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manners, that thou esteemest bad what thou hast badly un-
derstood. As thou refusest to approve dancing, what sayest
thou about the interdiction of a woman from her spouse at
the desire of the prophet.'' If thou boldest the example of
customary acts reprehensible, there is nothing to be said
about such an occurrence. And likewise, if the two Shaikhs
had not been pure, the lord prophet would not have ex-
alted their heads by matrimonial alliance ; and the daughter
of the lord Ali and the lord prophet would never have been
in the house of the great Fdrtik (Omar), and of the pos-
sessor of two lights (Osman). To open the road of con-
tention is not laudable ; and if not so according to thy


opinion, explain this to me : since the lord, the lion of
God (Ali) was informed of all the secrets of the hearts,
why did he w^age war upon Maaviah, w^ho was a Musel-
man? and why was he the death of so many men, since
causing death is by no means right? It is likewise known
and admitted by you as true that, when one day a Musel-
man was selling garlic and onions upon the passage of the
prophet, that venerable personage told him: * If thou
wouldst sit down in a corner, retiring out of my way, it
would be well.^ The man made an excuse, and the prophet
passed on. Shortly after came All, who said to the man :
*The prophet dislikes the smell of onions and garlic, there-
fore move out of his way.* The man answered : ^ O Ali,
the prophet told me to rise, and I did not move.* AH
said: * At the prophet's order thou didst not rise?* He
drew immediately his sword, and cut off the man's head.
Such an action is reprobated by the law, as the lord of
the prophetic asylum forbade killing even the hostile unbe-
lievers, saying : —


Online LibraryCharles Reed PeersUniversal classics library (Volume 6) → online text (page 33 of 37)