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31. Four oared regatta at Halifax, Nova Scotia ; the Renforth crew win*.

SKraiMBBR 1. The Arctic whaling tieet of forty one vessel* crashad by the lee In the Polar •ea ; *lngle %rn\\ race at Halifax,
N. S. 2, Sentence pronounced upon convicted French coromuuUts ; the Germans celebrate the first anniversary of the surrender
of the Emperor Niipoleon and his army at Sedan ; dis.iitrous typhoon at Hong Kong. 3. Fenian riot at Dul>lin. 6. Terrible
colliery explosion at Wigan, Wales. 7. Conferenc«of German catholic bishops at Fnlda. 9. The ex-Kmpress Eugenie leave*
England for a visit to Spain. 14. The provincial diets of Austria convened. I'". Arrival of the Grand Duke Alexis in England.

17. Inau"uration o:' the Mont Ceois tunnel, France. 18. Serious railway accident at Champiimy, France ; opening of the Dutch

States General. 10 Gen. Von Moltke promoted V) be marshal nl the German emp're. 10. Final evacuation •f Paris fort* by
the Germans ; disarmament of the French national guard begun : first anniversarj- of the occupation of Rome bv Italian troops ;
second eiplosion at the .Wigan colliery. Wales ; completion of tae European and North American railroad, New Brunswick.
85. Opening of the Ontario provincial fair. 26. Peace league congress assembles at Ijiusanne, Switzerland. 28. Decree of the
emancipation of slaves in Brazil. 29. Fitz John Gibbons elected lord mayor of London. 30. The cholera become* epidemic in
Constantinople, Turkey.

October 1. Fenian riot at Cork j revolutionary outbreak in Mexico city. 2. International money -order system inaugurated
between Great Britain and the United Statei. 4. Another terrible mining disaster in Wales ; German Protestant congress at
Darmstadt ; cabinet crisis in Spain. 5. Fenian attack on .Manitoba : four successive explosions in an manufuotory iu London
—thirteen persons killed. 9. The Grand Duke Alexis leaves the M.ideira islands; escape of the captured American fishing
schooner Horton from Gresyboro, N. S. 11. Terrible typhoon on the Chinese coast. 14. Disastrous storm in Montreal. 11.
Juarez chosen president of niexico by the Mexican congress. 20. Franco-German commercial treaty ratified. 21. Meeting of
cardinals at Rome, Pius IX advised to leave the Holy city. 23. Meeting of the international league of communists at Geneva,
Switzerland. 24. Fearful boiler explosion at Roubaiz, France. 27. The Spanish government asKS a credit of twenty millions
dollars. 2S. Publication of a papal allocution. 31. Resignation of the Austrian cabinet, Hohenwarth ministry.

NovKMBRB 3. Trials of communist murderers of Gen. Thomas and Lecomte begtin at Versailles, France, 4. Announcement of
the new Austrian miuistry ; the German reich stag passes the war fund bill. 6. Revolutionary outbreak in Mexico ; siege of Saltillo
begun by the rebel Gen. Trevino. 6. Resignation of Von Beust, Austrian premier ; the parliament of Bohemia prorogued ; the
Quebec parliament convenes. 7. Count Andrassy appointed premier of Austria; resignation of the Greek ministry ; the cholera
ship Franklin touches at Halifax, N. S. 9. Lord mayor's day in London ; mine explosion at St. Etienne, France— thirty persons
killed. 10. The Fenian Kelly acquitte.l at Dublin for the murder of High Constable Talbot. 11. Commodore Ashbury arrives in
England from the United States. 12. M. Goulard apnointed French minister to It"»ly, and M. Picard minister to Belgium. 13.
Great fire in Geneva, Switzerland. 15. Another colliery explosion at Wigan, Wales — eight lives lost. 18. Terrific powder
explosion at the fortress oi Ehrenbrcitstiin, Germany ; departure fro n England of Catholic mi.<isionaries to the freednien of
the United States ; the Spanish cortes prorogued. 21. King Victor E;nannel arrives at Rome. 22. Arrival of Tamberlik, the
famous tenor, at Havana. 23. The pnnce of Wales prostrated by typhoid fever ; popular demon.itrntion against the government
at Brussels, Belgium ; medical students at Havana desecrate the pave of Gonzalvo Castanon. 24. The Austrian caDinet re-«r-
ganlzed ; the Chinese embassy to France received by President Thiers ; colliery explosion at Brunswick, England- eight lives
lost ; steamboat explosion at Alexandria, Egypt — seventy-five pilgrims drowned. 25. The American legation established at
Rome. 26. Marria^of Gen. D. E- Sickles, American minister to Spain, to Miss Creagh, of Madrid. 27. Opening of the
Prussian diet ; the Italian parliament convenes at Rome ; suicide of Count Girgenti at Lausanne, Switzerland ; medical students
couri-martialed at Havana. 2<>. Forty medical student* condemned iit Havana, and eight of them shot ; execution of the com-
munists Rossel, Ffrre and Bourgeois at Versailles.

Decembek 1. International telegraph convention at Rome, Italy ; resignation of the Belgian ministry ; final settlement of the
funded loan of the United States by the European syndicate : opening of the Mexican congress. 2. Capture of Saltillo by the
Mexican revolutionists. 3. Dedication of a Protestant church iu Mexico city. 4. Warwick Castle, England, destroyed by fire.
5. Reassembling of the French national assembly ; inrrender of the Mexican government forces at Saltillo. 7. Opening of the
second session of the Ontario parliament ; pacific speech of the czar of Russia at St. Petersburg. S. Relapse of tne prince of
Wales ; the Orleans princes defer action upon their claims to seats in the French assembly ; the French assembly refuses to act

eace cnn-

urgently upon the future form of government of France. 9. Stormy session of the French assembly. 11. Additional pe;.^^ - .

vention between France and Germany signed at Frankfort-on-the-Main ; the republicans sjoccessful In Spanish municipal elec- I

tions. 14. The prince of Wales begins to recover. 15. Departure of the Chinese embassy from France; first meeting of the
Arbitrators of the Alabama claims at Geneva, Switzerland ; the Ontario parliament votes a lack of confidence In the ministry.
16. Departure from Japan of an embassy to America and Europe ; Jesuits interdicted in Switzerland. IJJ. Formal organization
of the Geneva tribunal, and adjournment until Jan. 15, 1«72 ; apprentice boys' riot at Londonderry ; Minister Bancroft delivers
to the arbitrator, Emperor William of Germany, the argument of the United States on the Northwestern boundary question.
19. Reslgnationof the Ontario ministry. 20. Resignation of the Malcampo ministry (Spain). 21. Assembly of the Austrian
parliament ; Von Benst enters upon his duties as Austrian minister to England : the British parliament further prorogued until
February, 1872; the Prussian diet prorogued until January s, 1872; Sagasta forms a new cabinet In Spain; the ex-Empress
Eugenie returns to England ; total loss of the steamer Delaware, with all on board, oflFthe Scllly Islands ; the new Ontario min-
istry take the oath of office. 23. Adiournment of the French national assembly for the holidays ; the Ontario parliament pro-
rogued until January 18. 25. Spanish cortes prorogued until January 20. 27. Proposed income tax defeated in French national
assembly ; opening of the Austrian relchsr.nth ; Spanish ultimatum to the Cuban insurgents proclaimed, no quarter given after
January 15, 1872. 28. The Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria address the reichsrath from the throne ; execution of Cyrn*
Pickard for the murder of Duncan McVannall, at London, Canada. 29. Queen Victoria publishes » letter of thanks for the
sympathy of the Engliah people during the ilineu of the prince of Wale^.


January 1. Eighth anniversary of the proclamation of the emancipation of American slaves. S. Theodore Tilton retires
from the Brooklyn Union. 8. Lewis Tappan, the anti-slavery philantnropist. stricken with paralysis ; hazing of cadets at West
Point. 4. Senator Sumner calls for the San Domingo correspondence. 5. The con-pspndence upon the removal of Minister
Motley called for by the senate ; resignation of Congressman Schenck. 6. Daring robbery of the American Merchants' Union
Express car on the N. Y. C. R. R, at Albany. 8. Commencement of a week of summer w'eather, the thermometer ranging from
20 to 60 degrees. 10. American Dairymen's convention at Ulica ; Edward H. RuUofT convicted of murder ; release ofT. C.
Callicott from the Albany penltentian'. 12. Trial of Dr. Lanahan, agent of the M. E. Book Concern begun ; great anti-catholic
celebration of Italian unity in New York ; RuUoff senU'nced ; Hons. Ben. Wade, A. D. White and S. G. Howe appointed
commissioners to San Domingo. 14. The Mississippi steamer T. L. McGill burned— fiftv lives lost ; arrest of Filkins, the Albany
Express robber, on suspicion. 17. Departure of the San Domingo commissioners for tfiat Island. IS. National conventional
Philadelphia to secure a religious amendment to the constitution. 19. Arrival of the Fenian exile O'Donovan Rossa at New
York. 26. Great snow storm throughout the Atlantic sUtes. 28. The steamer W. R. Arthur blown up on the Mississippi river-
eighty -seven lives lost ; Filkins pleads not guilty to the Albany Express robbery.

Fbbeuary 1. Ecclesiastical trial of Rev. Charles E. Cheney, of Chicago, b%un. 2. Dr. Gallantlne, of Cleveland, 0., sen-
tenced to ten years' imprisonment for manslaughter. 6. Terrlole disaster at New Hamburgh on the Hudson River Railroad

twenty-one persons killed. 7. The 'nvestlgating committee on the West Point hazing tffaiV report ; Rev. Charles E. Cheney
convicted and sentenced to be suspended ; the president recognizes the German empire. 8. John L. Lewis and Horatio G. War-
ner elected regents of the University of New ^ ork. 9. The president appoint* the American high commissioners on the fisheries
and Alabama questions. 10. Execution of John Howard, for murder, at Cumberland, Md. ; of John Martin, for rape, at Balti-
more, Md. ; and Mary Walter, for infanticide, at Marlboro, Md. 13. Leonard Choate, the Newburyport, Mass., tire-bug, sen-
tenced to State prison for life. 16. Twenty-fifth anniversary of the admissiiin of Texas to the Union. 90. The District of Col-
umbia erected into a Territory. 23. Ciilm'inatlon of the great coal famine in New York. 27. Opening sewlon of the Anglo-
American joint high commission. 28. Repeal of the duty on coal by the house of representatives.

March 8. Terrific hurricane at St. Louis, Mo. ; Dr. Van Hoesen, of Albany, in a fit of delirinm tremens, kills his wife.
10. John Thomas, a colored murderer, executed at New York. 15. Filkips pleads guilty to the Merchants' Union exjiress rob-
bery at Albany, and Is sentenced to twenty years imprisonment at Clinton. IG. Sharp ccntroversy between Speaker Blaine and
General Butler on the floor of the house of representatives. 21. South Carolina calls upon the president for troops ; return of the
San Domingo commissioners to Key West. 24. The president i«#ues a proclair.ation against the ku-klux-klan. 27 Senator
Sumner's great speech ou the San Domingo treaty ; arrival of the San Domingo commissioners at Washington.

EvEyjNQ Journal Almanac, 1S72. 157

April 5. RullofF • tecond time Mntenced to b« hung at BlDghamtAii ; report of thr San Donilngo rominUiionen lubmittcd,
with a metsAf^e from the pretidiut, to thu United Sut«< tenat«. 7. Weed, Farton* k Co.'t vztentive establishment, at Albany,
destroyed by fire ; coal rfot« nl Seranlon, Pa. : execution of Andrew nreutnieyer, the wif* murderer, at Lima, O. ; Backer con-
victed of murder in Herkimer county, N. Y. ; bruUl asMult upon Hon. hmilh M. Weed by James Irving, In the assembly
chamber, at Albany. 9. Mores Terwillif^er strangles bis a|:ed mother at Shawangunk, Ulster county. 10. Grand German pcju^
pageant in New York. 21. Great crevasse at Bonuet Carre, on the Mississippi river. 86. Conclusion of the labors of the joint
oil^h commission'; conviction of l^ura Fair of the murder ot Crittenden at San Francisco ; auassination of Avery 1>. Putnam
in New York. •il. Isaac N. Ruth }>oisoDed at Lawrence, Kan. 2». Break In the Erie canal at the Ox Bow, near Vairport. J9.
Aitauination of Sharon Tyudale at Sprin^eld, HI.

May 1. Gennan peace celebration throughout the United Str.tea. 8.1. Tlie joint high commiulon resumes its sessions ; Rev.
C. E. Cheney nl:iceil on trial before an ecclesiastical court at Chicaco for contumacy. 4. Sentence of deiiositlon of Rev. C. E.
Cheney froui the ministry pronounced by the court, fl. Mass meeting of miners at Hyde Park, Pa. : they refuse the terms of
resumption of work proposed by the operators ; Weston concludes a walk of 'AiO miles at St. Louis, Mo., in 40 hours, 50 minutes
and 45 seconds. 7. The town of Fagundas, Pa., destroyed by fire ; anniversaries of the American Home Missionary Society and
the American Female Guardian Society at New York. 8. The joint high commissioners fign the treaty of Washington ; aiml-
versary of the Seamen's Fri«nd Society in New York ; disastrous fire at WIlmingloD, Del. 9. Anniversaries of the American
and Foreign Christinn Union, the Howard Mifsion and Heform League, in New York. lU. National convention ot theG. A. R.;
national peace convention ; American woman's sutTrage convention at New York. 11. First publication of the treaty of Wash-
ington by the New York Tribune ; the coal troubles in Schuylkill county, Pa., settled : anniversaries of the American Bible
Society, American Cungrentional Union and National Temperance Society at New York ; reunion of the ninth army corps at
Boston. 12. The Ox Bow break in the Krie canal repaired ; the U. S. senate appoints a committee of investigation into the
ITt'iiiature publication of the treaty of Washington ; fifth army corps reunion at Boston. 13. Reunion of the Society of the
Army of the Potomac at Boston. 17. Annual meeting of the New York State associated press. 18. Meeting of the Presbyterian
general assembly at Chicago ; the Tribune's Washington correspondents Ramsdell and Wbltt arrested fur contemptof the senat* ;
execution of E<iward H. Rulloff at Binghamton, N. Y. 82. The trial of Wni. Foster for the murder of Avery I). Putnam com-
menced at New York ; resumption of coal mining operations in Pennsylvania; New York Stat* sportsmen's convention at
LUica. n. Vice-President Colfax attacked with vertigo. 24. The International Y. M. C. Association convenes at Wash-
ington ; ratification of the treaty of Washington by the U. S. senate by a vote of 60 aye. to 12 noes; departure of Minister
Schenck and the British commissioner* for England. 25. Convivtion of Wm. F'oster for the murder of Avery D. Putnam.
26. Execution of the murderer Charles Backer at Fonda; Wm. Foster sentenced to be hung July 14. 27. "Terrible mining
disaster at Pittston, Pa. 30. Decoration day.

Jlnb J. Rev. Charles E. Cheney of Chicago forrasllv deiwsed f^om the episcopal ministry by Bishop Whilehonse of Illinois ;
disastrous CYcloiid in Illinois. 3. Departure of knights templar for Europe ; great Aood at New Orleans. 7. Anti-masonic con-
vention at Worcester, Mass. ; the grand lodge F. a. A. M. State of New York convenes at Albany. 10. Capl. Hall's arctic expe-
dition leaves Washington ; the Morse statue in Central Park, New York, unveiled. 12. National M. £. camp meeting at Salt
Lake city, Utah. 13. Hon. John M. Francis, minister to Gre«c«. leaves for his post; the New York State Sunday school
teiichers convention at Plattsbutg ; Gov. Hoffman vetoes the Midland railroad bill ; ex-Conirreuman C. C. Bowen, of South
Carolina, sentenced to two years' imprisonment in Albany- penitentiary for bigamy ■ Weston walks 112 miles in 23 hours and 45
minutes. 15. Great Indian council at Ookmulgee, Ind. T. : the Buffalo Express omce burned. 16. C. L. Vallandigham acci-
dentally shot ; execution of Mike Ferguson, murderer, at Ithaca. 17. Bank robbery at GloversvllU, N. Y.; death ef Vallandig-
ham. 18. Dr. Connolly, of New York, murders his two children and commits suicide. 19. New trial of Dr. Lanahan before
the M. E. Book committee ; national musical convention at Philadelphia. iO. National musical congress at Boston. 21.
I New York Stale editorial convention at Saratog^i. 22. Georpe William Curtis appointed civil service comniiuioner and accepts ;
I Cornell university commencement ; miners' strike and riots m California. 23. Joseph Meuner, the wife-murderer, sentenced to
I be hanged August 11. 24. The corner-stone at the new capitol at Albany laid ; Assistant Agent Lanahan deposed by the M. Bi.
committee. 25. Festival of the- Northwestern Saengerbund in New York. 29. The bishops of the M. E. church non-concur In
the deposition of Dr. Lanahan ; outbreak of the Boutwell-Pleasanton quarrel. 27. Dr. E. N. Potter elected president of Union
college. 28. Resignation of the Hon. Horace Capron, commissioner of agriculture ; 103d commencement at Brown university :
commencements at Harvard, Union, Columbia, Rochester and Lewisburg colleges. 29. Lewis H. Douglas (colored) appointed
member of the Territorial legislative council of the District of Columbia. 3*j. First rumors of impending trouble between the
Irish and Orangemen of New York.

July 1. Military gatherings in Utah forbidden ; ez-Senator Grimes returns from Europe; C. C. Bowen pardoned by the
president. 2. "Pet" Halstead murdered at Newark, N. J. 3. San Krancifco celebrates the Pope's jubilee. 4. Celebration of
American Independence. 6. Examination of Mrs. Shennan, the Connecticut, murderess of three husbands and two children. 7.
Malicious prosecution of Naval Officer A. H. Laflin, ot New York ; annual reunion of the Society of the Anny and Navy of the
Gulf. 8. Honorable ac<}uittal of Naval OtEcer Latlin ; discharge of C. C. Bowen from the Albany penitentiary. 9. Terrible
storm in Ohio. 10. Municipal order issued in New York forbidding the Orange celebration, a riot anticipated ; meeting of the
commission on steam canal navigation at Albany ; Jeff. Davis detected in flagrante delictu in a sleeping car. 11. Prof. Noah
Porter elected president of Yale college ; ex-Gov. Chamberlain, of Maine, elected president of Bowdoin college; Hugh Blair
Grigsby electee president of William and Mar^ college ; Prof. H. M. Buckham elected president of the university of Vermont.
12 Gov. Hoffman Usues a proclamation permitting the Oranj!e celebration in New York ; a great riot ensues, in which several
hi adred rioters and others sire killed and wounded. 13. Commencements at Yale, Amherst and Jlobart colleges ; severe storm
at St. Louis, Mo.; convention of the republican preu of Louisiana at New Orleans. 14. Raid on illicit wnlsky distillers in
Brooklyn. IC. Revival of the episcopal troubles in Chicago ; tornado at New York. 17. Funerals of the victims of the New
York riots ; indictment of the Tribune reporters at Washington for contempt of congress. 18. Sale of the Raymond shares in
the New York Times ; Irish riot at Nanuet, N.Y.; fearful storms in Iowa and Tennessee. 19. Reunion of the army of the James
at New York ; Gov. Hoffman denounced by an Irish Catholic mass meeting iu New York ; State encampment of the G. A. R. at
Geneva, N. Y. ; the Ulster county murderer Buckbout sentenced to be hung Sept. 1. 20. Commencements at Hamilton college
and Wesleyan university ; earthquake in Dutchess county, N. Y.; terrible storm in Sullivan county, N. Y.; Truckee, C'nl.,
destroyed by fire. 21. Tenth anniversary of the battle of Bull Run ; Ingleside regatta at Springfiel<{, Mass., Amherst wins the
three mile race In sixteen minutes, forty -six and one-half seconds, the fastest time on record. 28. Terrible powder explosion and
fire at the Washington arsenal ; Departure of Sir Edward Thornton for England ; first bale of new cotton received at Galveston,
Texas ; publication of Gen. McQua<ie's letter on the Orange riot in New York ; first exposure of Tammany robberies in the New
York iTimes. 24. Departure of Prof. C. F. Hartt for Brazil ; coroner's inquest on the victims of the New York riot ; miners' riot
at Amador, Ca\; earlhqu.tke at Cairo, I''. 25. Departure of Yjfit- Edward North, of Hamilton college, for Greece ; Prof. C. H.
F. Peters, of Hamilton college, discovers a new asteroid, the Tuth ; third annual convention of the American philological
society at Ns' Haven, Ct. ; twenty-sixth annual convention of the State teachers' association) at [Lockport, N. Y . ; Elzpress
robbery a:; £,. Louis, Mo. 26. Terrible accident on the Toledo, Waba*h and Western railroad ;'two men carried over Niagara
Falls. 87. The murderer Zeigenmeyer sentenced to the Illinois State prison for life ; double homicide at Lundes, Wa>-ne county,
Mo. ; capture of c.-u- thieves at Port Jervis, N. Y. 23. Murderers hung at Benham, Texas, and Prince George county, Va ; ter-
rible storm at Omaha, Neb. 29. A prominent Shaker absconds trom New Lebanon, Ct.; bond robbery at Medina, 0. 80. Ex-
plosion of the steamboat Westfield at New York, 100 killed and 200 wounded.

Al-gust 1. Re<eptlon of the new German and Netherliind ministers at Washington ; the Savier free love and murder tragedy
at San Franciti J. 2. Inauguration of President N. H. Buckham, of the university of Vermont; Rev. Dr. Coit declines the
presidencv of Hobart college ; government investigation of the Westfield disaster begun; the postmaster at Fairview, Pa.,
arrested lor robbing the mails. 4. The Tammany ring demands Investigation. 6. Eighteenth Tumerfest of the United States
of America; cuuiolidation of German consulatjes in New York city. 7. I,ibor Union congress at St. Louis, Mo. 8. Internal
Revenue Commissioner Pleasanton su.'p?nded, and J. W. Douglass appointed to the office. "9. Investigation of the Biiffenbarcer
poisoning case a*. London, 0. JO. Negotiations for the disposal of the national loan consummated. 13. Terrible explosion of fire
d.^mp in a coal mine at Pittston, Pa. 14. The new loan withdrawn, in part, from the market ; e>:plosion ol the steamer
Erie on L.tke Chaulauuua. ^15. Walter Soolt's centenui.-U ; au anti-Catholic lecturer mobbed at Ogdensburg, N. Y. 16. Cen-
It'nnial nfthe town of Winch'tster. Conn.; the Staten Island Ferry Company de.-lared r»f£cn!!bl<> for the Westfield disaster by the
's jurj-. 17. Dedication of the site of the pr^wsed Miles Standish monument at Duxbury, Mass.; escape of twelve'coii-

158 Evening Journal Almanac, 1872.

vicU from Sinp Siii^ prison. 18. Gen. Stoneman placed on the retired Hit. 21. Commencement of the trUl of Mn. Calhoun,
accused of poisoning her former husband, PeUr Buffenbareer ; attempted lulclde of Dr. H. T. Helmbold, at Long Branch. 22.
Odd Fellows convention at Utica ; preat fire at Ithaca, N. Y. ; murder of T. A. Rowlands, at a picnic at Utic*. 23. Tammany
city and county accounts submitted to the superrisors and aldermen of New York ; ejectment suit beenn against the New York
Times, bv the Tammany ring ; Italian convention at New York ; great four-mile race at Saratoga between " Helmbold " and
" Longfellow," " Heliiibold '' wins. '.'5. Celebration of Itjilian unity in New York ; end of the Buffenbarger trial— acouittal
of Mrs. Calhoun 26. Close of subscriptions to the new 5 per cent U. S. loan ; yellow fever breaks out in Charleston, S. C. ;
the trunk tragedjr takes place in New York ; terrible railroad accidents at Revere, Mass., and Westport, Pa.; suicide of Chai.
Heelon, a life prisoner in Anhum State prison. 27. Explosion of the steamboat Ocean Wave at Mobile, Ala.— fifty casualties.
30. The Howe family reunion at Framiiigham, Mass. ; great floods in the Hudson river. 31. Bishop Whitehouse," of Illinois,
publishes a letter on the Cheney case ; Gov. Hoflnian declines to interfere in the case of Health Officer Camoohan, of New York.

.SEPrrMBEE -i. Great anti-corruption mass-meeting in New York city. 5. Escape of a convict from the Albany penitentiary;
the first under Gen. Pillsbury's superintendency. 6. 'Application made to the courts for an injunction against 'the Tammany
officials of New York citjr ; annual meeting of the association of the army of the Potomac artillery, at Fort Adams : severest gale
of the season on Lake Erie ; " Goldsmith Maid " trots one mile in 2:17 at Milwaukee, Wis. 7. The Tammany officials of New
York city enjoined ; serious accident on LonisviUe and Nashville railroad. 9. Revival of Catholic church difficulty at Hudson,
N.Y. 10. Bishop Whitehouse of Illinois, visits Christ's Church, Chicago (Mr. Cheney's) ; robbery of Tammany voucaen f^om the
comptroller's office. New York city ; brutal murder of a brother and sister of Jonn Harper, at Midway, Ky. 11. Saratoga
repntta, the Ward crew victors ; Sfavor Hall, of New York, calls on Comptroller Connolly to realen ; argument in the Foley
injunction case commenced in New Vork ; explosion of a steam boiler at Newburyport, Mass. 12. Defalcation of John W. Nor-

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