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^\yt (Cnrtlauft (Enmttg, N. |.

of thp

au^frs iFamtlg


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The work of compiling a (iKNEALOOY of tlie Cort-
land County, N. Y., branch of the SANDERS FAMILY,
was coinnienced by Joshua C. Sanders in 1902. Prior to
his death, which occurred July 6, 1905. he requested his
nephew. Dr. Cliarles \V. Sanders, to complete thew*)rk. It
has been no easy task to acquire this iiifonnation, which is
as accurate as can be obtained from reliable sources. For
valuable assistance, thanks are due to Miss Rmma E.
Peirce. of New Bedford, Mass., Mr. J. Le B. Willard, Mr.
.Arthur M. Wickwire, of Brooklyn, N. V., and Mr. .\lbertus
D. Hakes, of New York City. \'

This volume is presented to the descendants, and
relatives, in loviufj memory of Joshua C. Sanders, by
C. W. Sanders. M. D.

New York City, Aufifust, 19o8.

Arms nf tl|^ ^an&^ra iFamilg

Surkiugl^amHlitrp, Nnrtljamptonaljirp m\b Willaljirf , iEttg.

Sa. A Chevron ar^ between three Elephants heads
erased. A Chief or

Crest.— Out of a Ducal Coronet, or. An Elephants Head,
eared and tusked or.

Motto: "Nil conscire, sibi nulla pallescere culpa.".

Latin, Horace.

( To he conscious of no i^uill, and to turn pale at no charge.)


Ancestors, from wliom elitribilily can be claimed for membership in the
folldwinir Patriotic Societies.

CoLONi.M. Wars and Couoniai. Dames.

Joliu Sanders. Col. Michael Pierce.

John Wilt. Thomas Holbrook.

John Katon. John Holbrook.

Joseph Shaw. Richard Martin.

Capt. John Low. John Martin.

Jnlm Perkins. Zachariah Rhodes.

William Arnold.

John Sanders. Jacob Sanders.

Sons and Daughters of the Revolution.

Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Jacob Sanders. Hezekiah Martin.

Representatives to tiik Colonial Congress.
John Sanders. James Davis.

Deputies to the General Court.
James Sanders. Ro<jer Shaw.

John Sanders. Anthony Low.

John Page. Jo^i" I-^w.

Jacob Barnev. Zachariah Rhodes.

John Witt. William Arnold.

References for Ancestral p:Li<;iiuLrrv for Membership in the

Patriotic Societies.

History of Haverhill, Mass. Bodge' s King Philip's War. General
Register of the Society of Colonial Wars 1899-1902.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution.

"SEE chart back of book.



in Weeks, Dowuton Parish, W'iltsliire, England.
Came to Salem, Mass. in 1630, and died there.

M.\RRII-:i) I'cbiiKuy 4, KJlU.

COLE. .\LES, (or .\LICE).


1. JOHN (2), Born 1H13. iti Weeks, Downluii Parish, Wiltsliire,


2. ELIZ.Mil-.TH.

3. S.^RAH.



Xo/i'. Aliozr iiiioniialiou trow " /•'oiiii tiers of Massachusetts Bay
Colon y ' ' Pa^e 54 .


SANDERS. JOHN, Boru 1613 iu Weeks, Downton Parish,
Wiltshire, England. Died in Salem, Mass. 1643.


GRAFTON. PRISCILLA, Daughter of Joseph, and Mary
( ) Grafton.


1. JOHN. Born December 1640.

Married Haniiali Picknian.

Died 16'.)4.

2. JAMES. (3) Born (Posthumous) 1643-4.

Married January 14, 1669, Sarah Page.
Died December 9, 1721.

JOHN (2) SANDERS, in his will dated Oct. 12, 1643, which was
probated at Salem, Mass., in December, 1643, names his father in law,
Joseph Grafton, and Goodman Hardie administrators. He united with the
First Church in Salem, Mass. 1629. A Freeman in 1636. His widow
married John Gardner of Salem, Mass. Feb. 20, 1654.

Will ot JOHN SANDJiRS dated October 12, 1643.
Probated at Salem Court House December 1643 .

John Sanders inhabitant of town of Salem, Mass. I do leave unto my
son John Sanders Jr. ni\- ten aker lot with uic house now built on the
commons side, front knoll over against. Solou he comes to the twenty-
five years or at the death of his mother with the aker and pasture of
meadow bound belonging to it, and I do make my father in law Joseph
Grafton and Goodman Hardie to administer on my estate, this my Will
and deed, the 12th of October 1643. .\11 rest of estate to m\ wife.



>• Witness

Note. From ^' Founders ot Massachusetts Hay Colony." Page 42


The following will of John Sanders brother of James (3) is herewith

given, to show the Will signed by John Sanders, and sealed with the impress

of an Elephant head, side view, which is the crest of the " Sanders Arms."


(Probated Nov. 26, 1694.)

In the name of God, Amen, I, John Sanders of Salem, sick and weak
in body, bnt through God's Goodness of perfect mind and memory, and not
knowing how sudden my change may come, doe make this to be my last
Will and Testament, and doe dispose of what outward estate God hath
given me in this world, as to my funeral charges, and just debts be paid
by my executors, hereafter named, I give unto my wife Hannah, all my real
estate, housings and land situated and being in Salem, Mass. during her
natural life, and also to my wife Hannah, all my personal property that is to
say moneys, goods, household stuff and plate, also my Negro man Sambo
during her natural life, so long as she remains my widow, and at my wife's
decease I give unto my son Benjamin vSanders this my new dwelling house
and land, excepting ye piece of land I bought of Dr. Barton. I also give to
my son Benjamin Sanders, my warehouse and wharf and the land adjourn-
ing after my wife's death. I give unto my son William Sanders all that my
farm all through Eorest River, so called after my wife's death. I give unto
my daughter Hannah, after my wife's death, that piece of land I bought of
Dr. Barton. I give unto my daughter Elizabeth, after my wife's decease,
the acre of salt marsh, be it more or less of it lyeth and is situated in ye
North Fields so called. I give unto my two daughters, Hannah and Eliz-
abeth, after my wife's decease, or at the time of the marriage of my said
wife, if it so happens, all my real estate that is to say, moneys, goods,
household stuff, plate and Negro man Sambo, equally divided between them,
Hannah and Elizabeth also my Will is in case my wife Hannah should marry
again, that after her marriage, there shall be no wood or timber cut, or
carried from said farm at Forest River. I appoint and constitute my wife
Hannah to God, sole exetrix of this my last Will and Testament, lastly I
appoint my loving friend Capt. Stephen Sewell, Lieut, Robert Hibelon, and
Benjamin Gerrish, overseers to this my Will duly and truly performed. In
testimony where-of, I, have set my hand and seal this fourth day of May 1694.

Witness Robert Kitchen. JOHN SANDERS.

Bettina Kitchen.
Benjamin Gerrish.
Note. ^^ From Founders of Massachusetts Bay Colony Page 55 ^
This Will was sealed with wax upon which is the impress of a seal bear-
ing an Elephant's head, side view, which is the crest of the "Sanders Arms."
The omission from his Will of his sons John, William, Nathaniel,
and James, who were married and established, was because he had given
them previous to his death, lands, etc.


SANDERS. JAMES, Born 1643-4 in Salcni, Mass. Son of John,

(2) and Pri.scilla Grafton Sanders. Died December 9, 1721.
MARRIED January 14, 1669.
PAGE. SARAH. Born July IS, 1651. Daughter of John, and Mary
March Pa.ue of Haverhill, Mass. Died March 23, 1685 or 1686.


2. JOHN. (4)






Born May 30, 1671.
Died yoiinji.

Born June 6, 1672.

Marri«l December 26, 1695, Mary Sargent.

Died September 8, 1737.

Born Auy;ust 6, 1674-

Married Jonathan Eatton.

Born April 24, 1679.

Married Elizabeth Whittier.

Born August 3, 1683.

.MARRIED (Second lime) October 20, 1687.

TUXBURY. HANNAH. Daughter of Henry Tuxbury.
September 24. 1746.




Born August 6, 1688.

Born November 6, 1689.
Died young.

9. JUDITH. Born June 17, 1696.

10. NATHANIEL. Born December 27, 1700.


JAMES SANDERS (3) resided in the Northeast part of Haverhill in
1675 or 1676. He erected a house at the foot of a hill known as Sanders
Hill ; was elected a Highway Surveyor in 1692. A garrison was ordered to
he kept at his lunise in 1701, as a protection against Indians. He signed a
petition for a school house in the North eastern part of the town in 1711;
was a Representative to the General Court in 1706, 1707 and 1709. A copy
of his will follows:

In the name of God, Amen, The first Day of November one Thousand
Seven hundred and Eighteen, I James Sanders Senr. of Haverhill in Essex
in New England, Yeoman, being weak in body, and finding my nature to
decay thro age, tho of perfect mind and memory: Thanks be given unto
God: Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body, and knowing
that it is appointed for all men once to die; do make and ordain this my
last will and testament, that is to say Principally and first of all, I give and
Recommend my Soul into the hands of God, that gave it: and my body I
recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian Buriall at the
Discretion of my Executors; nothing Doubting but at the Generall resur-
rection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God: And
as Touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless
me in this lyife; I Give demise and dispose of the same in the following
manner & form.

Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Hannah; for
her maintenance after my decease one Cow to be kept for her
during her Life by my Son Nathaniell (whom I constitute my Heir)
also one bed with all the furniture belonging thereunto one Skellet
the Little Iron pot a vSmall and great Iron Kettle and all the other
LTtensills belonging to the House which may be necessary for her
to keep house withall, together with a Comfortable convenience in
my house during her Life, together with her board and firewood to
be found her during her life out of my Estate.

Item: I give to my beloved Son John Sanders, whom I make Sole
Executor of this my last will and Testament, all those lands and
meadow grounds which he has by Deeds of gifts from me.

Item : I give to my beloved Son James Sanders, (whom I make Execu-
tor if John decease before me; all those Lands which I have before
given him.

Item: To my Son in Law, Jonathan Eatton one shilling to be paid out
of my Estate.

Item: To my beloved Son Avery Sanders the sum of thirty pounds and
ten shillings twenty eight of which I have already paid him the
other fifty shillins to be paid out of my estate, this twenty eight
pounds may be seen in my book of Accounts.


Item: To my beloved Son Henry Sanders the thirty pounds which I

have paid him in Snndry Particulars as may be seen in my book

of Acconipls.

Item: To my beloved Daughter Judilli Sanders twenty pounds to be

paid to her j,'radually by my Son Nathaniell as heir to my Estate.

Item: I trive to my well beloved Son Nathaniell, all my homestead

house, barn Orchard and all my moveable Effects to be by him

freely possessed and enjoyed and order him to find for my Wife an

horse to carry her to meeting and other where as often as she sees

cause to ride, and likewise I give to my Son Nathaniell two

Commonages which may aiipear upon record.

Item: I give to my Granson James Katton ten shilling to be paid out

of my Estate.
Item: To my Granson James Sanders ten shillins to be paid out of

m>- Estate
Item: To my Servant Girl ten shillins to be paid out of my Estate.
And I do hereby utterly Revoke, Disallow and disanull all and every
former Testaments, Wills, Beiiuests and Executors in any ways by me be-
fore Named Willed and bequeathed Ratifying & Confirming this and no
other to be my Last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have here-
unto set my hand and Seal the Day ^S: Year above mentioned.

Signed Sealed Published and pronounced by the said James Sanders
as his last will and Testament before us the subscribers.

James x Sanders (seal)

Richard Hazzen junr

Judith X Peaslee Essex, ss Probate Office Nov. 26, 1907.

ijjark •'^ •^rue copy of record.

Hannah Peaslee Attest J. T. Mahoney, Register.

Will proved Jan. 10, 1722.
Rec. Rook 313, page 367-


SAXDKRS. JOHN, Born June 6, 1672. Son of James (3), and
Sarah Pajje Sanders. Died Sept. 8, 1737.

M.VRRIED December 26, 1695.
SARGENT. MARY, Born October 14,1674. Daughter of Thomas,
and Racliel Barnes Sargent. Married at Tnpsfield, Mass.
Died April 25, 1752.


1. .lollX. Horn Aiijrust 25, 1696.

Married Lydia Dayton.

■2. S.\R.\H. Horn June 16, 1699.

Married Joliii Swctt.

3. THOM.VS. Horn May 14, 1701.

Died December 27, 1718.

4. M.\RY. Horn February 2, 1703.

Married Edward Woodman.

5. J.\MES. Born July 11, 1707.

Married Elizabeth Estes.

6. JACOB. ^5) Born July 4, 1710.

Married about 1732 1733, Anne Barnev.
Died April 6, 1792.

7. RACHEL. Born April 22, 1713.

Married Benjamin Hill.

JOHN SANDERS (4) resided and owned lands at Haverhill, Mass..
was a sea captain until 1710, a Selectman in 1710, Representative to the
General Court in 1718-1720-1724. In 1726 he received a grant of land in
Pennycook (now Concord) N. H. In the same year (1726) he signed a
petition with his brother James, and son John for permission with other
inhabitants of the town, to assemble for worship at Amesbury. His name
appears on various other public records at Haverhill. The names of his
children are recorded at Haverhill, Mass. By deed dated July 2, 1725, he trans-
ferred to his son John Sanders Jr , his homestead in Haverhill, ne.xt Ames-
bury line on ye county road, viz: " At ye northeast corner ne.xt ye county
road a stake and lieap of stones ne.xt Amesbury line so running south-
westerly as ye said county road runs to a stake and heap of stones in ye
corner of a fence near the dwelling house of Green Whittier then running
south easterly as ye fence now stands to ye end of said fence and heap of
stones now standing in ye Pine Swamp so running about."

John Sanders.
Cornelius Page.

Witness John Sanders. July 2, 1725.

He died September 8, 1737, and administration was granted on his
estate at Haverhill, October 3, 1737.


SANDKRS. JACOB, Born July 4, 1710. Son of John (4), and
Mary Sargent Sanders, of Haverhill, Mass. Died April 6, 1792.

MARRIED about 1732-3

BARNEY. ANNE, Born May 5, 1713. Daughter of Capt. Joseph,
and Constance Davis Barney. Died 1760.


1. BENJAMIN. (6) Born 1733-4.

Married Mary Davis.

Died January 16, 1808.

2. JOSEPH. Born 1735.

Married March 30, 1760, (1) Anna Barney.

January 10, 1766, ( 2) Hopestill Luther.
Died February 3, 1783.

3. JAMES. Born 1738.

Married Elizabeth

Died December 27, 1799.

4. ANNIE. Married Jabez Barney.

5. ( ) Married Capt. Ezra Peirce.

6. JACOB. Married Nov. 15, 1770, Elizabeth Whiting.


SANDERS. BENJAMIN. Born 1733-4, in Swansea, Mass.

Sou of Jacob (5), and Anne Barney Sanders. Died January

16, 1808.

MARRIED about 1767-8.
DAMS. MARY, Born 1745, Daughter of Daniel, and Esther
Barney Davis. Died 1799.


1. BENJAMIN. Born 1769.

Married Anna Wheaton.

Died May 26, 1824.

2. JACOB. (7) Born July 17, 1771.

Married July 27, 1794, Lydia Martin.
Died April 22, 1854.

3. .\NNA. Married Joshua Chase.

4. DANIEL. Married Anne Davis.

5. ESTHER. Married Ezra Peirce.

6. J.VMES. Married Hannah Martin.




JACOB .saxi)i;rs,



SANDERvS. JACOB. Born July 17. 1771 in vSwansea, Mass.

Son of Bciijiimin, :iii(l Mar}- Davis Sanders. Died iu Homer,
N. Y. April 21, 1854.

MARRIKD July 27, 1794.
MARTIN. LYDIA, Bom March 25, 1775 in Reliobeth, Mass.

Daughter of He/.ekiah, and Mary Pierce Martin. Died in
Homer, N. Y. November 12, 1845.

Born March 11, 1795.
Married .'Vpril 19, 1812, Hiram Wood.
Died Octoi)er 27. 1886.
Born March 29, 1797.
Married October 15, 1814, Earl Inman.
^L^y 5, 1835, Jesse Hakes.
April 13, 1848, Williams Hicks.
Died May 4, 1881.
Born July 8, 1799.

Married Sept. 22, 1826, Tirzah Loomis.
Died July 10, 1883.
Born .March 5, 1801.
Married May 29, 1828, Piiebe Cravath.
Died March 29, 1890.

5. HEZEKIAH M. Born April 10, 1803.

Married April 8, 1841, Elnora Pike.
Died December 24, 1894.

6. CHARLES W. Born March 24, 1805.

Married Angust 2, 1842, Elizabeth Barker.
Died July 5, 1889.
Born April 3, 1807.

Married December 27, 1827, David W. Reed.
Died March 4, 1870.
Born October 22, 1809.

Married January 10, 1855, James B. Bacon.
Died November 15, 1895.
Born November 23, 1811.
Married October 22, 1835, Caroline Rowley.

December 24, 1863, Celia Rowley.
Died October 10, 1883.
10. JOSHUA C. Born January 28, 1815.

Married October 24, 1852, Elizabeth E. Sands.
Died July 6, 1905.

3. JACOB Jr.






JACOB SANDERS (7) was born in Swansea, Mass., Jnly 17, 1771.
and resided tliere nntil about the year 1804, when he removed with his wife
and four children to Newport, Herkimer Co., N. Y., where he resided until
the year 1814, when he removed to Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. with his
wife and nine children. The youngest, Joshua Chase Sanders (the tenth
child) was born in Homer, N. Y. in 1815. Jacob Sanders (7) died at the
home of his son Jacob in Homer, N. Y. April 22, 1854, and with his wife
who died November 12, 1845, are buried in the Cortland Cemetery, in Cort-
land, N. Y.

LYDIA MARTIN SANDERS, wife of Jacob Sanders, (7) was the
daughter of Deacon Hezekiah, and Mary Pierce Martin, born March 25,
1775. Her father was born in Rehobeth, Mass., March 22, 1748 and mar-
ried Mary Pierce December 23, 1771. He was a Representative from
Rehobeth to the General Court of Massachusetts, in the year 1812 and
1813. He resided on the same farm on Rock River where his father and
grandfather had lived before him, and which is now (1880) in possession
of his grandsons. He died November 16, 1834, his wife died September
22, 1827. They had eleven children born to them.

1. Huldah.

2. Gideon.

3. Lydia.

4. Hannah.

5. Hezekiah.

6. Pearcy.

7. Ambrose.

8. Polly.
!». Luther.

10. Darius.

11. Angier.

Born September 8, 1771.
Born April 19, 1773.
Born March 25, 1775.
Born February 12, 1777.
Born March 26, 1779.
Born October 23, 1780.
Born November 29, 1782.
Born February 24, 1785.
Born May 21, 1787.
Born October 26, 1789.
Born April 21, 1795.

Hnldah— Married her kiiisiuan— Jonathan Martin of Swansea.

Gideon — Was a sailor and was lost otf tlie Coast of Africa, January
11, 1800.

Lydia— Married Jacob Sanders, July 27, 17;t4.

Hannah — Married 1st Jenks Wlieeler. 2nd Janios Sander'-, .ird


Hezekiah — Married 1st Patience Mason. I'nd Emily .\iin Mason,
November 11, 1838.

Pearcy — Married Cromwell Horton September 20, 1801.

Ambrose— Married 1st Phebe Martin. 2nd Polly Miller.

Polly — Married Silas Barley of West (ireenwich, February 3, 181).^.

Luther — Married Nancy Wheeler, February 4, 1810.

Darius — Married Hannah Horton, December 2, 1810.

Angier — Married Sarah Simmons, Januarj- 14, 1830.

Fro)ii the'''' Notices Genealogical &' Historical ot /lie Mai tin Family,
of Xezv Eii^laiid,"' by Henry J. Martin, Lee & Shepard, Boston, Mass.
Page 92 & 182.


IGnurjruitii nf tlii^ ^aulirra iFamilg


JACOB SANDERS, Born July 17, 1771. Died April 22, 1854.
82 years, 9 months, 5 days.

LYDIA MARTIN SANDERS, Born March 25, 1775. Died November 12,
1845. 70 years, 7 months, 18 days.

JACOB, and LYDIA MARTIN SANDERS, Married July 27, 1794.


1. POLLY B. SANDERS, Born March 11, 1795. Died October 27,
1886. 92 years, 7 months, 16 days.

2. HULDAH SANDERS, Born March 29, 1797. Died May 4, 1881.
84 years, 1 month, 5 days.

3. JACOB SANDERS, Jr., Born July 8, 1799. Died July 10, 1883.

84 years, months, 2 days.

4. MARTIN SANDERS, Born March 5, 1801. Died March 29, 1890.
89 years, months, 24 days.

5. HEZEKIAH M. SANDERS, Born April 10, 1803. Died December
24, 1894. 91 years, 8 months, 14 days.

6. CHARLES W. SANDERS, Born March 24, 1805. Died July 5,
1889. 84 years, 3 months, 11 days.

7. ESTHER SANDERS, Born April 3, 1807. Died March 4, 1870.
62 \ears, 11 months, 1 day.

8. LYDL\ M. SANDERS, Born October 22, 1809. Died November
15, 1895. 86 years, months, 24 days.

9. DARIUS SANDERS, Born November 23, 1811. Died October 10,
1883. 71 years, 10 months, 17 days.

10. JOSHUA C. SANDERS, Born January 28, 1815. Died July 6,
1905. 90 years, 5 months, 8 days.


Total ages of the twelve, 990 years, 5 months, 25 clays.
Average age 82 years, *> nioiuhs, Kidays.

Total ages of the ten children, 837 years, 1 month, 2 days.
Average age, 83 years, 8 months, 18 days.

When the youngest cliild was 30 years old, (in 1845) llio whole family
was living. In 1870, all the children were living, the youngest 55
years old, and the eldest 75 years old.

There were onl\- ton children l)i)rn, ( si.\ l)oys and four girls).

The parents moved from Newport, Herkimer Co, N. V, and settled
in the town of Homer, N. Y, in 1814.



SANDERS. POLLY B, (or Mary) Born March 11, 1795. in
Swansea, ^Liss. Died in ^Llson City, L)\va, Oct. 11 , 1S86.
MARRIED April li), 1812.

WOOD. 1IIRA^L Born November 11, 1789. Died in Heart
Prairie, Wis, May 29, 1857. Both bnried at Heart Prairie,

1. HIRAM. Jr.

2. SCOT.


4. MARY M.


6. H.\R\I-A- W



Born December 25, 1815.
Married November 24, 1839, (Ij Laviiiia Owen.

July 15, 1851, (2) Lucy Tappen.
Died May 23, 1905.

Born September 5, 1820.
Died March 13, 1841.

Born August 11, 1822.

Married Eebruary 10, 1847, (1) Rachel Pierce.

October 18, 1870, (2) Eliza Looney.
Died January 13, 1908.

Born September 12, 1824.

Married June 9, 1844, Lyman Smith.

Died July 17, 1901.

Born April G, 1828.

Married January 24, 1850, William R. Curtis.

Born February 1, 1832.
Died August 15, 1855.

Born April 17, 1836.

Married December 30, 1858, Benj. T. Fowler.

Born July 30, 1839.

Married June 4, 1866, Ann Hall.

Hiram Wood, and Polly B. Wood were married in Homer, New York,
and removed to Wisconsin May 30, 1847.


WOOD. HIRAM, Jr, Born December 25, 1815. Died May 23, 1905.

MARRIED November 24, 1839.


1. ANN ELIZA. Born February 25, 1841.

Married January 1, 1860, Jas. F. Pierce.

2. ELIZABETH E. Born August 28, 1842.

Married July 5, 1865, A. P. Thompson.
Died January 13, 1890.

3. CAROLINE. Born September 5, 1845.

Married August 9, 1863, Edward E. Harvey.


MARRIED (second time) July 15, 1851.



4. DELE VAN. Born June 3, 1852.

5. LOUISE. Born February 25, 1855.

6. FRED. Born August 22, 1857.

7. BURDETTE. Born October . . . . , 1863.

8. MARTIN. Born May 11, 1866.


\\'(U)n. ANN ELIZA. Rorii I'diruniy '.'5, 1841. D.uijrhtor of Hiram,
Ji, and Laviiiia (^wcii Wooil.

MARK 1 1'. I) January 1, 1860.

PIERCE. JAMES F, Born June 21, 1837.


1. I. II, MAX I). Horn Octdher 13, 1860.

Married I)ecenil)er 2'.1, 1878, Frank D. Kelly.

2. J. MoRRELL. Born January 17, 1862.

3. CORA M. Born April 27, 1866.

Married December 23, 1881, Jake J. Estey.

Born April 29, 1867.

Married August 27, 1887, Lsabel Lewis.

Born July 28, 1868.

Married ( )ctober 1885, Daniel Dutcher.

Died September 17, 1892.

Born July 21, 1869.

Married March 24, 1887, (ieo. Wilkinson.




7. ARCHIBALD M. Born June 22, 1872.

Married Feb. 19, 1899, Gertrude Lewis.


9. EMMA A.

Born January 13, 1875.

Married March 22, 1902, Susie Ewingf.

Died May 19, 1908.

Born May 13, 1877.
Died August, 1882.

10. A. ALMEDA. Born October 25, 1878.

Married May 8, 1902, Edward Satterlee.


12. JUNA B.

13. LYDA.

Born January 20, 1880.
Died July 188C.

Born April 15, 1882.

Married May 13, 1903, Chandler Cole.

Born December 22, 1883.

Married October, 1905, .\braham Cole.


PIERCE. LILUAN D, Born October 13, 1860.

MARRIED December 29, 1878.
KEIvLY. FRANK D, Born 23, 1850.


1. HO:\IER C. Born July 15, 1879.

Married June 18, 1898, Birdie Conrad.

2. GEORGE F. Born February 7, 1880.

Married April 17, 1902, Minnie Ward.

3. MAUD B. Born February 14, 1883.

4. MABEL. Born April 30, 1886.

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