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ton, sup't of the money-order departmeLt of the New York post-office. 13. Defalcation of Major Hodge, deputy II. S. pay-
master ; opening of the new State normal school, at Buffalo, N. Y. ; stormy conference of the Tammany ring. 14. Disastrous
Are at Saratoga ^ fatal explosion of Union torpedoes in New York. 15. Close of the Illinois diocesan convention ; Judge Barnard
continues the injunction against the Tammany ring. New York ; President Vanderbilt of the Staten Island ferry company in-
dicted ; indictment of the abortionist Rosenzweig ; stay of proceedings granted in the case of Buckhout, the murderer ; O'Brien's
circus creates a riot at Pawling, N. Y. 16. Andrew H. Green appointed deputy comptroller of New York city ; fatal explosion
of gunpowder at Pioche, Nev. 17. State prison delivery at Carson, Nev. 19. Triennial conclave and grana encampment of
knights templar of the United States at Baltimore ; opening of the Buffalo iutemational exhibition ; removal of the remains ef
President Lincoln to the permanent vault at Springfield, 111. ; Universalist general convention ; meeting of the grand lodge
of good templars, State of New York, at Bingbamton. 20. Meeting of the kn-klux investigating committee at Washington;
arrest of the robber? of the vouchers in the comptroller's office. New York. 21. Chinese embassy to France arrives at New York ;
the first colored jury impaneled In California. 22. Warrants issued for the arrest of Brigham Vonng, at Salt Lake City, Utah.
25. Commencement of track laying on the Northern Pacific Railroad, in Oregon. 26. First meeting of the Anglo-American
claims commission, at Washington ; national commercial convention at Baltimore ; New Hampshire State fair opens ; Western
New York fair opens at Rochester ; terrific powder explosion at Newburg, N. Y. 27. Episcopal diocesan conventions at Albany
and New York ; disastrous firee in the woods in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 29. Funeral of Charles Scribner, at New York : tha
Apaehe Indian chief Cochise makes peace ; Wm. Bennett murdered at Durhamville, N. Y., by John Maxwell. 30. Bishop
Mcllvaine and Rev. Dr. Howson, dean of Chester, Eng., arrive at New York ; terrible balloon casualty at Paoli, Ind.

OcTOBKB 2. The Foley injunction against the Tammany officials in New York modified : State fair at Albany opens ; Brigham
Young arrested on criminal charges at Salt Lake city, Utah ; attempted jail delivery at Sin? Sing. 3. Annual meeting of the

A. B. C. F. M. at S.ileni, Mass.; agricultural congress at Nashville, Tenn.; Indiana State fwr opens ; arrival of the bishop of
Litchfield, England, at New York ■ reception of Christine Nilsson on board a Swedish man-of-war at New York; arrest of
David H. Wells, Mormon mayor of Salt Lake city, Utah ; destruction by fire of the State bridge at Waterford, N. Y. 4. Open-
ing of the Protestant Episcopal triennial convention at Baltimore, Md. ; Mayor Hall of New York summoned before the 'Vork-
yille police court. 7. Great fire in Chicago. 8. The great fire in Chicago breaks out afresh. 9. The Chicago fire subd\ied, one-
third of the city destroyed, loss »300,000,000 : Manistee, Mich., Pishtego, Wis., and Holland, III., destroyed bv forest fires. 10.
The trial of Dr. Medllcott for tne murder or Ruth commenced at Leavenworth, Kan. 11. Inauguration of President Noah
Porter of Yale college ; return of Wm. H. Seward to Auburn, N. Y. ; forest fire* at Michigan continue. 12. Forest fires in
Wisconsin and Michigan continue. 13. Great flood in the Penobscot river, Me. ; execution of the convict murderer James
Wilson, at Hartford, Ct. 14. Close ff the Buffalo international exhibition. 16. Comer-stone of the Boston post-office laid ; first
international yacht race at New York, for the Queen's cup. 17. The Presbyterian synod of Utica convenes at Binghamton ;
martial law declared by the president In nine counties of South Carolina ; Gov. Hoffman raterviewed by a committee of the
Committee of Seventy. 18. Congress of the iron masters in New York. 19. Aaron Johnson, a Mormon bishop, arrested at Salt
Lake city. 20. President Grant visits Portland, Me. 21. Forest fires break out in Kentucky. 22. Resignation of Rev. Dr.
Thompson, pastor of Tabernacle church, New York ; forest fires in Central and Western New "York ; conviction of Stephen D.
Gemenle at Buffalo for murder. 23. The last of the international yacht races at New York — the " Livonia " beaten ; forest fires
continue in Western New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin ; Kelly, the murderer of Rosenfeldl, at Buffalo, sentenced to be hung.
24. Twenty-fifth annual meeting of the American Missionary Association ; terrible massacre of Chinamen at Los Angelos, Cal.,
by a white'mob. 25. Annual meeting of the American Bible" Union hi New York : forest fires in California. 26. Adjournment of
the Episcopal triennial convention ; comer-stone laying of the Franklin statue in New York ; arrest of ex-Congressman W. B.
Stokes, of Tennessee, for defrauding the government ; riot at Oak Lake, Minn. 27. Wm. M. Tweed arrested and released on
$2,000,000 bail ; Wm. M. Evarts appointed counsel of the United States before the tribunal at Geneva ; final meeting of the
joint investigating committee in New York ; the claim of Mrs. Cook decided against Brigham Young at Salt Lake city ; serious
accident on the Central Pacific Railroad. 28. President Grant issues a proclamation for a national thanksgiving ; corporation
counsel O'Gorman brings suit against the Tammany ring. New York ; the Mormon Hawkins convicted of bigamy at Salt Lake
city, appeals to the U. S. supreme court ; the abortionist Roseniweig convicted at New York ; the steamer Dean Richmond and
cargo burned — loss $100,000. 29. Mrs. Rnth arrested at Leavenworth, Kan., for complicity in the murder of her husb.ind. 30.
The national insurance convention adjourns ; centennial anniversary of the Philadelphia! North American and United State*
Garette ; Mayor Wells of Salt Lake city admitted to bail ; the base ball pennant and championship awarded to the Athletic

B. B. C, of RiUadelphia; fatal boiler explosion at St. Louis, Mo. 21. Charles O'Conor publishes a letter on the right of the
State attorney-general to prosecute the Tammany swindlers ; laying of the first stone of the New York tower of the East river
bridge ; Jim. Flsk, jr., arrested at the instance of Mrs. Mansfield ; fatal boiler explosion at Tioga Centre, N. Y.

NovBMBRR 1. Gov. Hoffman issues a supplementary thanksgiving proclamation ; re-organization of the military departments
of the country. 2. Mass meeting of the Committee of^Seventy in New York ; resignation of City Treasurer Marcer of Phila-
delphia under charges of fraud. 6. General council of the Lutheran church conren&d at Rochester. 7. Repeal of the usury laws
in Georgia. 9. Massacre of stage passengers by Apache Indian».near Wickenburg, Arii. 19. Arrival of the first vessel of the
Russian ducal squadron at New York. 18. Hon. Caleb Cushing resigns his position as cotuisel for the United States in the
Spanish-American claims; investigation of the Catholic troubles at Hudson, N. Y., commenced ; the cholera ship Franklin
arrives at New York. 18. Meeting of the national Congregational council at Oberlin, 0.; the velocity of the wind at Mt. Wash-
ington 150 miles per hour, the greatest on record. 17. Departure of Gen. Sherman and Lieut. Grant for Europe ; resignation of
Dr. Ewer, pastor of Christ church. New York ; Arthur A. Breed sentenced to State's prison from New York ; $100,0(X) robbery
at the Union Trust Company's office in New York ; Henry Ward, of Towanda, Pa., convicted of manslaughter ; the murderer*
of the Park family at Charltstown, Ind., lynched by a mob ; John Lee, a murderer, executed at Montreal. IS. Corner-stone
laying at the Oberlin university, O. 19. Arrival or the Grand Duke Alexis at New York. 20. Failure of half a dozen Tammany
^^nks in New York city. 21. "deception of the Grand Duke Alexis on American soil ; Judge Morrison Waite, of Ohio, appointed
U. S. counsel at the Geneva tribunal ; comer-stone laying of the M. E. church at Salt Lake city, Utah. 22. The steamer City
of New London burned at Norwich, Ct. — twenty lives lost. $3. Presentation of the Grand Dute Alexis to President Grant;
laving of the comer-stone of the new capltol of fowa at Des Moines. 24. Catholic scholar* create a disturbance at a public
school at Hunter's Point, L. I. 25. The Russian minister at Washington, M. Catacary, relieved ; arrest of ex-Comptroller Con-
nolly of New York ; terrible snow storm throughout the West. 26. The great snow storm continues. 27. Forty Catholic
scholars expelled from a public school at Hunter's Point, L. I.: hurricane off Cape Breton. 29. The Mississippi and Hudson
rivers closed by ice. 30. Thanksgiving day ; ex-Comptroller Connolly, of New York, incarcerated In Ludlow street jail ; con-
tinued storm in the West.

Evening Journal Almanac, 1872. 159

Dkcsmbxjk 4. Mifiiuipbi SUt« fjklr openi. 6. Agricultural oongreu at Sclnia, AIa. ; uUioDkl tobacco conTention at Wash-
ington, D. C; the trial of Mr». Wh«rton, the allewd poiwner, at Annapolii, Md. 8. Publication of the FUh-C*tacaiy corre-
Epondence ; national board of trade mMting at St. Louii, Mo.; diiaitroui fire at HageritowD,'Md. 9. Ku-Klux priionert at
Columbia, S. C, plead guilty to the charge of con«piracy ; tl)o New York police coiiiminion^TS prohibit a proposed Sundajr

faradeofinternationali. 9. Dr. Medlicoll couvicted of murder at Ltavenworlh, Kan., and sentenced to be hung Janaary 'it,
872. 10. Arrest of internationals in New York city. 11. ln<li)Oiation meeting of internationals in New York city— the pris-
oners released ; condemned murderers Kellv and (Jemehle, at Buffalo, reprieved ; arrest of suspected Mormon murderers of Dr.
Robinson in 1866, at Sail Ljike city ; murder of ii. \V. Wynne, a colored lawyer, at Lake village, Chicot county, Ark.— tbe
murderers lynched by a mob of negroes. 12. George Botts, murderer of "Pet"' Halttcad, at Newark, N. J., reprieved until
Jan. 20, 1872. 13. A committee of New Y'ork interuationnls interview Gov. Hoffman, who declines to interfere. 14. The New
York police commiisioners reroke their prohibition of the Suudayparade of internationals ; tbe New York Printing Company
and the New York Manufacturing Statoners' establishment* (Tammany^ seized by th« sheriff ; A. J. Garvey (Tamir any
whitewasher) proposes, through his wife, to betray the Tammany ring, If ne may thereby escape prosecution. 15. Conventio*
of Kentucky lawyers at Louisville to revise the State code ; arrest of Wm. M. Tweed on criminal charges ; execution of John
Ware, a parricide, at Camden, N. J. 16. Tweed conunitted to the Tombs, bnt released on a writ of habeas corpus. 17. Intei^
national parade in New York ; frightful accident at Milbum. N. J.— a locomotive runs into a crowd of laborers, killing four of
them. 19. Horace Sprague murders his wife and child at Wbites Comers, Erie county. 20. Jesse R. Grant, father of Prebident
Grant, stricken with paralysis. 21. National convention of inventors at Cleveland, 0.; destructive conflagration at Pleasanton.
Pa.— forty families burned out of their homes. 22. Gen. Sickles, U. S. minister to Spain, arrives In New York on leave of
absence ; the Pacific railroad blockaded by snow. 23, The Grand Duke Alexis vIslU Niagara Falls ; tornado from Missouri
and Illinois eastward to New England. 25. Christinas festivities throughout the Union ; Soldiers' Home at Knighutown, Ind.,
destroyed by fire ; murderous outbreak of ku-klux at Marshall, Saline county. Mo. 26. Tweed disappears from New York;
special term of supreme court at Albany to hear argument in Tammany case ; Alexis presents Parepa-Rosa with a magnificent
bracelet. 27. Oakey Hall withdraws from the Union club to avoid eipulsicn ; testimonial of insurance companies to Super-
intendent G. W. Miller. 28. Rev. Dr. Dewolf Howe consecrated bishop (Episcopal) of the Central diocese of Pennsylvania;
great fire at Little Rock, Ark. ; ku-klui convicts sentenced at Charleston, S. C. ; Tweed resigns his dir«»ctorthip of the Erie rail-
road. 29. Tweed re-appears and resigns the position of commissioner of public parks In New York : Tweed's bondsmen justify ;
George Van Nort appomted commissioner of public parks in New York ; more ku-kluz convicts at Charleston, S. C, sentenced ;
corrupt city officials of Chicago indicted ; explosion of a steam boiler at Baltimore, killing one man and severely injuring
several others.


Jamoxbt 2. The Arkansas legislature convened at Little Rock. 2. Tbe leglstatiirM of New Tortf, PeDnsyWanla, Ofclo, Del»-
ware and Virginia convened. 4. Th« legislatures of Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illlnoii and Nerada convened. 5. Tlw
legislatures of Indiana and Missouri convened. 10. The legislatures of New Jersey and Kansas convened ; J. R. Wett, Rep.,
elected U. S. senator from Louisiana. 11. New Hampshire democratic SUte convention. 16. John A. Logan elected U. S. sen-
ator from Illinois. 17. Connecticut democratic State convention ; Henry Wilson, Rep., of Ma»sachusetU, Levi Saulsbnry, D«n.,
of Delaware, F. T. Frelinghuysen, Rep., of New Jersey, Wm. Windom, Rep., of Minnesota, and L. M. Morrill, Rep., of Maine,
elected U. S. senators. 18. T. W. Ferry, Rep., of Mlchipn, Fmiik Blair, Dem.. of Missouri, and Phlneas W. Hitchrork, Rep.,
of Nevada, elected U. S. senator^. 25. Connecticut republican St.ite convention ; Alexander Caoldwell, Fep., elected U. ». sen-
ator from Kansas. 31. H. G. Davis, Dem., elected U. S. senator from West Virginia.

FfcBnuAKY 1. Admission of Joshua Hill, U. S. senator-elect from Georgia. 8. The New Jersey house rati6es the 15th amend-
ment. 16. The New Jersey senate ratifies the 15th amendment. 16. Unsuccessful atUmpt to Impeach Gov. Clayton of Arkan-
sas. 27. Adjournment of ttie Maine legislature.

March 2. Adjournment of the Louisiana leeislature. 3. The Minnesota legislature adjourns. 4. Close of the XLI congress;
opening of the XLII congress. 7. Adjournment of the South Carolina legislature. 9. Rhode Island republican State convention.
14. Gov. Powell Clayton, Rep., elected U. S. senator from Arkansas, and J. W. Johnston, Dem.. from Virginia ; New Hamp-
shire Stale election, J. A. Weston, Dem., elected governor. 22. Impeachment of Gov. Holden of North Carolina ; acquittal of
Judge McClure of Arkansas. 24. Adjournment of tbe Rhode Island and Arkansas legislatures. 25. Tbe Wisconsin legislature
adjourns. 27. Impeachment of Judge Jones of North Carolina. 31. Adjournment of the Virginia leglsUtore.

April 3. Connecticut election — republican success. 4. Michigan election — republican vnecess. 5. Rhode Island election —
republican success. 6. Adjournment of the New Jersey legislature. 10. The amnesty bill passed bv the house of representatives.
II. Resignation of James Irving, member of the New York assembly. 12. Report of the assembly Investigating committee on
the Weed-Irving assault. 13. Repotlican legislative caucus at Albany, to designate party measures. 14. Defeat of the special
election bill to fill the vacancy in the New York legislature caused by the resignation of Assemblyman Irving. 15. Assembly-
man Orange S. Winans, of Chautauqua, betrays the republican party and the New York legislature. 18. The DacoUh legisla-
ture convenes in «pecial session. 20. Close of the first session or the XLII congress. 21. Adjournment of the New York legisla-
ture. 22. Attorney-General Akennan declares the session of the Dacotah legislature ananthorited ; extra session of the U. S. sen-

May 2. Adjournment of the Ohio leg;Jjlatnre. 3. The Connecticut legislature convenes. 4. The president l«nes his kn-klux
proclamation. 10. The U. S. senate meeU In extra session. 20. Chief Justice Chase writes to C. L. Valandlgham endorsing hU
''new departure." '24. The Illinois legislature meeU In extra session. 27. Adjournment of the Pennsylvania legislature; the
U. S. senate adjourns lu extra session sine die. 29. Horace Greeley publishes a letter on the presidency. 30. The Rhode Island
assembly convenes at Providence. 31. Adjournment of the Mass.achnsetU legislature.

JcNK 1. Ohio democratic State convention. 7. The New Hampshire legislature convenes at Concord. 8. Gen. Sherman's
letter on the presidenrv published. 14. Inauguration of Gov. Weston of New Hampshire ; Iowa democratic SUte convention.
21. Ohio republican State convention. 29. Meetln|r of the Young Men's Republican Sute Association of New York at Blng-
hamton ; Maine republican State convention.

JlLY 25. The Indiana democratic State executive conmilttee nominate Thomas A. Hendricks for the presidency.

AcocsT 3. North Carolina election— republican sncc es ; municipal election at Charleston, S. C— democratic soeceu. 7.
Kentucky election— democratic. 8. A republican congressman elected In Montana. ». Louisiana republican State convention.
23 Wisconsin democratic State convention. 24. The republican campaign in Ohio opened ; the legislature of the district of
Columbia adjourns. 26. Election in New Mexico— rioting. 98. Democratic SUU convention in Virgnla ; republican State
conventions in WIscdnsin and Mississippi. 29. Secretary of State Bovee, of Louisiana, ejected from his office by Got. Warraouth.

September 1. Inauguration of Gov. Giddings, o» New Mexico. 7. California State election— republican. 11. State elections
in >iaine and Colorado— republican ; Greeley delegation to the New York State convention chosen In New York city. 18.
Democratic State conventions In New Jersey and Wisconsin. 1 1. Massachusetts democratic Stale convention. 19. Nebraska
adopts a new constitution. 20. Republican State conventions In Illinois and Minnesota. 26. National colored convention at
St. Louis. Mo. 26. Meeting of the New York republican State press association at Syracuse. 27. Republican State conventlotJ
in New York. MassachusetU and Virginia. , -^ ^ . ^., .nv^w'ir

OcT©BKR 2. Connecticut election- republican. 3. Meeting of the State democratit press association at Rochester, N. Y. ;
State election in Texas— democratic. 4. New York and Illinois democratic State conventions ; labor reform and prohibitory
State conventions In MassachusetU. 6. Greeley republicans of New York Indorse the republican State ticket. 10. State elec-
tions in Ohio and Pennsylvania- republican. 18. Colored men's convention at Columbia, S. C. !5. Baltlraore, Md., municipal
election— democratic. '30. Hon. Cljarlee O'Conor decllnet a nomination to the assembly ; resignation of Rufas B. Bullock,
governor of Georgia.

160 Evening Journal Almanac, 1872,

NovBMBBS 1. The G(«or^a legislature oonvenet: Conlev, president of the tenaU, takes the oath m acting governor. S. Re»-
Ignatlon of Secretary of State Cardojo (colored) of South CaroHna. 7. State electioni in New York, Matukchatetti, lUlnoii,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi — all republican, and in Maryland. New Jersey and Virginia — democratic. 20. Resignation
of Collector Murphy of New York ; resignation of Comptroller Connolly of New York ; Geo. Chester A. Arthar appoint«d col-
lector of New York. 21. Annual convention of the American women's suffrage association at Philadelphia. 2'J. Election in the
District of Columbia — republican ; the Georgia legislature overrides the acting governor's veto for the bill of an election for gov-
ernor. 28. The South Carolina ledslature convenes.

Dkcbmbbr 4. Meeting of the 2il session of the XLII congress; meeting of the Kentucky and California legislatures. 6.
Meeting of the New Mexico Territorial legislature. 6. The Louisiana senate convened in extra session, PinchDeck (colored)
elected lieutenant-governor ; meeting of the Missouri legislature and the Virginia general assembly : Georgia democratic guber-
natorial convention ; New Hampshire State temperance convention. 7. New Hampshire labor reform convention. 12. Quar-
terly meeting at Albany of the executive committee of the State council of political reform. 13. National council of the
Union league of Philadelphia : resignation of Attorney-General Akerman ; New Hampshire democratic State convention.
14. Appointment and confirmation of Hon. George H. Williams, of Orceon, to be attorney-general of the United States. 18.
Resolution introduced in the South Carolina legislature to impeach Gov. Scott and StaU Treasurer Parker ; the civil service
reform commissioners make their report to President Grant. 19. President's message to congress on civil service reform ; Hon.
Thomas M. Norwood, of Georgia, admitted to his seat in the U. S. senate ; James M. Smith, Dem., elected governor of Georgia,
the republicans not voting and declaring the election unconstitutional. 21. Congress adjourns for the holidays. 22. A. A. Sar-
eent elected U. S. senator from California ; the impeachment resolution acfainst Gov. Scott, of South Carolina, defeated In the
legislature. 26. George W. Julian, of Indiana, mdorsed as candidate for the presidency by the labor reformers of California.
98. Caucus ol assemblymen for the south-eastern counties of New York to consider the subject of speaker of the autmbly.


Alford, Henry, D. D., England ; dean of Canterbury ; January 12, aged 61 years.

Aligny, Felix Claude Theodore, France ; landscape painter ; at Lyons, February 25, a«d 73 yMWt.

Anderson, Gen. Robert E., U. S. A.; hero of Fort Sumter ; at Nice, France, October 2S.

Auber, David Franrois Esprit, France ; composer j May 14, aged 8» years.

Babbage, Charles, England ; mathematician ; at London, October 20, aged 79 years.

Baker, Osmon C, D. D. ; bishop of the M. E. church ; at Concord, N. H., December 20, aged 89 yMUi.

Barker, Jacob ; financier ; at Phil.tdelphia, Decen.ber 25, aged 93 years.

Becquerel, Anthony Ctesar, France ; electrician ; during the siege of Paris, 83 years,

Blake, Commodore George S.; U. S. N.; June 24.

Beman. N. S. S., D. D. ; Presbyterian clergyman ; at Carbondale, 111., aged 85 years.

Benedek, Louis, Austria ; marshal of the Austrian army ; at Vienna, October 26', aged 87 years.

Bentley, Richard, England ; publisher ; at London, October, aged 80 years.

Bigler, John ; ex-govemcir of California ; at Sacraitiento, December 2.

Breckenridge, Robert J., D. D., LL. D. ; Prefbyterian clergj-man, professor of thsology In DanTilU lhA>logk*l

Danville, Ky., December 27, aged 71 years.
Brown, George, D. D.; editor of the Methodist Recorder ; at Springfield, O., October 26.
Burden, Henry, England ; inventor ; January 19. "

Burgcyne, Lady Charlotte, England ; wife of Field Marshal Sir John Burgoyne ; December 14.
Buxton, (jharles, M. P., England ; author ; August 12.
Carpenter, Morgan : jurist; at Poughkeepsie. November 19.
Carpenter, Samuel M.; journalist ; at New York, September 23.
Cary, Alice ; poet ; at New York, February 12, agert 60 years.
Cary, Phoel>e ; poet ; at Newport, R. I., August 1, aged 45 years.
Chambers, Robert, Scotland ; publisher ; at Edinburgh, March 17, aged 69 yean.
Chambers, David jN., England ; publisher ; at Lee, iVIarch 21, aged 52 years.
Champion, Aristarchus ; philanthropist; at Rochester, N. Y., September 18.
Chesterfield, Earl of, England, December 1.

Chickering, Col. Thomas E. ; piano manufacturer ; at Boston, February 14.
Clarnpede, Mons., Italy ; »oologist ; July, aged 39 years.

Clark, David W.; bishop of the M. E. church ; at Cincinnati, O., May 23, aged 69 years.
Cogswell, Joseph 0.; ex-librarian of the Astor library in New York : In Massachusetts, November 96.
Condit, R. W., D. D.; Presbvterian clergyman ; at Oswego, N. Y., February 12, aged 80 vears.
Cook, Mrs.; wife of Jay Coo'ke, banker ; at Philadelphia, July 21.
C<jrnmg, Edwin W.; son of Hon. Erastus Corning ; at Albany, August 7.
Covode, John, politician ; at Harrisbnr);, Pa.. January 11.
Cronyn, Benjamin, D. D., Canada ; bishop of Huron ; September 22.
Croswell, Edwin ; journalist and politician ; at Princet«n, N. J., June 13, aged 73 yean.

Darboy, , France; Roman Catholic archbishop of Paris ; assassinated by comniuni«te at Paris, May IS.

D'Auvergne, Prince Heury de la Tour, France j publicist ; April, aged 4*: years.

Davis, Thomas F.; Episcopal bishop of South Carolina ; at Camden, S. C.,' December 2.

Delevan, Edward C: philanthropist and temperance advocate ; at Oallston, N. Y,, January IS.

Delsarte, Francois, France ; publicist ; at Paris, August 2.

Dempster, William R., England ; composer and vocalist, aged 62 years.

Denio, Hiram ; jurist, ex-judge of the court of appeah of New York ; at Utica. N. V . November 5, aged 72 ytan.

Deschamps, Einile, France ; poet ; April 94, aged "9 years.

Donelson, Andrew Jackson ; politician ; at Memphis, Tenn,, June 26, aged 72 vears.

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