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his son, relative, or those present, perform this rite of
penance at that time.

Gate the Fiftieth. — When a son or daughter attains
the age of fifteen, it becomes necessary to bind the sacred
cincture about the waist, as this forms the bond of duty.

Gate the Fifty-first. — If a child should die, from the
first day of its decease during a space of seven years, ** with-
out the expression of grief, recite the Dariin of its angel.**
On the fourth night after its decease, it is necessary to recite
with Tasht, the Dartln, or prayer of the angel Sur6sh. Note,
Yasht is the name given to one of the twenty-one Nosks


of the Zand, which is recited for the souls of the deceased ;
this they also repeat in the Gahanbat's; Nosk also signifies
a part or section.

Gate the Fifty-second, — When thou placest on the
fire a cauldron for dressing food, it must be of a large size,
and two-thirds of it without water, so that when it boilS,
the water may not fall over on the fire.

Gate the Fifty-third. — When they remove fire from
one place to another, they lay it apart for a short time,
until its place becomes cool ; having taken care not to leave
it heated, they bear the fire to its destined place.

Gate the Fifty-fourth.* — The true believers wash the
face every morning with the Ab-i-ziir, or *^ water of power, '^
and afterward with pure water, f After this they recite
the formula of the Kimna va Mazda, and then wash the
hands ; this rite they call Pavaj ; but if they wash not the
hands in the Ab-i-zur, their recitation is not accepted.

Gate the Fifty-fifth. — The faithful instruct their sons
in the knowledge of religion, and hold in high honor the
Kirbud who teaches them.

Gate the Fifty-sixth. — On the return of the day of
Khurddd in the month of Farvardin (the 6th of March),
they collect in one place a portion of all the fruits they
can find. The true believers then continue to offer them
up and to pray over them, repeating the praises of the
Lord, in order that their condition may be improved that
year ; as on this day the angels give nutriment to mankind.
When any one has thus prayed, the Amshaspand Khurdad

■"'The Parsees use for their purification seven things: plain water;
Padiav water; water of power, or ab-i-ziir (according to Hyde, gol-
den water) ; Teshti w ater ; earth ; Noreng gortiez, or ox's urine ; and
Noreng gotnez yes ft Id. They must take care to have the plain water
and the earth free from all kind of impurity.

^Padiav means

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