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A general abridgment of law and equity : alphabetically digested under proper titles, with notes and references to the whole (Volume 19) online

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Online LibraryCharles VinerA general abridgment of law and equity : alphabetically digested under proper titles, with notes and references to the whole (Volume 19) → online text (page 31 of 96)
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you appear, but upon Default the Party may have Writ of Defceit, and aver '
i/,*i thai were not Probi ft* legales Homines. Quire if bv thole Words Prout

'.'■ . J . . r. 1 : TT • t>.. D J- C-..C. -1 ., „:.„ U

2. So it 10 upon a Summons in a Writ of Debt. 8 Jj). 6. 27. I),

3. 3u a ^circ facias tf trjc Sheriff returns tlje i©rit reroeti, that

IS tO lap, Scire * feci tlje Party DefCltOant bP BaUIC Effendi iecun-
' dum Tenorem Brevis, ail01a)snot where, nor what to do, pet it iS
g00U. 18 tljO' IjC does not name him Knight, pet the

and yet the' ftrturn is soon , lor it appears upon tlje luljolc Ecturn, «Pjat it IS

Return was fijC ftlM Q^atU 34 3ff. 6, a0)U0gC0»

°ood • For it fliall be intended the fame Procefs. Br. Retorn de Briefs, pi. 76. cites S. C

6. 3f a Scire facias ilftteS againft Miles B. Knight, atlO tlje g)!jCriff
retUrilS, Scire feci Miles intranominato; ttjlS IS a 0000 Return UlittjOUt

more, for tlje «2>ocD (Mranomtnato) ftroes throughout* 34
air. 6.

7. In Precipe quod reddat the Tenant cannot render the Land to the
Demandant in Pais, nor in Debt quod reddat cvc. It is no Return in one of
the other, that the Tenant or Defendant has rendered the Land or Debt. Br.
Retorn de Briels, pi. 84. cites 2 H. 7. 8.

JfWinfcch 8. Scire facias agatnji 3 fiveral Tenants, the Sheriff returned, Quod
a Scire fecias g C!re faf t0 t j oe , u t} u fr & c< OJuod lint &c. Mode & Forma prout Breve in ft

the Return >:.»:... _j :.u„._ j:_._ 1u_ l




iftud Breve

requitit &c. Br. Retorn de Briefs, pi zS. cites 2 H. 4. 1 5.

9. The Sheriff returned Capias, Quod mandarii A. B. Ballho Libertatis
Archiepfcopt de Reirrlac. 'cut Returnc.m aide re/rat faciend. qui mthi Ref-
fcndit quod c* ™-
&C amount to Infranomindtas, or to Infrafcnptus ; quod nota. Br. Re- foJ ,: f l t
torn de Bnels, pi. 64. cites 1 H. 6. 6. cue, s. c

there is thcSubfhncc it matters not if there is not the express Form.

. 13. And where the Sheriff returns, Quod Mandavi Ballivo Libertatis
de 6. and does not fay. Balltvo J. N. Libertat.fu* de S. this is a Rood Re-
turn Per Martm, Cokayney and Babb. Juilices • Contra Hales T. and
that he ought to ihew that he is Lord of the Franchife ; and yet he was
awarded to anfwer, and lave his Exception &c. Br. Retorn de Briefs
pi. 64. cites 1 H. 6. 6. ' *

14 The Sheriff returned the Baron Attached in AJ/tfe, attd the Fane Br. Attach-
giM i and the bell Opinion was, That ihe ihall be attached by the ment > P 1 4-
Gooos of the Baron, and a Monk bv the Goods of the Abbot ; For the Cltes S ' C '
one ihall anfwer tor the other, and the one is amefnable bv the other -
Quaere mde : tor it was adjourned. Br. Retorn de Briefs/ pi. 4f cites
7 H. 6. 9. ' r "■*■

15. The Sheri ff returned, Jgttod non invenit partem Sec. bv which upon
Exigent he was outlaw'd, and affign'd it for Error, and therefore that
was aajudg d ior Error j quod nota. Br. Retorn de Briefs, pi. 43 cites
9 ti. 6. 12. c ~*

16. In Precipe quod reddat if the Tenant vouches, and the Sheriff re-
turns upon the Summons ad Warrantizandum, Quod nihil habet nee eft in-
Jw/aj&e this is a good Return, and yet contrary in Formedon. The
Jwverlity teems inafmucb as in theFormeaon he may fummon him in tbeLand
demanded, be he Tenant thereof or not, but it may be that the Vouchee has
no Land. Br. Retorn de Briefs, pi. 62. cites 14 H. 6. 20.

17. And upon Writ of View it is a good Return, Jpubd nullus venit ex
parte petentis ad demonfirandumftbi ferram-, For the Tenant is bound to
know the Sheriff, and the Sheriff is not bound to know or inquire the
Land ; And the fame of a Sheriff of the Franchife: And this is for the
-Uiipatch ot the Party. Br. Retorn de Briefs, pi. 62. cites 14 H 6 20

18. The Sheriff return'd Quod Mandavi A. B. Ballivo Libertatis Duc'a-
tus Lancaji. &c. 3ui habet retuma omnium brevium infra Libcrtatem pr*.
toti am qui ft c refpondit. Quod Scire feci prafato R.C. ct quod Jintckc
Billing laid, the Return is not good j For it lhould be Ballivo Liber-
tatis Ducts -Lancaji. For the Dutchy has no Capacity to have Liberty
And yet, becaufe Precedents ivcre Jbewn, Mandavi Ballivo Libertatis as
I »?•■ Mandavl Ballivo Libertatis fanfti Edmundi de Bury, & Man-
do Ballivo Libertatis de Alta Pecco, & Mandavi Ballivo Libertatis Du-
es Lancait. it was awarded a good Return. Br. Retorn de Brief, pi 11
cites 33 H. 6. 20. } f ■ •

B b b IQ> scire

Return per Cur. bv which in another Scire Facias he returned Scire fed
Liurencio B. Magiftro et Scholaribus, and Laurence E. came and plead-
ed to the Writ, that he is not Mailer. Br. Retorn de Brier, pi. 14.

C1 2o 3 a"a\Vr1t 9 'be returned Rcfpon/io Viceccmitis S. and does not fiaa
the Name of the Sheriff'; this is no good Return. Br. Retorn de Brief*

fl 'ito^^y^ 9 retlrled^That at the County [Court} held at J in the
County of Somerfet J. N. exalt us fait et non comparuit, and a good Return
ner Rede, Fairfax and Huliev, tho' he did not far at the County [Court]
of Smierfh held at J, in the County of Somerfet. Br. Retorn de Brier, pi.

I2 I' 2 C 'a Man returned, Quod Virtitte Prxcepti &c. and not Brevis, and
vet well Br. Return dc Briet, pi. 128. cites 16 H 7. 16.

23 Captus eft is a good Return of a Capias. Ld Raym. Rep. 21.
Mich. 6 VV. & M. Wilfoh v. Law, cites Kitchin 258.

(L) What fhall not be a good Return. For


c p n 1 TAT Fieri facias de Bonis Teftatoris againft Executors, if tljC pWS
Return dc I Wittf that thev have not any Goods in Balliva fill fltCCt tl}C

Briefs P l. S. ryftftfH) nftheUDrtt Proutei conltare potent; artD0 Of fe ttjlfl,

and favs nothing that he had fummoned the 1 enant, a? t .^^ ''V

nianneo Utm, the sheriff m m Cafe pafl ^te awgg > bicauic

No Return is made lor Part. 4 t;). 6. 25. b. {?vT T5aWnSt0n«

W 3f

_____ -*pHc _ ...

Return. i p [

(2.) 3|f upon the ptoceOs, tliat is to (iij>, Fieri facias mrecteo to the * ee pi- *■

Online LibraryCharles VinerA general abridgment of law and equity : alphabetically digested under proper titles, with notes and references to the whole (Volume 19) → online text (page 31 of 96)