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A. and A. Rite in Norwich, Conn., 284
A. and A. Rite in Pennsylvania, 214
Aberdour Lodge, 83
Admission of Candidates, 31
Adoptive Masonry, 215
Advantage of Mason '

A GoodMasou, 186

A Hand to Take, 335

A Mason's Last Request, 188

Amity Lodge, Danvers, 377

An Interesting Masonic Incident, 975

Ancient and Accepted Rite in Indiana, frl

Ancient and Accepted Rite in Ohio, 244

Anecdote, Masonic 316

A New Speculation, 344

Angry Alma, 296

Annual Session of Sovereign Grand Consisto-
ry, 241

Applicants for Relief, 323

Army Masonry—A Soldier's Testimony, 93

A Touching Testimonial, 251

A Tradition of Mount Moriah, 262


Baalbeo Lodge, 178

Bailey, Edwin C, expulsion of 288

Ballot, the Secret, its use and abuse, 353

Balloting, 216

Balloting for Candidates, 285

Block Ball in the Ballot Box, 313

Blue Hill Lodge, 176

Bogus Freemasonry, 365

Brief Memoir of R. W. Window Lewis, M.

Burning of Freemasona' Hall, 195
Butler, Gen., and Masonry, 307


C. A. Davis, Funeral Obsequies in honor of

Calendar, Hebrew 60
Canada, the Order in 342
Can a Suspended Mason be Expelled ? 347
Caadidatee, admission of 31

Candidate, one Ballot for and no more, 191

Candidates, Qualifications of 30

Carbonari, the 129

Cases of Emergency, 56

Cass, Gen. 341

Ceremonial at the Laying of a Corner-Stone,

Charitable Judgment, 253

Charity, 351

Chambers, Lt Col. John G., notice of 338

Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection, 336

Chicago. Laying Corner-stone at 369

Chit Chat, Masonic 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192,
224, 256, 288, 3i0, 352, 384

Colorado, Grand Lodge of 95, 176

Connecticut, Officers of Grand Bodies in 286

Consecration and Dedication. Their Sym-
bolic Signification, 119

Conservators in Illinois and Kentucky, 53

Conservators in Michigan, 182

Conservstors in Maryland, 185

Conservatism in New Jersey, 124

Conservstors in Oregon, 216

Davis, C. A., Foneral Obsequies m honor of

Davis, the late Col., Funeral of 306
Death of Bro. John B. Haramatt, 282
Death of R. W. Robert Lash, 25
Decisions by the Grand Master of Illinois,

Dedication of New HaU of Hiram Lodge, W.

Cambridge, 297
Decisions in Templar Masonry, 370
Diploma, the 295
Dispensation, Lodges under 272


Elections in Grand Bodies in Maine, 254
Elwell, Elias, obituary notice of 62
Emergency, Cases of 56
Evans*, 111. Bro.. Addresses 273
Expulsion of Edwin C. Bailey, 288
Expulsion of unworthy Members, 350

Digitized by VjOOQlC



False History "and FooliahTreteusioiis, 257

First Maaonie Funeral in San Francisco, 57

Fisher, A. W., obituary notice of 319

Flint, Professor Joshna B., notice of 209

Foxboro, St Alban's Lodge in 18

Fiance, the Temple Order in 125

Fraud and Imposition, 17

Freemasonry, 128

Freemasonry, Bogus?365

Freemasonry— its Origin, Progress and Pur-
poses, 230, 275

Freemasons 1 Hall, Burning of 195

Freemasons 1 Hall, the New 213

Fundamental Principles, 219

Funeral Obsequies in honor of C. A. Davis,

Funeral of the late Col. Davis, 306

Oen. Butler and Masonry, 307

Gen. Cass, 241

Goethe on Masonry, 234

Grand Bodies in Ohio, 93

Grand Consistory, Annual Session of 241

Grand Encampment of Massachusetts and R.

Island. 28
Grand Encampment of Maine, 81
Grand Encampment of the U. States, History

of Establishment of 263
Grand Encampment of the United States, 280
Grand Lodge of Colorado, 95, 176
Grand Lodge of Illinois, 155
Grand Lodge of Louisiana, 313
Grand Lodge of Maryland, 358
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, 89
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Organisa-
tion of 90
Grand Lodge of New Jersey, 157
Grand Lodge of New York, 283
Grand Lodge of Rhode Island, 116
Grand Lodge of Virginia, 248
Grand Lodge of West Virginia, 218
Greenleaf, Gardner, notice of 186

Hall, Willard M., obituary notice of 223

Hammatt, Bro. John B n death of 282

Hebrew Calendar, 60

" He doelh all things well," 222

Henry, Daniel, obituary notice of 287

Hiram Lodge, West Cambridge, Dedication

ot New Hall of 297
History of toe Establishment of the G. En-
campment of the United States, 263
Howard, Charles E., obituary notice of 255
Howe, J. Hervey, obituary notice of 63

HI. Bro. Evans' Addresses, 273

Illinois, 120 m ^ M

Illinois, Decisions by the Grand Master 190

Illinois, Grand Lodge of 155

Illinois and Kentucky, Conservators in 52

Uluminati, Society of the 97


the Ancients, 91
Indiana Military Lodge, 27 .

Indiana, Ancient and Accepted Rite in 141
Initiations, Restriction on 361
Inlendent of the Building, 136
Investiture, 289

Is Freemasonry Partial and Selfish ? 181
Italy, Masonry in 28


John the Baptist. 328

Jurisprudence, Masonic 9, 192, 249, 262

Kansas, Lawrence Lodge, on the recent

murders 29
King, Leander G., Obituary notice of 63
King, Starr, the late Rev. 180
Knapp, William, obituary notice of 95
Knights Templars, Order of 41, 77, 105, 145

Lash, Robert, death of 25

Lawrence Lodge, Kansas, on the recent mur-

derg ' » «^

Laying Comer-Stone at Chicago, 369

Legends of the Early Church, 180

Leinster, the Duke of 246

Lewis,' Winslow, M. D , brief Memoir of 20

Liberty Lodge, Beverly, 113

Little Mary— the Orphan, 221

Lodges under Dispensation, 272

Lodges of Sorrow, 302

Louisiana, Grand Lodge of 313

Louisiana Relief Lodge, 16


Maine, Elections in Grand Bodies of 254

Maine, Grand Encampment of 81

Maryland, the Conservators in 185

Maryland, the Grand Lodge of 358

Masonic Anecdote, 3l6

Masonic Ball at Liverpool, Eog., 158

Masonic Burial in the Army, 337

Masonic Celebration at Harper's Ferry, 218

Masonic Chit Chat, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192,
224,256,288,320,352,384 •

Masonic Darkness, 215

Masonic Fellowship, 142

Masonic Friendship, 348

Masonic Funeral in San Francisco, the first,

Masoinc Greetings, 143

Masonic Humsnuy. 251

Masonic Incident, an interesting 375

Masonic Initiation Ceremonies of the An-
cients, impressive 91

Masonic Interchange of Conrtisies, 378

Masonic Jurisprudence, 9, 192, 249, 262

Masonic Memories, or Teachings from the
Tomb, 225

Masonic Portrait of Washington, 346

Masonic Presentation, 115

Masonic Rules which ought to be observed,

Digitized by VjOOQlC



Masonic Temple, our New 321, 357

Masonry, Adoptive 215
Masonry and Architecture, 349

Masonry and tbe War, 350, 380

Masonry Illustrated by tbe Lives and Opin-
ions of Eminent Masons, 33

Masonry in Italy, 28

Masonry in Portugal, 60

Masonry in South America, 344

Masonry in War, 220

Masonry is not Religion— Masonry cannot
save us, 184

Masonry on the Batde-Field, 187, 317

Masonry on tbe Mississippi, 193

Masonry, Practical 26, 373

Masonry, Progress of, in California 02

Masonry, Rapid Increase oi 303

Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Grand En-
campment of 28

Massachusetts, Grand Lodge of 80

Massachusetts Lodge, 245

Massachusetts, Organisation of G. Lodge of

Massachusetts, the 8cottish Rite in 24

Memphis, the Rite of 365

Michigan, Conservators in 182

Military Lodge, Indiana, 27 *

Montacute Lodge, 86

Monument to Philip C. Tucker. 339

Moore, the late Dr. Marcus A., 206, 254, 287

More Infamous Forgeries by the so-called
Hays Council, 39

Mount Lebanon Lodge, 114

Mount Olivet Lodge, 178

Mount Tabor Lodge, 179


New Freemasons' Hall, 213 •
New Jersey, Conservatism in 124
New Jersey, Grand Lodge of 157
New Masonic Temple. 262. 321, 357
New York, Grand Lodge of 283
Northern Jurisdiction, Spurious Supreme
Councils in 10, 47, 74, 106, 137,201

254, 287, 318

Bodies in Connecticut,

Obituary, 62,95,25

Officers of Grand

Ohio, Ancient and Accepted Rite m 244

Ohio, Grand Bodies in 93

One Ballot lor a Candidate, and no more,

One more Patriot gone, 94

Order of Knights Templars: its Pretended
Continuation and Connection with Free-
masonry, 41, 77, 105

•< Order of Knights Templars," 145

Order of Rose Croix, the 161

Oregon, Conservators in 216

Organization of the Grand Lodge of Massa-
chusetts, 90

Oar New Masonic Temple, 321, 397

Our Present Danger, 30

Our Twentythird Volume, 1

Patriotism of Masonry, 185

Pennsylvania, the A. and A. Rite in 214

Pierson, M. £. Conr.p., of Minnesota, and the
G. G. Chapter 116

Poetry, * He Doeth All Things Well," 222-
Goetbe on Masonry. 234— Tbe " Mystic
Tie" and Woman, 332— A Hand to Take,
335— Charity, 351— What May Be Done,

Portugal, Masonry in 60

Practical Masonry, 26, 373

Prayer, 61

Presentation in Hampden Lodge, 87

Professor Joshua B. Flint, 209

Progress of Masonry in California, 92

Public Installation of Calvary Commandery,
Providence, 117

Public Faradee, 213

Qualification of Candidates, 30

Randall, the late Judge, notice ol 305

Rapid Increase of Maionry. 303

Raymond, the late R. W. Brother, notice of

Rebellion against the State, 217
Relic, the Last 311
Relief Lodge in Louisiana, 16
Restrictions on Initiation*, 361
Rhode Island, Grand Lodge of 116
Rose Croix, tbe Order ol 161


Scottish Rite in the West, 31

Secret Ballot— Its Use and Abuse, 353

Sir Christopher Wren, 308

Slander, 349

Society of the Hluminati, 97

Somerset Lodge, 177

Sorrow, Lodges of 302

South America, Masonry in 344

St. Alban'a Lodge, Foxboro, 18

St. Andrew's Lodge. 83

Starr King, the late Rev. 180

Starr King Lodge, 296

St. John's Dsy in South Carolina, 368

St. John's Encampment, Providence, 114

Stones of the Temple, 250

Sutton Lodge of Perfection. 200

Spurious Supreme Councils in the Northern
Jurisdiction, 10. 47, 74, 106, 137, 201

Supreme Council Northern Jurisdiction, An-
nual Convocation of 235

Supreme Council (?) Fraud, the N. York 65

Switzerland, 61

Symbolism, 332

Templar Masonry, Decisions in 370
Temple Order in Prsnce, 125

Digitized by VjOOQlC



The Banners, or Standards, 329

The Carbonari, 129

The Diploma, 295

The Duke of Leinsler, 246

The Last Relic, 311

The late Dr Marcus A, Moore, 206, 254, 287

The late Dr. McAlliater, 378

The late Judge Randall, 305

The late Rev. Siarr King, 180

»' The Masonic Choir," 377

The " Mystic Tie" and Woman, 832

The New York Supreme Council (?) Fraud,

The Order in Canada, 342
The Right Hand, 334
The Rite of Memphis. 365
The Scottish Rite in Massachusetts, 84
The Talismanic Horn. 88
There is Virtue in the Tie, 351
The Workingmen alone the true Freemasons,

Tucker, Philip C, Monument to 339
Tuscan Lodge, Lawrence, 123


United Brethren Lodge, 82

United States, Grand Encampment ot ***

Virginia, Grand Lodge ol 248

Washington, Masonic Portrait of m
Wadsworth, the late Gen., notice ot 340
WeathereU, J. H., obituary ■°{Sf fi of 318
West Virginia, Grand Lodge of 218
What may be done, 383
Working- lor a Penny aDay, 382
Wren, Sir Christopher 308
Wright, F. C, obituary notice of 319

Digitized by VjOOQlC

<~ - J

-• - r *-


Mws* taffi^" l^s^

i I


Digitized by VjOOQlC J


Oue Twenty-Third Volume, .....

The Spurious Supreme Councils in the Northern Jurisdiction,

Louisiana Relief Lodge, -

Fraud and Imposition, -

St. A lb an 's Lodge, - - - - -

Brief Memoir of R. W. Winslow Lewis,

The Scottish Rite in Massachusetts,

Death of R. W. Robert Lash, -

Practical Masonry, ■>

Indiana Military Lodge, -

Grand Enoampment of Massachusetts and Rhode Island,

Masonry in Italy, •

Lawrence Lodge, Kansas, on the Recent Murders,

Our Present Danger, -

Qualification of Candidates, - -

Admission of Candidates, - - - -

Scottish Rite in the West, -

Masonic Chit Chat, -




List of Letters from Sept. 28 to Oct. 28.

Remittances— P L Billon, St Louis, Mo— N Liu Infield. Haverhill, Mo— J Shepley,
Providence, R I, 2— H B Congdon, San Francisco, Cal— G Pope, Kaskaskin, IJI — W YV
Clnflin, Feltonville, Ms— J K Anthony, Mound City, Kansas— J YV Reams, N Bedford— J
M Willey, Bridgeport, Con -C W Jame*. Cincinnati O— D Biown, Calais, Me— Geo Mason,
Oxford, Ms— R Mace, Richmond Me— M J Noyes, Phl&fielri, 111 — J Harper, Burliugame,
Kansas— T Ross, Cleveland, O— H Willard jr, Cache Creek.

Business— J H Hough, Trenton, N J— H G RejnoMs, Springfield, HI— J B Knox, New-
bern. N C— J B Everett Falmouth, Ms— D B Tenney, Haverhill, Ms— G Mason, Worces-
ter, Ms— K H Van Reiisellaer, Cambridge, O— T A Doylp, Providence. RI-SW Clark,
Providence — Rev. J D McCabe, Tracy's Landing, Md, 2 — M A de Groote, Philadelphia— K
C Buneroft, Groion, Ms— J H Hough, Trenton, N J— L J Powers .Springfield— R Dale, Sac-
ramento, Cal— H L Shumway, Oxford— M D Butts, Kankakee, III— C A Holmes, Kail River,
Ms— C W Austin, Du Juvin, III— S M Fox, South Woodstock, Con— J Morris Kohn, Chica-
go. Ill— H D Wilkinson, Williamsburg.


Tensions, Bounties, Back Pay, Prize Money, and all

claims for indemnity against the United States

obtained. No charge unless successful.

gCT'Advice gratis «£}§

Apply in per son) or by letter, to


No. 63 State street, Boston.

Refers by permission to Winslow Lewis, M. D. ; Geo. Stevens Jones, U. States
Examining Surgeon ; Edwin C. Bailey. Esq., Editor of Boston Herald ;
John K. Hall, Esq, Bank of North America ; Wm. Pareman, Esq.
Nov. 1, 1862.

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Digitized by VjOO



s »»i^

Digitized by VjOOQIC




Vol- XXIII. NOVEMBER 1, 1863. No. 1.


To-day the " Freemasons' Monthly Magazine" enters upon its twenty-
third year, and when we reflect upon the stirring, solemn, and critical
character of the times, in which this anniversary occurs, and also upon
the stability and success indicated by «p lopg a Maga&toe*life, (to which we
might add the twenty preceding years, as the sum of ;©qr .life as a public
Masonic writer,) we cannot but lift up the heart in gratitude, not unming-
led with a deep and solemn sense of responsibility, to the great Being, up-
on whose blessing alone depends nil true success in mortal undertakings,
no less than all happiness in the life immortal.

When we consider the exalted position of prosperity and power to
which our Order has now attained, more especially in these States, and
the mighty and most beneficial influence, which it is destined, we firmly
believe, to exercise over the future of America, in alleviating the pangs
and healing the wounds inflicted by the suicidal hands of Civil War, we
cannot but feel that the position of a periodical, which is confessedly the
leading organ of Freemasonry on this Continent, is at the same time a po-
sition of dignity and of danger. To be trusted, consulted, supported, as
we have been, through so many years, by our Brethren in all parts of the
Union, has been, and is indeed felt to be, an honor and a reward that
might well recompense us for much labor, console us for much opposition
and obloquy incurred at the hands of enemies, and cheer us on to the en-
counter of like labors in the future. But on the other hand, living and
writing as we do, in a period of such intense excitement, and great pub-
lic peril — when not only every deed done by public men, but every word
written by public writers, may be fraught with consequences of the vast-
est and most vital import, not only to our Order, but to the welfare and

Digitized by VjOOQlC


safety of our Native land, and to the cause of human freedom and pro-
gress, we never apply ourselves to our editorial duties, without a deep, and
sometimes almost oppressive, sense of the responsibility attaching itself to
our labors. In this spirit, we have endeavored calmly and impartially to
review the course pursued by the " Masonic Monthly" during the past year,
and to test it by those standards, which it has always been our effort to
uphold, erect and clear, for tho guidance of our Brethren. Public events
have been, and are still, of such a nature as to add very seriously to the
difficulties of editing such a periodical as ours. On the one hand, the
very foundation-principles of Masonry most properly exclude from our
columns anything •and everything of a sectarian or partisan character,
whether in Religion or Politics. On the other, remembering that Masonry
is indissolubly allied and intertwined with all the higher virtues, of which
the love of Country is certainly one of the very highest, we have felt that,
to be altogether silent in regard to the great and terrible historic drama
now being enacted in the vast theatre of this Western world, would sim-
ply be an evidence of a cowardly shrinking from duty, and not a true ad-
herence to Masonic principle. As in a recent number we showed by the
evidence of Lord Combermere and other illustrious Brethren, as well as
by that of facts, that the better Mason a man was, the better soldier was
he, so most assuredly must it be true, that no man can be a good Mason,
who is not a true and loyal patriot. The love of Country is one of the
highest and holiest instincts implanted in the human heart by its Divine
Creator : — and any institution, that should fail, not merely to recognize,
but to cherish and foster that feeling, would thereby afford the strongest
evidence of its unsoundness and unworthiness. Perverted or paralyzed
must be the heart, around which there clings not, in every stage and scene
of life, the triple, soul sustaining bond, composed of the cognate strands
of love of parents, love of country, love of our childhood's home. There
is an intimate and inseverable connection between these several feelings,
and they are each and all beautiful, pure and holy. As regards even the
last, what touching truth inspires the poet's words —

Be it a weakness, it deserves some praise ;
We love the play-place of our early days ;
The scene is touching, and the heart is stone,
That feels not at that sight, and feels at none.
The pleasing spectacle at once excites,
Such recollection of our own delights
That viewing it, we seem almost t' obtain
Our innocent, sweet, simple 1 , years again.

Deeper however, holier, more tender, is the tie that binds in the silken
bonds of sanctified affection, the hearts of the mother and the child : and

Digitized by VjOOQlC


ia not our Country, as Cicero so eloquently says, " communis mater om-
nium" — " the common mother of us all" — claiming by a natural, heaven-
ordained right and title, our affection, our loyalty, and, if need be, our life
itself? Did we discern in the teachings or principles of Masonry any-
thing, adverse to the cultivation and cherishing of this noble and holy
feeling, we would not hesitate one moment to renounce all connection with
an Institution stamped with such a brand of baseness and iniquity. But, so
far from this, Masonry, not content with tacit recognition, or negative ap-
probation, strongly and unmistakeably inculcates the duty of love and loy-
alty to Fatherland : America, above every land, has exhibited, and this
day exhibits, to the world, glorious life examples of the practical results
of the teachings of Freemasonry in reference to Patriotism, It is only
necessary to mention the names of Putman, of Warren, and above all of
Washington, to show how intimately the purest and brightest patriotism
is associated with, and illustrated by, the principles and practice of our
Brotherhood of Masonry. Guided by these convictions, we have not hes-
itated to refer with boldness and freedom to the public events of this mo-
mentous and most anxious epoch in our Country's history, whenever it
seemed that by doing so, we could confer any benefit upon our Brethren,
or fellow-countrymen. No word has appeared in these pages that can
ever be justly accused of partisanship, or sectarianism. The intrusion of
party-politics within the sacred precints of the Masonic Temple would be,
to our thinking, as gross profanity and pollution, as that abomination of
abominations with which Antiochus Epiphanes dishonored and defiled the
Holy Place in the Temple of God's people at Jerusalem. But we have
advocated prompt, unselfish, unswerving loyalty to Country and Constitu-
tion ; we have urged our Brethren to shrink from no sacrifice or dan-
ger — not even from death itself, in performance of this solemn duty — in
support of this holy cause : and we have also been careful to explain and
develop the important part which Masonry is called upon to perform in
this trying time of National disturbance, misery and sorrow. With these
exhortations, we have never failed to mingle words of mercy towards the

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