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land. Bom 1824; mar. 1853, the
sister of Sir Henry Every, Bai't. ;
succeeded his father 1861 ; entered
the Bengal civil service 1846; ap-
pointed secretary to the chief com-
missioner of Oude 1856 ; secretary
to the government of the north-west-
ern provinces 1858; judicial com-
missioner of Oude 1863 ; nominated
C.B. (civil) for his services during
the Indian mutinies. The 1st hart.
Avas for many years principal equerry
and comptroller of the household to
the late Duchess of Kent. Residence
— Luclcnow, East Indies.

Heir, his son George, born 1855.

COURTENAY, Visct. Vide

COURTOWN, 5th Earl of.

Creat. 1762; Visct. Stopford, 1762;
Bai'on of Courtown, 1758 (Irel.) ;
Baron Saltersford, 1796 (Gt. Brit.),
by which title he holds his seat in
theHouseof Lords.— .James George
HENRYSTOPFORD,sonofthe 4th earl,
by his 1st wife, the dau. of the 4th
Duke of Buccleuch (she died 1828).
Born at Courtown House, 1823;
mar. 1846, the 2nd dau. of the 4th
Lord Sondes (she was born 1827) ;
succeeded his father in 1858; ap-
pointed lieut. and capt. grenadier
guards in 1845, retired 1846; hisih
sheriff of Wexford for 1848. The
ancestor of this family is James Stop-
ford, of Saltersford, Cheshire, who
served with the ])arliainentary army
in Ireland in 1641. Residences — 5,
Lowndes Square, London, S.W. ;
Courtown House, Gorey, co. Wex-

Heir, his son James Walter Milles,
Visct. Stopford, born in Cavendish
Square, 1853.

Vide also in Part II., Ram, Shelley,
and Stopford.

C U T T S. Vide Burdett-


COVENTRY, 9th Earl of.

Creat. 1697 ; Visct. Decrhurst, 1697

(Eng.). — George William Coven-
try, son of George William Visct.
Decrhurst (who died in 1838, and
was eldest son of the 8th earl), by
the dau. of Sir Charles Cockerel],
Bart. Born in Wilton Crescent
1838; mar. 1865, Lady Blanche,
dau. of 2nd Earl of Craven (she was
born 1842); succeeded his grand-
father in 1843; is patron of 6 livings;
appointed supernumerary major Wor-
cestershire yeomanry 1861, and
deputy-lieut. of Worcestershire 1859.
The 1st Lord Coventry was appointed
attornej^-general in 1621, and lord
keeper of the great seal in 1625. Re-
sidences — 1, Bolton Row, Mayfair,
London, W. ; Croome Court, near
Upton; Banksfie House, Moreton-

Heir, his son, Visct. Decrhurst,
born 18G5.

Vide also in Part II., Coventry, Des
Voeux, Goding-, and Ponsonby.

COWAN, Lord (of Session,
Scot.). Appointed 1851.. — John
Cowan, son of Hugh Cowan, Esq.,
merchant in Avr. Born in Ayr,
1798; mar. 1832, dau. of Robert
Macartney, Esq. ; educated at the
Ayr academy, and at the university
of Edinburgh ; was admitted an ad-
vocate at the Scottish bar in 1822;
was sheriff of Kincardineshire from
Jan. 1848 to April 1851 ; solicitor-
genei'al for Scotland from April to
June 1851, when he succeeded Lord
Dundrennan as a lord of session and
of justiciary, under the courtesy title
of Lord Cowan; appointed a de-
puty-lieut. of the city of Edinburgh
1860. Residence — 4, Ainslie Place,

COWAN, Lady (Bart.'s widoAv).
— Sophia, 3rd dau. of James Mul-
lett, Esq., of London. Mar. 1810,
Sir John Cowan, afterwards lord
mayor of London, who was created a
bart. 1837 and died 1843, when his
title became extinct.

COWELL, K.C.B. (Civil.) Creat,
1865. — Sir John Clayton Co-
avell, son of the late John Clayton
Cowell, Esq., by Frances, dau. of
the Rev. Richard Brickenden. Born



at Blean, Canterbury 1832; mar.
1868, Gcorgina Elizabeth, only dan.
of James Pulleine, Esq., of Clifton
Castle and Crake Hall, Yorkshire ;
educated at the royal military aca-
dernj^ Woolwich ; entered tlie royal
engineers in 1850 ; served during the
Russian war, in the Baltic and the
Crimea, as aide-de-camp to Lieut. -
General Sir Harry Jones ; became
capt. and brevet-major in the Royal
engineers 1858 ; was placed on the
supernumerary list Sept. 1868, and re-
sumed his former rank of capt. Nov,
following ; became lieut.-col. in the
army 1869 ; has received the Crimean
medal and the decoration of the legion
of honour; made a C.B. 1863; was
governor to H. R. H. Prince Alfred,
for a period of nine years, and on that
Prince attaining his majority was
made a K.C.B. at the termination
of his engagement; was subsequently
governor to H. R. H. Prince Leopold
until 1866, when he was appointed
master of the Queen's household.

COWLEY, 1st Earl (Utd.
Kgdm.). Great. 1857 ; Visct. Dangan
1857; Baron Cowley 1828; K.G.
1866; G.C.B. (Civil) 1853; Privy
Councillor 1852. — Henry Richard
Charles Wellesley, son of the
1st Lord Cowley by his 1st wife,
the 2nd dau. of the 1st Earl Ca-
dogan (marriage dissolved 1810, and
she mar. 2ndly, the 1st Marq. of An-
glesey). Born in Hertford Street,
1804; mar. 1833, the 2nd dau. of
the late Lord Henry Fitz-Gerald
and the Baroness de Ros (she was
born 1807); succeeded his father in
the barony in 1847 ; was attached to
the embassy at Vienna, Oct, 1824 ;
made paid attache at the Hague,
April 1 829 ; secretary of legation at
Stuttgardt, Jan. 1832; secretary of
embassy at Constantinople, Oct. 1838;
minister-plenipotentiary in Switzer-
land Feb. 1848; on a special mission
to Frankfort, July 1848 ; minister-
plenipotentiary to the Germanic con-
federation, June 1851 ; ambassador to
the French court 1852, salary 8000^. ;
was created honorary D.C.L. at Ox-
ford 1870. The 1st Lord Cowley
was a distinguished diplomatist, and

bro, of the 1st Duke of Wellington.
Residence — Paris,

Heir, his son William Henry, Visct,
Dangan, born 1834; mar.1863, the 2nd
dau. of Col. Peers Williams, of Temple
House, Berks ; appointed military secre-
tary to the governor of Bombay 1859;
capt. and lieut.-col. Coldstream guards
1860, retired 1863.

Vide also in Part II., Wellesley,

COWPER, 7th Earl, Great.
1718; Visct. Fordwich, 1718; Baron
Cowper, 1706 (Gt. Brit.) ; Baron
Dingwall (Scot.), 1609; Baron But-
ler (Eng.), 1666 ; Bart., 1642 (Eng.);
K.G., 1865 ; Privy Councillor, 1871 ;
a Prince and Count of the Holy
Roman Empire, 1758, — Francis
Thomas de-Grey Cowper, eldest
son of the 6th earl, by the eldest
dau, and co-heir of 1st Earl
De-Grey (now Baroness Lucas,
which see). Born 1834; mar. 1870,
Katrine Cecilia, eldest dau. of Lord
William Compton (she was born
1845) ; succeeded his father 1856 ;
educated at Christ Church, Oxford,
where he was 1st class in law and
modern history 1855 ; appointed a
deputy-lieut. of Kent 1855; lieut.
Yorkshire West Riding yeomanry
cavalry 1854, retired 1861 ; capt. 1st
Herts rifle volunteers 1859, resigned
1860, and was then appointed lieut.-
col. of the 2nd battalion ; lord-lieut.
of Bedfordshire 1861 ; capt. of the
gentlemen at arms, April, 1871; is
patron of 2 livings. Thelst peer (grand
uncle of Cowper the poet) Avas made
lord keeper of the great seal in 1705 ;
was one of the commissioners for the
treaty of union between Scotland and
England, and lord high chancellor in
1707. The Scotch title of Dingwall
expired in 1715, in the person of its
third holder, the Duke of Ormonde,
who was attainted, when all his
honours expired. The title of Baron
Butler was conferred on the grand-
son of the 1st Lord Dingwall, and
also ceased in 1715, after the im-
peachment of the eldest son and suc-
cessor of the 1st peer. The present
and 7th Earl Cowper in 1871 esta-
blished before the House of Lords
his lineal descent from Lady Hen-
rietta Butler, youngest sister of the



last Lord Butler, and subsequently
obtained by act of parliament rever-
sal of the attainders. Residences —
4, St. James's Square, London, S. W.;
Pcnsbanger, Herts ; Moate House,
Canterbury ; Rattling Court, Kent.

Heir pres., his bro. Hon. Henry
Frederick, born 1836 ; appointed a
deputy-lieut. of Kent 1858; ensign 1st
Herts rifle volunteers 1859, capt. 1860;
has been M.P. for Herts since July

Vide also in Part II., Cowper and

COWPER, Dowager Countess
of. Vide Lucas, Baroness.

Councillor. Appointed 1855. —
Right Hon. William Francis
Cowper-Temple, M.P., 2nd son of
the 5th Earl Cowper, by the eldest
dau. of the 1st Visct. Melbourne.
Born at Brocket Hall, Herts, 1811;
mar. 1st, 1843, dau. of Daniel Gurney,
Esq., of North Runcton, Norfolk (she
died 1843) ; 2ndly, 1848, the young-
est dau. of the late Rear- Admiral
John Richard Delap Tollemache ;
assumed by royal licence in 1869 the
name of Temple; served for some
time in the royal horse guards, and
was made major in the army 1852;
was successively aide-de-camp to the
lord-lient. of Irel., private secretary
to his imcle Visct. Melbourne, a
commissioner of Greenwich Hospital
and a lord of the treasury ; was a
lord of the admiralty from July
1846 to Feb. 1852, and from Dec.
1852 to Feb. 1855; under-secrctary
of state for the home department
from March to Aug. 1855 ; appointed

f resident of the board of health Aug.
855 ; vice-president of the com-
mittee of council on education Feb.
1857; re-appointed to the board of
health Sept 1857, resigned March
1 858 ; vice-president of the board of
trade Aug. 185.9; commissioner of
works and buildings from Feb. 1860
to July 1866; was M.P. for Hertford
from 1835 to Dec. 1868, since which
date he has sat for the southern
division of Hants. Residences — 17,
Curzon Street, W. ; Brockett Hall,
Hatfield, Herts; Broadlands, Rom-
scy, Hants.

COX, 10th Bart. (Irel.) Crcat.
1706. — Sir Hawtrey Cox, eldest
son of the late Rev. Richard Cox,
rector of Cahirconlish, co. Limerick
(and bro. to the 9th hart.), by the
dau. of the late Ralph Hawtrcy, Esq.
Born at Cahirconlish 1808; mar.
1857, relict of the late Henry Hone,
Esq. ; educated at Sion Hill, Bath ;
succeeded his uncle in 1856. The
1st hart, was secretary to Sir Robert
Southwell (principal secretary of
state to William III.); he was made
chief justice of the common pleas in
1701, and lord chancellor of Ireland
in 1703. Residence — Borrisokane,

Heir pres., his bro. Michael, born
at Cahirconlish; unmar.

COXE, Knt. Bachel. Croat.
1863. — Sir James Coxe, M.D.,
son of Robert Coxe, Esq., ofGorgie,
CO. Edinburgh, by the dau. of ■ —
Combe, Esq., of Edinburgh. Born
in Edinburgh 1811; mar. 1841 dau.
of the late Robert Gumming, Esq.,
of Logie, CO. Moray. Educated at
Edinburgh university and abroad ;
graduated M.D. 1835; is a felloAV of
the royal college of physicians and
one of the commissioners of the board
of lunacy in Scotland ; knighted by
patent. Residence — Kincllan, co,

CRAIG, 2nd Bart. (Utd.Kgdm.)
Great. 1831; Privy Councillor (Gt.
Brit.) 1863.— Right Hon. Sir AVil-

liamGibson-Craig, eldest son of Sir
James (the 1st hart.), by the dau. of
James Thomson, Esq. Bom 1797 ;
mar. 1840,dau. of John Henry Vivian,
Esq., M.P. ; succeeded his father in
1850 ; admitted an advocate at the
Scottish bar 1820; was a lord of the
treasury from July 1846 to Feb.
1852; appointed lord clerk register
and keeper of the signet of Scotland
in 1862; a deputy-lieut. of Mid-
Lothian 1848; was M.P. for the
CO. of Edinburgh from 1837 to
1841, and sat for the city of Edin-
burgh from 1841 to 1852. The 1st
hart, (who was the grandson of John
Gibson, Esq., of Durie, co. Fife)
assumed the additional name of Craig
on succeeding to the estates of liis



maternal great-^'randfather, Tliomas
Craig, Esq., of liiccarton. Residence
— Riccarton, Mid-Lothian.

Heir, his son James Henry; born 1 841;
mar. 1870, Julia, dau. of Archibald
Buchanan, Esq., of Barskimming, Ayr-
shii-e ; educated at Harrow and at
Trinity College, Cambridge, where he
graduated (wrangler) 1865.

CRAIGIE, K.C.B. Great. 1867.
— Sir Patrick Edmonstone
Craigie, 3rd son of Laurence
Craigie, Esq., of Glasgow, by the
only dau. of John Hall Maxwell,
Esq., of Dargavel, Renfrewshire; and
grandson of the late Laurence Craigie,
Esq., of Dumbarnie, Perthshire. Born
1794 ; mar. 1st, 1827, Bell, dau. of
Menry Williams, Esq., of Falmouth
(she died 1833); 2ndly, 1838, Mary
Jane, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Trew-
man, of the Madras army (she died
1870) ;. entered the army in 1813;
served with the 2nd battalion of
the 52nd light infoutry in the cam-
paign of 1813-14 in the force under
Lord Lynedoch, and was present at
the siege of Antwerp ; commanded the
55th foot in China, where he served
under Lord Gough, holding the
position of second in command, being
tlie senior field-ofBcer present ; com-
manded a brigade at the captures of
Amoy and Chusan (2nd captiire),
also Chinhae, &c., and was left in
command of the Island of Chusan
for a period of eight months, until
the return of the British forces, after
the conclusion of peace; for these
services he was promoted to be col.
in the army, made an aide-de-camp
to the Queen, and a C.B. 1842;
appointed major-gen. 1854, and to
command the centre division of the
Madras army; during the Indian
mutiny was in command of the My-
sore division at Bangalore, which he
lield till the fall of Delhi; on leaving
India in 1860 received the thanks of
the governor in council at Madras,
and of the commander-in-chief, for
liis conduct in that command ; ap-
pointed col. 31st foot 1859, and of
the 55th foot, 1862; promoted to be
lieut. -general 1860, and general 1868.

CRAMPTON, 2nd Bart. (Utd.

Kgdm.) Great. 1839; K.C.B. (Civil)
1856. — Sir John Fiennes Twis-
SLETON Crampton, eldest son of
Sir Philip Crampton, the 1st hart.,
by the dau. of Patrick Hamilton
Gaunter, Esq., of Littleton, West-
meath. Born in Dawson Street, Dub-
lin, 1807; mar. 1860, at St. Peters-
burg, the dau. of W. Balfe, Esq., of
Dublin (this marriage was declared
null by the courts 1863, and she
died 1871) ; educated at Eton and
at the university of Dublin ; was
attached to the mission at Turin,
Sept. 1826, to the embassy at St. Pe-
tersburg, Sept. 1828; appointed paid
attache at Brussels Nov. 1834 ; in
the same capacity at Vienna May
1839; secretary of legation in Swit-
zerland Dec. 1844, and at Washing-
ton July 1845 ; envoy extraordinary
and minister plenipotentiary at Wash-
ington Jan. 1852, whence he return-
ed in 1856 ; envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary to Hanover
March 1857; transferred to St. Pe-
tersburg March 1858, and to Ma-
drid Dec. 1860; resigned Nov. 1869.
The 1st hart, was a distinguished
surgeon. Seat — Lough Bray, co.

Heir pres., his bro. R,ev. Josiah,
born 1809 ; mar. his cousin, dau. of the
Rev. Josiah Crampton, rector of Mul-
caher, co. Limerick. Is rector of Ila-
lieny, co. Dublin.

Salisbur-y, Marq. of.


CRANSTOUN, Lady (Peer's
widow). — Elizabeth, dan. of the
late Sir John Henry Scale, Bait.
Mar. the 10th Baron Cranstoun,
who died June, 1869. Residence —
Duncroft House, Grove End Road,
London, N.W.

Vide also in Part II., Cranstoun.

CRAUFURD, 3rd Bart. (Gt.

Brit.) Croat. 1781. Rev. Sir

George V/illiam Craupurd, 2nd
son of the 2nd hart., by the eldest
dau. of the Hon. General Gage, and
sister of the 3rd Visct. Gage. Born
in Bryanston Square, 1797; mar.
1st, 1843, eldest dau. of the 7th Lord
King, sister to the Earl of Lovelace



(she died 1848); 2nd]y, 1849, dau.
of John Holland, Esq., of Carrington
House, Lincolnshire, and relict of
William Cooke, Esq. (she died
18G5) ; succeeded his father in 1839;
formerly fellow of King's College,
Cambridge, where he graduated, B. A.
1820, M.A. 1832; appointed vicar of
Burgh and Winthorpe, Lincolnshire,
1838 ; rector of Scremhy, Lincoln-
shire, 1862. The 2ud hart, assumed
the name of Gregan. Seat — Burgh
Hall, Spilsby, Lincolnshire.

Heir, his son Charles William Frede-
ric, born at Rome 1847; mar. 1870,
Hon. Tsolda Caroline, eldest dau. of the
4th Visct. Gort (she was born 1852).

CRAVEN, 3rd Earl of. Great.
1801; Visct. Uffington, 1801 ; Baron
Craven, 1665 (Utd. Kgdm.). —
George Grimston Craven, 2nd
son of the 2nd earl, by the 2nd dau.
of 1st Earl of Verulam. Born 1841 ;
mar. 1867, Evelyn Laura, 2nd. dau.
of the Hon. G. W. C. IBarrington,
M.P. ; succeeded his father in 1866 ;
appointed lieut. andcapt. Scots fusilier
guards 1864, retired 1866; cornet
Warwickshire yeomanry cavalry
1863 ; patron of 10 livings. The 1st
peer was a distinguished military com-
mander. Seats — Coome Abbey, Co-
ventry; Ashdown Park, Lambourne,

Heir, his son, Visct. Uffington,
born 1868.

Vide also in Part II., Bruce and

of (Peer's widow). — Emily, 2nd dau.
of the 1st Earl of Verulam. Born
1815; mar. 1835, the 2ud Earl of
Craven, who died 1866.

CRAWFORD, 25th Earl of.
Great. 1398 ; Earl of Balcarres, 1650 ;
Baron Lindsay, befoi'e 1443; Baron
Lindsay, of Balcarres, 1633; Lord
Lindsay and Balneil, 1650 (Scot.);
Baron "Wigan, 1826 (Utd. Kgdm.),
by which title lie holds his seat in the
House of Lords. — William Craw-
FOiiD LiND.SAY, son of the 24th earl,
by the only dau. of 1st Lord Mun-
caster. Born at Muncaster Castle,
N. B. 1812; mar. 1846, eldest dau.

of the late Major-General James
Lindsay (she was born 1824); suc-
ceeded his father in 1869 ; educated at
Trinity College, Cambridge, where
he graduated M.A. 1833; appointed
deputy-lieut. of Aberdeenshire 1861 ;
is author of a " Letter on the Evi-
dences of Christianity ;" " Letters on
Egypt and the Holy Land ;" "• The
History of Christian Art ;" " Lives of
the Lindsays," &c. Is head of the
ancient house of Lindsay. The pre-
sent peer's father received a confir-
mation of the Earldom of Craw-
ford (which had lain dormant from
1808) from the House of Lords in
1848, and thus became premier earl
on the union roll of Scotland. The
2nd baron was made 1st earl for
his loyalty and services in 1651, was
lieritable governor of the castle of
Edinburgh, secretary of state and com-
missioner to the General Assembl}^
The 3rd earl was a staunch adhe-
rent of the house of Stuart. Resi-
dences — 9 and 10, Grosven or Square,
London, W.; Haigh Hall, Wigan,
Lancashire; Dun Echt, Aberdeen.

Heir, his son James Ludovic, Lord
Lindsay, born 1847; mar. 1SC9, Emily
Florence, 2nd dau. of Hon. Eriv/^ard
B. Wilbraham; appointed ensign gre-
nadier guards 18G8.

His lordship has a son and heir, born
at Dun Echt 1871.

Vide also in Part II., Lindsay and

(Scot.) Great. 1638. — Sir Hew
Crawfurij-Pollok, eldest son of
tlie late Sir Hew Crawfurd-Pollok,
bart.,bvthe dau. of Matthew Dunlop,
Esq. Born at Pollok Castle 1843;
mar. 1871 Miss Annie Elizabeth
Green, of Hull; succeeded in 1867
his father, who had assumed the
name of "Pollok of Poilok" on
succeeding to his mother's estate of
Upper or Over Pollok 1820; ap-
])ointcd a lieut. of Renfrew Militia
1861. The bart.'s great grandfather
was served heir male in 1765 to Sir
.John Crawfurd, Bart., of Kilbirney.
Residence — Pollok Castle, near

ager Lady (Bart.'s widow). — Eli-



ZABETH Oswald, dau. of Matthew
Dunlop, Esq. Mar. Sir Hew Craw-
furd-Pollok, bart., who died 1867.


Vide BoEVEY.

CREASY, Knt, Bachel. Great.
I860, — Sir Edward Shepherd
Creasy, son of Mr. Edward H.
Creasy, of Brighton, auctioneer.
Born'] 812; mar. 1846, the dau. of
G. Cottam, Esq., civil engineer.
Educated at Eton, and at King's Col-
lege, Cambridge, where he graduated
B.A. 1835, M. A. 1838; called to the
bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1837; was for
some years professor of ancient and
modern history at University College,
London ; author of " Poems," " The
Fifteen Decisive Battles of the
World," " Memoirs of Eminent
Etonians," &c. ; appointed chief
justice of Ceylon 1860, and on that
occasion was knighted; Avas pre-
viously deputy assistant judge at the
Middlesex sessions. Residence —
Colombo, Ceylon.

CREMORNE, Lord. Vide

CREMORNE, Dowager Lady
(Peer's widow). — Anne Elizabeth
Emily, 3rd dau. of John Whaley,
Esq., of Whalcy Abbey, co. Wicklow,
by the eldest dau. of the 1st Earl of
C'lanwilliam. Mar. 1st, 1815, the
2nd Baron Cremorne,who died 1827;
2ndly, 1828, Major-General John
Dawson Rawdon, M.P. Residences —
34, Prince's Gate, Knightsbridge,
London, S.W. ; Lynton, near Taun-

CREWE, 3rd Baron (Utd.
Kgdm.). Great. 1806. — Hunger-
ford Crewe, son of tlie 2nd baron,
by the only dau. of George Walker
Hungerford, Esq., of Galne. Born
in Cavendish Square, 1812; suc-
ceeded his father in 1835; is patron
of 6 livings. A barony of Crewe
existed in another branch of this
flimily, but expired in the 3rd pos-
SCSS01-, who Avas Bishop of Durham
for 47 years, having for 3 years pre-
viously been Bishop of Oxford. The

present peer is descended from John
Offley, who inherited the estates of
the Cheshire Crowes through his
mother, the heir of that family, and
assumed the name of Crewe by act
of parliament in 1708. Residences —
28, Hill Street, London, W. ; Crewe
Hall, near Namptwich, Cheshire,
Vide also in Part II., Crewe.

CREWE, 9th Bart. (Eng.)
Great. 1626. — Sir John Harpur-
Crewe, son of the 8th bart., by the
dau. of Rev. Thomas Whittaker, of
Mendham, Norfolk. Born at Calke
Abbey, 1824 ; mar. 1845, the 2nd dau.
of Capt, William Stanhope Lovcll,
R.N,; succeeded his father in 1844;
educated at Rugby; was sheriff of
Derbyshire for 1853 ; appointed a de-
puty-lieut. of that co. 1854 ; is patron
of 8 livings. The 7th bart, assumed
the name of Crewe in lieu of his patro-
nymic Harpur. Residences — Calke
Abbey, Ashbourne, Derbyshire,
Warslow Hall, Staffordshire,

Heir, his son Vauncey Harpur, born
at Calke Abbey, 1846.

CREWE, Dowager Lady
(Bart,'s widow). — Jane, dau. of the
Rev. Thomas Whittaker, of Mend-
ham, CO. Norfolk. Mar. 1819, Sir
George Crewe, 8th bart., who died
1844. Residence — 17, Southwick
Crescent, Hydo Park Square, W.

CRICHTON.Visct, Vide Erne.

CRICHTON, Lady (Knt's wi-
dow.) Dau. of Dr. Sutthoff, one of
the physicians in ordinary to the
Emperor of Russia; mar. 1820, Sir
Archibald William Crichton, who
was 30 years in the Russian service,
during 24 of which he was physician
to the Emperor ; and who died 1865.

CROFT, 9th Bart. (Eng.)
Creat.1671. — Sir Herbert George
Denman Croft, only son of Sir
Archer, the 8th bart., by the dau. of
Major-General John Garstin, of Cal-
cutta, relict of Athelstan Corbet,
Esq., of Ynys-y-maengwyn, Me-
rionethshire, Born at Acton 1838 ;
mar. 1865, Georgina Eliza Lucy,
eld, dau. of Matthew Henry Marsh,



Esq., M.P. of Ramridge House,
Hants ; educated at Eton and at
Morton College, Oxford, graduated
B.A. 1860, M.A. 1864; was called
to the bar at the Inner Temple Nov.
1861 ; is a deputy-lieut. for Here-
fordshire, and lieut. of that co.
militia; succeeded his father in
1865; has been M.P. for Hereford-
shire since Dec. 1868. Residence —
l,SussexPlace,HydePark Square, W.
Heir, his son, born at Lugwardine
Court, 1868.

CROFT, 2nd Bart. ( Utd. Kgdm.)
Great. 1818.— Sir John Frederick
Croft, only son of the late Sir John
Croft, the 1st bart., by his 2nd wife,
the dau. of Rev. John RadclifFe,
rector of St. Anne's, Limehouse.
Boru 1828; mar. 1856, the eldest
dau, of John Graham, Esq.; suc-
ceeded his father in 1862. Seat —
Dodington, Sittingbourne, Kent.

Heir, his son John RadclifTe, born

CROFTON, 2nd Baron (Irel.).
Croat, 1797; Bart., 1758 (Irel.).—
Edward Henry Churchill
Crofton, son of the 1st baron, by
the 3rd dau. of 1st Marq. of Anglesey.
Born in London 1834; succeeded
his father in 1869 ; was a gentleman
of the bed-chamber to the lord-lieut.
of Ireland from April 1867 till Dec.
1868. The peerage was conferred on
the widow of the 2nd bart., for whose
husband however it was intended,
had he lived. Her grandson, who
was the 3rd bart., became on her
death the 1st haron ; he was for
30 years a representative peer of
Ireland, and for many years a lord
in waiting to the Queen. Residence
— Mote Park, Ballymiirry, Ros-

Heir pres., his bro., Hon. Charles
St. George, born 1836; mar. 1864,
Theresa Augusta, dau. of Daniel
Tighe, Esq., of Rosanna, co. 'VVieklow
(she died 1867); became a lieut. R.N.
Sept. 1857, placed on the retired list of
that rank, April 1870.

Vide also in Part IT., Caulfeild, Crof-
ton .DJIlon, Evans, MacLaughlin, and

CROFTON, 2nd Bart. (Utd.
Kgdm. Creat. 1838.— SiR Malby

Crofton, son of tlic 1st bart. by
the eldest dau. of Rev. John Lyster,

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