma-
jority of 194 over William G. Prevost (Dem.) Re-
publican majority In 1870, 786.

Sullivan County-
Contained a population. In 1865, of 32,741 : Is a Dem-
cratic countv and has one Member, FR.VNK
BUCKLEY (Dem.), of Tremont Centre. He was
born In LIbertv. Sullivan county, December 16, 1840;
received an academic education ; Is a Merchant and
Tanner; enlisted as Private In 143d Regiment N. Y.
S. v.. In August, 1S62; was promoted to Second
Lieutenant the following December. and resigned
In March, 1863; was Town Gerk 186.S-'6S and Super-
visor 1869-71: was Member of Assembly In 1871,
serving on Commltti-es on Banks, (3harltahle and
Religious Societies, and Civil Divisions. He was
elected In 1870 bv a majority of 1,653, and was re-
elected by 542 majority over Asa J. Appley (Rep.)

Tioga County-
Contained a population, lu 1865, of 28.163: Is a Re-
publican county, an<l ha.s one Member, WILLIAM
SMYTH (Rep ;, ofOwego. Ht- was bom In County
Derrv. Ire;:'.::d: June 19.1819: attended the Royal
Instrtutlon. Belfast, aj.d th.- Edinburgh University,
1841-'42; was Principal of Owego Academy In 1848-
'54, and Editor Owego r»m«8lnce 1854; was formerly
a Whig; was member Republican State Committee
two years; Village Trustee three years, and Presi-
dent three years; was School (Commissioner of
Tioga countv six years ; also Justice of the Peace ;
Is School Commissioner of Owego at present. Was

elected to the Assemblv by a mj^Jorlty of 944 over
Gideon O. Chase (Dem.) Republican majority In
1870, 377.

Tompkins County

Contalned a population, lu 1865, of 30,966; is a Re-
publican countv, and has one Member, ANSON W.
KNETTLES (Rep.), of South Lansing, where he
was born, .\ugust 7, 1824; attended the Aurora
Academy; is a Tanner; was a Democrat until 1855;
was Supervi>4or three years, and Chairman of the
Board In 1.>W.; he Joined the 1091 h R.gimentin July,
1862, raising and commanding Co. G; wa.s wounded
In front of Petersburg, July 22, 1864, losing his right
eye, and was discharged in September following.
He was elected to the Assembly bv a majority of
1,273 over Henry Brewer (Dem.) Republican ma-
jority In 1870, 990.

Ulster County

Contained a population. In 18«)5 of 69.813; Is a Dem-
ocratic county, and has three Members.

1st DitiTKiCT. (Towns ot Kingston an<I Sauger-
Mes; population, 26,722.) ROBERT LOUGHRAN
(Rep.), 01 Kingston. He was elected by a majority
of702 over Lewis B. Adams (Dem,) Republican
majority In 1870, .368.

2d DiBTRicrr. (TownsofEsopns, Gardiner, Lloyd,
Marbletown, Marlborough, New Paltz, Platteklll,
Rosendale and Shawangunk; population, 25,511.)
C. MEECH WOOLSEY ntep.), of Highland. He
was born In Marlborough, December 11, 1842; en-
tered the army as 2d Lieutenant, 2d New York Cav-
alry, and was advanced by frequent promotions for
meritorious service; has been Justice of the Peace
since March, is6fi, and Justice of Sessions since No-
vember of that year; he was commi' - sloned Com-
missary of Subsistence of the 20th Regiment N. Y.
S. N. G. In November, 1867, and still holds the posi-
tion ; was admitted to the bar In February, 18«>8;
was Member of .\ssembly In 1871, serving on Com-
mittees on Claims and Petitions of Aliens. He was
elected In 1870 by a majority of 1.30, and re-elected
by 70t majority over Jeremiah B. P. Dodg^ (Dem.)

.31) District. (Towns of Denning, Hardenburgh,
Hurlev, Olive, Rochester, Shandaken, Wawarslng
and Woodstock; population. 23,376.) ALLEN A.
WHITTAKER (Rep.), of Kerhonkson. He was
elected bv a majorltv of 276 over Isaac N. Cox
(Dem.) Democratic mtO"rlty In 1870, 81.

Warren County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 2U28, Is a
closelv contested county, and has one Member.
JOSEPH WOODWARD (Rep.; of Warrensburgh,
where he was born, September 2n, 1801; he received
a common school education; Is a Merchant. Farmer
and Lumberer; w;is a Democrat until the forma-
tion of the Republican party; and was elected to
the Assemblv by a majority of 453 •ver Duncan
Grlflln (Dem.), who had been chosen to the previous
House by 26 majority.

Washington County

Contained a population. In 1865. of 46.244; is a
Republican county, and has two Meml>ers.

IST District. (Towns of Argyle, Cambridge,
Easton, Fort Edward. Greenwhich. Jackson. Salem,
aA wVilfe Creek; population, 23.7.83.) EDMUND
W. HOLLISTER (Rep.), of GalesvlUe, Washing-
ton Co., N. Y. He was bom at Chatham, Colum-
bia county. N. Y.. July 7, 1827; attended common
schools, also, the Schuvlervllle .Vciideniy, from 1842
to 18.V), and the Union Village Academy, in 1.851
and '.')2; was a Fanner, and Is now a Produce Dealer
and Farmer; has been a Republican since the for-
mation of the party; was Supervisor of the town
of Easton for the ve.ars 1865 and '66. He was
elected by a majority of 1..S21 over Alexander
Robertson (Dem.) Rf'publlcan majority In 1870.827.

2d District. (Town* of Dresden, Fort Ann,
Granville, Hampton. Hartford, Hebron, Kings-
burv, Putnam and Whitehall; population, 22,461.)


Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.

GEORGE W. L. SMITH (Rep.), of Smith's Basin,
where he was born, October 25, 1839; he attended
Clinton Liberal Institute in 1S56, and Fort Edward
Institute 1.S59-60; he Is a Merchant; has been Post-
master since April 19, 1861 ; Notary Public since
1863, and Justice of the Peace since spring of 1S66.
He was elected to the Assembly by a majority of
288 over George A. Hall (Dem.) No contest In 1S70.

Wayne County

Contained a population. In 1865, of 47,498; is a Repub-
lican county, and has two Members.

1st District. (Towns of Butler, Galen, Huron,
Lyons, Rose, Savannah, Sodus and AVolcott ; popu-
lation, 26j250.) EDWARD B. WELLS (Rep.), of
Clyde. He was born in Prattsburgh, Steuben
county, April 22, 18.35: received a common school
education; was formerly a Marble Cutter, and is
now a Manufacturer and Real Estate Dealer; wa.s
Supervisor, 1870-1 ; was elected to the A8seml)ly by
a majority of 250 over Nelson R. Mirick (Dem.)
Republican majority in 1870, 141.

2d District. (Towns of Arcadia, Macedon,
Marion, Ontario, Palmvra, Walworth and William-
son ; population, 21,148.) LUCIEN T. YEOMANS
(Rep.), of Walworth, where he was born, Decem-
ber 1, 1840; was educated at Walworth Academy
and Eastman's Commercial College; is a Nursery-
man; was elected to the Assembly by a majority
of 1,200 over Hiram J. Kent (Dem.) Republican
majority in 1870, 211.

Westchester County

Contained a population, in \m>, of 101,197; is a
Democratic county, and has three Members.

1st District. (Towns of Morrisanla, West-
chester, West Farms and Tonkers; population.
35,706.) WILLIAM W. NILES (Rep.), of Ford-
ham (post-offlce address. No. 8 Wall street; New
York city). He was born at West Fairlee, Orange
county, Vermont, March 22, 1822; attended Kiet-
ford Academy and Newbury Seminary, and gradu-
ated at Dartmouth College; Is a Lawyer; was
connected with the original organization of the Citi-
zens' Association in 1.'^, and was Secretary and
Principal Manager under the Presidency of Hon.
Wm. E. Dodge and Hon. John J. Phelps; was a
member of the New York Republican General
Committee in 1S65, and was one of the parties
appointed by the state Convention that year to
re-organize the city organization. He was elected
to the Assembly by a majority of 970 over Henry
Dater (Dem.) Republican plurality In 1870, 537.

2d Dibtbict. (Towns of Bedford, East Chester,
Greenburgh, Harrison, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle,
North Castle, Pelham, Rye, Scarsdalc and White
Plains; population, 31,789.) ALBERT BADEAU
(Rep.), of New Rochelle. Hl- was elected to the
A.ssemblv by a m^oiltv of 1,192 over John B. Cor-
nell (Dem.) Democratic majority in 1870, 726.

3d District. (Towns of Cortlandt, Lewlsboro,
Mt. Pleasant, North Salem, ()ssining, Poundridge,
Somers and Yorktown; population 30,612.) JAMES
W. HUSTED (Rep.), of Peeksklll. He was born In
Bedford, October 31, 1833; he graduated at Yale Col-
lege, and Is a Lawyer; he has been Superintendent
of Schools, School Commissioner, Deputy Superin-
tendent of Insurance Department, Harbor Master,
Deputy Captain of the Port of New York, Judge
Advocate of the 7th Brigade, N. Y. S. M., and D.
D. G. M. of the Masonic Fratprnity; he was for-
merly an "American," and for two years was Secre-
tary of the State Council, but, during the Utlca
Convention, l.'«9, when the hybrid ticket was
formed, he published a protest against It and left
the organization ; he has since been a Republican.
He was a Member In 1869. serving as Chairman of
the Committee on Federal Relations, and a member
of the Committee on Commerce and Navigation ;
and In 1870 and '71, on Ways and Means, Commerce
and Navigation, and Grievances. He received a
majority In 1870 of 1,646, and was re-elected by a
majority of 1,509 over Coffin S. Brown (Dem.)

Wyoming County

Contained a population, in 1865, of 30,033 ; Is usually
Republican, and has one Member. JOHN N. DA-
VIDSON (Rep.y, post office address, Wiscoy, Alle-
gaay county. He was born in Windham, Rocking-
ham county, N. H., April 14, 1833; attended Alfred
Academy; is a Farmer; was elected to the Assem-
bly by a majority of 1,479 over John D. Folsom
(Dem.) Democratic majority In 1870, 718.

Yates County

Contained a population, In 186.^. of 19,.338; Is a Re-
publican county, and has one Member. GEORGE
P. LORD (Rep.), of Starkoy. He was bom In Bar-
rlngton, July 25, 1832, of American pii rentage ; grad-
uated from Hobart College in 185fj; was formerly
Surveyor and Teacher: is a Faruu^r. ana was School
Commissioner from 1.861 to 1867. He was a Member
of Assembly in 1871, serving on Committees on Pub-
lic Education and Internal Atfairs. His niajority in
1870 was 411, and he was re-elected by a majority of 59
over Darius Ogden (Dena,), a^d David G. lender-
wood (Anti-Dram Shop).


Republican 97

Democrats if>

Reform Democracy 6

Total - 128

Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.





Post-Otflce. 1

County Clerks. .


Albert C JudsoQ


George A Birch.,




Josf-ph Gillies

Angelica . .

Wm H H Russell


Fro.lerlck W. Mivrtln

William M. Brown

John G Hosnicr

Binghamton ..
Little Valley....

Joseph M Johnson

Little Valley.

Cattarauffus ...

Wm. W. Welsh


Lyman C. Comstock

Johij R Robertson .

Chautauqua ...

L T H-.UTlngtori



George O'Hanlon


John G Copley . .



Uriiih Rorapaugh


James G. Thompson

Btejjhen Moffltt ..


William C Kuudall





St<'phen W Ham

Edwin C Tecr>'. .


John D Benton

C<.rtlandvtlle ...

l"Vanlc Place



Eiward A Griffith

Smith 11 White


Cornelius Pltchur

Poughkeepsle ..

John W. VlQcent ,,.


Erie ■■.■.■.■.■.'.

Grover Clevelunil

James H FlBhci" . .


Chauncev D BulUs

Ellzabethtown .

William E Calkins..



William il Hvde

Wm W Pii.ldock .


Fultoa ..

Oliver GilraaUL



Mortimer Wade


Genesee .

William I Parish

Carlos A Hull



BoTiJaniln F. Barkley

Robert J Cochran


Hor.itlo L Day ....




William H Fry



Alexanlor Smith


Douglas*; Bennett ,. .



A. W. Wheelock

Andrew Walter .'....

James B PbiUlps



Jacob Steers Jr



George 0. Herman

Thomas J Lewi*; .

Lewis ..




Heurv L Arnold

Geneseo ,.

Nathaniel A. Gearhart....
Alfri' t D Kennedy


Madison .

Edwin R Barker






Joseph B. Campbell

Alfred J Wagner. . .

Alonzo L Mabbett . .


New York

AbU'T H Burtch .. .


Mat T Brennan

New York city.

Charles E Loew .

New York.


O'^car E Mann

Peter I) Walter




Linns R. f'lark



William Evans

Edpar E. Evers

Canandaigua ...

Walter Marks


Charles H. Weyji^nt

Benjamin F. Vau Camp .

William P:. Mapes


Marcus 11. Phillips






Daniel Franklin


E. Delavan HUls

John K. Wvatt

William Lape

Richmond C. H.


Ballston Spa

Schenoctady ....

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