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Keyset-, Charles S. 1825'

19 04.
The Ke/ser f ami 1 y


bicentennial Reunion


luyser Jfamtlg.

1683— i8S3.








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^w-S. (Z(^Sdo




1. Introductory to the Reunion, 1-14

2. The Opening Prayer, by Bp. N. 13. Grub!) i4-'5

3. The Family History, by Charles S. Keyser, 15—75

4. The Homes, Meeting Houses, and Burial Grounds, of the Family, by Dr. Teter Dirck

Keyser, 75 _ Si

5. The Mennonites, read by Julia A. Orum S1-S9

6. The Martyrdom of Leonhard Keyser, read by Julia A. Orum, 89-92

7. The Levering Family, by Hon. Horatio Gates Jones, 92-9- 1

8. The Pannebecker Line, by Hon. Samuel \V. Pennypacker, LL.D., 95-97

9. The Germantown Emigration, by Prof. Oswald Seidensticker 97-100

10. The Lesson cf the Reunion, by Laars Westergaard, 101-102

11. The Mennonites in Holland, by Adrian van Helden, ioj-104

12. The Correspondence with the Family, 105-9, 115-117

13. The Last Hours of the Reunion, 109-115

14. The Genealogy of the Family, ^ 1 5~



The Arms of Dirck Keyser, to face title.

The Mennonite Meeting House 13

Entries in Dirck Keyser's Bible (fac simi'e), iS

Funeral Notice (fac simile), 20

Arms of Amsterdam 22

Arms of Germantown, 25

Arms of William Penx, 27

Dirck Keyser's Signature (fac simile) 30

The Copper Plate (fac simile), 32

Dirck Keyser, Jr.'s, Signature (fie simile), 2,3

Peter Dirck Keyser's Signature (fac simile), ^3

Dirck Keyser's Residence in Germantown, 76

John Keyser's Residence in Germantown, 7S

The Sufferings of the Mennonites, S7

The Martyrdom of Leonhard Keyser, 1527, go

Arms of the Netherlands, 119

Tobias Goverts van den Wyngaert, Rev. Peter Keyser, Elhanan \V. Keyser, Nathan L. Keyser, Peter A.
Keyser, Mary SlinglulT, William S. Baker, Dr. J. K. Knorr, C. Maris Keyser, Philip W. Keyser,
Daniel L. Keyser, General B. F. Prentiss, William Keyser, Julia A. Oram, Dr. P. D. Ke_\ser,
Silvester Keyser, Samuel Keyser, Miller Bullard, Charles S. Keyser.







A S the two hundredth year after the arrival of our ancestor Dirck
h\ Keyser, in Germantown, was nearing, some time in 1SS7, Dr.
Peter Dirck Keyser, in whose possession much of the family
genealogy has been preserved, suggested to the writer of this paper that
some commemoration of the event would interest the family generally,
and that it was, in a sense, a duty to our ancestor's memory. A year
later, in the summer of 18S8, it was the subject of further conversation
from time to time, Dr. Keyser desiring that a stone should be erected to
mark the place of our ancestor's ministry and burial. A committee was
formed, consisting of Dr. Peter Dirck Keyser and Charles S. Keyser of
Philadelphia, and Romaine Keyser of Germantown, by whom the follow-
ing circular was addressed to the members of the family whose places of
residence could be ascertained:



When William Penn visited Holland and Germany, promulgating his doctrines of free
religious thought in antagonism to the forms of established churches, he invited all to join
him in his settlement in the new country. Accepting his ideas, Francis Daniel Pastorius of
Frankfort, Germany, organized a company for taking up land and forming the settlement of
Germantown, now part of this city. The Mennonites of Holland and the lower Rhine of
Germany joined with him, and among those who came here was Dirck Keyser of Amster-
dam. He was a manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of silk goods, and a man of promi-
nence, but, desiring to worship God in all freedom, he came over with his son, Pieter Dirck
Keyser, in 1688. There are many descendants of the family throughout this country and

In commemoration of the arrival here of Dirck Keyser, a bicentennial reunion of his
descendants will be held in Germantown (Twenty-Second Ward i, Philadelphia, in the old
Mennonite church, on or near the original ground of said Dirck Keyser, on the 10th day of
October next, at 10 a. m., being, according to the present mode of chronological reckoning,
the two hundredth anniversary of the day on which he came to the place. It will be a social
family gathering on the ground where our common ancestor is buried, and where he built
his domicile in the wilderness of the New World. Sketches of the family history will be
read, the old family Bible and such other relics as can be obtained will be exhibited.

A cordial invitation is extended to all descendants of the family to be present and bring
with them anything they may have in their possession that will throw any light on the history
of the family or indicate its progress.

Can you be present on the occasion, with any of your immediate connexions of the
family ? An early answer will greatly oblige the undersigned.

Charles S. Keyser,


Xo. 524 Walnut Street.

Peter Dirck Keyser, M. D.,

No. 1S32 Arch Street.

Philadelphia, August 2, iSSS.

Romaine Keyser,

Cor. Main and Rittenhouse Streets


It was determined, as the invitation indicates, that the commemoration
should be of an historic character. The day selected for the anniversary
was the 10th of October, iSSS; the place was the old Mennonite meeting-
house in Germantown in whose first structure, on the same site, our ances-
tor had passed his life in the ministry, and in whose ground he was buried.
It was determined to confine participation in the ceremonies to the mem-
bers of the family, embracing both male and female lines, and this was
not deviated from, except in that the following gentlemen were invited in
their representative characters: Edwin H. Fitler, the mayor of the city
of Philadelphia; J. R. Plan tin, the consul-general of the Netherlands to
the United States; Lars Westergaard, consul of the Netherlands in Phil-
adelphia; Professor Oswald Seidensticker of the University of Pennsyl-
vania; and the Rev. Nathaniel B. Grubb, the bishop of the (present) First
Mennonite Church in Philadelphia. An invitation was also sent to Dr.
G. De Hoop Sheffer of the Mennonite college at Amsterdam, to Daniel
K. Cassel and Abraham H. Cassel, in recognition of their services in the
preservation of Mennonite literature, and to Adrian Van Helden, a gen-
tleman of Holland now residing in our city, to whom the committee is
under many obligations.

After consultation with those who were to take part in the ceremonies,
a programme was arranged, of which the following is a copy:


of the

1688 Descendants of Dirck Keyser 1888

in the

Mennonite Meeting-House,

October ioth, 1888.


10 A. M.

Gideon" Keyser, the oldest male member of the family, will preside.

PltAYER, by Bishop N. B. Grubb of the First Mennonite Church of Philadelphia.

Hymn, Te Deum Laudamus.

The Family in Amsterdam and Germantown, by Charles S. Keyser.

The Homes, Meeting-Houses and Burial-Grounds of the Family, by Dr.
Peter Dirck Keyser,

The Mennonites, and the Martyrdom of Leoniiard Keyser, read by Julia A.
Orum, a descendant of Dirck Keyser.

Hymn, Jubilate Deo, Psalm C.

The Levering Line of the Family, by Horatio Gates Jones, a descendant of
Rosier Levering.

The Pannebakker Line of the Family, by Samuel W. Pennypacker, LL.D.,
a descendant of Henry Pannebecker, the first emigrant.

Letters from Absent Members of the Family, read by Romaine Keyser.

Hymn, Old Hundred.

A dinner was provided for on the occasion.. For this purpose Dr. Peter
Dirck Keyser tendered the use of his summer residence, then vacant, in
Germantown;* a notice, in the following form, was sent to the members
of the family:

The Bicentennial Reunion

16SS Ocsmitjants of Dtrrfe l\nj«3cr, isss

Wednesday, October io, iSSS.

To the Family :

As there are no hotels in Germantown, a dinner will be served in the afternoon at the
summer residence of Dr. P. D. Keyser (Tulpehocken Station, Pennsylvania Railroad), who
has placed it, for the day, at the disposal of the committee.

■•■ The expenditures fur the occasion, beyond the sum v '-ich remained after the payment fur the
dinner, were provided by William Keyser of Baltimore, P . l'eter I hick Keyser, Charles S. Keyser,
Romaine Keyser and George G. Pierie of Philadelphia.


The members of any family wishing dinner must enclose one dollar for each person on
or before the 5th of October to either of the undersigned, when the ticket and programme
will be forthwith mailed to them. All tickets must be ordered by that day.

Charles S. Keyser,

524 Walnut Street, Philada.

Ro.maine Keyser,

Germantown, Philada.

September jg, /SSS.

The AIembers of the Family participating in the reunion were John
Heisler Adams and Mrs. John Heisler Adams, Edgewater Park, New
Jersey; T. A. Alexander, Mrs. Kate C. Keyser Alexander, Baltimore,
Maryland; George J. de Armond, J. Keyser de Armond, Mrs. George J.
de Armond, Elizabeth W. de Armond, Philadelphia; Mrs. Sarah W.
Atherton, William Spohn Baker, Philadelphia; Charles M. Benson, Phil-
adelphia; Mrs. Howard Boyd (granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Slingluff),
Mrs. Mary Slingluff Boyd, Xorristown, Pennsylvania; Daniel C. Bullard,
Grand Ledge, Michigan; Samuel Keyser Bullard, Sedalia, Missouri; Mrs.
Annie W. Button, Miss Sara R. Button, Miss Jennie Button, Joseph But-
ton, Germantown, Pennsylvania; Charles Keyser Bullock, Mrs. Ann M.
Bullock, Philadelphia; Mrs. S. P. Campbell {like Mary A. Keyser, daugh-
ter of Andrew Keyser), Miss Mary Keyser Campbell, Miss Mayland C.
Campbell, Miss Anna C. Campbell, Philadelphia; Joseph Channon, John C.
Channon, Charles Keyser Channon, Miss Margaret Keyser Channon, Mrs.
Susan Keyser Channon, Mrs. J. H. Clark, Philadelphia; Mrs. Henry
Cooper (great-granddaughter of Mary Keyser), Stevens, New Jersey; John
H. Cooper, Mrs. John H. Cooper, Miss Elizabeth Y. Cooper, German-
town, Pennsylvania; Mrs. William Cookshott {nee Mary L. Frick, great-
granddaughter of Michael Keyser), Philadelphia; Mrs. Hannah D. Col-
gan, Elk View, Chester County, Pennsylvania; Mrs. E. E. Cornbrooks,
Wilmington, Delaware; Samuel Davis, Mrs. Samuel Davis (Eliza J.
Mitchell, granddaughter of Catherine Keyser Lynd), Charles A. Duy,
Philadelphia; Mrs. Mary Elton, Tioga, Philadelphia; Miss Miriam Elton
Davies, Tioga, Philadelphia; Mrs. Clara Slingluff Pawling Fisher (daugh-
ter of Mrs. Mary Slingluff), Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Rachel Fitler,
Philadelphia; Joseph Fitzwater, Port Providence, Pennsylvania; Mrs.
Joseph Fitzwater (great-granddaughter of Anneke Keyser), Miss Fitzwater,
James H. Flint, Mrs. James H. Flint (Ellen Keyser Mitchell, granddaugh-
ter of Catherine Keyser Lynd), Mr. John Michael Fox, Mrs. Anna Chiids
Fox Dunn, Philadelphia; Mrs. Sallie Steiuer Keyser French (daughter of
Dr. Peter D. Kevser), Xoroton, Connecticut; Jacob Frick, Dreshertown,
Pennsylvania; Edwin P. Frick, Mrs. Edwin P. Frick, Mrs. Edwin P.


Frick, Jr., J. W. Gaskill, Philadelphia; Mrs. J. W. Gaskill (daughter of
Silvester Keyser), Mrs. Sarah Gorgas, Philadelphia; Joseph Hammer, Mrs.

E. L. Hawes, Mrs. Emma M. Hassinger, Charles Hassinger, Samuel E.
R. Hassinger, Mrs. Samuel E. R. Hassinger, Miss Mattie L. Hassinger,
S. Reed Hassinger, Philadelphia; Mrs. Hannah Heisler, Edgewater Park,
New Jersey; Mrs. Charles E. Hires, Clara Keyser Hires (granddaughter of
Andrew Keyser), Philadelphia; Mrs. Isabella Keyser Idell, Germantowu;
Caroline Keyser Inglis, John Auchiuclos Inglis, Mrs. Mary Uhle Inglis,
Philadelphia; Albert B. Jarden, Mrs. Caroline Marie Jardeu, Miss Caroline
M. Jarden, Miss Catherine Schmoele Jarden, Miss Katie S. Jarden, Phil-
adelphia; Miss Katie Jackson, West Philadelphia; Hon. Horatio Gates
Jones, Roxboro' ; Alfred G. Keyser, Alexander Provest Keyser, Mrs. Alex-
ander Provest Keyser, Germantowu; Mr. Algernon S. Keyser, Rising Sun;
Andrew D. Keyser, Mrs. Andrew D. Keyser, Miss Anna L. Keyser, Mrs.
Annie T. Keyser, Philadelphia; Miss Anne Paul Keyser, Germantown;
Miss Amelia Snyder Keyser, Philadelphia; Miss Anna Keyser, German-
town; Barton M. Keyser, Germantown; Mrs. Charles Maris Keyser, Sr. ,
Baltimore, Maryland; Charles Keyser, Mrs. Charles Keyser, Charles E.
Keyser, Charles Shearer Keyser, Francis Keyser, Philadelphia; Frank
Keyser, Germantown; Francis Provest Keyser, Germantown; George
Keyser, Germantown; George F. Keyser, Philadelphia; Gideon Keyser,
Mrs. Gideon Keyser, Germantown; Miss Harriet Nice Keyser, German-
town; Harriet Davis Keyser (daughter of Andrew Keyser), Philadelphia;
Miss Helen R. Keyser, Germantown; Horace R. Keyser, Phcenixville,
Pennsylvania; Jacob Keyser, Mrs. Jacob Keyser, Miss Jennette Campbell
Keyser, Germantown; John G. Keyser, John S. Keyser, Philadelphia; Miss
Kate Kevser, Miss Lulu Keyser, Philadelphia; Miss Margaret C. Provest
Keyser, Germantown; Miss Martha Keyser, Germantown; Miss M. Key-
ser, Newberry A. Smith Keyser, M. D., Baltimore, Maryland; Naaman
H. Keyser, Germantown; Nathan Levering Keyser, Philadelphia; Peter
Dirck Keyser, M. D., Philadelphia; Mrs. Peter Dirck Keyser, Philadelphia;
Romaine Keyser, Germantown; Sylvester Keyser, Airs. Sylvester Keyser,
Germantown; Susan Keyser Keyser (daughter of Charles Shearer Keyser),
Mrs. Daniel L. Keyser, Germantown; William Keyser, Baltimore, Mary-
land; Miss Mathilde Keyser (daughter of William Keyser), William

F. Keyser, Mrs. William F. Keyser, Germantown; Albert Kulp, Mrs.
Albert Kulp, Mrs. H. K. Kurtz, Mrs. Robert Levick, Mrs. Robert
Longhead, Mrs. Marielle Marselis Loughead, Hon. A. B. Longaker,
Mrs. Mary M. Longaker (daughter of Mrs. Mary SlinglufF), James
W. Lynd, Nicetown Lane, Philadelphia; Lillie Lynd, Estell Lynd,
James F. Lynd, Earnest L. Lynd, Mary C. Lynd, Robert S. Lynd, M. D.,


Philadelphia; Mrs. Lydia D. Magarge, Germantown; Mary A. McCorkle,
Hopewell Cotton Works, Chester County, Pennsylvania; Frank E. Mcln-
tire, Airs. Frank E. Mclntire, Philadelphia; Mrs. Grace Keyser Mclntire,
Baltimore, Maryland; Miss Sarah K. Mears, Thomas Mullan, Jr., Wil-
mington, Delaware; Mrs. Sylvania McKee, Wilmington, Delaware; Miss
Katurah Gorgas McNeely, Philadelphia; Charles Nice, Germantown; Miss
Julia A. Orum, Germantown; Mrs Helen Paris {nee Mcllhenny), Philadel-
phia; X. A. Pennypacker, M. D., Phcenixville; Mrs. D. N. A. Penny-
packer, Miss Pennypacker, Matthew Pennypacker, Samuel W. Penny-
packer, LL.D., Philadelphia; James Lane Pennypacker, Mrs. James Lane
Pennypacker, Haddonfield, New Jersey; Mr. George Gorgas Pierie, Mrs.
Elizabeth Pierie, Miss Edith Pierie, Miss Helen Pierie, Mrs. Ann Pierson,
E. B. Pierson, Matthew K. Pierson, Mrs. Rebecca Heisler Samson, Mrs.
Mary Slingluff Rex (granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Slingluff), Miss Mary
Slingluff Rex, Mrs. Sarah Slingluff Rex (eldest daughter of Mrs. Mary
Slingluff), Norristown, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Sarah Keyser Robinson, Ger-
mantown; C. Henry Rouey, Mrs. Catherine Blanchard Roney, Philadelphia;
John Richard Savage, John Richard Savage, Jr., Miss Kate W. Savage,
Mr. Mahlon L. Savage, Philadelphia; Mrs. Will. Ida Scanlan, Mr. Frank
Siddall, Mrs. Frank Siddall {nee Keyser), Mrs. Catharine Keyser Lynd
Schmoele, Mrs. Mary Slingluff, Norristown; Mr. John Slingluff, Mrs. H.
S. Smith, Mrs. Rebecca J. Smith (daughter of Andrew Keyser), Philadel-
phia; Mr. G. W. Turner, Philadelphia; Benjamin Urner, Elizabeth, New
Jersey; Mary Unruh, Mrs. Mary A. Vanderripe (granddaughter of Mary
Keyser), Stevens, New Jersey; William H. Wallace, M. D. (grandson of
Elhanen W. Keyser), Philadelphia; Mrs. Emily F. Wallace, Philadelphia;
Clifton P. West, Nelson R. West, Germantown; Cornelius C. Widdis,
Mrs. Cornelius C. Widdis, Cornelius C. Widdis, Jr., Edward R. Widdis,
Miss Susanna Widdis, Anna Williamson, Mary Williamson, Philadelphia;
Mr. G. Banks Wilson, Mrs. G. Banks (Mary J.) Wilson, Chester, Pennsyl-
vania; David H. Wolfe, Mrs. Catherine Lynd Wolfe, William Schmoele
Wolfe, Miss Kate Marie Wolfe, Miss Belle Wolfe, Miss Amelia R. Wood,
Mrs. J. P. Wright, Anna Yerkes, Martha Yerkes, Mary Ann Young.

The committee received regrets from some and acceptances from
others of the following, who are not noted as present on the occasion:

Mr. Richard Engle (son of Mrs. Thirza Engle, nee Keyser), Mrs.
Richard Engle {nee Lizzie H. Keyser), Mr. James D. Keyser, Philadel-
phia; Lizzie B. Pierson, Fox Chase; Mr. C. E. Hires, Miss Myra Baker
(daughter of Mrs. Ann Baker, nee Keyser), James R. Pennypacker, Isaac R.
Pennypacker, Philadelphia; Peter Keyser Heisler, Edgewater Park, New
Jersey; Mrs. George S. McKee, Wilmington, Delaware; Silvester Keyser,


Rising Sun; Benjamin Urner Keyser, Washington, D. C. ; Cipriano
Cauedo, Ameca, Mexico; Mrs. Juan G. Matute {nee Margaret Canedo),
Guadalajara, Mexico; William R. Gorgas (grandson of Johannes Gorgas
of Germantown), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Mary P. Keyser (daughter
of Michael Franklin Keyser of Baltimore, a descendant of Samuel Keyser),
Boston; Laura Lynd Hill, Clementine K. Lynd, Merchantville, New
Jersey; Air. and Mrs. Alan Wood, Jr., Philadelphia; Andrew Keyser,
Philadelphia; Mrs. Clementine L. Fobes, Baltimore; Mrs. Kate Keyser
Fracker (daughter of William Keyser, late of Baltimore), Zanesville, Ohio;
Alpheus Channon, Mrs. Jane Keyser Channon, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
Among the correspondents of the committee were the following:
William H. Fry, Philadelphia; Mr. Andrew Dunlap, Chester County,
Pennsylvania; Mrs. Elizabeth Keyser Chambers, Washington, D. C. ;
Mr. Hugh Dunlap, Harford County, Maryland; Mrs. Elizabeth Tollinger,
York County, Pennsylvania; Mr. John Dunlap, Butler County, Ohio;
Mrs. W T ilhemina Wiley, Harford County, Maryland; Mr. William T.
Dunlap, York County, Pennsylvania; Mr. John E. Mullen, Charleston,
South Carolina; Mrs. May Ennis, Queen Anne County, Maryland; Mr.
Andrew Tollinger, Philadelphia; Frederick W T allace, Washington, D. C. ;
Margaret M. Pennypacker, Orkney Springs, Virginia; Morgan R. Wills,
Norristown; Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Keyser, Springfield, Ohio; Mr. Daniel
Bullard, Independence, Missouri; Mr. William R. Robinson, Washington,
D. C. ; Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hassinger, W T estville, New Jersey; Dr.
and Mrs. J. K. Wiley, Springfield, Massachusetts; Mrs. M. A. Goldsmith,
Bainbridge, Pennsylvania; M. M. Pennypacker, Mount Jackson, Shen-
andoah County, Virginia; Mrs. Martha Wilhoite, Shelbyville, Tennessee;
Mrs. S. E. Engle, Bainbridge, Pennsylvania; Mr. Rufus Bullard, Cam-
bridge, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Goodall, New York City; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles McAllister, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Charles Keyser Urner,
Washington, D. C. ; Mrs. Rachel Douglas Wise, Elmsmore, Crawford
County, New York; Mr. Frank Heisler, Wilmington, Delaware; Mr. and
Mrs. Enos F. Erdman, Tarn-town, New York; Mrs. Anna K. Jones,
Germantown; Mrs. Sallie E. Heisler, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
West, Germantown; Mrs. Susan W. Yerkes, Norristown, Pennsylvania;
Mr. Thomas S. Keyser, Philadelphia; Mrs. William H. Jones, Mr. Wil-
liam H. Keyser, Philadelphia; Mrs. Hannah Nice, Mrs. George Keyser,
Mr. William F. Slingluff, and John H. Michener.

Note. — The representatives of the press present wereTunie II. Symonds, of the Evening Tele-
graph; Horace F. McCann, of the Germantotvn Independent; William E. Meehan, of the Gazette of
Germantown and the Public Ledger of Philadelphia, with representatives of the Germanttnun Telegraph
and other papers.




THE DAY OF THE ANNIVERSARY.— The morning of the day
of the anniversary, the 10th of October, was auspicious of the event. It
was clear and pleasant, in doors and out, and remained so all day long.
Soon after nine o'clock the family began to assemble around the old meet-
ing-house, filled every seat and standing-place, and yet gathered around
the door; it was a moment of great interest when we first looked on one
another, and strangely-mingled emotion. Aged and young, men, women
and children, we saw ourselves repeated more or less, the one in the other
— the same features, the height continued so many generations looming
up in the assemblage from five feet eleven inches to six feet one inch, two,
three and four inches, the blue eyes, the dark hair and the same expres-
sion, individuals of one family, long separated, and never to be united
again, in all human probability, in this generation, but bound, and yet to
be bound, together by a continuous remembrance of that ancestry in
whose name we gathered there, for yet longer generations.

The church had been suitably set, as for a festive occasion, with
flowers, and a choir engaged, selected from the churches of Germautown.
On the pulpit was Van Braght's Book of Martyrs brought here by our
ancestor from Amsterdam, and the family Bible brought at the same time
bv him, in which were contained the marriages and funeral notices of the
family there — these and the Bible used by Peter Keyser, the preacher, in



The Rev. Nathaniel B. Grubb at half-past ten o'clock amid a sol-
emn silence made this prayer:

Almighty God onr heavenly Father, we bow in humble submission
before Thee, the great and eternal God. We magnify Thy holy name
and adore Thee as the Father of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ, in whose name we now draw nigh with confidence and say,
"Abba, Father!"

We bless Thee for our creation and preservation, and for all things
bestowed upon us by Thy grace. W T e lift our hearts in grateful praise to
Thee for the inestimable love to us made manifest in the gift of Thy Son
the only begotten of the Father, through whom we are redeemed and in
whom we have a Mediator between Thee and us.

We come humbly confessing our sins, and do earnestly beseech Thee
to grant us Thy Holy Spirit as the pardoning Comforter, and to lead us
in the path of truth and holiness. Enter not, we pray Thee, into judg-
ment with us, but grant us Thy favor and Thy help.

Blessed Saviour and Redeemer, we praise Thee for the work of
redemption and the institution of Thy Church on earth. We rejoice
with grateful hearts that we have received into our own souls the light
of Thy gospel, and that we may stand in holy places and partake of
holy things.

We thank Thee for the blessed boon handed down to us by our fathers,
some of whom have sealed the covenant with their own blood and sacri-
ficed their lives at the stake. We thank Thee for the noble and self-sac-
rificing life and testimony of Thy servant our father in Christ, Leonhard

We rejoice to-day with grateful hearts that Dirck Keyser, Thy faithful
servant and minister, the descendant of that faithful martyr, came across
the waters into this new world and rallied around the banner of the cross
erected at this very spot. We lift our hearts with grateful praise unto
Thee, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, that we may stand on the spot
made sacred by his life and deeds, and we are happy to-day to be enabled
to rejoice in the same blessed gospel and gladly bear testimony to its
gracious power.

While we rejoice and bless Thee, we would earnestly beseech Thee to
come and bestow upon us Thy heavenly benediction; and grant that we
may walk in the footsteps of our fathers, as they walked in the footsteps
of Christ.

Help us now, Father, that we may so live, and by Thy grace so lead


those around us, and especially our children, that in years to come they
too may be found faithful as defenders and upbuilders of the cause of
Christ. May we truly rejoice to-day as children of our heavenly Father,
and may the exercises of this hour and day prove a lasting blessing to us
and result in good to others, and may it all redound to Thy honor and to
Thy glory!

Lord, we look to Thee for help and earnestly beseech Thee to make
us humble in spirit, grateful for every blessing and zealous to serve Thee
with all our God-given powers, that by Thy divine benediction we may

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