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ing along with the Batardeen (or the enemies of the
faith) washing their bodies and heads in such unclean and
polluted baths.* I then beheld a person groaning under
the weight of a mountain. Concerning him Surush said :
*This man laid heavy taxes on the people, established evil
ordinances, and oppressed mankind.* Next him I beheld
one digging up a mountain with his fingers and nails,
while the superintendent kept smiting him with a viper.
Sun'ish said: *This is a man who by violence seized on
the lands of others : *

**As long as this earth and place continue to exist,
So long, by way of retribution, shall this spirit be thus employed.

1 afterward saw a man the flesh of whose shoulders and
body they were scraping off with a comb of iron. Con-
cerning him Sur6sh said: ^This man was an egregious vio-
lator of promises and breaker of engagements.* I then be-
held a great multitude whose hands and feet they were
smiting with bludgeons, iron maces, and such like. Con-
cerning these Suriish observed : ^ This class is composed of
promise-breakers and the violators of covenants, who main-
tained friendship with L>arzvands, or those hostile to the

^'Surfish, Ashtj, and Ardibehest then led me from that
abode of misery to Girutuman, * the seat of supreme bliss,*
or 'paradise on high,* which is called * the heaven of


heavens.* On beholding the light and splendor of the
righteous Lord, I became entranced, and this spirit-reviving
voice reached my ears: * Through thy virtuous words and
actions, which have been conformable to the excellent faith,
joined to the co-operation and energy of intellect, thou
hast resisted all the demons which infest the body, and
hast therefore attained to this rank.' Surtish then taking
me by the hand, said : *■ Communicate to mankind all thou
hast heard.* He next took me down to paradise, where
several spirits received me and said : ^ Reveal these mys-
teries to our relations, that they may beAvare of sin.* I
next came to the lunar mansion, where they addressed me
in the same manner. I afterward reached the starry man-
sion with the same two companions, and here also the
spirits advanced to receive me, saying : ^Counsel our rela-
tions to make Tasht and Tazisht (to pray in a low mur-
muring tone at meal-time) and to cleave firmly to the
festival of the NaTuL Roz, and the girding of the cincture ;
had we observed these rites, we should not have remained
in this mansion, but gone on to Paradise.* It appears to
follow from what has been stated, that the starry mansion
or zodiacal sphere is below that of the moon ; the Yezda-
nians however say, that the starry mansion signifies the
mansion of the spirits who below the lunar sphere are not
exempted from sufferings, but are attached to the bodies of
the virtuous by means of the zodiacal signs.

"I next came to China-wad Pul (the bridge of judgment)
where many spirits thus addressed me : *■ Tell men to leave
sons behind them in the world, or otherwise they must,
like us, remain here.*

> This is to be recited once.

^< Abundance and paradise are reserved for the just and undefiled
person ; he v^-ho does heavenly and pure works.'* To be recited
three times.

Prayers after Meat. —

Online LibraryCharles Reed PeersUniversal classics library (Volume 6) → online text (page 15 of 37)